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DIY Betta Leaf Hammock

So we all know about this thingy, right? Well, I don’t like them.

First: they’re made of hard plastic and the edges can sometimes be sharp enough to hurt a betta or tear its delicate fins. Second: even though there is a version that doesn’t have a wire inside the leaf (and this version is far safer), I can’t seem to find that thing anywhere. I ordered them online, went to three different LPS, and all of them only had the wire version.

So I said, screw it. I’m gonna make my own betta leaf hammock and it’ll be ten times better than this mass-market version. And since my creation turned out fantastic, I’m gonna share my process with everyone so that you never have to buy that crappy plastic leaf ever again.

So here’s what you do: Gather up any unused silk plants you have, or buy one of those $4 silk plants at any pet store that have the adjustable leaves. They look like this.

In the background of this picture you can see one leaf clump that I pulled off the stem. In focus is one of those leafs cut off, including the base of the leaf which has the hole meant to go through the stem.

Stick that thing right into a suction cup. Easy as that. Mine fit snugly. I stole the suction cup I’m using off the awful leaf-hammock-with-a-wire I ordered online, but you can probably go to the dollar store and get a whole pack of this exact size.

That extra leaf I cut off in the beginning? Shoved it right into the suction cup with the other leaf. Now everything is nice and snug; those leaves won’t be budging any time soon.

Since I had it on hand, I also secured it with a bit of aquarium sealant, but it wasn’t necessary. The leaves were stuck in there pretty good without it, I’m just predicting it will be easier to clean down the line if I glue it.

And there you have it. Two gorgeous, well-sized, sturdy and safe betta leaf hammocks for your tank.

So, to review, here’s the materials list:

1. Small suction cup(s)
2. Clump(s) of leaves from a silk plant of your choice
3. Scissors
4. Aquarium sealant (optional) 


So, I’ve been dealing with this for the past week. I am unmercifully reporting all artwork I find that is not posted by me. I was made aware of someone who stole my Nathalie comic I did forever ago. I made the mistake of asking them to take it down instead of immediately reporting it. They responded that they would give me credit, so it didn’t matter. I insisted that they remove it, as they did not have my permission to upload it and if they wouldn’t remove it, I would report it. Their response? It was my fault for not watermarking it in the first place. Obviously, talking to them was a mistake. 

As you can see from the screenshots above, every time I have reported it and it has been taken down, they put it right back up. This time, without credit at all. I’m frustrated but I am stubborn and very very petty. I am going to keep reporting this person. 

I have never been involved in a fandom before. This is the first time I have actively shared anything on line. For the most part, the Miraculous Ladybug fandom has been supportive and sweet. I have so many wonderful followers who leave nice messages and are invested in me as an artist. I’ve never really had that before and it means so much to me.

However, I am not tolerating any reposts at all anymore. It is my fault for not watermarking my stuff. Until only recently, I just barely managed to remember to sign my artwork. Going forward, I’m sticking a watermark on it. It sucks that its necessary, and its not going to stop the reposts. Its only going to give me credit where people won’t. 

I created a usage page for people who wanted to use my art. I love dubs, I love amvs, and I love when people want to use them creatively for that. Most of the people asking to use my art won’t read it. And they won’t follow it. Going forward, its not allowed anywhere except where I allow. I’m tired of recieving private messages that basically say, “Hey! I love your art! Can I post it _____?” 

This person is still doing it. They won’t stop. And the mentality that my art isn’t my own because I didn’t stick my name all over it is ridiculous. Even more so that art is free to use just because it is online is disrespectful. One thing I did find hilarious was this: 

This is their profile on Wattpad (I went looking to make sure none of my art friend’s or any more of mine was stolen). I can’t understand how you feel so entitled to art that you ask that your words aren’t stolen yet reporting you is unacceptable. 

I will keep reporting my artwork. And I will keep producing artwork. And I be protective over my artwork.

To my followers that read through this: 

Those of you that follow me because you are invested in my art, Thank you. Your support and encouragement is so wonderful and important to me. Also, don’t harass this person. I will continue to report them and take care of it myself. 

To those of you that followed me to use my art and to repost it: Unfollow me and block me. I’m tired of being used for your popularity. I’m selfish and my art is for me. I didn’t draw it to bring you followers.

TLDR: Don’t repost my art. Don’t even ask.

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Hi!! I was wondering if you had any advice for a newbie studyblr / bullet journalist ?

Hello there, lovely anon!! ♥ I actually joined the studyblr community pretty recently (just this month!) so I hope I can answer your question well /// !! Since I’m pretty new, there’s still quite a bit I have yet to learn myself! 

➸ advice for a new studyblr

Don’t be afraid to just start. 

  • Honestly! There’s no need to feel insecure about your posts, spreads, handwriting, picture quality, stationary - everyone in the studyblr community is so sweet and positive and helpful I begin to feel spoiled. I hope you do to!
  • Don’t feel self conscious about anything. You’re beautiful, wonderful, and perfect just the way you are. There is no better you than you!
  • Stop comparing your posts and blog to other people’s. There’s a lot for you to learn, and it won’t all come immediately. Notes, followers - it takes time. 

Reach out to other studyblrs!! 

  • Say hi, send asks, make friends! Make comments on other’s posts, send compliments or help where you can. Just being active in the community can help you get attention but also give you a wonderful time. A studyblr is to help you grow, and this is a great way to keep you motivated in doing so.
  • Along the same line, try to find ways to interact with your followers!

Tags, Tags, Tags! 

  • A lot of studyblrs will track a tag and will often reblog your content if you tag your original posts with it! You can find out what tag to put by checking out a studyblr’s page (for example, I track #studyfeather). You can make a list for yourself if that helps! (: But try not to be too overwhelming or overuse it. Maybe switch up which tracked tags you use from post to post. 
  • Make a tag for you to track! It would make sense that if you’re using tracked tags to make one for yourself to spread the love. 
  • Have a tag that is specific to your original content (mine is #featherpost)!!! It will make it nice and easy for those who come across your blog to find what you’re posting about. Having original content helps others have more interest in your blog!
  • A lot of what you are reblogging can serve as a resource for yourself. I like to reblog posts that inspire me, or have spreads I might try, masterposts, etc. If its important for you to find what you’re reblogging for later, make a tag system for yourself. For example, heres @ / studypetals’ tags page or @ / studyquill’s navigation page if you need any ideas. This is a great idea if other people begin using your blog as a resource as well. 

Take advantage of all the information you see. 

  • There are so many posts that address procrastination, time management, stress, note taking, school - anything at all - that is made available to you. It’s one thing to see the information, but it’s another to make use of it. (And don’t be afraid to share your knowledge either!) You can even make posts about trying out different advice if that helps motivate you to try something out.

Make an introductory post!

  • Help others get to know you better by putting together an introductory post! It’s never too late to make one, so don’t worry about making one if your blog has been up for a bit.
  • From what I’ve discovered, introductory posts tend to have the following information (not every one has ALL of this, it’s up to you what you’d like to add): name, age, school year, why you started a studyblr, your classes, some of your favorite studyblrs, other blogs you have (and other sites you’re on), any anything else you’d like to say/add. 
  • If you use tracked tags or tag studyblrs you love, it can help get your blog noticed! (:

Post original content!

  • I touched on this earlier, but this is so important. One of the best ways for your studyblr to succeed is posting your own work and sharing it to the community. You never know how many people will love it, be inspired by it, follow you from it, or contact you because of it.
  • Be fairly consistent in posting original content. I try to post at least once a week even though I’m pretty busy. It helps motivate me to keep my bujo and studyblr going! You can try out the 100 days of productivity or some studyblrs put together monthly study challenges you can keep up with. As an example, here’s a May Study Challenge I might try out!
  • In posting original content, make sure you link information you’re referencing to help others that much more!

Queue your posts!!

  • A great way to keep your blog active is to queue your posts. I have my posts queued at 10 each day and try to keep at least 20 posts in my queue at all times, in case a couple of busy days keep me from adding more. Some people unfollow inactive blogs - and this can be a way to prevent it. 
  • The only thing I don’t queue are original posts and asks, but it’s up to you if you decide to use the queue system or not!

➸ advice for a new bullet journalist

Real quick!! I would advise taking a look at the bullet journal’s official website to help understand the basics of bullet journaling. 

  • It’s designed to be quick and customizable way for you to keep information and tasks organized. A great way to make use of this (that I’ve found) is to make a key for each of your logs. You can see my key here. You can also search tumblr for bujo keys to see what others have come up with. If you do want to make a key, make it so that it works for you!  It can be as simple or detailed as you want, with or without signifiers, etc. If you don’t like this system, that’s just fine!

Discover different journal options and where to find them.

  • There is no set journal to use, however there are popular choices among the studyblr community: Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, and Muji journals - but it is NOT limited to these. Working with a regular notebook works just fine as well! 
  • It’s one thing to find and purchase something online - but I like being able to find what I’m looking for in person. It saves shipping + handling costs, and I get to it immediately. And, sometimes, they can be cheaper too! I found my moleskine journal I’ve been using at Barnes and Noble, and have also seen Leuchtturm1917 journals at my school’s book store. (The temptation is real every time I walk past OTL) 

Your bullet journal is for you, so let’s make it that way.

  • A big part of having a studyblr is to help yourself in becoming more productive in learning and improving a lifestyle (or this may just be how I see it). So! There is no set format for you to use a bullet journal. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for you.
  • You can take inspiration from other people’s post to help experiment with different spreads and layouts. (Be sure to credit/tag if you do! Just to be safe.) 
  • You can find out different things that you can add to your bujo! Habit trackers, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly spreads, lists of things to keep track of (books to read, tv shows and episodes to watch, shopping/wish lists, bucket list, etc), anything you’re interested in. Depending on your interests and areas you wan’t to use a bujo to help you with, this can vary. If you want, you can test out different ideas to see if you like it or not. It will take time to find what you like, so don’t stress about it in the beginning. You’re just starting, after all!
  • There is always something for you to do, it’s just a matter of finding out what that is. If you need any help of finding something to do, feel free to message me! (As long as you don’t mind me asking a bunch of questions haha.)

Don’t be afraid to use pencil first when making your spreads.

  • Me being me, trusted myself to use pen right off the bat. Boy, do I regret that XD It got to the point where I purchased an erasable pen but I’m finding nothing can beat pencil before pen. But before you erase the pencil - make sure the pen has dried. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve gotten impatient multiple times and go ahead to erase, and instantly wished I hadn’t. You can try to find pens that prevent this from happening, but waiting is the best alternative. Something you can do is make a spread at night, and wait to erase when you wake up in the morning. You can keep your bujo open to the page you worked on for it to dry better.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive stationary.

  • Seeing the pastel highlighters, wide variety of pens and miscellaneous tools it’s easy to think you need to have it all but … you don’t have to have any of it. Especially if you are low on funds, don’t worry about getting anything new. Just work with what you have! I have been using pens I’ve owned for years and have hardly touched to see what I can do with them and am pleasantly surprised! I have a bunch of supplies that I have gotten for school that haven’t been used that I plan on finally putting to use. 
  • Your basic school supplies with notebooks, highlighters, pens and pencils, post it notes, can take you as far as you wish!

Having a difficult time coming up with a spread? Here’s some ideas! 

  • Try out different hand written fonts. This can include headers/titles and subheaders/subtitles. Try headers, banners, and dividers too! Here’s some different ideas: x | x | x | x
  • Give your spread a theme. Disney, movie, music, history, art, cartoon shows, books - anything at all! This can help with finding art to fill in blank spaces to give your spread some more interest. Here’s a post with a bunch of ideas you could use.
  • Colors! Try out different color combinations! Being an art student, I’m overly conscious of colors. They can help set a mood, evoke certain emotion, some colors work best with others (be smart when using complimentary colors), etc. Here’s a site that covers basic color theory. But … this is me being nerdy. This can take quite a bit of thought - but you honestly don’t have to (: !! It’s best if you stick to one or two colors within a page not to overwhelm what others are seeing, especially if you’re wanting to keep things minimal. If you want me to go deeper into this, and talk more about contrast and whatnot … I can make a separate post as not to clutter this one ♥
  • Make goals for yourself! This can be included in a habit tracker, but doesn’t need to be. They can be as small as going on a 20 minute walk each day during this week, being sure to stay hydrated, doing something with a family member or friend, completing or starting a big project or assignment, etc. 
  • Find some quotes and add them! Here’s some quote masterposts I’ve come across: x | x | x | x

When taking pictures, be conscious of lighting.

  • The best kind of lighting is natural lighting. Taking pictures outside (or inside) during the day will help your image quality! I know before I said picture quality doesn’t matter much, but this can be a simple and easy way to help improve your posts. 
  • If natural lighting isn’t helping you the way you want, you can take a look at different apps with photo editing capabilities or filters. I have a horrible app finding ability, and just use Photoshop (you can get PS CS2 for free here) or Clip Studio Paint to edit my photos. My favorite tool to use is the tone curve. However you can see this post to look at other options, like apps (it also links to other posts you can look at)!

Have a good time!

  • Honestly, I feel this is what it boils down to. As long as you are enjoying what you’re doing and continue to have a passion for studyblr related content, you’ll succeed. Don’t stress about it and take one post at a time.

I’ll start putting together a post of how I started my studyblr in case that may help as well! Thank you for asking, anon! Hopefully this helps, and that I was able to cover everything! T o T Sorry I kinda went on a bit of a tangent in some areas.

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What if aliens are even more confused about bicycles than we are? Like, we aren't entirely sure how they work but we just kind of brush that aside and use them anyways, while aliens are running around panicking b/c "holy crap humans are using something that they don't even know how it works but it does and we don't know how it works either what the hell" and they try to study it and they come back with nothing better than "it shouldn't work"

Why would you do this to me? Because now I can’t figure out if the bicycle thing is serious or not and most of what I find online says we do understand, i think, but I can’t tell and I found this which looks like a good discussion but the problem is I never took physics, I took chemistry instead which is not at all useful in situations like this (and, granted, most situations, but possibly also because it was literally my worst subject of all time) and while I am a fairly intelligent person I start seeing all these sciencey physicsy words and it’s like trying to read Japanese katakana–I can sorta understand them separately if I try really hard but mostly they’re strings of characters taunting me and my lack of knowledge that I feel I should know.

Hello Fanders.

I heard there was a fander meetup going on. I’ve got too much anxiety and dysphoria to post a selfie, so I’ll introduce myself and retell a sanders sides related story instead.

Hi, I go by Roman. I use he/him or they/them pronouns and I write things and make gifs sometimes. I really
find this online community to be pretty cool and here’s the story behind my name.

So, I’m transgender and/or non binary at any given time(genderflux. It’s weird, I know). I came out irl in March. A lot of things happened in March, actually. I came out as trans, I started really getting into the Thomas Sanders fandom, I was looking for a new middle name, and the originality video came out. All of these things are related.

So, oh my gods I hate to think about this, my given middle name is Rose. I’ve always hated it. Even before I knew I was trans I hated it and wanted to be rid of it. However, I wanted to keep my initials so during March I was on the hunt for a neutral or masculine name that started with R.

I narrowed it down to several choices. By the way, if you remember my sides, I had invented them by then but they didn’t all have names. Only my imagination and inner critic had names. Robin and Rowan were names I was considering for myself that I ended up giving to my positivity and logic. But why I gave each of them their names is a whole other story.

So anyways, I started out with about five names I kinda liked and had narrowed it down to two when the originality video came out. Obviously, one of those two was Roman. So, when I heard Prince say “Roman. That is my proper name,” I visibly jumped back in my chair. I felt pretty spooked.

However, that video felt like a sign. Whether it was or not, I have no idea, but after spending another week or more thinking on it I chose Roman for my new middle name and I love it.

Every time somebody on here calls me my name I feel a teeny tiny surge of positive energy in my heart. Here I never get misgendered. I get called a name I like. People I know irl still haven’t adjusted to my pronouns or new names, and it’s tough. I’m misgendered at almost every interaction and I’m not even out to everyone I know yet. But then I come to the Sanders Sides fandom, and you call me Roman, and everything feels just a little more bearable.

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Hello! Can you tell which members sang The End?? Or just Ruki sang it? Btw, what piano song was played in RajiGaze Nov 18, 2016 (2nd song request after Gentle Lie)? Thanks!

OOH someone sent me a message about the end before >< it’s all five of them but i forget who sings what lol someone answer this!!

as for the song request thing you can probably find that online…? i really don’t remember lol


#WCWonMonday @therealstrella.kat #demgroceriestho #hercaptiontho — 💦 🍖 🍖 things I find online 😂 y'all be recording my ass so well 😩

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anon sent me a lovely two part message about how they miss their old form but now that they are in this body, they can spread stories about dragons and inform people and just be a creator and a maker. It was lovely.

they also mentioned something I’d love to touch on: 

I use dragonkin as the term for “someone who identifies mentally, spiritually, or otherwise as a dragon” which can happen for a multitude of reasons. Not here to discuss why we’re kin, right? 

But, even though I use dragonkin and a couple other kintype-related terms for other aspects of me, I am not super fond of kin terms as a whole. It’s not that I’m not part of them, it’s just a label that doesn’t quite fit. I think, for me, it has to do with how tumblr has taken these terms and warped them? I’ve been on tumblr long enough to see how discourse can take a term (like tr*ggered) and destroy a legitimate method of expression by making it seem lesser. 

I dunno. But if you’re out there and feel like dragonkin isn’t the term for you, I understand! It’s a good signifier for our little group to find things online, but I totally get where you’re coming from.

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I get really anxious, and I recently bought a fidget cube and it strangely works wonders! But when school starts up again, I won't be able to use it (the small switch which I use almost constantly makes too much noise and I wouldn't want to be the one to get cubes banned from school) I was wondering if you had any alternative (quiet) ideas? something small I could hide under my desk or in my sweat shirt pocket that wouldn't distract those around me?

Thank you so much, anon, for being considerate about how your stimming impacts others. Thank you. Not that I have any concern about your being the one to cause a ban (the fault with that lies with teachers, the school and the education system, not the individual user) but I really appreciate the thought you’re putting in to be able to look after your needs with minimum impact on others.

I’m so glad you’ve got a cube and it’s working for you! Yay for stimming!

You might like to check out our Household Stim Toys ask, as almost everything there is small and pocket-sized, and things like marbles, screws and cotton balls are going to be quiet when held in a palm. You also might like to look at our Subtle/Classroom Fidgets ask, as most of these things are small, subtle or quiet.

Now, stim toys that are small and absolutely or very nearly quiet:

Hedge balls / porcupine balls / hedge creatures: small balls or animals shaped like a ball with protruding spikes, some stretchable (I mean you can pull on the spikes), some not. These are hand-sized and make no noise. My hedge monkeys are stretchable and don’t even make noise when stretched.

Edamame poppers: a pea-shaped popper with three peas you can push up from the pod. Makes a negligible creaking sound. Not all that durable under heavy stimming, but extremely cool.

Wooden bolts and screws: makes the slightest of scratching sounds when the bolt is twisted up and down the thread of the screw. Durable, great for constant repetitive movement, has great texture.

Bottle corks: great if you want something to pick at, only a slight scraping noise made by a section of the cork peeling away, a little bit messy.

Stretchy squish balls: quiet, so mouldable and stretchable, stress ball perfection. I need to see if I can find an online source for these things, because Stimtastic can’t keep them in stock and my local Lincraft is now sold out. These are a little bigger than most things on this list, but they are so nice, I can’t not include them.

Marble mazes and marble loops: absolutely silent, great for keeping your hands moving. Marble loops are like to be more portable and easier to use in the classroom, although if you DIY your maze, you can make it in whatever size you need.

Squishies: some are way too big for subtle stimming, but mochi squishies are tiny and readily portable (although they do collect dust and lint like nothing else). Silent and squishy. Note that some might have a strong smell, which might be an issue for people around you. The mochi squishes, at least the few I’ve handled, don’t have a strong smell, so I think these should be okay for classroom use.

Stress balls: particularly foam stress balls and DIY balloon stress balls. The DIY balloon ones can be made as small as you like; foam stress balls come in mini sizes, often in the party favours section of a department store or dollar shop.

Puzzle, kneadable and capsule erasers: all silent. Puzzle erasers (Iwako-style) can be pulled apart and put back together; kneadable erasers are like a portable putty that’s easy to justify; capsule erasers have textures to touch and make a great worry stone.

Chenille knobbly pencil cases: quiet, stimmy, as stealth as anything. If you don’t find stroking does a lot for you, you might not want this as your main stim, but it’s a great back-up stim, especially as most of us need a pencil case anyway.

Mini Koosh balls and smaller puffer balls: silent, small enough to roll in your palms, has fronds that you can pick and pull at.

Makeup blending sponges: palm size, silent, squishable. Good for rolling, rubbing and squeezing.

Tassel and pompom/fluffy keychains: can be attached to your pencil case, quiet. Depending on design, good for braiding, twisting, stroking, tugging, rolling through hands.

Chain fidgets: all the DIY ones I made myself click, but I’ve handled professionally-made chain fidgets and they were absolutely silent. This might vary from fidget to fidget, though, so this one might be a little risky.

Telephone cord bracelets: inexpensive, can be worn on wrists as jewellery or in hair as hair ties, subtle, can be twisted between fingers like a Tangle. Sometimes make a slight noise when twisted.

Lastly, if you want to try a Tangle, they all click some, but the Tangle Jr Fuzzy is generally quietest - the coating of flocking cushions the plastic pieces from clicking as they touch together. It will still make some noise (Tangles aren’t very loud anyway) but not as much as a regular Tangle Jr. In this case, I wouldn’t get the cheap ebay Tangles, as they’re generally louder than my branded Tangles.

A last note on safety:

Toys like mochi squishies, puffer creatures, stretchy squish balls, DIY stress balls and Koosh balls might present a problem for folks with latex allergies. Anything made from that kind of rubbery plastic, I believe. Some people just can’t touch them and some people can’t even be in the same room as a balloon skin. I bring this up not to stop people from using these stim toys, but just to note that it can be a concern. If you need to quietly approach your teacher and ask if anyone in the classroom has those allergies, do so. Same applies for scented items and noisy items. We can stim with these, but we need to be mindful about the people around us and open to feedback from those who sit beside/behind/around us. There’s a difference between that creaking sound is getting on my last nerve and that stimming is weird, stop it. The last we can and should ignore; the first asks us to do the adult thing of trying to negotiate a compromise. This is another of the many reasons having a wide and varied stim kit is a good idea, so we have options if a favourite toy is dangerous, distracting or difficult in any given environment.

I hope this gives you a few good ideas for exploring quiet classroom stims. Good luck, anon, and thank you so much for keeping others’ comfort in mind!

- Mod K.A.

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Hey Qcknd, do you have any experience with saniderm? My artist says it will heal a tattoo within five day and cause no scabbing or scarring. It sounds like a good idea but there's not much history I can find online.

i hear both good and bad things about it. Mark told me if I brought it into his shop, he would show me how to use it, and gave me a quick tutorial on how it works, but honestly, I’ve been healing my tattoos with the same old method for years and I have zero complains about the results, so I probably won’t try out saniderm anytime soon. It sucks using my own tattoos for experiments, and after getting a few tattoos recently that seemed like they were only for the ‘sake of a video’ i’m really trying to stay on top of that behavior. 

This website is so lovely when you only use it once and awhile 💭💅🏼Cute pics. And great for finding new things 2 read. I’m online shopping rn for books and poetry and reading about the importance of developing Identity Capital during your 20s n throughout your life. I’ve said this before but I’m going to teach myself how to paint and play piano bc I’m already naturally creatively inclined so why not give myself more talents 🎹 I’m also reading a PDF I found called The Charisma Myth which talks about how charisma is a combination of power, presence, and warmth and I realize I’m a v charismatic person but need to learn how to cultivate my presence and learn to listen to others in conversation. I think aka I know that I come across bored and self involved 60% of the time and I have to work on that. Today is a great day! This life is a good life! I have a lot to do tho 🎬👶🏽

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl


Penning Ideas and Sketches in One Commonplace Book with @ellbrt

For more photos of Ellina’s fountain pens and personal reference books, follow @ellbrt on Instagram.

Sure, all a writer needs is a pen and some paper, but Ellina T. (@ellbrt), a student living in France, finds far more joy in the writing process when she has one of her beloved fountain pens in hand. “A fountain pen really becomes a part of you the more you use it and take care of it. That’s why I’m so attached to my collection,” she says. Ellina pulls out one of her 20 fountain pens to take notes in class, but where the ink really pours is in her “commonplace book.” “Historically, a commonplace book is a way to record what a person learns and reads throughout their life,” she says. “My notebook contains all the things I find interesting in life or online — quotes from books, recipes, interviews with people, Spanish words, programming language syntax, anything. It’s my personal reference book.” She also writes down ideas that pop into her head and paints or sketches the things that surround her. “I put no limitations on things that can go into my notebook. It’s an ‘anything and everything’ notebook for me.”