the thing that is face

words cannot express how angry i am at nate, my hatred for him went from 10 to 100 in this recent episode

numerous other issues aside, something that /really/ bothers me about Heinlein is his tendency to have his protags refer to anyone not in line with his specific idea of ideal personhood as ‘subhuman’, 'monsters,’ 'defectives’, etc, basically anything that dehumanizes someone he uses it

and we’re not talking about like…dictators here, we’re talking about, as a sample, trans people (yes, really, literally, not subtext), people with congenital disabilities, people who don’t want to go to war, people who don’t like sex, and people getting government assistance

so you can see why this bothers me

Can ya believe that about a month ago I nearly ended it? Now I’m about to go and talk to my (first ever) therapist about all the things that have recently happened that is making my life worth living. Life’s weird, ya guys. Thanks for not giving up on me!