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The Paladins Reacting To You Getting Hurt In Battle Would Include..


PROMPT?:  hello! i friggin love your blog. do you think you could do a would include for the voltron paladins, how they would react to you getting hurt in battle/captured?? sorry if it’s a bad explanation, i haven’t really requested for much ahah. thank you so much!

A/N: An option for allura lovers! yay! And hell yeh i added dad Coran. Also this is my first one in this format so be kind? and these all surround the same kind of injury! 

WARNINGS: gender neutral!! pain mention?? cursing

SHIRO: When he hears your body hit the alien dirt, Shiro loses all patience. He orders all the other paladins to start kicking ass and runs to your noodle body. Although he knows it’s probably bad, he would start cradling your neck and wrap his other available arm around your midsection and nervously smile down at you. He would laugh and brush away any dirt or stray hairs. And once you got back to the castle, he would attend to your every need, even the smallest pillow fluff. Lots of “Shiro, I can walk-” “Nope, crutches.” and “Shiro, I’m breathing. You can go to bed.” but he would stay there anyway. He would keep you from fighting for at least a week. And lots of nose kisses once he feels your ‘frail and fragile’ body could handle it.

PIDGE: Once you’re taken out of battle, Pidge’s fighting power like.. triples. She finishes it for you. She will make sure that whatever hurts you, pays for it. Most of the paladins get out of the way once the news gets over the com that you’re hurt. And once she’s pulled away from kicking the enemy and berating it, she runs endless medical tests on you. Space CAT Scans and going into the castle healing pods for at least three hours a day until even the pod rejects you. She will hang out with you and make you soup and bring you water if you even look the least bit dehydrated. She will block off a good portion of the lounge so Lance and Keith have to sit on the last three feet of the couch. No one says anything. They’re afraid. 

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Can you do 12 & 18 for Shawn or harry, whichever one you have more inspo for

Authors Note:

Requested || Based off of #12 & 18 prompt found here 

“I’m pregnant.” .. “It’s okay to cry…”

He lives for being free, touring the world, singing, and doing what he loves the most, performing to his fans, there is absolutely nothing he would rather be doing. Even after five long years, five albums, and many achieved awards, he is still as lively, and as happy as ever, not to mention— married and loving it. 

You’re always jet setting to many places around the world, it is at a point where you spend more time in other countries and cities than you do your own. 

You and Shawn have joked about selling the house because the two of you spend more time in airports and in hotels that you are barely at the house, in fact, his little sister has basically moved in, taking the guest bedroom and making it her own when the two of you are away. Shawn was apprehensive about her being on her own, but he had to learn how to loosen up and not be the over protective older brother, at eighteen, you assured him that she would be fine house sitting the house. You both always managed to call her daily to check up on her despite her parents doing the same thing. 

You also quite like that Aaliyah has taken over the guest room, you love having her around when you are actually home, she is like your adopted teenager that you love to death. 

The hotel room is quiet and cosy as you stay curled up between the white duvet, snuggling into the freshly scented covers, Shawn’s figure standing at the window that has the view of the city—a view he has struggled to pull his eyes from. 

“I think we need an apartment with a view like this, what do yeh say?” He peers over his shoulder to look over at you with his darling smile and bright eyes, “Breakfast on a patio, overlooking the Eiffel tower, I think that is a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t you like to wake up to crepes, strawberries, croissants, Tartine, and a café au lait?” He names off a few of the wonderful choices of foods’ he has managed to taste in the short time he has been in France. 

You screw your nose up for a moment, burying your nose into the covers, the thought of food not settling too well with you. 

“Mhm, lovely.” You lie, not wanting to even think about Croissant aux abricots, Pain au chocolat, or whatever other kind of buttery pastry and jam that Shawn is more than likely thinking of at the moment. 

He shuffles away from the extended window, striding towards the bed, “Okay, what’s up with you? Usually, you are begging me to go with you to try new breakfast things. You don’t even seem remotely interested at the moment.” Shawn stands at the foot of the bed, cocking his head to the side as you continue to snuggle up to the covers. 

“Just tired,” you mumble, 

His brows knit in a frown, “Hmm, you sure? You kinda look a bit… off." 

With a heavy sigh you speak, "Thank you for saying I look terrible, Shawn.” you mutter, watching as he instantly shakes his head, “Don’t bother justifying yourself,” you chuckle, calmly amused by the expression painted across his face. 

He sighs and curls his lips into a pout, “I didn’t mean it like that, you know I always think you look beautiful." 

"You have to say that, you married me. Don’t you have a Q&A to get to?” you change the subject, not wanting to really discuss the fact that he always thinks you look stunningly beautiful, even when you are dressed in nothing by a pair of pyjama pants, and an oversized t-shirt, with your hair a mess. 

To him, you are everything he loves, no matter how you look. 

“I do,” he nods, “You trying to get rid of me?” he raises a brow, crossing his arms over his chest, 

“Nope, just askin’.” You respond, watching as he moves away from the foot of the bed and makes his way over towards his jacket that is draped over the chair. 

He hums as he grabs his jacket, sliding it up his length arms, “You wanna come? It is a short Q&A before my concert, I don’t even have a meet and greets today.” He informs you, flashing you his bright eyes that denote that he really wants you to attend, even if he won’t say it. 

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Helloooo! This is in celebration to my 4K followers, which I’ve reached today. New one shots will be coming very soon, stay tuned! Lots of love, B xx


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Harry was in a mood.

You had first noticed it when you woke up at just about 8 am and found him lying on the living room couch, one hand resting atop his covered cock while he palmed himself in slow strokes that you knew would do nothing for him except work him up until he was painfully hard and feeling needy enough to come find you. A wank for a wank was always good, he said it himself, but nothing could beat having his cock buried balls deep inside of you - be it your mouth or your cunt, maybe both, mouth first, your cunt later, he’d always prefer you. But, when almost an hour later he still hadn’t come find you, you could tell there was something off.

When you emerged again, soft cotton t-shirt of his almost see through from how old and worn out it was being the only thing covering your body except the baby pink boyshorts you wore to bed the night before, Harry was still on the couch, eyes trained on whatever food channel he found, hand still resting atop of his now fully hard cock. The visual confused you - why would he, in a sane state of mind, tease himself to the point of being almost painfully hard just for the sake of it?

You can’t help but giggle when you see him giving himself a squeeze, wheezing when his thumb runs over his tip that was pushing against the loose fabric of his shorts.

“Oi! What are yeh laughing fo’?” He asks, voice breaking from the feeling of his hand on his cock but the sound of your laughter catches his attention and alerts him of your presence.

“Morning wood that won’t go down?” You ask, leaning over the back of the couch to bury your nose in oodles of curls, his hair finally long enough to form the ringlets you love oh so much. Your hand slips down his torso to slide smoothly and expertly along his shaft but he grabs your wrist in a quick movement, turning his head to the side to brush the tip of his nose against yours, eyes lulled and dark while he focuses on your lips as he tuts at you silently.

“No, love. Been waiting for you.” He assures you, smile curling his lips when your eyes flutter shut at the feeling of his perfectly pink lips brushing against yours.

“Let me help, then.” You croak, twisting your wrist trying to escape his hold.

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 1

So here’s part one of the Boss!Harry thing I’ve been working on recently. I’ve got more parts written for this that I’m working on and I think it’s a pretty great story that I’ve got planned. I hope you like it as much as I’ve liked working on it! Enjoy x

The storm is in full force outside with the rain hammering down against the windows of the loft space you had found weeks ago for the party. It was one of the first assignments Harry had given you, inviting you in to his office on your very first day and telling you that you were going to organise the biggest party the company had ever thrown…or at least this century. After the initial fear and the realisation that nobody was going to help you, you’d gone out of your way to find this place to prove yourself to him; the ceilings are high and the open upstairs looks over the main floor below, with two bars at either end of the room, and plush sofas and cushions around the outside.

The weather man had told you all for days ahead that the storm was coming and your boss had unexpectedly insisted that you brought your clothes in to work today so you could jump in to his car instead of going home beforehand. He was unusually nice to you, in comparison to everybody else, but you put it down to being new, and that maybe after a few months he’d start to treat you with same contempt he does others.

He’s so judgemental and moody all the time at work. Any attempt at a joke from the office gets a sarcastic laugh followed by silence and he never notices when anybody does anything right for him. If they do something wrong, however, they’d be lucky to make it to the end of the week without having one of their big projects taken away and be given to somebody else as punishment for being unable to complete something as simple as a brief for a meeting.

You clean up your face in the bathroom mirrors where your eye make has smudged a little from the downpour between leaving the car and entering the building. He was still a little rude by taking the umbrella for himself but the lift was a shock all on its own; any more and you’d have been asking too much of the world. The bathroom is cold without as many people’s body heat radiating like it is in the main room and you make the trip quick so as to avoid freezing to death, making your way back in to the party, mingling with the other guests.

“Drink?” A smiley Harry hands you an empty glass as he catches up with you heading towards the bar. He’s got an open bottle of champagne in his hand and a ‘you know you want one’ look on his face. You give him a small thanks as he fills the glass before you’ve even say yes, sliding a hand down to the small of your back afterwards, and gently escorting your to the bar. With his fingers lingering on your bare skin, you silently congratulate yourself at wearing the backless number that had been hanging on your bedroom door for a while, unworn until now.

It isn’t a crush - not really. There’s just something about him which makes you long for his attention and want to impress him all the time. Remembering his favourite coffee from the artisan coffee shop next door to the office earns you a smile each morning, making sure you arrange for all his meetings to finish by six each night seems to help in making him less grumpy with you than he is with everyone else, and staying late to help him out when he has too much work on his desk…well, that’s more for your enjoyment than his.

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“Shimmy shimmy aye, shimmy aye shimmy ah!” Y/n yelled, dancing around as Harry’s TV blasted one of her favorite songs. She was his housekeeper/assistant, and as Harry was out doing promo for his SNL premier, and she was supposed to be working on cleaning. But she practially lived at his house, and he had told her that she had rights to his things since he trusted her, and she was around his house so often. “Drank, swalla la la.” She danced. 

Her shirt was nearly all the way off, the buttons completely undone, and her bra being the only thing concealing her, along with her much-too-short shorts. Her hair had come down from her ponytail half way through the day when the pressure on her skull became too much, and her hair fell around her shoulders in loose waves. The feet that bounced on the floor were pounding against the wood under her, and she has lost her sense of caring earlier that day. 

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first date with jAEmIN!!!

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ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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Listen To My Heart~3~ Mark Andrews

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Part 2

“ Fuck off!” you hear Claire yell, it could be heard through the whole arena. You took a deep breath in closing you eyes and gritting your teeth. Lately, Claire has been in an outrage, screaming and yelling at everything and every one. You peeked around the corner seeing Claire pushing a crew member away from her, she kept pushing him until he was far away from her well what space she liked him to be.

“ Jesus, take a chill pill Claire..” you mumbled underneath your breath. 

“ GO!”  Claire demands to the crew member that he was only staring at her and not doing any work around. 

You put your head back from peeking around the corner as Claire was heading towards your way. She came around the concern and you pretended that you weren’t listening to her conversation with the crew member rather just thinking to yourself. 

She began telling you about the crew member should be fired instead of looking at women like her.Then the subject changed to Claire lecturing you about having random men around. You let out a groan rolling your eyes not wanting to hear whatever she had to say. All you could understood from her was nonsense coming from her mouth.  

Claire smacked your arm, glaring at you.  

“ Is this really what your doing?!” Claire spitted, angrily, “ Really? Hooking up with random men instead of talking to your friends?!”

Claire could never imagined you being like this with different kind of men coming in and out of your hotel room.It was rare for you to act this way. Claire should of seen this coming, she should of looked after you instead of being with Mark all the time. 

Claire knew that you maybe have feelings for her boyfriend, watching when she mentioned his name, you would flinch or cringe. She was selfish to date a man like Mark when after all it was you who loved him first. She never wanted to hurt you, her best friend. It threw her off guard that you, little old you, her best friend, the person that has always been for her, was falling. 

Claire didn’t catch you in time to see you fall and shut down. She thought that all you needed was space, so she stopped thinking about what was best for you.

Mark, was the other way around. He always came by your hotel room knocking on your door, begging on his knees for you to open the door for him. He would cry out your name in the middle of the night, wishing you were there with him.
You had heard him begging for you to talk to him and you were afraid that Mark would never feel like you feel for him. That it was one big joke. There was so much only you could bear, you had no idea how much more you could take before you really broke.

“ I didn’t” you mumbled, rolling your eyes again when you looked over to an un-happy Claire. 

“ Just thinking.” 

It was a complete lie. Your intentions was to ignore every one, emotions over bearing waiting to just get out. The only option you thought was sleeping with different men would keep them away. A kind of distraction.

Claire sighed to herself, she wrap her arms around you.She has never seen you looking so lost in her life. It scared her. She never imagined the pain you were going through.

“ I should of seen it Y/N, I’m so sorry, I know I’m a bad friend for not considering your feelings-” she pulled away looking at you, really looking at you. “ For Mark. You are turning your back on everything. From your emotions and him.” 

Your lip quiver and eyes welling up in tears, for the first time you actually cried since the last time you saw Mark at the parking lot. Claire half smiled when she finally saw you letting out some sort of emotion.

“ Talk to me. Y/N, we are best friends. You can no longer hide..” 

“ What do you want me to say?” you whispered, words breaking as you said each word. “ How am I suppose to tell my other best friend that I desperately am in love with him when he doesn’t feel the same for me? How was I suppose to talk to you when your the one dating him? How could I do that to you? You were the one who started to play your games! You knew how I fucking felt!”

By now you were screaming your head off in front of her. The words coming out like venom, her mood change suddenly making Claire take a step back, terrified.

“ You always get what you want! You always take every thing from me!

“ Y/N.. please..I-”

“ No! Even if it’s my happiness, you take it!”  by now your voice is cracking as once again sobs jumble up with your words.  Everything was coming all at once, every thing you held in was finally coming out. It was like all the emotions tugging at the edge of your throat. 

“ Oh Y/N…” Claire lets out her own tears as she embraces you in her arms once again and rubbing your back to soothe you. It was all her fault that you never got what you deserved, she always got everything while not looking at the big picture of you in the corner feeling helpless and alone. You bury your face in her shoulder, you wish you could stay angry at Claire but you don’t have the heart to. 

“ You have to understand Claire. I love him. I need him.” you continued to sob into her shoulder, hugging her tight. 

“ And I hate how he makes me feel… I crave him…” 

“ Shhh Y/N…” Claire kisses the side of your head, holding you. Claire now understands that Mark and you belong together, you need him to make you happy. 

“ Let me get you a glass of water” Claire says as she lets you go, going to get you a bottle of water from her bag before giving it to you. “ Here, sit” she kneels down on the ground, patting it motioning for you to take a seat. Claire rubs your back as you take a drink from the bottle of water she gave you. 

“ You need each other” Claire says, taking the bottle from your hands before grabbing your own.

“ He’s different with you, he laughs with you and is more well Mark, he’s open and trust you more than me. He’s much happier when he’s with you.
You shut your eyes close, lip still trembling as whimpers escape your mouth. There was still a chance for Mark and you.

“ He would talk to me about, sharing stories of you two together. He felt at ease around you.” Claire leans over bringing your face so she could see you, brushing away your tears with her fingers. 

“ He doesn’t really love me Y/N. He loves you, no matter how much you don’t believe it. He does. You are his only choice, I see it in his eyes” you listen as she talks to you, a smile letting upon your face hearing them. There was no longer a pang of hurt but hope, something you haven’t felt in awhile.

“ But your relationship…” 

Claire shakes her head, “ Y/N, don’t. You love the man, I have never seen you so in love with someone before like you love Mark. I’m not mad, you need him.” Claire bumps shoulders with you, a smile on her face. 

“ Go look for him” 

You have been looking for Mark all around until he walks through the curtains. He must of had his match just moments ago. 

“ Y/N?” He asks stopping in his tracks. He holds himself back from reaching out you not knowing what is about to happen. You take in a deep breath, not really expecting to see him this soon, and not expecting to see a smile on his face when he is looking at you.

“Y-Y/N?,” he whispers. He pants, sweat rolling down his chest as he looks at you, blinking his eyes not believing that you were standing in front of him. It surprised him more when you reached out to touch his cheek, looking at him like he was the only one that mattered.

“ I’m here, Mark” you mumble, rubbing your thumb along his cheek, “ I’m here.” He turns his head so that your hand is against his lips, his facial hair tickling your wrist. He kisses your palm before you move it to his sweaty hair, running your fingers through it.

He closes his eyes at your touch, he is melting at your touch. 

“ Can we talk?”He asks. 

“ Yes” he takes a hold of your wrist before taking you to a random room closing the door behind him. There is tension in the room that you both can’t seem to shake off, a conversation to starts hard. 

“ Were you going to tell me?” He asks. Your heart raced at his words, did he know? You acted as if you had no idea what he was talking about, shrugging your shoulders at the question. 

“ That you love me..” your teeth gnawed at your bottom lip as you looked away from him. You weren’t used to just letting out your emotions on the table.

“ I’ve told you..” you lie. Mark eyes darkened, hands going into a fist and his law clenches. He knew when you lied and it hurt him. 

“ Fuckin’ bullshit! He scoffs. “ Yeh never tell me anythin’!” you sigh as you cross your arms across your chest.

“ It don’t matter..”

“ Are yeh fuckin’ kiddin’ me right now!? It does matter!” He angrily stomped towards you. His hands grip your face, “ I need yah to tell me the truth for once!” he says through his gritted teeth. 

You place your hand on top of his wrist, right now his eyes were beautiful as he angrily step at you.

“ I was going to tell you Mark, but you got with Claire and it all broke down for me” Mark lets you go as he falls to his knees. “ That night, you fell asleep in my lap and told me right before you closed your eyes that she was worth fighting for and you were going to have her. I told you when you fell asleep…” 

“ Yeh have no idea how it’s good to hear ‘hat. I loved you too , back then..” He whispers, “ I just didn’t know it. I didn’t understand anythin’ really until yeh walked out of my life. I trusted you so much, but you left and I felt nothin’ “
He stands up, you sigh as you take both his hands in yours intertwining your fingers together.

“ I didn’t matter that Claire and I were together. She’s amazin’ but she isn’t yeh.”
“ I’ve always loved you, Mark, “ you whisper, “ I never stopped. No matter how much I tried to stop, I will always love you Mark Andrews.” 

He couldn’t hold it any longer, his lips pressed against yours, both desperate to finally kiss one another and letting out a moan as they moved as one. He pushes you against the wall, you don’t care that he’s sweaty. 

Your hands dig into his shoulders as he grips your hips, “ You are my everything” he says as he kisses you again. He opens his eyes, a little bit looking at your features. From your teary red eyes to your small nose to your lips, you were so beautiful. He presses his lips against yours again, his hands going into your hair brushing it back. 

Your hands roam down his chest, “ You are beautiful, you know?” a blush tints his cheeks as he hears you say that.

“ Yeh take my breath away..” he mumbles with a grin on his face. 

“ Oh shut up and kiss me” He chuckles leaning down capturing your lips with his once again, he was more than happy to finally have you as his.

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42. "Stop being so cute." :)

42. “Stop being so cute.”

“No, no, no!” you shake your head and place your hand on Harry’s bicep. “’t’s not the number of cards you have that’s the issue. ‘t’s the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to play the game.”

“Well then tell me!” he bursts out, throwing his hands in the air. 

“Been tryin’ to! For the past half hour!” you laugh and bury your face in the side of the sofa, little snorts escaping through your giggles.

Harry grunts in frustration and snatches the cards out of your hands, beginning to shove all of the cards back in the box. He mumbles about how if capitalism weren’t so rampant in the world today, it would be much easier to learn how to play a simple card game while intoxicated. You choose not to mention that he just dropped at least  €6000 on new Gucci items within the past day and a half and has absolutely no place to be grumbling about capitalism, but you feared he might actually become mad and not speak to you for the rest of the evening.

You hiccup with laughter and make an attempt to stand up from your seated position on the floor, against the coffee table in Harry’s living room. “Gotta pee,” you say as you grab onto the side of the table in an attempt to stabilize yourself. You place your palm on your mate’s head as you walk by, climbing over his spider-like limbs. He takes a swig from the bottle of Fireball with one hand and shoos you off with the other.

In the silence of the bathroom, you begin to realize how intoxicated you really are. You will yourself to sober up, pinching the skin on your cheeks, knowing that you have to work in the morning. But it’s been so long since you’ve gotten to hang out with just Harry, and you missed your best friend. Looking down at the chipped nail polish on your fingernails, you swallow harshly, trying to physically push familiar feelings back down into your gut. 

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Most Secrets Come With A Price

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Oliver Queen wants to get his life back in order. He seeks out an old friend, Felicity Smoak, believing she is the one person who can help him. With years passed and both having grown, will spending so much time together forever change their relationship? But not all is as it seems. When secrets, the past, family, and life, all start to unravel before him, can Oliver trust anyone?

Authors Note: Okay so this is my contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon on tumblr arranged by @thebookjumper, we will get a prompt each Wednesday from now until Arrow season 6 airs. And I have decided I will convert said prompts into a multichapter fic. SO this is really hard for me, I am a planner! So this has had minimum planning, and should be updated weekly (unless life intervenes) so join me on this crazy ride that I have no idea where it’s going, until I get the prompt each Wednesday :P (also each chapter title will be the prompt)…

Chapter 1: Summer Vacation.

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 2.5

Read parts one and two first! This is an add on to part two; a little scene giving us the context behind what’s going to happen in part three. It’s short (really short) but needed! And questions about the last part will hopefully be answered here! Before he even became Boss!Harry. Enjoy x

He’s never felt more tired than he does right now; watching her go through one of the most painful experiences known to mankind, and hearing the screams from her throat as she pushed and pushed without any pain relief, had worn him out and all he’s had to do is stand there, but the small bundle lying in the blanket in his arms has made every single thing worth it; the most delicate and precious being he could ever have or need cooing and breathing contently in his arms in the small nursery of the hospital, empty save for them.

“She still doesn’t want to see him, darlin’,” Harry hears the creek of the door and watches his mother walk in, uttering words he doesn’t want to hear, before returning his attention to his newborn son. It’s not like he wants his son to be without a mother but if she doesn’t want to hold him or even look at him, what can he do?

“Yeh know how people always tell the father how much they look like their baby?” He says in hushed tones. “I thought tha’ was all bullshit, ’til now. He’s go’ my pink ’n pouty mouth ’n a perfect little nose like me, shame about the blue eyes righ’ now but tha’ might change in a couple ‘a days,” he giggles, insisting to himself that he’s never seen a more perfect baby.

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hey so this might be too long for a blurb!! but harry and y/n are sitting around being lazy n cute until OUTA THE BLUE y/n goes "i bet i could turn you on" and Harry's lowkey surprised bc she's normally kinda bashful when it comes to sexual situations but he's all like "prove it" JSJSJSJS PLZ

I combined it with this request: Can you do a blurb where y/n is teasing harry (can be sexual or fluffy you choose what you’re in the mood for). And yes. It’s smutty and quite longer than I expected.  Whoops?  Enjoy! (or don’t let me know xx)

It had started off innocent, truly.  

You were lounging on the couch, snuggled against his front whilst a movie played in the background, and, you must admit, you’d seen it quite a few times so you hadn’t been watching it for its entirety.  It was the rare moments like these where you could stare at Harry when he wasn’t aware.

Especially now.  When he had to lean his strong neck sideways to see the screen because he’d rather strain his neck awkwardly and have you pressed against him like this than to have you all the way on the opposite side of the bloody couch.  His jaw was extra defined at this angle when you tilted your head to look at him, sharp and a little stubbly from your days spent in, and you subconsciously reached out to gently run your hand down its side.  He pressed a sweet kiss into your palm when your hand cradled his face, second-nature to him now to bestow small signs of affection, but his eyes were still trained on the screen.  Completely unaware of how your wheels were turning or in what unholy direction they were steering, and not thinking anything more of the gesture.

You’d forgotten how much he liked Love Actually.

He looked so handsome, always, even when he’d just woken up and had a little drool in his mouth and those annoying eye crusties he’d rub away before looking at you with a croaky ‘mornin love.  And suddenly, just how every emotion hit you with Harry, you were overwhelmed with the feeling of knowing that he was yours, right now.  This beautiful human was tangled up with you, so close, all cuddled on the couch.  And you wanted him.

You wanted to feel him.

Quite honestly -

You wanted to taste him.

You removed your hand from his face and gently wrapped it around the base of his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of it for just a bit until he finally glanced to you.  It was just for a second, but he did a double take at your small little smile.  That sly smile he never usually sees except for those times you’re atop his lap with a lot less clothes than what you wearing now, when your hands were gripping his chest and your fingernails made half-moons across his skin whilst his left marks on your hips that lasted for days.  When you were riding him.

And suddenly the movie was all but forgotten. 

“Why yeh starin’ at me like tha’?”  He couldn’t help the excitement that shone through, but he wouldn’t get too excited. You were never usually, well, you were never usually one to sit up from a cuddle and shuffle down his legs ‘til your body sat (a bit uncomfortably) on his feet.  You weren’t one to quickly run your tongue along your bottom lip and crawl towards him, ass in the air, with a dangerous glimmer in your eyes that he swore he’s never seen before but thinks he really wants to get used to.   You weren’t one to place each of your arms on either of his shoulders and relax them ‘til they were straight as you lowered your head and nuzzled your face against his stomach. You gave a pitiful noise at the thin barrier between his warm skin, he was so close and his arms, bigger now that he’d been working out, were lying stoic by his sides.

You could tell he was unsure what you were doing, and you knew he wouldn’t ask for what you wanted.

Not this time.  Not now that you’d gone so far on your own.  He was silent, waiting.

You didn’t want to say it though.  

You’d never quite known how to say it before.

“Want this off?” he finally breathed, referencing the shirt.  You could feel he was already tense with anticipation and it gave you the confidence to take the fabric playfully between your teeth and tug up gently. You let it fall from your mouth with an unexpected giggle and he quirked an eyebrow.  Perhaps you were just bored then?  He looked back to the screen quickly because, truth be told, this was his favorite part.

But you would have none of that.  He froze when your lips met his ear, and you suckled lightly on the lobe before biting down a bit.

“Bet I could turn you on Styles,” you whispered, your voice everything soft and seductive.  You were a little surprised it came out of your mouth if you were being honest.  But you immediately felt every bit of him clench. And since you were sitting on his lap, you did mean every bit of him.

Harry’s head whipped towards you so fast if you’d been a centimeter closer you would’ve bumped foreheads.

“Wot?” he asks quietly, not because he hadn’t heard you, but because was this really Y/N?  The girl who’d still blush if he asked her if she was sore the next morning?

You bit your lip as you shimmied down his body a bit.  You were sat about where his shins were, knees straddling him, and you maintained eye contact when you lowered your head down to the delicious peak of his stomach from the raised t-shirt.

“Want me tha’ bad tonight?” he asked you, voice sticking in his throat.

You hummed as your lips brushed against the little exposed skin, and when peaks of course hair tickled your lips, you playfully licked the happy trail.  His hips raised just the slightest and you were agonizingly slow with your fingers to undo the button.  By the time they were down to his ankles and he was left in just his briefs you were getting a little impatient yourself.

His breathing was shallow and you noticed his hand fidgeting by his side, itching to coax you, itching to grab you - but he wouldn’t.  You smirked.

He wanted this just as much as you did.

“I think about you a lot you know, when you’re away,” you said, voice sultry and smooth.  Your finger hooked beneath his briefs and you tugged up, but just a little.

“Do you now?” he asked teasingly.  But it was rushed, his breathing already shallow with desire.  You weren’t deterred by his sarcasm and let the finger drop, reveling in the snap the elastic made as it collided with his skin.  He winced. Good.

“I fantasize about having you in my mouth, your hand” -you guided his hand to your hair, his fingers immediately tangling themselves- “here. Forcing me down ‘til you’re all I can see.  All I can taste,” you murmured.

You watched as he swallowed harshly, his grip on your hair tightening.

“But not tonight.” And just like that you swatted his slackened hand away, Harry’s brows immediately furrowing, not yet sure how to react to this change of control.

“Wot d’yeh-”

“Sh, I’m going to take care of you,” you hushed him, pulling down the boxers.  “Do you want me Harry?  Do you want me to put you in my mouth?” you asked sweetly.  And when his hardened length flung up from its torturously tight confines he actually groaned.  

And it was for you.

His noise, his impressive length, the thick veins, and angry tip tortured from the friction your shuffling around had given it.  

He was for you.

“You’re so big,” you observed softly.  It almost came out without you knowing, because truth be told you were always a little awe-struck at how beautiful he was.  Every bit of him.  You didn’t think you were ever going to get used to it.  And as much as Harry wanted to smirk right now, he was too focused on how you were looking at his cock like a toddler looking at a lolly, like it was the thing you wanted most (and perhaps it very well was in this moment). The thing you wanted to devour.  And there he was, just waiting for you to please, fucking do it,

“Please,” he begged, unable to stand it any longer.

You couldn’t wait much longer yourself, and when you licked a long bold stripe up the underside of his cock now lying flat against his stomach, he let out a deep exhale at the relief.  

“Thas’ m’girl,” he encouraged, his hand habitually finding its place in your hair.  Your hands wrapped around him, thumb swiping his tip to soak the digit with his milky beads, before running down it again with the new lubrication.

“Fuck,” he groaned as you picked up the pace, twisting your hands as you went up and down, up, down.

You tilted your head to his arm, parted lips seeking his hand.  He saw your motion and immediately knew.  

“Want meh fingers yeah? S’that what yeh want?”  You hummed when his hand removed itself from your hair and his thumb swiped along your lower lip.

“I wanna suck,” you whispered. “Let me suck on it please,” you whimpered.   You knew what begging did to him, and that’s exactly why you fucking did it.  He exhaled sharply when you bit down on his thumb lightly, but he was quick to allow it to enter your mouth plush lips- he’d be a bloody fool not to.  When he entered another thick digit you hummed around him, swirling your tongue around his fingers and the cool metal of the ring, never ceasing the motion with your hands.

“A-angel,” he stuttered, and when you ran your thumb against his sensitive slit, pressing a little too deep, he hissed.

“Distracted,” you apologized.  And you had been, having his fingers in your mouth and thinking of how it could be his cock instead had you spinning.  You pulled back from his now shining fingers and gave them a final swipe before lowering back down to what you’ve been craving all night.  He stroked your hair back so he could see you, to burn this image of you into his mind to carry him through long nights of distance and shitty service and time differences.  Your eyes almost crazed, your cheeks flushed… He reached out again to your hair - the only comfort he had right now.

“Uh uh,” you clucked at him, stroking the length of him across your cheek, nuzzling against it like it was your favorite stuffed animal, not his aching throbbing dick that was glistening from your own spit.  More pre-cum beaded the tip of him and fuck if harry wasn’t about to cum right then and there from the dazed look on your face.

You hadn’t just been teasing him, you’d been teasing yourself, and you clenched your thighs when you felt a tingle deep in your stomach.  The air was thick with desire and the tension was thick, so thick, just like him.

You ran a hot stripe up him, but this time you didn’t pull back, you puckered your lips engulfing his head and eagerly pushed down until you could feel his mushroom tip push the back of your throat, humming when a stream of curses flew from his lips.

You could feel the saltiness of him on your tongue and you wanted more, you needed more.  You bobbed your head, swirling your tongue in patterns along him as you did so and making sure to mind your teeth.  He filled you, even when it was just your mouth, and you stretched your jaw further.

You were ravenous, hungry for him.  And for once, you’d never felt a stronger urge to be selfish.  

You kept going and this time you welcomed the hands that grasped the back of your head.

“D-deeper? Can yeh go deeper f’me?” he asked in pants.  You hummed in agreement around his cock and his head flew back against the cushion, the warm wet encasement of your mouth vibrating against him enough to make him rut instinctually into your mouth.  

You choked as you felt him in your throat a bit and he immediately pulled your head up no matter how much it pained him to do so.

“Fook I’m sorry.”  The tip of him was resting against your open mouth, a small string of saliva that would’ve been connecting you if he pulled away making your bottom lip shine - but you wouldn’t give him the chance.  You felt like you were seeing stars.  “‘M sorry,” he repeated softly.  You pressed a kiss against his tip and he tensed again as you pushed him back in, humming again when you did so.

“S-so good f’me kitten, so fookin good,” he whispers harshly.

His words only encourage you and you’re bobbing faster, determined to pull him deeper, the sloppy sounds of your mouth running against him bringing Harry a lot closer than he would’ve liked.  

“W-wait, I want to- fuck I want t’cum inside o’ yeh. P-please I’m not goin’ to last much longer,” he gulped, one hand clutching a pillow, the other wrapped in your hair, the stinging quality a delicious pain you wanted to feel forever.

You pulled up agonizingly slow, and released him with a pop.  His red tip was swollen now, and the veins throbbed with need, throbbing for a release you were only too happy to provide.  “I wanna taste you,” you said lowly.  And he swore, he swore, that when you said that it would be the fooking end of him.  The way you looked at him behind hooded eyes, the way you wrapped your lips around him and sank down with fluttering lashes as though you were his drug.  How did he fook how did he get so lucky?

Your pace built up again and he was starting to lose focus, you were everywhere at once, your flat, wet tongue working him to a frenzy and the edges seemed to blur at your ceaseless assault.

“Gonna take it all? Gonna swallow it all f’me?” he moaned and he tugged at your hair unforgivingly on a particularly harsh suck, the only answer you wanted to provide him.

You knew he was close, his furrowed brows and stomach muscles clenching beneath the thin t-shirt told you it was only a matter of seconds.  When you tenderly reached down and delicately squeezed his balls, his eyes closed tight and in a shuttering, unmanly cry of curses and your name, always your name, he spilled himself into you.  Hot spurts of his seed filled your mouth and you rushed to eagerly gulp every last drop of him, your head lightly bobbing and milking him through his orgasm.  His stomach stilled, and when you swallowed the last drop you drew up slowly, sucking lightly at the sensitive tip.  He jolted a bit and hands stayed in your hair and he stroked it with an exhale, soothing even in his completely sated state.  You savored the slightly bitter taste of him on your tongue, and lazily kissed up the leaves adorning his hips, gentle soft ones, relishing in the new warmth you’d just given him, until you reached his swallows and pulled up - lips just inches from his own.

His eyes were still cloudy from the post-orgasm bliss, and a slow smile spread on his face.  

“I win,” you whisper triumphantly.

And when he looked at you and your sparkly doe-eyes that were filled with such spirit, such love, and lips he’d kissed a thousand times now holding just a trace of him still on your bottom lip, he knew.

“I’ll get you next time,” he promised.

You were still his Y/N, always would be.  Apparently there were just more parts to you he had yet to discover.

And he was sure as hell excited to see them all.

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Good Humor - 3

PART 1 -  PART 2 - PART 4

A/N: shout out to @felywrites​ and like @frecklefaceb​ @liveandbreathgeek @notjaicourtney

no warnings… while this may be zesty, its not a lemon

Captain Boomerang X OFC // Suicide Squad

Word count:  1,621

3. Pizza Party

“Pizza will be here in half hour,” he said after calling in the order. My host stood up and stretched, groaning slightly before he started to walk across the room, “Pay the boy when he knocks. I’m taking a shower.”

“How?” I snapped at him twisting in the seat so I knelt back words, looking towards him, “Any way I had of paying now resides in the bottom of the Gotham river. You know, from when you drove my truck off a bridge?”

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Green Arrows and Silver Screens.

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: I’m sorry it’s taking me so long, to be truthful, I have lost the will to write and I was trying hard to have this whole thing finished before I posted but I haven’t. There is only this chapter, one more after and the epilogue left tbh. I’m posting this because well, life is short, and finally things started to feel right, so hopefully this will all be done soon. I wanted to just thank everyone for their continued support, and I hope you enjoy this…

Chapter 22: Everybody Hurts.

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#3 Platonic | A Very Harry Christmas


Me, you, Polar Express, pizza and wine? Let me know.

Can always count on you for Christmas film nights.

I’m all prepared. Eight ok?

That’s fine, H. I’ll be there x

You threw your phone back on to the sofa after texting your best friend, Harry. You could always count on him to cheer you up after yet another failed date with another loser, as Harry would say, and now that it was creeping ever closer to Christmas, he was getting in the mood for cosy nights in in front of the TV with the fire on and lots of food and alcohol. You had an hour to actually get dressed and brush your hair after you’d stayed in all day wallowing in self pity after your disaster of a date last night where the guy turned up half an hour late and spent the whole dinner talking about himself before not even walking you to the Underground station while he got in to his Mercedes and drove off.

You didn’t text him to say thank you.

On my way, be there soon.

Wine is out and pizza ordered.

You charmer.

You’d known Harry since before he even went on The X Factor. Your mum knew his mum and you moved down to London a couple of years ago for work and found yourself hanging out more and more with him because you didn’t know anybody else, and he soon became your best friend, listening to you moan and whine about the shit quality of men in London compared to the nice ones up in Cheshire, talking you out of silly diet programmes, and encouraging you when you decided to go all over blonde for the first time because everybody has to be blonde once, right?

You entered the passcode for his gate and walked in to the driveway once it unlocked, knocking on the glass of his French doors before you opened them, dropping your phone on the table and taking off your coat and shoes.

“Hey, love, yeh alright?” He asked, giving you a hug and passing you a glass of wine.

“I’m alright, you? How were the shows?”

“They were good, last ones this year. How was the date last night?” He didn’t actually need to ask; he already knew it had gone bad by how you hadn’t texted him already about it.

“Shit. He was such a dick,” you started, sitting down on the sofa while he listened as he lit a candle. “We agreed to meet at this restaurant which he booked, proper posh, Mayfair, you know the type. And I waited outside initially for ten minutes but he didn’t appear so I went inside and asked. They said he’d booked a table but hadn’t arrived yet so I just went and sat down anyway. I was there for twenty minutes looking like a loner who’d been stood up. He finally arrived and didn’t even have an excuse, not that an excuse could have made it better unless it was really good but I would’ve even appreciated the effort that goes in to a good lie. The conversation was ok until I realised he was only talking about himself and asked zero questions about me. He paid which was nice but then didn’t even offer to walk me to the Underground station. He had a Mercedes and just drove off.”

“Proper dick. No wonder you need the wine.” Harry took the seat next to you.

“I just….y’know? I’ve had worse but it’s just all the time. I barely get to a second date.”

“Would yeh look at that, the pizza’s arrived,” he laughed and you rolled your eyes at him as he answered the speaker and walked out to the gate.

“I know I’m boring you, Haz, but you’ve gotta hear me out. Men are arseholes.”


You stopped talking while he grabbed the plates from the kitchen and you admired what he’d done with the house so far in terms of Christmas decoration. Harry loved Christmas and always got his decorations up as soon as he could. The tree was up in the corner of the room and he’d set up little holiday candles around the place with bits of tinsel hanging from the shelf above the fire.

“Polar Express, you said,” you questioned as he scrolled though the options on the TV.

“I know, I know. Calm down…there we go.”

Harry jumped back on to the sofa and you cuddled in to his side as he wrapped an arm around you to keep you close; the pizza easily within reach without disturbing you position. You’d seen the film ten million times before but it never got old and you always finished it feeling better than you did before.

With full bellies and a little bit of wine streaming through your veins, you yawned as the credits rolled and unwrapped yourself from Harry’s grasp. “That was good. Thanks for tonight, you always cheer me up,” you grinned at him and he was happy to see the smile on your face again. “I’m tired though so I need to get back and….”

“You can stay, I don’t mind. I’m not going anywhere tomorrow morning so I’m not gonna kick yeh out or anything.”

You nodded. “You sure?”


If anyone else had seen you both, they’d think you were together but you’d shared a bed with Harry many times before, purely platonic, and cuddled up as if it was perfectly normal, and it was for you.

“Here’s a shirt and some pyjama bottoms for yeh..” he tossed them across his bedroom to you as you sat on the edge of his bed. “I’m just gonna brush my teeth, there’s a spare toothbrush for you.”

“Thanks,” you told him as he headed in to his ensuite bathroom and shut the door behind him, leaving you to change in peace before switching around and you heading in to the bathroom with him stripping off his clothes down to his boxers and climbing in to bed before watching as you exited the bathroom and buried yourself underneath the covers too. He switched out the light.

“Sorry I keep moaning at you about men. I don’t mean all men. I mean, you’re nice but I don’t know why I can’t find someone like you.” You turned on to your side to face him in the dark, his outline still visible.

“I’m just one of a kind.” He pulled out his arm and brought to rest around your shoulder. He knew he’d have to pull it back eventually, otherwise it would go numb, but cuddle Harry was out in full force.

“You are, though.”

Silence engulfed the dark room and the space between you at what was coming out of your mouth, even you weren’t expecting it. Your head told you to not do it but your heart was too far gone when you slowly brought your mouth to where you thought his lips were in the dark and placed a small kiss to his lips and pulling away but not moving much more, staying silent.

“Love, I don’t know whether we should do this…” he whispered.

“Please…just, please,” you breathed, and he brought his hands to cup your face, kissing your lips.

“We can’t do anything more…not tonight, maybe another time but…just not tonight.” He knew if you went any further, you’d wake up regretting it and he didn’t want something done in the dead of night to hang over him and make things awkward between you after twenty two years of friendship.

“I’m sorry, I just…I love you, Harry. I think I always have. It’s just taken until now to realise it.” You hadn’t moved an inch.

“I know, I know. Let’s talk about it in the morning, yeah?”

anonymous asked:

craigs gang + tweek going to see a movie but theyre there ridiculously early and get in to shenanigans in the arcade/lobby?

(My mama Token head canon flows strong in this, mmkay? I still have like six more requests that I probably won’t get to until tomorrow, but feel free to send in more requests!)

Clyde’s an idiot and ninety percent of the time I just want to punch him. Okay, punch him in the most lovingly way possible - I guess. I very much reluctantly guess.

How did Clyde screw up this time you ask? Well in episode 467.5 of Clyde’s a Screw Up the dumb ass got the time for the movies really fucking wrong.

How wrong you ask?

Like two hours off. As in we’re two hours early for a movie that’s first showing is specifically in two hours. I don’t understand how Clyde could fuck up the times so badly. For god’s sake there’s not even a single movie playing right now. That’s how badly he fucked up.

I just don’t understand how none of us thought to question why a movie would start so early.

So now it’s ten in the morning on a precious Saturday and we’re stuck in the lobby of a building that doesn’t technically open for another hour. Clyde is just lucky that the side door is unlocked. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be though. I think we’re in here illegally but I don’t care. I don’t want to be waiting outside in the cold.

We’d consider walking back to Token’s but it’s freezing and it took us half an hour just to get here. There’s no way we’d spend another half hour to walk back in the freezing ass snow. Tweek is freaking out, Clyde is being a moron, and Token is just done with all our shit.

“J-Jesus! G-Guys what if the cops s-show up. I can’t go to prison!” Tweek is tugging on my jacket which is a nervous habit of his.

“Tweek it’s fine. Token is rich and money can pay your way out of everything.” I inform Tweek. He doesn’t seem to really buy it though and he groans.

“I don’t understand why I’m friends with you. You’re such an asshole.” Token doesn’t sound very angry at me, just exasperated. But that’s Mama Token for you.

“I like to think it’s one of my most endearing traits.” Tweek groans at me and when I glance over my shoulder at him he’s rolling his eyes. “Honestly though Tweek is the biggest asshole of us all. Did you see that? Mom, Tweek rolled his eyes at me. He’s making fun of me.”

“W-What! I’m not an asshole! I-I’m not making fun of you! You’re j-just being ridiculous!”

“Craig, what did I say about calling me mom?”

“Mooom, Tweek called me ridiculous. He wound’s me. I’m going to cry.” Token groans and Tweek gasps offended. He tugs on my jacket.

“Hey mom, look at me!” Shit, Clyde. I haven’t kept my eye on Clyde for like the last five minutes and that’s never a good thing.

“Clyde! Don’t call me mom. Jesus christ you guys are a bunch of five year olds.” Token crosses his arms and turns to look in the direction of Clyde…

…Clyde who is climbed on top of a giant cardboard display of Killer Santa Clown vs. the Undead Zombiestein. Oh god. This is not good.

I don’t know how Clyde even did it. This display is made out of cardboard, first of all. And Clyde is a heavy chubby fucker. He’s not fat or anything but like how does Cardboard hold him up? It could maybe, maybe, hold up Tweek and he’s like a bird. He weighs nothing.

Clyde is sitting in Killer Santa Clown’s red chair, right on top of the horror movie’s main character. Holy fucking shit. Clyde is all spread out trying to posy all ‘sexy’ like or something. He’s probably trying to be funny and I guess it’s actually working. Tweek is giggling and Token looks ashamed to be called mom by such a monstrosity.

I just want some blackmail material.

“Hey, Clyde, I triple dog dare you to take off your shirt and pretend to make out with Santa.” Everyone knows Clyde Donovan never, ever, turns down a triple dog dare. As soon as the words left my mouth Token screams no, Tweek squeaks and Clyde stars stripping.

Without even trying Clyde managed to throw his shirt over Undead Zombiestein’s face. Nice. I can’t help but laugh as Clyde then throws his arms over Santa’s cardboard shoulders and presses his lips against the rainbow colored beard.

This is a beautiful moment. I’m actually proud to be Clyde’s friend. I don’t think this has ever happened before.

I quickly whip out my phone and snap a picture. I show Tweek and he starts laughing pretty damn hard. Token has his hand pressed against his forehead and he’s just slowly shaking his head.

This beautiful moment is interrupted when all of the lobby lights flip on. Tweek screams, Token jumps and Clyde falls of Santa’s lap and lands on the floor.

A janitor is standing at the side door we had entered through. The old man is staring at us with a blank expression. He looks confused. Clyde is turning red and is scrambling to put his shirt back on.

I’m glad I got that picture in time.

Tweek is pressed up against my back, probably trying to hide from this janitor. Token looks really fucking done and I think this is all pretty funny.

“Uh, you kids shouldn’t be in here.” The janitor doesn’t sound very sure of himself.

“We’re just waiting for the movies to open up.” Token tries to say calmly.

“Well yeh can wait in the arcade next door.” The man uses his thumb to point to an open door that leads to the arcade next door.

“Oh, alright. Sorry.” Token shoots all of us an angry look then starts heading towards the arcade. The arcade is actually open and has been open so I’m not sure why we didn’t think of hanging out there in the first place.

The arcade is kind of shitty and there’s one person who works there. They pretty much just sit in the back corner at their desk and play on their phone. I tried applying for that job once because it’s so fucking simple but they didn’t hire me.


Instead one of the goths work here. He literally sits in the back, flips his hair, and writes his emo ass poetry or whatever. What bullshit. I totally deserve that job.

Tweek is pulling me towards the claw games with an ‘aw’. I glance over to see what he awwed over and I UNDERSTAND. HOLY SHIT THAT’S SO CUTE.

“Mama Token! I need fifty cents!” I demand loudly. Token and Clyde walk over to us to see what I want. I hold my hand out to Token who rolls his eyes.

“Use your own money you leech.”

“Oh come on, I don’t have change. An hour ago you were complaining about how you have to much change. Seriously. Please. I need it.”

“What do you need Craig?” Clyde walks forward so his face is pressed to the glass of the machine.

“T-The alien.” Tweek points out for me.

I have this major weakness for aliens. I don’t call things cute but aliens I will very openly call cute. Aliens and guinea pigs. And maybe Tweek, just maybe.

“Fine. Jesus Craig. You helpless child.” Token hands over two shiny quarters and I push them into the game.

Thirty seconds later I’ve lost.

Token gives in and gives me two more quarters. Two more tries later Token’s out of quarters and I’m at the change machine to exchange all my dollars for quarters. Eight tries later I still haven’t gotten that stupid stuffed animal.

It’s like since I can’t get it I want it even more. I need that stupid stuffed animal. I totally decked out Stripe the Third’s cage to look like a spaceship and this stuffed animal would be the perfect addition.

I need it.

I’m ready to kill over this stupid stuffed animal. But I still need enough money to pay for this stupid movie.

“Dude just give up.” Clyde tells me.

“Maybe come b-back for it?” Tweek suggests. The thing is though I’ve managed to pick up the alien. But every time the claw drops it. It’s so fucking close. In fact. I’m pretty sure you could reach up through the hole you pick up your prize and grab it…

“TWEEK REACH IN THERE AND GRAB IT.” I demand very seriously Tweek screams and runs away from me to stand behind Token.

“Craig, let it go. For christs sake.” Token rolls his eyes.

“N-No way man! I would g-get stuck.”

“You wouldn’t get stuck.” Clyde says with a scoff. “I’ve totally done that before.”

“Clyde. Reach in there and grab it.” I demand. Like I’m fucking serious. I’m getting that stupid plushie. Clyde is staring at me looking a little scared.

“Okay, yeah. Sure. Cool. I’ll do that.” Clyde kneels down and his arm disappears through the flap door. I watch through the glass as his arm bends up and reach towards the gray plush. His fingers brush against it. Holy shit. I think he can do it.

I glance over to smile at Tweek but I notice a certain goth staring at us with a scowl. He’s on a phone I think? Huh.

“Almost!” Clyde exclaims. His fingers are attempting to get a grip on the toy.

I glance back over at the goth as the movie theater manager enters the arcade.

Oh fuck.

The thing is we’ve been kicked out of the movie theater before. The manager is fucking terrifying. Since the arcade and movie theater is so strongly affiliated I think the manager of the movie theater is the manager for the arcade too. So yeah, we’re screwed.

“Hey I got it!” Clyde pulls the stuffed animal over the edge and it drops to the pick up area. I reach out and snatch it up quickly. Clyde is trying to get his arm out of the machine.

“Fuck guys, we’ve got to run.”

“Wait, what?” Clyde looks panicked. I’m pretty sure he’s like five seconds away from crying.

“Run!” I exclaim again. Everyone looks over and sees the manager and understands.

“Wait, you guys! My arm! My arm it’s stuck!”

Yeah okay, so I’m definitely an asshole. Because I’m running. Clyde is still screaming after us but Token and Tweek is running too so I don’t feel like a total major asshole.

“My arm!” Clyde will be fine.

Probably. But hey, it’s his fault we’re missing this movie anyways.

So yeah, episode 468 of Clyde’s a Screw Up: Clyde gets stuck in a claw machine.

smurfica  asked:

Hi Di! Really hope you're feeling better. Sorry I missed your birthday, so happy belated birthday! So, prompt. Yes. Based on a idea I've seen floating around since the finale. Oliver needing a date to his first official function as mayor so he asks Felicity but before they're back together.

Authors note: This one really got away with me it’s like 3200 words and I was an emotional unstable wreck… The latest chapter can also be found in my prompts folder Arrows and Glasses on AO3 and

So Close.

It had been a hard few weeks, most of it was spent rebuilding the destruction around them with the help of many, not only was the Star City strengthening, the arrow cave was nearly rebuilt and the loft was being completely refurbished. But he had only one person to thank for all this, one person who had stayed and stood by him, Felicity. She was unofficially working with his staff, she had set up her own freelance tech support too but she spent nearly every day at his office. What was more startling was no one even questioned her presence there, they just accepted that she was a part of his life.

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Nonnie Prompt: :) Post season 1 Oliver doesn’t go to Lian Yu, but Digg convinces him to go with him on vacation (lake, beer and fishing) and Oliver accidently meets Felicity somewhere and invites her too and she’s beyond happy and they go together as OTA :)

A/N: Again my prompts are closed, I’m just completely what’s left in my inbox. I don’t even know what I did with this, my brain just sort of changed things but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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