the things i find in my snapshot folder

It’s a slow afternoon. Sure, there are things I could be doing here, but the weather is such outside that I have pretty much the worst case of spring fever ever. Subsequently, I’m finding it extremely difficult to focus on anything of consequence. I’m so unfocused right now that I’ve taken to organizing my Google

This is me killing time. Don’t judge.

In one of the folders I’m going through, I found a few snapshots @daddysprettypinkbabygirl took during our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. One in particular grabbed me.

Babygirl has a history of taking pictures of her feet in different places. It’s a series she started, I think, well before we met and even longer before she would have ever called herself a photographer.

During our time together, she’s continued to make these photos and I’m always excited to see the next one… there’s a charm in them that only she can convey. I’ve tried it, sort of an homage, but mine never say what hers somehow always do.

Babygirl is a soul in motion. This shot, to me, shows that like few very others.

Obviously I know the back story here… We’re driving in a rental car on our beloved Isla del Encanto from San Juan to Ponce for the day. She purchased those sandals for our honeymoon… and they’re showing the wear already of a week’s worth of traipsing all over PR. There’s even a little scab on her toe from dragging it on the bottom of a pool, at least I think that’s what it was from.

She and I have spent so many hours in the car together just like this. It’s one of my favorite things.