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So I'm sure you saw that Niall made a dream jar to be auctioned off for charity for that BFG movie. With it he said “As a little boy, I liked the idea of floating above the trees and looking down on the world from above. Now I like the idea of having someone with me for the ride.” Could you please write a fluffy, but smutty blurb about this for me please! You're writing is the absolute best! I love reading your stuff! You'd make my life complete if you did this for me!

Valentine’s Day was never your favorite holiday.  If anything it was a holiday you just sort of got through more than anything.  You’d only had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day once in your entire dating career and that was when you were 14.  He took you behind the gym at school, slammed a rose in your hand and then tried to kiss you in a way that resembled a wet vacuum.  So…not the most romantic thing in the world.

However, this year was different.  You’d been dating Niall for six months now.  And you’d never been happier.  Sure, he was ¼ of the biggest boy band in the world who was now going solo and that meant a few insults from his loving fans lobbed your way but he made it all worth it.  He was sweet, attentive, kind, loving and most of all when he kissed you it sent tingles to your toes and electricity to the ends of your hair.  So…far and away different from the wet vacuum.

You’d both agreed weeks ago not to do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Neither of you really appreciated the holiday to begin with.  So why bother living up to the expectations?  Besides, Niall treated you like every day was Valentine’s Day.

But then he’d created his Dream Jar to promote the movie BFG and also to benefit a couple of London charities.  To say you’d been blown away by his jar would have been the understatement of the year.  It was so…intimate.  While Niall was intimate with you in private he was never really that guy that was intimate so publicly.  It put him in a whole new light for you.

This boy.  This man.  This angel of a human being at the end of the day just wanted to ride in a hot air balloon with his love and look on the world below him.

And today, you were going to make that happen.

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Decided to enter this amazing challenge by @redhotchilisimblr​. I think I did well, and this time I did it without CC, which Im proud of myself^^


This house is called Luciano’s Corner. I built it in Newcrest and its priced at

§85 797 and as I said Its CC-Free!. *Thank you @allisas for the little idea of a sun room, I really liked that! <3*

Luciano, which is a portuguese name, is the name of my grandparent on my father’s side. He is 78 years old and sadly, he doesnt have much mobility as he did before and some problems such as not remembering things sometimes but thats the way life works… He works in his garden trying to keep him occupaded and sometimes he comes to visit us, which is good :D When I younger I would spend a lot of time in his house, in the countryside, specially during the summer holidays. I just loved staying there and helping him in his garden :D I still remember the milk with sugar he used to made before i went to bed…


Anonymous… how I struggle with you. But your timing for complimentary messages on days that I am struggling is always a bit concerning but welcomed. How did Tumblr know? Also, first fireflies of the season are out on the trail now.

If you have followed me you know these holiday things are tough on me during my singlehood. You know I’m due for a pity party. I see the benefits of being single. No in laws, obligatory dinners, going to churches not your own. But seriously, can I just get something in the middle? I just want lazy afternoons with someone, wine and cheese on the back patio after work, an impromptu bike ride into the sunset, someone to fall asleep and wake up with. I have constant reminders around me. I am surrounded by great couples. Instead tomorrow, I’ll wake up to a daughter who currently thinks I’m the worst mom in the world.

Last week I drove by myself to the bike rally. I parked next to a couple I know who were there to ride together. I spoke with them for a few and all I could think of is “ I hope I find someone like him”. Someone that will go with me. He doesn’t have to ride with me, but be there. Am I chasing a unicorn. Does he exist? I’ve tried. And I TRY. Maybe I want too much.

I rode my bike yesterday and today. Yesterday was an easy cruise at the park with my daughter and today was a three hour spin class where I think I cried for half the class.

Broken hearts hurt.

trans day of visibility

so for trans visibility day let me take you through a fun little timeline

here ya got wee little kirby

skip forward i’m around 10 here, i was at my favorite place in the world, kiawah island south carolina

just look at that sass

i was pretty confident in myself i mean look at those hair extensions

skip forward to thanksgiving 2013, i was thirteen years old and wearing a dress. i had always wanted to look nice for things like this, important holidays and such. and i felt wearing a dress was the right thing to do so that’s what i did. 

now we are getting to the darker part

so during 8th grade i was dealing with so much, on top of that i was so confused about who i was. i was continually dealing with the stress of my depression, anxiety, and other mental issues plus all of this unsure of what the hell was going on in my mind

this is me near the end of march.

april 15th i tried to commit suicide and i ended up in hospital with a .42 BAC, i should’ve died.

i met this person, named dj. they told me how they were genderfluid and they showed me a whole new spectrum of genders. the fact i fell in love with them is so besides the point, because what they did for me is opened me up more and helped me show me who i was.

this was me about a week after i got out of the hospital, i stayed there for about 2 ½ weeks. 

so this is me at the beginning of ninth grade, i was still tryng to fit into what i thought i was supposed to be and wear even though i knew deep down something was off. 

this was homecoming, i remmeber how uncomfrotable i was in that dress, yet i just felt like i HAD to wear one, i HAD to be a girl

around winter of 2014 i began to identify as genderfluid, i told my first person, my friend maura and she was very accepting

i began to dress more masculine when i was home alone and tried to hide my hair because it was causing me dysphoria

yet somedays, like spirit week where i dressed up as carmilla, i still tried to put on a girly front. 


i hadn’t gotten my hair cut like ever, and it was so amazing. march 29th, 2015 was the first day i took a step towards accepting who i was

then we got my hair dyed ! major step forward. i was slowly feeling more comfortable with who i was. 

yet there was still apart of me who didn’t feel like what i was was right. so i still tried to do that girly front, wore a dress for homecoming 2015

i began getting really deprssed again and my only savior was band, this was me the last day of band at state finals. my eyes were stained from crying becuase i didn’t know what i would do. luckily i still had theatre

but then i got my first dress shirt

i finally felt like i had something that i could wear and feel comfortable in

then a mircale happened

i got a binder january 2nd 2016

i felt like i could finally breathe, ironic right

yet 2016 brought so many more struggles, a few suicide attempts, some relapses, etc. but this is also the year i’ve been most comfortable with my body

slowly but surely i am becomine more accepting and comfortable with myself. wheter i’m ftm or just non-binary, who the hell knows? ( i know i sure don’t)

right now i’m just working on loving myself for the gender confused messed i am

so in conclusion. i’m kirby. i’m non-binary. and my pronouns are they/them and maybe he/him who the fuck knows

how religion works in Lithuania

it’s funny how statistics say that ~70% of lithuanians are catholic because I know for sure A LOT of us are atheists. not to mention, we are still pagan as heck.

the statistics only show the number of baptized people and baptizing is sort of tradition of our nation. (during occupation religion was one of the main things that helped us to fight for our independence. communists were strict atheists so of course we did everything that they hated). but baptized person doesn’t mean a believer in Lithuania. f.e. from my 24 classmates only 1 boy identifies himself as catholic, other say they are atheists/pantheists. but 23 of 24 are baptized (I am that one person who is not like others).

and having in mind all the pagan stuff we do, the whole “Lithuania is catholic” stuff seems really stupid. we celebrate more pagan holidays than christian holidays. and our “christian holidays” are just pagan celebrations with christian names. we do spells and tell christian fairytales on Christmas (seems like catholic thing to do, yes?), our Easter is 90% pagan, the celebration doesn’t evolve christianity almost at all. we still celebrate Vėlinės, Žolinės, Joninės, Užgavėnės and they are 100% pagan: spells, tales, enchantments, we still do that.

we name our children with baltic pagan names and then we give them another, holy name. our language is still influenced by paganism (example: we call rainbow the Ribbon of Witch), we still have a lot respect for snakes and bees (they are holy animals in paganism).

basically, paganism is alive and it’s in Lithuania. hiding, lurking in the shadows of catholism.


A oneshot where the reader is Sirius Blacks daughter and Fred and her like each other but Sirius is protective and Molly doesn’t like Sirius and gets into arguments with him and his daughter so they secretly flirt and one day they finally  kiss and are caught by everyone - Requested by Anoymous

A/N: I tried writing this as a one-shot but I couldn’t write enough, so I did it as a gif one, I hope that’s all right for you x

If there was one difficulty with the Order using my dad’s house for their meetings it was the fact that Dad and Mrs Weasley couldn’t see eye to eye about anything. All you could hear, most of the day during the summer holidays, was them rowing about things. OK, so there was the odd occasion where I joined in. Things seemed to take an even more difficult turn of events when I started stealing little looks across the table with Fred. Dad had been livid. Practically told me that the bad boy was never the way to go – and he should know because he’d been that charming prankster once.

But did that stop Fred and I? You can guarantee that it didn’t. In fact, it just meant that we had to be a little move secretive about our flirtation.

‘See, I had hoped you might see my underwear one day,’ Fred said from the doorway of the kitchen when I was sorting out the washing which Kreacher had upended in the hope of finding something of my grandmother’s. ‘But this wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind.’

I rolled my eyes, feeling a blush rush up my cheeks. ‘Fred!’ I gasped, turning to face him. He was leaning on the doorframe, his arms folded across his chest.

‘You should really comb your hair. We wouldn’t want people getting the wrong impression.’

He chuckled at that, moving a little further into the room. ‘Would you rather they got the right one?’ he asked, raising a suggestive eyebrow at me.

I rolled my eyes, throwing a pair of socks at him. ‘You could at least buy me dinner first,’ I told him as he plucked a wet sock from his cheek and chucked it back on the pile.

‘That can be arranged,’ he said, moving closer to me still. He only stopped when his chest wasn’t that far from my own. His eyes darting between my lips and mouth. ‘When are you free?’

My attention slipped down to his lips before moving back up to lock eyes with him. ‘How about when you’re dressed?’ I asked.

That mischievous little look which so often flashed behind his eyes returned. The one which I couldn’t help but fall in love with. So I did the thing I’d been wanting to do for ages. I gently moved my hand to his cheek and moved closer. He seemed to understand the gesture as he moved too, our lips meeting in a kiss which I didn’t realise we’d been so close to.

‘Weasley!’ boomed my father’s voice, making the two of us jump apart quickly.

Dad was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. His hands were shaking by his sides slightly. In the gap in the doorway I could see the others. It looked like the whole house was there. Molly was paling; George seemed to be beaming, despite handing a few Knuts to Ginny while Remus smirked at us, placing a pacifying hand on my father’s shoulder.

‘It’s exactly what it looks like,’ I said, looking awkwardly over at Fred. But he was grinning, his eyebrows slightly raised. Maybe this holiday was about to get seriously interesting – if Dad and Molly didn’t decide to flay us alive for this!

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.


Prompt: After Astoria’s death, you came back to your previous relationship with Draco, just like it were before. Now the office was his, you could have fun in there, but not without being interrupted by his son, Scorpius.

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy kink, allusion to marijuana and alcohol

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Please fire me. When I agreed to spend two weeks travelling with a “high-power businessman” as his “personal interpreter” during “global strategy meetings about environmental issues” (he seems like he should be in advertising), I did not know that would include going to dinners with him and him alone and spending 35 minutes reading and translating his entire menu every single night. Good thing I went to school for 22 years and got my PhD.

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I just want to say that I stalk you on Tumblr and I love you blog. But I have read your last post, the one about Kyungsoo and his father. And I've been wondering the same thing since EXO debut. I don't know if you knew that by Kyungsoo was the only one in EXO who didn't mention his parent in "Thank You" section on their first album. As the matter of fact he never did that. He always thanks members and staff but never his family. (1)

And another thing, not until this year, he ever ever mentioned his parents. In the one of the interviews during “pure Love” promotion he said he will spend with them Moon festival. But he never went to his parent for any holiday. Always during Chuseok, which is te one of the most family holidays in Korea he is going somewhere alone, or with managers or with friends like last year, wen he went wit his besties to Japan. Isn’t this kind of weird? PS: I love you <3

Hi anon

First, I love you tooooo (you made me hug my laptop’s screen *whispers* i really did)

Now, about Kyungsoo’s family and especially his father, i feel like there is some tension between the two. At first, i thought that maybe his father didn’t want him to be an i-dol but then there is that letter D.O wrote to his brother in which he talked freely about his family and schedule without any restriction. So, the only thing that i can think about now is D.O’s romantic life.

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favourite season? why do you love it so much? what are your favourite things to do during it? favourite memories about something you did during? remembered these cute questions and thought you would like them, love you

fall is my fave season! 🍂🎃☁️ i love it because it’s such a cozy time of the year, halloween is one of my fave holidays, the leaves change colors - everything is so pretty.  i love to visit cafes, apple farms, watch scary films, eat all things pumpkin flavored, drink/eat fall flavored drinks/food (like apple spiced donuts), decorate my room with halloween decorations, and watch halloween themed shows. my favorite memory is visiting a pumpkin and apple farm a few years ago with my mom. 

aw thanks for asking me them!


(The answer is ‘Yes’ but also ‘Listen do you really think they simulated this kind of conditions????’ and ‘The next person to complain can walk. Or try to drive this thing themselves.’)

Probably the last art update in a week or so, idk how much I’ll be able to do during the following week in Southern Finland and how much energy I’ll have! I AM taking my tablet and the computer with me though, so who knows. *shrugs* I’m going to try to do the Carver holiday exchange thing at least, though. ^u^

Anyway, here’s my favorite MAKO adventure, which was on that place that is rocketed toward that one planet. I found a ditch and fell nose-first into it, and could not get out, even with the launchers (all they did was dip the Mako forward so everyone was almost upside down as well as hanging from their seatbelts. xD I am pretty sure the crew was very impressed.  (I did a similar thing three or four times. It was great. I love the MAKO so much. I hope the MAKO thing in Andromeda will be exactly the same. Exactly.)

Also a Damir tying his hair up when he means business. (what anatomy)

ETA: it wasn’t the last art update. xD listen. listen. The Mako is ridiculous.

Dear Mom,

I just wanted to tell you that you’re the most awesome woman in the galaxy.

You’ve taught me everything, you know. You taught me how to read and write, how to do math, how to speak in front of people. You taught me to love knowledge and to always ask questions. You taught me to think for myself. (I don’t know how much you regret that now, but…credit where credit is due, right?) You pretty much made me who I am.

I know we disagree a lot and we argue a lot, but I respect you so much. It’s not easy having to run a galaxy during the day, then come home at night and try to deal with a bratty kid. But you did it. And you’ve done it for fifteen years. Which is pretty amazing, in my opinion.

I know I’m a real piece of work sometimes. I know I make things difficult for you sometimes. But I want you to know that I love you, and that you are so incredibly important to me. So…thanks for being one of my role models, and…well, thanks for just being my mom.

'I WANT TO HAVE A BABY WITH A GIRL MATE' Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw talks being broody, hating dating and embracing his thirties

Grimmy is one of the UK’s most eligible gay bachelors and the definition of great company, but the radio host reveals finding love isn’t as easy as it seems [x]

BY NATALIE EDWARDS 23rd October 2016, 12:15 am

NICK Grimshaw looks smitten as he cradles a small and sleepy bundle of joy in his arms.

“It’s like he’s my baby,” Nick proudly grins as he strokes his four-month-old pug-mix pup.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter, AKA Grimmy, is definitely getting a taste of fatherhood behind the scenes of his shoot today – he’s constantly chasing after the aptly named Stinky Blob – a rescue pup from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – who’s leaving puddles of wee everywhere, and apologising for his, erm, wind issues.

It’s good practice for parenthood, which is handy, as Nick, 32, admits he’s definitely feeling broody.

“I love kids and all my friends are starting to have kids. I also have nieces and nephews. I think I would like to have a little gayby [a baby with same-sex parents],” he smiles.

“Or I would like to have a baby with one of my girl friends. I haven’t discussed it with them yet, but I would quite like it.

“I looked after one of my friend’s kids last week and it was full-on. It was a lot looking after two dogs, a kid and trying to do some work.”

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Hello hello! For the bokuaka week day 6, are you planning to make that au a thing because it is so cute and i def wanna see more! Also your art is gorgeous! ♡

Aaa hello hello!!! Thank you so much for liking my art! :’D
As for the youtuber AU thing, my iwaoi thirst squad bud crossbelladonna and I have got you covered  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) b

(More Youtuber AU! Stuffs under the cut because that skype convo was pretty wild)

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[TRANS] 160101 M-ON!


Q: If you’re not a musician, what would you be?
T: Pilot
Q: Favorite Japanese food
T: Tonkatsu, Soba
Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
T: Dolp..whale!
Q: “I like this part of SHINee”?
T: None
Q: What kind of person are you?
T: Hot-blooded
Q: What action done by a girl makes your heart flutter?
T: ….
Q: Person you want to meet the most?
Q: Your recommended point in the new album
T: Why is this so fast?!
Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
T: Ya!! …Nothing
Q: Praise yourself
T: You did well.
Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
T: I eat it last
Q: Tell us a secret of a member
T: ……….
Q: Things you have to bring during tour
T: notebook PC
Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
T: Flight
Q: How do you relieve stress?
T: I meet with friends
Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
T: Go on a trip
Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house
T: They’re not scary
Q: What do you do on New Year
T: I don’t know
Q: Tell us a small thing you’re proud of
T: None
Q: Pls show us a pose


Q: If you’re not a musician, what would you be?
M: Student
Q: Favorite Japanese food
M: Sushi
Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
M: …
Q: “I like this part of SHINee”?
M: SHINee…eh…oh
Q: What kind of person are you
M: I’m….a nice person Q
Q: Person you want to meet the most?
M: Meet the most? My mom.
Q: What action done by a girl makes your heart flutter?
M: Flutter? Flutter? When they do this…

Q: Your recommended point in the new album
M: Uh point!
Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
M: Right now, I’m laughing
Q: Praise yourself
M: Praise? I did my best~
Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
M: First
Q: Tell us a secret of a member
M: Secret
Q: Things you have to bring during tour
M: iPad
Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
M: Invisibility
Q: How do you relieve stress?
M: Exercise
Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
M: Exercise
Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house?
M: Neither
Q: Tell us a small thing you’re proud of.
M: Small? But all of me is big so…
Q: What do you do on New Year?
M: Filming/Photoshoot?
Q: Pls show us a pose


Q: If you’re not a musician, what would you be?
K: Exchange student
Q: Favorite Japanese food
K: Sushi
Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
K: Doggie
Q: “I like this part of SHINee”?
K: The 5 of us
Q: What kind of person are you?
K: Bad….bright
Q: What action done by a girl makes your heart flutter?
K: *sighs*
Q: Person you want to meet the most?
K: Family
Q: Your recommended point in the new album
K: Varied genres
Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
K: …
Q: Praise yourself.
K:: I’m a diligent person
Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
K: I eat it last
Q: Tell us a secret of a member
K: I know quite a lot, though..
Q: Things you have to bring during tour
K: iPad
Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
K: Flight
Q: How do you relieve stress?
K: Walking with my dogs
Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
K: Sleep
Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house?
K: Haunted house
Q: What do you do on New Year?
K: Go home to family
Q: Tell us a small thing you’re proud of
K: (LOL)
Q: Pls show us a pose


Q: If you’re not a musician, what would you be?
J: Composer
Q: Favorite Japanese food
J: Ramen
Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
J: Dog
Q: “I like this part of SHINee”?
J: Wild
Q: What action done by a girl makes your heart flutter
J: None. Nothing makes my heart flutter. But I make hearts flutter
Q: Your recommended point in the new album
J: There are various genres!
Q: Praise yourself
J: I did my best all year
Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
J: Yesterday, after the concert. At the party
Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
J: It doesn’t matter
Q: Tell us a secret of a member
J: I don’t know anything
Q: Things you bring during tour
J: Cellphone, allergy meds
Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
J: Flight
Q: How do you relieve stress?
J: I don’t have any way
Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
J: Sleep
Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house?
J: Neither, since I won’t go to either of them anyway
Q: What do you do on New Year?
J: I don’t do anything special. Just stay at home.
Q: Tell us a small thing you’re proud of
J: Nothing. Too bad.
Q: Pls show us a pose


Q: If you’re not a musician what would you be?
Onew: Architect
Q: Favorite Japanese food
O: Ramen
Q: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
O: Snake
Q: “I like this part of SHINee”?
O: The S part.
Q: What action done by a girl makes your heart flutter?
O: Brushing her hair (off her face/tucking behind an ear, etc)
Q: What kind of person are you?
O: Moody person
Q: Person you want to meet the most?
O: My mom. It’s her bday today.
Q: Your recommended point in your new album?
O: Point!
Q: Praise yourself
O: My voice is nice.
Q: When did you recently laugh hard?
O: Yesterday. When I had a party with the members
Q: Do you eat your fave food 1st or last
O: First and last. I eat it twice
Q: Tell us a secret of a member
O: Secret
Q: Things you have to bring during tour
O: Phone and computer
Q: Invisibility, flight, or transformation?
O: Flight
Q: What do you do when stressed?
O: Sleep
Q: What to do if tomorrow is your holiday?
O: Sleep
Q: Which is scarier, rollercoaster or haunted house?
O: Neither
Q: What do you do on New Year
O: I eat ricecake soup
Q: Tell us a small thing you’re proud of
O: My fingernails are small
Q: Pls show us a pose

Cr: keihissi

I’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas for those of you that celebrate! 🎄 I’ve made a lot of mutuals this year alone and I’m so glad I did because you guys make being on this website so much fun. Cheers to the new year and to much more things to cry and scream about esp during the hiatus! 🍾

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Eyyy, @mysticalflyte, it’s YOUR SECRET SANTA for @khsecretsanta! HAVE AN OPM AND KH CROSSOVER! 

Uhhh…I actually…don’t have a lot to say for myself for this silliness. I snooped around your tumblr for a long while to chose a fandom you’re still hopefully in and combined that with the first three KH characters you listed in your request. I did have fun, though, with drawing this so there’s that! Haha, I, uh, hope you like this (and my weird sense of humor)!

Thank you so much for patiently answering the myriad of questions I had during this event. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday! ❤❤❤ 


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Character: Credence Barebone

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: So my goal for December is to post at least one Christmas/Festive request a day, I’ll most likely be able to do more but I think on my slower days I still manage one for you all. I’m super excited for Christmas and I hope you all are as well :)

“Are you sure it’s alright for me to be here so late?” Credence asked from his place on the sofa, watching you float about in your kitchen as you pulled several items from their places.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s freezing out. What kind of person would I be if I let you walk home in this weather.” You said, taking your kettle from the stove and pouring the water into two white teacups. “It’s not like that coat does much against the cold either.”

Credence’s eyes glanced over to his terribly worn black coat that hung over one of your armchairs, mentally noting about the tear in his left pocket. “I suppose I should say thank you then?”

“No need.” You said, taking small tray and placing it upon the coffee table, handing him one of the teacups. “My supply cocoa ran out, so all I have to offer you is some peppermint tea.”

Credence took it gently in his hands. “This is more than enough, thank you.”

You smiled at him before walking over your window, pulling back the curtain and peering outside to see a thick flurry of snow and some of it forming on the roads and pavements.

“Perhaps I can walk you back to yours tomorrow morning. It’s late and I have a room you can stay in.” You said, looking over to him.

Credence had been living on his own since his mother’s death, and as horrible as it sounded, he looked much better now that she was absent from his life. You noticed that he just looked more joyful, and he smiled much more often.

“If it’s not too much trouble.” Credence said, setting his cup down and walking over to you so he could look outside.

“Do you like the snow?” You asked him, turning your attention from the outside weather to him.

“A little, I never really played in it like the other kids on my street, but I always thought it looked pretty.” He explained, meeting your gaze.

“I agree, I always thought it looked nice in the trees.” You said, moving away from the window and into the closet by the front enterence.

“What are you looking for?” He asked, turning to see you rummaging for something.

You pulled out a long brown coat and smiled at it. “Aha! I knew it was in there somewhere.” You said, motioning Credence over to you. “C'mere for a second.”

He complied, turning around whenever you asked him to. You held the coat open for him as he placed his hands into.

“Does it fit?” You asked him, moving infront of him and doing the first couple of buttons.

“It feels fine, but why do you ask?” He looked down at the coat curiously and then up to you.

You smiled and folded your arms. “Well your old coat wasn’t going to do the job, and this used to belong to my brother so I don’t have a use for it.”

Credence’s eyes widened. “He’s not..?”

It took you a second to realize what he was asking, causing you to laugh. “Oh god no, he lives with his wife in Maine. But he used to live with me before he got a job there.”

Credence nodded. “Are you sure it’s alright?”

“Of course, you’ll get far better use out of it than I will.” You assured him before helping him take it off again.

“Thank you, you’re really far too kind to me.” He said, looking down at his new coat.

“Nonsense, I just like you is all.” You said casually, taking your own tea and drinking from it. “Besides the holiday season has just started, can’t have you being sick for Christmas.”

Credence smiled and shook his head. “That wouldn’t be very pleasant.”

“Certainly not, say while you’re here you can help me set up the tree if you’d like?”

Credence nodded instantly, one of the few things his mother did during the holidays was let them put up a tree but all she ever put on it was a few strands of lights and that was the extent of their festivities. “I’d like that very much.”

“Let’s get to it then.” You said, grabbing onto his hand and leading him to attic where you kept several of your holiday decorations.

Credence had a strong feeling he might actually enjoy the holiday this year.