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My sketchbook is now filled with friends ! ✨

I hope everyone can recognize themselves ° ^ ° Heh. I’m not good with friendship declarations or these nice written posts about people, so the only thing I can do is draw people and be a creep :v

Everyone here is too cool for this world ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (yup even you falirma)

It looks as though I’ve given in to the temptation and signed myself back up to Tumblr, yet again. After meeting a variety of beautiful French boys and doing all things tourist-y in Paris with Becca, I’ve decided upon my return back to England to not only work as many hours as I can, but also reach out to my fellow Hogwarts students - how are your Summers going thus far and have you managed to cross off every item from your “Summer Bucket List” yet?


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“He taught me the one great thing that all great teachers do […] and that is being part of something special does not make you special. Something is special because you are a part of it. Mr. Shue I love you so much. And to all the boys and girls out there, I just want to say quickly before I walk off, that dreams really do come true.”

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hi so, i love you art ur superboy gives me life and is, officially, how i imagine him so i wanted to ask how u draw dudes. i dont know if you do tutorials but i thought i'd try. r there any tips, ratio angles that help against the stiffness? Thanks u

I did here a little thing on bodies and such, if that’s your question!!

Ratio angles… i don’t really use that much of a uh.. how to say, professional angle on my drawings (sorry;;;;;) what I can say though, to avoid rly straight lines? Curves are always good if you want to avoid stiffness. 

If this doesn’t really answer what you wanted, feel free to come again with more specifics! 

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well i really love clexa, especially all the clexa content you have! im also looking at some really wlw positive/aesthetic posts, occasional video game posts and if possible, discourse free. i trust ur judgement lol

there are a few blogs that are all of those things! lmk if you’ve either heard of all of them already or want more like them, because there are these are just the first few i thought of.

just off the top of my head (and all discourse free):

@silvan-captain​ makes really amazing clexa edits and every single one of them rips my heart out, i love it.

@commanderalexa​ same as above, i think i threaten them in my tags a lot rip i’m sorry

@commanderclock​ becca is my main squeeze, certified clexa trash and one of the biggest adc stans out there, also posts A TON of wlw positivity 

@hedacdr​ helen loves suffering as much as i do and is a very good blog for clexa things

@missalyciacarey​ tori is quite literally absolutely everything you just mentioned above and i’d die for her

@rainedownonme​ ashli is a sweetheart, aesthetic af, and posts a ton of clexa

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I remember months ago Rebecca posted a picture about how one night Katrina wanted to run off with her ugly ass bf and she told John that she was just going leave the kids home alone if he wasn't there by 5:30 (he worked until 5:35 everyday I believe Rebecca said) so that shows the type of mother that Katrina is. She cares to much about her bf. She should concentrate on her children. I'll try to find the photo and submit it!

If you find the photograph please do! I don’t think either of them is worse than the other at being a parent, but you have to admit becca takes it way to far with this step mom shit. Katrina does the same thing for her kids hat becca does PLUS like what?! Three years of extra work with conceiving them and raising em until becca came into the picture.


What I love most about the scene, is feeling like I’m safe. Feeling okay for a few hours at a show. Feeling like I belong. Which are things I don’t feel on the daily basis.

This photo was taken last week at the VA Beach Vans Warped Tour during Broadside’s set; A pop rock band from Virginia. My brother is their frontman, so that’s pretty dope.

A few people in the crowd, were kind enough to help me stand up to scream lyrics into my brother’s face. 

I made a lot of people smile by doing that, and I am so thankful.

My name is Becca Denius and I belong in the music scene.


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Nicknames: Becca

Gender: woman

Height: 5′4″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, with a healthy dose of Ravenclaw

Favourite colour: Whenever someone asks me this question, I always say that I like different colors for different things. In terms of what I like to wear, I like red, blue, turquoise, gray, and black.

Average hours of sleep: Eight, although I am a poor/light sleeper.

Lucky number: While I don’t exactly agree with Elizabeth, who said, “I don’t believe in luck,” I don’t believe in lucky numbers.

Last thing I googled: “what to do to help someone with ptsd” (It’s for my Lothíriel story that I’m working for, because after the WOTR, just about everyone is going to be traumatized.)

Favourite character: Narky and Phaedra from Silent Hall. Go read it so we can talk about it together, please.

How many blankets do you sleep with: Ideally, at least two. I sleep much better with a weight on me, so these summer months are killing me slowly.

Favourite bands or artists: I like Pentatonix a lot! Also a fan of Carsie Blanton, Gordon Webster, and Adele McAllister.

Dream trip: At this point, a trip to Israel where I wasn’t unable to keep down food or water for days! (I went on Birthright last summer before my wedding, but I caught a stomach bug? infection? on the 10-hour plane ride, and I started throwing up on the first bus ride from the airport. I wasn’t fully recovered for almost 2 weeks.)

Dream job: Oh god. I have no idea. Is being happy a profession?

Outfit right now: Purple cami, purple and gray plaid pajama shorts. It’s SUNDAY, it’s HOT, why on earth would I be dressed??

How many people I’m following: 347. Three hundred and forty seven??? That’s so many?? That’s crazy.

How many posts I have: 8595

What I post: Original posts are usually art, answers to memes, or the occasional personal blurb about my life.

When my blog hit its peak: My blog is not a mountain, it’s a writhing mass of tentacles.

Do I get asks on a daily basis: Ha, no.

When my blog was made: I have no idea. After 2008, before 2012.

Reason for my URL: Heck of a Becca is the superhero name my friend Kellian the Hellion came up for me. It’s catchy, it’s got my name in it without being identifiable or immediately obvious that it’s actually me, and it’s cute. I’ve changed it a few times (for a couple halloweens, I changed it to ‘forcesofangmar’) but it’s really just the easiest thing to keep.

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before exercising: i hate my life. y should i hav 2 do that shit its the worst thing in the world omg just kill me i would rather do anything else i hate exercising >:( 

while exercising: holy shit this feels great im so alive. i love this so much seriously so much fun i feel amazing. 100 emjoi. confetti emoji. thumbs up emoji.

after exercising: that was the worst thing iv evr experienced oh my god y do i torture myself evry second was agony n misery :( im never doing that again

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1, 5, 27, 33, and 39!

1. What would you name your future daughter?

Gillian or Lorelai. And if I have 2, then both!  💖

5. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

I have a hair appointment finally next week! I was supposed to have it today but my sister went and had a baby. So inconsiderate! jk lol

27. Are you listening to music right now?


33. What do people call you?

Too many things! lol Rebecca, Becky, Becca, Becks, R, and B. also weird and obsessed  👍

39. Do you make wishes at 11:11?

Sometimes! Only if I actually look at the clock at that exact time. 

Thanks girl!!  ❤️

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*slides url*????

[ Opinion on: ]

Character in general: I’m gonna be honest, I only watched Jurassic World ONCE so most of it is a blur to me but I loved Owen. He’s such a badass and rough around the edges but he does have a good heart which gives me life. You can see it in the way he protects his friends and by how much he cares about his raptors. I’m just —- ahhh. Too many emotions.

How they play them:
AMAZING. LIKE?? We don’t RP often but I see them, I read their writing and ugh. They put so much thought and care into their portrayal and expanded way beyond what the movie gave us. I love.

The Mun:

[ Do I: ]

RP with them: Sadly, no. D:
Want to RP with them: YES! We should plot a thing.

[ What is my; ]

Overall Opinion: Insert good shit meme right here. 10/10 would follow.