the things i wanna do to you dan

Foxes' night at Eden's Twilight
  • Renee: This "snake juice" is basically rat poison... everybody's wasted!
  • Nicky [crying and pointing]: You don't even know one thing and I didn't even say one thing and then she asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once.
  • Allison [swinging her drink around]: I'm like... an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room it's like okay she's in there.
  • Neil: I'm not gonna tell you... that- [points at Aaron] that bitch over there. I'm not gonna- I don't- I don't wanna brag?
  • Kevin [smiling to himself]: ...........bababooey
  • Matt: Turn this music down! [closes his eyes and sings] Farts and poop and love an' stuff... Macaroni salad.
  • Andrew: [rambling in german with a cigarette in his mouth]
  • Dan: [bursts into laughter and coughs then procedes to drink in silence]
  • Aaron: [blacks out completely dancing to Who Dat Girl by Flo Rida]

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Thoughts on the new gaming vid? They seemed so happy and cute and lighting has improved everything A++ ^_^


  • 2 seconds in and i’m already shook i can’t believe this is real we are literally looking into their new house they are literally actually filming in a new HOUSE and it’s all just too much to process
  • phil sitting cross legged on the same old futon and fixing the tetris lights and balancing them and the pacman light on cardboard boxes is all too cute his enthusiasm is too much for me and dan definitely thinks it’s so cute too and this whole intro is just so soft
  • i love that phil owns up to the fact that this was his idea while dan is tryna go for his traditional ugh this is too stupid and vapid and too mainstream and not creative enough shtick. phil giving no fucks about a got damn quality threshold is my kink
  • when phil is attempting to take his neutral expression selfie and slightly pouts and he and dan giggle (i’m being generous w that term bc dan’s was more like a squawk tbh) at the exact same moment i just smiled so hard. they’re so cute. and they’re both apparently kind of uncomfortable w the notion of like trying to look sultry in photos which is why that pouty expression made them laugh immediately, and also is a good precursor to the whole discussion that comes later about phil’s ladybird selfie
  • dan’s look into the camera at 2:13 gave me lifeeeeee i like that he’s trying to shade phil for taking forever to get his fuckin selfie but instead he has this ever so subtle up tilt to his lips bc he can’t completely hide his smile ughaierjoaierj
  • omg underrated discussion in this video: at 2:26 once phil has finally succeeded in taking the selfie he turns to dan and says “i look alright there” but w the intonation of a question, like he’s literally asking dan for affirmation that he looks good and  not only that but he full on turns to look at dan and gauge his reaction and that felt so special and genuine to me??? like??? not a sort of thing i would expect to see tbh? and in general this video was obvi silly and just a bit of fun but also i thought the level of feedback they were giving each other on their photos and the way they were reacting was all so,,, warm and comfortable and surprisingly open. in this instance i’m also just frustrated bc dan was about to say something in response to phil asking dan if he looks alright, but he cuts himself off. he says ‘that’s an excep—’ and it def sounds like he was gonna say exceptional or exceptionally and i need to know what his thought was. i also like that the thought he interrupts himself with is about phil still having slight crazy eyes. we’ve talked about phil’s own explanation for his wide-eyed deer-in-headlights expressions in selfies a bit on this blog. according to him, he resorts to doing that bc having his photo taken makes him uncomfortable, so it was cute to me that dan noted that phil still did a little bit of the wide eyes without giving any context for why he was pointing it out bc it’s just an understood thing that they obvi have talked about a lot
  • 3:14 dan’s horrified and squeaky “what have they done to your face?” is so good. it’s just. so good. he sounds so outraged that they’ve fucked w phil’s face i lov it
  • 3:20 is the besttttttttt. this is the exchange where dan teases phil for being old and i love everything about it i love how dan made that comment without even thinking which sort of suggests that teasing phil for being old is just a regular/habitual thing and i love the way phil reacted bc it wasn’t rly irritated or even mock irritation in the end. instead he just played along w dan’s joke and accepted it and the whole exchange was so warmmmmmmm and comfortableeeeeee and flirtyyyyyyyyy and it reminds me of a few other comments that dan has made here and there that allude to their age gap and they’re always v cute and gentle teasing and it’s just so good
  • 3:42 they’re talking about the ‘old’ selfie and 1. dan is captivated and i can literally see him contemplating his future w phil lmao and 2. phil talking about joey graceffa and calling him good-looking w a blatant pause before he said that, making me wonder if he was going to use a word that was a bit more emphatic than “good-looking” either way i’m into it and then there’s a blatant jump cut and i’m wondering if they had a lil side conversation about joey being cute lol 3. phil is still looking at dan basically every time he makes a comment and it’s rly surprising but lovely 4. dan needed to come in w that compliment about old phil rocking current phil’s fringe and how cool he looks :) 
  • here’s dan howell caught right in the act of contemplating growing old w phil:
  • bless them for calling out how dumb the concept of a “female” filter is. also dan’s once again violent reaction to phil in the female filter is so cute and funny i love how incensed he is with the whole concept of anything being different about phil’s face
  • 5:36 dan looking at phil in the male filter and saying “you look so average” in such a disappointed tone is rly one of the best fucking things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’ve often thought about dan’s attraction to phil being based in some of the things that are most striking about his appearance. for example he always talks about how black phil’s hair is and how pale his skin is and back in the day he obvi left that infamous comment on phil’s dailybooth about how blue his eyes are and i feel like dan is probs drawn to these features that are just,,, extreme,,, and i love that even a slight change to phil’s jawline/face shape made dan think phil looked decidedly more average precisely bc what he loves about phil’s face are all the things that aren’t average at all!!!! i’m emotional!!
  • phil was so hype to see all of dan’s ones!!!! i’m crying!!!!! the way he was doing his hee-hee laughs and bouncing up and down quite literally and like hitting his hands on the table and saying things like i wanna be friends w him instead of you and ‘i wanna see old danny! old danny slice!!!’ like calm down mate!!!!! ur cute!!! we know u think dan is cute!!! y do u love every single version of him so much!!!! when he sees the old one he immediately says he likes it and compliments it!!!!! when he sees the old one on the daniel x dream pic he calls him cute!!!!!! and then makes this face at dan while dan looks at it!!!!!! 
  • help!!!!
  • dan talking about embracing makeup was amazing and phil being totally down with it and immediately suggesting a smoky eye look and consulting some tutorials was also amazing and i hope thats something they’ve discussed before tbh
  • dan @ manly dan: ‘i mean i would.’ nice. dancest is real and it’s right before our eyes ppl
  • 8:28 dan saying he hates his current profile picture was so surprising and lovely when he gave his reason—it doesn’t reflect his natural curls. i’m honestly so pleased to hear that he views the natural hair as such an important change for him that he wants his display pic (something we know he spends way too much time thinking about and therefore treats as an incredibly important thing) to reflect this shift
  • 9:05 ahhhh the controversial dan reactions to phil’s ladybird selfie. here’s the thing. i think when dan says it’s a “really cringe selfie” he’s talking about the discomfort they both feel about doing posed/sultry shots. he corrects himself after phil protests that it’s not cringe to saying it’s only slightly cringe instead of really cringe, and that he should’ve included an ironic (i hate dan’s use of the word ironic so much bc he often uses it when what he really means is “sarcastic” or, in this case, self-deprecating/humorous) caption. when phil then says that he did use a funny caption, dan basically entirely revokes his criticism and says that phil actually “nailed it” w the photo/caption combination. basically i think both of them get embarrassed about the idea of unabashedly posing in an attractive way for photos and since they’re so close dan feels that embarrassment for phil as well. i don’t think he was saying he actually dislikes the selfie or that phil looks bad or unattractive or anything negative about phil himself. the only comment i did find questionable was when he almost said that the smile filter was an improvement!!! it seemed weird when compared to how much he disliked all the alterations to phil’s face on the first picture lol but then he also made fun of it so i didn’t take it to mean that dan literally thought the filter is an improvement to phil’s real face, just that it was pretty remarkable how cleanly the filters worked on that particular selfie
  • overall: really liked this!!!!!!! such a good intro to the new office!!! such a warm and chill lil vid where they were mostly casual and just being so soft and flirty w each other and basically calling each other cute in creative ways whats not to love about that it was great
"We Love Arin Hanson" fan/art project

Hi there guys

So if you haven’t have noticed, I’ve been on an Arin appreciation binge, and today, we got news Arin won’t be going on the rest of the Rock Hard tour with Dan and Brian because of stress.

This is a really sad thing for him to do, considering how sad he was in the video and lately on GG he’s been SUPER stressed.

I know I have the 6969 fan video project and I’m eventually gonna play Dream Daddy on my channel WELL, I wanna do a quick mini project.

Starting today to…the 10th, please send me your Arin fanart, Arin plushies, Arin merch etc and a small 30 second video of you saying something to Arin from the heart (ie. How much he’s modivated you, what an amazing guy he is, a story you have of meeting him, like that.) Keep it short and I’ll compile it together for a 2-3 minute video and email it to him.

this WILL be very last minute but I’m hoping to get this done maybe… Sunday/Monday?

I hope you guys can help me out. I want to do something to show our appreciation to Arin Hanson and all he does for us fans.

July 5th-July 10th
Email me @ sunnikeyblader@gmail

Your Name and Kiss Belong in the Same Sentence

Summary: Neither Dan or Phil has ever had a boyfriend before and they think that part of the reason might be because nobody even realises they like boys.  So, as best friends do, they decide to pretend to date each other, that way at least it’s obvious they aren’t straight.  And with an agreed upon set of boundaries, nothing can go wrong.  Right?

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: swearing, anxiety attack, underage drinking/alcohol

A/N: me actually finishing a fic?? who knew this was even possible anymore lmao (although i found 6k of this already done in my drafts from october so?? does this even count).  also tysm to leah for letting me scream at her about this and for editing it for me, you’re the best <33

read on ao3 instead

Dan and Phil had been best friends for what felt like forever.  They had grown up together, in houses only a few blocks away and couldn’t remember a time where they hadn’t known each other.  They had always been Dan and Phil, their names never separated.

Everyone had warned them that friends often grow apart over time, especially as they moved from middle school to high school.  For some reason people seemed to think that there was no way that the two boys could stay as close friends as they were forever.

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I'm Gonna Say This One Time

Do not. Grab others. Without their consent. This is why the NSP fandom can’t have nice things, because people think it’s perfectly acceptable to grope Dan when he tries to interact with the crowd. That is not okay, despite him laughing it off and making a joke about it. He feels like he has to because he’s an entertainer and doesn’t wanna call anyone out, but I fucking will. Whoever you are, you are not a fan, you’re a creep. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself for harassing someone you claim to idolize and respect.

And if anyone messages me about “Well, he sings about sex so it’s inevitable that someone would touch his dick!” I will block your ass before you even send the reply. Miss me with that victim blaming bullshit.

Ass ID

Genre: smut, fluff.

Summary: Phil and dan run into each other at the grocery store and phil recognizes dan as his favorite pornstar via his ass

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: none that I can thinking of? Cursing?? As per usual. A small moment where phil thinks dan wants to stop?

Ass ID :

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.”

4 hours earlier ;

“Cereal, milk, brea- oomph!” I stumble back and quickly grab the closest thing to me which happens to be a boy about my age, steadying us both. He looks familiar and I cock my head to the side, not so subtly checking him out, where do I know him from?

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking at where I was going.” He smiles, deep dimples digging into his cheeks and god, I know those dimples. Fuck, he’s so cute.

Without thinking, I stick my hand out, “Phil, sorry for running into you.” I feel my face heat up a little as he puts his hand in mine.

“Dan.” He turns around, spotting a loaf of bread on the floor behind him and bending down to grab it, and that’s when it clicks. If you had asked me two weeks ago, that’s I’d be recognizing my favorite porn star from his ass, I would have laughed in your face. But here I am, in the grocery store next to the star of all my wank fantasies, DanIsNotATop. Jesus Christ, only I could end up in this situation.

He straightens up and turns to me with a smirk, “Like what you see?”

I blush furiously, “I’m so sorry, this isn’t at all what I’m like, uh, I- nevermind, I’ll just be going now.” I quickly turn around and head in the opposite direction of the bread, great.

“Hey! Wait up!” I curse my luck as Dan catches up to walk next to me.

“Excuse me if this is forward, but you’re hot and I’m free all day.” I gaped at him, mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

The dimpled boy blushes, “Yeah, that was probably weird, I mean, we’re in the middle of a grocery store for god’s sake. Sorry, I’m a little too forward for my own good sometimes.” I’m so shellshocked that it seems my brain and mouth have stopped communicating and the words fall out of my mouth before I can think it through.

“Not surprising with your profession, I’m sure you gain a lot of confidence for that kind of stuff, what with everyone wanting to fuck you all the time.” My eyes almost pop out of their sockets, and I’m internally wishing for god to come and take me, for the ground to swallow me up, maybe even aliens abducting me would suffice. Of all the reactions, I do not expect Dan to start hysterically laughing.

“Oh my god! Well yeah I guess you’re right, aren’t you? So you watch me?” I nod dumbly, too surprised to even form words, probably a good thing at this point.

“Just have one question…when you say ‘everyone’ wants to fuck me, does that include you?” He’s looking up at me through thick, dark eyelashes and I’m swallowing before speaking up,

“Well, I mean, yes? Who wouldn’t wanna fuck you?” He giggles and I’m instantly endeared,

“There are a few people I can only hope don’t want to have sex with me, for example, my grandma.”

“Oh my god, Dan! That’s disgusting! Why is that the first example you think of?!” I let out a roaring laugh, my tongue poking out between my teeth and my hand coming up to cover my mouth.

When our laughter dies down he takes a step closer, getting into my personal space and whispering in my ear, “Offer still stands, if you aren’t secretly my grandma.”

I hum, “I guess I’ll just spend my night alone baking cookies then, too bad, I’d really thought this disguise would get me through.”

We giggle and I place my hand on his hip, traveling slowly to his back pocket and drawing out his phone before typing my number in, “Text me your number.” He does and I send him my address.

Leaning in till my lips brush against his ear as I begin to talk, breath hot and heavy, “7pm, don’t be late, princess.” I slip my tongue out to lick at the shell of his ear, watching goosebumps arise and feeling him shiver under my hands. I pull back, wink, and turn and walk towards the bread.

Current time ;

So that’s how I ended up in bed with the idol of my sexual delusions, being straddled by thick thighs, cock absolutely throbbing in my boxers. We had both already stripped to nothing but our boxers, or well, panties for dan. “Good god, Dan, you’re so hot for me, babe, gonna let me have you, yeah?” He nods eagerly into our kisss.

“Please, phil, touch me I want you to stretch me, please.”

“Mm, yes baby ‘course, c’mon let’s get you you out of those panties.” I flip us over, pulling off the black lace in one quick motion as dan lifts his hips up, before reaching for the lube lying next to me and popping the cap. Squirting a copious amount onto my fingers and warming it up between them, I kiss dan passionately distracting him from my hand wandering to his sex. I swirl my index finger around his rim before pushing in slowly, letting him adjust before thrusting it into him.

After a bit of stretching, I begin to search for his prostate, crooking my fingers at a different angle at every entrance to him, until I found it, well at least I think I do, since Dan lets out a series of pornstar moans (funnily enough) and pushed his ass back onto my fingers.

“Take me, I’m ready I promise, I swear it phil lease take me I’m begging you please!” Who could deny that? Certainly not me.

“I got you, baby, I’m gonna take real good care of you, don’t you worry.” I shed my briefs, grabbing the condom package next to me and ripping it open clumsily, about to roll it onto myself when dan’s hand comes up to catch my wrist, effectively halting my movements.

I look up, my eyebrows scrunching together. Did he want to stop? Before I can ask he shyly looks up at me, “Wanna do it.” I nod and hand over the condom, moving my hips closer to him so he can grasp my thickness, slowly pumping me before rolling the condom onto my shaft, grabbing the lube bottle, slathering it onto my length, and guiding my to his entrance. I push into the confining heat of him, groaning at the right grip, hovering over him, and breathing hot shallow breaths onto his sweat glistening neck.

“So good for me Dan, taking me so well, huh? Look at you, so nice. Such a pretty boy you are, princess.” A loud whimper escapes him, before he’s grinding back onto my cock.

“I’m good, I’m so good, you can move, move please please,” he rambles into my ear, pushing his onto into my hips, making my breathing stutter in pleasure. I pull out till only my cock head is inside him, before for slowly pushing back inside, watching his hole stretch so filthily around my thick rod, like I’ve daydreamed oh so many times before.

“So good on my cock, god, you’re so tight around me, fuck, dan shit,” I pull out, only to slam in a again and again, setting a hard and fast pace and angling my hips to slam into his prostate repeatedly, his legs wrapped tightly around my waist, face in the crook of my neck, fingernails absolutely tearing up my back, and groans falling shamelessly from both our mouths.

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.” I can feel him tightening around my shaft, can physically feel him approaching orgasm, pushing me along as well. “C-close, phil, gonna cu-cum.”
I reach between us to fist his swollen cock, alerting him to my similar state, I’m losing pattern, heat pooling in my abdomen, before I feel Dan clench around me so fucking tight, my hips stutter and I can hear dan yelling his release as I spill into the condom, thrusting shallowly to ride out our orgasms.

“So fucking good, better than I ever imagined.” Dan giggles breathlessly, swatting my slick chest playfully as I gently pull out of him, careful not to hurt him, tie off the condom, tossing it into the bin, and falling onto my back beside dan. Our breathing synchronizes, sweat and cum drying uncomfortably on our naked bodies, and yet dan rolling over onto my chest, curling into my side, his arm draped around my midsection.

“This ok? I don’t usually get to like, uhm, cuddle? After sex I mean, so yeah sorry if this is weird, yeah.” I wrap my arm around him, holding him to my side when I feel him start to extract himself out of embarrassment.

“Shh, gonna sleep, yeah? S’nice. You’re warm.” And something feels right, as dan shifts to get more comfortable and then lays his head on my chest, his hair tickling my chin, legs tangled with my own. Something feels right, and I have a little feeling this won’t be the last time I find myself with an armful of tan skin and warm brown eyes.

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what is the wedding bracelet thing about? in that last anon ask you answered? would you mind explaining, sorry to be a bother

ahere we go, i kinda wanna talk about this forever (definitely not a bother, anon!)

so, july 2014, Jay and Dan got married, and the entirety of one direction descended on the wedding. (except zayn, he was at a camp with perrie’s family, moving on)

liam was there with sophia (mr. and mrs. bond, anyone?)

niall was there playing some golf

and drinking some beer (as you do, when you are niall)

and then we have mr. harry styles, perfect little snowflake, getting his titties out, its a black tie posh wedding but i am cute, i dont care, my titties need air, dont you dare

just casually chatting to sophia about their boyfriends who are both in one direction, did you know?

i dont know if this funnier because of the poster’s url or in spite of it

the jay-dan wedding is important in the larry fandom because of the timing, it was in the middle of the louis-and-harry-hate-each-other-larries-ruined-their-friendship phase of PR, oh but look who jay was introducing to everyone nearest and dearest

i kind of love their relationship (oooh daisy and pheobe in the foreground being so beautiful)

and this beautiful moment nearly five years in the making: 

this is louis’ grandad, jay’s father

they have met before, anne too

and grandpa has always loved louis’ boyfriend platonic bandmate bro pal

they’re exclusive members of the ‘cheer-on-louis-tomlinson-playing-football’ club

so this is extra extra beautiful, that while evryone else got smiles,harry got hugs

the rest of the tomlinsons contributed too; this is lottie sharing a photo of her “hair” (and her brother’s “harry”, but whatever)

the tomlinsons wouldnt know subtle if it hit them in the face, but i will move on to the wrist band

so all the wedding guests were apparently required to wear this wrist band, preumably for security reasons

and even after the wedding was over, harry kept his on for days

we get it harry, it is important to you, that wedding was important to you

antis ask, “was it? maybe he just couldnt be bothered to take it off, maybe he couldnt find scissors to shear it off.” 

okay then, so clearly he would keep it till it wore out and fell off on its own, which is kind of what happened in the middle of the Toronto concert in August 

fine done and over with right? 


you see, in september 2014, louis plays a charity football match in the UK, and after the newly instigated larry talk since the wedding, harry needs to be seen away, NOT AT THE FOOTBALL MATCH. 

sure enough, the day before the match, harry is mobbed at LAX (which celebrity goes through airports without security? i swear i want to have words with his management team) 

and what is on his bag? the frayed wedding wrist band from jay’s wedding

let it sink in that - in the middle of concert, harry ran backstage to pull off the fraying wrist band and keep it safe, so that he can pull it out and tie it VISIBLY to his bag later - let that sink in for a little bit, go on, we have time.

bonus: he is also wearing that goddamn blue bandana 


Fools With Benefits

Hi there! So, here I bring you my new oneshot. I have been writing it for two days and I think I’m happy with the outcome of this story, so I hope you like it and any type of feedback is welcome!

summary: Dan and Phil have a ‘‘friends with benefits’‘ kind of relationship. They are both in love and afraid to confess in case the lose each other. What will happen when they both decide to come clear with the other on the same day which happens to be Phil’s brother’s wedding? Will everything turn out okay?

words: 5.6k

no trigger warnings

authors note: more mature language and scenes that in my other oneshots

“You back looks great all scratched up.” Dan said as he bit his lower lip while he checked Phil out from the bed, who was putting his black skinny jeans in the middle of the bedroom.

They had just had sex and now Phil was getting ready to go and help his brother with some wedding thing. Or at least what is what Dan understood before the two of them stumbled into his flat and ended up undressing each other in the hallway.

“Yeah?” Phil looked at him over his shoulder, also looking at Dan as if he was the most delicious treat he was going to eat, “Yours should look the same after you fucked me yesterday in the sofa, I bet it also looks good.” he said with a cheeky smile before grabbing his button up shirt and rapidly doing up the buttons.

Dan chuckled at this and threw him a pillow, which Phil easily dodged by ducking his head and landed by his closet “Go or you will be late!”

Phil offered him a smile before picking up the pillow and throwing it back to Dan, who grabbed it and clutched it to his naked chest.

“See you at uni.” And with that Phil was gone.


Dan laid in his bed just thinking for an hour after Phil had left, still hugging the pillow the blue eyed had thrown at him. He and Phil weren’t in a relationship, they were just “friends with benefits” you could say. After a drunken hook-up at one of their many uni parties, they decided to continue having sex without any strings attached, just two guys helping each other out, that was it.

They first established some rules. One, just pecks were allowed, no tongue action (they only kissed pasionately that first time and that was it, no more) and two, if any of them wanted to meet and they weren’t with each other already they would text “I’m lonely” and the other would come, only if they were in the mood too.

But Dan was having trouble with this “relationship”. Everytime he and Phil meet he always had the urge to kiss him deep, but he knew he couldn’t and had to repress it. Oh, yeah, he also forgot to mention he was in love with Phil.

Somewhere in their agreement Dan realized that he wanted more than just casual sex with Phil. He wanted little dates in the park and lazy Sundays by the tv; but, he was sure Phil didn’t want that with him.

Dan let out a long sigh before climbing out of now cold sheets and heading to the shower. He needed to clear his mind.


Phil was mindlessly walking to meet his brother to talk about his wedding. Yeah, Martyn was getting married to his high school sweethart and he still hadn’t found anyone. Well, he kind of had Dan but… They were just “friends with benefits” so it really wasn’t a boyfriend/boyfriend relationship, and he wanted one of those. But not with anyone, just with Dan. He wanted to be with Dan; he wanted to be his boyfriend.

He had been wanting to ask Dan out properly, but he was afraid the brown haired didn’t want something more and their “friends with benefits” thing would go to waste along with their friendship. He let out a frustrated groan at this, he didn’t think being in love with someone would be so difficult.

“What’s bothering you so much, little brother?” a deep voice said behind him, making Phil jump a bit.

“Martyn! Don’t scare me like that!” the blue eyed turned around to hug his brother, “Nothing, just, life things…”

“Life things, uh? Do these life things have brown eyes and hair?” Martyn teased him, poking him in the ribs, “by the way, when are you going to tell Dan you love him?”

“Shhh! I don’t want the whole street to know!” Phil shushsed him, grabbing him by the forearm and pulling him to the zebra crossing, waiting for the light to turn green. “And I don’t know, I just don’t wanna lose him, okay?”

He was glad he told Martyn about his agreement with Dan. He had to after he showed up one day with hickeys on his neck and Martyn practically pressured him to tell him who he was seeing.

“I know that Phil, but maybe it’s best if you finally tell him, I mean, you two cannot keep this forever, right?” Martyn was right. They couldn’t keep this forever and he knew it. “Well, maybe…”

“Maybe what, Martyn? Just spit out what you wanna say.”

“Maybe you could tell him at my wedding! You are still bringing Dan as your ’‘plus one” right? It will be all romantic and nice.“ the oldest Lester rushed out, not wanting Phil to stop him midsentence.

’'I don’t think it’s a good idea… your wedding it’s only a week away, it is too soon! I’m not ready.” Phil complained. Saturday was just a week away and it was going to be an stressing week and… no, he couldn’t.

“You want me to be honest? I think Dan deserves to know that you love him, you cannot keep dragging you both into the rabbit hole of what a ’'friends with benefits” relationship or whatever it is that you two have, don’t you think?“ Martyn responded, now being him who had to bring his brother by the forearm so they could cross the street.

Phil nooded, really debating in his head if he should just go with his brother’s idea…

’'Don’t think too much about it, little brother. If you feel brave enough to tell him at the wedding just do, if not, well, you could always tell him some other day, but don’t wait years, please!” Martyn almost pleaded him in the middle of the street.

“Okay, I will think about it but I don’t promise anything!” Phil said, lifting his voice a bit at the last word.

“That’s my bro!” and then Martyn ruffled his hair, messing up his not so straightened black hair that had been slightly disheveled after his activities with Dan a few minutes ago…

“Stop it!” Phil laughed, trying to tame his hair, “Let’s go have a coffee before you start rating about how much you like the flavour for your wedding cake for the seventeenth time in this past week.”

“I think I only said it fifteen, but okay.”

Phil just contunued walking faster, leaving his brother behind.


Dan had invited his friend Louise over on Tuesday so she could help him with the suit he was going to wear to Phil’s brother’s wedding. Phil was Martyn’s best man and Dan was going as his 'plus one’ since he wasn’t really dating anyone and what a better way to bare a family wedding than bringing your best friend slash fuckbuddy to it, uh?

He and Phil hadn’t been able to see each other yesterday or today at uni, they both had busy schedules and Phil even more with the wedding being in like five days so he just texted each other in class breaks or at night. He was kind of missing Phil’s presence, and it had just been a few days…

“I think you should wear the black one, Dan, the grey doesn’t suit you that much…” Louise commented, watching Dan’s reflection on the giant mirror of his bedroom.

“Yeah, I also think so…” Dan murmured, appreciating the body the suit made him. He looked great. “Now, which tie?” he turned to face Louise and picked up the two he though they would look the best on him and he held them against his chest which was claded in the white button up shirt he was wearing underneath his suit.

“Um, you know, the scarlet red looks great but the emerald green though, it looks amazing!” Louise exclaimed, snatching the red one from Dan’s hand and throwing it behind her, “also Phil loves green so it’s a bonus.”

“Yeah, he loves green, it’s his favourite colour…” Dan ducked his head and turned around again, trying not to show the blush that was appearing on his cheeks due to the though of Phil linking his tie.

“Do not dare to hide your rosy cheeks from me Daniel Howell!” Louise said, pointing at the reflection in the mirror where she could see everything, “I know thinking of Phil makes you al soft so don’t even try!”

Dan chuckled. Louise was a great friend, really. When he told her he and Phil had a kind of no-strings-attached sex she had been a bit worried about him, but about a few months ago he confessed to her that he had fallen in love with Phil and was waiting for the perfect moment to tell him and she was estastic. Even though he didn’t think Phil loved him back he couldn’t hide his feelings anymore.

“Are you planning on telling him you love him at the wedding?” Louise’s voice brought him back to reality, “I know you think he doesn’t love you back but let me tell you, I have seen the way he looks at you at lectures or when we all hang out and that is love, I know it when I see it.”

“I don’t know, it’s his brother’s wedding, he will probably be around his family all the time…” Dan muttered, giving up trying to tie the piece of clothing around his neck and sitting next to Louise in his bed, “I just realized that casual sex with him it’s not enough for me. I want to hold his hand while we walk or kiss him everytime he jumps from excitement when he gets a good grade on a essay but I cannot do that because I’m not his boyfriend and it sucks.” Dan sighed and let his body fall slowly against the mattress, ending with a 'puf’.

Louise put a comforting hand over his knee, shaking it a bit, “I think you should tell him, maybe by the end of the wedding, see if you can get him alone…”

Dan was silently thinking about what his friend was saying before speaking again, “If it doesn’t work out you are going to have to buy all the ice cream and tissues that are left in the supermarket next to your flat.”

“It will, don’t worry. It will.” Louise offered him a smile before letting herself fall back down onto the mattress also, “Now, what do you say we watch a movie in our pyjamas, eh?”

“You are the best, Louise. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me, you know I’m here for everything Dan, but now, popcorn and movies await!” Louise jumped from the bed and held out a hand for her friend so he could lift himself up.

“You know? Popcorn is Phil’s favourite food, he eats it everytime; when he is studying, reading a book, playing videogames… ” Dan cheekily told her, grabbing her hand and standing up next to her.

Louise let out a groan and smaked him on the shoulder, “Stop being so in love Howell, ugh, it’s disgusting.”

Even though she was already out of the room she could hear Dan’s loud laugh echoing through the hallway, following her to prepare the movie night.


The day was finally here. It was the Saturday his brother was getting married and he couldn’t stop pacing around the church’s altar stairs, where he would be standing in less than an hour.

Phil felt a bit guilty because on the previous days to the wedding he had practically ignored Dan because of his nerves even though he had wanted the opposite of that. He just wanted a comforting hug from the brown eyed and to tell him everything was going to be fine, that he wasn’t going to fuck it up as the clumsy guy he was.

What if he didn’t come because Phil just didn’t make sure he was going to come? What if Dan was mad at him and decided that not showing up whas the perfect revenge for it? No, Dan wouldn’t do that, right?

But not only that. He had also been worrying a lot about how to tell Dan he loves him. It was too much…

“Phil, you are going to create a hole on the floor with all your pacing.” he heard his mom’s voice a few feet away from him.

“I’m just nervous mum, what if I trip or something? You know coordination is not my thing…” Phil worriedly said, looking at the floor.

“It’s not going to happen, don’t worry dear. But I’m sensing something more is wrong, do you wanna talk about it?”

He knew his mom would sense that he couldn’t be just that nervous about tripping or falling. But he couldn’t tell his mum that he had just been ignoring his best friend and was afraid he wouldn’t come and ruin his plan of telling him that he loves him.

“I’m fine mum, it will go away.” He could see his mom didn’t believe him, but he didn’t care, this wasn’t the moment to confess something like that.

She just nodded and brought him into a hug, which he gladly accepted and let himself find some comfort in his mother’s arms “Dan will come, don’t worry, okay?”

Phil just separated himself from the hug to look dazzedly at his mum, 'how did she even know?’

“Philip, don’t look so surprised, a mother knows best.”

And with that Mrs. Lester made her way out of the venue to greet the few guests that were starting to arrive, leaving Phil to defeatedly sit in one of the benches.


Dan paid the taxi that brought him to the venue and was now climbing up the stairs to the main entrance of the church where the wedding was taking place.

He had been deep in thought all the way to here because he and Phil hadn’t been talking that much this week. He sensed Phil was just nervous and he probably didn’t want to bother him with wedding stuff, so he kept it all to himself like he always did, even though Dan had tried to approach Phil he just dismissed it, telling him he was fine when he clearly just needed a hug.

But now it wasn’t time to dwell on what happened those days before, he needed to make sure today went okay so he could finally confess his feelings, even though he was sure they wouldn’t be reciprocated…

A chirpy voice called him from the main entrance as he was just stepping the last few three stairs, “Daniel! It’s so nice too see you, look at you all dashing in that suit, such a handsome gentleman you are!”

“Hello Mrs. Lester, thank you so much,” Dan blushed a bit but still found his charm to compliment her too, “You look beautiful too, lilac looks good on you.”

Mrs. Lester just shushed him and grabbed his forearm, bringing him inside, “Now go, see if you can stop Phil from creating a hole by the altar from all the nervous pacing he was doing.”

“But…” and before Dan could even respond she was already greeting another guest.

The brown haired just sighed and started walking down further into the church, spotting Phil sitting down in one of the front rows, as if he was admiting the architecture from the church’s ceiling. The light that was streaming down the stained glass windows was creating different patterns on it, making the scenery much beautiful than it already was.

Dan quietly made his way down next to Phil, trying not to make any noise till he was sitting next to his best friend, who hadn’t spotted him already. “Nervous?”

Phil jumped up from the bench at the voice and let out a loud 'Ahhh’ at Dan’s appearence, “Dan! Don’t scare me like that again!”

Dan laughed, standing up in front of Phil, “I just had to, you were in the perfect position to be scared!” Phl just huffed, glad that Dan had decided to show up.

“At least you weren’t pacing like your mom told me you would be, care to tell me why are you so nervous?” Dan inquired, looking a bit worriedly at Phil, who sighed and stayed silent for what is seemed like minutes, as if he was debating if really tell Dan.

“I was worried you weren’t going to come,” Phil finally let out in a quiet voice, ducking his head down as if he was afraid of voicing his thoughts, “After I mostly ignored you this last few days I was afraid you wouldn’t come…”

“Hey,” Dan took a step closer, posing both hands on Phil’s forearms and rubbing them a bit, “I know you were nervous about the wedding. Yes, I felt that we were a bit distant but it’s okay, I understand.” Dan could sense Phil still needed a bit of reassuring.

“So we are good?” Phil lifted his head so he could look into the deep brown eyes in front of him.

“Of course,” Dan brought him into a hug, which he felt Phil needed by the way he clung to him.

Once they separated Dan was feeling a bit brave so he leaned in a bit so he could whisper into Phil’s ear, “now c'mon, let’s walk around a bit; you need to show how good you look in that suit.” He didn’t care if they weren’t a couple, he couldn’t pass the opportunity to compliment Phil.

The blue eyed’s cheek tinted red, but soon he leaned in also, feeling confident, “You look great too, I love the green tie, it’s my favourite colour as if you already didn’t know.”

Dan playfully pushed him back a bit, both of them laughing a bit before walking towards the gardens that were at the back of the church.


The whole ceremony was beautiful. Dan and Phil kept glancing at each other, and even though they were a few metres apart they could see the others’ watery eyes when they had heard the newlywed couple say 'I do’.

The just married couple was having its’ first dance in the middle of the hotel ballroom where they had had the banquet a few hours ago. All of the guests were admiring the way they couple moved easily around the room, big smiles in both of their faces. Phil must admit he was a bit jealous of his brother in that moment.

Phil wanted that so bad. The happiness Martyn was showing, sharing it with the person he loved most. But he couldn’t have that, not when that person didn’t love him back. He looked back at Dan, who was sitting next to him and saw the small smile he had on his face, admiring the couple as most of the others were doing. He was probably imagining himself and his future partner dancing this way, and that partner wasn’t Phil, he was sure of it… Just the thought of it made him want to cry.

Phil felt how his eyes were watering, and he didn’t want to cry in front of everyone, even thought he could pass it as an emotional moment he was sure his mother (and probably Dan) would notice that it wasn’t because of the wedding dance.

He suddenly heard the music change and blurry people making their way to the dancefloor, meaning the newlyweds’ dance had ended so he rapidly croaked out an 'excuse me’ and left the room almost running, not wanting anyone to see him cry.


It all happened in a blur. Dan was just enjoying the dancing couple and was about to ask Phil if he wanted to go outside to skip the dancing since they both didn’t really like it but Phil stood up faster than lightning, excused himself and went out. Dan could swear he heard Phil’s voice crack, as if he was about to cry.

He looked around, and his gaze met with Mrs. Lester, who had a bit of worried expression on her face as she had also seen Phil run out of the room. Dan saw her mouthing a 'go’ while moving her head in the direction of the door his son had escaped from not minutes ago. Dan didn’t even think about it and also darted out after Phil, hoping he hadn’t gone too far.

He looked in the bathroom first, but it was empty. He then tried by the room they had left their coats, but he wasn’t there either. He checked the big garden that surrounded the hotel and was about to turn back when he spoted a human figure sitting in one of the swinging benches that was hanging from the branches of a big tree.

Dan looked at him attentively. Phil had his head down, looking at how his feet just graced the gravel that was under the bench. He saw how the blue eyed sniffled a bit, he had been crying for sure.

He slowly approached him, “hey” he said softly, not wanting to disturb Phil, who just lifted his head and cleaned the few tears that were falling down from his eyes.

“What are you doing here, Dan? Just go back, I just needed a moment, that’s all…” Phil said, looking  to the left as Dan sat next to him by his right side.

“I’m not going anywhere, not when you are crying” Dan was thinking about grabbing his hand, but thought twice about it and decided not to.

Phil turned his head a bit as if he was about to tell some lame excuse about why he was crying, but Dan didn’t let him, “Don’t lie to me and tell me it’s because of the wedding, Phil Lester. I know you and I know something is making you sad.”

The blue eyed sighed deeply. “I was watching them dance and I was just thinking that I want something like that, you know? It made me realize how lonely I am.”

“But you have me.” Dan interrupted him, which made Phil look at him a bit surprised at his outburst, “I mean, we are best friends but we are not in a romantic relationship, we just fuck but…” he started to explain but he didn’t really know what or how to explain.

“But what?” Phil repeated, still looking at Dan, who was gaping like a fish as he was trying to find the best words to explain what he was about to say.

Dan sighed. It was now or never. Even if it ruined his friendship with Phil, it was time to confess his love for him.

“But, we could maybe have one?” Dan cautiously let out, as if he was counting his words. He looked back at Phil, who was just silent. 'I fucked up’ was the only thought repeatedly in Dan’s mind. “Look Phil, I’m sorry forget I said…”

“Do you really want a romantic relationship with me, Dan?” Phil spoke, interrupting Dan mid-sentence.

“Yes, I want that but if you don’t it’s okay I can just…” Dan sighed again, not really knowing what to expect from it.

“What if I also want to be with you? Romantically, I mean.” Phil suddenly said, making Dan look at him as if he was mad.

“You want to be with me? You want to be my…” Dan paused, not really knowing if he should voice the 'word’ or not.

“Boyfriend?” Phil finished it for him, a small smile showing on his face, “Yeah, I want to… and I have been wanting too for a long time now.” Phil confessed, blushing a bit.

“Are you telling me that we both have been wanting to go further in this 'friends with benefits’ thing and we waited till now to say it?” Dan almost screamed at their stupidness. Yeah, he couldn’t describe it any other way.

“Hey, don’t be mad” Phil grabbed Dan’s hand, lacing their fingers together. ‘’You could say we were fools with benefits now’’ making both of them chuckle a bit but Phil turned serious again before continuing. “I was afraid I would lose you forever and I didn’t want that…”

Dan calmed down a bit when he felt his hand in Phil’s. It was different from all those times when he and Phil had laced hands while they had sex… It felt nice. “I was afraid of that too. I was afraid you didn’t want this with me that’s why mostly I continued with the agreement we had. At least that way I could still keep you close to me…” his voice quieted down in the last few words.

Phil brought Dan into a much needed hug, scooting a bit closer, where both instantly relaxed in each others arms. It felt safe. It was safe. After what it seemed like hours they finally separated but Dan let his arms rest around Phil’s shoulders, bringing his face a bit closer too.

“I have been wanting to do something I couldn’t do in our agreement, and I would like to do it now if you let me…” Dan whispered, biting his bottom lip.

Phil curiously looked at him, as if he didn’t remember what Dan was talking about, “What are you talking about? What couldn’t we do?”

“I’m talking about this…” but before Dan could press their lips together in a deep kiss a piercing voice was heard through the garden’s entrance “Philip Lester! Family pictures NOW!”

Both of them separated, jumping away from each other at Phil’s aunt’s voice, who was waiting for Phil to come to her so they could go an take the pictures.

“Sorry Dan I…” Phil apologized, standing up form the bench, not really knowing what to do about his aunt’s interruption.

“Go, I will be around.” Dan softly said, a small smile appearing, “but, find me later so we can take a picture, okay?”

“Okay.” Phil mirrored his smile and started walking backwards towards his aunt, not taking his eyes out of Dan who was just looking at him and mouthing him to go.

“Philip we don’t have all day!” his aunt’s voice called for him again, making him turn around and run towards her.

Dan just had to laugh a the way his aunt was scolding him for being late to the photo session. He could have a drink while he waited for his boyfriend to come back. He giggled on his way to the bar.

Boyfriend, what a nice word.


The wedding had ended and Phil was driving Dan to his flat. He and Dan had managed to take a few pictures and dance a bit even though their coordination wasn’t the best they had a good time. Phil had been wanting to continue what was about to happen in the garden a few hours ago, but they didn’t seem to be alone and he didn’t really feel comfortable kissing Dan as he wanted to in front of his family. It would have to wait.

“It was fun.” Dan’s soft and tired voice startled him from his concentrated driving, “I’m glad I had the honor of being your plus one.”

“I’m glad you accepted the invitation, I don’t know if I could have handled my family by myself.” they both laughed at Phil’s response and before he could say anything more Phil parked the car in front of Dan’s building, indicating they had arrived.

“We’re here” the blue eyed commented, turning off the ignite and unbuckling his seatbelt, Dan doing the same. “Can I walk you up?”

Dan just nodded and exited the car, waiting for Phil to do the same and walking towards the entrance of the building, patiently waiting for the elevator, a comfortable silence between the two on the way up to Dan’s floor where in a few steps they finally reached the door.

Dan leaned back against his front door, looking at Phil, “Thank you for today… boyfriend.” It felt a bit weird to say it still, even though it had a familiar ring to it.

They both chuckled, still not believing they had had the courage to take a step forward in their relationship. “You are welcome… boyfriend.” Phil responded, moving slowly towards Dan so he was closer to him, their foreheads almost touching.

“Do you think we could finish now what we were about to do in the garden?” Phil shyly asked, looking into Dan’s brown eyes, which were more black than brown.

“Well, no one is stopping you, right?” Dan teased, grabbing Phil’s tie and bringing him a bit closer than he was, their foreheads now touching.

Phil shook his head and closed the few centimetres that were separating their lips, slowly caressing each other, enoying the new sensation that they hadn’t been able to feel in a long time. Soon Phil’s hands made their way to Dan’s waist, bringing him closer as they both deepened the kiss, tongues teasing each other trying to remember the taste since that first time they slept together, a few moans escaping their mouths, not really wanting to stop. Dan moved his free hand to Phil’s hair, trying to bring him even closer.

Once air was needed they reclutantly separated but didn’t let go of each other’s bodies, “why did we establish that stupid rule of not kissing with tongue?” Dan asked in a few breaths.

“I don’t know, I guess we thought it had been enough when it clearly was not.” and with that Phil leaned in again, biting Dan’s bottom lip as if asking for permission to kiss him again, which the brown eyed gladly granted him closing the space between them once more.

“Stay, please.” Dan whispered once they parted their lips again. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to but I wanna sleep next to you. We never stayed to sleep and I want that, I want to know how is it to sleep next to you.” he rushed out, feeling that he needed to get those feelings out of his chest.

Phil looked at him, a soft smile on his face. One of his hands cupped Dan’s cheek, making him lean into the touch, “If you want me to stay I will. I bet you are adorable trying to evade the first rays of sunlight that make its way through your curtains.”

Dan playfully hit him on the chest, creating a small space between them but quickly grabbing Phil by the tie again and kissing him, not deepening it, just brushing their lips together as he fished his keys from the front pocket, trying to skillfully open the door but not succeding.

Phil separated from him, chuckling at what his boyfriend was trying to do, “now, open it.”

Dan quickly turned around and easily unlocked the door, blindly throwing his keys somewhere into he hallway before grabbing Phil by the hand and closing the front door by pushing the blue eyed’s body against it, kissing him passionatelly for who knows how many minutes till they made it into Dan’s bed, where they continued kisssing till early hours into the morning.

You could say they only stopped to confess truthful 'I love you’s that ended up in sweet love making.  


Dan and Phil had been dating for a month already. They went on multiple dates, that weren’t that different from what they did when they had only been friends, but now they got to kiss each other and hold hands wherever and whenever they wanted. And the sex had gotten much better, which was a bonus to be honest.

They had just finished a round of slow morning sex and were just laying in the middle of Dan’s bed, naked and kissing lazily while their bodies were covered by the thin sheet protecting them from the early morning chill.

Dan was about to push his boyfriend into the mattress so he laid underneath him when suddenly Phil stopped moving his lips, separating their bodies a bit.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked, looking into Phil’s eyes, an alarmed expression appearing on his face.

Phil just stood up, running around the bedroom, picking up the clothes that were scattered around it and starting to dress himself, “I promised Martyn and Cornelia I would pick them up from the airport in about an hour since they are coming back today from their honeymoon!”

Phil just finished putting on his shoes when he took a last look at his boyfriend, who was just looking at him with an amused expression, laying in bed as he leaned back on his elbows with his bare chest marked by multiple hickeys, messy curls on top of his head while bitting his bottom lip as he tried to repress a laugh and the sheet just covering enough not to tempt Phil to go back to bed with him.

“One last kiss before you go?” Dan said in a sweet tone, one that he knew Phil couldn’t resist.

Phil rolled his eyes but smiled, crawling into bed again over the sheets, pushing his body between Dan’s legs as he leaned down to kiss him, his hands resting next to Dan’s waist, trying not to crush him.

Dan smiled against the kiss, lifting his right hand to Phil’s nape, caressing the small baby hairs there and bringing him closer while he bit his boyfriend’s bottom lip, making Phil open up his mouth so their tongues could caress each other, making the kiss more eager than before, earning a few moans from the blue eyed.

The hand on Phil’s nape made its’ way down to Phil’s jeans, unbottoning them slowly, palming his boyfriend’s already hardness, making him groan loudly.

“You know what? They can get a taxi.”

And with that Dan flipped them, making Phil’s back hit the soft mattress as he let his boyfriend undress him again so they could enjoy another round of morning sex.

“Have you ever thought about doing, like, a video tour of your house?”

“You think people would wanna see my house?” Dan asks as he fits the key into the lock. His front door swings open soundlessly. Inside it’s dark, with only a little bit of illumination from the kitchen to light their way as they step over the threshold. Dan still isn’t quite used to living alone. He always half expects Barry to walk around the corner, eating cereal in his underwear or otherwise doing Barry things.

“Man, I love your house!” Arin enthuses as Dan sets about flipping on light switches. “It’s got good, like- what’s the word? You know, when a place has good vibes?”

“I think you’re thinking of feng shui?” Dan preens a little. He likes his place, too. It’s definitely a reflection of who he is, so to hear Arin praise it gives him something akin to the warm and fuzzies.

He loops his arm through Arin’s, starts to lead him toward a door at the end of the hall. “I like to do my writing in here,” he explains. “It’s peaceful and stuff.”

Arin breaks away from him as soon as they enter the room, makes a beeline for the nearest stack of papers. Dan doesn’t think to stop him. He lets Arin look around while he searches for what Arin actually came to see- the beginnings of a new Starbomb song. None of them have done any formal writing for a third album but Dan was struck with inspiration. He figures Arin may be able to flesh it out, turn it into something tangible.

He’s still searching when he hears Arin gasp behind him, and then a muttered, “Whoa.”

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The Interviewee

Request: hey you ^~^ i wanna say you’re one of my favorite writers 😹💜 i think i have already read everything hahah can you do one like, reader is interviewed by dan (like he did with the thg cast) and she says that she knows him and phil, but then after that, later she sees dan in the hotel and go talk to him and things just start working out between them…

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Love the idea, super cute!

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by dannyhowell

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N. How are you?”

You smiled brightly at the two before you. Fixing your dress, you scooted to become more comfortable and gripped the microphone with practiced ease. “I’m well, thank you. Thank you for having me.” You thanked the two boys before you, a warm, welcoming presence evident in your smile.

“Thank you for coming. I am Phil and this is Dan.” The black-haired one greeted, reaching out to shake your head. Politely, you leaned forward shaking ones and then the others hand. You laughed lightly, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear; “yes, Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil, i’m big fans of the both of you.” You complimented.

The brown haired one, Dan, smiled brightly but albeit shocked. “You watch our youtube channels?”

“Yes, it’s why I came for the interview.” You explained, sending a dazzling smile his way. You couldn’t help but giggle slightly on the inside when you saw his cheeks light up with ever so slight blush. “Well, it’s a pleasure. We are also fans of you, but we are here for the fans to hear about your new movie, M/T.”

“What can fans expect from this new feature film?” Dan composed himself, reading off the card and asking the questions precisely written on the card before him.

“Fans can expect a thrilling, horror-flick of a girl and her partner trying to discover the secrets hidden well deep in the mental hospital.” You smiled, explaining the filmed you been working ages on. You were very excited for your new film to come out, as you thought it had a lot of potential and you were proud of it.

“Wonderful!” Phil smiled. You let your eyes wander to Dan, catching the way he carefully watched you. Sending him a little wink, you turned back to Phil for another question.

Walking through the lobby halls, you organized yourself. After a tiring but exciting day of interviews you were ready to crash on your bed. Though, that was the plan, before you caught sight of Dan, the one who’d interviewed you earlier and who you’d had a major crush on for months on end. Smiling, you decided to walk up to him.

“Hey Dan, didn’t know you’d be here.” He spun, shocked to hear your voice. You smiled brightly up at him. “Y/N?” He questioned, clearly shocked. You waved, a sheepish smile upon your lips. “That’s me.”


“Thank you for the interview by the way.” You interrupted him, shaking your head with a smirk. He flushed, embarrassed before clearing his throat. “Thank you for coming.”

“Well, I should get going.” You reached out your hand, he hesitantly, shocked, reached out and grasped your lithe hand. His brows furrowing when he felt you slide a piece of paper in his hand and quickly let go, you smiled before waving and walking away. Staring down, he read the number before him and couldn’t help but chuckle quietly when he saw your little doodle of a smiley face. He looked up, watching after your back before cheering.

{ sweeter than sugar }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

t/w: none!

a/n: features more little space and for once, a little reader!

inbox || masterlist

“We’ll be back in a little, darlings.” Laf’s words echoed in your head. “Behave, yes?” 

You, John, and Alex all nodded from where you were cuddled up on the couch. Herc kissed you all goodbye. As soon as the door shut, the three of you sat up a little. 

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anonymous asked:

ppl always act like dan and phil having separate rooms is the biggest phanti proof but tbh I never got the point of couples sharing a room, like what do you do when you wanna just get away and be alone with your things that are Yours. bed-sharing is nice but rooms,,nah m8

dan and phil wrote in tabinof that they needed space because they don’t leave the house……their own giant hamster balls……….if they are gonna be around each other all the time (romantically or platonically) they need space

anonymous asked:

dan and phil being rlly awkward in the bed room like ,,,, phil trying to dirty talk but he can't and dan just wanting phil to be comfortable n stuff ,,,,, just real domestic

d o m e s t i c as hell tbh, but cute so enjoyy

- are you going to eat your food? phil hums, palms smoothing up dan’s back, dragging the shirt dan’s wearing up with it. dan had ran around his room, changing from one shirt to another right before they sat down. it’s silly, he knows, since their plan was to watch marvel movies and have take out, but he can’t help himself. will you let me? phil mumbles. he arches forward to mouth at dan’s lips, soft lashes spanning across rose colored cheeks.

- dan presses his grin to phil’s lips, pushing him back down against the couch. phil’s fingers tickle under his shirt and dan’s kind of in love with the feel of phil’s skin on his own, the way they fit perfectly together. phil drags kisses across dan’s chin before kissing lower, trailing wet marks along the column of his throat, where dan can feel the vibration of his groans. no, dan murmurs, hips rolling up against phil’s like a reflex, hand gripping at the back of phil’s neck to tug him back in for a kiss.

- he kisses phil slow, the curl of their tongues against each other matching the rock of their hips and honestly, he could spend hours kissing phil, if it weren’t for the everything else on phil’s body that distracted him. c’mon, phil moans, angling his head to kiss dan deeper, not moving off dan despite his lame attempt at telling dan he wants to be in the bedroom. he’s never been good at words, but dan has always been good at understand anyway.

- c’mon, phil tries again and dan looks so gorgeous like this. his eyes are heavy lidded, and his lips are swollen and slick. the lights are dim, but he can still see the flush crawling across dan’s skin. want you in my room…

- dan’s lips quirk up as he lets phil go, fingers catching phil’s as phil climbs off of his lap. slowly they waddle through the dimly lit hallway, dan sliding his fingers through phil’s to tug him forward. dan’s grin is big, the warmth in his eyes noticeable despite the dark of the hallway.

- phil stumbles into his room with dan’s hands on his hips, attempting to keep him steady. dan disappears for a moment, his warmth disappearing with him before the room floods with light. phil barely has a moment to blink before dan is on him again, fingers gripping his cheeks and lips coaxing his open. he moans into it, pushing his fingers under dan’s shirt to explore his warm skin. how do you want me, phil? dan breathes, curling his fingers around the band of phil’s jeans. he fumbles with the button as phil drags his shirt over his head.

- every way, phil manages and kisses dan again, fingers moving to push dan’s shirt away. i, uh, wanna get deep, you know, you always get so loud, phil says, and his voice is so shaky, nervous. dan cups his cheek, face softening as he presses a kiss to phil’s lips. you don’t have to say things like that, if you don’t want to, phil. i like what we have anyway

- phil presses his chest closer to dan so he can slide his hands under the brim of dan’s pants, wiggling them farther down his thighs. i want to, dan, it’s okay, i’m okay, he murmurs. he cups dan through his briefs, rubbing his palm against his length as dan moans shamelessly. suddenly, dan’s world tips as phil guides them backwards towards the bed eagerly but still careful, placing dan on the mattress before crawling ontop him. he rolls his hips down, and phil wishes they could be like this always.

- dan’s giggle breaks off into a moan as phil grinds down against him, cock rubbing down against phil’s. i wanna test that stamina you always go on about, phil whispers, seeing the quirk of dan’s lips as he ducks his head forward to tongue above dan’s belly button. it’s a soft glide against dan’s skin, flattening between his ribcage, rolling over a perked nipple. phil takes his time, making dan squirm underneath him as he maps out his skin, moaning as he does like he gets off on the taste.

- dan let’s out a wrecked moan, it drives him mad, the way phil takes his time, leaving him to squirm on the sheets at the feel of phil tonguing against his skin. but he loves it, the way phil rubs his palms on the inside of his thighs, spreading them as he trails bruises along his hips. the way he groans when dan huffs out an overwhelmed sound every time phil pulls his skin into his mouth.

- phil’s hand smooth up the back of dan’s thighs, guiding them open and dan whimpers, cock pressing up against his stomach, red and angry, phil slides a slick finger inside him, trailing kisses back up to suck softly at the base of his prick. dan groans softly, it feels like it’s been forever since he felt phil’s fingers, much thicker than his own and there’s something, something else, something indescribable. it’s as though phil had a way of putting all of his feelings into his fingertips, making dan feel it instead of saying it out loud because dan knows that’s what phil is hesitant about it, this, what they are.

- gonna let me hear you? phil hums, voice falling into something deep that makes dan’s toes curl. gonna, uh, get loud for me, dan? he murmurs, pushing a second finger past dan’s rim, and it sounds nervous, but real. red creeps farther up phil’s cheeks as he exhales, skin starting to dampen with sweat. his hair sticks out messily at the top of his head, like it always does because dan can never keep his fingers out of it.

- phil drags his fingers before thrusting them back in, a slow and sloppy rhythmn, that’s somehow endearing. yeah, you want it, shaking and moaning and all i’ve got is two fingers in you, dan moans helplessly at that, hands gripping phil’s waist as he rolls his hips back against phil’s fingers. a tremble runs down dan’s spin, a whimper leaving his lips that sounds loud in the quiet room as phil nudges a third against him. arousal explodes in phil’s belly as he watches dan’s cock twitch against his navel. phil isn’t sure how much he can take though, with the way his cock bobs heavily between his legs, leaking out streaks of precum, with the way dan’s moaning shamelessly underneath him.

- c’mon phil, need you, please, dan whines, legs spreading and fidgeting across the damp sheets and phil’s already moving, rolling to the nightstand where they keep their condoms. dan rolls his hips into the air slowly, trying to ease himself some as phil rolls on the condom. eager, phil teases, quirking up a brow as he settles between dan’s legs. dan’s eyes flutter shut as the tip of phil’s cock nudges against him, he spreads his legs as the fingers of phil’s other hand slide over his hand to interlock his fingers, tugging their hands farther up the bed so they rest above dan’s head as he eases in slowly.

- and honestly, dan feels trapped against the mattress, surrounded by nothing but phil and he’s so in love with the feeling. so tight dan, phil whimpers, mouthing at dan’s shoulder. dan bites hard onto his bottom lip as phil pulls his hips back before thrusting forward, he feels overheated, sweat collecting at his skin, phil’s warmth burning sparks through his limbs, arousal flaming down his spine. phil’s mouth is warm against his skin as he slowly works his hips, easing in and pulling out gently until the resistance is gone.

- phil’s all huffed out moans and choked groans, contrasting with the high pitched whimpers that rush past dan’s lips and the shaky phil’s that roll off of his tongue and really, phil’s a pro at making dan feel like he could shatter across the sheets. phil drags it out, dicking into him gentle and deep, teeth carving crescents across his shoulders. phil groans tightly into dan’s ear, tightening his grip on phil’s fingers as he loses his rhythm and thrusts in harshly like he is overwhelmed by the deep sound of his voice like dan is.

- dan whines, eyebrows pushing together, face contorting as the arousal pulsing through him makes his muscles dance. he is so close already, so hot, too hot. he trembles, quaking underneath phil as phil picks up the pace and rabbits into dan.

- phil is rough strokes and harsh moans as dan cums, hips rocking back to meet each thrust as he streaks out onto his belly. stars sparking at the back of his eyelids as phil fucks hard against that ball of nerves, a sound leaving his lips that might make him feel embarrassed if he thinks about later. phil cums a few thrusts later, hips jerky as he cums.

- dan giggles breathlessly against his lips as phil rolls off dan, fitting to his chest as phil curls an arm around his shoulder and tugs him close and rolls him to his back. his skin is so flushed, reddened from his chest down to his belly, skin coated in a sheen of sweat. his lips are swollen and red, the bottom tucked in between his teeth, and so beautiful.

- phil grins foolishly as he studies dan’s face, the smile that takes over it is breathtaking, the corners of his eyes crinkling as his eyes practically fall shut with the force of his smile. i love you, dan, phil whispers into dan’s ear. i know, i love you too

Dim Rooms & Daddy Kinks

Genre: Smut

A/N: Thank you so much, sweet anon!! I genuinely adored this prompt so much and loved writing this!! Thank you for reading my first proper fic on this blog!

Word Count: 2420

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Age Gaps (Dan’s 17 and Phil’s 21) that’s really it

You can read this and my other older fics on AO3 here

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u know what honestly the only thing that has ever happened is that liveshow where dan asked phil to bring him his laptop charger and phil walked through the door like a big large man with legs n arms and dan smiled bc hello and before phil left he played a lil somethin on the piano and dan’s face said ‘lolz wat an absolute talentless hack’ but his heart said ‘you make my world a comfortable temperature of 72 degrees fahrenheit and all i wanna do is hug u until you get annoyed and give me a firm slap to the back of my large stress ball of a head’

Girl Crush

A/N: im sad and tired and i wish i could have a mental breakdown but it’s 2am and im too tired for that rn. Also this is kinda creepy so I’m sorry if I’ve creeped anyone out with this one lmao

Genre: sad and creepy

Song(s) Used: Girl Crush - Little Big Town (this song is relatable af)

Pairing: Dan x reader

Word Count: 782 words

Warnings: swearing (as usual) and creepiness lmao

Your P.O.V

Have you ever been in love with someone who is taken? Well, it’s kinda like being stabbed in the heart every time you think about them and their significant other together, making memories and just being together; being happy.

Dan is one of my best friends, which makes this even harder for me. Yes. Dan Howell has a girlfriend, I know right? Big shocker, who knew? Well no one. Because everyone is either assuming he’s single or is fucking Phil.

One day, I was sitting at home, pondering and thinking about possible video ideas. I was actually thinking about doing a cover of a song, but I decided against it; because considering how I’m feeling, it’ll be an emotional song and I don’t want my viewers to worry about me.

With all the over thinking I was doing, I decided to just lay down and think about things. But the things I was meant to be thinking about turned into thinking about Dan and his girlfriend. His girlfriends name is Miah, and let me tell you, she’s absolutely amazing and beautiful. She’s everything anybody could possibly want and Dan is so fucking lucky to have someone like her.

It’s almost like an obsession in some sort of way, thinking about them; thinking about her. I don’t know if it’s normal or anything but I can’t help but want everything she has. She has amazing long blonde hair, I wanna bathe in the perfume she always wears because it’s Dans favourite.

And I don’t mean to sound rude or hateful but I’ve always wondered what she had that I don’t? Or what it was that caught Dans attention? Because whatever it was I want it, I need it.

“God what is wrong with me?” I ask myself, as a few tears fall down from my eyes “pull yourself together, stop being so pathetic”

I decide to put on some music in an attempt to stop feeling so pathetic and sorry for myself, but that didn’t really go to plan, in my opinion. The first song that popped up on my playlist was ’Girl Crush’. I never thought this song could be so significant in my life.

‘I’ve got a girl crush. I hate to admit it but I’ve got a heart rush, ain’t slowing down. I’ve got it real bad, I want everything she has; that smile and that midnight laugh, she’s giving you now…’

Maybe I did have a girl crush on Miah. Not the 'I want to marry you’ girl crush but the 'I want everything you have and I want to be everything you are’ way, as creepy as that sounds.

Maybe if I was like her, Dan would want me, Dan would want to be with me. It’s really pathetic, the way I’m thinking, but I actually lose sleep over this, I lose sleep, thinking about everything I could be. I lose sleep thinking about the things they’re doing together. I lose sleep, day dreaming about what it would be like to be like Miah and to have Dan. Thinking about her cuddled up with Dan under his duvet trying to keep warm and being happy. Not only do I lose sleep, I lose my sense of self worth.

It’s almost like, as I’ve fallen deeper in love with Dan, I’ve also fallen in love with Miah. I truly do have a girl crush on Miah. And I hate to admit that.

'I wanna taste her lips, yeah cause they taste like you, I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume. I want her long blonde hair, I want her magic touch; yeah because maybe then you’d want me just as much…’

I get up to look at myself in the mirror, with tear marks staining my face, I look at myself and think 'this is why Dan doesn’t love you. She’s so much better than you. Maybe if you looked like her and acted like her, he’d love you…’

I wish I could be everything that he has ever wanted. Why can’t I be like Miah? Why does he love her and not me? What do I have to do for him to love me?

“I’ve got a girl crush….”

Airport Texts

A fic compiled of mostly texts between Dan and Phil during Dan’s trip to the Bahamas. Inspired by this post from @danielbear 

Dan arrived at the airport, waiting for his flight to the Bahamas to board. 

Dan: i cant believe im doing this

Dan: why am i doing this

Phil: bc u love me

Dan: ur okay

Phil: :/

Dan: :P

Phil: im so happy u will be here for my fam holiday :)

Dan: me too :)

Dan: my flight is about to board

Phil: have a safe flight

Dan: its an hour

Phil: still be safe ♥

Dan: jfc did u rly just send me the heart emoji how cliche

Phil: ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dan: OMG okay phone is going on airplane mode now bye

Phil:  ♥

Dan: so theres people playing drums at the bahamas airport??

Phil: thats so cool!

Dan: its way less scarier here than american airports

Phil: good now come back

Dan: needy

Phil: :O

Dan: :P

Phil: stop with that tongue howell

Dan: oh should i spam you like you did with the heart emoji

Phil: ♥

Dan: border agent is so chill omg

Dan: he also insulted my pale skin

Phil: he should see me

Dan: i have time before my flight apparently

Phil: what r u gonna do?

Dan: go to the beach i guess

Phil: did the border agent pressure u into getting a tan?

Dan: apparently lol

Phil: have fun

Dan: i’ll try

Dan: my taxi driver just got out of the car and got in a fight with someone

Phil: what?? where r u?

Dan: i was in the taxi but got out and went back in the airport

Phil: and here i thought i ran into weirdos

Dan: u must have rubbed off on me

Phil: can i rub off on u tonight

Dan: :O

Phil: ;)

Dan: omg can u not srsly last thing i need rn

Phil: then come back already

Dan: i want to u have no idea

Dan: :(

Phil: whats wrong?

Dan: everything

Dan: i just wanna see u

Dan: :(

Phil: i know bear. when does ur flight board?

Dan: it doesnt it got canceled 

Phil: what???

Dan: one of the engines lost power apparently

Dan: :’(

Dan’s phone started ringing not two seconds after sending that emoji.

“Hi.” he answered the phone.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked immediately.

“Not really.” Dan told him. “This is just annoying and stupid and I just want to be back in Florida now.”

“What are you going to do? Is there another flight?” Phil asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might have to stay the night here.” Dan said and he could sense Phil’s frown through the phone.

Suddenly, Dan heard an announcement throughout the airport that said the engine was up and running and the flight to Orlando was back on and boarding in 5 minutes.

“Wait, they just said the flight to Orlando is back on.” Dan said into the phone.

“How can it be back on if the engine stopped working?” Phil asked.

“They said it’s up and running. Should I get on it?” Dan asked.

“Do you really want to get on a plane that has engine issues?” Phil questioned.

“I don’t know, I just want all this over with now.” Dan spoke quietly.

“Okay, I mean, I guess they wouldn’t let the flight happen if it wasn’t safe. So, get on it that way you don’t have to spend the night there.” Phil told him.

“Well, they said it’s boarding in 5 minutes and that was at least 2 minutes ago.” Dan spoke frantically.

“Okay, hurry and text me when you get on the plane.” Phil said. “Be safe, bear.”

“Okay.” Dan said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Phil said. 

Dan hung up the phone and actually ran through the airport to catch the flight.

Dan: i just ran through the airport like a newborn giraffe that doesnt know how to use its limbs

Phil: thats quite the image

Dan: lol

Phil: good ur laughing :)

Dan: just bc i wrote lol doesnt mean im laughing

Phil: just try to relax and have a safe flight bear

Dan: ive got my death playlist ready :)

Phil: -_-

Dan: i’ll be fine dw

An hour later, the flight landed and Dan headed into the Orlando airport.

He walked in and spotted Phil there waiting for him.

For the first time all day, he smiled.

anonymous asked:

Life's too short to be so fascinated by two British guys that will never know you exist. so why not do something better with the short time you have left

bc i’m not doing this in the hopes that they’ll one day know i exist?? that’s like,,,,, not even slightly my motivation??? wot?? hahaha you’ll have to try harder than that if u wanna shame ppl for having fun and enjoying what they enjoy,,, the short of it is that with limited time, it’s literally basic human instinct to do the things that make you happy. watching dan and phil and writing about them are things that make me happy :) you should chill out m8