the things i do with photoshop


approx once per week my tablet starts freaking out and it doesn’t simply lose pressure sensitivity no it goes hog wild turning ctrl or alt on whenever it wants, rotating and sometimes even cropping the files i have opened, periodically shutting down photoshop itself but i don’t care i do not care the thing with which you care has ended and left anyway have some girlfriends

A sketch of the lovely sylvari, Enaidde from the @tyrianadventureleague.  She has a beautiful autumn-y color palette that’s very November-y to me.  <3 

I got my Wacom Cintiq 24HD, and had some energy tonight to sit down to give it a try and I LOVE IT!!  This started as a thumbnail for a more detailed portrait I want to do, but this Cintiq is such a joy to use, and this sketch just kinda took on a life of it’s own.  I know that the best artists can use any tool or medium to make great art, but goodness-me! it sure is nice having a tablet that works so beautifully.  I’m also now using Photoshop instead of Painttool Sai 2, because my desktop can run it!  I’m so excited to dive back into more art, and get things set up to start streaming it again!  

I feel like every time the Whistler is on leave, I spend half my day cleaning up after his fuckups. Today I had to reprint 200+ course certificates because he didn’t notice he’d done the whole run on a 2016 template that he somehow disinterred, then I got to break into his computer to steal a 6 GB file because he inexplicably decided to design a 40-by-15-foot story wall in fucking Photoshop, then had the damn thing printed and put up without realizing that he’d typed “though” instead of “through.”

If this is what he’s doing every day, no wonder he’s always so goddamned busy

🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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Good morning, Doctor

Heres a process gif, let it be known idk how to gif things

and the quality sucks because the file was too big ha :|


Season 2 angst ideas: Viktor overworks himself between both coaching and competing and winds up with a career-ending injury. Viktor doesn’t mind too much, he’s just worried about Yuuri. Yuuri feels responsible but tries not to drown in guilt until he wins gold because he feels he owes Viktor that much.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I really like you're art! My question is whether you have always been doing it digitally and what do you use in order to make digital art. Also if I were to start doing digital art what should I use? Love you!~

Hi!  I’ve been doing digital art since late 2015 (see the pic below), but I’ve been studying traditionally for about 3-4 years now.  I use Photoshop CC as well as a Wacom tablet (Intuos Pen Small, about 8″x7″).

 I’d recommend that combo if you’re starting out (alternatively, substitute some free drawing program for photoshop if you want to)- mainly because they’re what I used when I started out and they’ve worked well enough that I continue to use them,

Also, from your questions, I suspect that you’re just getting into digital art.  Few things to note: it’s tricky to draw on tablets when you start out.  It’s normal if your coordination is messy even for 1-3 months after you get your tablet.  Here is an old ask with some advice for beginner digital artists; I think a lot of my year-old advice (almost to the day, jeez) still holds up.


template 001 - instagram

hi guys! this is my first ever template! it consists of two .psd files, titled PROFILE and POST (take a guess to which one is which). it includes:

- the two .psd files i just mentioned

- uses the font segoe ui (not included)

- completely editable text (except for the ‘add a comment…’ in the POST file)

- 800 x 609 image size

- edit profile, follow, and following buttons (along with video and multiple picture icons) for the profile

- follow and following buttons (there is no button if it’s your account) along with an option to like the photo, a play video button, and a picture dot thing at the bottom for multiple picture posts (it only comes with three, but it certainly wouldn’t be hard to add another one if you wanted to) for the post

- my eternal love and appreciation for using my template


- like or reblog this post (please! just to get the word out)

- do NOT redistribute this or edit it and claim it as your own

- credit is not necessary (but tag me in whatever you make with it! i track #pdmapatil)

- download