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do you ever think about how Problematic™ your early teen ships would have been if tumblr existed back then? like. jesus. kids these days: you have no idea how great it was to enjoy, for example, violent possession/manipulative bodysharing hard dubcon in peace. thirteen year old me needed space to be freaky.

“What about this one?” You asked, dusting the bottom of the sundress off before bending down to make sure your phone wasn’t going to slide off the desk. 

This one’s pretty as well. Very summery.” Harry hummed, the screen freezing for a split second before he was moving again. Since Harry was in the middle of traveling to promote his upcoming album, the two of you had been Facetiming whenever possible. You were going out to lunch with Y/F/N today, and Harry usually helped you pick out an outfit. (As much as you hated to admit it, Harry was far more fashion forward that you were.)

“You said that about everything so far!” You whined, placing your hands on your hips as you gave your boyfriend a pointed look. 

It’s not my fault you look pretty in everything!” Harry giggled, poking his tongue out at you. “Wha’ about tha’ floral crop top button-up thing you bought the other day?” 

“It’s in the wash.” You sighed, reaching behind you to unzip the dress before turning to look through your closet again. “Can I borrow one of your shirts?” 

Why?? You’ve got plenty of clothes, love.” 

“Your shirts are softer for some reason.” It could have been the fact that Harry’s shirts were from Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci, whereas a lot of your clothes came from H&M or Forever 21. “What’s the weather like in Paris?” You asked, stepping out of the dress before reaching up to fix the strap of your bra. There was a moment of silence where you continued rummaging through Harry’s many silky shirts before you spoke up again. “Can you hear me?” Was there crappy connection again? 

Hey… I think I like this little outfit the most.” Harry finally spoke up, a cheesy smirk on his face as he gestured to you and your half-nakedness. “New panties?” 

“Very observant of you.” You rolled your eyes playfully, reaching over to turn the phone away from your figure. 

Wha- Oi! I think I deserve a little award considering how great I’ve been with helping you choose an outfit.” 

“You didn’t help me at all, you perv!” 


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i would’ve written more buT SWEET CREATURE IS OUT 

chansoo spam

(because some of my followers wanted it)

Chansoo one of the funniest and most lovable ships to have ever come out of exo

The actual definition of a happy tol and an angry smol

Like their height difference is on point and I love it

Their actual dynamic though is most definitely the best thing about them

Chanyeol likes to push Kyungsoo’s buttons in just the right way

Knowing full well that Kyungsoo will beat his ass for it

But he does it again and again

Look at his smile though, he loves that Kyungsoo is like this with him

i mean chanyeol is a whole sub but that’s a different post for a different time

On the flipside, though Chanyeol is one of the few people Kyungsoo will let give him back a taste of his own medicine

He actually enjoys it when Chanyeol fights back a bit

Even when they aren’t having their play fights they are still one of the best looking couples

From when they mess around with each other for a laugh

To when they actually look like a full on domestic couple that’s been married for the past ten years


Ship Chansoo

A Life You Deserve (John Wick x Reader)

Originally posted by giantmonster

Who ever thought that The Boogeyman could fall in love. 

SPOILER FREE FIC consisting of 100% sappy fluff. 

A very loose Part II to this (x) – though it can easily be read on its own. 

John lay on his side next to you. His eyes were closed. His body was relaxed. His breathing was steady. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was just a man lulled into a slumber because it was a basic, human need. Instead, you marveled at the fact that the Boogeyman slept.

Instances like these were so rare. In the year you’d been with him, you’d only been able to spend  a handful of nights together, and you’d learned to treasure every moment. Perhaps that was why you could never sleep when he was by your side. He always looked so vulnerable, and even in the safety of The Continental, you still felt the need to watch over him. You’d grown to love John more than you could comprehend, and with that love came the constant need to keep him safe. Naturally, he’d assure you that he was perfectly fine—usually as the Continental’s doctor administered him sutures after a job—then change the subject. But you were stubborn, so if he wasn’t going to let you protect him while he was awake, then you’d do it when he was unconscious and had no say in the matter.

In the mornings, he went right back to real life. There was no groggy twilight to ease him in. It was always an alarm jolting his eyes open, and by the second time it buzzed, he’d be sitting up mumbling some variation of “I’m awake, I’m awake” irately at the offending clock. Then he’d turn his attention to you, most likely still asleep, and lay back down to pull you against his body. His arms would snake around you. His lips would graze your neck. It was time to switch roles. He was the protector once again, and you were his porcelain doll. Fragile. Captivating. He told you this on a regular basis. And you believed it to be true. John wasn’t one to say things he didn’t mean. He didn’t like to waste words.

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It's A Date // Seo Johnny


the prompt: I would like to request a teacher x student with Johnny being the new college professor falling in love with his a student.

words: 1169

category: fluff + drabble

author note: just a lil johnny drabble! i think i’ve gotten the most johnny requests out of everyone so i hope you guys like this drabble.

- destinee

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ShikaTema Date in Amusement Park♡

The first piece, I drew yesterday. And today, I did some very, very rough drawing of some continuation out of the piece.

Ready for some amazingly rough scribbles?? Here we go!

(I didn’t even do rough sketches - right into drawing with a drawing-pen tool! Good thing about digital drawing, you can click “go back” button anytime!)

I personally like Shikamaru being sorta wimpy dude on a date - trying to be cool, but it never works out. Hahaha.

like honestly? what really is getting me about spider man: homecoming is that literally nobody but peter and the vulture knows what he went through that night. peter was almost crushed by a building, repeatedly beaten, dropped from a height, basically beat half to death …  and nobody knows?? tony don’t even know bc peter was in the suit that didn’t have all the high-tech recording?? peter was left bleeding for his city and u bet ur buttons won’t say a thing about it to anybody

like I need someone to kNOW what he gave and went through and still saved the vultures life at the end

I need to know someone is checking his injuries and making sure his trauma is addressed and giving peter hugs?? is that too much to ask?    

WORDS FAIL (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: ok so if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m freak I’m obsessed with musicals & dear evan hansen has had me singing all week so here’s a oneshot based on one of the songs

Song: Words Fail - Dear Evan Hansen cast

Bellamy stands. It’s not his usual pose. You were to used to seeing him standing tall and strong, watching over everyone with his arms crossed. He was a leader. He was meant to be strong. But now, he just looks broken. Bellamy opens his mouth but the words that come out sound different. 

 "I never meant to make it such a mess.“ He admits, his chest rising and falling unsteadily. The trees on the ground surround you, almost as if protecting the two of you from the rest of the world. "I never thought that it would go this far.”

His head is hung in shame, he can barely even look at you. You’re shocked. You’ve known this boy all your life, you were in love with him for gods sake, but for some reason he resembles someone else. 

 You watch him as he wipes the tears from his eyes, “Bellamy, what did you do?”

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Requested by Anon
Reader storms off after a fight with Tommy and is found & brought back by a brotherly Arthur to a very worried/angry Tommy; Makeup smut ensues.
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Swearing.  


“You should have thought about that before you said you would marry me.” Tommy snapped angrily at you, his words stinging.

You had been arguing about Tommy coming home at all hours of the night, or the constant worrying, and the fact that lately he had been purposefully excluding you from family meetings, which you usually attended. Esme was allowed to be there, but you weren’t. You had been very close to the Shelby family since the men came back from war. They were all good friends with your brother, who died in battle. When he died, they took you in. You felted slighted as Esme had only just married into the family recently.

You and Tommy had been engaged for a year, waiting for the right time. Lately, you weren’t sure there would ever be a right time, especially now with Tommy being so secretive and distant. Your emotions were high, Tommy completely shutting you out, dismissing your thoughts and pleas.

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Un-uglify new tumblr controls

Tumblr’s new controls were obnoxious, disgusting and just a bad design choice in general, and I couldn’t stand it, so I wrote a script to make it actually look decent enough whilst still maintaining all the functionality. The only thing about it is that the dashboard button is gone, but that’s easily fixed with a separate link somewhere I guess.

It’s small, out of the way in the top right corner, has a transparent background and the buttons are all white with black text, but you can use filter:invert(100%) just like what we did with the old controls. [preview]

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Casino Night - Tyler Seguin (Part 5)

Requested by anon: Pt 5 of the seguin series? When’s that gonna be up? If you have a tl ofc!

Part 5?

A/N: Okay, first of all, I’m so sorry if it is awfully bad written, my English is not collaborating with me rn. I know that this episode is quite boring, but it is a linking one and next one will be better. Let me know what you think about it.

Word count: 831

Warnings: mild cursing, unedited.

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3     Part 4

Master list

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I look at piece of tape, a million thoughts going through my head. I’ve been staring at the sticky material so long that it feels that it will never come off my table. It’s almost four in the morning and I haven’t been able to fall asleep since I got back from the game, the small piece of tape screaming at me from the pocket of my jacket. It seems like I won’t be able to sleep until I make up my mind about Tyler.

The truth is, I don’t know what to do. I’ve read about how he is, or at least how people on the internet say he is, and I don’t know if I want to find out if they are right or not. But on the other hand I know that I will regret it if I don’t give him a chance since I’ve never felt so attracted to someone before. It is stupid, almost insane if you ask me, we’ve literally had one conversation and played one game of cards.

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I whisper to myself, not taking my eyes off the numbers.

Public humiliation? I’ve seen what people say about the girls he has hooked up with and some of it isn’t pretty. Him not being the one? Hey, you don’t know until you try. Heartbreak? Beautiful things come from hearts being shattered.

“Here goes nothing.” I say, grabbing my phone and going to the agenda and making a new contact, naming it ‘Potential heartbreak’.

Hello.” I type, not sure what I should say. He doesn’t know my name, so I can’t just say hi, I’m (y/n). I’m about to just delete the whole thing and forget about it when I miss the erasing button and press the small arrow instead, making the message send.

“Oh, shit.” I say, dropping my phone on the couch and trying to get away from it, like it is a dangerous animal. Okay, there is not going back now… probably he will see a random message from a number he doesn’t know and just ignore it. Yeah, he will.

It is four thirty in the morning anyways, so worrying about it isn’t worth it until later. I get on my feet, grabbing my phone from the couch and walk to my room, hoping on my bed and getting under the covers. I’m about to shut my eyes close when my phone’ screen lights up. I have a text.

Hello beautiful.” I read the words on the screen while my heart is running a marathon inside of my chest.

Do you say beautiful to everyone that texts you?” I ask, biting my bottom lip.

Not really. Only you and my mom.” His answer makes me giggle like a teenager.

You don’t even know who I am.” I type quickly, not leaving the I’m-not-waiting-for-you-to-answer minute before sending it.

Beautiful eyes, breathtaking smile, eye candy with that red dress on.

It doesn’t ring a bell.” I text, feeling my cheeks heat up because of his compliments.

The screen of my phone goes dark and there is no response for a couple minutes, making me sigh. Of course he has fallen asleep, it is incredibly late and he has played a game tonight, he must be exhausted. But I can’t help it but to feel disappointed, he has me all giddy and excited and he just falls asleep. I’m about to put my phone down when a new text goes to my inbox. It has a picture attached to it.

You sure that it doesn’t ring a bell? Even a small one?” I roll my eyes, scrolling down to see the picture expecting some sort of meme or gif, but it is a selfie.

He is lying on his bed, the lighting is dim and he seems fairly sleepy. His hair is messy and his eyes are kinda droopy, like he is going to fall asleep any minute and he is fighting against it. He is also shirtless, allowing me to see the intricate patterns of his tattoos. And then I see it…

PUPPIES!” I text, laughing as I look at the two labs laying on the bed besides him.

Not the reaction I was expecting…” He texts back and I smile, turning on my bedside lamp, warm light inundating my bedroom.

I open up the front camera of my phone and point it at myself, trying to find a flattering angle to take a selfie. After a couple tries I take a decent one and send it to him. I entertain myself scrolling through instagram, waiting for his text.

As I said, stunning.

You said beautiful.” Both of us texting back quickly.

My memory played a trick on me, you are more beautiful than I remembered.” I am about to text back when I receive a second text. “That’s reminding me of something.

And what’s that?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

You owe me a drink.”


When @crankgameplays butchers your name ((jkkkk)) but compliments your art
AA IM SORRY FOR MY CRAZY HANDWRITING but thank you so much for all the nice things you said about my art and my button !!! and MAKE THAT SHELF HAPPEN ((also they’re called prismacolor pencils and they can create a waxy surface oo fancy)) ❤❤ you blue boi


He completely forgot. It slipped his mind. And he couldn’t forgive himself how easily it happened. 

Doctor!’ sweet laughter echoed on the street. Oh how he missed this voice. He wanted to hear it just as much as it pained him to. 

The last time he visited New York in roaring twenties was over a year ago. With a companion. A partner. Soulmate. You. 

Doctor’s head snapped in the direction of your voice. He looked down from the balcony on the first floor where he was trying to put the pieces of puzzle and do what the Doctor does - save the day. But it was all forgotten the moment your silhouette followed your voice and he saw you once again.

The fringe of your flapper dress was moving swiftly around your legs and glistening in the streetlamps lighting up the night.  You were twirling a little bit while still holding his hand. He, dressed in his old suit and trench coat, laughed and pulled you to him to leave a kiss, and another one, and another one, and one more. Kiss after kiss until you finally moved away from him giggling. 

The current version of him couldn’t move when you stopped not so far when his younger self wrapped his arm around your waist and put his head on your shoulder. He was telling you about the city and history, his other hand pointing at different buildings. 

Doctor’s heart ached when he saw how you were leaning against him from the past, how you both started moving left and right to the beat of music coming from one of the clubs. 

He returned to his work trying to ignore how much his hands were shaking. He couldn’t follow you, he simply couldn’t meet himself. Just both of them being in the same city could cause paradox especially when they would be close to each other. And it hadn’t happened otherwise he would have remembered meeting himself and asking how to save you because he knew he would have. And maybe you would have been back in New York with him. 

His forehead creased with an effort to stay focused. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. 

Damn it’  he bit his lower lip and dropped the device he was holding down before he was sprinting downstairs. 

The sound of the street was much louder now when he was standing there. He didn’t even have to stop. He knew exactly where he had taken you before. Now memories started flowing back, pushing through every wall he had built. His legs carried him away towards golden and red lights of Manhattan.

And there you were again. Every single detail of your figure looked exactly like he remembered. It was harder to breath. 

He kept his distance, walking behind people and hiding behind walls and food stands. He just wanted to be close. Just that. 

But then his past self gave you a small kiss and held his fingers up. ‘Wait here’ he heard his voice barely tearing through the crowd. ‘BRB’ he winked and laughed before disappearing in the crowd.

You shook your head giggling and looked around. Doctor didn’t even try to remember why he had left you but he knew he had a moment. And he knew he still couldn’t….

Y/N’ this name felt so strange on his lips after not saying it for so long. But it felt so right. 

You turned around, red lips quirking in a smile.

It went fast’ you laughed strolling quickly to him and taking a hold of his hand which, Doctor didn’t notice it was so natural to him to do it, was extended for you. 

Just then you saw his face.

What’s wrong my love?’ you moved your hand to softly caress his cheek. Doctor closed his eyes and swallowed hard  leaning against your skin. ‘Doctor?’

‘Is something wrong?’ you repeated coming closer to him, your chests touching as you now held his face in both of your hands. Doctor found it even harder to breath. 

He started shaking his head ‘Nothing. Please Y/N. Nothing’ he looked at you with those pleading brown-eyes. If there was one thing you knew about the Doctor was not to push his buttons. He would tell you - that was sure but in his own time. 

You looked him in the eyes a few seconds more before nodding. Your high-heels made it easier to reach his cheek where you left an imprint of your red lipstick. You chuckled a little bit and reached your thumb to remove it. ‘That’s hell of a lipstick’ you murmured when even after rubbing it a few times the shadow was still there. 

Doctor chuckled and gently gripped your wrist. ‘Leave it. It will disappear in a while. That’s how they work’  

‘You must take me to the planet that makes such a battle worthy cosmetics’

I’ll take you everywhere’ and again this sad smile you knew way to well. But you still decided to drop it.

But we’re here right now. New York City!’ you laughed putting your arm in the crook of his elbow. 

Actually is New New New New New York City. But they still fancy good old jazz. Well it’s not that old really….They do listen to the jazz we know but it’s more like a sign of respect. They don’t dance to it….But they make some really catchy tunes…I remember…’ Doctor started talking, slowly leading you down the street. For a second it all felt like nothing had changed. You were there, well and by his side just like it should be. In the back of his mind he knew that coming back will hurt even more but he couldn’t stop himself. Not when he had you again, even for a little while, just a moment. And it was coming to an end soon.

Doctor stopped walking. He clenched his free hand couple of times preparing himself to say goodbye. But how could he? He wasn’t able to do it the first time so what made this moment easier. 

But he had to. He knew it was just a matter of minutes before his past self would come back. 

I..I need to… I forgot’ he stuttered before a swear word in Gallifreyan left his lips ‘I forgot something. Wait here. BRB’ he repeated words you had heard this night. He slowly released your arm, desperately holding your palm for a little longer. 

He took a deep breath. ‘I love you’ it was only a whisper ‘Please never forget I love you’

‘I love you too’ you smiled softly squeezing his hand. ‘So much’ 

Doctor swallowed hard looking down. Next second he pulled you towards him hugging you, bringing you to his body as close as he could, as close as he used to. 

Saying goodbye was getting even harder. Your smell was added to the mix and he held you even more desperately. It was so similar, so much you that he couldn’t just let go. Pillows in your bed smelled the same few weeks after you were gone. Now entire TARDIS lost it. Lost your smell, your voice, your warmth, your footsteps, you. 

I’ll be back in a second’ Doctor closed his eyes hard to get rid off pesky salty water behind them. ‘Stay here’ he pulled away quickly and immediately turned around. He disappeared in the crowd and walked a few steps when he heard your voice again.

Look it really disappeared!’ just a quick look. And there you were with him but in your time, with a little bit surprised look on his face when you kept touching his clean cheek.

Doctor smiled walking back to where he had been before it all happened. His fingers moving towards his cheek stil feeling creamy consistency there.

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