Aries is handed the pieces of something, and with a fiery passion that it lights up the sky, turns it into the beginnings of something wonderful…then quickly passes it to Taurus.

Taurus takes this thing and mulls it over. After a great long time and contemplation, Taurus decides this thing is good and makes it beautiful. Once it reaches Taurus’ aesthetic satisfaction, the thing is handed to Gemini

With excitement and cheer, Gemini tells the world about the creation of this new thing. Somehow, Gemini has all of the details. And once everyone knows about it, Gemini hands it to Cancer.

Cancer is at first suspicious of the thing. But once Cancer knows the thing is good, they nurture it and show it so much love. After it has been loved to Cancer’s satisfaction, Cancer hands it to Leo.

Leo adds flash and flair and makes this thing so grand that no one can resist it. This thing is amazing and fantastic once it leaves Leo’s hands and is passed into Virgo’s.

Virgo makes sure this thing has everything it needs to work properly. Virgo creates a well thought out plan for this thing before carefully handing it off to Libra.

Libra builds a team around this thing. Libra shows how this thing can bring everyone together. Once Libra is satisfied with the group it’s formed, the thing is given to Scorpio.

Scorpio inspects this thing and exposes hidden and unknown flaws. Because of this, the thing becomes better. Once Scorpio trusts the thing is in good standing, they hand it to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius travels with this thing to see how well it can do in different settings and situations. They examine the philosophical importance of this thing. And once they experience all they can, Sagittarius gives the thing to Capricorn.

Capricorn puts the thing to work. And through lots of effort, the thing becomes stronger and even better. But now it’s a little worn down. When it’s done all the work it can, Capricorn hands it to Aquarius.

Aquarius looks at the thing like no one else has. Aquarius innovates it, changes it and molds it. The thing is so different now but it still holds its beautiful essence. Once the thing reaches Aquarius’ standards, it is given to Pisces.

Pisces receives the thing and very gently takes it apart so that it can truly understand where the thing came from. By looking inside it, Pisces sees the entire journey and feels all of the hard work it took to create this beautiful and amazing thing. Once Pisces fully and completely understands the journey, they hand the pieces of the thing to Aries.