the thing that is face

hey lovelies, my next post hints at miscarriage and stillbirth so please if you want to block that tag just blacklist tw: death because i dont want any of you to see it if that’s something you don’t want to see!!!

edit: i think im gonna make a little thing on my blog for tags you can block bc id never want you to see something that could cause emotional pain to you at all

i love the fact that even is friends with the ballon squad again and that he’s happy, but i’m gonna be bitter for the rest of my life about the fact that we didn’t get a FULL look on even’s back story

For those of you who don’t know my hair is down to my butt and for a while has been pretty unhealthy, dead, frizzy, dull…. So I finally had enough and went to a salon- and I found one that not only specializes in curly hair but actually takes you through the process and teaches you about your specific hair and how to take care of it on your own etc… A godsend!
But I’m so known for my hair and so often begged not to cut it that I thought I would scare everyone by randomly posting this photo with a …….. Chop chop caption


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