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Hey! If you haven't done this already, can I get some very romantic and fluffy and just SWEET HC's for Saeyoung. I need some Saeyoung fluff rn~

~I mean, I have, ahha. But..Sure, no problem! ^^ I’m always up for more Saeyoung fluff 


  • Carries around photos of you wherever he goes 
  • To show them off
  • Loves to give foot rubs 
  • He lives for it 
  • When you get home from a hard day he sits down on the couch next to you and motions for you to hand him your feet 
  • He rubs them while you talk whether it’s complaining or just gossip and he listens intently 
  • Sometimes he makes fun and says they smell and you just kick him lightly or hold them closer to his face haha 
  • Loves to plant kisses just underneath your ears on your neck, it’s the spot he goes to if you’re busy cooking/working or really whenever 
  • Tickle wars are a thing for you two 
  • You guys build things together sometimes and Saeyoung thinks it is so cute to see you working and thinking as you create with him 
  • When he is overly stressed out, his favorite thing to calm down is laying his head in your lap and having your fingers brushed through his hair or massage his scalp 
  • He also LOVES hand massages, since they hurt a lot due to the work he does 
  • You always hold hands when you guys go out 
  • A lot of times you guys end up planning a meal together, messing around in the grocery store while you gather ingredients and then you cook together, Saeyoung is getting pretty proud of his vegetable chopping abilities but you still have to watch him closely because he always ends up trying to chop way too fast to prove his skill and you don’t want him losing a finger 
  • If you’re stressed or upset he will throw on some music and pull you in for a dance in the living room 
  • Or he strolls out in one of his silly costumes and role plays with you to try and get you to laugh and smile 

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Honestly, I think sometimes we take fics for granted. There are humans behind these fics. We all get busy with work and school and other commitments so it should come as no surprise to nobody when fic authors go through the same things. Even if I had the talent I still would never have the time yet you guys so out of your way to MAKE time and it's not a stretch to ask to be compensated at this point. Just know that there are so many more of us that love and appreciate all that you do.

Thank you. It’s really a ton of work, I don’t think it comes across that way but it’s honestly a job if you do it enough

Guys, I had my yearly review at work today. It was so positive & my supervisor wants to give me more responsibility & my coworkers said such nice things on my 360 reviews that I almost cried. Just wanted to share. 😊

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(1/2)Akashi, Midorima and Aomine, please? They're out with their female s/o and end up in a pub where it turns out a guy who used to bully her in middle school works there. She's usually a combative type, but now looks uncomfortable.

(2/2) How do things evolve? Anyway, your writing is amazing, seriously. Keep up the good work and don’t feel too burdened about running this blog.

what’s goodie?


“Pardon?” The question was directed towards you, but his eyes never left the figure behind the bar. “Repeat what you just said, _________.”

You sighed, the sound coming out shakier than expected. You cursed yourself for letting something get you to this level discomfort. Someone so unimportant, pretty much equivalent to dirt under not your shoe, but their own being that they were just that worthless.

Just that insignificant.

Your breathing and clammy hands say otherwise, you reminded yourself making your eyes roll out of irritation.

“________.” Akashi called again, his voice firm.

You looked at his even harder expression. “It’s not a big deal, Akashi.” You practically whispered. You sounded so small. Clearing your throat, you pressed yourself against him. “ Let’s just not sit by the bar this time around.”

He curled his arm around your middle to pull you closer. “That’s not something I’d usually hear from you.”

You closed your eyes tight. “If you haven’t noticed yet, this is the worst time to be a dick, Akashi.” You challenged your boyfriend, looking up to his straight expression. “Don’t say anything further if it’s going to have your god complex complementing it.”

“You should be spewing profanities at him, not me, _________.”

You groaned, mentally cursing Akashi’s ability to see through your aggressive facade. “Yeah…” You mumbled. “Been telling myself that since the 9th grade. Thanks for the reminder, babe.”

Akashi looked down at you, the squeeze of your ribs signaling you to return the gesture. “I’m professional.” He rose a brow. “You know that.” You nodded. “But, I’m never too professional to handle unfinished business for you.” You started to speak, but the deadly glare that he sent in the direction of the bar halted your speech. “It’s up to you how far you want me to go, but say the word and he won’t be behind that bar by tomorrow.”

You bit your lip, nervously, feeling Akashi’s arm urging you to move towards the counter. “S-Seijurou, I-“

“He says one word that you don’t like, naming himself a long term inconvenience, and I take everything he has.” He smirked, his eyes still stalking the guy. “His soul included. Let’s go.”

You sighed, reluctantly moving with him. “This is going to end badly.”

“Maybe so.”


“He won’t say anything to you.” Aomine said, calling the bartender over.

“You’re wrong.” You rebutted, keeping your eyes on the bar counter.

“He won’t,” He put his arm around your shoulders and leaned back in his seat, smirking at the approaching. “I’m here.”

“Hey man! What’s going with you tonight?!” The man with the same leer, gruff voice, and mischievous smile from your high school days took a gander at you. “What can I get…you and ya lady this fine evening?”

“I’ll have a beer.” Aomine said, knocking his knee against the wood of the bar so he’ll gain his attention. By the way Aomine slightly raised his voice when declaring, “She’s good.” you knew he was still pulling you a part with his glare.

“You sure?” The bartender pushed.

Aomine sighed. “This guy…” He muttered under his breath. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled his arm from around your frame and leaned against the counter. You peered up to see him holding a bill in your company’s face. You made a pained expression, knowing where this was going. “You got a job to do?” He said, nodding as the man finally looked his way.

Glaring at your boyfriend, his smirk grew. “Yeah,” He snatched the bill. “I’ll do that, sir.”

Aomine nodded once and leaned back in his seat, watching as he moved to the other end of the stretch to pull a beer from the fridge while taking other orders.

It wasn’t until Aomine looked at you that you started breathing again.

You rose a brow. “You…handled that pretty well.”

He only rolled his eyes.

That’s when you noticed his leg shaking.

And, his jaw clenching.

And, his hand curling into a fist on the thigh of your leg that was closest to him.

You sighed through your nose.

Putting your hand at the nape of his neck, you started to gently massage it. “At least keep it verbal.” You whispered.

He shook his head, palming your thigh rather tightly as those eyes landed on me again from across the bar. “He’s asking for it.“


“He looks like he has an IQ of 10.” Your boyfriend said, lifting his drink to his mouth.

You nodded, moving closer to the wall behind you.

“I didn’t think he’d be a waiter.” You said, feebly. “You know…it’s not really a job cut out for a jackass.”

Midorima shook his head. “Jackasses are usually charismatic, nanodayo.” Sipping his drink again, he cleared his throat. “He knows you’re here.”

You shook your head vigorously.

He nodded. “Yeah. That’s his fifth time looking over here.”

“Fuck.” You whispered under your breath.

“Rest yourself. I’m here.”

You looked up to him. “What does that mean?”

Midorima turned to you abruptly. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”


#workinprogress video of some custom shoes I’m working on! It’s so amazing knowing there’s people out there that want me to customize what they wear with my art on it??! It blows my mind everytime 😭❤️I’m so grateful to be constantly making things for you guys!! There’s so much hard work and love that goes into it too 💘💘💘if you are interested in some custom painted shoes, send me a DM! Also the first 5 people to comment their name on here get a free zine mailed to them! Please do not comment if you’ve already received one :) Have a wonderful day, cuties!! 🌈🌻🎨✨🍭💚💘🌺😭😍😘💛💙@vans #customvans#paintedvans#paint#paintingvideo#art#artvideo#artoftheday#vans#wip#video#drawing#drawingvideo#artistsoninstagram#customizedshoes

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hey! Sorry to bother you. I just noticed that the tags for star trek and merlin in your description have dashes so they don't link to anything? Just thought I should let you know. LOVE your art, by the way. It's so pretty!

Hi Anon! Thanks for the update, but they sort of seem to be working for me? I thought it might have been a mobile vs desktop thing but it seems to work on mobile as well. Idk maybe Tumblr borked or something. But thank you so much for taking the time out, you’re the sweetest!

Originally posted by pinefinemine

Also let me know if the links aren’t working for the rest of you guys too???

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have you started working at sephora? if so what's it like? how is it? sorry i haven been on tumblr for a little so im not really caught up

today was my second day! but so far it’s fun. we’re doing lots of training and we have two thick book-pamphlet-things we gotta go through. and because i’m just working as a cashier im not entirely sure why they’re doing a lot of training on selling individual products, but hey, i get to take home samples and gratis for free so i’m not complaining! once i get in cashwrap and start *actually* working i’ll for sure update you guys on how it goes!


He gotta give him that air you know

just some sketches i did but never finished/posted bc….. i’m not actually sure?? confidence issues i guess

i’ll probably redraw and refine these later c:

whispers thank you for all the notes, comments, and follows btw. y’all give me random bursts of courage and i end up posting things and i have not regretted any yet—- (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


“you better run”

my entry for a beach themed contest on deviantart! I had so much fun drawing this asdfjkl; surprisingly, I didn’t struggle much with anatomy, shirtless guys and perspectives *A*

as for the context… I’m guessing viktor and yuuri (mainly viktor) was trying to get yurio in the water but he didn’t want to and didn’t want to get tan either so he decided to chill with otabek under the shade. But then viktor (with the help of a reluctant yuuri) dumps a giant bucket of ice water on yurio and he gets super angry and runs after them into the water (*7*) I think that’s where I was going ahaha //and phichit is taking videos while chris is just observing the scene


rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys