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We’re Just Friends. {Josh Dun x reader}

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Warnings: Swearing? Josh being the hottest human being out there, um yeah and slight sexual conent, Bullying

A/N: Requests are open for Josh but if you prefer Tyler I could maybe do him too.



The car rumbled as we made our way down the highway towards Taco Bell. Josh bobbed his head to the beat of the song that was playing at the time. I didn’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s Metalica. As we pulled into the drive-through at Taco Bell I picked up my bag rummaging for my wallet.

“Shit Josh. I forgot my money.” I said throwing down my purse in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.” Josh siad pulling up to the ordering sign.

“Are you sure Josh? I can pay you back when we get back.” I said pointing to the direction we came in.

“Yeah and you don’t have to pay me back. It’s fine.” He said ordering a 5$ cravings box for each of us and two strawberry starburst freezis.

“Thanks Josh.” I said leaning back against the seat beginning to relax.

“It’s nothing.” he said grabbing the food from the clerk before driving away.The car ride was filled with silence as we turned into the nearest park. The sound of children playing in the background filled my heart with joy making my chest and face feel warm as I cracked a smile. “Why you smiling?” Josh said setting up the food on a picnic table.

“Kids are just so cute.” I said sitting across from him. 

“You want to have any?” He asked taking a bite of the first taco he pulled out. 

“No not thinking about it right now.” I said taking a bite of the taco I chose. 

“Why not?” He asked looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“Just haven’t found the right person I guess.” I said offering him a light smile 

“ Um Y/N I’m sitting right here.” He said smiling. 

“ Yeah, yeah Romeo.” I said chuckling. We finished the tacos and sat on a bench that over looked the on-coming sunset. 

“You know what’s prettier than this sunset?” He asked looking at me with loving eyes. My heart started accelerating in my chest and the wind fled from my lungs.

“What?” I could barely make out.

“Me.” He said laughing. The anticipation fled from my heart and disappointment replaced it. I smiled in efforts to hide the pain in my heart. “I’m just kidding.” He said grabbing in my chin with his fingers. “It’s you.” He whispered before planting a quick kiss on my forehead. 


“We should be getting back to Tyler’s don’t you think? He’s going to be wondering where we’ve gone to.” Josh said standing up like nothing our of the ordinary happened at all. 

“Y-yeah.” I said and he chuckled at my studdering. 

“You alright there princess?” He asked throwing an arm around around my shoulders. 

“Yeah I-I’m fine just tired that’s all.” I said trying to cover my apparent studder with a chuckle although I know he heard it.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He asked smiling. At first the words got mixed p in my brain and I thought he said “Fuck” Instead of “Tuck” The image of his sweating down between my legs made me squeeze them together to get rid of the wetness that threated to spill out. 

“Sure. You sleeping in my room tonight again too?” I asked throwing in arm around his torso. 

“Of course.” He said chuckling. The one thing fans didn’t know about us was that we slept together on a daily basis. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was nice and cuddly and he prvided the perfect amount of warmth. 

*Time skip*

The room was quiet beside the tiny fan I had going on my dresser. I couldn’t sleep in silence since I was a little kid so Josh knew it was natural for me to have a fan running at all times. 

“You ready?” Josh asked from the bathroom. 

“Almost.” I said as I stripped into one of Josh’s t-shirts before huddling into bed. “Alright come out.” I said throwing the covers over me before he could get a look of my pantless legs. Josh came out in nothing but his boxers and hopped into bed next to me he warm legs warpping with my cold ones.

“Damn you’re cold today.” He said pulling me against his strong torso against my weak back.

“Yeah, I guess it’s always cold in this house.” I said pushing my back into his solid body to get some warmth. He draped isarm around my stomach and pulled me closer if that was even possible. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said snuggling into my neck. 

“Goodnight Joshua.” I said moving to give him better access to my neck.


The morning came and my phone was blowing up with messages and notifications. I turned to pick it up but found it difficult due to Josh holding onto me closly. 

“Josh hun I have to grab my phone. It’s probably my mother.” I siad trying to reach over  again but he held me closer. 

“Mmm not yet.” He said his voice raspy from a night of good sleep. 

“Josh I’ll be back just.. let.. me grab my phone.” I said pulling my phone closerand eventualy grabbing it going back to Josh. He resumed his position and fell asleep shortly after. My phone had notifications from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and friends texted a few times. I decided to start with my friends. 

From: Y/BF/N

Dude what the hell?! Why didn’t you tell me?? sent at 3:50 am

To: Y/BF/N 

What didn’t I tell you? I’m confused?? sent at 10:21 am

I continued to check through social media seeing videos and pictures of Josh and me in the park eating

Oh my gosh!! I didn’t know Josh had a girlfriend again!! holy shit you guys are adorable! Reposts 3       Comments 0      Likes  273

What the fuck shes so damn ugly he could do better! Reposts 0      Comments 1     Likes  16

I wonder if she eats Taco Bell all the time because she looks it.  Reposts 50      Comments    53      Likes 1,067

The pictures and videos flooded through my mind and they made my heart melt but the comments made my heart sink.

From: Y/BF/N 

I saw the photo’s good for you hun. I remember you complaining about how he never would like you and shit like that! Now all I have to do is set the haters straight. Hope you guys last long! <3  sent at 10:45 am

To: Y/BF/N 

Omg I didn’t know people took pictures of that. We’re just friends. but  now I need to get Joshie up and tell him the “Great” news. sent at 10:47

“Josh, wake up I need to talk to you.” I said sitting up him following soon after. My phone held tightly in my hands I showed him Instagram and Twitter. 

“Oh my god I should’ve fucking known better. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said looking through the comments on Instagram and Twitter. 

“It’s okay they don’t bother me as much as they are goign to ruin your reputation.” I said runnning my hands down my face. 

“Well maybe this is a good thing.” Josh said looking at you with a smile on his face.

“How is this even remotely a good thing. This shit is going to cause some reprecussions.” I said scratching my neck nervously. 

“Because I’ve always loved you and I just. I didn’t want it to come out this way but if this is the only way it will come out then so be it.” Josh said leaning forward capturing my lips with a soft, delicate kiss. I leaned into it wrapping my arms around his neck. His soft lips molded against mine and it felt right. We pulled away and opened our eyes. 

“I love you too Joshua Dun.”


I hope you like this so yeah I love you guys and you can start requesting for Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph so yeah!

ongniel quidditch au

ok so my friend and i talk about hogwarts aus too much and i was yearning for a quidditch au and this happened sorry i got carried away lol

  • ok so daniel is 100% a gryffindor dun even fight me on this its Canon™
  • ong’s a gryffindor too, and is the keeper of the gryffindor quidditch team
  • here’s what happened lets go
  • quidditch season hasnt started but gryffindor are feeling the loss from last year because hufflepuff and ravenclaw were ON FIRE last year (where do they get those active first years,,,, we want sum of dat….)
  • seongwoo obv be feeling the determination theyRE GOING TO KILL IT!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!! TO THE END!!! THE HOUSE CUP!!! IS GRYFFINDOR’S FOR THE TAKING!!!!
  • he also feeling the pressure because gryffindor are forgetting what it’s like to have a house cup win tbh
  • ok anyways
  • since he’s the keeper and everything he knows his team need to count on him yknow
  • he’s always extra early for team practices and spends all his free time practicing quidditch with some new teammate he persuaded one day (read: bribed)
  • prob went smthg like hey kiD!! HELP TOSS SOME QUAFFLES INTO THESE HOOPS FOR ME!!!
  • rip woojin lmfao ong’s always like lmao if thats u trying to score i might as well switch and play chaser instead
  • all in good fun he gives pointers to lil woojin on what to do to catch the keeper off guard
  • good practice for himself too
  • honestly though at some point woojin is prob thinking something like…. ong… shouldn’t u…. be studying…. for NEWTs…..
  • seongwoo : newts? haha what,,,,, are those ha,,,,ha,,, idk what ure talking bout
  • same
  • ok so one day after like 3 days of no sleep after trying to finish like 6 diff essays for all his subjects (don’t procrastinate friendos)
  • boi literally tired as fuck but still has the energy to drag his ass out to the quidditch pitch to practice
  • that saturday the slytherin and gryffindor captains scheduled a practice match to get into the groove of playing again before official matches starts
  • ofc he needs to show his best right off the bat
  • all his classmates tried to hold him back but his excuse was that he gotta train the newbie so he can do his best for the match
  • also secretly because it’s his last year he wants to show that it’s not been a waste and he’s become a very very reliable keeper and that gryffindor CAN win this year
  • so yes, he still goes to practice
  • remember boi on zero sleep and like 20 mins in woojin asks if he’s feeling okay since no sarcastic quips or anything
  • surprise surprise ong passes out but he like doesn’t go pancake because woojin manages to kind of stop him from doing so
  • still fucks up his wrist and ankle on landing though but he’s out of it and woojin is prob freaking tf out omg what am i gonna do ???
  • does the reasonable thing and sprints off to get madam pomfrey
  • hold your horses i know daniel hasnt come into this yet chill
  • ong has to stay in the hospital wing overnight bc of exhaustion but at least his wrist and ankle are okay right?
  • nah
  • he has to miss the practice match because his body isnt recovered enough for sports yet
  • he still goes to watch the match though
  • took a loooooot of convincing but madam pomfrey was finally like fine! bc he was being really loud and she wanted to shut him up hyahwhaghwhaha
  • when he gets to the pitch they had already begun playing and he sees kim donghan playing in his place and is reassured bc he was a natural even if he wasnt a regular
  • there’s other people from the two houses watching too
  • ta-daaa that’s when he meets daniel
  • daniel is an avid quidditch fanboy ok
  • always on top of quidditch news and never misses a game
  • this boy is the definition of House Pride he’s screaming the loudest and always gets hella hyped before matches
  • the type to walk up to people on the mornings of match day and tells them to cheer loudly for gryffindor to give them the support
  • gryffindor hasnt won a house cup in forever tbh but that doesnt phase him he just loves quidditch and is extremely passionate about the sport and his house so regardless of the result he will always remain their tru no.1 fan
  • about that practice match
  • lets be real we would all like to just sleep on saturday morning
  • daniel? practice match? give him the time and date and he’s there and prepared with snacks and drinks for the players he managed to get from the house elves what a considerate babu
  • he gets there extra early that morning because he knew there was a new first year playing and he wanted to cheer extra loud to give him confidence awwwwwawaw
  • but when he sees the team members arrive he notices
  • seongwoo isnt there?
  • that one fourth year boy is playing instead so he gets a little confused
  • seongwoo has never NOT played in any of their matches so he wondered why he wasn’t this time
  • he wasn’t even at the practice, even though everyone else on the team was
  • cue quidditch nerd daniel minutely freaking out lmao
  • he went through the possibilities in his head
  • team drama? detention? OVERSLEEPING??? decided to do a 180 and become studious???
  • his brain was about to explode but he stops when he sees the familiar boy walk up to the top of the stands and get comfortable
  • he’s still really confused
  • why is he watching and not playing??
  • lmao the practice match started 5 mins ago but he’s too distracted bc he doesn’t know why THE ong seongwoo isnt participating in it
  • he debates going up to ask him about it
  • but like,,,, he never spoken to the dude before
  • what if he’s in a shit mood
  • screw it
  • abruptly gets up to go walk up to where ong is
  • prob trips on the way up, someone babyproof him
  • ong is so fixated on the match he doesn’t realise someone is standing next to him
  • when he does
  • “may i help u”
  • he recognizes him too
  • because like he’s always there at practices and is maybe a bit mad for quidditch
  • kind of endearing
  • daniel honestly prob gets caught off guard hayahahaHAHAHA
  • “just,,, wondering why you aren’t out there”
  • “eh, fucked up and slacked off with homework and now my body’s dealing with the consequences”
  • he cant help the frustration in his voice
  • daniel just kinda feels bad
  • bc he looks so,,, tired? and also kind of angry that he couldn’t play bc of his own carelessness
  • he’s always priding himself on being a reliable teammate but here he is missing matches smh
  • but he doesnt tell daniel that lol
  • “why are you sitting all the way up here? pretty sure you can get a better view from anywhere else”
  • ong prob jokingly says some shit like he cant let anyone else in his presence what a drama queen
  • he really likes the feel of the wind from high up
  • that’s why he plays quidditch, being up in the air just makes him feel free
  • anyways
  • daniel and him end up watching the rest of the match together
  • ong pointing out certain tendencies and habits his teammates have when playing
  • daniel pointing out how well the team work together and how he feels like this year is the year for gryffindor u feel
  • ong kind of just
  • ??
  • “you really think so?”
  • bc why wouldnt he right
  • “it’s just that… gryffindor hasn’t won a house cup in a long time”
  • and tbh theyre all feeling it, no one says it though
  • just sucks that they KNOW theyre doing good but never seem to be able to come out on top
  • daniel looks at him like :O
  • LIKE
  • lmfao he gets flustered after that and just quickly tells him to get better soon and to have faith in his team and himself
  • he constantly checks in with ong after that though
  • can’t really forget about the look on ong’s face when he talked about missing the game, even if it was a simple practice match
  • something in him just told him that ong was feeling shit about what happened when he couldn’t play
  • so he just tries to send positive vibes his way lol cute
  • even if it’s just walking by him in the great hall at breakfast and calling out for him not to slack off in class
  • or not to push himself too hard in practice
  • he prob even watches the team practice regularly and calls out “you guys did well today! we’re gonna win this year!!!”
  • just…. postive ball of sunshine spreading positivity
  • ong always spends some time after practice to talk to daniel to get to know him
  • its the least he can do bc daniel’s been so supportive of the team
  • daniel just hopes the dude remembers to take care of himself better tbh dont we all
  • ong won’t admit like ever but he 100% looks forward to daniel’s encouragement in the morning pfft
  • (and also totally wants to get to know daniel more other than him being a massive quidditch fan lol)
  • since then he finds himself working a lot harder to keep up with his workload in class so he can be on top of his game for quidditch
  • prob looks around in the crowd for daniel at games tbh hahAHAHHDAHA
  • this boi confident for matches he brings his A game all the time
  • both of them prob think its sad that they only really became friends in ong’s last year but hey better late then never right

hello everyone ! so im going back to school this week (omg) and i thought i’d share some of the things i learned and picked up last year in my first year of high school. i hope you enjoy ! :)

1. do your homework !

this one’s pretty simple. always do your homework so you’re caught up with what’s being taught in your class. i know it’s a lot easier said than done because realistically, im sure most of us won’t really want to do it after a long day of school. but it makes a world of a difference if you do what your teacher assigns you. you’ll understand the concept better and won’t fall behind ! 

2. don’t be afraid to ask questions !

for some odd reason, i was afraid of asking my teachers questions last year. i honestly don’t know why, but i regret it. i asked a lot of questions back in middle school, and i realized i did better those years than i did last year. your teachers are there for a reason, to enhance your learning and understanding. you’ll come out a better student, and it’ll help SO MUCH. also, don’t limit yourself to just your teacher. if they don’t help you as much as you would have liked, ask another teacher !

3. be independent with your learning

don’t be too dependent on your friends in class. aka don’t take all of their answers and/or ideas just to get your work done faster ya feel ? if you’re too dependent on your friends for answers, you won’t know what to do when a quiz or test comes up because your friend won’t be there to help you :( but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping each other !

4. studying and study buddies

study. studying is key my dudes. just think of a time you did great on a test, and think of the feeling you had. you know what feeling im talking about. strive for that feeling. because tbh there’s nothing better than being proud of yourself and knowing that all of your hard work payed off ! and if you struggle with staying focused, there are so many helpful studying masterposts here on studyblr ! also get yourself some study buddies ! it makes studying just that much better. it’s so fun. wowowow. 

5. online resources ! 

if your teacher didn’t explain a concept well enough, there are so many online resources. they’ve helped me a boat load my first year and i use them all the time now. my favourites are Khan Academy and CrashCourse, and there are so many masterposts on here specified to one subject ! bless the studyblr community bc y’all have saved me so many times ♡ 

6. goals goals goals

always keep your goals in mind. they’ll help you push through the year and the rough patches. i always think of this grey’s anatomy quote. “how’s the view? do you like what you see? are you living the life you pictured for yourself? or are you dreaming of something even bigger?”. so, think about it. if you don’t accomplish your goal, will you like the view ? so work hard my dudes. s/o the meredith grey for being oh so wise.

7. have a good mindset

im gonna keep this simple and sweet. don’t let yourself settle for anything less than greatness.

8. learn to love the sound of your feet walking away from things not meant for you

i saw that quote somewhere along those lines on here a while ago and man is it true !! if something isn’t meant for you, don’t be afraid of letting it go. it could be a class, or a person, anything. if the class just isn’t your forte, look into something else ! if a person isn’t enhancing your life, don’t be afraid or feel guilty for wanting out. at the end of the day, it’s your life. do what makes you the happiest person on earth ♡

9. sleep omg

i cannot even stress how important getting enough sleep is. your homegirl is working on that herself ya feel lolol. get enough sleep. you’ll be refreshed in the morning and you’ll be ready to go on with your day. your body and brain will thank you for it !!

10. don’t forget to relax

burning out is the last thing you want to do, so don’t forget to give yourself the free time that you deserve. let yourself recharge and destress with the things that you love to do. my personal favourites are colouring, reading, music, and watching grey’s anatomy lolol. after all of your hard work, you deserve it !!

♡ ♡ ♡

so, those are my ten tips for back to school ! i hope that this was somewhat helpful, i really enjoyed making it ! if you have any questions, my ask box is always available. and if you just want to talk, shoot me a message ! with that being said, i hope you all have an amazing year, and good luck ♡

with love,
lauraliestudies  ♡

how to get prepared for the new school year

hey guys!! so if you’re like me and living in the southern hemisphere, school is starting in about a month, which means that now christmas has come and gone, it is the perfect time to get ready for the coming school year!!

i’m starting ib year 1, so some of these tips may seem a little extreme, but i’ve used these in previous years too and found them very useful in getting ahead before school starts!

loooool i hope this helps as it is my first masterpost!! anyways, enjoy ^___^

declutter your room and study space!

  •  ok so i can’t stress how important this is enough
  •  if you have a really untidy workplace (not like a little cluttered, like suPER untidy), you probably won’t be able to work as efficiently!!
  •  you don’t need to worry about buying fancy stationery or expensive organising things, if all you have is a bookshelf and a table, that’s great!! if you have a large desk with built in storage, that’s great too!! make good use of what you have
  •  it’s a good idea to sort out what school notes and things you have from the previous year and what might be helpful or necessary for the coming year
  •  trash what notes you don’t need and sort out what ones you do
  •  personally i like to keep my textbooks from previous years, but this is up to you.
  •  make sure you have a space for your timetable, folders, etc
  •  make it a happy space to study!
  •  i also like to make sure my happy sleepy relax place (probs ur bedroom) is clear from clutter and will be conductive to sleep and relaxation
  •  try and keep technology away from this area - i know it’s tempting to watch netflix until 3 in the morning (cough*guilty*cough*) but try to keep this to a seperate area - ur brain knows and will associate this to this area, which isn’t good for when school starts

TL;DR sort out your study space and your room so that you’re ready and prepared for the school year!

get ahead!

  • honestly i know it sounds lame to spend your summer holidays doing MORE schoolwork but it really doesn’t have to take up all your time!!
  • pick a subject you found difficult that you’re doing next year, or something you want to revise and get ahead in, and make a plan
  • set aside a certain amount of time during the day that you’ll spend doing some schoolwork
  • it can be half an hour, or 5 hours!! it doesn’t matter how long, it’s still better than doing nothing at all!
  • but don’t stress yourself out. chill, you got tons of time!!
  • so…. “i will do 45 minutes of maths problems every second day until school starts!” or “i will make sure i get 50 xp on duolingo every day until school starts!”
  • make sure it’s realistic for the amount of time you have during the holidays and how much you want to achieve
  • i like doing this for subjects like maths, french, and the sciences where having a strong foundation is crucial for when you start doing more complex topics!!
  • for maths i typically revise the difficult topics or things i might have not have done as well on and just make sure i’m all brushed up and ready for the year
  • for languages, DUOLINGO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!
  • honestly it’s free and such a great way to learn new vocabulary and phrases!!
  • also, skim your textbooks, find out what’s in the syllabus, and the assessments for yo subjects
  • if you have any books for english or anything, try to read them - i’ve always heard and abided by the rule that the first time you read a book you’re sort of learning the story and focusing on the plot, but the second time you read it is when you should be looking for literary devices and techniques

get organised!

  • use a planner/calendar/bullet journal omg, just use one pls
  • or something that works for you!
  • handing assignments in late is literally the worst way to lose marks because you could have had them and saved yourself stress just by handing it in on time
  • bullet journals are pretty popular in the studyblr community, and there’s an awesome masterpost on them by @studyign
  • or you can use a planner!!
  • good brands include kikki k, erin condren, the day designer, typo, etc
  • ofc you don’t have to have an expensive one!! you can make your own using a spare notebook and a pen!!
  • plus there are lots of wonderful printables out there
  • look at @theorganisedstudent
  • also, sort out your school bag/pencil case and make sure you have everything you need for the upcoming year

get organised…. pt 2!

  • figure out how you’ll organise your subjects and notes and things
  • personally i like to have a binder for each subject for handouts, take notes in a notebook and homework in a separate notebook, and have secondary notes on my computer using OneNote
  • knowing how you’re going to organise your notes and handouts and assignments before the school year starts is so helpful - meaning you spend less time looking for notes and more time studying!!
  • accordion folders can be really great for taking specific papers or assignments from school to home
  • i personally prefer writing my notes by hand as i feel i take them in better, but writing them on a computer is still ok!! just do what works for you.

    just relax. take time for yourself.

    • honestly after such a big school year too, don’t get too stressed about the coming year. instead look at it in a positive light.
    • yes a little bit of stress helps to keep you on track and make sure you don’t simply say “i’ve got SOOO much time” but too much (as I’m sure you all know!!) will simply hinder you… yerkes-dodson law (i’m a psychology lover i’m sorry)
    • so take time out during the holidays to destress and relax at the same time!!
    • you’ve got this!!
    • whether you’re starting year 7 or going into your final year, you can totally do this.
    • i believe in you!!!
    Great confession from a follower!

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    She was startled so let go a little yelp apparently! but she thought it was funny…they got to talking again and David mentioned that he was about to go for his lunch break, and wanted to see if she wanted to join him…She declined, and gave him a hug and left.
    Fast forward about a half hour or so, and my wife was heading to her car, shopping complete. He apparently started following my wife when she left his store because when she shut the trunk to her car David was standing right there…He apparently pushed her up against the car and started passionately kissing her right there!
    Then she said things escalated rather quickly…she opened up the back seat to our SUV and they got busy right there in the mall parking lot! They didnt have a condom, so he pulled out and came on my wifes stomach (and a little on her shirt).
    Coming into today, my wife had slept with two guys total in her entire life…now its three, and shes not sure of David’s last name…
    I am not even sure how to feel now, other than insanely horny. I am hoping that next time I can watch and maybe even join in :)

    Into the Dark (11/?)

    Title: Into the Dark

    Pairing: Hardy x Hannah

    Rating: Adult

    Warnings: Stalking, Sexy times

    Summary: Alec swore off women after his marriage ended, and Hannah is in no rush to date again after breaking Ben’s heart, but sparks fly when they meet. The only problem is that someone else wants Hannah all to himself. Will Hardy be able to protect her? Will Hannah let him?

    Notes: OMG I haven’t updated this fic since MAY?!?! Y’all, I am SO SORRY!!! My schedule has been absolutely ridiculous lately, especially work over the summer months, and I just haven’t been in a creative headspace lately. I can’t promise the next chapter will come quickly, but I can promise not to make you wait another 4-5 months! 

    Previously on Into the Dark

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    LEGION Recap: 1x05

    Well catch me laugh-whimpering to myself for days after watching THIS ONE, woof. Legion does horror, Tarra done lost her mind.

    Season 1, ‘Chapter 5’

    Fall has come to Summerland.

    Rain is pattering through the evergreens, which have been slowly dropping loose needles and branches on the MRI machine in the lawn, making it start to look like some old Dharma Initiative pod. Appreciated.

    Cary watches with intense anxious focus as they bring Kerry in on a stretcher. “Oh careful careful,” he whispers to himself. How about be careful with my HEART, Cary. This unendurable sweetpea!

    Like a taut string has suddenly been cut, he wheels around and into his lab to help them in. The audio goes muffled immediately, the first of what will be many sound manipulations in this, A Very Auditory Episode.

    “David,” Melanie calls through the hush a few times, until he walks over to where she’s standing on the other side of the glass. “I met your husband,” he replies in his mind. Oh BABE, you can send now! Oh my cracked little Xavier. “He’s a…Beat poet?” David asks curiously, but Melanie just gives him a sort of inscrutably terrified expression and glides off stage left.

    Actually come to think of it, the fact that Oliver and Melanie are married is bewildering and wonderful. Hahahaha.

    Later, Syd finds David sitting alone on a dock, as they so oft do. Two points of interest:

    1. This dock is way crooked now, oh fuck me up with this MAGICAL REALISM. The season changing and now all this structural weathering — the sense that so much has happened in the seemingly week or so since David has left Clockworks that the environment is reflecting it.

    2. In a whole run of incomprehensible outfits, this is easily David’s best look yet, omg, what is happening, I’m delighted.

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    When you have horrible bedhair in the mornings - Seventeen

    Seungcheol/S.Coups would honestly try to contain his laughter inside the first time he sees it. But wouldn’t tease you or be rude about it at all. He understand it’s something you can’t control and he still loves you heaps with it! If you get insecure about it, he would reassure you immediately and say you’re beautiful either way aw :) “GOODMORNING MY EVER SO  BEAUTIFUL SLEEPING BEAUTY!”

    Jeonghan would have a mini heart attack at first lol. Lets be real, fam. This guy worships his hair and to see you have incredibly bad bedhair is like a stab to the stomach. He ofcourse, being the angel that he is, doesn’t say anything about it but his facial expressions kind of say it all. Eventually, he calms down and gets used to it and ends up loving it! Although he refuses to let you leave the room unless you fix your hair aha “I still love you, Jagiya! Just looking out for you!”

    Joshua/Jisoo would be the biggest gentleman in the world and think you are simply the most adorable person alive! I mean, he thought you were cute before he saw you like this but now, he thoughts he was going to die from smiling so hard at your cuteness! The minute you start getting nervous and insecure and try to fix your hair he will literally grab your wrist and place it back to your side because nO YOU LOOK AMAZING TO HIM ALL THE TIME AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO TRY LOOK GOOD IN FRONT OF HIM. “AIGOO MY JAGIYA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!”

    Jun would try and add some humour to the situation because woah, he was not expecting you to look like that. He’d like smirk in the greasiest way possible and say stuff like, “Your hair’s a bit of a mess, I mean, yeah we kissed a few times but did we really go that rough last night?” But you’d get all insecure and upset because he teases you about something you can’t control so he would apologise and say he was kidding and that your hair is the sexiest thing to see in the morning, just to make you laugh. “I would never think your ugly, your so beautiful… inside and out.”

    Hoshi would pretty much start cracking up for like 5 seconds and silence himself immediately. He’s not very good containing his laughter since he’s a funny guy in general so he lets it all out and shuts up right after. He’d flop on top of you and like fiddle with your hair and keep cooing at you like you were a baby. Then you get embarrassed because you’re insecure about it and he’d push a finger to your lips and shake his head. “You’re wAY TOO BEAUTIFUL LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW, IF YOU START WHINING ABOUT YOUR LOOKS I’LL GET SAD, OKAY? YOU ARE GORGEOUS NO MATTER WHAT ILY”

    Wonwoo would have bed hair just as bad as yours, tbh. I mean, come on guys, you saw him in the teasers of ‘One fine day’ and his hair is pretty wowowowow. So I’m guessing when the two of you wake up and see each others’ hair you both would just crack up because hey! You’re not the only one so it’s okay to laugh about it! “Yeah yeah, but just so you know you’re always beautiful in my eyes okay? I better be handsome asf in yours.”

    Woozi would be to sleepy to even notice, if you ask me. Like, he’d take a glance at it for a second and go back to sleep. Then you’d be pretty relieved that he didn’t see it bUT OH HE DID SO IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU’RE HAIR IS FINE AND EVERYONE’S UP HE’D LIKE HUG YOU FROM BEHIND AND WHISPER IN YOUR EAR HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE YOU WERE WITH YOUR HAIR THAT MORNING AND YOU START TO GO RED BECAUSE OMG HE SAW THAT!! “I’ll even write you a song and put it on a CD and play it over and over in the mornings just to remind you that you look beautiful all the time.”

    DK/Seokmin would probably yell out a scream in the highest pitch ever and fall off the bed because it’s his first time seeing you like that and it shocked him lol. But you thought he acted that way because he thought you looked ugly but nO when he recovered from shock and noticed it was just you he’d have that big bright smile on his face again and laugh really hard and pinch your cheeks. “JAGIYA YOU ARE TOO ADORABLE OMG PLEASE LOOK LIKE THIS EVERY MORNING FROM NOW ON!!”

    Mingyu would do that cute thing he does when he covers his mouth and lets out a little giggle because aw you cutie. Though deep down he’s secretly thinking what you were trying to achieve with that hairstyle of yours. Then before you know it, he’s dragging you off the bed and into the bathroom to go and fix that hair, ofcourse, he’s styling it. After that he’d smile proudly and give you a BIG kiss on the forehead. “I thought you looked great before, babe. Don’t get me wrong, but now you look even better :)))))))” 

    The8/Minghao wouldn’t say much, honestly. I feel like he’d just stare at you for a while until it’s registered in his brain then after you have a mini mental freakout you find the courage to ask him what he’s looking at and unconsciously put your hand on your hair which causes him to do that cute pout of his and put your hand back down and shake his head. “I was simply staring at how beautiful you look in the morning.” what a sweetheart ;-;

    Seungkwan would be very vocal about his thoughts. He’d be like ‘WOAH WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR HEAD???’ then he pauses for affect which pretty much gave you an anxiety attack and just as you were about to whine and hide under the covers he continues on and goes like, ‘IT’S THE MOST GORGEOUS THING IN THE WORLD!!!’ then he’d give you the most loving of smiles and the biggest of hugs. “I love you, y/n. I love you no matter what you look like!!” 

    Vernon/Hansol would like freeze when he first sees your hair and his eyes would go really wide and the two of you would just lay there staring at each other and waiting for someone to speak. He eventually does and sort of whispers ‘what is this beauty before my eyes.’ Then before you could do anything he buries his face in your hair and goes back to sleep lol. But when he wakes up once again he’ll give you those adorable smiles of his. “I love your hair. It just makes you cuter than you already are.”

    Dino/Chan would sort of laugh a little and then quickly cover it up with a cough once he sees you pouting at him like crazy. He’d lean in really close and say ‘wOW JAGI I LOVE YOUR HAIR IT LOOKS LIKE THE HAIR OF THE ZOMBIES IN MICHAEL JACKSON’S THRILLER MUSIC VIDEO.’ But he sees the insecure look in your eyes and immediately hugs you really tight. “Of course, you’re nowhere near a zombie. I was just joking, I’m sorry. You look beautiful… you know, zombie or human ;)”

    Neymar Imagine || Cheating

    Something is off. I don’t know what, but something weird is going on. I first noticed it a few weeks ago, when he became a little distant. It wasn’t a big deal at first, because I assumed that the million things he has going on for him were finally starting to have their say. I believed he was tired and that it was going to pass. It was going to be fine. No problem. 

    But then it got worse. Neymar became distant to a point where it felt like we were two strangers who happened to live in the same house. Like roommates. He never told me where he was going or what he was doing anymore, I was hardly ever invited to his usual hangouts with his friends, although they seemed to happen every single weekend, until early in the morning. I tried talking to them, hoping that maybe they knew what was going on. Of course they didn’t. If he was shutting me off, what chances did they have of being let in? I keep thinking of things that could make him act this way. Had something happened? Maybe it was something I did. But what? And if something was really wrong, he would tell me, wouldn’t he?

    After a few weeks of having the worst possible scenarios play in my head, I feel like I can’t take it anymore. I am on the verge of exploding. Another ignored call, another lie, just one more drop and I’ll lose my mind.

    He’s sleeping next to me. That’s the one thing we have now, the only time we’re actually in the same room. This stupid bed, where he used to hold me for hours at a time and now he can’t get far enough from me.  Since no one seems to be willing to tell me what’s going on, I have to take matters into my own hands. And the only option I have is to go through his phone, which is something I swore to myself I would never do. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. He’s never going to trust me after this. 

    I quietly get up, grab his phone from the bedside table and make my way downstairs, to the couch in the living room. The phone is locked, but I know he’s terrible at remembering passwords, so whatever it is, it must be very easy. 1234? No, he’s not that dumb. A birthday maybe? Davi’s birthday. Bingo. I can’t believe I’m doing this. There is nothing to find. Everything is fine. Please let everything be fine.

    Now what?  What could I possibly find on this phone that would explain the last couple of months? His e-mail is full of messages from his manager, both his coaches and a bunch of other work related things. What did I expect, anyways?

    Next, I check his texts. Gil, Rafaella, Babe - oh, so this is where he keeps the hundreds of texts I send, that never get a reply anymore - Dad, Jo, Y/N. Wait, what? I’m Y/N. But if I’m Y/N, then who - who the fuck is babe? My stomach turns at the thought. No. He probably saved my number twice by accident under different names. Or maybe it’s some dumb joke that his friends played on him and switched up his contact names. But when I start reading the texts in that conversation,  I realize I’m the only one who’s getting played here.

    Babe: Hey bby u still coming right?
    Neymar: On my way b there in 5
    Babe: Whats takin so long?
    Babe: Hello?
    Babe: Omg is that bitch being annoying af again?!
    Babe: Room 36 im waiting

    I can’t read any more. I don’t need to, but I’m also physically unable. My hands drop the phone onto the coushion. I can feel the bitter taste of bile in my mouth and I swear I’m about to pass out. Or maybe I already have and this is all some kind of messed up nightmare. I pinch myself. The horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach doesn’t go away.

    I don’t know what happens next. I sit there for an indefinite amount of time, in shock. I’m not crying. Not yet, anyway. Then his phone beeps and the next thing I know is I’m in a cab, on my way to nowhere. I try to think of a place I could go, but the only friends I have in Barcelona are Neymar’s friends or teammates and there is no way I could go to any of them. The thought that they could have known all this time and kept it from me makes my skin crawl. I can’t think straight and I don’t understand in the least bit what is happening. Why is this happening? How can this be happening? I’m crying now. I’m full on sobbing in the back of a cab, in the middle of the night. The driver gives me a sympathetic look through the rearview mirror, as he continues to drive with no destination. I stare out the window at the empty streets of what used to be my favorite city, but tonight it seems to have lost its appeal. My whole world has come crumbling down and I can’t shake the feeling that there is no going back.

    We were happy. Neymar and I were so in love. I moved here to be with him, I dropped everything and moved halfway across the globe, because we were in love. We had everything. We were so happy. Why is this happening? I ask the cab driver to drop me off at the nearest hotel and I space out completely for the rest of the ride.

    “Y/N?” A voice softly whispers in my ear, as a hand caresses my back. I keep my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep, but I can’t help the smile that creeps onto my face as he places kisses down my jawline.
    “Neymar,” His name escapes my mouth as a moan. “It’s Sunday. You promised you’ll let me sleep in on Sundays.” I plead and finally open my eyes to meet his. He has the goofiest smile on his face and the way he is looking at me makes my brain turn into mush.
    “I did let you sleep in.” He is leaning on his elbow, his face only inches away from mine. I bring one of my hands to his cheek and he leans into it. “It’s almost noon. I’ve been waiting here for hours.” He kisses me again. “And I have to tell you something.”
    “Can it wait for ten more minutes?” I rub my eyes and yawn.  He chuckles and kisses my cheek. I’ve only moved in with him a few days ago and I’m already starting to miss my lazy Sundays.
    “It can’t wait another second.” His smile is now replaced by a serious expression, so I force myself to keep my eyes open and sit up. “I’ve been watching you sleep for a while and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I got with you.”
    “So you woke me up to tell me that? It could have waited, babe.” I laugh and punch his shoulder. “Watching people sleep is creepy, by the way.”
    “Maybe, but if you love them, it’s romantic.” He is smiling again, but I’m unable to do the same. I keep repeating his words in my head, wondering if I misheard him. “I love you, Y/N.”
    “Oh.” Is the only sound I manage to make. Neymar’s smile fades in an instant. I mentally slap myself. “No, no, no.” I violently shake my head, in an attempt to save the situation. “I love you, too.” There, I said it. His face brightens up again. “It’s just - I wasn’t expecting that at all.”
    “You’re not just saying that, are you?” He asks, sitting up.
    “I am not just saying that.” A big grin is now plastered on my face. “I am definitely not just saying that. I love you, too. I am so in love with you, you have no idea.”

    He is suddenly on top of me, his hands on either side of my head, leaving me unable to move as his lips brush against mine. I deepen the kiss and press my hands against his chest, rolling the both of us around, until I’m on top.

    “Miss?” The driver’s voice breaks me out of my daydream and it takes a few seconds for me to take in my surroundings. We were so happy that day. Or I was, at least. The cab is now parked in front of a hotel and I wish I could go back to that blissful Sunday morning, as I pay for the ride and get out of the car.

    I drag my feet to the reception, carelessly wipping the tears from my face with the back of my hand. I’d be lying if I said I was paying any attention to the receptionist, so I have to check the room number on the keychain as I walk inside the elevator and nearly bump into someone in front of me. I apologize without bothering to lift my gaze from the floor. I don’t need anyone seeing me like this.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The woman standing next to me bursts into laughter, as the elevator doors close. “Y/N?” I lift my head and my curious gaze is met by a smirk and a superior expression.
    “Bruna.” I mumble. Realization hits me like a million knives in my back. Room 36. A hotel. This hotel. It’s her. I’m no longer able to hold back the tears that have been pooling in my eyes and I let out a loud sob.
    “Did you come here to give me some kind of lecture?” She laughs in my face again. “Because there’s no point. We both know how this is going to end.” I say nothing and silently pray for her to stop talking. “You’re going to cry all the way back to wherever it is that you came from and Neymar is finally going to come back to me for real.”

    There are no words to describe how badly I want to wipe the smile off of her face, but I know beter. I know better than to let her see that everything she says kills me inside. Never in a million years would I have seen this coming. Where did she even come from? I thought she lived in Brazil. I thought they broke up and that was it. Why is she back? Why would he do this? No crying. Not here.

    “He is all yours.” I say, once the elevator comes to a stop on my floor. I don’t wait for a reply.

    Once I’m alone in my hotel room, I collapse on the king sized bed. Why do I even have a king sized bed? It’s not like there’s anyone to share it with anymore. I lay there, crying, thinking, trying to make sense of the past hour until something starts buzzing and vibrating in the pocket of my jeans. I fish my phone out and turn it off the second I see Neymar’s stupid name and his stupid picture on the screen. I don’t know how, but I manage to fall asleep, fully clothed, on top of the covers. The next thing I know, someone is banging on the door and I jump to my feet, convinced they’re going to break it down.

    “Y/N!” Neymar’s voice is yelling from the hallway. I wonder how long it’s going to take before he gets kicked out for waking everyone up, but he seems to realize the same thing. “Y/N, please open the door.” He says more quietly.

    I’m determined to stand my ground, so I walk back to the bed and lay down. The last person I want to see right now is him. I’m sure he has about a million excuses all planned out by now. He has always been good with words. It’s what he does. I should have known. I am not going to give in. I will not open the door. I will not let him in ever again. I start crying again. The knocking hasn’t stopped. I pad to the door, but I stop myself as I’m about to unlock it. I press my back against it and sob into my hands, sliding down to the floor.

    “I know you’re there.” Neymar says from outside the door. “I can hear you crying. If you would just -” His voice breaks midsentence. It sounds like he’s crying. 

    I wish he would just leave. I wish he hadn’t showed up in the first place. It was easier to be mad at him when I didn’t have to hear his voice. That sad, sad voice. Maybe if I opened the door - no. He has done nothing but lie and cheat for God knows how long. No. Another loud sob escapes my lips. My shoulders are shaking against the door, as the crying gets bad again. I cry myself to sleep on the floor to the sound of a hand tapping the door.
    When I wake up, everything hurts. Sleeping on a hard wood floor was probably not the best idea. As I sit up and look around the room, the real pain comes back. This has nothing to do with falling asleep on a hotel room fooor, and everything to do with the reson I’m here in the first place. I replay last night’s events in my mind. It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this is really happening. The last thing I had ever expected. Neymar cheated on me.

    “He cheated on me.” I say, getting up. I keep repeating that horrible sentence all the way back to the bedroom, where I throw myself on the bed.

    I don’t know what the next step is for me. What do I do now? Where do I go? The only people I know in this city are his friends. The place I call home is his house. Everything here is, more of less, his. What I have to do next becomes obvious, but I’m not ready to accept it. The whole reason I moved here was to be with him, but since that ship has now sailed, I have no businness being in Barcelona. Going back to my old home in New York seems like the most reasonable option, but the thought breaks my heart even worse. I have to leave. I’m going to be in a different country, on a whole other continent, far away from this place and everyone here. Far away from Neymar and everything we’ve had for the past year. It’s all going to be just some bad memory. I’m crying again.
    I geniunely thought this was it for me. I thought he was the one. Hell, I didn’t even believe that the one even existed before I met him, but he made me believe. Damn him for making me believe. We had everything. We were supposed to grow old together. He talked about it all the time, but it’s clear to me now that it was all a game to him. He could have just said so in the beggining. It wouldn’t have been a very pleasant conversation, but it definitely wouldn’t have hurt this bad.
    Maybe it wasn’t like that when we first met, though. Maybe it was real, at least for a while. But then again, if it were real, if he actually cared about me, why would he go back to her? He couldn’t have cared less. I’m such an idiot for even considering another possibility.
    I hastily gather my belongings and turn on my phone, as I make my way to the door. It’s still early in the morning, which means that I have time to get home - to Neymar’s house, I mean - and pack my things before he gets back from room 36. I’ve been trying to keep my mind away from that particular subject all night, but there’s no point in pretending I don’t know the obvious. It was easier when I didn’t, but there is no going back now. He was with her. He’s been with her who knows how often.  
    I open the door and almost step on something, or someone. Neymar is laying on his back right outside my door, sound asleep. He must have been camped out here for hours. His back is going to hurt when he wakes up, just like mine. I laugh at how ridiculous my thoughts are and the silhouette on the foor shifts. Wonderful.

    “Y/N?” He mumbles groggily, rubbing his eyes.
    “Good morning.” I step over him. “Goodbye.” He scrambles to his feet and catches up to me when I’m already in front of the elevator doors, pulling me back by my arm.
    “Please let me explain. I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen.” Neymar starts talking so fast, that I can barely keep up. “I never wanted this to - I’m sorry. I know you’re mad, but if you just let me explain -” He seems so desperate to come up with some kind of explanation, some kind of dumb excuse, that he’s stuttering and makes absolutely no sense.
    “Do not touch me.” I yank my arm out of his hold. “Stop talking to me. There is nothing to explain. It’s all very clear. Go back to room 36, maybe she cares to listen to whatever you have to say.”

    The elevator doors finally open and I step in, hoping this is going to be the end of this pointless conversation, but of course Neymar has to follow me inside. I can tell he still doesn’t know what to say. I guess an entire night of waiting outside my hotel room wasn’t enough to come up with a good enough excuse. The thought that no matter what he says, it’s going to be just that - an excuse, sends me right on the verge of crying again, but I stop the tears before they have a chance to make an appearance.

    “I’m not going anywhere.” He sighs. “I’m never going back to her. I know I fucked up and there is no excuse, but it’s over now. I was going to tell you everything last night.”
    “Sure.” I laugh. “Before or after meeting her in her room? Do you not hear how ridiculous you sound? I don’t care whether or not you were going to tell me. I don’t give a fuck if it’s over or if you’re going back the second I leave. You slept with her and you lied to me and made me feel like complete crap for so long. You know, I was actually worried about you. I thought you were so tired from working as hard as you do. Poor Neymar. I was right about one thing, though. I just didn’t know what, or who, was getting you that worn out.” I’m yelling now. I must sound furious judging by the way he backs away from me, but the truth is I’m sad and broken and hurt. Anything but angry. I should be, but I don’t have it in me. “I’m going to get my things and leave. Stay away from your house today and stay away from me forever.”

    Neymar doesn’t say anything. He stares at me until the elevator doors open and watches me walk away. I should be relieved, but I’m a little disappointed. I don’t know what I expected him to say, because there really isn’t anything that could change or fix the situation, but I expected him to at least try. Once I’m safely outside the hotel, I burst into tears and this time I can’t control myself. It’s going to a long time before I stop.

    One year later …

    It’s been a year since I’ve been here. It’s been a whole entire year and that horrible day is still my main time reference. Well, it’s not like I’ve been living a particularily exciting life since then, but still. My biggest accomplishment in the past twelve months has been going for a grand total of two consecutive days without thinking of Neymar. In all honesty, I’m pretty sure that’s not right, but I like to pretend it is, because it makes me believe that at some point in time I will be able to just stop thinking about him for good. Being back in Barcelona isn’t really helping with that. I’ve succesfuly stayed away from this city for the past year, but Gerard’s birthday is this week and since human kind has yet to discover a way to say no to Shakira, here I am.
    I knew it was a bad idea when she first asked me to come and I’m still aware of the impending disaster as I park the car in front of their house. I’ve spent all day locked up in my hotel room, trying to talk myself into believing that there’s the slightest chance that I won’t run into Neymar at the party, because otherwise I would’ve been on the first plane back to New York.
    About an hour into the party, I’m siting by myself at this little bar in a secluded corner of their enormous backyard. Every single one of Gerard’s teammates has been invited, so I’ve been trying to keep my mingling to a minimum. Better safe than sorry and all that.
    I’m mindlessly playing with the little pink and completely useless umbrella in my Martini, thinking about how one of the first conversations I had with Neymar was at one of Shakira and Gerard’s parties, in this same backyard, when someone walks over and sits and the bar stool next to mine. I assume it’s Shakira, since she’s been checking on me every ten minutes, as if I were a child.

    “Still here.” I keep my eyes on the umbrella. “I told you I’m not going anywhere until the cake is served.”
    “Then you’re going to be here for a while, because Dani was in charge of picking up the cake and you know what happens when you put Dani in charge of anything ever.” The voice definitely doesn’t belong to Shakira. It’s been a while since I’ve heard it, but it’s engraved in my brain and I could recognize it anywhere. I lift my gaze and the most beautiful pair of green eyes is looking back at me.

    Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s fine. No problem. It feels like my blood has turned into lava and my brain into mush. My heart is about to jump out of my chest and my breathing would have you think I’ve just ran a marathon. I may have managed to fool myself into thinking I no longer cared about him for the past year, but my body is determined to demonstrate the exact opposite tonight.
    Neymar’s eyes never leave mine as I examine his face. He has a bit of stubble going on and his hair is styled into a dark brown mohawk, as opposed to the blonde highlights he used to have, but other than that he looks the same as before. I don’t know why, but a wave of relief flows through me, like I’ve been waiting for so long to see this face again.

    “Hi.” I whisper, suddenly aware of how close to him I leaned it.
    “Hi.” His lips curl into my favorite smile in the world, so I can’t help the silly grin that appears on my face. “You look beautiful. I’ve been watching you hide from me for a while, but I couldn’t stay away.” He chuckles.
    “You stayed away for a year.” My tone comes out more serious than I intended.
    “Isn’t that what you wanted? You told me to stay away forever.” He’s not smiling anymore, but he sounds amused. “Didn’t you mean it?”
    “I say a lot of things.” I sigh. “I needed time, so thank you for letting me have that. I’m really glad you came over, though. I secretly hoped you would.”
    “You knew I would.” There’s that smile again. “I miss you.”
    “Neymar - ”
    “No, I have to say this. It’s not going to change anything and you’ll never forgive me, but you have to know that I never went back to her. I never even saw her again. I really was going to tell you that night. And I’m still so sorry for putting you through that.” His pleading eyes are locked on mine again and I’m amazed at how the same words he said then have a completely different meaning now.
    “I forgave you a long time ago.” I place my hand over his, on the bar. “You knew I would. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. I mean, I love Gerard, but no birthday party is enough to make me fly across the world.”
    “So what is?”

    I have no idea where this came from. I definitely didn’t leave New York with the thought of second chances on my mind. I’ll admit that I hoped to see Neymar while I was here, but from a safe distance. Not with his hand in mine, talking about our past. The way he looks at me when I say that, though, makes me forget all sense of logic. Maybe this is what I came here for, but I just didn’t know it.
    Neymar and I spend the next few hours in that same spot, with our fingers intertwined talking about our lives in the past twelve months. I graciously leave out the part about me locking myself in my studio apartment in New York for a week, so I could cry my eyes out and feel sorry for myself in peace and quiet and I know he has a similar story that he’s not telling me about. It’s like that part of our lives never happened. Like I never left and we’ve been here all this time, together. My hand is still comfortably resting in Neymar’s when he leads me through Gerard and Shakira’s house, to his car and drives us both back home.

    “Watching people sleep is creepy.” I whisper, adjusting my eyes to the light in our bedroom. I’m a little confused to be waking up here again after all this time, but it feels so right that I don’t question it for a second. He is lying next to me, carefully watching my every move.
    “Maybe, but if you love them it’s romantic.”

    Exo Scenario: Hooking Up with My Boss Minseok Pt 1~

    Omg if you’re still taking requests 5 iii) first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night. With Soo, Junmyeon or Minseok sHIT MAN IM GETTING ALL THE FEELS

    I don’t do nearly enough scenarios for Minseok, so I decided to do this one for him. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think of it! Thanks for requesting! (Also, please excuse the title cause I know it sucks).

    P.S - you may notice it says part one (originally I did not plan to write a second part/sequel to this, but I’ve since changed my mind and a follower/mutual has asked for a second part). Part 2 will be out when I get my requests more under control, or when I completely finish them. 

    You hadn’t meant to go home with him that night, but you were perhaps a little drunk - okay, maybe a lot drunk - and he was hot.

    Like…really, really hot.

    And your drunken mind didn’t care for decency as you slipped under his arm, letting him walk you into the back of a taxi, helping you into the cab and letting the door fall behind the both of you, letting you sit on his lap the entire ride back to his home, and not caring for your urgent kisses, peppering along his smooth skin and completely ignoring the eyes in the rearview mirror from the driver, staring at the two of you rather than the road.

    Minseok cleared his throat for the driver to focus on the road, telling him to turn down this side street, and only cradling your head to his chest, letting you do whatever you pleased, kisses trailing up and down his neck. 

    Tonight would be fun…

    In the morning, however, you were left sore and with a raging hangover. You only vaguely remembered the events of last night, your brain wanting to black out all of your bad decisions. You remembered screaming in pleasure, and then you were blushing, headache throbbing as you clutched your head and rolled over in bed, still naked.

    What you weren’t expecting was to turn over to find the man you had slept with, completely awake and smiling at you. He clearly had not drank as much as you had, not with as beautiful of a smile as that. Gummy though it was, you still considered it beautiful.

    And the body beneath it certainly wasn’t bad to look at, either. 

    “How did you sleep?” he asked, looking over at you as if he didn’t just barely know you. This was a one night thing and you weren’t used to the man asking how you were doing. You were used to waking before them and slipping out before they even had the chance to stir in bed.

    And usually you hadn’t the desire to leave your number, because more often than not it was just horrible, drunken sex. 

    But…last night had been different and you wondered if it had been as enjoyable for him as it had been for you. He had most definitely known what he was doing down there last night, and you couldn’t think of any complaints.

    “Fine.” you murmured, getting up quickly from bed and trying not to be self conscious with him staring at your bare back as you searched for your discarded clothing. When you dressed and looked back at him, grabbing for your purse along the nightstand and then at your phone, you cursed low under your breath, realizing that it was dead. He chuckled before getting up himself and handing you a cord.

    “You can use this if you want.” but just as you were going to reach for it, he said, “On one condition.”

    Your eyes went a little wide hearing that, wondering what he could possibly want. You had already slept with him. That’s why you were here in the first place.

    He grinned and cocked his head to the side, bare chest glistening as he spoke. You found it hard to focus on his face rather than his body.

    “Stay for breakfast.” he murmured, in one of the softest, sweetest voices you had ever heard. Despite his masculinity and obvious charm, he also seemed sweet and caring. 

    So you agreed and let him make you breakfast, sitting there awkwardly, just waiting for your phone to charge so that you could call a cab home, before you needed to be in for work at eight…

    Despite having breakfast with him, and then thanking him for everything, you declined his offer when he asked if you wanted a ride home, or to your job. It was 7:30 now and surely you would be late if you didn’t go home immediately, shower and change. You weren’t even sure you had enough time to shower. And you certainly didn’t want to be late to your first day at a new job.

    That would just be the icing on the cake.

    So when you stumbled into the office, the receptionist gave you a strange look. Your outfit was just enough to get you by for the day - and you were thankful you had an acceptable dress clean to wear - your hair still wet from the shower because you hadn’t enough time to blow dry or straighten it. This would just have to do. 

    When the receptionist gave you instructions to go down the hall and to the right, you breathed a sigh of relief. 

    7:59am. Just on time.

    And then, about an hour into your first day of work, there are whispers around the office of how the big boss has come in today and that everyone needs to be on their best behavior.

    And then he actually walks through the door.

    You hadn’t expected to see him again, hadn’t expected to see him here of all places, if at all. But there he was, suit and tie and looking probably even better than he had when he was undressed. Was he seriously the big boss that everyone was talking about?

    The office manager was quick to go to him, telling him that they had just hired a new girl - namely you - and then going into how they planned to have you fully trained on what the company wanted and needed within the day, if not by the end of the week. But he wasn’t even paying attention to her. The only one he had eyes for was you. 

    And you couldn’t help but blush and turn away.

    As soon as she had stopped talking he nodded, making his way over to where you stood by the desk of another employee, who had just been showing you how to use the computers here, as well as set up your email and everything you needed to start working. 

    He offered you his hand, which you shook hesitantly and his gummy smile made its way onto his face again, just like before.

    You were reminded of the fact that he knew what you looked like naked and suddenly you felt like hiding, closing in on yourself. But you remained there as he introduced himself - though neither of you need the introduction. And you let a small smile form on your lips in reply.

    “Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Kim Minseok. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    And though you felt odd for saying it, you did anyway, “The pleasure’s all mine.” 

    His eyes seemed to smolder when they stared back at you and then he was grinning even wider, the other employees that were looking at your exchange whispering not so quietly, wondering if the boss had a crush on the “newbie”. You wondered that, too.

    “It certainly is.” and with one look down at your body, then back up at your eyes, he was bowing his head and heading off down the hall.

    This was either going to be a very good job, or a very strange one.

    “What…what is that?" 

    Scott and Stiles stood in front of the stove in Scott’s kitchen, both boys looking confused and, truth be told, a little bit frightened.

    "It’s, um…” Scott blinked at the charred brick in the baking pan. “It was brownies. I made brownies.”

    Stiles cocked his head to the side, squinted, and fixed the pan with an appraising stare. “Huh.”

    “Yeah.” Scott muttered.

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    'Wedding Speech'

    requested by anonymous

    summary: there was a lot of pressure on the groom to give a meaningful speech and he more than pulled through

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                                         Trip to Barcelona Part 11


    Your eyes fluttered open at the bright light coming from the window. Neymar was next to you, back to the sunlight.

    “Good morning gorgeous ” he said lovingly

    “Good morning handsome” you pronounced in a cracked morning voice before resting your head on his bare chest

    “Slept well ?” you added

    “Really well, despite the fact that you snored a little..”

    You raised your head, surprised: “No way !”

    He was laughing. You rolled back on your side, hands on your face : “That’s so embarrassiiiiing !”

    “Come on” he brought you back in his arms

    You stood there, rubbing his abs with your fingers, while he was playing with your hair.

    “I’ll feel so lonely without you in this bed..” he declared gloomily

    You simply nodded. You were heartbroken every time you thought about it. But every good moment has an end, you just tried to appreciate your last ones here.

    “It is how it is” you admitted glancing up at him

    He showed a weak grin and got up:

    “Well ! It’s training time ”

    You held him up: “Noooo.. Stay heeeereee”.

    You pulled him back on the bed, putting yourself on him to block.


    You started kissing his neck…

    “Y/N..please..” he complained. He fake complained actually, because he liked it, so you continued. Going down to his chest, your hand slowly getting on his short, fumbling it to tease him. Eh … Yes, it’s confirmed, he liked it.

    “Ahh ! You’re.. a bad girl” he mentioned. You smirked and let him go.

    “You’re not cool” you uttered, pouting

    He kissed you: “I know, but I’ll be late baby. And you know what happens when I’m late ?”

    “Yes, you can be suspended for tomorrow’s game. You already told me” you answered acting as you were reciting a lesson

    “Right. Actually, you’ll have to get up of this bed too”

    “No, I can stay here all day long” you stretched, taking all the space

    “Maybe… But who’s gonna come with me at Shakira’s concert tonight then ?”

    You immediately stood up on the bed.

    “You’re joking… If it’s a joke, it’s not funny” you warned in a deep voice

    “This is not a joke.”

    OMG ! You screamed of joy, jumping on the bed like a crazy kid on a Christmas morning ! You were so excited ! You couldn’t believe it !

    You jumped on him unexpectedly and he fortunately got you: “You’re the best boyfriend ever !! Thank youuuu”

    “I told you that I’d make these days the best of your life”

    You ran downstairs to break the news to Rafa !

    “I see that he told you for tonight” she spoke as she saw you

    “Yessss !! You’re coming too I hope ?!”

    “Of course ! Dani, Piqué, Julia, Jota and some others too”

    “It’s gonna be unreal !”

    She giggled, making fun of your reaction. But you just couldn’t wait !

    “By the way, a friend came from Brasil. She will be here tonight, but I wanted her to meet you before. I’m going to see her later at Julia’s sister house. Wanna come ?”

    “Yep, with pleasure”

    You really liked Julia. She was funny, cute, crazy (…) You got along well.

    * * *

    At around 1pm, you took your phone and as you walked out the house with Rafa, you bumped into Neymar:

    “Hey ! Where are you both going ?”

    “At Julia’s” you answered

    He peered at Rafaella : “Aha….. And is Bruna still there?”

    Awkward silence.

    “It’s ok, I don’t care.” you mentioned

    “Are you sure ? I had totally forgotten, I’m so sorry Y/N” Rafaella apologized

    “Absolutely sure, I don’t give a fuck about her”

    Neymar burst of laughter before placing a kiss on your forehead: “That’s my girl”

    You chuckled and gave him a sloppy kiss before leaving.
    It was a beautiful day: sunny with a refreshing wind. The house was only 15 minutes away, so it wasn’t tiring. (Neymar’s father had helped her sister finding a house in Barcelona, he found one not too far from them).

    “It’s here” Rafa said ready to ring the bell.

    Julia came out: “Oii ! Y/N ! You came !”

    She was happy to see you, but you could feel in her voice that something was bothering her.

    “Uh… I don’t… Uh… Bruna is-” she started, but you cut her off

    “Still here. Yeah I know, don’t worry, it doesn’t bother me” you winked at her


    *Few minutes later*

    Rafaella, Julia, Laila (their Brazilian friend) and you were sat in the kitchen. You’ve been talking with Laila for only 5 minutes, but you already liked her, she reminded you of one of your friends. She was kind and a little childish.

    “So, how is it going with Juninho?” she asked you

    “Who ? Ah Neymar, I forgot that people called him like that. It’s perfect, he’s incredible.. and full of surprises”

    “Aw, Lucky you.. It’s so cute” she exclaimed

    “Yeah, he impresses me even more every day.” you added

    “Julia ? Onde estão os -” a voice was heard behind you.

    You recognized this voice. Bruna of course..

    “Hello. You missed me ? Or your boyfriend wanted to know how I was doing?” she questioned you sarcastically

    You fake laughed, rolling your eyes. She took what she needed and left the room.

    “The girls told me what happened with her. She’s always been like that you know.. ” Laila whispered

    You nodded and continued your conversation.

    “Girls ! I have an idea !” Julia shouted

    You all gave her a ’What?’ look.

    “Let’s make cookies to pass the time” she proposed

    “Yesss ! Good idea !”

    The girls took the ingredients needed, and you all came behind the kitchen counter.

    Eggs, flour, butter, chocolate chips (…) everything was here.

    Each of you had a bowl to make the mixture. You had to make your own cookies so at the end you could see who made the best ones. You started to cream the butter, add sugar..

    “You’re making cookies ?” Bruna asked coming in

    “Yep, wanna join us?” Julia said

    She gaze at you: “Why not, it could be fun”

    You shoot her a heated glare as she placed herself in front of you. You were almost done with your dough, you had to add the chocolate chips, but Bruna abruptly split water in your bowl !

    “I’m so sorry…” she falsely apologized. This really got you mad.

    “Oh really ?! Because I’m not” you responded adding a handful of flour to her mixture.

    “YOU SLUT ! ” she yelled taking the flour to throw it on you. You threw her some back in her face ! Laila, trying to appease the situation threw some on Rafaella ! And it got into a huge food fight. You were all throwing flour, chocolate chips and sugar at each other’s face ! It was a total mess, but funny tho.

    * * *

    At the end, the kitchen was really fucked up. You decided to clean it (it was slightly your fault after all). You demanded Bruna to clean with you:

    “Help me clean this mess, Julia’s sister will be back soon”

    “Uhh.. It’s your fault, YOU clean it. I have to shower again because of you !”

    You stood up, angry: “Listen to me smart-ass ! This is not my house, this isn’t either yours ! If you had a brain and maybe a heart, you would have thought about it by yourself ! So I’m not asking you to like me or to become my friend, just to help me clean what we did here !”

    She looked at you up and down and took the broom.


    *After few minutes*

    “Thank you Julia ! And sorry again for the incident. See you later !” you said before closing the door

    Neymar came to pick you up. Rafa didn’t come back with you, she was staying at Julia’s tonight. You really needed a shower, you had flour in your hair and dough all over your body (you could feel some in your bra).

    You got in the car, Neymar was on tapping on his phone:

    “How was it, you had fun ?” he asked, still texting.

    He finally glanced at you: “Wow ! What the hell happened there ? Her fridge exploded or what ?”

    You giggled and explained him what happened.

    “Pff.. Not surprising coming from her” and he started the car.

    * * *

    “Uf ! I managed to remove these things of my hair” you spoke as you stepped in the bedroom, a towel around your body. Neymar was lying on the bed, scanning your body with his eyes as he bit his bottom lip. You knew what it meant.

    “No, no Junior.. ”

    He smirked: “What ? Can’t I look at my beautiful girlfriend ?”

    You took your clothes and walked out the room.

    “Heeee ! Where are you going ? Why don’t you dress up here ?” he questioned

    “Because you won’t let me, you’re too horny !” you shouted from the bathroom. You could hear him laughing.


    After a moment, you were ready to go. You were wearing a blue jean with a black tank top and black heels. Neymar was in the leaving room, with Piqué (he was driving you tonight because Ney had left his car to Jotace, so he could pick up Julia, Laila and Rafa). You joined them, greeted Gerard and you all jumped in the car heading to the concert.

    Once you arrived at the arena, you entered a secret passage leading to what seemed to be the backstage.

    “Baby.. What are we doing here ?” you asked, a bit lost

    He didn’t hear you, there were too many people in here ! You continued walking. Oh my god… your heart stopped. Not far from you, you perceived Shakira. She was getting her make up. You couldn’t believe it, your eyes were shinning ! She was so pretty ! Piqué went straight to her. What the fuck was he doing?! Was he crazy ?! Neymar took your hand to make you follow him. When Shakira saw him, she got up. You were really close to her, you didn’t even know if you were allowed to be here. You thought she was about to call the security, but instead, she putted her hands around Gerard’s neck and kissed him !

    What was going on ?!! You glanced at your boyfriend that was already looking at you with a sly smile.

    Shakira approached Neymar and hugged him: “Tudo bem Ney ?”.

    He spoke to her a little. So they both knew her and they didn’t tell you ?! You had murder cravings right now.

    “Hey ! You must be Y/N ! Gerard told me a lot about you these last days !” Shakira spoke to you nicely

    Wait… she pronounced your name. She knew you. It couldn’t be real, you were dreaming. It wasn’t possible ! And what could have he said about you ?! You felt an arm on your shoulder, shaking you gently. It was Neymar, getting you out of your thoughts. But what were you supposed to answer her ?! You just showed a shy smile. She smiled back with her splendid diamond teeth (So her teeth weren’t photoshopped in these TV commercials… Interesting).

    “Well, I have to get ready for the show ! Hope to see you again soon, maybe we could invite them someday Geri ?” she asked Gerard

    “Oh.. Sorry Shak, but Y/N is leaving Barcelona tomorrow night” Neymar informed

    “Really ?! What a pity.. Maybe another time then. It was nice to meet you. I hope you will enjoy the show” she winked at you

    “T-Thank you” you stammered

    She kissed her boyfriend before going back to preparation. On your side, you entered the concert hall, joining the others. You explained everything to the girls, still shocked about what just happened.


    *During the concert*

    The crowd was all fired up ! You were dancing, singing along ! “oh oh oh oh, I can’t remember to forget youuuu !”

    Now she was singing La Tortura. Neymar came closer to you, putting his hands on your hips.

    “I love seeing you dancing on this song” he whispered to your ear

    You started shaking your hips in rhythm as he was dancing with you in perfect sync.

    “Wowowow ! Sexy !” Dani, Jota and some others were making noises and whistling around you two. It made you laugh, but you continued to dance, ignoring them.

    When the song ended, she was saying stuff in español, you had no clue of what she was saying. Then she spoke in english:

    “Well ! The song I’m about to sing now is Nothing Else Matters, I want you to sing it with me, alright ? A close friend that is here tonight dedicates it to his girlfriend. Y/N, this is for you ! Enjoy”

    You turned to Neymae, open-mouthed. He had this cocky grin on his lips. He is definitely the best thing that happened to you..

    He grabbed you by your waists, bringing you closer to his body to make you both dance slowly. You set your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes.. totally absorbed by the moment. This song was amazing and the lyrics were perfect.

    “Psst, take a pic ! Jota ! Take a pic !” you heard Dani saying in a low voice.


    *After the concert*

    The concert was just wonderful. She sang like a goddess and the atmosphere was super. Before getting back in the car, you said goodbye to the others since you won’t see them anymore. You exchanged your numbers and hugged each other. You will really miss them, especially Julia.

    “Let’s go Amor..?” Neymar questioned taking you in his arms to comfort you. You nodded and walked towards the car.

    “If it’s difficult to say goodbye to people I barely know, how will I-” you started

    “I don’t know… I don’t know” he took a deep breath before starting the car.

    * * *

    When you arrived home, he opened you the front door. What you saw made you gasp:

    “W-What.. What is that ?”

    Rose petals were lain on the floor, making a kind of path leading upstairs.

    “Follow it, you will see” he replied calmly

    You followed it. It continued to Neymar’s bedroom that was closed. You gaze at him, not really sure. He made you sign to open it.

    You opened it slowly.. The petal path continued to the bed, making a heart on it. There were candles everywhere, lighting up the room. ‘Let me love you’ by Mario was playing in the background, he knew that you loved this song. It made you instantly smile. You turned to him. He was leaned on the wall, looking at you. Your heart melted.

    “What is it all about Ney ?” you asked him, totally stunned

    He came closer, standing in front of you. He put his finger on your chin and kissed you passionately:

    “This is our last night together. I wanted it to be special” he pronounced
    Before he cupped your face to kiss your roughly while pushing you over to the bed, laying you down gently..


    * It was a special night. He made it special and you will remember it forever. *


    Here’s the Part 11 ! Finally haha, sorry guys, I made you wait , but I didn’t have time to write it earlier :/

    Tell me what you think, like always ;) 

    The Flarrow Screening - It was real

    Usually, when you start to write, you know where to begin. You know what you are gonna tell your audience, you know how it’s gonna end. Today, I’m not sure where to start, I don’t know what to say. The entire Flarrow Screening experience has been so overwhelming that it’s pretty hard to summarize everything, to put a name on every emotion and to not forget anything.

    How it began

    I’ve never been the kind of girl who wins stuff. I’ve never won anything at the lotto or even at the local bingo when I was a kid! I’m pretty lucky in life as I live in the US now and fair enough, this country offers much more opportunities than many other, especially when it comes to TV shows.  A lot of people asked me how I manage to win. Well, easy answer :) I entered… and I won! Pure luck! I haven’t entered everyday… I did ask my friends to enter the contest but I’m the one who won at the end. I’ve had a really hard time settling in the US so I saw this as a payback from the universe :)

    I received the email just after Draw Back your Bow. I finished my review on the episode, was about to post it and just checked my emails before that. I could not believe it! I could not believe this was real! I actually had to have the CW bracelet around my wrist to really believe we would make it (nice reminder on the stroke jbuffyangel, i almost forgot!).

    What goes through your mind at this moment is just indescribable. I was to see the entire cast of my favourite TV shows. The shows I’m dedicated to. The shows that rhythm my week and make me happy. The actors I follow on Twitter and consider like my babies. There’s just no word for that! Just a gasp, followed by a lot of pacing, reading the email over and over again! Don’t forget the shakes… I was shaking for one hour! I’m a really rational person but this just blew out my mind!!

    When you enter a contest, you don’t necessarily think that you’re gonna win. You think that you may win but quickly, the reason takes over and you realize that the odds may not be in your favor. This is nothing else that a defense mechanism to avoid disappointment. I’ve always told myself though that if I was to win, I would totally invite @jbuffyangel… Looks like I kept my word :) I told Jen that I truly believe that if you do good for people, people will do good for you. Jen is somehow (and I haven’t told you this hun), the one who brought me back to writing and blogging, for the first time in English. To me, that would deserve at least a ticket to see the cast of Arrow and the Flash!

    Once my brain was back to normal functioning, I HARASSED Jen, I literally HARRASSED her. She could probably tell the story from her side but I was so afraid she wouldn’t get the message on time that I harass her to answer my messages… after an episode like the Cupid one… yeah, good try Em, but Jen was really likely to be writing her meta at that time! She indeed reply the morning after :) and then it was organized! We were to go to LA to attend the premiere of the Flash and Arrow crossover. Blow minding!

    Meeting Jen

    I won’t bother you with the details of the logistics to organize a last minute trip. I’m from Northern California so literally I can drive to LA… for 8 hours but still. Was not that much of a big deal! My boss gave me Friday off for me to enjoy my screening. Sweet!

    I arrived in LA on Friday night – Jen was to land on Saturday midday. By pure curiosity, I drove by the theatre in the am.

    There was a massive line waiting in front of the theater!!! And it was only 10 am! Guys, at that very moment, I freaked out! I freaked out big time because I was on my way to pick up Jen and there was no way on Earth we would make it on time to have good seats! Nothing like a wrong impression to increase your adrenaline. We learnt later on there was an event in the am and it was not at all a line for the arrow. Pfffeeww relieved!!

    But let’s come back to the story. I was on my way to the airport to pick up Jen. In LAX… not that this airport is the most gigantic airport ever… To meet someone in such a massive space, it requires a bit of organization! Especially when you’ve never seen each other… We made it though!

    It’s funny how quickly you can bond with someone you share a passion with J a few miles on the motorway and here we are talking Olicity theories and Arrow concepts. I don’t know how many of you can talk about their obsession… no, sorry… addiction to their friends and family but this is surely not my case. My entourage doesn’t understand this side of me and most of the time is not even aware of it.  It was just a fantastic experience to be able to talk with Jen about Arrow, Olicity, Oliver, felicity, Black Canary, etc… And you all know that, Jen is pretty amazing, right? You know what, she’s the very same in real life! She’s funny, spiritual, super smart and so loveable! If I would like to be really cheesy, I could say that she’s a big part of the reason why this event was so unforgettable and unbelievable!

    The wait

    Queuing is a part of the full experience. There’s no fan event without a bit of Queuing and a bit of bonding. It’s one of the most genuine and loveable part of it. You cue, you talk to people who share the same interest as you, you get to know them, you exchange names and numbers. You sometimes meet people who aer hardcore comics fan (I was surprised how many they were!!) They are of course 100% Lauriver fans – sorry, can’t talk to you or we’ll start a fight in the middle of the queue! Some fans are REALLY onto it! Like quiver and T-shirts onto it! Some have seen some light and decided to give it a go. The crowd is eclectic but they share one thing : everyone is really enthusiastic! No drama, just a crowd eager to see what will happen. We happened to be next to the parking entrance and get to see the limos dropping off Stephen Amell and Co.

    The excitement spreads in the crowd… we’re almost there. LA is getting colder as the sun goes down but the crowd goes suddenly warm when Stephen Amell appears in person to greet fans! Bless this guy! May this god of hotness and smile be blessed! I honeslty thught I would react like this :

    But instead I was pretty petrified. And I was not the only one! Everyone was so quiet… like OMG, he’s here!!!! He’s fucking here!!! There was a lot of swearing when he appeared!! WE SAW STEPHEN AMELL!!!!!!!!! He was the first one we saw and somehow the most important!

    Unfortunately he stopped 5 feet from us… gutted! I envied Jen so much being tall… from my 4'9, i couldn’t see much…But still, we saw him from really close and we would never have this opportunity if it was not for the event. I’ll come back on Steven Amell later on, in the second part of this recap :)

    (there’s nothing as rewarding as a crappy photo of your favorite actor!)

    Then goes the ID check and bracelet (I’m still wearing mine). The best informed fans share what is about to happen “there’ll be goodies for everyone and a surprise at the end” SWWEEEEEEETT!!!! Open the doors guys!!! After bumping into Mrs Amell (damn she’s gorgeous!) and Jen recognizing Captain Boomerang, We are good to go! Let’s enter the dream.


    The screening was organized in 3 parts : The Flash and Arrow screening back to back, the Q&A session and the surprise – the projection of the Winter Finale teasers.

    The episodes

    I won’t spoil here in terms of what had already been released BEFORE the projection, I’m just gonna give my opinion on a few things.

    The Flash

    If I had to choose between the two episodes, I would be Team Flash (and not because of my Star Lab Tshirt!). I’m an Arrow fan first and if I had to choose one show between the two, I would go Arrow 100%.


    The Flash vs Arrow is such a great episode. It combines character development, humor, action, romance, team bonding and unexpected sequences (ish..). Grant Gustin delivers a spectacular performance in this episode, Diggle is incredibly funny, Oliver’s entrance is to die for, Cisco is as hilarious as ever, Whels as mysterious as ever too! Add on top of that some A-MA-ZING special effects, some core team Arrow, team Flash, a real relationship developed between the two worlds and you have the recipe for an excellent episode.

    The crowd couldn’t stop laughing and cheering – it was a fantastic moment. Some lines are incredibly funny – you’ll understand when you’ll watch it! The strength of the Flash relies on combining all these components with a really good story. It works! I’ve never believed I would love the Flash so much but I do. I don’t ship West Allen. I could ship SnowBarry… but I just watch the Flash for the Flash! Love it!

    Don’t make me wrong, it’s really hard to pick when you watch the two episodes back to back. They have such a different style, a different atmosphere, a different dynamic. Give it a try someday. Watch one episode of the Flash followed by one of Arrow. The shift in dynamic is obvious. That’s what we felt with Jen last night and that how the crowd reacted as well.


    As soon as the Flash was over, the darker side of Arrow took over. Think about it, The Flash mainly happens during day light when Arrow is mainly a night show. The two heroes have a lot in common but have different personalities, different pasts and are at totally different stages emotionally speaking. It impacts their respective show drastically.

    The Arrow episode was really good as well. The team was still at the centre of the episode but somehow, Oliver is not as important in this episode as Barry is in his. This is just my opinion, 24 hours after watching the show, without (obviously) rewatching it. In this episode, we have our bad guy, the beautiful Team Arrow (and Olicity) moments, the sweet moments that tear us up J , the incredible stunts and a good portion of humor as well, brought by Colton, Diggle, Cisco and Felicity as usual. One of our favourite elements of the show is used a bit differently and IT’S FUNNY! Genuinely speaking, my memories begin to fade already and the sleep deprivation not helping, I struggle to remember the entire episode! I know, this is shameful!!

    What I remember though is that THE END of this episode is the best moment of BOTH episodes. Yes, Arrow Episode, you win on that one! Let’s call it a tie!

    The teaser

    I’m gonna talk about the teaser quickly as it is still episode related. I’ll develop an article on the actors and Q&A a bit later on. Either tonight or tomorrow (I have 4 hour sleep and 8 hour drive in my system at the moment… it’s pretty unbalanced!).

    I’m not a Flash addict so unfortunately, I don’t know what has been revealed so far for the Winter finale so I prefer not taking about it! It looks awesome as such, dramatic and intense.

    Once more I won’t spoil anything about the Arrow teaser. AT ALL. If there’s anything that should not be spoken of, it would be this teaser. This is the first time I’ve seen a teaser for Arrow looking like a movie. Looking like I would pay some serious money to actually see this. Marc promised a 9 out of 10 Olicity scene. I think he’ll deliver. Stephen Amell promised a season finale quality episode, I think it will be better than our two first season finales. Maybe we were just really high on Arrow emotions and we found the teaser absolutely fantastic… or maybe it just promises to be a fantastic piece of Arrow.

    TBC… Actors and the end of the journey… tomorrow!

    Blind Date - Ashton Irwin (part 3)

    Requested - yes

    Anonymous - “Aww omg can you please do more of the blind imagine with Ashton I love it!!”

    (part one) (part two)

    Word Count - 

    Toby is totally and 100% the best present you’ve ever received in your entire life, despite the fact that it takes a lot of effort with early morning walks, finding food and the dog’s general need for attention, but Ashton is there to help. He drops by pretty much every morning, that is if he’s not already spent the night with you, and he’ll go on the walk with you, he’ll help you with shopping where you struggle and he’ll play with Toby too, Toby has changed your life for the better.

    “Toby, sit,” you command while on a coffee run one afternoon. “Good boy,” you add petting his head.

    Since getting Toby your favourite thing to do alone is to go for a walk to get coffee and sit on a bench, it took you a while to get up the confidence to walk even a few meters from your place now you feel you have almost complete freedom.

    “Come on, boy,” you say and the two of you get up

    He leads you to the trash can as per usual and begins walking you home. He comes to a stop at a road, you can tell it’s busy from the noise of the cars. All of a sudden he barks and lurches forward, you assume, since that’s what it normally means, that it’s safe to cross but next thing you know Toby is moving so fast that you loose grip on the leash and stood in the middle you feel a blunt but painful impact to your side and your whole world crashes around you.

    You’re only unconscious for a few minutes but as soon as you’re self aware again it takes you a further while for you to realize what’s happening, you’ve just been hit by a car and now you are lying motionless on the road with people buzzing around you.

    “Is she alright?” one person says.

    “Someone call an ambulance,” another adds.

    “Did anyone catch the dog?” a third joins.

    “Toby!” you exclaim trying to sit up but a sudden shooting pain down your right leg causes you to freeze.

    “Woah, woah, woah,” a stranger takes you by the arm, “Easy there”

    “Wh-where’s my dog?” you ask.

    “Don’t worry, love, someone’s got him,” they continue. “Don’t move an ambulance is on it’s way”

    You hear the ambulance arrive and you have to take deep breaths. Two ambulance men lift you out of the road but everything they say goes in one ear and out the other.

    “I’m Lou and this is Mark,” one of them says.

    “I-I’m [Y/N],” you stammer through the shock.

    “Alright. We need to check you over, we’ll start with your sight”

    You go to say something but they begin talking over you again. You know the drill with eye testing, they shine a light in your eye but of course you can’t see it.

    “Can you see anything?” one of the two says, their voice showing concern.

    “No,” you reply.

    “Just as I though, you must have some brain trauma, that’ll have caused loss of sight,” they say.

    “No, I’m blind, Toby is my guide dog,” you correct.

    “Oh,” they sigh in relief. “Alright, don’t worry then, we’ll take good care of you, can you tell us what hurts”

    “My legs, and my head,” you say.

    All of a sudden you’re nauseous and you turn to the side before throwing up the entire contents of your stomach.

    “It’s all going to be okay,” one of them says easing you so your laying down. “We’ll get you to hospital, is there someone we should call?”

    “Ashton Irwin, he’s my…” you’re  beginning to slip in and out of consciousness at this point. “Ashton”

    The next thing you know you’re lying on a soft cotton sheeted bed with needles all up your arms and a heavy feeling in your head. You stir and feel someone grip your hand which makes you jump.

    “Don’t worry [Y/N] it’s only me,” Ashton’s voice echos through the room which is when you start to hear the sound of the bleeping hospital machines.

    “Ashton,” you breathe, tears filling your eyes. “What’s happening?”

    “You’re in hospital, you’ve got a broken leg, slight concussion but other than that just scrapes and bruises,” Ashton says before kissing your hand.

    “And what about Toby?” you question.

    “He’s at home, perfectly fine,” he replies. “You should be out of hospital in a few days.

    You nod and calm down.

    "You game me quite a scare,” he says.

    “I’m sorry,” you reply.

    “Don’t be, it’s just a shock to get a phone call and hear that you’re in hospital,” he says.

    “I’ll try not to do that again”



    anonymous asked:

    I have this hc that Iwa lived in Tokyo when he was smol. His father was r abusive and his mom gathered the courage to leave after one very bad night when Iwa ended in hospital (it wouldn't be as bad for adult or even teenager, but he was about 5). They moved to Miyagi and Mrs. Iwaizumi's sister helped them in many ways. Iwa still remember his father, but these memories aren't really correct, he remembers him as a scary giant etc, you know fear + kid's imagination. (1/13)

    When someone asks why Iwa lives only with his mom, he answers his parents are divorced - it’s not a lie anyway. Anyway, when he still lived in Tokyo, Iwa made friends with Kuroo and Bokuto, two smol worried beans (‘cause they noticed their friend has more bruises than they have after climbing trees and other plays). Then Iwa moved and they didn’t really have any contact with each other. When matsuhanaiwaoi makes trip to Tokyo, after graduating high school, Mattsun asks his cousin, Kuroo, (2/13)

    if he can be their guide. Kuroo agrees and they meet. Mattsun introduces his bfs and Kuroo is like “Iwaizumi Hajime? Hajime-chan??” and Iwa is like “…I was sure I know this hair from somewhere. And pls don’t call me that /Tetsu-chan/”. Matsuhanaoi are confused. “You know each other??”, “Oh yeah I used to live in Tokyo”, “Why didn’t you tell us?”, “It’s not like it’s important info or something *shrugs*”. Kuroo looks at Iwa attentively and just knows matsuhanaoi don’t know anything about (3/13)

    this part of Iwa’s past. (I know it can look stretched for Kuroo to remember this if they didn’t have any contact, but I still remember a few things about my 2 friends from kindergarten and we, too, hadn’t have any contact since then, so… *shrugs*) They indeed don’t know, because “it’s in the past, so it’s not important now. Besides it’s stupid to make them worry about thing as old as this”. They also meet with Bokuto and spend day really nice. (4/13)

    Bokuto and Kuroo can’t stop (and don’t want to tbh they like to annoy people) calling Iwa “Hajime-chan”, so annoyed Iwa call them “Tetsu-chan” and “Kou-chan”. Matsuhanaoi are lowkey jealous lol. When they come back to Miyagi things start to go to hell. Iwa’s father suddenly wants to start their family life again and calls Mrs. Iwaizumi. She doesn’t even want to talk to him and when she finally tells Iwa about it (she didn’t want to scare him or anything) he starts having nightmares again. (5/13)

    but at the same time he’s also relieved, because he can “escape” his father. Probably. Matsuhanaoi notice something is wrong and confront Iwa. He says it’s nothing really important and they don’t have to worry about anything and they start a little bit arguing because it’s /not/ “not really important” if he reacts like that. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it and matsuhanaoi aren’t sure what to do, because they don’t want to push it, but at the same time they see it’s something big. (6/13)

    They go to their universities and have group chat so Iwa can pretend he’s fine. That doesn’t mean they don’t see he’s not fine but Iwa is stubborn and don’t want his bfs to worry. This situation won’t be endless, his mom probably reported his father and everything will be good. Wrong. Police can’t really do anything because he’s not exactly stalking them and it’s not like he can’t be near them (like for example at least 100m I can’t really explain it my English isn’t good enough :’)) (7/13)

    Kuroo and Bokuto are checking on him sometimes because they know the situation and they try to convince Iwa he should tell his bfs because “even if they cant do anything you will have at least mental support”. Iwa is hesistant ‘cause what will they think about him, only presence of his father causes him to panic! He decides to tell them after one night when he’s coming home and meets his father on the street. For once it’s coincidence but it doesn’t make this experience any less terrifying (8/13

    Tbh it’s even more terrifying, because there’s no one around and Iwa’s father is drunk. He’s angry that Iwa is avoiding him and tries to hit him, but a) he’s drunk so hit isn’t even that hard, b) again - he’s drunk so he can’t keep balance and c) Iwa is paralyzed by fear but his instinct works when his brain can’t, so he stops hit and discovers it’s not that difficult now, when he’s not a defenceless kid anymore, but has athletic build and can win in arm wrestling with everyone at Seijou. (9/13)

    Iwa runs home, but can’t fall asleep. The fact he defended himself can’t sink in, he thinks he was just lucky. It’s a break and they all are in Miyagi already, he came the last and they’re meeting the next day (well, today, since it’s 4am now), but Iwa can’t really wait and explains everyting on the group chat. Oikawa is first to read it because he doesn’t sleep now (does this boy even sleep, like, at all???) and because this message is from Hajime?? At 4am??????? (10/13)

    And like literally one minute later Iwa hears knocking to his window and it’s Oikawa. “Why are you using window, you idiot?”, “It’s literally the least important thing rn, Hajime” Oiks hugs Iwa and Iwa feels like crying. Mattsun and Makki come too, because Makki woke up at the message and then went to wake up Mattsun. They spend night together. In the morning Oikawa gives Iwa’s mom telephone number to “the best lawyers on the world. At least according to my roommate”. (11/13)

    (I hc that Oikawa’s roommate is Suga and “the best lawyers on the world” are Ennoshita’s parents. Like there’s no case they can’t win.) Iwa thinks he’s stupid for not telling them earlier and blames himself in general, but his bfs (and mom too) tell him it’s okay. He has right to be scared and all. Matsuhanaoi are also terrifyied because Iwa’s mom is the strongest woman they know??? (I love it that in fandom she’s always strong - mentally and sometimes psychically too (12/13)

    and if she’s not so good mom (I saw it in like 3 fics or something like this) she’s homophobic for angst purposes. I didn’t see any other version of her haha) And she had to gather courage to leave her (ex)husband?? But well unhealthy/toxic relationships aren’t easy. And then matsuhanaiwaoi promise to not have any secrets. They live happilly ever after, the end. Geez it came like 3 or 4 times longer than I expected I’m embarassed now. Sorry for rambling so much and have a nice day! (13/13) 


    Part 25 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30

    Hey officer, whatcha been doin this morning?

    Up until a few minutes ago I was playing with Dov.

    U can stop laughing u weirdo.

    I was doing no such thing!

    So what were you “playing” with Dov?

    He installed a painting app on my iPad yesterday so we were “blind” drawing.

    Are you any good?

    At blind drawing? Probably as good as u are when your eyes are open.

    Hey!!! Give me longer that 30 seconds and I’m sure I could draw something better!

    Prove it.

    I fucking will and it will blow your delusional mind.

    Don’t try too hard, okay? I can see u spending 24 hours on this and that can’t be healthy.

    Speaking of and seeing as I now have the best meerkat fridge magnet on the planet, I thought it only fair u got something in return.

    Lunch? I’m starving.

    Lol. I will think about it, but no. I painted something for u for your office on my iPad last night.

    Is this the kind of painting that will have to be shoved into a drawer every time someone enters my office?

    Trust u to think I would draw erotica.

    I seriously wouldn’t put it past you lol

    You’re right, because the margins of my paper work read like 50 Shades of Grey.

    When will you be sending this masterpiece? I am so bored sitting here waiting for some test results. My brain needs some stimuli.

    I don’t want u to get fired for trying to grope the next person who walks into your office. My stuff is pretty hot.

    I think I can handle it. Besides my assistant won’t mind I’m sure. He checks out my ass all the time.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn u.
    [1 image attached]

    OMG, Gail!

    Pretty perverted, hey? Lol.


    Did I make u fall out of your chair from all the sexiness?

    Must have. Lol.

    Sorry! I had to print it out! I love it!

    I am one sexy lab coat-wearing meerkat.

    U are.

    I didn’t know you could draw.

    Just something I did to pass time in junior high. Though my mother thought I should have been concentrating on more important things like PE than spending all my time in the art room.

    Was she getting you fit to become a cop?

    At that point I think she was just trying to get me fit, period. I was kinda the fat kid.

    Really? Must have been puberty because I have never seen someone with metabolism like yours.

    Except for u.

    Actually, as much as I would like to sit and eat ice cream all day, I have to work hard for this body.

    I wish I had your arms.

    Aww, but I like your noodly arms.

    I can barely hold up my gun lol.


    You know this painting of yours reminds me of the day we first met.

    It’s what I was going for (minus your ugly green puffy jacket thing)

    You’ll be happy to know I can’t find that jacket by the way.

    Oh really? I wonder what happened to it……..

    You stole it? Of course you did.

    This is why we get along so well. You answer your own questions.

    That expression on your meerkat face is pretty much how I remember you. All smirk and eyebrows u were.

    I was totally flabbergasted by your awesome ability to deadpan.

    I have had a lot of practice. It’s how I deal with my mother. Well that and my other awesome ability at walking backwards.

    Ha. I have to meet this mother of yours. Though to be honest I am a little uncoordinated. Not sure I could walk backwards with out falling on my ass. It wouldnt be graceful either.

    Don’t worry, I will have dragged your ass backwards out of there before there was any chance of that happening.

    But your noodly arms?

    I could drag Jabba The Hutt outta there if meant escaping from my mother.

    What were u thinking about?

    Not sure I understand…

    When u first met me. In that moment. Honestly.


    Don’t worry, I can take it.

    Yeah, the wrong way maybe.


    Ok. Honestly, my first thought was this beautiful woman has the most soul-destroying eyes and I was kinda jealous of person who got look into them every day.

    U were attracted to me?

    If you hadn’t noticed you were very pretty.

    Were? Lol.

    I meant are! Always are. Lol

    But the more you opened your mouth (to pick on me), scratched your ass and picked your nose on the way back to the morgue, I very quickly got over it.

    Certainly sounds like something I would do.

    I enjoyed the awkward company though.

    You wanna know what I thought of u?


    Why the hell not?

    I already know what you thought of me because you couldn’t stop yourself from telling me every time you decided to open your mouth.

    Hey now…


    Shhh… I’m thinking.

    I told u I was a cat.

    That you did.

    So that should tell u something.

    It does.

    Did u wanna come over tonight? Dov and I are gonna watch some movies. Something about transformers?

    Sorry, I have plans tonight. Maybe another night?

    Sure. So u want some lunch then?

    Why exactly is it always you that is bringing me food?

    The alternative would be u bringing me salad and I can’t be havin none of dat shit. Besides I have been trying to fatten u up for the past month.

    What on earth for?

    You’re too muscly. Your hugs are hurting me. I’ll see you around noon.

    Ok. I’ll make sure not to hug you then.

    At least not until after the fried chicken.

    FFnet link

    Steve and Bucky fic recs

    I’ve wanted to do this for a while so here they are:

    Such stuff as dreams are made of
    ‘Steve and Bucky are the dream couple, high school sweethearts who went to college together and now years later are still ridiculously in love with each other.Unfortunately, ‘dream’ is probably the operative word.’

    ‘ It’s Steve’s second summer working at Disney World when he meets Prince Charming (aka: Bucky Barnes, college kid from Brooklyn whose ass looks absolutely devastating in his Prince Charming slacks) and maybe starts to feel a little Disney magic in his heart.’ ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WAS SO FUCKING ADORABLE 

    Head in the clouds
    ‘ Bucky doesn’t notice that the photo’s being backed up automatically to his cloud aren’t his until he comes face to face with the best nude selfie he’d ever seen. ‘

    You were standing there
    ‘Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.’

    Coffee, humanities and the russian army
    ‘ History professor Bucky has a crush on the new Ethics professor, and the two of them start seeking every opportunity to flirt and tease each other, but neither is sure if the other wants something serious. Natasha and Clint take it upon themselves to 'help’. 60% Sass, 30% Fluff, and 10% Hot Grinding. ‘

    Broken dicks and bloody noses
    ‘ Steve and Bucky meet in the ER, and then keep meeting in the ER because they are both knuckleheads who keep getting beaten up by other people.’

    Captain hot teacher perfect
    ‘ Steve is a fifth grade teacher. Bucky is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, whose son is in Steve’s class. They meet at a parent-teacher conference. There’s blood involved.’

    At ease
    ‘ Steve frequently sends out care packages for the troops, and when he learns about the penpal program, he’s quick to fill out an application. He’s assigned Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. Everything grows from then.’

    If I was there
    ‘Steve is lonely and the number on his phone-screen is unfamiliar. He’s not the social type, not even close, yet there’s something about the man on the other side that makes him interested. He doesn’t hang up until two hours later.-Wrong number AU in which phone sex is the answer and the question is irrelevant.’

    And a brainwashed ex-KGB
    ‘ When Clint and Natasha come up with a hare-brained scheme to catch Bucky as Steve’s belated Christmas present, Sam has some reservations, but he lets them rope him in anyway. Will they be able to catch up to Bucky before the Twelve Days of Christmas run out?’

    Monster Monstrosity Matchmaker
    ‘ Bucky is not a morning person and neither is Steve. While Bucky simply bitches about, Steve takes matters into his own hands. This solution brings two people together in a way neither of them thought possible.’

    I was sleepwalking until I met you
    ‘ Bucky can’t help but notice the tall blond guy who seems to frequent the 24-hour supermarket that he visits at 3am when his insomnia is at it’s worst…’

    Steve knows that the world looks at him as 6'2" of muscle and more muscle, blue eyes, golden locks and apple pie smile. He doesn’t necessarily like it, but he’s used to it. He’s not really going to go out of his way to correct the usual between the lines straight-as-a-die assumption that goes with it. The physical description is, he knows, correct, it’s something he has worked hard on. But in reality he’s 6'2" of giant-gay-marshmallow-puff, all fluff and feels. And yes, he knows he needs to spend less time on the internet, especially tumblr.’

    Weather stripping
    ‘The problem, as Bucky sees it, isn’t so much that Steve doesn’t like his 21st century uniforms as much as his uniform from 1943 - they don’t fit the same, Steve always says; the fabric feels wrong, he never has time to get used to them before SHIELD comes up with the next one - whatever. The problem isn’t even that Steve is always in such a hurry to take the uniform off as soon as they get back from missions.The problem, as Bucky sees it, is that Steve never seems to want to put on other clothes afterwards.’

    Is it pretending if i walready want you
    Basic Steps to Getting Yourself In a Pickle With Both Your Family and The Guy You’ve Secretly Crushed On For Five Years (A Guide):STEP 1: After being perpetually single and constantly making up excuses to your family, give in and lie about having a boyfriend.
    STEP 2: Agree to bring said boyfriend to the family cottage for a week so he can be your date to your parents’ wedding anniversary party.
    STEP 3: Panic.
    STEP 4: Say 'yes’ when your best friend and closet crush - who you’re convinced isn’t interested in you that way in the least - offers to be your pretend boyfriend.
    STEP 5: Try your best not to fall in love with them during the trip.
    STEP 6: Fail miserably.’

    To be vulnerable is needed most of all
    ‘Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes.In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.’

    Part 12 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30

    Fionnula Minerva


    My middle name

    Uh huh.

    What u doin?

    Working and I should get back to it.

    Ah. Such a good nerd.

    I like u

    I like you too.

    U don’t like me do you?

    I just said I did?

    You’re my friend

    Yes, Gail.


    What’s going on?


    Where are you?




    What are you doing?


    You are in bed?


    I thought you were at work?

    I guess I’m still on the clock.

    So you are working but you are in bed.

    U are soooooo smart. I like that about u. I like u.

    You are acting weird, even more so than usual.

    I thought u liked that I was weird.

    I like everything about you but what’s going on? Did you eat something bad? Was it your lunch?

    Lol. I can handle anything but not baby elephants.

    OMG Gail, you didn’t, did you? Please tell me you’re not high right now from that pot you found this morning?


    Seriously? You could lose your job, Gail! You need to stop!

    Would it help if I said I ate a pot brownie instead?

    No! Of course not! OMG!

    Well good. Because I didn’t and I didn’t smoke anything either. I can’t believe u would think I would do something like that. This makes me soooooooo sad. Peck’s don’t get sad or was that Peck’s don’t cry? I can’t remember.

    OMG! You are infuriating sometimes.

    Cheeses! I’m sorry.

    No, I’m sorry.

    Why are u sorry?

    What? Because of what you JUST said! That I jumped to conclusions.

    When did I say that?

    There is something seriously wrong right now. I am leaving work and coming to you. Stay put.

    Ok, do u need directions?

    No, I know where you live.

    But I am not at home.

    You said you were in bed sleeping?

    My bed is not the only one that exists u big nerd. U have a bed, hotels have beds and hospitals have beds.

    You are in the hospital right now aren’t you?

    I knew u would figure it out eventually. U are sooooooo smart. Do u need directions or do u know where the hospital is?

    And you are as high as a kite, right?

    Oxy! Oxy! Oxy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    I take it back. I don’t like you.

    Yeah right. U love me, nerd.

    You are going to be so embarrassed when you read this back later.

    Not if I delete my messages. Peck’s don’t get embarrassed, or was that high? I can’t remember. Peck’s aren’t supposed to do a lot of things.

    I still have all the evidence. Will you stop fucking around now and tell me what happened?

    I got burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrned. Burny! Burny! Burny! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Okay, how bad is it?

    Well it hurts a lot. So I assume it’s bad, Holly. Really, really, truly baddddd. Kinda like when I was sick, remember that?

    This is a chemical burn?

    Drain cleaner on my wrist.


    That is what I have been saying. I think our brains are connected or something. Are u reading my mind right now?

    Are you thinking “I am such an asshole for ignoring my friend Holly all day and for giving her a heart attack just now”?


    Yes, then I’d say I am reading your mind.

    Well get out of there! I have private thoughts up there!

    I am starting to think you don’t have a brain up there at all.

    Will u pick me up in 90 minutes?

    Of course I will you idiot.

    U don’t plan on sleeping with any of my ex boyfriends do you?

    No. Definitely not on the agenda.

    Good good. U can still be my friend then.

    Take a nap.

    Okie dokie.

    And Gail?

    Yes, my meerkat?

    Your middle names aren’t really Fionnula Minerva are they?

    No, that would just be dumb now wouldnt it, Holly Molly Stewart.

    Thank Christ! And no, the M in my email address does not stand for Molly.

    I’m sleepy.

    Then go to sleep. See you when you wake up.

    Mmm k. Elephants.

    FFnet link