the things i find when i'm bored

twenty one pilots' songs for different moods
  • Lonely: lovely, johnny boy, screen , forest, ruby, holding on to you, hometown, fake you out.
  • Sad: oh ms believer, friend, please, anathema, goner, time to say goodbye, truce.
  • Struggling to find purpose: march to the sea, implicit demand for proof, addict with a pen, kitchen sink, isle of flightless birds, fall away.
  • Thinking too much: clear, semi-automatic, car radio, migraine, ride.
  • When you can't sleep: ode to sleep, before you start your day, message man, glowing eyes, taxi cab.
  • Nostalgic: slowtown, stressed out, the pantaloon.
Dating Park Jimin Would Include:

| suga | jungkook | v  | rap monster | j-hope | jin |

  • A call every night when you’re apart because he wanted your voice to be the last thing he heard before you fall asleep, and vice versa 
  • A lot of “surprise gifts”, and when you’d ask him why he got them he’d shrug cutely and say, “just ‘cause
  • Tickle fights
  • Couple items
  • Singing around the house
  • Serenading you at the most unnecessary times, but he’s cute as hell and you secretly didn’t mind
  • “Jagi, did you eat? You sure? Are you warm? Do you need anything?”
  • Lots of pictures he’d send to you from the gym/dance studio oh lord those arms
  • holding you real close with thoSE STRONG ARMS
  • Bragging to his friends about how cute you are
  • LOTS of cuddling
  • Quick, soft & sweet kisses, and long, passionate & loving kisses
  • Jamming out to songs on the radio together 
  • LoTss Of bACK hUgS
  • Complimenting you so much to the point where you’re literally ready to ram your head into the wall
  • A lot of deep conversations with you at night, because that’s when he felt the closest with you & he always felt like he could tell you anything
  • When you’re feeling down, he’d just silently hug you to let you know he’s there and mumble an “I love you” from time to time until he felt like you were starting to feel better
  • “I love you, did you know that? …. Oh, well I was just reminding you just in case you forgot ^^”
  • Basically you being the luckiest girl alive
I'm bored and giddy so here's some Makorra wedding headcanons

•Korra’s one requirement for her dress is that there can’t be sleeves. She wants to show off her guns

•Tenzin pays for the whole thing. Mako tries to convince him to let them save up themselves, but you know how stubborn Tenzin can be when he has his mind set on something

•Mako and Korra both agree on a small, simple wedding so that they can spend more on their honeymoon

•Bolin cries when Mako asks him to be his Best Man (even though he never would have considered asking anyone else), Asami’s the maid of honor. The airbending babies are the flower girls and ring bearers

•Their engagement is really short. Like, a month. They’re like “well we both know we love each other and that’s not gonna change any time soon so let’s just get this shindig done”

•Katara helps Korra get ready for this “shindig”

•When Korra’s dad gives her away, Mako says softly, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

•Mako cries. A lot. Throughout the whole thing.

•The one time Korra cries was during the vows. Mako incorporated “I’ve got your back, and I always will,” and Korra allows herself to shed one tear

•ok I know this is really cliché right now but they dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and they grin like idiots the whole time (FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU)

•(Mako cries again)

•The only person who cries more than Mako is Bolin

•"Dude, you’re not even the one getting married" “I know, it’s just so beautiful… And you’re so happy…”

•Bolin’s speech was actually really precious. He mentions how proud Mom and Dad would be of him, and how much they’d grown since their days on the streets. And then: “Welcome to the family, sis”

•Lin shows up later. “Well, I figured if my best detective was running off for a while, I should see his excuse” which are the nicest words she’s ever said to him

•Mako’s smile somehow gets even wider

•seriously, he’s grinning the ENTIRE night. And his eyes never leave Korra.

•Korra is having the time of her life and has never laughed so much before

•they hold hands for like 10 hours straight and don’t let go and are basically glued to each other’s sides. You’d have to get a crowbar to pry them apart

•after the delicious dinner (catered by Narrook’s), they DOMINATE the dance floor

•I have strong feelings about them taking swing-dancing classes before hand

•even Lin is impressed

•ok so airbending babies: Ginora is just in complete awe that two people could be in love THIS much. Ikki is as energetic as always and basically jumps around and asks a gazillion questions whenever she gets the chance (“so what kind of flowers are these? Why are they blue? Why are the streamers red? Those two colors don’t really go together–wait! That’s because you’re a waterbender and he’s a firebender! Aw that’s so cute omg but aren’t you technically a firebender too since you’re the avatar? Shouldn’t you include green and yellow in here too??–” “IKKI STOP”). Meelo doesn’t really know what’s going on but all these adults are laughing at everything he says so that’s fine by him

•cutting the cake turns into an all-out war

•"the fire nation is attacking again!“ “You started it!” “We had a peace treaty, remember? Ask Katara, she was there”

•it takes them forever to leave because everyone has something sweet to say to them or some embarrassing story

•it doesn’t help that Mako keeps offering to clean up every two seconds

•eventually Korra just picks him up bridal-style (or I guess you could call it groom-style) and carries him to the car

•The airbending kids, Bolin, and Asami all helped paint the “just married” decorations on their car

•Basically the whole ride back home was spent either kissing or calling each other “husband” or “wife”

Little Story

So I was at my weekly flute lessons, going through my honor band pieces, which I find extremely boring because I just honestly don’t like them this year. So when my instructor gives me advice on how to play things, she tells me about needing to put more emotions into it. She tells me to think of something that reminds me of the piece (it’s a melancholy sounding slow piece) and so I just spat out the first thing that came to my head (I said a graveyard or something) and she said it was an improvement, but it could still use a little more to convey the emotion of the piece, because that’s way more interesting than just playing the dynamics and rhythms straight off the page, obviously. So me and my terrible self automatically thinks, “What’s a dramatic thing I can think of? Yuuri Katsuki.” So I played it again, this time thinking about how lonely he felt, how he could never really reach a higher level, and how scared he was of disappointing Viktor.  And my dude, she stopped me after three measures. She said that was awesome, and she literally forgot to check for mistakes I made. My mom even spoke up from the back, and she usually doesn’t say much, but she told me that was the most gorgeous thing she’d ever heard me play. I didn’t even get to finish the damn piece.
But like…what the hell has this show done to me? It’s given me way too many emotions and I seriously think it’s making me a better person, if not a better musician. And that’s super cool.

I really hate those days when you see happy couples and you get jealous because even though you’re aro/romance repulsed you still want romantic love because society has ingrained so much bullshit into your head and it sucks. It really fucking sucks.

Lucas running late for work and scrambling around their apartment to collect his things. Lucas running out the door before skidding to a stop and turning back just to run into the studio and find Maya.

Maya squinting in concentration at her latest painting and not even flinching when Lucas presses a tender kiss to her shoulder, turning her head automatically to give Lucas a quick kiss in return.

“Love you.” Lucas murmurs gently against her lips and Maya’s lips curve into a soft smile.

“I love you.” Maya murmurs back before kissing Lucas warmly once more. Lucas hums delightedly into the kiss and curls his arm around Maya’s waist, which makes Maya snort softly in laughter as she pulls away. “And I will still love you when you lose your job for being late for the hundredth time.”

“Shit!” Lucas says in panic, grabbing his bag and rushing back out of the house.

“Have a good day Sundance!” Maya yells after him laughingly as she turns back to her painting, shaking her head in amusement at her boyfriend.

Looking up my favorite books in different languages is one of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating. Like, Paper Towns in French is La face cachée de Margo which literally translates to: “The hidden face of Margo” and Looking for Alaska is Qui es-tu, Alaska ? which translates to: ”Who are you, Alaska?”

If you don’t think that is amazing, I don’t even know.

I made a thing!

I know there are a few prompt generators around but I haven’t seen anything like this. I thought anyone else who, like me, needs a bit of inspiration, often has trouble deciding on a prompt to use, and/or has a habit of hanging onto prompt/AU posts for future reference might find it useful.

It’s a random fic prompt generator, using Google Docs spreadsheets, currently containing 400+ general OTP prompts and AUs that I’ve collected here and there, but you can customize it! 

You can add to or completely replace the prompt list!

  • Use your own favorite prompts
  • Make it fandom-specific
  • Use multiple copies to keep your fluff prompts separate from your angsty ones
  • Or whatever you want!
  • (For that matter, you can put anything you want to randomize in there.)

Just paste your prompts in (or use the included ones) and click the button! You do need a Google Drive account - instructions are in the document itself.  Hope it’s helpful to somebody :)

Get it here!

Prompt in the screenshot from otpdisaster.