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happy birthday, aaron taylor-johnson (13.06.1990)

“You never really know, until you’re immersed into something, how passionate you feel for it and how it unravels.”

seriously why people always wanna talk about how patriarchy affects men

like how do you hear something like “you throw like a girl!” and not realize that while one boy is being teased, literally the entire female sex is being told they suck at physical activity.

how can you look at that and just want to say “see! patriarchy hurts boys!!” No it doesn’t, not systemically. It tries to train them into actually being stronger than women, meaner to women. It teaches them that weak, and stupid are Girl things, and therefore all things girls do are stupid, inferior to things Boys do. How you want to look at that and say “yes, and look how that can hurt boys’ feelings!!” ???

Like no. i don’t wanna talk about boys. I don’t want to hear how their feelings got hurt when they got called a girl, as if their feelings getting hurt somehow overshadows the fact that being female is a shame, an insult, a curse. And I don’t understand why someone would want to make a boy’s feelings a priority in feminism. It’s a side effect, one that can be easily fixed if men wanted to fix it. They could start standing up for women, the women and girls in their life, they could teach their sons that women are not inferior, that the people who use ‘girl’ as an insult are in the wrong. 

But for some reason it has become feminism’s job, women’s job, to take care of boys’ and men’s feelings and comfort them. Just like always. Color me shocked.

RFA Yandere Headcanons

Warning: The following might contain dark content which can either make you uncomfortable or trigger you. Read at your own risk. And semi-long post, I suppose?


Yoosung’s source of inspiration to do anything productive in life always came from a person. Prior to her passing, Rika was this source. However, later, you replaced her. You showed him the kindness that he needed, you believed in him far more than he ever believed in himself, and you gave him the sincerest love that he could ever wanted.

He became addicted.

Your kindness, your smiles, your love; he wanted it all directed at him, and he did not want to share it with anyone. This obsession caused him to become a tyrant who was controlled by his jealousy. His detrimental actions began with small things. First, he expressed his distaste about how you treated everyone equally, and that as your love, he deserves to be your top priority. Then, when his desire for your time and attention began to increase, it escalated to the point where he cut off your contact from everyone else but himself; so that he was would be sole person in your life.

He would be the only person who deserved your love and time.


It was no new news to anyone that whatever Zen did, or pursued, he did it with passion, and he dedicated himself entirely to it. So, when he began his relationship with you, he was extremely dedicated and loyal to you. He wanted to spoil you and treat you like the princess he believed you to be.

And so, he became extremely overprotective.

You were not exactly super popular amongst men per se. However, you did receive your fair share of flirtatious remarks; and they would walk up to you in order to receive your phone number and such. The only issue was that this only happened when you were out with Zen. The actor did not take this nicely. If so many filthy beasts approached you when you were with him, then how bad was it when you were out in public a l o n e? This led him to become extremely protective of you, to the point where he would not allow you to be alone with another male, much less go out anywhere without him.

He was just protecting you from the filth out there. After all, he was the only beast whose wild side you would ever need to see.


Baehee Jaehee absolutely adored you and treasured her friendship with you. You gave her the courage to pursue her dreams and selflessly supported her without asking for anything in return. This made her feel somewhat insecure because in this relationship, for her, you were the only one who was giving and she was the one taking. She began to fear that if she did not reciprocate the giving part in your ‘friendship’ then you would leave her.

You were the only person that she had. She could not possibly let that happen.

And so, she began to go to extra miles to pay back your kindness. You have too much work? Don’t worry, she’ll do it for you. You do not feel like doing something that you need to? Don’t worry, she’ll take over and finish it for you. Her ‘helping’ got to the point where all together, she would do everything for you. As a result, you came to have all the time in the world, and she was always busy. Too busy to even share a small “hi, how are you” with you. This led you seek the company of other RFA’s members, which she did not like. She became possessive to the point where she began to emotionally blackmail you. She threatened to hurt herself if you ever left her behind for others.

“Is my best not enough for you? Would you like my life itself too?


Jumin loved you. He loved you so much, he was unable to express it with words. And so, he began to express it with actions. He wanted to do everything for you and in order to do everything for you, he needed to know everything about you. This led him to conduct his own entire research of you. He took notes about everything: from your lifestyle to all of your small and adoring perks. And it was unfortunate that there were things about your lifestyle that he did not like.

And so, he took control.

First, he persuaded you to move out from your place due to it’s ‘poor and unsatisfactory conditions’ and move in with him. Once that was accomplished and you were in a place where he could keep a track of you constantly, slowly but surely, he forced you to cut ties with people that he deemed to be unworthy for someone of your class. And that was like pretty much everyone you knew except for him. From that point on, his control increased to the point where what you wanted and what he wanted for you became two different things. And your control over your own needs and wants ceased and his order became obligatory.

He became the authority; your caretaker, your lover.  You saved him from his loneliness but instead, you became the slave to his crazy love. 


It was love at first sight. As soon as he had opened the materials in order to conduct a background search on you, he had noticed how his heart beat felt faster by just a second. Dare he say, he was almost smitten. Originally, Seven had no plans to do act on the feelings he had developed for you because he was ‘too dangerous.’ However, that changed, when your life was put in danger.

In that instance, he realized, that he was only one who could protect you.

And so, this led him to act on his feelings and confess to you. It was fortunate that you reciprocated his feelings and everything was well. That was until he began to become paranoid which led him to install tracking applications in your electronic devices. He was aware of your whereabouts and your every actions. You felt watched at every second of the day. His reasoning for this was that he needed to protect you. However, when all this watching became too overwhelming and you asked him to decrease it, he didn’t. As a result, you threatened to leave him if he did not abide by your wishes. This did nothing but add fuel to the fire because it resulted him in tying tracking wires around your wrists that could only be removed by him. 

Everything is for your own good.

my favourite thing about the 100 is that women are held at equal, and sometimes higher, standards to men.

like oh you wanna be an engineer? awesome! you wanna be a doctor? hell yeah! you wanna be a leader of all your people? coolio my dude you do you, equality, fuck yeah! the future looks bright ya’ll

If there is one thing I’ve learned about you it’s that you are equally as self destructive as I am.
You didn’t want to fall in love with me, infact I’m positive you didn’t want to fall in love at all. Between the two of us we managed to sabotage something beautiful and now your name burns in my throat like a shot of cheap vodka. Leaving a taste so vile I can’t help but spit you out. We really were just two shitty people trying to destroy each other before we destroyed ourselves.
—  You’re just another poem.

Old man customer, a regular, came in and gruffly greeted the 19-year-old girl behind the counter with “hey good-lookin’” and I was like, grr, though she seemed okay with it. Then the store manager, a 48-year-old man (the young woman’s father) came out from the back room, and the old man greeted him with “hey handsome!” so I felt a lot better about the whole thing really. 

2 equally important things about relationships:

  • even very happy and healthy relationships are not perfect in every way. some people brag that they never argue with their partners, but don’t expect that. my relationship might seem perfect based on my posts on here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t argue and get mad at each other sometimes. however, when we do, we talk it out and make up and reaffirm our love and respect for each other. people are complicated and it’s natural for there to be some conflict in any relationship. a better measure of a relationship than whether you argue is how you handle it when you do. if you don’t handle it so well, you might be able to work together to learn to handle it better.
  • sometimes a relationship isn’t happy and healthy, or just isn’t right for you, even if you really want it to be. sometimes people feel a lot of pressure to overlook the problems in a relationship and stay together against their instincts, and this can be even harder for same-gender couples — you might feel obligated to prove to the world that same-gender relationships are legitimate by showing that yours is good, or you might worry that you’d be letting your community down by breaking up, or you might fear that it will be too hard to find someone else. this is completely understandable, but in the end only you can determine that your relationship is right for you, and if it isn’t, then it isn’t. you matter, and you deserve a relationship that is good for you.
What’s the Deal with God?
  • Theism: belief in the existence of god/gods 
  • Atheism: a lack of a belief in the existence of god/gods
  • Agnosticism: the attitude that there is not enough evidence for or against the existence of god. I’m on the fence about the whole God thing. Equally compelling evidence from both sides
  • Ignosticism: a refusal to participate in the discussion of god’s existence until the terms have been defined. What do you even mean when you say ‘God’? 
  • Pantheism: the belief that god is expressed in all things, everywhere and always. Oh, would you look at that. God is in my snot and farts. Fun.
  • Apatheism: an attitude of apathy regarding the existence of god. Who cares about God? I’ve got Netflix to watch
  • Spiritual but not religious: a comforting catch-all for college freshman. Trees and sunsets give me a sense of awe but science kinda scares me

anonymous asked:

Roughly half or more in each region say gender equality is very important. Pew Research Centre. Guess who was at the bottom of that list? The Middle fucking East. And you want more of them in Europe, right? Brilliant.

We’re guessing that you’re talking about part of the Pew Research Center’s 2015 Global Attitudes Survey (since you didn’t bother to properly cite your source).  This studied several different topics, surveying 38 countries around the world but just five in the Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey).  They measured the importance of gender equality by asking “how important is it that women have the same rights as men in society?” 

Now that we got that out of the way, here are all the reasons why you’re fucked, Anon:

1) Generalizing about regions - yeah, you’re right, the five countries that = “the Middle East” for this survey came out at the bottom on the gender equality question.   What do people in Syria, Iran, the UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, or Kuwait think about gender equality?  We don’t know because Pew didn’t survey those ten Middle Eastern countries, just five others.

But in every Middle Eastern county polled, the majority said it is somewhat or very important that women have the same rights as men in their society.  

In fact, gender equality was more important to people in Lebanon than people in three of the European countries polled.  You know Lebanon - the country hosting the most refugees per capita in the world?  Yes, that one.

So let’s not get too excited about what the results from this one poll done in five Middle Eastern countries actually means.
2) Ignoring the other factors that were identified - you probably didn’t bother to actually read the Pew report on the survey you’re histrionically waving about here, but if you did you’d know that women, the higher-educated, and the more left-leaning were all more likely to prioritize gender equality.  But of course you want to paint the world in broad, xenophobic strokes, so better for you to just ignore what women, better-educated people, and leftists in the Middle East think about gender equality and just ban ‘em all.  And of course never mind the less-educated and more right-wing dudebros where you’re from that don’t care about/are against gender equality.  Just pretend they don’t exist.  “Brilliant.” 

Hey Anon, don’t you think that maybe refugees coming to a country where there are still functioning schools they can attend that aren’t bombed-out or where they don’t have to worry about being violently attacked on the way to/from school might = more people achieving higher levels of education, which in turn would (according to this study) = better attitudes towards gender equality, as shown in the very survey you’ve referenced?  No, you didn’t stop to think about much before you wrote to us, did you?  

3) Ignoring the other parts of the survey - Like we said, this was a just a part of a larger survey on social attitudes.  

Did you know that four of the five Middle Eastern countries surveyed were more supportive of free speech than countries like Japan, Russia, or Ukraine?  That’s from the same survey, Anon!

Did you know that the same survey found that the five Middle Eastern countries were more likely to support people’s right to practice their religion of choice than the countries polled in Europe, North America, and Latin America?

Did you know that the same survey showed that people in the Middle East were more supportive of the rights of citizens to criticize their governments than people in Asia, Africa, or Russia?  

Same survey shows that people in the Middle East are less-likely than people globally to support government censorship of large political protests.  Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

It’s almost as if you cherry-picked the data you wanted to support your claim and ignored data that contradicted it.  That’s a particular logical fallacy we sometimes call The Texas Sharpshooter, Anon.  Stop doing it because it makes you look like a clown.

4) Prioritizing an opinion poll over people’s actual lives - Let’s assume for a second that you were right and that a survey done by a private Western research company that asked exactly one question about gender equality to people in just five of fifteen+ Middle Eastern countries = an accurate reading of people’s attitudes towards gender equality in the region and that attitude is not as positive as it is elsewhere.

Let’s also assume that, contrary to the very survey you’ve cited, these attitudes about gender equality cannot be swayed by things like better education and that the people that hold them will never change their minds no matter what.

Let’s also ignore the data from the same survey you’ve cited that shows that people in the Middle East are more likely to support free speech, freedom of religion, the right to criticize governments, and freedom from government censorship and focus solely on their attitudes towards gender equality.

Assuming all of that, what you’re saying still comes down to this:  you think we should refuse safe haven to refugees - people literally fleeing for their lives - if they come from a region that scored low in an opinion poll on gender equality.

That’s what you’re saying here - “we’re sorry that you’re going to be murdered or die in a bombing or starve to death, but we can’t have people from a country that scored low in an opinion poll on gender equality coming to live here!”  

What kind of fucking monster would suggest that?  That people and their families should all be condemned to unimaginable horrors and violence and death because you don’t think they scored high enough on a fucking opinion poll.  

You know what, Anon?  We’ve had it with people like you that pretend to care about gender equality as a fucking smokescreen for your Islamophobia; your racism; your xenophobia.  We see right through you.  GTFO with that shite.

things i know about nature:

i. the sun is the source of energy for us, but without love,
a strong man is a weak man.

ii. oceans are deep but do not ever underestimate the
depths of the human mind- oceans reflect the moon
but we? we land on it.

iii. from what i understand, trees are deeply ignored
when they should be regarded highly. trees are patience,
kindness and friendship.

iv. the thing about fires is that there are two types -
one, the orange flames and charcoal
two, the one you see in the eyes of people who’ve got
their hearts in their hands, begging the other to have them.
another thing about fires- both are equally terrifying.

—  Tanvi R

elenoirs  asked:

Dramione - "That's our child!"

“That’s our child,” Draco said with smug pleasure as a whirl of pale hair flew by in pursuit of the Snitch.  Hermione didn’t answer.  She was too busy trying to locate the other one.  Youth Quidditch had become her least favorite thing and somewhere in the park was one dreamy, wandering child who probably had a handful of wildflowers and an equal disdain for soaring about on brooms.  Things go by too quickly to see when you’re flying, was the regular demurral when Draco tried to get both twins to play Quidditch.  

“Hermione,” Draco said again, impatiently this time. “That’s our child with the Snitch!”

Hermione, however, was too busy starting in horror across the grass. “Yes,” she said, grabbing his arm and yanking hard to get him to focus.  “But so is the one with the baby dragon.”

Draco followed her pointing arm.  “Shite,” was all he could say.

Jungkook’s Affection

After hearing all the news today, I’m just so so sorry to anyone and everyone affected, I really hope everyone’s okay or will be okay and hopefully some fluff will cheer you up bc this is why I love fluff, it’s something to make your mood better, even if it’s only for a few minutes!! Now it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who was so fucking cute in the Home Party live, he’s always cute but that was just that was some good shit man how are all of the Jungkook stans doing, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Sweetest boyfriend
  • Who initiates the affection is a 50/50 chance, sometimes it’ll be him, sometimes it’s you but he’s actually pretty affectionate he’s a bit of a cuddle bug
  • Playful troublemaker
  • Teases you 25/8 in the most loving, playful way possible
  • It seems like the more comfortable he is with someone, the more he’ll tease them, like the boys have said that when they first met him he was so shy and now he’s forever imitating them and teasing them and it’s so obvious he loves them
  • Goes to tease you about being in love with him but then realizes he’s just as in love
  • “Lol someone has a crush”
  • “We’ve been together for three years”
  • Will make faces at you whenever you look at him
  • Asks you to tie his tie regardless of if he knows how to tie it or not, just so he can see how flustered you get when he’s so close and is acting all romantic
  • Will playfully lean away when you go to kiss him afterwards
  • Absolutely 100% will let you play with his hair and probably falls asleep when you do it
  • The boys/camera crew have documented it quite a few times but when he’s asleep, not much can disturb him
  • So you could very easily squish his cheeks, you could play with his hair, you could give him lil kisses on his cute face, you could cuddle up to him and take a nap with him that’s a r e a l l y good option bc he’s super warm
  • He’s s o ideal for cuddling don’t even get me started
  • He’s all broad and tall and probably so fucking warm and his cologne is probably amazing and cuddling him is just so pleasant
  • He’s a spooner for the main part, he’s definitely big spoon judging by his love for back hugs, also gotta mention the one Taekook moment in Bon Voyage where kook gets in Tae’s bunk and automatically lays on his side and puts his arm around him like that’s top quality spooning material
  • But he also really really loves it when you have your head on his chest bc he can play with your hair or rub your back or kiss your forehead 
  • The two are for sure the most common but there are certain days where he’d prefer to rest his head on your chest or just have you hold him really tight
  • Days where so many things have gone wrong, days where he’s either leaving for tour or just coming back, days where he just really really missed you, etc.
  • Also if you ask him to, he will be v v happy to sing you a song to help you fall asleep (just picture that for a moment)
  • Pillow talk is super playful but also really sweet??
  • Like he has his moments where he gets really close to your face and just makes a weird face to make you laugh but then he’ll kiss your nose really softly when you do laugh 
  • Tbh, making you laugh is one of his biggest goals in general, he loves making people laugh so seeing you laugh and smile and just be happy around him is one of his favorite things about the relationship
  • His hugs are equally as amazing
  • As I mentioned earlier, kook has such a love for back hugs and it’s so fucking cute
  • There are literally entire videos dedicated to kook and his back hugs, he loves them so much and I’m so here for that I mean his back hugs look amazing
  • Sometimes he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder or lay his head on it, sometimes he’ll sway the two of you all slow, sometimes he’ll wiggle you or play with your hands, it all depends on his mood 
  • But he’s also super okay with being back hugged, I mentioned it in Tae’s post but I gotta bring it back up here bc it’s so fucking precious, there have been a couple time where Tae has latched on kook and they just waddle around together
  • Will probably, at one point or another, hum the Titanic song while one of you is back hugging the other
  • He kinda always has that habit of putting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head (if it’s at a comfortable reach and he doesn’t have to stretch too far) whenever he hugs you
  • He won’t say much during the longer hugs, he’ll just close his eyes and relax in your arms and he’ll get a lil smile when he notices you’re wearing the perfume/cologne he bought for you and it’s all very peaceful and relaxing and it’s one of those moments where you both feel really safe and warm and you wish those hugs could last forever
  • Also has a habit of leaning his arm on your shoulder whenever he stands next to you tbh, doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller (but he’s okay with you doing the same to him) if he doesn’t back hug you that is
  • Very soft kisses, always
  • In the beginning of the relationship, his kisses are a lot shier, a lot quicker a lot more “mission abort missION ABORT” but the longer you two are together, the more confident he gets with everything but especially kissing
  • The super quick, shy kisses that you can barely acknowledge before they’re over turn into sweet kisses that take your breath away and make your mind just go blank the entire time he’s kissing you
  • His kisses are always really sweet but they get more and more playful as he gets more comfortable with kissing you and some of them are purely to make you laugh
  • Like sometimes they’re super super quick and it’s mainly to annoy you but then to make up for it, he’ll kiss your cheeks and your nose and your forehead and just all over until you’re laughing
  • But then he has the sweet kisses that are s o so so so love filled and passionate bc he’s a passionate lil bun and he’s almost always cupping your face, if he isn’t, his hands are on your waist to pull you super close or they’re in your hair, one or the other
  • He loves initiating kisses when you least expect it bc he loves the moment of shock before you kiss back, he loves the playful scolding, he loves all of it but if you ever do it to him, he’s gonna get so flustered
  • He’s not gonna know what to do, he’s just gonna squirm around and resist the urge to scream or squeal until his heart calms back down and tbh, it’s pretty amusing to watch
  • Forehead kisses are frequent, they’re his favorite but he also loves nose kisses
  • Forehead kisses are more of his way of silently saying “I love you” or “hey you’re cute” whereas nose kisses are more of a “you haven’t smiled in a few minutes let’s change that”
  • He’s more likely to hold your hand rather than intertwine your fingers together (even though he’s got n o t h i n g against the latter) .
  • He loves being able to give your palm lil squeezes or rub circles into the back of your hand when you’re nervous (and vice versa he would really appreciate that)
  • He’s more of a hugger, more of arm over the shoulders type of person so hand holding isn’t the most common show of affection but it’s still v v loved and he’s not gonna complain if you wanna hold his hand 
  • His favorite thing to do (when you aren’t in motion) is to have one of your hands in both of his and to toy with your fingers
  • His hands would be so warm and so gentle with yours it’s just so 10/10
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He’s one of the more shy members when it comes to PDA, especially at first
  • It’ll also depend on where you two are, if you’re with the boys, it’s pretty much the exact same as being alone bc kook’s so beyond comfortable with all of them that they’re family to him 
  • But if he’s in public and the boys aren’t there, it’s gonna be restricted to hand holding or very basic PDA bc he’s a shy bun at times
  • Like kissing is definitely private, quick hugs are a maybe (an occasional arm over the shoulder or around the waist is okay though) hand holding is a yes, playing around and teasing each other is a yes
  • D e fi nitely has a couple item but it’d be something really subtle, like a matching pair of earrings (since we all know the boys loves him some piercings and I’m so fucking for it I can’t stress it enough I love his piercings so much) or matching phone backgrounds, things that are lil and easy to miss bc then it’s more of an inside thing
  • Side note, speaking of phone backgrounds, he’s the type of boyfriend that takes your phone when you aren’t looking and takes a bunch of selfies at all the weird angles and then sets them as the background after changing his contact name to something like “best boyfriend in the world” or “cool dude” with the fucking sunglasses emoji and then the smirking emoji bc he’s just he’s a meme sometimes and I love him for it but don’t let him near your phone unless you want a hundred photos of him trying to pull a double chin and another ten photos of his dog
  • Jungkook’s affection is very playful but loving (just like him) it’s constant, it’s almost always about making you laugh/smile bc that’s one of his favorites, especially when it’s caused by him
Can We Stop Grouping People?

I seriously hate the mentality Tumblr has created. I mean really. I support equality on all levels, honestly. But what isn’t equality is when people say stuff like, “He’s a white cisgender male. His opinion and speech doesn’t matter. He hasn’t seen what we’ve seen.” And you know what else isn’t equality? When people say, “All black people have done nothing wrong. They are an oppressed people. They need our help, every single one of them. They are all so poor and oppressed.”

Like, can we stop? Not every single minority is a blessed angel who cannot and has not done anything wrong in their entire lives. Not every white person is a spawn of Satan who’s only wish is to use minorities to further their evil plots.

That all being said, minorities are still minorities, and AS A WHOLE need our help. Believe me, I get that white straight people tend to have it better, and are the reason that basically everyone else is struggling. And I want to help. But “helping” isn’t labeling every single person based on their orientation or skin color. It’s actually funny, really, that Tumblr talks such talk about ending racism and judgement, and protecting everyone - but actually just wants to protect minorities, and is totally blind to the fact that there are some honestly awful people in the groups they’re calling saints. And there are people in the groups they scrutinize who legitimately want to help end racism, and sexism, and gain equality, but are immediately shut down whenever they try to talk because they’re white. Or straight. Or okay with their gender.

Ridiculous. Shame on any of you people who claim to support equality on all levels but then turn around and say people aren’t allowed to talk because of their color or sex or sexuality. Fucking ridiculous.