the things i make for reasons


- To see how the CGs broke it to Greg that Steven had given himself over to Homeworld for trial.
- To see Steven try to explain all of this to Lars’ parents and Sadie.
- For Rhodonite and Padparadscha to fuse. I really wanna know what their version of Sardonyx would look/be like.
- For Steven to question Pearl about Pink Diamond’s shattering. Specifically bringing up everything Blue Zircon brought up at the trial.
- To find out who Pearl used to belong to once and for all.
- For the Off Colors and Lars to make it back to Earth, but not for a couple episodes. That way, Steven has to travel back and forth a bit and maybe even learn the things that the CGs refuse to tell him. Because regardless of their reasons, it’s gone on too long to be anything but harmful to everyone’s best interests.

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This is the longest long shot I've ever made but what if ed contacted fish, because ed knows Tabitha wants him dead. So when he asked Oswald to call him tall bea*cough* the riddler, he was stalling until she got there. The hope I'm clinging on to is every time ed has had a chance to kill Oswald he hasn't for some reason or another. Idk I'm way too hopeful but when was that ever a bad thing (((also you're amazing thank you for doing the streams) x

I was also just thinking about this, honestly. It would make sense for the lack of scenes between them all, and it definitely falls in line with Ed’s whole ‘the people had to believe it’ with Ivy apparently not in on the plan?

“the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own” the way it’s phrased makes it seem like this partnership has already been established. 

& you’re right. Ed had two opportunities to put another bullet in Oswald… and he didn’t? Like, what is the point of keeping Oswald alive unless A, they have a plan or B, he legit just can’t do it now and I’m down with either option.

IDK, wishful thinking but I hope this is the case. Regardless they will team up in the finale and that’s kind of all I want.

You’re most certainly welcome!

People thinking that you’re conceited or arrogant does not mean you need to hate yourself more!

People thinking that you’re conceited or arrogant does not mean you need to hate yourself more!

People thinking that you’re conceited or arrogant does not mean you need to hate yourself more!

First of all – you are absolutely deserving of self love, self care, self soothing. Even if people think you’re arrogant, you still deserve a kind voice in your head. Second: being mean to yourself won’t actually make people stop saying this - even if you despise every last part of you. I tried this for YEARS and it never changed people’s impression of me. 

And you know what? There are worse things than being arrogant, and honestly there is a good chance that the main reason they feel that way is because they feel insecure about something you are good at (maybe you’re the person who always has the answer in class, or who is naturally likeable or athletic). Generally, you will get better at handling this gracefully over time, and so will the people around you. If you want to try and change, you can practice focusing on others. Complement them, ask them about themselves, boost them when they succeed. But please, don’t grind yourself into the dirt to try and make yourself seem less arrogant. You don’t need to punish yourself for this, and it’s never, ever worth it.  

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I'm sorry you had a shitty week, love. <3 Tell me, how do you think Scotty would confront a s/o who was down in the dumps? What would he do to lift her spirits?

Thank you, love ❤️

- Scotty’s partner is sad, and sadness is the best of all excuses for a hot cup of tea. Of course, one of the first things he memorized when you got together was how you took your tea. It’s important stuff for just this reason.

- Once you have tea, he tries to gauge whether you’re in an “I need a hug” state or an “I need to be left alone” state. Generally he guesses with 90% accuracy.

- If you’re in the former mood, he’ll make sure you’re both wearing your comfiest clothes before settling in with you curled up on his lap wrapped firmly in his arms. He’ll let you choose who’s leading the conversation, and he’ll follow suit as he’s needed. His favourite thing to tell you about if you decide that you just want to hear him talk is Scotland. It’s on your bucket list to go home with him and meet his family and see where he grew up.

- If you’re in the latter mood, he’ll make sure he stays within earshot in case you need something, but he’ll stay out of the same room so that you have as much room as you need to do your thing.

- Once you’ve come down from your initial feelings, he’ll put on some quiet music and curl up in bed with you so you can take a nap. Naps, tea, and cuddles make everything seem less daunting.

5/29/17 recs

Today there were a lot of good fics

1. carve your love into me (leave your mark) by wartransmission || Rated T, 18.5k (WIP)

The first time he met Prince Viktor, Yuuri was greeted with a smile- a sweet smile, charming in its try for warmth- and the words, “Would you like me to escort you home? This place isn’t safe for pretty omegas like you on nights like these.”

[In which Viktor is a king-to-be, Yuuri is more than what he seems, and even decisions made for the pettiest of reasons can lead to big, life-changing things.]

  • Comment: !!!!!!!!!!!! I really like this. Really really like this. The conceit is great, the dynamic is slowly building into something wonderful. It’s an unusual pairing, and I love it, and the way that their relationship is building makes me smile. Yuuri’s character is great in this too, I can’t wait to learn more about Victor’s motivations. 
  • !!!!!!!!

2. Love Is A Compelling Story by Lady_Monozuki || Rated M, 9.1k

AU: News Producer Yuuri never expected to get drunk, sleep with, and then fall in love with Viktor Nikiforov, the main anchor to his newscast. Yet, somehow, that’s exactly what happened. Of course, their love isn’t without some bumps in the road and Phichit’s creative nicknames for Viktor.

“Make sure he’s in focus. We want to make sure Yuuri can see all the details of his boyfriend’s face.”

“Oh my god. We’re supposed to be professional,” he muttered.

“Relax, no one can hear us.”

“Literally, four other people can hear us.”

“Fine, I retract that statement. But Viktor “Fine Ass” Nikiforov can’t—not unless I punch him up.”

  • Comment: omg cute. Quick oneshot, a bit rushed in some parts but overall really cute and really nice to read!!! highly recommend for anyone looking for their daily dose of fluff. The other characters are entertaining as well, and the setting of the news station is written in an engaging way. 

3. you steal my heart away by darlingholocene || Rated T, 2.5k 

The first time Victor Nikiforov, nobleman and best archer in England, meets Katsuki Yuuri, Yuuri robs him.

Yuuri is nice about it, apologizing profusely with a blush on his round cheeks as he leaps out of the window of the tower with a handful of jewels and trophies.

Victor falls in love immediately.

  • Comment: BWAAAH this wins the “Cutest Goddamn Thing I’ve Read Today” award because it was really Goddamn cute. the previous fic is good for a daily dose of fluff, but this is like. A shot glass of fluff. Knock it back and let it permeate your bones. Super cute, super recommend!!!

4.  homecoming waltz by wingchestr || Rated E, 5.2k

Yuuri finds Viktor again after the end of the world.

“I never gave up on you,” Yuuri says, as Viktor’s warm fingers creep under the hem of his shirt, and Yuuri raises his arms, letting Viktor pull it off over his head. “Never, Vitya,” because it suddenly seems important, “I never stopped believing that I’d find you.”

Except some part of him did, he’s realizing, some part of him dedicated to his own self defense had started believing that Viktor was gone, to protect himself and harden his heart against his barren future, lacking all color and light. A part of him that’s melting, now, like snow in the spring, rushing away under Viktor’s lips and hands.

“I know,” Viktor whispers, kissing Yuuri’s chest, unbuttoning Yuuri’s pants, “my brave, strong Yuuri, I know you didn’t.”

  • Comment: a very feelsy piece. zombie apocalypse au, but focuses on the vicyuu - it’s super heartwarming and I had a little feeling. Their bond is so precious in this. I’d read so much more for this AU tbh, I really like what the author has set up, what they’ve done. 
  • Yuuri’s character in this makes me feel like (´;ω;`)

5.  Premonitions by GraySkies22 || Rated M, 3.2k (WIP)

Victor runs across a dark-haired mess one day, one unclad in shoes and disheveled beyond belief, but he’s still the most beautiful creature (besides Makkachin, of course) that he’s ever laid eyes on. And when the stranger ominously warns him that he shouldn’t practice one day, Victor has to decide between his trust in his sport or his newfound trust in the mysterious stranger.

Yuuri takes it upon himself to help as many people as possible, even if it means running himself ragged in the meantime. He’ll be damned if he lets this particular dream involving a silver-haired skater come to fruition.

Alternate universe where Yuuri’s dreams come true, but his dreams are always nightmares.

  • Comment: !!!! A really interesting premise with really nice execution so far. It smells like it has a lot of angst potential, and it’s off to a great start. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Hey this is a really good Undertale blog and your work is absolutely amazing! I just wanted to say that not everyone in the Undertale fandom is amazing and there is a few of them that are really bad and have done really mean things for stupid reasons. Thanks for being amazing and if you see this side of the fandom I hope it doesn't ruin it for you, but if you need to leave it like so many other content creators please do, don't worry about it we'll be fine, I just hope you'll be too. ❀

Ah!!! Oh my geez!!💦

 Thank you so so much!! I’m happy that you like my silly Undertale garbage.

I haven’t personally experienced the nasty end of the fandom, but I have friends who have and have seen it happen. I’ve been so fortunate to have collected a base of positive, supportive people who give me ridiculous and funny requests and spread my work to all corners of this place. I absolutely love sharing my work with the lot of you, and hearing that I’m making a difference like this makes me happy. I hope I never get harassed by the unkind side of this fandom and can continue to appreciate this powerful game in peace.
And…if they do come knocking, I’ll stand up to them and stand up for myself and everyone with all the determination I can muster.
(cheesy reference, I know, but I thought it fit there.)

Thank you for your kind words, my mysterious anon friend.
And to everyone who creates content for this game we all so love, keep doing what you’re doing, regardless of your ideas, and if anyone comes to harass and belittle you for making your unique mark in this beautiful fanbase, remember that they don’t matter. Someone out there loves your work, and as long as YOU love your work nothing else should matter.

Keep at it everyone, and stay determined!✨

cosmicjackass  asked:

Do you have any tips about dealing with anger in fighting games? You might not be the best person to ask but I don't really have anyone to ask about this

Having a positive outlook and being humble tends to help me. Everyone gets upset for different reasons, but in general:

1. Understand that you cannot and will not win every single match you play. In fact, if you’re still learning, you will definitely lose almost every single one. You aren’t Daigo or JDCR. So check yourself and make sure you aren’t being conceited, because you may not have a reason to be.

2. Try your best to understand why you lost by looking past the salt and viewing the last match objectively. Things like: I didn’t block low enough times, my spacing was poor, my execution was off, etc… are all universally important things in fighting games that you always need to address if you actually want to play well. 

3.  When(not if, when) you lose, don’t say “This game/that guy is ass.”. Say “What should I have done in that match?/Why did that one setup keep getting me?”. You can even say both if you really need to, but never leave it the first statement.

4. Don’t put 100% of the blame (he was spamming, he was turtling, he was using a cheap character, etc) on the other guy whenever you get trashed. If the game is balanced, then there’s usually a way around all these things. So focus on that, instead of giving your opponent that kind of mental power over you. Blaming the game all the time only teaches you how to get angry when you lose.

5. Everybody learns everything at their own pace, so be patient with yourself as you learn. You can be upset with yourself, but try to remember that fighting games are hard, and they take time to learn.

6. Remember that it’s a video game and video games should be fun. If you’re upset more often than not when playing a game, maybe it’s a sign to stop. At least for a little bit.

All that said though, It’s pretty much impossible to completely avoid salt in any fighting game, because of how personal they are.

That’s why actually trying your best to enjoy the game you play, despite personal lack of skill, is important too. There are some fighting games I think are kind cool, but i’ll get salty playing them no matter what, because I don’t agree with a lot of the systems or w/e that are in that particular game. So, I tend to avoid those games that are frustrating by nature, unless I just wanna fool around.

TLDR; Try your best to have fun, analyzing yourself is just as important as analyzing your opponent, and take breaks when you’re on the verge of recklessness.

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Do you think Stiles has a domestic sexual kink? Like, Lydia pushing around Scott's kids in a stroller at zoo, or emptying the dishwasher after work still in her work suit, or making the bed in the morning. How do you think he reacts? Or do you think Lydia feels the same way?

Like, I want to say yes but I’m like… am I projecting?

But I’m gonna say yes. Because Lydia’s doing all this stuff in his home too, for them. She’s making their bed. She’s emptying their dishwasher. It’s all theirs, and I think he remembers what it was like when there was no such thing as “theirs” and it absolutely enthralls him to know that he and Lydia have this incredible life together. 

Lydia probably reacts similarly, but for a different reason. Because when she’d been growing up, she’d never expected to have a husband like Stiles. She’d thought she would end up in a relationship just like the one with her mom and dad, where she had an absent husband for whom she kept house while resenting him the entire time because of the opportunities she never got to take. She’d thought she would feel stuck. Instead, she has a husband who cooks dinner every night so she can work late and does her laundry because she can’t be bothered to learn. It’s equitable, it’s sharing, and I think Lydia is actually kinda blown away by that kind of love. 

About the trail

Wow that does make Yellow look guilty as hell. I really hope she didn’t. I’m not a big of making homeworld/the Diamonds into nothing but eval.

Like maybe Yellow knows the real reasons why Pink was shattered, as mentioned I’m a big fan of Pink committed sucide by rose quartz and blame the reason for it on the other Diamonds pushing her to do things she didn’t want to.

So yellow oddly is trying to pressure Pink imagine

That would be a far better than “the clearly mean and evil Diamond killed another one for reasons”

I’m just going to throw this out there. I am totally fine and still open to reading any relevant meta of S4 that might help to make it clear things up. I have always loved the metas. They are both challenging, and fun. BUT…if you are simultaneously belittling the feelings of people who have been hurt throughout this ‘experiment’ of a show, I don’t give a damn WHAT you write. People are entitled to be frustrated and confused, without their questioning of the writers reasons behind their plots, being made fun of, and there have already been many valid theories written about this godforsaken series. Think you got the gold? Cool. Try catching flies with honey, for a change. I swear, the arrogance levels are off-the-chain tonight.

Don’t Move

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters.

Summary: Jack uses a little game to decide in an argument with Mark, and Jack loves the game too much to stop. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! Okay so i took a small idea and just kinda went off topic. It starts as Don’t move then just derails into general tickling. Still cute tho. Anyways enjoy!!! Also I did this cause i was craving some ear tickles and Mark’s got ticklish ears. Makes for the cutest damn tickling scenes ever. 

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Interview with Sylvanas Windrunner

Q: A bit of a personal question, Warchief, from back when you were still among the living…. were you a Lorth'emar a… you know, a thing? Or was it very one sided?

Sylvanas: We were planning to get married if this is what you mean. Well, more like we were planned to be married together, slightly different as it wasn’t exactly our decision to make, you see? However, neither of us really wanted to get married, both of us quite young and not really wanting to be tied to anybody, so we always found a reason why not to. Orc wars, Scourge, stuff like that.
Sylvanas: I can’t speak for Lord Theron, but I never had any warm or passionate feelings in this relationship. I knew him as a reliable ranger with a good background.
Sylvanas: What I am trying to say is that our relationship was more for the political side of us than the emotional.

Q: Have you ever thought of going out with a girl?

Sylvanas: Back when I was alive? Yes, I had thought about it.
Sylvanas: With all the boys going out with each other, girls were usually the only option left anyway.

Q: Who’s better with a bow, Nathanos or Lor'themar?                             

Sylvanas: Both are equally miserable.
Sylvanas: Eh, personal joke. Nathanos still has decades, centuries of practice ahead. Centuries of practice which Lor’ has behind him.
Sylvanas: I think that if you give it… Four hundreds years, the difference between them will be so small it will not matter.

Q: How did you react when you found out one of the heroes is wielding Frostmourne? 

Sylvanas: Well, it isn’t exactly the Frostmourne, is it? There are only fragments of it melted into the blade if I have been informed right.
Sylvanas: But I literally couldn’t care less. I am free of the Lich King’s will, I am my own. That stupid sword doesn’t really bother me.

Q: You always say that you have no time for games, but  do you play any games? If yes, which ones? 

Sylvanas: Occasionally… When I have an evening free, which is not as often I would like… I sit down for a little game of Hawks and Hares.

Q: Would you ever allow a Forsaken into the ranks of the Dark Rangers? As opposed to the undead elves. 

Sylvanas: You probably don’t understand, this is not about racial preference. It is about skill. The Dark Rangers are sharpshooter elite.
Sylvanas: It is easier to become a Dark Ranger when you have two and half century of experience in the field rather than holding the bow in your hand for the first time and whenever you let the bowstring go, your fingers fall off.
Sylvanas: Get me an ordinary Forsaken who is any good with a bow, and they can join the Dark Rangers.

Q: What was the weirdest thing one of your val'kyr have raised?

Sylvanas: There is weird and weird, and then there is that shit Gertruda pulled out. It started with the spider graveyard.
Sylvanas: Long story short, she quit resurrecting and runs a bakery now. I’d persecuted her… But she makes a damn good bread.

Q: Also, have you ever had an undead gnome? Do they get punted in undeath as well?

Sylvanas: Oh yes, we do have undead Gnomes. Not many, but there are… Yeah. Five.
Sylvanas: I don’t have a clue how many the Scourge has, but I bet they have far more than they deserve. Gnomes are very useful.

Q: What joy is in that curse?

Sylvanas: Joy? More like pain in a- A thorn in side.
Sylvanas: But it gives me the right to have morbid sense of humor.

Q: So…How are you feeling after Stormheim?

Sylvanas: As it seems, Greymane doesn’t understand the importance of priorities. For example I plan to now deal with the demons and with big ol’ King Puppy later.
Sylvanas: If you mean how I am after that ter-… After that important business I had there: I am fine, a little disappointed, and I could use a vacation.

Q: Do you plan on giving back Gilneas one day?

Sylvanas: I think that officially the territory is still a war zone of contest.
Sylvanas: Unofficially I can assure you that no conqueror in history gave back any land he won in war. Never ever happened. And I am not going to start it.

Q: Do you have any pets apart from Nathanos?

Sylvanas: No, I have none pets.
Sylvanas: However, strangely two weeks ago a carrier addressed for me arrived in the mail. It contained a very cute silver tabby. I have been ignoring it ever since.
Sylvanas: Nothing against cats but I am afraid the Scourge is trying to do diplomatic encounter.
Sylvanas: If you excuse me, I am going to taunt Nathanos a little that other people call him my pet too.

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hc for you being drunk around/with dallas

I’m not sure if this is platonic or romantic so I shall do both!


- drunk laughs for like no reason

- lots of clumsiness from you


- Then Dallas trying to catch you but he’s too drunk

- so like you fall a lot

- eventually one of you suggests you just go to bed


- sloppy, passionate kisses

- he gets hella handsy

- lowkey wants to cuddle as well as…more filthy things

- likes the way he can taste the alcohol of your lips

- the two of you stay up so late together

- but you eventually fall asleep first

- and he says he loves you for the first time after making sure you are actually asleep

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I'd like to raw-feed my SD when I get it, and while the community college I'm in allows a small fridge in dorm rooms in addition to the shared apartment fridge/freezer, would it be inappropriate to ask if I can purchase a small freezer as an accommodation? And when I leave, if the next college doesn't allow fridges in rooms?

I think this would be a reasonable thing to ask. Especially if the freezer isn’t much bigger than the small fridge that you already have in your dorm room. Whatever accommodating request you put in, make sure that it’s in writing so you have a record of it!


The one thing I hate about Steven Universe is that when it’s good it’s sooooooo good but you have to sieve through about 20 bad episodes to get to any decent plot. I get hyped after an episode like this and then as soon as filler comes around again I’m bored. The writers just can’t make it entertaining

Honestly at this point I think the reason I still watch the show is because the characters have made such an impact on me I can’t help but see it through until the end. This show shaped my university life, kick started my passion for art again, and helped me discover who I am. I can’t abandon it now. Deep down I know it’s getting worse, but I believe in it, and I believe in Steven.

Bring Bismuth back

anonymous asked:

mind if you elaborate on who's this Poison person? I don't think I know them and I would like to block them :P

They’re a pretty popular-ish artist from the OFF fandom. But they said some really awful things about me on the OFF Discord without my knowledge and to other people (as if to get people to hate me for stupid reasons) The thing is, I literally never said a thing to them, and never spoke ill of them. Like we only interacted once, but that was nearly a year ago. They kept bragging about how much they supported incest in the general chat on the server, and I kept telling them that it was making me super uncomfortable and wished for them to change the subject. But they didn’t. They kept shoving it down my throat, so I just left before I ended up with an anxiety attack. I was a personal victim in an incest-related incident in my childhood, so you can see why I hate it so much.

I’ve heard other people say they’re not very nice to others. But I dunno why they hate me so passionately. I think it’s these reasons:

*I don’t support incest and pedophilia
*I ship hetero pairings and not Batterie
*I’m Christian (we get a lot of hate, even though not all of us are bad)
*I find yaoi to be gross because it fetishizes gay men
*I like Homestuck (seriously, how petty do you have to be to hate someone for that reason?)
*I actually put effort in my art

And like I said, I never spoke bad about them. And I didn’t even talk to then after they nearly gave me an anxiety attack.

So their petty hatred against me is absolutely baffling. I don’t remember their main blog from the top if my head, but I think their art blog is “Mspunt” or something like that. They were the one taking names for the copy of HOME their friend was giving to Markiplier. (I’m surprised they added my name, since they hate me so much, lol)

I do not wish misfortune on this individual. I only wish that they grow up to be successful in life, and to be a better person, and learn that words are a very powerful thing.

can we just talk about how well tony’s sexuality was handled in 13 reasons why?

  • his character didn’t revolve around him being gay even after he told clay he was gay, i don’t even think they mentioned it again
  • his relationship with his boyfriend never felt forced into the story, anytime brad showed up he had a purpose like being someone tony could talk to and therefore giving us an insight into tony’s thoughts about everything
  • the others never used his sexuality in an insulting way when they were talking about him
  • he wasn’t stereotyped in any way. justin and the others seemed intimated by him, he wore leather, drove a badass classical mustang, did rock climbing without safety gear, etc.

Darling, just hold on ♡