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dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 

Say what you want about Jeremy kind of just… slating the Supercorp fandom like that, like I love him and have for years- but I’m not happy with that at all either. But at the same time, don’t call him homophobic. 

He’s not. Period.

punk rock or badass? the ridgely or the perriman grand? blue or yellow? the corgi or the kitten? holistic detective or holistic assassin? hacker assistant or ex-musician assistant? denim jacket or leather jacket? springsborough or spring mansion? time machine or bad news calendar machine?

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

Considering that everything and anything in Guardians of the Galaxy is built around music, in a way – with the Walkman and later the Zune being Peter’s companions wherever he goes, reminders of his family, the songs constant background for him, the scenes of the movie having the songs in them, and the songs telling a story when looking closely…

… I just thought that in a way, Peter’s parents are collecting an album. An album about Peter, for Peter, talking about the love they have for him, and Peter’s life.

Hear me out:

The music Meredith loved so much, Awesome Mix Vol 1., is what starts this story off. It’s the music young Peter is listening to when the first movie starts, it’s the music he has with him when he gets abducted, the music he listens to for 26 years to come.

At the end of the movie, Peter finally, finally, after all this years, can let go of his Mum. He moves on – and puts on Awesome Mix Vol 2, the tape his Mum gave him which he never opened. It’s a new chapter of Peter’s life, so a new songmix it is. It’s what he listens to after he found the Guardians, after he meets Ego, up until the fight with Ego.

The next and third Awesome Mix comes from Yondu. It’s the Zune he bought and kept for Peter to surprise him with, with 300 songs on it (and hello, that boy listened to 12 songs for 26 years, can you imagine how he will freak out over 300 songs). It’s the last mix Peter gets from his parents, and if I guessed correctly, a few of those songs on that Zune are the old ones from Mix 1, since Yondu had those copied and saved in the ship’s system – but the rest are new ones. Probably some of them Yondu listened to and decided “Yeah, Peter will like those” or others where just there and he shrugged and hoped they would be okay.

And Peter gets those new songs when Yondu passes away, after he has found out who his sperm donor is and who his real Daddy, and he has to move on.


It’s also the longest mixtape, as if it has to last even longer than the other two - and really, seeing how young Peter still is when he has lost both his parents, mid-thirties, it makes sense. Meredith and Yondu would want him to live a long, long life still, long after they have to leave him that early, so the mixtape is the longest, has to last for as long as possible.

Each time there is something big happening in Peter’s life, each time he has to take a big step and turn to a new chapter, there is a new mixtape to go with it. And each time, the songs on that mix are presents from his parents to him, showing him how much they care. Some of them are carefully picked (Meredith’s) and some are not, but carry the same amount of love (Yondu’s), and all of them are only for Peter.

But from now on, Peter will have to do it without them. The next steps, the next mixtapes, are not going to come from his parents – Peter will have to do it himself.

It’s his time to choose his own way and his own music.

(deep down, he probably knows that they aren’t)
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I have no regrets, me and @immanuelcouldnt are bff’s now, after all, we have husbandos who hate each other.

A bit of the work under the cut for those who aren’t really interested.

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One-shot: A Bad Kisser

After using the otp fluff generator, I decided to challenge myself and write something that I’m not super comfortable with: a kiss scene. The prompt goes: “Mairin is a bad kisser and she knows it. Alain gives her a tutorial on kissing.” This doesn’t really fit into my headcanons, but hey, sometimes it’s fun to write something different. Mairin is 18 (whoops that means Bonnie might have gotten into a bar underage… Or maybe in Kalos you can do that once you turn 16) and Alain 23.


The black haired Pokémon doctor student lifted his gaze from his book (”Mega evolution and its side effects”). The girl sitting next to him was being so quiet that he was getting suspicious.

”Yeah?” she tried sounding casual, but failed miserably.

”Are you OK? You look kinda weird,” he noted, and the color of Mairin’s face turned a bright shade of pink. Alain had learned to read her pretty well during the years, even if she was doing her best to hide some of her feelings from him. There were things she didn’t want him to know because it might have affected their friendship. 

“Gee, thanks. I wonder how you’d look like if someone told you that you are a bad kisser,” she blurted out, saying accidentally more than she had originally planned.

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anonymous asked:

I read your tag ab Kiri having pet turtle(s) and... what if one day, as he's having lunch with Sero and just suddenly realize his friend reminds him of his pet(s) (if u hc Sero as a vegetarian) and just "I'm naming my next turtle Sero." "...... huh? Where'd that come from?? "

(On the turtle ask still) or he names the turtle Hanta!

Just so you know this is the cutest thing I’ve ever read holy heck ! ! ! ! I bet Sero would absolutely love it too aaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!!