the things i make late at night

Easy Solder

written by: @sethsprincess | Brianna

prompt: i have a little prompt! army au, where clarke is a army doctor, bellamy is a lieutenant or whatever (because i don’t really understand army ranks???) and they meet in a war zone. for anonymous

word count: 1028

Clarke had seen her fair share of horrible things in four long years as an army medic. When someone asked why she did the job when it was so hard, it all boiled down to her patients. Amazingly enough, her moments of clarity happened when she stayed up late into the night making sure everyone in her beds kept breathing. This particular night, her focus was on the man in bed three. Bellamy Blake was on his third tour. He’d crashed three times since coming in sixteen hours ago with shrapnel in his abdomen, twice during surgery.

Clarke was determined that he would make it home.

“I can take over,” Jackson offered, tapping at her shoulder.

She shook her head, rubbing at her eyes as she shifted in her hardbacked chair.

“It’s my shift,” Clarke said, accepting the cup of coffee that he held out to her. “I’ll sleep…”

“When you’re dead?” Jackson cut in.

She let out a laugh before looking at First Lieutenant Blake.

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× Day 7: Maji Love Revolutions - Crossover/AU


Honestly, I just really love Gorillaz, and I thought QUARTET NIGHT would fit their DEMON DAYS cover and Ai would look cute with Noodle’s outfit. Words by yours truly under the cut~

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i feel like i’ve been putting my foot in my mouth a lot lately. 

a thing i’ve always liked about myself is that i am funny. i like making people laugh, and i enjoy my quick wit if i’m ever asked what i like about my personality.  for a long time i fully believed in ‘anything for the sake of comedy’ because when there’s no malicious intent behind the humor, i feel like anything goes (at least around the right audience, i’m not ignorant to a lot of people’s sensitivity and i try to be respectful so it mainly comes out around people that know me well / people closest to me)

but lately i feel like i’m getting more backlash from my comments. not just one person but many. people close to me. even my husband called me out on it the other night.

 the last thing i want to do is make the people i love feel bullied in ANY way. or that i’m making jokes at their expense. 

i think i do it to distract from actual bad/sad/mad feelings. make a joke out of it. life is a joke. life should be light hearted. but apparently i’m not doing it right and now i just feel like the joke is on me.

things I want but will never ask for:

- you to text me first
- blowing up my phone bc you miss me
- forehead kisses
- back rubs - hugs from behind
- calling me “your girl”
- sending me songs that make you think of me
- playing with my hair while I fall asleep - “did you remember to…” texts
- holding my hand all the time
- morning sex
- reassurance that you love me
- dancing in the kitchen
- late night talks about life
- silly pictures
- breakfast dates


here is my mobile masterlist. warning; it’s extremely long, I’ve written a lot of imagines in my few months on this blog. you know the drill, if any of the links aren’t working, please let me know, but otherwise enjoy. :) I’ll try my best to keep this updated.

also, to know what I’m currently writing, check my currently writing page here.


People You May Know: Michael stumbles across a familiar face on Facebook late at night.

I Can’t Watch A Movie Without Making An Ass Of Myself: Michael is in love with his best friend and accidentally blows his cover during movie night.

Two Sides: Michael is the cliche school bad boy who is known for being egotistical and intimidating, but he’s also a huge teddy bear of a boyfriend.

Part Two: Michael takes his girlfriend to a party and things go a little too far.

I Say Stupid Things Around Pretty Girls: Y/N gets lost trying to find her way around the venue at the 5 Seconds of Summer show, but she runs into a familiar band member who is equally as lost.

Home At Last: This tour has been especially unkind to Michael and he’s just so glad to be able to go home to his best friend.

Departing Pains: Michael is in the graduating class and his girlfriend is in denial that she’s gonna be lonely without him the next year.

I Dedicate This Song To You: Michael and his girlfriend break up right before one of his band’s biggest shows. Unfortunately for Y/N, the venue is right next door to her house.

Anywhere But Here: Y/N finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her when pictures leak on twitter, but her best friend Michael comes through to comfort her.

Part Two: Y/N moves in with Michael, but her ex-boyfriend isn’t willing to let her go that easily.

Insecurities: Michael finds out about Y/N’s insecurities when he takes her swimming on one of the hottest days of the summer.

One Night Alone: Y/N and Michael get into a small argument when he refuses to go sightseeing with her, but Y/N ends up wandering too far and gets into quite a bit of trouble. (Potential trigger)

As The Sun Sets: Michael and his girlfriend go to a music festival. (Hippy!Michael AU)

High By The Beach: Michael and his girlfriend get high by the beach. (A Continuation of Hippy!Michael)

The Tree Of Cliches: There’s a big tree in Y/N’s backyard conveniently placed right next to her bedroom window. There’s also a cute boy named Michael next door that conveniently has a big crush on her.

Breakfast In Bed (And Out): Michael wants to take his girlfriend out to breakfast, but sex is the top priority. (Smut)

Call Me Daddy: Michael takes a girl he met at the bar home, where he’s able to unleash all his pent-up sexual frustration. (Smut, Daddy Kink)

A Change Of Heart: Michael’s girlfriend is a vegan, and he decides to give it a try.

Sex Tape: Michael decides to spice things up in the bedroom and put his old camcorder to use, filming a sex tape with his girlfriend. Everything is going well until the guys need to borrow his camcorder. (Short Smut)

Stay The Night: Michael and Y/N aren’t the greatest couple, but they fight loneliness together. (Inspired by Stay The Night by Green Day)

For The First Time: Michael and Y/N are just two teenagers in love, ready to take their relationship to the next level. (Smut, Realistic First Time)

Closure: Michael’s true love is getting married to somebody else, and he needs to get his feelings out before she’s taken from him for good.

I’ve Got My World In My Hands: Short, but sweet. Michael’s love falls asleep on him while she’s showing him her favorite television show.

Good Girl: Michael is a teacher and it’s one of the most stressful times of the school year. Y/N decides to pop by for a surprise visit, walking in on something that triggers her jealousy, making her do something risky and punishment-worthy. (Teacher!Michael AU, Daddy Kink)

Thank You: Michael wants to thank his girlfriend Erin for everything she’s done, so he does it in a way she’ll never forget. (Personalized imagine for Erin)

The Things You Find Online: Michael finds out that his girlfriend is the little sister of Josh Dun.

Long Way Home: Michael has some time before he needs to take Y/N home, so he takes her for a little drive. (Inspired by Long Way Home [Acoustic] by 5 Seconds of Summer)

Friends With Benefits: Michael and Y/N have a friends-with-benefits relationship, strictly seeing each other for sex, but things change when feelings are ignited.

H E M M I N G S 

The Proposal: Y/N is sick and tired of Luke Hemmings and his obnoxious band, and is willing to do anything to get him to be quiet.

Love Me For The Night: Luke just wants his girl back.

Sleepy Conversations: Y/N and Luke are best friends, but could’ve been more at one point in their past.

Surprise Homecoming: Luke picks up his girlfriend from school as a surprise when he’s back from tour.

Makeup Has No Gender: Luke’s girlfriend is a makeup artist and he gets curious after watching her do her makeup one-too-many times.

Corrupted: Fame changed Luke, and Y/N knows how she deserves to be treated.

On The Run: Luke is the leader of a gang and lands himself into deep shit with some unhappy people, causing him to pack his things and set off with his girlfriend under false identities and hope.

Part Two: Luke heads back home to pick up more of their belongings, where he finds that people are out looking for him and his girlfriend isn’t safe.

Part Three: Luke and Y/N get found, and Luke is put in a dangerous situation defending Y/N.

Part Four: Luke is recovering and determined to start over.

Seeing Her Again: Luke sees his ex-girlfriend with somebody else and wants her back.

Anywhere But Here: Luke cheated on his girlfriend and didn’t realize how horribly it would affect him until she left.  

Part Two: Luke says goodbye to Y/N, but he knows this won’t be the end.

Because I Owe You An Explanation: Luke explains to Y/N why he has to spend more time with his fake girlfriend, even intimately. (Continuation of this blurb)

Five Years Later: Luke gets his girlfriend Y/N pregnant but is unable to handle the responsibilities of fatherhood and walks out. Five years later, Jack Hemmings runs into Y/N while taking his kids to preschool and helps Luke get back in touch with her. (Dad!Luke, OVER 1K NOTES!)

Part Two: Luke meets his daughter Violet for the first time and decides he wants to be a part of her life.

Part Three: Everything is settled with Luke, Y/N, and Violet. Now all that’s left to do is introduce Violet to the guys, and Luke’s mother.

Part Four: Luke gets pleasant news from Y/N, where he then pops the question to her. He later on gets a call from an ex-lover, bringing news that changes his life.

Part Five: Luke finds out he has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Arzaylea, and sees that she’s unfit to be a parent. Luke tells Y/N he wants to adopt his son from Arzaylea.

Part Six: Luke makes the first advances in adopting his son from Arzaylea, getting so caught up in legal documents and court dates that he’s starting to spend less time with Y/N and Violet.

Part Seven: Luke takes Y/N to meet Oliver, and things start getting better again.

Part Eight: Luke accidentally leaves adoption papers sitting on the kitchen table, where Violet finds out that she’s gonna get a little brother very soon.

Part Nine: Violet turns six.

Final: Everything has fallen into place. This is the end.

I Waited Too Long, Now I Need To Suffer The Consequences: Luke has always had a crush on Y/N, but never wanted to do anything about his feelings because of his PR stunt with Arzaylea. When he finally gets the nerve to tell her, he walks in on something unpleasant.

For You Are Mine At Last: (Part Two) Luke gets cranky when Y/N and Calum start getting close, making Y/N curious as to why her best friend is shutting her out of his life. She eventually finds out.

The New Hemmings: Luke proposes to his girlfriend Y/N at a family get-together at his house.

I Almost Do: Y/N and Luke broke up on mutual terms. Luke still wants to be friends, but Y/N has to shut him out if she wants to move on. (Inspired by I Almost Do by Taylor Swift)

Hurricane: Y/N meets a smooth-talking stranger in Bed-Stuy, changing his life. (Inspired by Hurricane by Halsey)

She’s A Storm: Luke’s perspective of Hurricane. (Trigger Warning?)

Nothing Like the Rain: Y/N’s perspective. Y/N finds out about Luke and is unable to cope. (Trigger Warning)

Savior: A stranger followed Y/N onto the bridge and talks her out of ending her life. (Alternate Ending)

The Beers: Short and cute. Luke and his girlfriend go out for dinner and drinks on his last night in town before leaving for tour, where he has one too many beers.

Sugar: Luke is a young, successful CEO looking to make an arrangement with Y/N, his sugar baby. Her confidence and wit makes him fall under her spell, wanting everything to do with her. (Sugar Daddy!Luke AU)

Sweetest: Y/N accompanies Luke to a business trip in London. (Sugar Daddy! Luke AU Sequel)

 Spoiled Little Girl: Luke and Y/N take a well-deserved vacation to Bali, where Y/N gets a little mischievous. (Daddy Kink Smut)

Never Have I Ever: Y/N’s boyfriend is drunk and takes things too far during a game of Never Have I Ever, causing Y/N to break up with him. Her best friend Luke is there to comfort her through the aftermath.

Right Before My Eyes: Luke and Y/N ran away from home as young teenagers, winding up in a whole new country as wanted robbers and drug addicts. Y/N’s life with Luke flashes before her eyes while they’re getting chased by police. (Inspired by Flow[+Shiver] by Cage The Elephant)

The Great Escape: Y/N is the barista and the local coffee shop. Luke is a depressed art major who’s desperately in love with her. After a close brush with death, Luke takes Y/N for an unplanned road trip to go find the finer things in life. (Inspired by the movie Asthma, Trigger Warning)

Girls: Luke’s little sister has a secret girlfriend, and he doesn’t find out until she gets her heart absolutely shattered. (Big Brother!Luke)

Cute Strangers: Luke is a poor and lonely performer at the local coffee shop. Y/N is a student at the local university who catches his eye. (AU)

Meet The Parents: Luke takes his best friend (and crush) home to meet his parents for the first time, where his secret is later on spilled because his family can’t keep his mouth shut to save their lives. (Luke x Male Reader)

Fall For You: Luke and Y/N are a married couple that get into a lot of fights. This fight happens to go particularly far, a few things getting broken, but nothing is beyond repair. (Inspired by the song by Secondhand Serenade)


Only The Best For My Angel: Calum loves spoiling his girlfriend.

The Pleasure Is All Mine: Calum makes a new friend while taking a smoke break at the studio.

Nightmare Dinner: Y/N’s parents absolutely hate her boyfriend Calum, thinking he’s going to break her heart and ruin her life because he’s some big-shot celebrity, but Calum proves them wrong.

Our Disco Ball’s My Kitchen Light: Short and sweet. Calum and Y/N slow dance in their kitchen.

Party Time: Calum is the head of a frathouse. When the rival fraternity crashes their party and starts a brawl, he finds himself needing urgent medical assistance. That’s where he runs into Y/N, a nurse in training on her way to her night shift at the campus hospital.

Part Two: Calum is back in class after his incident and wants to thank Y/N for saving his life.

Best I Ever Had: Calum and Y/N are friends with benefits, but he knows no girl will make him happier than she does.

You Give Me Something To Think About: Y/N wakes up after a one-night stand with her not quite significant other Calum and takes a moment to admire his natural beauty.

Hulu and Chill: Calum is a fuckboy and invites Y/N over for Hulu and chill, since he doesn’t have Netflix. (Smut)

Part Two: More smut with fuckboy Calum.

Would You Wanna Run Away Too?: Y/N has an unsettling fear that she’ll never make it out of her hometown, so her boyfriend Calum decides to take her for a little trip.

Starving Artist: Calum is a poor art major living in a shitty apartment with his girlfriend, Y/N. They may not have much, but they have each other. (Smut)

Part Two: Calum’s artwork gets discovered by a famous gallery in New York. He leaves Y/N once he grows accustomed to his pampered new life, but quickly gets depressed without her. He travels back to Sydney to get her back, but realizes he’s too late.

Puppy Love: Y/N gets Calum a puppy.

Numbers: Y/N wants to lose weight for herself, but snaps when she only loses one pound in months. Calum comforts her through her breakdown and tells her he’ll always be there to support her. (Potential Trigger)

The Silent Treatment: Calum finds self-inflicted scars on his girlfriend’s body and ends up ignoring her, upset by the fact she never told him she felt so low to the point she believed hurting herself was the only answer. (Trigger Warning)

Old Friends: Calum has to leave his best friend when his band takes off, but their parents work together to reunite them once again.

Part Two: Y/N and Calum catch up on old times.

Surprise!: Calum claims that he’s never been surprised by surprise parties, so Y/N and the boys plan a party that will change his mind.

Hands: Each person is born with the name of their soulmate imprinted on their hand. (Soulmate!Cal AU)

Coffee Shop: Y/N and Calum work at a coffee shop together and they’re both too shy to admit their feelings for each other. (AU)

Over: Y/N finds out Calum has been cheating. (Inspired by Over by Tove Lo)

I Want You Close: Y/N and Calum could be lovers, but Y/N is scared of getting hurt again. (Inspired by Close by Nick Jonas)

Broken Pieces: Y/N’s parents hate Calum, and their relationship is in shambles. Calum has one last chance to prove to Y/N that he loves her and he can fix things between them. (Inspired by It Will Rain by Bruno Mars)

My Summer Love: Calum meets a girl while on vacation, when he accidentally kicks a soccer ball at her face.

We Can Make This Right: Calum and Y/N used to be the power couple, but he started falling apart and becoming self-destructive and eventually ended up cheating on her. Calum hurt Y/N, and he knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but they can’t be without each other. (Inspired by Wait by NF)

Say It: Y/N meets Calum at a party and ends up walking back to his place, getting high off of a joint laced with ecstasy and having sex with him. (Smut, Inspired by Say It by Flume)

My Best Friend’s A Dog: Calum meets a girl at the dog park when he doesn’t get a good grip on his dog’s leash.

The Office: Calum is a salesman and Y/N is the cute receptionist in a relationship with somebody else. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Part Two: Calum takes a job offer as regional manager in a different branch, thinking the distance could help him get over Y/N. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Part Three: Calum drives down from San Francisco to visit his girlfriend Y/N. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Transatlanticism: Calum and Y/N refuse to let their relationship fall apart when he leaves for tour.

Who Knew?: Calum’s been getting worse with his smoking habit.

This Time Around: Y/N and Calum used to be in love, but things have been changing. (Inspired by This Time Around by Tove Lo)

The Wedding Singer: Calum meets the love of his life in the midst of an anxiety attack at his grandmother’s funeral. (Inspired by the music video for Wedding Singer by Modern Baseball)

Love Potions: Calum is a mischievous Slytherin who loves getting into trouble and has a huge crush on a Hufflepuff named Y/N, who hates his guts. Calum comes up with a creative way to ask her to the Yule Ball, and she’ll undoubtedly say yes. (Hogwarts!Calum)

Recovery: Y/N has a history of depression and self-harm, and Calum brought her on tour with him so he could keep a close eye on her so they don’t have a re-run of the scariest moment of their relationship. When Y/N relapses, Calum and the boys only want the best for her and to help her. (Trigger Warning)

Chinese Food: Y/N is pregnant and has uncontrollable cravings. She sneaks out one night to get Chinese food, unknowingly sending her boyfriend and his best friends into a panic when he finds her missing.


She’s Not Mine: Ashton is in love with his best friend, but she doesn’t feel the same.

Good Things Come In Small Dorms: Ashton and his girlfriend are in love, and there isn’t enough room for the two of them on his squeaky loft bed. Ashton also loves talking about philosophy.

Seven Years: Ashton visits his old love. (Potential Trigger)

Please Don’t Think That This Was Easy: Y/N and Ashton have to break up, but they don’t want to let go just yet. (Inspired by Konstantine by Something Corporate)

A Letter To The Cute Girl Behind Me: A letter from Ashton Irwin, to you.

She’s Standing Right In The Front Row: You said yes to Ashton’s offer and decide to show up to his band’s gig to support him.  

Art School Victim: Ashton is an art major who’s always stressed and insecure about his work.

Study Buddy: It’s finals week and Y/N can’t focus on her history review. Little does she know, that’s Ashton’s strong spot.

So Wrong It’s Right: Ashton is a teacher and Y/N is one of his students. They’ve always had a close relationship, considering each other friends rather than teacher/student. Y/N and Ashton run into each other at a mutual friend’s party and end up hooking up.

Part Two: Y/N admits she’s in love with Ashton and they decide to become an official couple, but keep their status secret until the last day of school.

End: Ashton wants to take Y/N on a proper date before she leaves for college.

Big Brother: Ashton and Y/N are best friends and he rushes to the rescue when she has a messy breakup.

I Speak English: Ashton meets a cute bartender at the hotel bar in Amsterdam. He panics and assumes she doesn’t speak English, but she does, and she learns that he’s horrible at Dutch.

Secrets: Michael finds out that Y/N self-harms and confronts her about it, but Ashton walks in on them cuddling and gets jealous and starts yelling. Michael later fills Ashton in on what he walked in on and why he’s a huge asshole. (Trigger Warning)

Crave: Ashton and Y/N hook up a lot, but pretend like they hate each other around others. (Smut, Inspired by Crave by Tove Lo)  

Heart Attack: Ashton is having a hard time getting over Y/N. (Inspired by Heart Attack by One Direction)

Birthday Sex: It’s Ashton’s birthday. (Smut)

Swimming Pool: Ashton works at the country club as a lifeguard, trying to make some money to get a new car. He takes his girlfriend Y/N to the pool after hours so they can hang out, since his job sucks all the time out of his schedule. (Smut, Sex In A Pool)

Defense: Ashton’s girlfriend has been receiving loads of hate recently. When an interviewer is being rude to her, Ashton and the boys step in to defend her. 

Losing Teeth: Y/N gets her wisdom teeth removed and Ashton is the one taking care of her. 

The Trip: Ashton and Y/N were making out and Y/N accidentally knocked into something and fell back. Thank the heavens above she had Ashton’s floor tom to break her fall.

Tease: Y/N’s mind starts to wander while she’s at a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, his band, and their studio crew. (Smut)


Like Like: Y/N intervenes when her best friend Michael is too shy to ask out the boy of his dreams, Luke Hemmings, the short-ish blonde with the most breathtaking blue eyes he’s ever seen. (Clemmings)

You Made Me Drop The Lasagna!: Luke spends hours making the perfect lasagna while Michael is gaming, but Michael thinks it would be funny to sneak up behind him and scare him. It’s not so funny when the lasagna is all over the floor and Luke has to clean it all up. (Clemmings)

Drunk Feelings: Luke’s girlfriend broke up with him, so he walks to Ashton’s apartment shitfaced drunk and covered in his own vomit and tears. Luke, while drunk, starts getting lovey and cuddly with Ashton and eventually kisses him. (Lashton)

Cute Neighbor Boy: Ashton moves into the house across the street from Luke, and Liz invites him and his mother over as a “welcome to the neighborhood”. Luke and Ashton end up in Luke’s bedroom, half dressed and breathless. (Lashton)

Valentines: Michael has a crush on Calum Hood and decides to overcome his anxiety and give him a pretty red rose on Valentine’s Day. (Malum)

Mall Boy: Calum works at Hot Topic and Michael needs help finding some new bands that he doesn’t have merch for yet. (Malum)

Wingman: Ashton helps Calum pick up a cute girl at the bar. (Cashton, Bromance)

Apocalypse: Luke and Michael are on their own after losing their families to the zombie outbreak, with no shelter or supplies, but only one plan in mind: survive. Preview(Coming Soon!) (Zombie Apocalypse AU) (Muke, Cashton)

Wrapped Around Your Finger: Michael is in love with Luke, who takes advantage of him and leads him on. (Clemmings)

Welcome to the Dan Howell Defense Squad’s sarcastic phandom awards!

In celebration of hitting 1k (why the hell do you like us what) we wanted to do something special in order to celebrate, so as the sarcastic shits we are we present you A Sarcastic Phandom Award Thing!

The categories are the following:

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Dummest shitstorm 2k15

-That time everyone thought dan or phil had a girlfriend and it was actually     just the fridge walrus.
-Anytime anyone ever metions the word “Avon”
-That time there was a child in dan’s instagram picture and everyone flipped
-That time dan wasn’t eating with phil and cat
-That time cat said she had a boyfriend

Worst meme 2k15

-hey buddy you in london
-Thinking out loud
-hi so… my name is… ( dan )

Gayest moment 2k15

-The just dance video.The whole thing.
-Thinking out loud
-The easter video bit where they looked like they were holding a baby
-The live show
-“Husky sensual”
-“Phil Lester come to my room…now”

Best Phil Tweet 2k15

-“Hey judgey Mc Postman I can wear cookie monster pyjamas at 2am if i       want! You’re not my real mother”
-“I hope the ‘special delivery salmon’ I just ordered isn’t a live salmon as I      don’t have a tank”
-Sister daniel pic
-“My throat hurts so much today! I think I sleepwalked and ate my cactus”
-“I just saw an actual nun playing candy crush on the tube!! I don’t know         why this excited me so much”  

Best Dan Tweet 2k15

-“i was just rummaging for batteries in a kitchen drawer and STABBED MY     HAND ON A CACTUS WTF @AmazingPhil why did you put that                   there??”
-“thank you grandma for texting me a picture of my grandad eating a             sandwich next to a cockerel with no explanation”
-“is it possible to live without 1/5 of your heart”
-”whenever i lightly bump into the corner of something my flesh aches like      i’ve been stabbed like wtf why am i so soft and sensitive”
-”why has @AmazingPhil put a liam sticker on my maple syrup”
-”you aren’t a professional internet user until you understand how “haha”        and “lol” have totally different meanings and appropriate uses”

Best Accidentally Sexual Phil Phrase 2k15

-“What are you gonna mesure?
-“ I could work for a shady phonce service”
-“The tunnel of friendship”
-“I’m using my fingers so i can get it right in there”
-“A steamy shower!”

Worst Dan Fashion Choice (Ever)

-Square Hair smh
-Leather Shirt
-The Studded Shoes
-The Fucking Dog Shirt
-The Fuzzy Hat

Best Life Destorying Phan Instagram Picture 2015

-The Cherry Blossom One x
-P A R T Y B O Y S x
-Big Hero 6 Premiere x
-Running x
-Punk Edits x
-Polaroid x

Best Phan Song (Ever)

-Thinking out loud
-The Phantom of the Opera
-You’re so Gay
-Walrus Song

Best DHDS Ship  

-Nanna ( dropthebones + thorlester)
-Marah (avidhowell + moonlitdan)
-Sat (avidhowell + phoose)
-Solice (athletichowell + constipatedhowell)
-Brate (dropthebones + uhphil)
-Sofess (phillikesdan + athletichowell)


  • Don’t start shit because of this pls we’re good memes


Enjoy yourselves! (not like that)


I had an idea to try to do a cool animated camera move the other day and it’s turned into a total compositing nightmare.  I animated the 3D rotation of the door in the background with tweens in Flash, and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to match a texture to the perspective.  Turns out I totally suck at perspective and the whole thing looks really weird and sloppy.  We’ll see if it stays in the final cut. The final GIF isn’t an actual glitch, just a slipped layer that kind of encapsulates what a mess this shot has become.

I must warn you.

I’m not the answer to your mothers prayers or the girl you’ll find in Sunday dresses. instead, I’m the late night adrenalin rushes and the bad ideas that can’t be passed up; the bad Ideas that are so bad, they almost seem a little good. and I’ll make you feel like you’re my whole world, the reason the sun sets and rises. constant conversations and fast movements, late nights and drunken make outs. I’m the reckless rebel with a heart born for escaping small towns.

and you’ll be head over heels for even the littlest things that I do; the way my laugh is funnier than the joke and how I almost never stop talking, how I can always make you laugh or the care free attitude that I live by. I’ll seem so entirely different, unprecedented and extraordinary. because beyond being the girl with a lion in her heart, I’m also the girl with flowers in her soul. how my heart is half gold and half gone. and I’ll make you feel special, before proving that you’re not.

because really; I’m the sound of glass breaking, the tight chested feeling you get when you’re nervous and the stomach dropping feeling when you fall while dreaming. I am everything that is too good to be true. the type of thing where you have to blink twice to make sure it really happened. because you’re mother will love me, but she’ll know in her heart the I will ruin her sweet baby girl, from the first Friday night that you tell her you don’t know where I am. and I’ll wear dresses, but you’ll rarely find me in church on Sunday’s, because I can barely remember where I am Saturday nights.

instead I’ll drown my sorrows in vodka and fill my lungs with smoke in attempt to fill all of my voids. making innocent lovers believe they are something that is not remotely existent because I’ve grown to believe that it no longer does.

because I can’t fix myself, so I turned to breaking others. and past experiences have taught me that hatred and love coincide, that choosing love is a risk not worth taking. so deep in my heart, I’ll want to be absolutely everything that you’ve ever wanted, but in the front of my mind, I understand that I have become those who hurt me. the sheep has become the wolf and the wolf has fallen in love with the black hearted sheep.

—  So I must warn you, stay away.

Rhett and Link sketches reference

(names of references in tag)

All Mine - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Jealous Bucky is NOT someone you should get on the wrong side of.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3897 (literally why this took me all week)
Warnings: Grinding (dancing), spanking, penetrative sex, orgasm denial. Yup.
Author’s Note: I’m sorry for being so MIA lately. School is killing me. BUT, here’s angry Bucky smut for your Friday night ;)

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When it comes to Bucky, you’ve never met anyone who can crawl under your skin like an annoying insect, while at the same time, makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Bucky makes you feel like you’re only thing that matters. The thing is, though, it’s not like you’re dating. The both of you just spend so much time together that it ends up being more beneficial than not. The second your skin collides with his, fireworks go off in every direction and the two of you go at it for hours.

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Things I associate with the signs (as I know you them)
  • Aries:sketch pad, black and white filter, bright eyes, sweater paws
  • Taurus:pink lipstick, skinny jeans, beanies, candles
  • Gemini:green eyes, peaches, sweaters, water colours
  • Cancer:lanterns, perfume, boots, hugs
  • Leo:glasses, sarcasm, intellectual, big hearts
  • Virgo:big smiles, laughing, make up, black aesthetic
  • Libra:skateboards, beanies, puppies, Star Wars
  • Scorpio:late night drives, kittens, good music, denim jackets
  • Sagittarius:ugg boots, French braids, freckles, dancing
  • Capricorn:all time low, cropped tops, deep talks, curiosity
  • Aquarius:cherry blossom trees, long hair, necklaces, puns
  • Pisces:collar bones, fruit, cold weather, literature

Headcanon that the first time Stan called Ford “Sixer” after they made up he winced a little.

Headcanon that much later, Ford worked up the courage to explain why. During one of many late night talks on the Stan O’War, he told Stan about his time with Bill. How Bill had plucked the childhood nickname from his mind and turned it into something mocking and cruel, something that struck at him where he was weakest, most vulnerable.

Headcanon that after that Stan stopped calling Ford Sixer, replaced it with a thousand other nicknames. Variations on “Nerd” and “Poindexter,” nautical-sounding terms like “Matey” and “Sea Dog” bad jokes like “Ford Truck” or “Squidhead” or “Octo-nerd” after he found a cuttlefish that Stan claimed looked just like Ford, “Hippie” when Ford complained about the environmental damage people were doing to the ocean. 

Headcanon that Stan was upset, of course Stan was upset. Bill had taken something close and personal to both of them and twisted it, taken it from them, but he wasn’t going to say the word if it made Ford uncomfortable.

Headcanon that the first time Stan had a memory lapse on the Stan O’War Ford was scared to death. He didn’t know how to do this without the kids. He felt lost and alone, and so scared for Stan.

Headcanon that for hours Ford couldn’t get Stan to remember anything. Who he was, who Ford was, where they were. Nothing seemed to stick.

Headcanon that when Ford finally broke down and started weeping Stan reached out a hand to him reflexively and blurted out “don’t cry, Sixer.”

Headcanon that when Ford heard that word again hope came flooding back, and it was like a light turned on inside of him. After that, Stan’s memories slowly began to return much to Ford’s relief.

Headcanon that after that, Ford didn’t mind when Stan called him “Sixer.” That instead of being brought back to his time with Bill, he was brought back to that moment of joy, of relief at knowing his brother was okay. That Stan was by his side as he should always be, because wherever they go, they go together.

Headcanon that Stan and Ford reclaimed the childhood nickname.