the thing to end all things

tbh, looking at all the recent BTS pics

this is EXACTLY what I want from the end of the show, if it really is the end (yikes!) and is doing what I think it might be. give me that ending montage with snow and charming and baby neal kissing in front of their new home, give me gold & son (I’m no huge fan of rumple but that’s what the dude’s been gunning for since season 1 so let him have this), give me emma & regina sending henry to school together, but most importantly GIVE ME the badass sheriff and deputy husband & wife crime-fighting team that is killian and emma, wearing shades and taking names and putting a siren on top of the bug bc daMN there’s a town to keep safe.

give. give it to me. ples. <333

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Exactly! For all we know they can end babygate before the 7th!! I know there have been other instances where everything pointed out for the end, but Louis hasn't mentioned the baby on sm for several months now, and the last thing he had to do was a 3 second video. And apparently he's back to London which i find curious and selling/renting all his houses. So it might be ending very soon!! And it's what you said. It want supposed to still be a thing!! And they also have to move on with their lives

My secret, silly dream is that it’ll end right in time for the April 7 release and Harry will finally break his silence on SM after that. I know, I know, but sometimes my cold heart tries to beat.


“I am the one who keeps this world in balance. I am the one who protects the innocent. I am the one that you fear…And I am the one who shall end you if you get in the way of humanity’s goal to survive.”

Whoooo boy. This…This took a while.

Now for those of you who have just stumbled upon my blog and are wondering who this lovely lady is, then I shall tell you.

This is Ceres, the Goddess of Mira who shares a part of her soul with my Cross, Athena. How she met Athena and everything will be established later. I have just been too busy and have been procrastinating to work on Athena’s backstory.

But long story short, this is what she looks like when Athena sees her in her mind and on Mira. 

And boy do I love this end result. I started working on the sketch on Monday and it was originally going to stay as a sketch but…I wanted to see what it would look like in color. And boy does it look good! I just…I love!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing and let you be. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening.

Also @kentucky-the-fried reminder that this chick is gonna stop Mira in his tracks and deck him. 

hi my name is aye !! ur friendly neighborhood mom friend !! and i just finished vaccuuming my entire car for the spring !! yay ;/ i like cats and a boy named keiynan lonsdale i would die 4 him and tall men like him anyway this is my baby neveah and i hope u like her as much as i love her !! if u wanna plot hmu bc i lOVE plotting whether it’s banging brotps, or angsty shit i love it … honestly dont be shy.. be my friend anyway here’s neveah

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a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

@stevenuniverseredesigns @angstyamethyst @badstevenuniversescreencaps @sucritical idk if i should still tag people hh,,

Recommendation SPN Library Week 4 of March 2017


  • Triggers are within the fic
  • Feel free to tag me (No ships please, it’s not my thing)
  • Adventures list at the end.
  • Thank you to all of you who spent time writing these and allowing us to read them

One shots/Drabble/Imagine






Seeing is believing

(pt 12) by


Baking with Cas



Undisclosed Desire 

(pt 12) by





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8 and 30 for FenHawke? Please figure out a way to ruin my life

She climbs over rock, walks on the sky. The breeze is warm, but there’s still a cold chill in her bones. She’s walked for days. She’s walked for years. Dark circles hang under her eyes and she’s not quite sure when the last time she slept was. She’s not tired. She’s too exhausted to go on. She keeps walking. There’s no end to it. She’s a curiosity to all the hidden things she passes. She’s acquired followers, watchful eyes. Most are peaceful. Some want to take. She won’t let them.

She sits down on some broken statue, resting elbows on knees and her face in her hands. She doesn’t know the direction she’s headed towards. She doesn’t think it matters. “Where are you going?” The spirit is some disembodied thing, glowing orange and voice echoing over the vast emptiness of the Fade. Hawke lifts her head to look at it, this inquisitive beast. Few spirits ever speak to her. The only voices she’s heard for the past long while are those of demons.

“Home,” she says.

“Where is that?” The spirit asks.

“Not here,” she laughs. The spirit doesn’t laugh with her.

“You’re hurt,” it says. “Why are you laughing?”

“Better than the alternative,” she says.

“What is the alternative?” Hawke locks her jaw tight, lips thinning, a frown forming. She pushes herself up from the statue, continues to walk. The spirit follows at her back. The alternative is to give up. To lie down. To listen to the demons. To take their offer. Or, to simply die. “I want to help,” the spirit says. Hawke’s steps slow. She looks over her shoulder, regards the spirit with disdain.

“Can you open a rift to the waking world?”

“I cannot,” the spirit says. Hawke shakes her head, keeps walking. She doesn’t see the spirit hold its arms to itself, see its shape change. No longer orange but dull grey, eyes that shine green far too brightly. A statue with glowing eyes. A statue that speaks. “Does this help?” Hawke is ready with a mocking answer as she turns to face the spirit. She’s lost in silence instead.

There are no colors to this Fenris. Skin is a stony grey, his hair the same. She reaches forward, cupping his face in her hands. Cold to the touch. Her hands tremble. “This is cruel,” Hawke chokes out the words in a whisper. This Fenris reaches towards her, pulls her close, and swallows her in a hug. Hawke can only stand against him, stiff and stone herself, head in the crook of his neck. Eventually her arms wind around him. She clings to him, desperate and shaking.  

“You’ve forgotten me,” she accuses, “you said you would come for me.” If you do not come home soon Hawke, I will have to come get you. “I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve waited so long.” Her legs don’t have the strength. Fenris supports her as they slowly move to the ground, kneeling in the dirt, still holding to each other. “I tried Fen. I tried not to…” Her eyes squeeze shut as tears roll down her cheeks.

“Why did you forget me?” She cries.

“I’m sorry.” The voice isn’t quite right. This isn’t him. She’s quick to her feet, pushing the spirit away. It fades back into the dust it once was. Hawke keeps walking.


At the end all come back to it:

Emma and Killian had been through many things: curses, death AND Killian keeping secret from her, but this time he was going to literally burn it. As she said in 4x13 she respect Killian having a secret, but she can’t tolerate Killian lying about it

It’s true this was not really a break up, it was more about “taking time to thing about things”, but I don’t consider necesarily a bad thing they are separated right now. They have confronted everything together, and maybe some time away from each other may gave them some perspective; Emma will confront her fear of abandonment and will know something isn’t right (X) and be most sure than ever that Killian would never do that. And Killian will learn to forgive himself a little more; Emma asked him to be the man she wanted to marry, but he will find really his own person, that he has to be himself

(source @emmandhook X)

Thoughts on Chicago P.D 4.18

It was a great episode..they are slowly easing back into that familar swing of things that I enjoyed in season 1 and 2. There are a couple things I want to get off my chest.
1. Is it just me but I don’t really care about Burgess’ sister? It’s clear she’s only there because ‘onechicago enjoys family drama that end in pain’ (my opinion)
2. Where was Jay this episode? Like was his head space not right or… ?
3. That scene with Lindsay and Sarah felt like Nadia and Lindsay all over again. It’s a NO from me
4. CONTINUITY WHERE IS IT?? We saw Jay have a monumental breakthrough and it got thrown away.
5. One of favorite scenes of the episode was when Lindsay takes with Sarah about her dad and her life. I want more of that.
6. Everytime i see Atwater with kids it reminds me that we literally know nothing about him and it saddens me.
7. Can we just talk about Erin?

It’s fanfiction time! I would like to recommend two of my favorite authors, Isadora and Bookjunk, who have written classic, beautiful stories before vanishing from the fandom forever–I like to think friendly zombies got them.

Isadora’s stories are extremely successful. My personal favorite is Trust. Carrie and Quinn are left alone in the CIA basement for a team-building exercise. And… yeah. You can probably guess what happens next.

It’s relatively short, sweet and sexual, with a pinch of BDSM - it’s about trust, after all.

Also by Isadora: The thing on the other side of the fine line to hate, a twenty-one chapter fic and rewrite of season three. Quinn and Carrie work together and slowly get closer. Slow burn, happy ending, a great read.

Bookjunk’s works are a little less well known, maybe because she only posted them at, but her stories are breathtaking.

Start with a very short, very bleak one: Certain Things Hurt–a tragic masterpiece.

Then, for a happier story, don’t miss Nobody’s crying, a nine-chapter fic. Quinn chooses to kill Brody… but he still wants Carrie.

(Interestingly enough, the atmosphere is very close to Isadora’s “The thing on the other side to the fine line to hate,” recommended above. A similar story, through a looking glass, with a MUCH darker edge and an extremely sweet ending. In this fandom, one of my favorite reads ever.)

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Just read your Ford-and-12-year-old-Molly-both-fall-through-the-portal au drabble thing, and I'm curious: when Stan gets the portal up and running, does he end up punching Ford instead of the other way round? What is their reunion like in general? How quickly does Stan forgive Ford, if at all? How is Molly's relationship with both her father and uncle changed by growing up traveling with Ford? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND THAT DRABBLE AND ART WAS SOME GOOD HEARTBREAKING ANGST THANK/CURSE YOU

The first thing Stan does when Ford and Molly come through the Portal is hug Molly. Ford hangs back and lets them, when Stan’s done greeting his daughter he does turn on Stan, but Molly’s stops him and there is no fight.

Instead of Ford saying he needs to leave in the Hallway they have a fight about how Stan missed out on seeing his daughters whole life, and Ford throws back that if Stanley hadn’t tackled him like an animal and thought things through first Molly never would have fallen through. Things sort of disperse out of that and they pretty much just avoid each other and fail to talk.

Instead of demanding a thank you at the circle, he demands a sorry, and than the finale continues as usual. The big difference is that Molly suggests she takes the memory gun, but Stan says no to that and does it himself.

Molly still loves her father very much, but she was seven when she last saw him and doesn’t really know him anymore, though she wants to. Until the finale hits there is lots of awkward situations that don’t go anywhere. She hangs around Ford more because they’ve been around each other all the time for the last thirty years, and all the little in jokes and asides they have drives Stan crazy. He mocks those situations a lot because he is jealous. 

Once he loses his memories and starts regaining them, all three of them decide to go on the Stan-of-War together, and it gives Molly some much needed time to reconnect with her father and get to know him again. Afterwards she quickly gets her GED and a degree in Botany, ending up with her phd in roughly the same time That Ford got his.

things that happen anyway are so comforting. whether or not I study, the test will take place, and it will be over in a matter of hours. whether or not I sleep tonight, the moon will be out there, the sun will come up. whether or not I’m happy or productive all the time, the semester will end and summer will come. nothing will take those things away from me. anyway is such a nice and comforting concept. it makes me think that it’s okay to slow down sometimes.

Thoughts on NITW-Longest Night

Okay, so from what I understood from it all is that it was a dream that Mae had while she was still at college. Which makes SO much sense once you think about it (plus it was extremely clever of the people who made this game to keep it in line with the actually story). I was confused as to how this story and the other one connected, because a game like that in my opinion wouldn’t release something random like that, even if it was just a test run. This explains why the characters are just floating in space and saying random things, and why Mae is the only one confused by this. This dream seems to be part of the reason Mae came back home. She wasn’t happy at college at all (for reasons explained in the game). The characters in Longest Night at the end seem to be speaking things that Mae might be thinking to herself in her own mind. Then at the end, she wakes up and decides to call home and tell her parents she’s leaving college. That’s my take on it anyway, even if some of it may be entirely obvious to most people. What do you guys think?

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even though George is rather, hm, "old-fashioned"? what are some things he'd like about the 21st century - or that his harem enjoys teasing him with?

I like this is a little open ended, like sexy teasing or teasing teasing. 

Things Vampire George appreciates about modern times: 

- planes. now when Lafayette or another member of the harem wants to travel they don’t have to get on a boat for weeks on end, they just hop on a plane for a few hours. They still freak him out a little bit, but his life is so much better. 

- films (as he refers to all media things, tv shows, movies, anything) are pretty wonderful. He really enjoys watching things set in periods that he lived in and seeing all the things they get wrong. 

- the widespread bathing and how carefully trash and so on is handled. The world is a much less smelly place now and he appreciates it greatly. 

Things Vampire George does NOT appreciate about modern times: 

- going very fast in cars, so this is definitely something the boys can tease him with. Getting George into the passenger seat of a sports car and just tearing through some streets. 

- little electronic things that make noise. He can handle like… maybe two minutes of beeping before he tries to destroy whatever is making a noise.

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I honestly think we didn't have any reaction to The Incident becaue Ryan was on holiday. I would give anything for a clever twist that would explain all of this mess but I think we're reading to much into insignificant details :(

Well, this storyline has been planned out for months, and the press knew about it way before we did, which is usually the case. 

Ryan was only gone for about a week, if they had wanted to, they could have gotten the interview done a little bit in advance. Also were was Emily’s opinion? Or even Danny’s? Like radio silence on all ends, I seriously think it’s because something is about to happen. 

I mean even Ian? Nothing.

Plus it is insignificant, it’s normal practice when things happen, when twists are revealed or bigs things in general happen, that’s what happens. So when it doesn’t, it raises eyebrows.  

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Whenever I have someone special come into my life they never stay. I need his presence so bad. He said we don't live close enough. I want him back. I want to feel safe again. Today is his birthday and I'm a wreck. He said if I was ever in town that I could stay with him. I want to, but I don't want to confuse myself into thinking what we had is still there. Why am I always the one who ends up broken?

i’m so sorry, sweetheart. you don’t deserve this. sometimes the world just doesn’t work in favor of two people being together. and he obviously means a lot to you, and that’s a really beautiful painful thing, so it’s okay to fall apart over this a little. cry. scream into your pillow. do all of the things necessary for you to keep making it through each day without him. because believe it or not - and i know you don’t want to hear this - but you CAN live without him, you’re safe without him, you’re a whole person without him. even if it doesn’t feel like that right now. ultimately, it’s up to you to wake up each morning and try again. being single and being alone isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it is simply a time when you learn to rely on yourself. when you learn that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.

and eventually, in time, it’s not going to hurt this much. i promise, i promise, i promise. you can stay with him if you want to, it’s got to be your choice, but you know in your heart that you don’t want to put yourself through it all again. and i think that’s a really wise, smart decision. heartbreak is genuinely one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through, and though it’s a cruel thing, time can definitely heal it. remember that the world, and fate, and love, aren’t always on your side but they’re certainly not against you either. these things are indifferent which means you can’t bargain with them, and that’s both a good and a bad thing. you’re going to find someone that is meant to be in your life for the long haul. you probably don’t want to hear that, either. you’re probably thinking that you don’t want someone, you want him. but that’s all part of the process, i swear that the way to get over this is just to let yourself feel and to pick yourself up and to put yourself first. you’re not broken. you may feel like you are, but you’re not. you’re resilient. you’re so much stronger than you think you are, you can endure much more than you’re aware of. again, i’m so fucking sorry that you’re going through this right now. please just try and hold on, you may love him but he’s only one person. it might feel like the end of the world but the sun’s always going to come up in the morning and give you another chance, alright? i hope you feel better soon. message me anytime.

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Hi! I'm re-reading Pitchers & Catchers ('cause it's frickin' awesome+) and I was thinking: Did Jimmy want to break up with Cas at the beginning, or had he just resigned himself to the fact that it was the inevitable outcome of him accepting the trade? I could make a case for either scenario, but I was wondering what you had in mind when you wrote it.

Hmm…so I put off answering this for like half the day cause I was trying to remember, lol.

Here’s the thing about neuroses…Jimmy really, really didn’t want their relationship to end, and he never did, but he knew Cas would be pissed about the whole thing, and he knew himself well enough to recognize that if Cas pressured him not to take the trade, he’d cave. Now, if from the first, Jimmy had been honest about all that, had stuck to his guns about pursuing his own dreams, Castiel probably would have accepted it and their relationship might have survived. But Jimmy was so afraid that he instead said nothing, and by keeping it a secret and essentially lying to Castiel, Jimmy *guaranteed* that Castiel would be too furious to handle things with any grace.

One of the things I worried about with that story was if I did a good enough job portraying Jimmy. It’s easy to Castiel as a huge asshole with how he reacts and how he handles things, but Jimmy is tremendously passive aggressive throughout the story and until Dean gives him some backbone, Jimmy is more interested at sweeping things that upset him under the rug while pretending that everything is hunky dorey, hence all his weird attempts to contact Cas. 

Their entire relationship was, without Dean, really dysfunctional.

My thinking was that Jimmy accepted a break up as the inevitable outcome of the trade. :) But it only BECAME the inevitable outcome because of how poorly Jimmy handled things, including his original assumption that the outcome was inevitable.

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Azure, Cerulean, Cobalt

50 Shades of Blue: NSFW Headcannon Asks 

Azure: What’s your biggest turn-on?
“Probably a battle for dominance. I like when someone can provide me with a decent challenge…Keeps things interesting.

Cerulean: What’s your biggest turn-off?
“I actually don’t like my feet touched. Or if my partner is…overly sappy?” Fear of emotional attachment showing there.

Cobalt: Rough or soft?
“I think it’s safe to say I prefer things on the rough end. I like to feel the after effects of the night the next day. Good reminder of a good night…”