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10 facts abput your self + selfi thing. I got tagged by aot of people .

1) im willing to color my face in full shaded ( 4 shades of green on my face and gold on my cheecks ) and multicolor eyeshadow when i dont have face paint to crack a joke. Took me a hour to get most of it off my eyes are now stuck green though . Its lioks nice green is my color.
2) I am. Lime who collects ricks and katanas/ sharp things that look pretty
3) im a girl . A lot of people dont know that because most my oc’s are male .that and Because i suck at drawing girls and im naturaly very flat chested. I get mistaked for a guy a lot though because of how i dress.
4) I love photography . Though im just starting to do it. SKYS are like my fave thing.
5) i can play piano sorta well and like to sing but not for people. Im shy. But i do sing when i work alone so on mic live streams suck cause i cant sing when i work.
6) Im canadain . I eat surp on almost anything. Same with honey.
7) Im attending university classes even though im dislexic i still get a lot of B’s. Im not as dumb as i seem.
8) I like to walk around town in cosplay for no fucking reason to freak people out some times. But its normaly like ohshc or somethibg low key and im getting ready for con or around con and im just getting used to itchy wigs.
9) I write short storys for fun . Vole’s intire story line is less then 100 pages long ( i think) if i type it out . Might do it in a book format too keep track of stuff and post it somewhere is there is intrest. Though i dont like to edit my shit because i know what i ment and i miss stuff .
10) I have a lot over 13. And have issues taking care of my self and make my self sock because food is too good but it hates me.

Do this if you want i dont wanna piss anyone off off .

WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”



Did I avoid my studying responsibilities just to draw them– yes; am I ashamed of myself–honestly yes

current wishes:

1. wish I brought a stylus on this trip
2. wish i had more time to make a better drawing
3. wish the wifi was working last night so i could’ve gotten this up earlier
4. wish i could express how grateful i am to be one of the 15 million whose lives were changed by @therealjacksepticeye

whether it was by keeping me company, teaching me something new, or reminding me to be selfless, loving, hard working, and positive, jack has done so many things for me and for millions of other people, and i thank you so, so much

Waiting for night to pass, dawn to come, and heaven to cry.”


An invisible red string of fate, tied around their pinky fingers, connects two people who are destined to be together from the moment they are born. The string can be stretch and tangled but can never be broken. Soulmates. 


well, you guys, today i ran my one shot and i am officially a dungeon master! i spent the last 6 months or so working off and on on this game i called “the green light.” i spent roughly 4 months on the basic writing/mechanics, drawing the map, etc., and 2 months getting player character info and incorporating it into the game and then doing some limited pre-game RP via one-on-one text RP and voice call to get people prepped for the game. the game itself was about 6 hours long including a little epilogue and Q&A we did after the climax of the game.

the basic premise was roughly inspired by the Clue movie; for whatever reason, each character had been invited to an intimate dinner gathering with a wealthy widower, Adagio Vanguish.

above is some of the PC and NPC art i did for the game. it was a really terrifying, exhilarating and fun experience. i may run it again and i may concoct another one shot some day! i don’t think i could do a whole campaign but over all this was such a fulfilling experience and i got to experiment a lot as a storyteller in ways i don’t usually get to.

Guys this ST season 2 trailer has me SHOOK

1. When Mike screamed Elevens name and then it cuts to her I cried
2. Either Mike or Eleven (seriously who was that) was curled up in a ball crying and I am not okay with that
4. Okay Will’s drawing looked exactly like that thing in the sky
6. What are the boys cycling so furiously away from
7. Why are glass shards flying at Hopper um leave our father alone
8. what the FUCK is that thing in the fucking SKY
9. When the door was opening itself, the child staring at it looked an awful lot more like Will than it did Eleven does he have powers or does that thing in the sky


[ December 2017. ]

(actually just wanted to do Rey for a quick warm-up and ended up sticking with this until almost 4 am wtf 😂 tried drawing without line art for the first time and it’s kinda relaxing, but definitely takes too long ;;;)

I Walk The Line by Awriterwrites/@a-writerwrites

Admitting that he missed his grad assistant might be the thing that gets him fired.  Or worse, the thing that makes him get over the idea that he’d never get over his ex.

“You’re here.”

Harry walked up to Louis and looked at him, angling his face down just a fraction so they could see eye to eye.  “I am.”  He reached around Louis and shut the door.

I’m very excited to finally share the drawings I got to do for Lisa’s terrific Big Bang fic - this is the first of 4 drawings I did for it. And be sure to read the fic, it’s a super sexy rollercoaster of a story!

Amazing Naruto/YOI/Mystic Messenger artists/art blogs I've come across.

Hey guys, if you’re looking for artists/blogs that create/posts content for Naruto/ Yuri On Ice/ Mystic Messenger, the following blogs are ones I know of and love. You’re welcome :-)

Note: if you have a blog dedicated to posting art (that you own or have permission to post) and want to be included, message me ! Just as, if you were tagged and do not wish to be included message me and I’ll remove you.

!!some of these blogs have posts that include nsfw content!!

Ps. I tagged anyone who had at least 5 arts related to these headings

NOT EVERY BLOG LISTED IS DEDICATED FULLY TO THE SUBHEADING. You’ll have to search through their tags to find their art.

–some blogs were tagged under more than one category–

Naruto blogs










-Naruto generally-

Mystic Messenger blogs

Yuri On Ice blogs

I’ll be updating this post twice a month, every 14th and 28th. Send in your suggestions via ask/ messages. I can add more subheadings for Naruto (such as  NaruSaku, InoSaku, SasuKarin, etc) if you wish just ask me.

[Last updated: 12/4/2017]

Game post!!! Yay!!!

Here are the rules: when you see it, reblog it if you want!! Or not. It’s your blog and your life, do what makes you comfortable!!

Also, read the whole thing, okay? By starting reading this post, you are in no way obligated to follow the rules of the game. Again, do what makes you comfortable!! So, basically, I ask that you read all of it, but you don’t have to!!

Here we go!!

1: Other’s success does not diminish your own, no matter how great theirs is and how small yours may seem in comparison.

2: You are a good person.

3. People are, overall, good by nature!! Humanity is compelled to help those in need!!

4. I (the writer of this post) am proud of you!! For writing that novel or that fan fiction or drawing that art or going the extra mile!! Because you definitely have at some point in your life!! And you’ll do it again!! I know you will, you just need some time. Go get ’m, tiger!

5. Any algebraist can tell you that no trend lasts forever. That slump you’re in will definitely end! Eyes on the prize, things are only gonna get better!

6. So what if you aren’t the best? Second place still wins a trophy. Not all is lost, so get back in the race!! I know you’ll be great, just give yourself a chance!!

7. I love you!! Your best friend loves u!! All your friends love you!!! Cause you are mega cool and they are equally as lucky to know you as you are to know them!!

8. Healing takes time. A lot of time. And a lot of practice. And a lot of patience. If you don’t seem to get better immediately, that is a-ok! When you walk through a forest, things will only get darker before they can get lighter. Join me on a hike through our respective brainforests. It’s gonna hurt, and it’s gonna be difficult, and you’ll want to quit, and you’ll want to turn back. That’s okay. But if we stick together, when we reach the top and look back at all the ground we covered, it’s gonna be spectacular.

9. You are not ‘broken’ or 'damaged’. You are like a perennial plant! Your beauty and splendor may fade every so often, but it always comes back in full force!! Perennial plants are not 'damaged’ or 'useless’ simply because they change. They are fascinating and make people smile, and so do you!

10. That’s it! Thanks for playing! You won! Your prize is a tall glass of water, if it is convenient for you to drink at the moment, and a great big bear hug from me if you are okay with that! If not, then a looser, more chill hug, or an amicable handshake! Or just a respectful nod from a distance, if that suits you! Whatever you are comfortable with. Have a great day, you star!

20 things i love about you

1. the way your eyes light up when you smile
2. the stupid but funny jokes you make
3. the look on your face when you talk about something you are passionate about
4. the way you draw
5. how beautiful you look when the sun shines on your face
6. the way you always make me smile
7. how you accept me for who i am
8. when you’re telling stories
9. how puffy your cheeks are
10. the colour of your eyes
11. how weird you can get
12. your laugh
13. how you always put me in a good mood
14. how cute you can be
15. your hair
16. you make me feel like i’m worth something
17. your cheesy jokes
18. we can be silly together
19. how we both get along so well
20. the way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions

ziggy9911  asked:

Just curious on how you approach composition and perspective. I feel as if sometimes I think too hard, not really about what to draw but how to draw it and make it look interesting. The comic panels you have been doing are amazing. Any tips/references on improving my knowledge of composition and perspective? What do you think about as you lay your pencil on the drawing paper? what goes through your mind?

*STANDARD DISCLAIMER* I’m not handing down life lessons or trying to assert that there’s a ‘correct way’ to draw. I’m just trying to make perspective more approachable for thems that want to tackle it.

Okay. Let’s do this.

1. Understand what perspective is and what it’s for. Stay away from rulers while you get comfortable.

Everyone struggles with perspective because 1. it’s not well or widely taught and 2. artists tend to see linear perspective as a set of rules rather than a set of tools.

Linear perspective is a TOOL we use to create and depict SPACE. That’s it. That’s all it is. Your goal is not to draw in ‘accurate linear perspective.’ Stay away from the ruler and precision for as long as you can. Your goal is to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Perspective is just a tool to help you construct and correct that space.

2. Know in your bones that you can ONLY learn to draw in perspective through physical practice. There is no other way.

Grab some paper and draw with me. If you match me drawing for drawing you will be more fluent in linear perspective and spatial drawing by the end of this post. Unfortunately if you don’t, you won’t be.

3. Sketch around in rough perspective. NO RULERS.

So let’s make some simple space. let’s start with a two dimensional surface…

K. We have a flat, 2D surface. Let’s create some depth by putting a vanishing point in the middle, and having parallel lines converge towards it. Make a gridded plane inside that space.

Good. Let’s make that space meaningful by adding a dude and a road or something. (Again, parallel ‘depth lines’ will converge into the vanishing point along the horizon)

And now we have the rough illusion of some space. I didn’t use any rulers, and it’s not perfectly accurate, but we got our depth from that vanishing point right in the middle of the page. And since we have a little dude in there, we’ve got human scale, which allows us to gauge the size of the space we’ve created. Gives it meaning.

You need people or cars or some recognizable, human-scale THING in there as a frame of reference or your space won’t mean much to your viewer. Watch. We can make that same basic space a whole lot bigger like this:

Same vanishing point in the same place, completely different scale, and a totally different feeling of space. Cool, right?

3. Sketch around in rough perspective MORE. STAY LOOSE.

See what sort of spaces and feelings you can create with vanishing points and gridded planes on a post-it or something. Super small, super rough. Feel it out. Pick a vanishing point or lay out a grid in perspective, and MAKE SOME SPACE. Do it. Draw, I don’t know, a lady and her dog in a desert. I’ll do it, too.

Good job. LOOK AT YOU creating the illusion of space! This is how you’ll thumbnail and plan anything you want to draw in space. All of my drawings start this way. I think about how I want the viewer to feel and then play around with space and composition until I find something that works.

Once you have a sketch you like, and space that you feel, THEN you can take out the ruler and make it more accurate and convincing.

4. Draw environments from life.

I cannot stress this enough. Draw the world around you, try to draw the shapes and angles as you see them, and you will ‘get’ how and why perspective is used. Use something permanent so that you’ll move fast and commit. I usually use black prismacolor pencil.

You’ll learn or reinforce something with every drawing. I learned a lot about multiple vanishing points from this drawing:

Learned from the receding, winding space I tired to draw here:

Layered, interior spaces:

You get the idea.

Life drawing will also help you develop your own shorthand and language for depicting textures, materials, details, natural and architectural features, etc. Do it. Do it all the time. Go to pretty or interesting places just to draw them.

Take a second and just draw a quick sketch of whatever room you’re in.

5. Perspective in formal Illustration: apply what you’ve learned.

1. I always start with research. For this particular location I looked at Angkor Wat.

2. Once I had enough reference, I did a bunch of little thumbnail sketches with a very loose sense of space and picked the one I liked best.

3. Scanned the thumbnail and drew a little more clearly over it. Worked out the rough space before using formal perspective.

4. Reinforced the space with formal perspective. I dropped in pre-made vanishing points over my drawing. If I were drawing in real media here’s where I’d get out the ruler to sketch in some accurate space.

5. Drew the damn thing. Because I do my research, draw from life, and am comfortable drawing in perspective, I can wing it. I just sort of ‘build’ the ruins freehand in the space I’ve established, keeping it more or less accurate, experimenting and playing with details along the way. I erase a lot, too, both in PS and when drawing in pencil. Keeps it fun for me.

And that’s what I know about composition and perspective. If you want more formal instruction on perspective and it’s uses, you can use John Buscema’s How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Or If you want to get really intense about it, Andrew Loomis can help you.

-Jake Wyatt


LIS Alice AU I shat while I was half conscious in the midst of the night because I am sO HYPED FOR EPISODE 4 and that was the first thing my brain wanted to do in celebration

anonymous asked:

Noticed that,unlike in the game, child and adult Asriel both have four fingers and a thumb. Is there any meaning to this or am I spending too much time on the nochocolate blog and reading into things too much?

You can never spend too much time on the nochocolate blog! However, the reason we gave Asriel 4 fingers + thumb is not very exciting.

In game, the number of fingers Asriel has changes between child and adult form. This is… really weird. It may be a sprite inconsistency.

Eruto and I used to draw little Asriel with 3 fingers + thumb, but now that we are working on a story where Asriel is seen as both a child and adult, we opted to keep Asriel’s number of fingers consistent across all ages. It would be too bizarre for him to suddenly grow a new finger, and we wouldn’t even be able to explain it outside “the sprite art is weird.” Since Asriel is mostly featured as an adult in this story, we gave him the adult number of fingers: 4 fingers + thumb.

tl;dr: Consistency!