the thing i've been working on for a while now

  • Remus grumbled as he made his way to the fifth shop - he could feel sweat rolling on his back and his shirt sticking uncomfortably to his back. Summer was just the worst in Mauritius. He would rather be in the cool of his flat instead of desperately trying to find a gift for secret santa gift exchange at work.
  • He sighed as he thought of the pain of finding a gift that said both “I don’t really care about you” but also, “But I still got you a gift cause I’m a decent colleague and all that.”
  • Honestly, he knew he was overreacting but he could not really afford additional expenses this month and now they were imposing this. And now add to that he did not even celebrate Christmas himself, he was finding the enterprise’s policy of diversity really hypocrite. When he asked if Diwali was celebrated at work, he was answered with a resounding no and the manager’s raised eyebrows as though he just asked if he could set the building on fire. (If that thought passed his mind several times a week well that was noone’s issue but his.)
  • Letting out a sigh, he reasoned with himself that it was only one and a half year now. Then he’d have his diploma and hopefully a job that paid enough then.
  • He was debating with himself on the pros and cons of offering a badminton racket to the most nonathletic person when he bumped headfirst into a person.
  • “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I was lost in my head while trying to find a last minute gift for a colleague that doesn’t look too shitty but not really good either-not that is something you’d want to know,” Remus closed his mouth with a pop as he removed his hand from the other man’s arm. He could feel his cheeks warming.
  • Thankfully the other man was looking at Remus with amusement rather than distate, which was still good.
  • Finally over his flustration, Remus allowed himself to look properly at the person. He was absolutely gorgeous with his coarse black hair pulled into a messy bun, flawless olive skin, khol on the lower lid of grey eyes and a full mouth that looked downright sinful. The man was wearing a white off shoulder blouse and some skin tight jeans. Remus’ mouth felt suddenly dry.
  • “One of late shoppers as well. That makes two of us then. I’m looking for a gift that says Fuck you passive-aggressively. I’m Sirius by the way.”
  • The tawny haired man’s brain took a moment to stop focusing on those lips and then realised that Sirius had extended his hand to him.
  • “Oh..erm I’m uh..Remus.” Sirius’ smile extended as he took the other man’s hand.
  • “So Remus, would you help me find a gift for a transphobic piece of shit colleague?”
  • He winced. “Know one of those you as well? Well yes. I’d be honoured to beat transphobic twats with you but I’ll settle for shitty gifts if you’d want.”
  • Sirius threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh.
  • They ended up choosing a box of plain chocolates for Remus’ colleague. (“They are just the perfect amount of ‘I hardly tolerate you’” and the book How to not be a twat for the man at Sirius’ work. That asshole had been dead-naming Sirius for two whole months before the manager finally decided to intervene ( means I threatened to talk with HR)
  • They were both outside the store now, lingering side by side.
  • “So…”
  • “Erm I was to…”
  • They both huffed a laugh.
  • “Okay so I was to ask for your number to text you someday to hang out or for a date-”
  • “Yes!” Remus blurted and his cheeks reddening almost instantly as his over-enthusiasm. “I mean sure. That would be cool.”
  • Sirius let out a relieved smile. “You’re something else Remus,” he whispered as he leaned towards the taller man. He kissed Remus on his cheek, really close to this mouth and maybe he was lingering a bit.
  • “Bye, I’ll text you,” Sirius said as he went.

i change my icon and alter my theme too often i wouldn’t be surprised if people can’t remember who i am half the time but really it’s just to suppress the urge to remake…

honestly if i could get one thing through library patron’s heads, like just O N E THING, it would be to plz i beg u never re-shelve things. .. .  even if you are 99.99% sure you know where you got the book from, even if you have taken 100 classes on how to shelve books. .. ..  i beg u. .… don’t re shelve the book

i c R INGE whenever i see people put books back

i cRY MYSELF TO SLEEP i have nigHTMARES …. .  do not … re shelve. ..  the book

just put it on the cart

the beautiful shiny cart that is just waiting to be filled

i tell people to leave books they don’t want on the cart and they always go “oh no it’s okay!” like bish n O IT IS LITERALLY MY JOB THE PUT THE BOOKS BACK

also while i’m at it. .. . please do not ever tell yOUR GOD DAMN KIDS TO PUT A BOOK AWAY!!!!!!! if i had a dollar for every time a kid ripped a book off the shelf to bring to their parent and the parent goes “go put that back where you found it” like ??????????// YOUR KID IS FUCKIN 4 YEARS OLD THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THE DAMN ALPHABET AND U EXPECT THEM TO PUT IT BACK IN THE RIGHT SPOT??? ?? ? ? ?? ? that kid might as well shove that book up my god damn ass i tell ya

tl;dr don’t re shelve books because i already know ur putting it in the wrong spot and i will personally come to ur house and slap u

I’ve been working on a Ryder little by little as a warm-up while working on commissions. I don’t actually have any solid plans for Ryder– have to wait until I finish my first playthrough with someone who’s undoubtedly going to have a really dumb name like Saucepan. Been having a hard time drawing anything decent today (sorry commissions, I’ll try again in like an hour) 

Still taking commissions, if you’re interested!

I’m painting the thing. 8)))) Because I really really really don’t draw/paint Sera enough and I really like her face??? It’s both easy AND tough to capture at the same time and I love it very much. <3 SHe’s so CUTE.

this is a very WIP so

Figured I would share some wips and sneak peaks of Dioptase that I’ve been posting on twitter not all of them tho and just to let you know that I’‘m really working on it and I hope to post the first 2 pages before Gem Harvest ‘cuz I kinda wrote this whole thing set before that ep and idk how canon will affect my comic now OTL

Ignore Dorulumon there, he ain’t gonna be part of the plot xD

Again, ignore Zero there, he’s just giving me motivation~

welp, that’s all for now, I swear I’m working hard on it, I’m having fun too so I hope you enjoy it once I start posting it UwU


Hello! It’s been a while <3 Here are some Touhou requests from before!
Youmu for @Khibz, Patche for @microfolk, Mystia for anon, and Remilia for @rnarch-hare I’ll be working on the rest, sorry it took a while ; w ;

I also made a twitter @yulitanbo! I’ll be posting sketches and wips there <3 Please follow me and talk touhou to me I need touhou friends ; u ;

you guys still alive? it’s really good move from vixx not to put up the mv the same day as the song. we’ll have time to focus on just the songs and streaming. but like fantasy is just really beyond generic kpop and i love that vixx is taking such great risk to show that they have more side to them. some would’ve wish that vixx promote love me do instead (i think more fans would want sth that sounds like it ngl) but FANTASY on it’s own is already an out-of this (kpop) world experience. it’s really cool and the variations of sounds is surprisingly pleasing to the ears. i love that vixx is showing us such different sound to them but still you’d have the feel that “THIS IS VIXX!”. i am pleased to see that vixx is trying to go out of the box and provide starlights sth that we would’ve not experienced on a daily basis as kpop fans plus FANTASY is a very-theatrical sounding song that it makes it UNDENIABLY VIXX.

So, this is only a small thing since there’s already an introductory post on the blog itself but I’m part of a small group now. We work on the blog @realmunerals and it’s basically where we post all our worldbuilding and character stuff! I personally will be working on developing Heaven and Hell, shadow folk, star children and Lux Laterna, which used to be Bellamy’s Order back in the old days! So tldr, it’s where I play around with a new version of Aren and lots of other characters, among with other super creative people.

This has been a short PSA on me getting back into creative stuff.

so there are people coming over tonight. on the one hand, i could go socialize and get good food.  on the other, i could hide and get some stuff done.  however the latter is assuming that i can focus on anything while people are socializing upstairs because i have no door and sound travels really well down to my room (and vice versa i guess).  solution: headphones?  but i’d also have to go get my own food now before they show up

fanartist 101

a not so friendly reminder from a very bitter fanvidder who’s quickly losing her patience:

  1. Fanartists are artists
  2. Some fanartists are open to requests and suggestions, and some fanartists are NOT open to requests and suggestions
  3. Respect fanartists who are not open to requests and suggestions
  4. Some fanartists write/draw/vid/etc very frequently; others don’t, and that’s okay
  5. Messaging a fanartist “you haven’t done _____ in a while :(” will only make them not want to do the thing ever again
  6. Fanartists work VERY, VERY hard on their art, and art takes time. Making certain demands like “why won’t you do this thing!!” or “art more often!” is only making things worse, trust me
  7. While a lot of us just do fanart for fun, some of us actually art for a living, so if someone isn’t willing to teach you things or take your requests, just respect that
  8. Fanart is usually driven by emotion, so don’t expect us to just randomly whip something up we have no feelings for just because a lot of people want to see it
  9. Every fanartist is different, so respect their differences and don’t expect the same things from everyone
  10. Just fucking respect fanartists
  11. Please

D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

@the49thname | @bookmanjunior


with the unibrow and punibrow songs already, ANOTHER eyebrow song would be overkill.


Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!


k so here’s the deal —— les has been a thing of mine for a while now (originally as a completely different muse off tumblr before shaping himself, last year, into the main character of my nanowrimo project) and just recently, I brought a translation of him to this website on a whim. I don’t have too many things going on yet but despite whether I am or am not writing, seeing that nearly one month later he’s gathered four hundred of you leaves me speechless. also, like, I love all of you?? and I am inspired by so many of you?? so this is just a reminder that I admire you, I thank you, and I wish that 500 puppy kisses’ll find their way to you when you most need ‘em, okay !!

special shoutout to purificari for enabling me to finally make this account (plus the whole signing up for me when tumblr was being a dick thing omg) and because faun is a unique breed of awesome that I am so happy I have come to know !! you’re so talented and amazing and comfortable to talk to, ok, keep yellin. 

also special shoutout to all the oc’s doing their oc thing out here !!


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