the thing harry potter would miss most

Fleur Delacour though 

like omg this girl willingly entered a deadly competition, knowing full well that she could die and she fought so hard and the thing she would miss most was her baby sister like how precious is that

and then she moved to a different country on her own do you even know how hard that is and she basically didnt know anyone besides Bill, who she couldnt really know all that well

she got a job, she worked hard to improve her English, so that she wouldnt be discriminated against, but still was and she had to deal with her fiances misogynistic family, had to deal with Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Hermione being so incredibly against her and I bet she just really wanted to be friends with them, to earn their respect and not be seen only as a pretty dumb girl because she was so much more than that!!!!!

Fleur Delacour, who spoke her mind even though she knew most of the Weasley family would like her even less because of that, who never backed down, who stood up for herself, who proved to everyone that she wasnt shallow, that she truly loved Bill and wouldnt even let a fucking werewolf attack come between them

Fleur Delacour, who had a wedding in the middle of a war, making at least one day happy in the midst of death and destruction

She took in fugitives, she took care of an ungrateful goblin, when she had absolutely no obligation to, she made her tiny home a safe place for the Trio and Luna and, I mean, they showed up in such a bad condition, Hermiones been tortured, Luna and Griphook have obviously been starved and possibly tortured as well (as far as she knew), Dobby died not far from her home and she asked no questions, she took care of them all

Fucking Fleur Delacour man, shes my hero

and im so angry that I used to dislike her so much, I used to find her annoying and I wished she would just go away and now im like ????????

shes literally amazing why is she portrayed in such a bad light

  • ron: is harrys first friend
  • yall: ...
  • ron: provides harry with his first real family
  • yall: ...
  • ron: faces his greatest fear for harry
  • yall: ...
  • ron: "if you're going to kill harry, you'll have to kill us too!"
  • yall: ...
  • ron: is the thing harry potter will miss most
  • yall: ...
  • ron: literally almost dies every year for harry
  • yall: ...
  • harry: obsesses over malfoy bc he thinks hes a fucking terrorist
  • yall: WHAT ROMANCE!!! TRUE LOVE!!!!! MY GAY BABIES XD!!!!!!!!!!

hi hello friendly reminder that ron weasley was the thing that harry potter would miss the most in this world, that he was the first friend that this lonely little boy ever had, that he offered to share everything, his home, his family, with harry, without a second thought because he knew that harry had never gotten to experience any of it before

Things About Draco Malfoy That People Seem to Forget Aren’t Canon
  • He’s very smart, and probably the second best student after Hermione.
  • He’s handsome.
  • He’s a “Slytherin sex god” whom every girl wants. 
  • He’s popular outside of his group of Slytherin friends.
  • He suffered from childhood abuse. 
  • He returns for an eighth year at Hogwarts, despite actually attending his seventh. 

If you think that I’m wrong, give me a citation from the books. 

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So… what happened… to the Grandparents Potter?

The Grandparents Evans?

How did they die?

Lily and James died at age 21, their parents were unlikely to have all died of old age at this time… was there no one left to mourn them from the familial side of things?

Were they murdered by the Death Eaters? 

Did they die or go missing?

What happened to them, to make spiteful Petunia and her bigoted husband the most viable of options? 

If they still lived, and Dumbledore gave the child over to Petunia anyway… it would be doubtful they would have allowed harry to live as he did; after all, they all loved their magical child, and James and Lily turned out alright…

Harry could have been loved. He could have flourished.

What if they are alive, and Dumbledore deliberately lied to them, said Harry was dead? And they all passed on, in the ensuing 11 years (possibly of grief), and never learned of the reality of it all…