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Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

I’ve been working on this for the past two days…
This was supposed to be a simple work what happened-
I just wanted to draw Underfell babybones fluff since I rarely ever see the Underfell bros actually being NICE to each other in any format.

This started out just being a simple sketch of the two of them, then for some reason I decided it needed a background, and THEN for some OTHER reason I decided it needed a story-
Question is will I ever get around to writing one? haha

Kara and Mon-El fight in pretty much every episode. She creates a list of reasons why they’re not good for each other, and it’s growing. She tells Mon-El to keep what happened between them private because of how new it is, which is completely reasonable, and then ignores her wishes ten seconds later and tells everyone. He did that more than once throughout this episode.

Kara gets angry at im in every episode, and those reasons are pretty legit, only for those reasons to be completely resolved at the end of the episode. I’m having so much difficulty understanding how the writers are doing this so WRONG. They insist he’s a good guy while making him do really shitty things in every single episode, only for him to get away with doing those things every time.

And Kara and Mon-El slept together in the episode immediately after getting together, but somehow couldn’t manage more than two kisses for Kara and James in an entire season. Kara and Mon-El were far more physical with each other in this one episode than Alex and Maggie has been since they got together. I’m pretty sure Winn’s girlfriend had more lines than Maggie. I was actually really surprised she was there at the end of the episode.

He was injected into almost every scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled in more screen time than Alex in an episode about the Danvers family reuniting. They were so desperate to make Mon-El the hero in this.

And where the hell is James? Yeah, blah blah blah, I know some people are happy about his disappearance. I don’t care. It makes zero sense that he has been gone for two episodes with absolutely no explanation.

I know I’m ranting here, but this makes no sense. It’s like the show completely changed it’s course after the first season. It’s like all of the stuff they were against doing in the first then became fair game in the second.

I know that the Karamel fandom is really small, but I just don’t understand how anyone ships them. Kara finds a problem with him in every single episode, points it out, and then gets over it at the end. Mon-El almost blatantly ignores her wishes at every turn but as long as he apologizes, or even merely acknowledges it at the end, it’s all good.

How is this cute? How is this attractive? How is this at all empowering to a female audience? How is revolving Kara’s entire season 2 story line around her love interest positive character development? What in the hell happened to this show’s writers?

Because I mistakenly thought that a female lead superhero show wouldn’t work almost exactly like a male lead one. That this one would put out a positive message to women. So far, all it’s shown anyone is that no matter how many doubts you have about someone, as long as they look REALLY sincere in their apology, then just let it go. Kara calls him out on so much of his shit, but it never means anything because she forgets about it later.

I just…I’m so stunned by the depth that the writers have fallen this season. It’s like I’m watching two different shows, and the second show is continously slapping the first one in the face.

And worst of all, that last scene really should have been Kara and Alex. That’s the relationship that has been hit the hardest by this Karamal nonsense. Every single week a new episode airs, and I look forward to the the next one even less…

Royai: Possible ‘Secret Relationship’ Implications

I talked about this on a tag meme I did, and I liked my analysis enough that I figured I’d edit it up and add some pictures.

I’m going to talk about the reasons why Roy and Riza having a relationship in the manga could possibly be a thing. I am 80% sure that despite how clearly they loved each other, Roy and Riza did not have anything going on between them in the series. However, there are some points I want to make that lean toward them possibly being together in a romantic sense throughout the manga.

My main point is how comfortable they are around each other. Comfortable enough that she’s the only one he cries in front of. He holds back his emotions throughout Hughes’ entire funeral and only lets himself be vulnerable when they’re alone in front of Hughes’ grave.

Originally posted by imtekkerz

A lot of people say there’s a lot of unresolved sexual or romantic tension between them throughout the series, but I honestly don’t see that. I see two people who clearly care about one another a great deal, who, with one look, make it obvious that they’re in love. But I don’t see them really pining for one another or anything like that. They act like an old married couple. They don’t seem to act like they want to kiss or touch each other desperately. Which, to me, says that perhaps it’s because they already do. (This could be because I’m Ace, though, and I do not go looking for sexual implications in my OTPs, so maybe it just goes over my head all the time, but…)

Case in point, I knew my husband for ten years before we got married. In the first four years or so, we definitely were a couple of teenagers in love. We pined for one another when we couldn’t see each other. When in public, we stared at each other silently wishing we could go somewhere to be alone, we made out as often as possible. After about four or five years, the feeling of “I need to touch this person because I have a lot of pent up sexual and romantic tension for them” pretty much died down and we became very comfortable with just being around each other. If we didn’t hug or kiss for a while, it was no big deal because we had each other and we knew we could arrange to be together to do those things whenever.

My point is, Roy and Riza act like that around each other, which tells me that perhaps the reason they aren’t desperate to touch one another all the time is because they already do. They already do all the things normal couples do. They’re used to intimacy so why would they itch to touch each other 24/7? If they were as in love as they appeared to be, but couldn’t be with each other, I think they’d show more signs of yearning for one another. This, of course, could be because we just don’t see it since they were not the focus of the series and their relationship had no huge importance to the story (and Arakawa has said that she does not include anything that doesn’t need to be in the story), but I feel like, even with the amount of time they had been together, if they had never touched each other or kissed or hugged or whatever, they’d have a hard time masking the want they would have for each other. Their comfort in each other’s presence could be more than just them having spent a long time together.

My other point is the Barry the Chopper scene where Roy gets super jealous of Barry touching Riza and prepares to burn him to a crisp. Riza stops him and seems absolutely unfazed by his jealousy, which could indicate that he’s acted like that multiple times in the past and she’s used to telling him to calm the hell down.

Roy also gets annoyed again after they’re done interrogating Barry to see if he’s the real thing. Barry flirts with Riza again calling her ‘Missy,’ looking at her with hearts over his head. Roy is visibly annoyed in this scene as well.

My next point isn’t exactly evidence, but Roy and Riza did change clothes in a car together and didn’t come out of that looking flustered or blushing or anything like they might have if they were unused to seeing each other in various states of undress. I mean, yeah, Roy learned his alchemy from her bare back, but it’s not like he saw anything else. I feel like he’d still get flustered if he saw her without a shirt on, even if it was just her back, because if they weren’t together, if they weren’t touching each other on a somewhat regular basis, he’s just a guy in love and he’d want to touch her and he’d blush about it or get embarrassed easily when seeing her. Think about Ed in that scene where he was in the room when Winry was changing. He was flushed and embarrassed because he was a kid in love who had never touched the person he loved intimately before. So this one kind of goes back to my ‘comfortable with each other’ theory.

Oh, and also, that scene where Madame Christmas asks why Roy doesn’t just go play with Elizabeth. What kind of ‘play’ is she insinuating? And why does she know this is something he would do? And why do the other girls think they have a ‘chance’ now that Elizabeth has been taken by another man? What has Roy been telling them about her?

Anyway, these are all minor things. It doesn’t necessarily point to them being in an actual relationship. It’s probably more just evidence that they care for one another beyond that of superior and subordinate, but these are the things that do make me question whether or not they were actually in a secret relationship.

Side Note: I’m talking post Ishval relationship here, not young royai. I’m a firm believer that nothing happened between them pre-Ishval, not even when Roy studied flame alchemy from Riza’s bare back. What I’m talking about here are all the things that make me think they might have had a relationship during the series, in the time after Ishval and after Riza becomes Roy’s subordinate.

I’ve been working! I mean, screaming! I mean- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

Anxiety from doing A Dumb Thing today kept me from sleeping despite not getting any sleep the previous night, so I’m doing this. May as well make the nerves be productive if they’re going to ruin things as usual. Doesn’t help that I’m about to begin day 5 out of a 7 day stretch at mind-numbing day job. People are burning up my brain with nonstop chatter: I just want to be left alone to work on this so I can finally get on with things.

Only on the second eagle illustration. And as usual, I have not yet started on the ever important bird portion of it. So. Slow.


remember when a spoiler said “robert causes trouble” and then later we find out the spoiler is actually “robert and aaron are caught in an intimate moment and it causes problems for aaron”???

spoilers are sensational for a reason. they’re supposed to get you up in arms and make you watch

spoilers are also detrimental for this same reason; people vilify characters and have preconceived notions of how things are going to be before they even air

i’m baffled by the spoiler culture the emmerdale fandom has. it’s the only fandom i’ve been in where people devour spoilers and read them as Truth.

then again, it’s the only fandom i’ve been in where people take the canon as gospel.

relax, everyone. stay positive. it’s a soap; they have to keep it interesting (and ridiculous and sometimes downright nonsensical) because they’re on five days a week and coming up with that many storylines is frankly impossible.

these things can and do happen in a soap fandom. no we don’t always like them (personally i’m more than tired of the rebecca/robert shenanigans and if ed want me to believe robert would make a move on rebecca while his husband is in prison they’re fucking nuts lol) but you know why this is okay? because fandom is there to make me feel better.

that’s what fandom does. it gives you the ability to change what you don’t like, let’s you write and headcanon and draw your way to feelings you like. writers and directors and showrunners don’t always get it right. most of the time in fact. so embrace fandom.

robert sugden wouldn’t cheat on aaron at all right now. rebecca wouldn’t even ping his radar. i’m not worried about this spoiler because it makes No Sense and spoilers are more often wrong or sensational than they are right and rational.

anyway. that’s my two cents.

I’m okay with people hating on Mon-El and Karamel for whatever reasons they have to, but the only reason that really makes me mad is the whole “Mon-El is abusive” thing. Cause he is at least trying to change and be better (does he always succeed? nope, but he’s trying) and toxic people do not care about that.

A lot of people may not know this but, my best friend in the world lives in Texas and as such, she has a thick southern accent. I would never make fun of her lovely voice. Just as I would never make fun of Crane for his accent. Nor would I shame anyone who wants to headcannon him with a heavy accent. The only thing I’m against is those who want the accent to be a joke. The character deserves respect. 

I don’t know if my earlier post was the reason someone attacked Codot, but I’m really disappointed that anyone would say that to him. There’s a few people who think I sent that message, but I don’t send anon hate. It’s really immature and I stand behind my opinions, not a filter. I respect my fellow artists and those who contribute to this fandom. If you want to attack me, that’s fine, but don’t attack him. Anyway. I have personally apologized to Codot for the incident, because I feel somewhat responsible for the rude anon. Again, I am sorry.

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Top 3 reasons To love Jimin? I think your love for him is amazing 😆😆 And cheer up!!

  1. The way he giggles so hard that he practically flings his whole body at the closet object, while cutely covering his mouth. 
  2. You have to love him because he loves being praised. The cutest thing ever is when Jimin points something out so that the other members will say he did a great job. 😊 
  3. His caring personality, he will do everything in his power to make sure the rest of the members aren’t upset by hugging them at first sign of distress.
Tag Warning

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that very soon, certain events will be happening in the canon manga that will cause a stir. It is bound to make certain people courageous and to crosstag into the NaruSaku tag trying to upset people or cause a scene.

There are a few things you can do about that depending on your tolerance level.

#1: Ask them to remove the crosstagged post

Some people are just completely unaware that crosstagging is not only annoying, but it just makes people fight for no reason. It messes up the related tags. It’s just all around stupid. If you ask relatively politely and they still don’t remove it, then it’s probably time to block

#2: Block them and suggest they be added to our Block List.

You can read about why we created the Block List HERE. The NaruSaku tag is not a dumping ground for petty arguments. If you want to clean up the tag, use the block list at your discretion.

#3: Report them IF they are harassing you personally

If they are threatening you or going against the Tumblr guidelines, don’t just block them. Report them. No one should have to deal with that.

#4: Make sure you are browsing the #NaruSaku tag and NOT searching for “NaruSaku” on mobile or desktop

Sometimes posts are not crosstagged at all and are mistaken to be. Check to make sure they crosstagged before calling them out or getting upset. Who cares if they have negative things to say about NaruSaku in their own tags

What I don’t suggest you do is:

Go visit THEIR tags to start a mess or crosstag into their tags to cause a mess

The NaruSaku tag is a communal place. Think about all your fellow NaruSaku shippers who just want to ship in peace before you crosstag and try to start a fight. There has always been more of them than us here on Tumblr. If one of our idiots decide to start a fight and crosstag, 20 of their idiots will crosstag in retaliation. For everyone one of our idiots who goes over to harass them, 30 of their idiots will come over to do the same.

If you really care about our arist, our writers, and all our creative thinkers in the fandom who just want to create content and enjoy it with their fellow NaruSaku fans, then don’t crosstag.

Stay safe and expect specialized content this week!!

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I totally agree with you about the 'sugamama' thing. It annoys me for two reasons. When people talk about it in regards to daichi and sugas relationship, it's as if they're trying to make the relationship like a traditional heterosexual couple. And it also annoys me because people act like fathers can't display the sorts of traits he does.

YES!! this is srsly how i feel like… it always feels like shippers try to make gay couples more “straight” by applying gender roles? and calling our love.. sinful??? what?????? we….. don’t have those in our relationships…. thats not how it works lol not even in straight relationships? and suga isn’t a woman just because he has a nurturing disposition to younger people– he’s very much the teenage boy he is. hes a young man super into volleyball and super close to his teammates in a way that does seem pretty adult like but.. hes still essentially a kid.. i mean he literally has a canon crush on kiyoko and dreams of marrying her so like……….. i 300% view him as bisexual so can appreciate more sexualities instead of turning everything into some weird creepy vers in your heads

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byerscanon: joyce is a terrible cook. if it's not frozen or a basic turkey sandwich, it's a struggle. jonathan and will both know if they see her in the kitchen they need to rescue whatever food she is making. jonathan is best at breakfast, will has perfected every type of pasta, and when el joins the family later she lets karen teach her how to cook meatloaf and chicken. joyce is immensely proud of her "little chefs", even decades later when she and hop sit alone with their tv dinners.

This is the reason I am still breathing this is so cute

Send me your Byers family headcanons

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37 and nessian

[[ Dialogue Prompts. See here for more to send, always accepting for the ACOMAF fandom, any pairing/character(s) welcome!]]

I bet you ten dollars you won’t kiss me.”

It’s a line Nesta’s heard a dozen times before. However, for some reason, hearing it spoken on the lips of this particular client sparks a twinge deep in the base of her stomach. 

“Didn’t you read the company policy?” She doesn’t look at him as she loosens the braid of her hair, threading it out across her shoulders. “No kissing. And besides, you’re paying me anyway. Your usual two hours, I presume?” 

“I’m offering you a chance to make a little extra,” Cassian says, ignoring her comment about the rules as always. He says they’re boring. She says they’re often the only thing that stand between her and being brutalised by intoxicated patrons. That response always shuts him up. “Promise I won’t tell.” 

“No.” She betrays nothing through the cold, thin-lipped mask she wears as his playful smirk fades. “No kissing. No extra five minutes. No staying over just to watch a movie afterwards.” Even if he did have netflix, snack food, and a warm bed free for the night, always with no strings attached. Years of poverty and disappointments have taught Nesta never to allow herself to show weakness, especially around men. She can’t leave Feyre to be the only one paying the bills, even if her youngest sister would blanch in horror if she ever knew how Nesta supplemented the family funds. No exceptions. 

“Nes,” Cassian says softly, and she curses herself for the day she let slip her true name. “It’s been two years. You know me. Can’t we stop all this? I just want to be able to fight for you, instead of always against you.” His voice is so genuine, his pleading, puppy-dog eyes so sincere. It’s a shame he’s the cliche she’s been warned about, a shame she has her pride to think of. “Not that I don’t enjoy our lovers quarrelling,” that crooked smirk again, so easy to fall in love with were she anyone else, “but I want to be able to give you something more.” 

Stripped down at last to her underwear, Nesta crosses the room, looking down at him where he rests reclined across the bedsheets. Even in the crappy lighting of the dingy motel room, the bold contours of his military physique are stark with shadows, his dark skin, dark hair, warm eyes, all too inviting. “You’re sweet,” Nesta says, trying to keep her tone polite in a pitying but sweet manner that she uses with her other clients. It’s hard to ignore the way her voice cracks, but she blames it on the late hour. “But you know as well as I do, we can never be more than lovers.” 

She pecks his forehead and pretends she can’t see the heartbreak in his eyes. She looks away. She doesn’t need another reminder of what she feels every time he’s late to make a booking, or has to cancel due to being called overseas on urgent military business. 

Nesta, you fool, she thinks to herself as she forces a smile, just what have you gotten yourself into?

Jemma: We can’t fight them, Daisy. It’s too much!

Daisy: Don’t worry about fighting them, okay? I will. I will take them on myself.

Jemma: Daisy, don’t do this. I can’t lose you too!

Daisy: Look at me. This is not a sacrifice play. You know why? Because I will beat them, you hear me? I know it. If for no other reason than this - Through all the insane crap we have gone through, the one thing I’ve known without a doubt, the whole time…


Daisy: …is that you and Fitz belong together.


i love love love making people happy its literally the only thing worth living for so when people are mean for no reason it just makes me sad and confused like how could you even think to do a thing like that i just… cant even comprehend doing such a cruel thing. thats mean. being mean is not nice. and not being nice means that youll make people sad. if you make people sad then youre not a good person. plus youll never have the joy of seeing someone smile because of something you did for them. how do you mean fucks sleep at night??

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hi! one of my characters is a blacksmith in a fantasy setting and he's autistic. I know that a lot of autistics can be hypersensitive to sound and that the atmosphere of a forge might be upsetting for those reasons. However could the sounds (metal striking metal in particular) as well as the impact feeling be consider stimmy for him? Also is it reasonable for him to still be sound sensitive but in a different frequency range (lower pitch noises don't bother him but high ones (like screams) do?)

Yes to all of this. I personally would be in pain from the sound and sensation of a blacksmith’s forge, but others might be hyposensitive and crave the sound/feeling, use it to stim, or just not be bothered by it. And yes, high pitched noises bother me much more than lower ones, so this is a thing. Although if you’re considering making the autistic blacksmith sensitive to high-pitched noises, remember that metal striking metal is a very high-pitched sound indeed!

-Mod Aira