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Hey kids qu**r is still used as an insult (gasp). Last week in band another drummer and I were getting instruments (if you're not quick to grab a part you get stuck with a slide whistle or smth since the school doesn't have enough actual drums) A kid was looking at the parts and the only one left was the tambourine or another cymbal. He announced that "I'm not playing the tambourine, that's qu**r." He later decided to give the part to another kid who was absent because "he's super qu**r."

hey this is a useful story but can i just say i completely lost my shit when you started complaining about getting stuck with a fucking slide whistle i’m sorry but that’s the fucking funniest thing i’ve seen all day, thank you for making me smile


“You want to watch me, Jim?” she had asked, out of the blue, as we finished breakfast.

“Watch you do what?”

She blushed slightly, a rarity in talking about this part of our lives, and gave a short laugh. “Ummmmm…YOU know…WATCH me…?”

Oh…..“I….jeez, I haven’t thought much about it. I mean, I think I’d like to, but…”

“The thing is…I really LIKE how we’ve been doing things…how it’s been going. But I also still get that feeling inside while I watch you in the bars before you leave with a guy. I compare them to me, and in my mind they always come out ahead. Better looking, better bodies, funnier, more engaging.

All of it gets pushed aside by the excitement I feel, and then when you come home later and are the way you are with me, it makes everything fine again. But …I don’t know how it’d be if I was actually watching you with someone, considering how I feel seeing you with them fully-clothed.”

“Jim…” she said, looking in to my eyes. “I don’t candy-coat anything with you, right?”

I shook my head.

“We agreed we wouldn’t when we started this, right?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“You still OK with that?”

“Of course.” I answered, suddenly unsure.

“OK. So first, I have NEVER been with anyone who is better looking than you. Not once. Not since we started this, not since I met you, not ever that I remember.”

I felt my face flush. She didn’t lie to me, at least that I knew of, but it was hard for me to hear and believe what she was saying.

As if she knew what I was thinking, she continued. “I won’t lie to you Jim. I can’t prove it, but you’ll have to trust me on that. Now, I HAVE been with guys who have better bodies than you. And I’ve been honest with you every time you ask about their, um…equipment.”

“I don’t know how to get you over those feelings, baby.” she continued as we got in the car and headed to work. “But I do know I’d love for you to be there and watch. I mean, I would REALLY love it.”

“We’ll see baby. I’ll work on it. Anything for you!”

I worked on it too. Watching her in bars as they approached her, seeing them sit with her, staring mesmerized when she’d touch their arms, or let their hands slip beneath the hem of her skirt, I tried to stop comparing myself to them and instead focus on her, concentrate only on how much she enjoyed doing it.

It was helping. I told myself that, for me at least, this was all about her pleasure, and focusing on that helped a lot.

We hit the bars and clubs several times over the next few months. Although lots of flirting occurred, very little of anything else happened. Some touching. Even some kissing. But definitely no hook ups. It seemed liked the men got nervous and backed out when it was time to leave with my wife. So as the months went by I stopped thinking about watching her and I kinda thought she had put the idea out of her head. I should have known better!

One Friday at work Rachel called. “I want to go out tonight. I have a place in mind. That ok?” I agreed and said it sounded like fun. Then she said “I have a surprise planned for you!” Before I could ask, she hung up.

I rushed home after work. She was getting ready for our night out. I grabbed a glass if wine and relaxed for a bit. Finally she told me to get ready. I showered and got dressed. That’s when I saw her outfit. Wow!! Little black dress and my favorite heels.

Do you really like the dress?“ It sounded like a serious question and so deserved a smart-ass answer, I thought.

"Well…it’d look better on the floor next to the bed.” I answered.

She stopped and turned, biting her bottom lip to hold back her smile. “Well…you’ll get to see it how you like it later then.”

Turns out it didn’t wind up on the floor next to a bed until much, much later.

We drove to the club, somewhere I’d never been. We walked inside. We were led to a high-top table at the edge of the dance floor, ordered a bottle of vodka, which appeared quickly with a host of set-ups once I’d handed over my card.

And that was where I had been sitting ever since, sipping on vodka tonics while watching my wife dance (mostly), looking forward to her brief trips over to have a drink and catch her breath.

She had been dancing with the same guy off and on throughout the night. I enjoyed watching her. Watching her grind against him. Watching him run his hands over body. They obviously enjoyed each other. I wondered if she would leave with him.

During the evening, one woman kept coming over to our table. She tried to flirt, but I wasnt interested. While Rachel was talking to me, we saw her watching us. She probably felt us both looking at her. She didn’t look away, just kept dancing, watching us watch her. She was something else.

“Damn Jim…we might could get you laid…” Rachel said, her southern drawl peaking through in her own drunken state. She turned back to me with a smile. I was surprised, she didn’t typically like girls hitting on me. Like I said, she was having a great time.

I leaned toward her and said “I thought I was already getting laid tonight.”

She nodded. “That’s right…you are!” She slid off her stool, stepped close and put her lips on my ear, and whisper-shouted “You’re just gonna have to wait your turn…” She slugged back her drink and drifted back to the floor, finding her partner and settling back in with him.

The night moved on. I watched her intently, fixing Rachel’s drinks when she’d come by for a break, the steady throbbing always in my pants. There were no more dance-floor orgasms, but not for the guy’s lack of trying. He was all over her, and she let him pretty much touch as he pleased, several times looking my way while his hands glided over her body. She’d rebuff him when he tried to get them inside her dress though, enjoying the tease on him as much as the tease she was putting on me.

He was a few inches taller than her even in her heels. His shirt was taught against his muscular build. He was also, much as I hated to admit it, pretty nice looking and pretty well built. Jealousy tugged at me, and I fought it by focusing on her, seeing how much fun she was having.

She came over to the table again, breathless, skin shining with sweat. I handed her drink over. She kissed me.

“You gonna be OK to drive baby?” she asked.

“I’m good.” I said. We were about halfway through the bottle, but I’d been sipping. She’d actually had most of it.

“K…we’re gonna get out of here soon.” she said, pulling on her drink again. I freshened it up with vodka and she smiled. “I’m already drunk babe. And, I don’t need to be drunk for later anyway.” she teased.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I got us a hotel room a little ways away at that Marriott. Just another surprise for you. I checked in earlier…keys are in my bag.”

I opened the tiny black clutch she’d brought along, found two plastic card keys in a small envelope. I shook my head, smiling.

“Is he coming with us?” I asked.

She nodded, watching me.

“Am I coming with you?” I asked.

Same response.

“He knows?”

She leaned in again. “A little bit ago, when he was trying to get up in my dress, I asked if he was gonna be OK fucking me while my husband watched.” She laughed. “After his jaw hit the floor, he looked over at you and then shrugged his shoulders. So I guess. We’ll see.”

The music changed, and she said “Ohhh…LOVE this song…last dance!” She finished her drink in a gulp again and went to find him. I watched, noticed a tremor in my hand as I sipped my drink, felt my heart in my chest. Anticipation.

As the song wound down and bled in to another, I saw them split, then watched curiously as Rachel headed my way. We paid and started heading towards the car.

The guy walked up next to us, a little tentatively. She grabbed his arm, letting go of mine. Hmmm.

We walked outside. The air was cool, felt great after the heat of the crowded club. Rachel’s nipples stiffened and pressed against the thin black fabric of her dress.

“This is Chris baby…” she said. “Chris, that’s Jim.”

We nodded awkwardly at each other.

“Go on and get the car baby.” she said.

I was a little shocked, but I stepped off the curb toward the lot as she stayed behind with him. I could see them on the curb through the windshield as I started the car. Rachel shivered, chilly as her sweat dried in the cool night air. She pressed against Chris, and he wrapped a big arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to warm her. It was a bit far, but I thought that she was staring directly at me as she nestled against his body.

Pulling to the curb, I didn’t know quite what to do. I went with my default, popped the locks and stepped out, walking around to open the door for Rachel. As I stepped in front of the car, however, she opened the back door, ducked inside, and pulled Chris in behind her. This time it wasn’t my imagination, her eyes were locked on mine through the windshield glass as she pulled him close to her.

I got awkwardly back in the car. I knew where the hotel was, so I drove off wordlessly. I glanced in the rear view mirror, saw Rachel eying me. After catching my eye, she leaned to Chris and began kissing him. It was an open-mouthed kiss, I could see her pushing her tongue in to his mouth. I stifled a moan in my throat, tried to watch the road, eyes constantly stealing back to the mirror. After a bit, she pulled away. I heard the faint sound of a zipper as she stared at me in the mirror again, then thought I noticed a small smile at the corner of her mouth before her head disappeared from view.

She began sucking his cock, the sounds were obvious. She did it noisily, I suppose for my benefit. He was leaned back, eyes shut. He muttered “Damn girl…”

I heard her slurping wetly, could hear the sound of her hand working her spit on him as it ran up over his head, then down the length of his shaft. He began to moan steadily and I wondered if she’d bring him off right in the car. Instead she stopped him abruptly as she’d done so many times to me.

I glanced back, her face was in the mirror again, watching me. There was some motion, and I guessed she continued to stroke his shaft lightly. I stopped at a stoplight, then felt her lips behind my ear.

“Kiss me, Jim.”

I turned as much as I could. She leaned over, pushed her tongue in to my mouth, kissed me until someone beeped at us from behind.

I was in a daze, drove hurriedly toward the hotel as sex sounds continued to come from the back seat. She’d dropped from sight in the rear view. He was leaning toward her side, and he was rocking a bit. From the sounds, he was finger-fucking her. She propped one high heel on the seat back, confirming my suspicions. She was drenched from the sound of it, his fingers sloshed in her juices. She cried out as she came.

I pulled in to the hotel, bouncing the right rear tire over the curb and drawing a surprised laugh from the back seat.

I headed for the parking lot but Rachel sat up, put a hand on my shoulder and said “Drop us in the front baby.”

I pulled around to the front, fighting with the mix of emotions I was feeling. I didn’t much like playing chauffeur, yet my cock strained against my jeans.

Chris stepped out. Rachel leaned over the seat. “Hey…” she said.

My eyes found hers in the mirror.

“Come straight up…k?”

I nodded. Part of me felt like driving home, not sure I wanted to see anymore.

She squeezed my shoulder. “You’re gonna love this Jim…trust me. Come straight up.” She kissed my neck and then climbed out.

I parked, shut the car off. I was shaking slightly. Stepping out of the car, I realized I didn’t know what room she was in, didn’t have a card key. Did she forget? Or was this some sort of controlling trick? My eye caught a flash of white in the back seat. The small white envelope from her purse with the room number, one plastic card sticking out the end. I opened the door, leaned in, and smelled her scent there. She’d put it next to a small wet spot left as he’d finger fucked her. Nice touch.

It felt as if I was walking through molasses as I headed for the room. It seemed everyone was looking at me as I walked through the lobby to the elevators. A couple stepped off, laughing, as I stepped on the elevator, and it seemed they knew what was going on and were laughing at me. I stepped slowly down the corridor, paused at the door, listened, but no sound emerged. I put the key in the slot, hesitated, knocked.

After a few seconds, I heard Ginger say “C'mon in babe.” And I opened the door.

Typical room set up. There were 2 Queen beds. They stood at the foot of the far bed, kissing hungrily. His large hands were all over her. She pulled away from the kiss, turned her head to look at me as he continued kissing her face and neck. She let her head slide back, exposing her neck to him, eyes on me the entire time.

“Have a seat babe.” she directed.

Beyond them was a chair and ottoman plus a desk with another chair, but it was a tight squeeze past them. I sat on the other bed.

“Huh-uh…over there.” as she tipped her head toward the chair.

I moved past them, and she let a hand brush my side affectionately as I did, then resumed kissing him.

He untied the strap behind her neck and pushed the dress down, exposing her breasts. She looked at me again as his mouth engulfed one of her swollen nipples. I was rubbing my cock absently through my jeans.

Pulling his head up, she slid down and sat on the bed, began working his pants open again. She glanced over at me, grabbed at the hotel comforter with her free hand. I stood, pulled back the comforter to expose the crisp white sheets. We’d each seen enough porn on top of hotel comforters, and not knowing how often they were washed, we both preferred to leave them on the floor. She lifted her ass slightly as I pulled it off the far side of the bed for her.

I sat back down. He pulled his shirt off. Definitely a better body than me, no question there.

She released his cock, taking it easily in to her mouth. He stepped awkwardly out of his pants, shorts, and shoes, resting a hand on her shoulder. She began to suck on him in more earnest, but it became clear he had other intentions.

He pushed her back on the bed. She bounced on to her back, a surprised giggle escaping. He pushed her dress gruffly up so that the whole thing was bunched around her waist. He tugged at her panties, throwing them toward me after working them over her shoes. I noticed the wet spot on them as they landed in a heap near my foot. He knee-walked between her legs. At my viewing angle, with the back light of a bedside lamp, I got my first unencumbered look at his cock.

Not enormous, but certainly bigger than mine in both length and girth. What really caught my attention was the slight upward curve at the tip. Surely she knew what that curve meant for her. She moaned in anticipation.

He settled himself between her legs and pushed his hips forward. This was another moment I’d imagined hundreds of times…seeing another man’s cock penetrate my wife for the first time. This was going pretty much how I’d always imagined.

He paused. Rachel, staring between her legs, beckoned for me with her hand. I stood, stepped to the bed. She took my hand, looked at me, then back at him as he pushed it all the way inside her. My moan was drowned completely by her lustful cry. He began pumping in and out of her. She was soaked, and his shaft shined with her juices. After his third thrust, the curved tip came fully in to play. She gripped my hand tighter, and I felt her nails dig in to my flesh.

She looked up at me as he sank in for another thrust. “Baby…..” she whispered. Then her eyes rolled shut.

Chris increased the pace. His balls slapped her bare ass. I saw something splash on to his groin, leaned closer. As he drew back, another small burst of Rachel’s juices splashed against his skin. He thrust forward again. As he found bottom, her hips thrust upward, following his upstroke. Her hand flew from mine and gripped the bed, her other hand pushed against his stomach. His cock slid from her and she screamed as her juices erupted, squirting out of her, first splashing on to him, then the bed.

The now-familiar mix of emotions washed over me. I’d never made Rachel squirt while fucking her. As far as I knew, no one had. This guy had made it happen in under 45 seconds.

Her eyes fluttered open and found mine, then closed involuntarily as he re-entered her. She was still convulsing slightly, still wrapped in her orgasm. He didn’t seem to care, picking up where he’d left off, fucking her straight through it. I took her hand again, felt the pleasant bite of her nails as his thrusts intensified. I stood there watching and listening as my wife enjoyed what appeared to be the fucking of her life.

After pounding her relentlessly from his knees for a good minute or so, he settled on to her, and I watched. With each upstroke, I could see his thick cock splitting her soft pink lips in two.

The slower pace and his changed angle of entry allowed her to catch her breath a bit. She watched me watching them for a bit, squeezing my hand, whispering filthiness to him for my benefit.

“Mmm…fuck me….yes…fuck my wet pussy….oh god…GOD I love your big cock in me…”

She pulled him down to her with her free hand, and they made out while he pushed in and out of her. After a bit, she pushed him back. He raised up on straightened arms, continued to fuck her. She squeezed my hand, tugged on it, drawing me to her. I sat on the bed, leaned in, and kissed her deeply.

I will say now that the hottest, most incredible turn-on I have experienced, ever, is kissing my wife while another man fucks her. I have always loved kissing while having sex, but this takes it to an entirely new level. She moaned breathlessly as we kissed, none of it under my control, all at the whim of his thrusts. She’d push her tongue in to my mouth, our lips locked, and then gasp as his dick found a special spot inside her. Amazing.

Whether he was incensed at the attention she paid me, or his heart rate had recovered enough for another sprint, he began thrusting harder after we’d kissed a while. I pulled back, still sitting there, pushed a few sweat-dampened wisps of hair from her face. He pulled her legs over his shoulders, held her ankles. After a few thrusts, she looked at me, then at him….

“Fuck…fuck….coming again…gonna cum again…” she panted. And then she did, a hard convulsion, hips thrusting up toward him, coupled with a throaty half-scream whose pitch varied as her body shook. I hadn’t heard it from her before.

He pushed her legs toward me, putting her on her side, continued a few strokes that way as she came down again. When she stopped shaking, he paused, maneuvered her on to her stomach, pressed between her legs, and pushed in to her from behind.

“Oh god…oh god…oh god…” she murmured as he navigated through it, anticipating what was next.

I took her hand again as he began fucking her from behind. She buried her face in the pillow. I watched her free hand scrabble for purchase, clawing haplessly at the tight fitted sheet, finally finding a free pillow and bunching it in her hand.

He grabbed her shoulders with his hands, so hot, pulling her face from the pillows, forcing her back as he thrust forward. She cried out with each thrust. I tried holding on to her hand, but she was beyond that, shaking free from me, waving me away so she could find the edge of the bed to grip.

Unsure what to do, I retreated to the chair and watched them fuck. She seemed to have completely forgotten about me now. He went at her for a good while. It seemed longer than it was, sitting there watching makes it like that. All told, he fucked her for about 30 minutes. I was impressed with his stamina. Rachel did some things that would have made me cum instantly as they went at it, but he’d just slow his pace, get control of himself, then start pounding her again.

One of her shoes came off her foot along the way, shaken loose by his thrusts, and swung wildly from the straps. I watched her flail at it with one hand, Chris refusing to break his pace. I stood, unstrapped it and let it fall to the floor, then walked around and untied the other one. She didn’t even acknowledge that I’d done it, she was lost in the moment. I found that to be really hot for some reason that I can’t explain.

A little later, her ass in the air, face in the pillows,him propped straight-armed over her again, cock pistoning in and out of her, I’d thought she was screaming in pain, thought maybe he was hurting her. I stood, began approaching the bed, but she’d turned her face from the pillows then, and I heard the words accompanying the screams.

“fuck yes…” over and over again in a string..more like “fuckyesfuckyesfuckyesfuckyes…”

I sat back down.

His climax was somewhat anti-climactic, at least for me. Rachel had been reduced to a quivering mass beneath him. His strokes slowed, increased in length so that his entire cock would appear, then sink back in to her. At the bottom of one of these strokes he groaned loudly, stayed inside her, and pumped in his thick seed.

She responded…“ahhh…ahhhh…ahhhhh…”.

From where I sat I had a good angle as he withdrew, watched his slick shaft slide out of her. The head brushed against the inside of her thigh, leaving a smeared drop of thick cream on her. He’d pumped his load deep however, so that while Rachel’s slit glistened, none of his cum was yet evident.

He collapsed next to her. She turned her head toward the side I was sitting on, breathing deeply. Her eyes opened sleepily. She smiled at me, lifted a hand, beckoned for me. I sat next to her on the bed, wondering if she’d ask me to lick her while he was still here, not sure what was in store.

“Get me a bottle of water, baby?” she asked.

Not what I was expecting. I mean, sure, I could understand that she’d worked up a thirst, but really? I squashed my disappointment, nodded and adjusted my hard-on as I headed out of the room.

There was a vending machine on the floor, but I had no singles on me. In the hotel lobby, there were no water bottles in the little bodega next to the desk and the clerk claimed to have no singles to spare. Great. My only solace as I headed outside was that Chris would probably be gone by the time I got back.

I walked to a convenience store a couple of blocks down, grabbed a 6-pack of waters from the cooler, figuring I’d try to make her thirsty again while working up my own thirst, and headed back. My excitement built as I walked down the corridor to the room. I didn’t bother to knock this time, assuming he’d be gone.

I walked in to find him sprawled back on the pillows, hands behind his head. Rachel was next to him, legs alongside his, bent at her waist so her torso and one arm lay across his stomach. His cock was in her mouth. She pulled slowly on it, left hand following her lips up the shaft lazily. It looked to be about 2/3 hard again. Her eyes were open, watching me. She continued on it a few more strokes, then seemed to reluctantly let it slide from her mouth.

She nodded toward the water in my hand. I put it on the dresser, pulled a bottle free, cracked the top off it, placed it in the hand that had just been wrapped around his cock.

“Thank you, baby.” she said, then handed the water up to him. She held out her hand for another. This was starting to get to me.

I cracked open another and handed it to her, simultaneously glad and pissed off that I’d bought the 6-pack.

“That took you a while.” she commented.

I didn’t answer, and suppose my lousy poker face betrayed me again.

She watched me, took a long pull on the water, let out a little “ahhhh…”, then another long pull, smacking her lips afterward.

Despite my anger, disappointment, frustration, whatever it was, I felt my cock swelling. His cock, now semi-flacid, was only inches from her face.

She saw me looking at his cock, a devilish glint stole through her eyes, and she suddenly wrapped her lips around the head. He jumped, cried out, her lips cold from the water she’d just drank. She laughed, patted his thigh.

“Be right back, Chris…don’t move…” she said to him, then stood.

Her dress, still hanging loosely around her waist, fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it.

“C'mere.” she said to me as she walked past and stepped in to the bathroom. I joined her.

“You’re mad. What’s up?” she asked.

I looked at the floor. “I’m not mad…” I started.

“This isn’t a time for lies, Jim. You are mad, so tell me what’s going on. Please?”

I couldn’t look at her.

“Didn’t you like it?” she asked.

I took a deep breath. “I did babe…really, I did. I just thought…I thought he’d be gone.”

“Mmmmmm…” she said. “Will you look at me, Jim?”

I did.

“I’m not trying to hurt you or make you feel bad, OK? Do you trust me on that?”

I nodded.

“But I want him again. He was….what he just did to me…”

She was at a loss for words. I couldn’t help but smile.

She smiled shyly back, her turn to look down. “What?” she asked.

“I uhhh, I kind of get it.” I said. “I just expected he’d be gone and I’d get you now.”

She looked at me, stepped to me. I kissed her, pushed her back against the wall.

“It’s OK then?” she asked.

I nodded.

“You want a little taste to hold you?”

I moaned, started to sink to my knees, but she stopped me.

“Huh uh…later for that.”

She put her hand on her stomach, used her free hand to press mine over it, then slid it down between her legs. I pressed her middle finger in to her slit. It was slippery, and my cock bounced again in my pants.

Pulling it out, she locked her eyes on mine and held her finger up. It glistened with a viscous off-white cream. She let it glide over her lips, coating them. I leaned in, ran my tongue over them, then pushed it in to her mouth to share it. She shivered.

“I’m gonna get back in there…come on and watch again, k?”

I felt a little awkward stepping back in to the room, but neither of them was paying me any attention. Rachel was already back on the bed, on her knees and bent at the waist, his thickening cock back between her lips. He was watching her, playing with her white-blonde hair as he did. Her ass was in the air toward me and I could see her slit glistening, a hint of white at the top. I leaned back against the wall to watch.

Once she’d worked him fully hard, she straightened up and swung a leg over him, turning herself to face me. She saw me watching, smiled at me.

“Hey baby…”

I nodded a hello. She beckoned me with her head, her best come-hither move. I walked to the bed and she pulled me in to a deep tongue kiss. One hand was wrapped around his cock, and she guided it to her slit as we kissed. Her breath caught mid-kiss as she slid down on to him, and she breathed out a moan in to my mouth as she sank all the way down. She began to ride him, still kissing me. It felt amazing. I let my hand touch her stomach, slide down, and pressed a finger against her clit. She pulled back from me, eying me.

“Oh yesssss..fuck yes Jim… that…yessss baby.”

She steadied herself with a hand on my shoulder, watched me as I looked down, trying to catch a glimpse of his cock pushing inside her. The angle was wrong. I couldn’t see much, but it was enough to see how her juices coated his thick cock.

“You like that?” she asked. I nodded. “You do…of course you do…you like watching me fuck…hear that Chris? He likes how you fuck me….”

Chris responded with a grunt, then began to thrust his hips upward as Rachel sank down on him. She responded, a guttural moan as her head lolled back. I picked up the pace on her clit, leaned in to kiss her neck, tasting dried sweat on her skin.

“Mmmmm…you like that…you like kissing on me while I’m getting fucked…” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. I moaned against her skin. She rewarded me with another deep tongue kiss.

I felt her tensing, his thrusts combined with pressure on her clit. We both picked up the pace on her, and she exploded in orgasm on his cock, shuddering and rocking on him.

Chris took advantage to seize control, deftly pulling his legs up between hers, pushing her down on her stomach, then sliding between her legs. His cock again pushed in to her from behind before she could recover. I was left standing too close to the bed, so retreated to the chair to watch again.

This time it didn’t last as long, thankfully, although much of the rest matched their earlier fuck. Chris pounded in to her. Rachel’s fingers scrabbled for purchase on the bed, finally gripping the edge at the foot of it. She screamed in to the mattress. He came in her again, a shuddering deep thrust, keeping himself buried in her until he was drained.

I wondered briefly what was next, anxious to be alone with my freshly-fucked wife. I didn’t have to wonder long. Chris withdrew, stood and began to gather his clothes. He dressed silently as I looked at Rachel breathing raspily, trying to catch her breath as she sprawled on the bed. She hadn’t looked up yet.

Dressed now, Chris touched her bare back, said “I’ll see you Rachel..” then headed for the door.

I stood and stepped to the bed. Her head was turned to one side, flat on the bed. She opened one eye, a small smile spread across her mouth.

“Why don’t you get undressed babe.”

I did, self-conscious as my cock sprang in to the air, the difference in size obvious to me.

“Mmmmm…” she said. Then, “Is this what you want? This how you want me?”

“You know it is.” I replied, stroking her back softly. My fingers trembled.

“It is? Used? Fresh-fucked?”

She said that last bit slowly, intentionally. I could only moan and nod in reply.

Her legs parted slightly. “You want to clean me up, baby?”

“God yes, babe!.”

“Mmmmm…go on then…I’m just gonna lay here and recover for a bit…”

I slid down next to her. She smelled like a slut, and I breathed her in deeply.

“Did he fuck you good, baby?” I ventured as I began kissing her soft shoulders, working my way slowly down her back.

“Ohhhhh, he fucked me SO good. So so good.”

I made my way to the small of her back, and she sighed softly as I kissed and licked at her skin.

“You liked watching him fuck me babe?”

I paused, kissed her softly before answering. “It was hard Rachel. Hard to watch.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you? I saw you watching…”

“I did baby…I liked seeing him make you feel good…fucking you hard… Making you cum and watching him cum in your pussy….knowing i would be tasting him later!

"Mmmm…and he did Jim…he made me feel so good…so fucking good…and he filled my dirty pussy with his cum…twice!”

I’d made my way over her ass, and despite the awkward angle had my tongue ready to light on her slit as she said that last sentence. I pushed it in deeply as she finished saying “good”, pleased to hear her gasp as my tongue snaked in to her.

His cum must have been deep, and her position on her stomach had not let much of it come forward. My tongue felt like I’d submerged it in a pool, she was such a wet, sloppy mess inside. I made short rapid thrusts with it, lapping at it, tasting their combined juices. It was loud, like a dog lapping at water. She began to moan.

“Oh….ohhhhhh fuck yes…clean me up…clean up my dirty pussy…”

She squirmed beneath me, pushing her ass toward my face. I continued to lap at it.

“Fuck fuck fuck…I gotta watch it baby…help me up…”

Reluctantly I got to my knees, turned her on to her side, then pulled her to kneel with me. She looked at me, kissed my wet lips, licked some of it from my chin, then pulled back, shaking her head slowly.

“You dirty fuck…you are such a dirty cuck…..clean me up…” as she pushed down on my shoulders.

I slid flat on my back and she mounted my face. She leaned forward, gripping the headboard for balance. Her thighs quivered beside my head, still shaky from the fucking Chris had given her. I looked up and saw her staring down at me. Her stomach relaxed, she’d been holding herself closed. Two fat drops of the slutty mixture inside her splashed on to my face.

She groaned, shifted her slit over my mouth. I opened it, lifted my head as a small thick stream began to empty in to it. There was a lot. I pressed my mouth to her, but she pulled back, wanting to watch it flow from her in to my mouth. His first load must have broken down and mixed with her own juices, then been topped with his second. It was both watery and thick in my mouth. My cock was throbbing. Rachel talked like a filthy slut above me as she watched. She lowered her slit as the flow ebbed to drips, grinding herself on to my face. She came quickly, I felt another small trickle of her juices and drank them down as she relaxed against the headboard, breathing hard.

She tried lifting one leg over me, but couldn’t find the strength…her leg muscles were really shot. Giving up, she instead slid herself down on top of me, stopping as my cock pressed between her legs. She kissed me, licking my lips, pushing her tongue in to my mouth, moaning softly.

I pushed from one side, rolling so that she was beneath me. She giggled softly, holding on to my back as she looked in to my eyes.

“You gonna fuck me now Jim?”

I could only manage a low growl as I gripped my shaft and guided it to her slit. It slid in easily, barely any friction at all. I wondered if she even felt it, but she sighed, pressed her hands on to my back.

“Mmmmmm…you fill me up so nice Jim…” she sighed.

I fight a terrible battle with myself, even then wanting to believe her but wondering in my mind whether she was just saying it to be nice. I was determined to get her off again, so put the thought out of my mind, however.

I lifted my right leg and pulled her left leg inside of it, then did the same on the other side, so that her legs were together beneath me and I could press them tighter with mine. Her eyes shined at me, I’d done this a few times before and she knew what was next. I shifted myself slightly higher, so that my cock pressed over her clit with each stroke.

“Oh….oh Jim…that’s so good…yes baby…right on my clit…yesssssss…”

I pressed her legs tight, creating friction where there had been none, and picked up my pace. The sounds of her wetness, her sloppiness, were clear as I began to fuck her in earnest.

She looked at me, started to talk, I thought to taunt me playfully as she’d done in the past, but it instead took a new turn that, at the time, excited me.

“Just how you like it, isn’t baby? Mmmm hmmm…I know…I know you love it…used up and sloppy…you do love it, don’t you? Love it when I fuck other guys…don’t you Jim?”

I nodded struggling to control myself.

“Say it baby…tell me you want me to fuck them.”

I looked at her. “I do Rachel. I love when you do it.”

“I feel like such a slut when I do it Jim…I feel so bad…but I love it…oh god…like that baby…I love doing it…”

I just nodded at her, concentrating on not cumming too soon.

“You want me to stop, Jim? Do you want me to stop fucking other guys?” she panted breathlessly, fighting back her own orgasm as I continued to press against her clit.

I shook my head, losing control. “No” was all I could manage.

What she said next got a little lost in the moment, but I thought a lot about it over the next couple of weeks.

She was nodding her head…“K….‘cause I don’t think I can baby…can’t stop fucking them…can’t stop…cumming…cumming baby…Jim…fill me up again baby…fill me up….”

I groaned, thrust hard and emptied what felt like a gallon inside her. Hours of watching her dancing, making out, and fucking all pent up inside me, now emptying in to her.

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honestly the worst part about kentin´s arc is how much hate he is getting, i get most ppl already dont like him but now is fucking ridiculous i literally cannot go to his tag on a normal episode without reading "how awful" he is but now is worst,i just want to see cute fanart! I hate the tumblr mcl fandom, the hispanic fandom will make fun of things and even say they dont like a character but it never overflows with negativity (ik im super annoying but i need to vent and have no friends)

*hugs* You have a friend in me anon. You’re not being annoying, and venting can help one feel a little better. I’m sorry to hear there’s more negativity towards Kentin and his fans. And I also realized a while back there was little positivity towards him in the tumblr fandom. I try to give all the boys some attention through posts and fan art on my blog to share with all fans, but I noticed Kentin receives the least. It’s actually hard to find good/cute content with him in it. Though Kentin may not be my favorite personally, I can see why others like him, and it’s a shame there isn’t more material available. Not to mention that anyone who seems to voice that they like him receive so much hate in return and are shamed for their personal interest in his character/route. It must be absolutely frustrating.

Yes, after the latest episode Kentin is getting more hate than usual. But I think part of it is more towards his attitude change in the recent events since we met Evan. And his behavior towards strangers and women in general. I mean, he and Evan were acting the same, if not worse than Dake when he was always harassing Candy. Treating a girl/woman or anyone the way they did to Candy and Rosa in this episode is something very relatable in the real world. It’s unacceptable, uncomfortable and upsetting behavior. That’s why people are more angry than usual. His attitude is something a lot of us face. There are guys that actually act like this, and it may be triggering many who have experienced such attitudes in real life.

Apart from that, this is how I see his situation. Evan was Kentin’s role model and surrogate big brother in military school. Not only did Evan defend Kentin from bullies, he apparently gave him confidence and molded Kentin, transforming him while he was there.

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I Thought Part Three- Leon Draisaitl (by anon)

Originally posted by mcdraii

Ok today I’m on it! So sorry about yesterday! But here’s the last part of our anon’s Leon one!!! Sad but you’ll all like it! Alright so let’s all leave appreciation for our anon and I’m hoping to get one out tomorrow and start up again! Ok? Ok! So enjoy!


Part One Part Two


Three days.

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Okay here we go! My absolute fave vid of all Cole/KJ vids. This whole thing is just FULL of so many things that I have such a hard time even focusing on what thing. I’m gonna try and go through it slowly and point out my thoughts on it. 

1.) First of all the way they look at each other throughout this entire video can be summed up into one thing: HEART EYES. This is the EPITOME of what heart eyes looks like guys. 

I found it so interesting how this was a compliment battle instead of a mean tweet video. Idk about anyone else, and maybe it’s just me being out of the loop, but I’ve never seen another “compliment battle” vid like this before with anyone else. Why would they choose to have Cole and KJ do a compliment battle instead of roasting? It’s not a trend, so why would they?

0:20- “would you like to start, my dear?” This part gets me every time. He called him “my dear”. That is a pet name. Regardless of whether he’s playing around or not, that’s a pet name and it’s adorable and was the first time I was tripping over myself with this vid.

0:31- Cole calls KJ “daddy”. What strikes me as interesting here is that Cole pauses before saying Daddy. Like he was contemplating whether or not to say it.  And then when he says it, his tone has shifted. It’s deeper than the rest of the sentence he just said. And then he smiles cutely at KJ’s reaction which was SUPER interesting hohohohoho. He starts busting up laughing, but not in a way that indicates true amusement. If anything, the laugh looks fake, like one of those laughs people give when they’re actually uncomfortable or flustered with a situation happening. I don’t think KJ was expecting Cole to call him daddy in such a tone.

And then Cole Sprouse’s fucking face right after at 0:36

Look at the EXPRESSION on this man’s FACE! This is a look of interest, this is a look of ATTRACTION, he fucking wiggles his eyebrows at him for Christ’s sake. This moment made me freeze cause for a hot moment it legit ass looked like he was about to pounce on KJ. 

0:56 okay, this is the doozy. The tweet they’re reading is simply “good morning, I love you.” But KJ has SUCH a hard time saying it. Especially for someone who just moments later claims he “tells his mates he loves them” all the time. When he does finally manage to spit it out, they both dissolve into these adorable flustered giggles. 

Cole has to cover his face with his hands. And then KJ says “It’s so hard to say that looking into your eyes”. Why KJ? Why is that so hard if you apparently say it to your “mates” all the time? Is it because you don’t actually consider Cole on the same level as all your other “mates”? KJ is blushing by this point and Cole’s like “you wanna try that again?” KJ licks/bites his lips and Cole is struggling to keep from grinning. 

And then when he says it again, he still can’t keep from laughing. And then of course that glorious cut away where they sit there trying to “no homo” it all by saying “I say I love you to my mates”. Cole then goes on to say “I’ve told you that I loved you” and KJ says he’s told him that before too. If that’s the case, then why was it so hard for you to say it now? Was it because it was being filmed? What was the reason?

1:25- I’m sorry, but KJ goes in with this tweet hard. He didn’t have to say it like that. He says, “you’re so fucking hot” with such conviction, I was actually taken aback. And Cole’s reaction…he’s shocked. He didn’t expect that to come out of KJ. It’s the most “spirit” KJ has put into reading any of these tweets, whereas Cole was constantly changing his tone to fit the tweet. Cole was just floored by how KJ said that. He wasn’t expecting it. The look of shock in his face was visceral, and he clearly didn’t know how to react to it. So he just ducks his head, smiling and nodding. His little “ooh” under his breath. They didn’t show anything else of his reaction to it before cutting to the next tweet and I wish they had. I would’ve loved to see what he said/did right after. 

1:54- KJ does this weird thing with his jaw. At first I thought it was just like jutting out, and then I thought he might be trying to bite his lip or possibly doing something on the inside of his mouth with his tongue. I honestly can’t tell, but KJ does the same facial expression twice within 4 seconds of each other. Either teen vogue edited in the same thing twice, or KJ is the one doing it himself.

Every look Cole gives KJ in this video is just…fond. Fond and affectionate as hell. 

KJ just can’t seem to stop biting his lips throughout this entire video. 

2:26- Cole leans forward, lowers his voice and then says “hope your hand is okay”. I know the original tweet was in reaction to the fact that KJ broke his hand while filming the ice lake scene. But the way Cole said that was not indicative of “concern” the way ones would if that’s what they were trying to express. Everything about his body language during this part is suspicious. Idk about anyone else, but that sounded like an innuendo to me. 

2:49- And of course, the ending words KJ leaves us with. And the very phrase that inspired the name of this blog. KJ says to Cole, “Well, you are my life so…” He didn’t need to say that. He really didn’t. Even what they were talking about didn’t naturally lead up to that phrase. They’re talking about who won and Cole says “People don’t like me as much as they like you” and then KJ responds “Well, you are my life so…” Idk if he was picking up from an earlier tweet that read “Cole Sprouse is life” or what, but he still adapts it to himself and calls Cole HIS life, not just life in general. Either way, this statement was adorable

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Hey Holly! How’s it going with writing the action in chapter 4 of your Hunger Games AU fic? Aha, I’m having quite a rough time with writing action in one of my fics ;; nothing seems to satisfy me when it comes to getting it just right, anyway! I hope you’ve been well, always sending you lots of love xx

Hey! I do have a draft going but had to put that one on hiatus when I was feeling so stuck and blah about writing in general last month. I have a few things I want to do first (Part III of Pioneers is what I’m working on now, and then I’ll probably write this new one shot idea I just had because ofc I had a new one shot idea :B) and then I’ll get back to the HG AU, I will definitely finish the story entirely before mid-December when the new movie comes out. Lately I have my writing energy back yayyy

BUT YES, action scenes are so difficult for many reasons and one of those is that they are hard to judge as you’re working on them in terms of whether the tension is working or not. I think they are similar to sex scenes in this way (I always think writing sex scenes is going to be FUN lol and sometimes it is but usually it’s just a difficult balancing act with the pacing vs. tension) but as I’ve been writing romance stories for like 15 years now I have more tricks up my sleeve that I can sort of lean on with sex/romance scenes, whereas pure physical action scenes always feel a bit alien and unfamiliar to me. Nothing seems to satisfy me either when I’m working on drafting them, or at least it’s rare that I feel like I nailed the right mood or whatever in the way that I can sometimes tell if a sex scene works. I’ve gotten good feedback on them before so I try not to get paralyzed by my fear that I can’t handle them but then I always do anyway – it’s a big part of why this HG story has taken me all year to write!! I hide from working on it cause I’m scared of messing it up :xx  

Anyway, wishing you luck with your action scenes and thanks for asking about this story and for the note!! <3 <3 I will conquer my fear of that draft eventually and finish it, just gotta indulge in some more domestic & pure romance stuff first lol.

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I honestly want to read lust and errors but the step sibling stuff makes me uncomfortable since it's still incest??? hskmsks why must i be like this i jUST WANT A GOOD FIC TO READ

i mean i don’t really see it that way tbh bc it’s not like they’ve been step-siblings all of their lives. i think their parents got married when they were like 16 or 17, and before their parents even met there was already some romantic tension between the 2 of them. i mean i totally get if it’s not a comfortable topic you want to read about, but to me it’s just 2 completely unrelated hormonal 16-17 olds whose parents happened to get married. honestly the fic is barely even about the step-siblings part it’s more so about their issues as people. bc these kids have lots of emotional things they need to work through for real lol

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idk about you but i feel like phil has really perked up as of recent, like he's actually radiant and glowing and i luv my boy so much

i agree!! He definitely has and a part of me is wondering if it’s bc he’s letting himself be more open such as mentioning he gets quite anxious and stressed over certain things which if you’re holding it in and hiding it, the feelings can feel quite heavy and now he’s letting himself casually mention it and maybe the weight is being lifted? Not to say he was negative before all this bc obviously he’s always been a positive person on camera but i think everyone can agree that there has been a noticeable difference which is great!!

Zelda pick up lines for yall

Cause I’m bored

  • Your name must be Hylia cause you are a goddess
  • Can I break a pot on your butt? Cause that booty is smashing
  • Hey, we should *plays zeldas lullaby* sleep together
  • This is wild but you take my breath away
  • Be the moon to my Termina and destroy me
  • I really feel a link between our worlds
  • This may be a Longshot but I think we should Hook up
  • You must be the ocarina of time cause I wanna blow you
  • You’re so beautiful you stole my heart container
  • Are you the Hero Of Time? Cause you are H O T
  • The blood moon isn’t the only thing rising
  • Are you a deku nut? Cause you are stunning
  • Are you a fairy? Cause you give me life
  • Wow you Hyrule
  • It’s dangerous to go alone. Take me
  • Did you use Din’s Fire? Cause it’s getting real hot in here
  • You must know Urbosa’s Fury cause you are electrifying
  • How about we combine our triforce parts?
  • Tingle tingle my kooloo limpah
  • Wanna put your fairy in my bottle?
  • Make like skull kid and get lost in my woods

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matchup please~ im a 5'5" girl and i get attracted to taller people because it makes me feel more secure. i have shoulder length black hair and im pretty insecure because of people hurting me. my walls are high so i don't let people in a lot. i didn't grow up with the best childhood because my parents aren't supportive and they're more on the emotionally abusive side. im pretty depressed but it's a bit better now. -part one starry anon

You seem like such a sweetheart~

I Pair You With:

Kirishima Eijiro

He knows a thing or two about insecurity, so he won’t allow you to feel like it on his watch. He also is very patient and caring, if you ever need him to help you in some way during an episode of depression or self loathing, he’ll drop whatever he was doing to help you. He finds your shyness endearing and always makes sure you are comfortable if you two venture out somewhere. He knows you enjoy his smile, so he’s always smiling because he enjoys you so so so much! He loves affection and while he’s not one to start it, he’ll never deny it if you ask or suddenly run up to him and hug him. He enjoys all his time with you, from relaxing picnics and cloud watching to making a bed on his balcony and watching the stars out on it.

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So,,,, me and my Advanced Higher French class are going to Vienne next week, as part of some sort of student exchange program for a week, and I am very excited BUT there’s just one thing keeping me up at night.

Because we will be staying at French families houses for a week, we have to go to school the same way the children usually do, and I have to take the bus. THE BUS. Oh, but not just any bus,,,,, THEIR SCHOOL BUS.

The first day will be the worst, we’ll walk onto the bus and the Frenchies will be staring right at us and one thing about me is I CANNOT handle getting stared at by more than 5 people at the same time.

The FEAR inside me rn is real, which is pathetic, because it’s JUST a BUS.

Over time I’ve become less critical of things I enjoy. Like I recognize the problems in it but I still … Enjoy them for the good parts
And it’s overall made me a happier person with less depression and anxiety so all I’m tryna say is please stop trying to get everyone to be negative. Point out flaws sure and if it’s entirely bad them yeah there’s not much good in watching it but like… For the love of Fuck. Let people enjoy things without making them feel bad about it.

self-indulgent babbling

it’s been a whole year of being into jojo’s and out of all the things i take sudden intense interest in my life, this one’s the one i was most conscious about through the process because i had the manga downloaded months before i started reading it. 

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If Jarco stayed canon till the end, that would be bad development on their part. Cause then, who's gonna be the king of mewni? I swear it better not be some random dude thy added so star can fall in love and end of story. Cause then everything they built up would fall. :/

Hahaha hard for me not to agree with you, but the show doesn’t necessairly have to feature timeskips or things like that, so talking about a king for Star might mean getting way over ourselves. If there’s still going to be a kingdom by the series’ end.

The Arkansas Sleep Experiments

by reddit user nazisharks

To Those Who Sleep

This happened a few years ago. You may have heard rumors if you’re on campus. Some even circulated online. Nobody knew what really happened. Because I’m the only one who knows and I kept quiet. For a multitude of reasons. None of them matter now. Here’s what really happened.

The four of us were handpicked for this experiment by Prof. Richardson because we’d all studied under him, worked under him, and, as much as anyone can, earned his confidence.

He said this one was different. We had to keep it quiet. He wanted to keep details to a minimum. All he would tell us before going in was that he required a month of our lives and that if he succeeded sleep would never again be a necessity.

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Okay so I was just “casually” watching the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video (again) and this part is literally one of my favorites. We can all agree this was about the apple music letter thing that resulted in everyone calling her ‘money hungry’ and more stupid shit.

The thing is, to me, in this scene the cats represent the small artists who Taylor is trying to help by ‘crashing’ this streaming company. 

In this part, you can see how she is freaking burning the money like why robbing a bank to just watch the money burn, right??While behind the cats are collecting it. I don’t know about you but this picture is screaming “Money hungry, who bitch?”

and then finally when they are leaving we can see how Taylor, unlike the girls, is not carrying a single bag full of money. She was just helping them to get it, she didn’t take absolutely anything. 

okay but who was in the room with keith? he was talking to someone at the beginning of the vlog. who was it? was it coran? allura? lance? did they leave in the middle of it? or did he unpack all of that while someone else was in the room with him? did they give him a hug afterwards? guys? guys did they-?