the things i find in my folders i swear

Okay, so, my day job. There’s not a whole lot to it that actually ever needs to be done on a computer, which is good, since my work computer is actually still running on Windows 2000. Anyway. The other lady I work with is older, and drives me nuts for so many reasons and I have to share this ancient computer with her, which basically means I don’t let her use it because as soon as she touches it, everything goes WRONG.
Anyway, one of the things I use the computer for is to make simple labels for things across all departments at work, and I recently put a post it note on my monitor letting coworkers from other departments know that, on days I’m not in, pretty much any label they want is in a folder on the desktop so they can print it off for themselves.
Last week, I came into my office to find inept coworker hovering around the computer, looking lost. I asked if she needed help with something and I swear to god, she told me she couldn’t figure out where the desktop was. As she said this, she began patting at the literal desk the computer was on, then the shelves around the computer “I’ve looked all around the desk but I don’t see any folders with labels….”
And I just. I had to walk her through how to minimize windows to get to the computer desktop. I didnt. I didn’t know that was still possible in America. or at least in the large city I live in. I feel like even if you’re over 60 you should definitely know that much to have an OFFICE job by now. The guy that does all of our shipping and receiving is in his 70s and has all of this figured out.


Pcap Night Cap....Black and White Special Edition...part 11

After a bit of a discussion with one of my dear followers  @samuraiwarrior I was encouraged to post my extensive pictures of PCap as the 12th Doctor.

Since this is quite an extensive collection I thought I would use this opportunity to organize my folders so I can find things a bit easier.  Because there is nothing worse then knowing you have a great picture but you can’t bloody find it because you forgot where you put it.  (yeah that has happened to me many many times)  

For the last three Black and White Special Editions Let us admire the handsomeness of PCap as he does various photo shoots and appearances in the beauty of Black and White.  I swear that man is sexy in any color…or lack of color.  

He has a an Old Hollywood sense of style that is indicative  Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Clark Gable

Nighty Night and Kissy Kiss my dear Followers