the thing about starting to draw late is not getting sleep


So the other day I ended up going to sleep really late (Like, 5am). About 30 minutes later, I remember having this dream where I saw this vivid image of this cartoon bird, and my own voice kept saying “Wake up and draw it. Get out of bed, find a pen and paper, and draw this thing”…. So I did… And the only paper I could find in my bedroom was a manual for a Sony PSP, hahaha.

Anyways, I landed on a near-final design, and I’m pretty sure the color scheme is final. I dunno why, but this fat little bird (Who I’m calling “Melman” for now) kind of lit a fire under my ass and got me inspired to want to continue my animation studies, haha. I really wanna start working on cartoons again, and I think this cockatoo or whatever he is is gonna be the subject of a lot of them. For some reason, I love him, haha.

So…about this little thing.

I have been having trouble sleeping. I just got back my sleep aid medication and took one last night after a couple months of not having it. While waiting for it to take effect, I continued to sketch and draw.  About 30 minutes later, I started to get SUPER out of it. I continued to sketch and draw. At firs this thing kind of scared me. Looking at it again after this morning…I rather like it. It’s artsy. The face shape is my favorite. 

Kind of reminds me of Detox (a drag queen.)

Don’t do drugs kids. They make you do WEIRD art.

Super-duper-extra-quick practice doodle of some newt-thing’s body.

Specifically, the hips. Still having a really tough time drawing hips. But at least I feel like it’s starting to become a synthesis of what I’ve learned and my personal style, so it’s getting there. :)

Sorry about the sort of lack-luster posts lately. Been fighting a cold, which means I’ve pretty much been coming home from work, eating dinner, and going straight to bed to sleep for 10 hours, haha! I’m working on another scene from my Nuzlocke from forever ago on the side, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish up that comic soon.