the thigh's the limit

Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: slight angst, smut, dom!yoongi
Warnings: sex, demeaning names, humiliation, degradation, unprotected sex, ass play, cum play

You did not know how to deal with that predicament. One part of you deeply wished you could figure it out while another part wanted to give up. Considering you had done everything you could not get jealous again, you sighed, your fingernails tapping against the kitchen counter as you ran one nervous hand through your locks.

“Where the fuck is my stuff?”

Grumbled Yoongi sleepily as an annoyed sigh crossed his lips, him fidgeting in the bags from your flat in the hope to find one of his sweatpants. You shook your head with a frown as you turned to him, irritation rising within you, raising the voice. After a silence, you realized how angered you sounded since you felt him spending more time composing music with Hoseok than you.

“I don’t know, Yoongi. Maybe you left it at Hoseok’s flat.”

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The Price of Privilege - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Genre: Angst / Smut (18+) / Romance / Arranged Marriage / Royalty AU

Characters: Kyungsoo X You

Description: The time has come to marry the man your family has selected to take your hand. As royalty these important matters are arranged for you, but when you meet your soon to be husband, he is nothing like you expected.

The Price of Privilege : part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, Part 6

It wasn’t the weight of his body over your shoulder, or the warmth from him that rested along your side. It wasn’t the sound of his heavy breathing, or the wince of pain you saw in his pretty profile when he stepped too hard on his right foot that humanize him just a little bit in your mind.

No, the part of this that you felt the agonizing truth in, the part that told you deep down in the pit of your stomach where you kept every deep dark secret that could potentially reach up and suffocate you, the part that told you that you were doomed – completely and utterly doomed–

–was his smell.

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Open Wide (Doyoung x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Aloha, guys!! I’m back with some super tasty Doyoung smut, requested by an anon who understands that we. need. more. Doyoung! This scenario is where you’re just casually watching a movie when…uh oh, Doyoungie is a bit touchy! Also. I DON’T KNOW WHY IT TURNED INTO A DADDY KINK SCENARIO, BUT IT DID AND I’M EMBRACING IT. Enjoy!

Originally posted by taesyong

The winter storm warning alert you had received on your phone earlier that day certainly wasn’t wrong, nor did it disappoint. The ground was already completely covered in white and the darkening sky was blocked out with puffy grey clouds that shed snowflakes the size of dinner plates. Luckily for you, you were currently snuggled underneath your favorite blanket in your cozy living room while your boyfriend prepared dinner diligently in the kitchen.

You could hear Doyoung humming softly to himself as you stood up from your blanket cacoon to see what he was close to finished. You loved watching your boyfriend in the kitchen, his broad shoulders shifting underneath his red long sleeve shirt as he carefully tasted the soup. He wasn’t surprised to find you barely hovering behind him, a smirk on his face as he held out the spoon to you, “Open wide.”

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cave me in || 4

pairing: bts x reader

description/warnings: supernatural!au, dirty talking, cumplay, oral sex, rough sex, unprotected sex, light bdsm themes

genre: smut | angst

words: 2.7k

this chapter is for @gimmesumsuga because she loves Joonie very very much. That’s aaaaall for you.

cave me in: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Even deeper in the coldness of the night, the empty sky above you had no stars to brighten your way, the cold ground beneath your feet muffled your slow and heavy steps. It had been raining for three days and you were in the need of getting out of the mansion to wander into the woods as you used to.

Hoseok offered to escort you in fear you would need him to do something for you. He was being so sweet even if a couple of weeks ago he showed you this absolutely different side of his. Since that night into the woods, he was the only one to spend the nights with you, sharing the same bed that you oh so missed to share with the one who would fulfil your needs.

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Tongues and Teacakes - a False Pretenses drabble

hello darlings! god it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve truly been missing these two and when I had this idea I knew it was quintessential Holivia. You’ll probably be seeing much more of them in the future. 

NSFW content. 

The flat was cozy as Olivia stepped inside, toeing off her heeled booties and giving the bridge of her foot a firm rub. She could hear the low hum of the TV coming from the living room but seeing it was passed nine chances were high Harry had dozed off.

“Hi sleepy head,” she says softly, seeing his dazed and heavy form sprawled across the couch.  

“Hello, love,” he smiled sleepily, pushing himself up with a groan worthy of a man twice his age, “What time is it?”

She paused to check the time on her phone, “Just passed nine.”

“You work too much,” Harry pouted up at her nuzzling at her as she leaned over the back of the couch to scratch at his scalp.

“Well this asshole that I work for keeps wanting to change up his sound in production,” Olivia teases, laughing when Harry’s frown deepens.

“You don’t even have to do that stuff!” he defends himself.

She doesn’t, but Olivia likes to be involved in the whole process from start to finish. Working on Harry’s EP had been one of the most exciting, stressful, and rewarding times of her life. Harry was doing more performances, so he wasn’t in the studio as often as he’d like to be, their schedules were a bit off right now but it just made the time together more special. They’d always been attached at the hip since meeting but as their relationship developed and matured they were able to appreciate a little time apart, both of them confident in what they had enough to give it space when need be.

Still, Olivia never loses that excitement in her tummy when she turns the key in the lock each night and she hopes she never will.

Have you got it queued?” she asks, her voice carrying down the long hallway back to their bedroom, work trousers already unbuttoned and halfway shucked off.

Harry calls back a lazy affirmation and she can hear him cooing at their King Charles Spaniel, Georgie as she pulls on a pair of her worn leggings with a shirt of Harry’s.

“You love her more than me,” Olivia pouts teasingly as she hobbles back into the sprawling living space, feet padding along the grey hardwood floors.

“That’s cuz she’s Daddy’s little girl, aren’t you?” he sweet talks the pup currently sprawled in his lap, scratching behind her ears and accepting the laps of her wet tongue against his scruffy chin.

“I’d like one, please,” Olivia hums perching herself next to Harry on the couch and curling up her legs to rest against his.

Though when Harry’s lips are pursed at her she leans away, “Was talking to the baby,” she feigns confusion, leaning down to nuzzle her as Harry blinks owlishly.

She giggles then as Harry growls, pinching her chin between his thumb and forefinger and bringing her toward him.

“C’mere,” he whispers warmly, buttoning their lips together through both their smiles.

His fingers rest softly at her cheek as he deepens the kiss, making it just a bit sweeter than a normal welcome home one. With a final few pert pecks the two pull apart, his arm immediately winding round her shoulders when she leans back from plucking the remote from the table.

“You ready?” Olivia asks, pulling up the most recent episode of The Great British Bake Off on their DVR.

“To be on the receiving end of a rigorous round of oral sex? More than,” Harry tells her, smirk tickling his features as the opening credits begin to play.

“Carol’s going to win,” she tells him confidently, shrugging off his crude remark, “and then you’re going to eat your words.”

“And you,” Harry says, nipping at her earlobe and proceeding to rub his scruff along her cheek.

The bet had started innocently but as with anything between Harry and Olivia they’d found a way to make it slightly more interesting. A few months after moving to London, Olivia had grown tired of Friends reruns and decided to let Harry introduce her to some quintessential Brititsh TV. Right away she’d gotten sucked into the show, finishing the first three seasons in one particularly lazy weekend. When the new season started they’d made a tradition of sitting down together each week to watch.

“Who’ve you got?” Olivia had asked him when the first episode had ended.

“Maybe Leon?” he’d answered.

“You sure? Final answer?” she wiggles her brows.

“Are we betting?”

She’d hummed her affirmation with a devilish smile, “And I think you’ll like the stakes.”

Harry’s smile had quickly mirrored hers, “Will I? Out with it then.”

“Loser has to give the winner the best head of their lives,” Olivia had told him, watching as his eyes lit with lust and he’d pulled at his raspberry pout.

That was ten weeks ago and a long ten weeks it’d been. They were endlessly competitive on their own but together the constant jabs and teasing never seemed to end. Jeering when the other’s champion made a fatal mistake and very unsportsman-like cheering and whooping when each won Star Baker.

Tonight was no different and Harry’s pick Leon took an early lead with the Signature Challenge. Swiping his thumb along her plushy bottom lip with with a smug smile as she scoffed. Olivia hit his hand away but he caught her wrist swiftly, kissing her palm sweetly until her lips spread in a syrupy smile.

But his confidence wavered once they reached the second challenge.

“Bloody Christ Leon, you can’t prove sponge at room temperature!” he’d grumbled at the TV. Olivia snickering when it’d stuck to the sides of his baking pan.

Carol pulled away in the Technical Challenge with near perfect teacakes that even Paul Hollywood could find no fault in. Olivia wiggling with a cheer as Harry hurumphed sourly.

“He’s going to take the Showstopper, he always does,” Harry had told her confidently.

“I wouldn’t be too sure, my love,” she smiled secretly. Loving when he got riled up like this.

Hands had started to wander around the first commercial break. By now Olivia’s hand had a stroking grip on Harry’s thigh and he’d pulled her legs across him to toy with the hem near her ankles.

She feels his warm breath at her neck as he presses kisses he’s trying to pass off as innocent to the skin there. One wide palm massages wide circles into her calf while the other dances gentle fingers along the curve of her spine.

Olivia shrugs up her shoulder against his sweet assault, “Save your energy, babe.”

“You’re quite cocky, little girl,” he growls against her shoulder with a smile.

“It’s called confidence,” she huffs, turning her attention back to Carol’s elaborate sugar work on the screen.

When it’s time for the winner to be announced they’re both at the edge of their seats, both snickering in their own false confidence to make the other sweat.

“Better start stretching, darling,” Harry coos, miming stretching his jaw while she smacks his chest.

“C’mon Leon! Do it for your fellow Englishman!” he yells at the screen, tipping his head back in a laugh though he quickly snaps it back when Olivia stands and bends slightly in front of him. She hooks her thumbs in the waist of the leggings and peels them down quickly, flopping back on the couch in just her cotton panties.

“Just making it easier for you to get started,” she shrugs when she meets his questioning eyes.

“You haven’t got a chance, Olive.”

It turns out she does, and Carol takes the competition in the end much to Harry’s dismay. A whooping yell leaves Olivia as she hops up from her seat on the couch, dancing about in front of the screen to the pleasant theme as the bakers all congratulate each other. Harry’s pout is monumental, deep lines in his cheeks as he watches her gloat like a petulant child.

She’s giggling wildly, cheeks flushed from the exertion of her victory dance and she’s really rubbing it in.

Olivia skips over to the couch, hopping on it and sticking her pelvis right near his face, “C’mon, on with it then!” she laughs.

“You little…” Harry shakes his head, finally cracking a smile at his wild girlfriend’s antics.

He shoves at her knees and she topples over with the force, humphing as her legs are quite literally taken out from under her.

“You shit!” she laughs, Harry’s hands gripping her ankles and quickly throwing the closest over the leg of the couch.

Her laughing dies quickly however with the evil smile that plays around his lips.

“You’re going to be a sore loser aren’t you?” she pants from her laughter.

“Get comfortable, love. You won’t be coming for a long time.”

The smile is quickly wiped from her face as his words sink in. She should have known he’d get his revenge somehow and she’s more surprised at herself for not seeing this coming. Harry didn’t like to lose and he’d punish her by pushing her limits tonight.

His pointed nose swipes along her thighs, hands nowhere near where she wants them as he noses about her skin. His lips press featherlight kisses leisurely, with no real direction to them. Olivia fights against the ansty feeling her belly procures from his actions, willing it away when it will be no use to her for a long while. But Harry is too intuitive, catching her trick and fighting back with one of his own. In a sudden flick of movement he’s chucked her panties to the side and layed a bold stripe against her with the flat of his tongue. Her body jolts at the sudden and strong sensation, his warm tongue putting a delicious pressure against her clit. Olivia pulls in a harsh breath and she feels Harry smile against her flesh, proud of himself, no doubt, for that.

“Let’s get you wet, hmm?” he asks her softly, big round eyes flicking up at her, pupils nearly covering his irises.

He carefully pulls her panties off her legs, pushing her knees apart once again as soon as they’re mostly off. Fingers digging into the plush skin around her full hips.

Harry puckers his lips then, planting a light kiss to her before blowing a light stream of air across her. Olivia’s knee twitches as she blinks at the ceiling, breathing through the onslaught of sensations. His thumbs pull apart her folds gently, running along the lips and avoiding where she’s quickly getting slicker for him. The kisses he places are light and avoid her inner lips all together, running instead along her mound and the sensitive inside of her thighs.

Olivia’s cheeks are flush with unwanted warmth as her body tingles with desire. She’s fighting herself, and losing, Harry pulling out all the stops to get her out of her head. It’s his gentle suckle at her clit that does her in, forcing a squeaky whine from her that makes her grab tightly to his wrist.

“There she is,” Harry smiles, using that same hand to rub comforting cicles into her belly. He’s begun to kiss her now, with soft wet lips and a darting flicking tongue. She mewls at the feeling, the sloppy sounding licks filling the space around them. Her panting breaths echo as she licks her lips that have suddenly gone maddeningly dry. His tongue is in earnest pursuit now and she’s having trouble focusing, a resounding chorus of “Harry, Harry, Harry…” leaving her pursed lips. He’s digging deeper now, chin prodding in as he laps at the slickness around her entrance.

“Please,” she whimpers, fingers finally finding purchase in his short curls. Her hips buck instinctively nearer and each ragged breath he takes sends a wild shiver up her spine.

“Please what, baby?” he groans against her, taking turns suckling and licking with firm pressure over her clit.

“There! Oh god,” Olivia moans out, heels digging into the taut planes of his back as her brows pull in tight around her screwed shut eyes.

And just as soon his face is gone, replaced instead with his index and ring finger that rub lazy circles against her button. It’s enough to keep the buzzing through her but not enough to bring her closer to the edge. He’ll teeter her here in this cruel torture.

“You didn’t think I’d give it to you that easily did you?” he smirks, smarmy grin wet with her arousal. “Taste so good, love, I don’t wanna be finished just yet.”

She groans in frustration, covering her eyes with her arm as she flexes her toes against the maddening sensation.

“Need to talk to me, can’t tell what you want if you don’t,” he tells her, giving her a moment of blissful pressure with his fingers before going back to their gentle teasing.

“Want to come!” she gasps out.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” she mewls, “please, Harry.”

He breathes over her softly and she cries out, “Weren’t very nice to me earlier, rubbing it in my face that you’d won. Why should I be nice to you?”

“It hurts,” she whines, her entire entrance pulsing uncomfortably with his barely there touches.

“You can handle it,” he tells her simply, dipping just the tips of his fingers in and out of her soaked entrance, “I think you like it, love, you’re dripping.”

His tongue dives in then and Olivia gives an almighty shout, her breathing harsh and unrestrained as he eats her out with a renewed vigor. His tongue feels like it’s everywhere at once, the sensation so intense she can feel it’s effects to the tips of her fingers and toes. Her eyes blur with the pleasure and she’s unable to contain the moans that slip unbidden from her lips.

Everything is slick and sloppy and the noises they make are absolutely filthy but Harry loves it. Soaks it all in, so to speak, as he prods once again at her opening. This time however, he does so with purpose and she clenches tight around his fingers on the smooth glide inside her. He quickly realizes she’s ready for two already and slips his middle finger in her as well. Olivia’s grip is so tight on his hair it stings but he loves it. Loves to see her unrestrained and desperate for the way he knows how to touch her. It’s over too soon in his opinion with three strong jolts of her tummy and a babbling stream of “mgonnacummgonnacum…” falling from her bitten cherry mouth.

Harry laps at her carefully then, minding her mewls where she’s too sensitive for touch at the moment. When she’s sufficiently clean for the time being, he presses up on achy knees to crawl up her body.

A soft content smile graces her features as her long hair creates a golden halo around her face.

“That was brilliant,” she giggles to him, drunk on the wonderful aftershocks of her orgasm.

“You’re so lovely when you come,” he tells her reverently, he does tend to get a little soppy when his dick is hard.

Said dick was now poking insistently into Olivia’s thigh and through heavy lids she battles to lock eyes with him.

“Let’s get you sorted,” she begins to tell him with a weak push at his bicep but he’s already shaking his head.

“Just wanna lay here for a minute with you,” he tells her softly, folding over her relaxed frame and pulling his fingers through her silky strands.

It’s quiet for a moment, both of them soaking in that warmth and smell of each other that’s so bloody addiciting until Olivia breaks the silence.

“God bless Carol and her perfect teacakes,” she giggles.

Harry just grumbles an exasperated laugh, “Fuckin’ hell.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Aunt Scripty. So in TV and movies, people just inject the syringe in whatever body part of the victim. Like, is that how it works? Don't they need to find a vein or something? Or will the substance injected to body work even if it wasn't entered directly to the bloodstream?

Hey there nonny! So first things first: TW NEEDLES for those who yelled at me last time for posting a picture of needles on a medical blog.

Next: the short answer is, it depends.

The long answer is, it depends!

Different medications work via different mechanisms. Some need to be injected directly into the bloodstream. Some can be given under the skin (like a PPD, the test for tuberculosis). Some should really be given through an IV that ends near the heart, while others can just be injected into the muscle.

The medical shorthands for the various injection types are:

  • IN (intranasal; this is done with the medicine and an “atomizer”, not a needle; it’s given as a spray). This is limited to meds that will absorb there and can only have a small volume, up to 2-ish mLs.
  • SQ (subcutaneous) goes under the skin. This is given for small volumes of medication, usually less than 0.5mL .
  • IM (intramuscular, literally injected deep into the muscle). Again, you can only do IM with meds that can absorb this way. You can only give small volumes: up to 3mL in the deltoids (arms), up to 5mL in the thighs or glutes (butt).
  • IV (intravenous) have no limit on volume, because they’re given through the vein, and the cardiovascular system can absorb a surprising amount of fluid. This is also the fastest method.
  • Some IV medications should be given through central lines (ones that have long catheters where the tip is just outside the heart). These are typically medications that affect the vasculature, like norepinephrine, phenylephrine, or epinephrine (when given by a drip).

Some Things We DON’T Do

Medfolk will also never, ever, just give an injection into a vein. Substance abusers will “hotshot” drugs like this, but this is something medfolk DO NOT DO:

This is simply Not Done by people who know what they’re doing.

It’s a trope in TV and movies, because it’s quick and neat and easy and brutal to just have someone get a needle in their arm.

It’s worth noting that if your character GETS a hotshot for some reason, yes, it is realistic to have the person giving the injection pull back on the plunger and make sure that the syringe gets a little bit of blood in it. That’s how you’re sure you’re in the vein; we do this with IVs and saline all the time.

Below: Good To Do!

(Note: I have never seen a stopcock on an IV like that.)

Medfolk will always, ALWAYS put in an IV rather than hotshot a medication. (At least, that’s how it works everywhere I’ve ever practiced

The reason for an IV over a hotshot is that if the needle moves during an IV and exits the vein, yeah, you’ll get some bruising and someone will be pissed, but if someone moves during a hotshot with the wrong medication, the area around the injection site can necrotize and die. NOT COOL.

As for SQ medications, the skin is pinched (to get it away from the muscle) and the injection is given into the skin, usually at a 45 degree angle.

IM injections are done by grabbing the muscle group in question to stabilize it – usually the deltoid, glute or thigh. The needle is inserted into the muscle, and drawn back to make sure there is no blood, because injecting IM medications into a vein by accident can give your patient an overdose. Note that I’ve never accidentally put an IM needle in a deep vein, nor have I met anyone who’s done so. It’s mostly a theoretical concern. Anyway, we draw back, make sure no blood, then inject into the muscle. It’s worth noting that these, and SQ injections, hurt not from the needle (mostly) but from the fluid as it pushes into tissue.

It’s worth noting that every. single. time. I see an injection on TV it’s wrong, with the exception of one injection I remember from House (and I’m not tracking it down just to verify it).

Now, as to writing injections, there’s one thing I wanted to point out. Characters will not always get injections with their permission. Sedation and other injections can happen against someone’s will. Unless it’s medically necessary and the person isn’t competent to refuse care, this is a human rights violation. Human rights violations also make good drama, though, so it’s worth discussing how this works.

In that case, IV meds are out. Just, no. You’re not realistically going to get IVs on struggling people. Trust me, I have tried.

Instead, whoever is doing the injection will need to opt for a medication that works IM (in the muscle), and will want to give that injection into the biggest muscle they can find. The lateral thigh works just fine, and while technically they SHOULD clean the site, it’s impractical. Simply stick the needle through someone’s pants into the thigh or the glute, and inject, and get out. This is our approach to struggling people who are dangers to themselves and others, and it can work for your characters too.

Hope this was helpful!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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How about Harry seeing how many times he can actually make u cum? Like maybe you've just had ur first big one and you're trying to calm down when Harry starts rubbing at ur nub again and you gasp "w-what are you doing?" And he has this tranced look on his face and properly spends the next few hours making u shake and cry

Because it’s not just about how many times can he make you come, it’s all the different ways he can, too. Because maybe you were at dinner with friends and had a few too many, so you made an off-hand comment about how clitoral stimulation is the best and easiest way to get you off. And Harry took that as a personal challenge. 

By the time he’s got you on the bed, naked and writhing beneath him while his thumb is poised expertly over your clit and only one more swipe across is needed to finish the job…he stops. And asks if it really is the best way to get you off. Luckily he’s not that cruel and starts up again, letting you sink right back into that sweet spot that you soon fall numb in and melt away completely. 

But you can hardly soak up the afterglow as he’s back rubbing on you with his longest finger finding your g-spot and telling you to come hither. The motion crumples your body involuntarily, still highly sensitive and alert, but all he does is continue to heap pleasure upon you with a focused stare as he rolls his tongue between his teeth. 

“W-what are you doing?” He’s left your clit alone for now, focusing all of his energy on fingering that spot deep inside you in a way that has your belly clenching and heart racing. 

“Think I need to remind yeh of summat, petal.” Your thighs start to close in around his hand, squeezing tightly and limiting his ability. But with one strong arm he’s able to wrangle them and hold you down so you can’t hide from the sensations he’s giving you. 

He presses hard against your spongy spot and you can’t contain the cry that leaves your lips and wracks through your whole body. As orgasm trembles throughout you, you fall heavily back to the bed, Harry’s fingers leaving you only for a moment as he crawl on top of you. 

He swipes away a small tear that’s leaked from the corner of your eye, ensuring he has your attention before speaking. “Getting yeh off all ways is easy for me.” 

And he further proves his point the rest of the night, allowing his tongue, his fingers, and his cock to take turns gracing you with pleasure. 

Just The Girl Next Door

Jungkook x Reader One Shot

Word Count ~ 3,200

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Loss of Virginity, Masturbation and Under Aged Drinking.

Excuse mistakes please.

Plot: My whole love life is centered around one man, Jeon Jungkook, and to him l’m “Just The Girl Next Door”.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

In his eyes l’m just the girl next door. In my eyes he’s the prince charming l love. 

But, it wasn’t always like this, there was a time when he loved me. 


We were friends because our families were friends, we both learned to like each other. Then we learned to love each other, it turned out that we had pretty messed up families who didn’t take care of their children properly, so we loved each other in order to make up for the love we lacked from our parents.

And like that we spent our lives together in the same neighborhood in the same town, 

Until high school. 

This is were everything broke apart. Jungkook and l were close, we talked all the time, we’d walk to and from school together, and we ate lunch together, everybody called us “the not actually but kinda siblings”. 

We loved that neck name. Lovers for short. 

But the day came when Jungkook found a girl he loved, her name was Nana. I didn’t know Nana well but l knew l wasn’t going to like her. She wanted Jungkook for her self, all for her self. He was so blinded by love that he followed her every command. Every one of them. 

“Leave her,” She said, and he did, with out a second though. 

Even after spending 17 years together he just left. Shortly after wards he got a tattoo or severely, and started not coming to school as often. Now when he passed by me l could smell alcohol and tobacco in his breath. 

He wasn’t the Jeon Jungkook l knew anymore. 

… … 

Knock knock’ 

lt was 3 am on a Friday night, Jungkook and l are both 19 and there was someone banging on the door. 

“W-who’s the-ere?” 

“1 2 3, it me” 

My eyes widened from shock, he still remembered that? When we were little that was our code way of say “Help, l feel like dying” I opened the door to a drunk Jungkook, 


"Hey," He chuckled at me, with depression in his eyes.

"Wanna talk?" 


I showed him the way into my house, which was only occupied by me, my parent don’t come home anymore. I got him to the couch and he flipped on to it besides me. 

"So-o, what did you want to talk about?" 



"First l want to say sorry, and for everything, l’m sorry for leaving you for some thot, l’m sorry for hurting you the way l did, l’m even more sorry for taking away your best friend, me" 

I smiled, only a little, and mumbled "It’s too late…" 

"What? Huh, not surprised… l mean l am two years too late” He chuckled at the end,

“Do you remember what you said to me when you left, do you remember how much l begged you not to go,” l hadn’t noticed but my tears were falling so quickly, “Do you remember l told you she was no good. Do you?” My voice was rising, “Do you remember, what you said to be as you coldly walked away?”


“Your just the girl next door,” l cried the hardest at line.

“l’m soo sorry,” He grabbed my hand and intertwined his own it to it, it had been two years since the last time l felt his hands like this, and l forgot just how big they were. “Please, let me help you forget,” He inched closer, so close l could smell the tobacco under his breathe, l wanted to puck.

“Ju-jungkook…” l whimpered,

His kiss was a response to my whimper. This wasn’t my first kiss only because in the 7th grade at a class trip he had kissed me, he was still my first kiss. As his tongue started to lick the opening to my mouth l grew sick of the tobacco that was slipping in with him. l pushed him off of me only to realized he had pinned me on to the couch. 

“Wh-what’s wrong?” He asks as l spit the confines of our kiss to the floor.

“l-l can’t with the taste of tobacco, ahh”

“O-oh, l’m sorry, actually now that you brought it up, l’m wanting to start a new, that means l’m taking out all the bad and l’m going to put in good. So… will you take me back as a friend, l can’t ask for any other position but that,” He says looking down at our hands intertwined, at the tobacco stuck between his finger nails.

“Jungkook, l don’t hate you so, being your friend is something l want to do too, but first you can’t smoke anymore other wise l can’t spend much time with you, okay?”

“O-okay,” He says handing me a packet of cigarettes followed by “Please throw this a way for me,”

“B-but, there is only on cigarette that was used,”

“That was the one l used before l came here, l got nervous,” He says scratching the back of his head shyly, it starting to feel like old times, l’m happy.

“Then l should be going, it is pretty late after all.”

“O-oh, aren’t you locked out of your house at this time?”

“Y-yeah, but l don’t want to impose on you..”

“Well it’ll be just like old times,” l say while remembering in those times.

“Only we won’t stay in the same bed, hehe” Then l remember this isn’t like old times,


l woke up after Jungkook to the smell of food in the kitchen, l sneak in to the kitchen hoping to scare him when l see his lose tang top that reveals his “F**K it” Tattoo, then l remember this isn’t like the old day, the days where we used to be in love. Ever since he came back l want to rush things and make it just like how it was, but l know theses things take time.

Jungkook and l had a meaningful conversation, he told me everything, every detail of his life with out me, he told me that he was blinded not by love but by Nana’s sex, he said “lt was like a spell”. He also told me that what made him want to change was because he realized after spending so much time away from me he wanted to see me again, so he came back.

l told him the details of why my parents left and how the rest of my life was, not as interesting as his but, he cared enough to listen, just like the old days.

… (Four months later, the two of us have been dating now for four months)

Jungkook stopped smoking now for four months, he even got some of his tattoos removed, he also made it to gradation and now were going on to university, looks like we’d made it this far and now Jungkook and l have returned to be best friends or lovers as my classmates call us, only…

Every time l look at Jungkook a reflect of “l’m sorry” is what stares back at me, he hates him self.

“Love me,” Jungkook said one lazy afternoon,

“Wha… Jungkook are you sick again,” l say jokingly as l walk up towards him to feel his forehead,

“No, make love to me,” He says grabbing my wrist and pulling my body to sit perfectly on top of his erection.

“J-Jung-gkook-ok” l was so tooken back by this, l couldn’t even say his name correctly.

“You can feel it, right, this how much l want you, please…”

“Uhhh, Jungkook, l-l well, right now, l’m not ready…”

“l know your virgin but trust me you’ll like this,”

“Jungkook are you saying this out of love or lust?”

“What kinda of a question is that, both.”

“So, are you gonna force me?”



“Then, jack me off.”


“Do it and i’ll wait how ever long you want me too,”

“Even til marriage?”

“Yes, even til marriage”


l heard him unzip his pants as he gently pulled my hand towards his erection which was now out and in the open, throbbing, to embarrassed to see it face to face l looked a way, this very same thing is gonna rip me apart in years to come.

“Hey.. don’t be so embarrassed, trust me l want hurt you with this thing if your worried about that, okay?”

Shortly after that he placed my hand of it. lt was so hard, and my finger couldn’t wrap around the whole thing so l can’t even say it’s width, it’s texture was very veiny, it was throbbing so much and it was slimy. He was so big! he guided my hand to go up and down slowly, then he started to whine how l’m going to slow, so l sped up.

“Ah! Fuck!”

“O-oh l’m sorry, l didn’t mean to hurt you, l’m really no good at this…”

“Hurt? Are you kidding me, that felt soooo good! Keep going, you tiny soft hands are driving me crazy!”


He was twitching so much, and he was still going harder. Seriously how will this go inside of me? He still kept telling me to speed up and to squeeze him harder, he was moaning so much! There was so much slim!

“l’m so close baby, just a little more! Fuck!”

l started to feel wet too, his moans and the simple fact that l had this affect on him, it was making me want to touch my self. So Jungkook did it for me.

“Aww, your horny too aren’t ya, come here.”

He placed me on his thigh riding me, he thighs are so big and firm. l’ve sat on them before but never have l rode them. The clothes om my counter part to what l was jacking of in my hand, was getting in the way so he ripped my under wear off. As l was reaching my high, so was he. His large hands grabbed my waist pushing up and down, side to side, left to right, up and down, l really loved bouncing on him the most. When l wasn’t reaching my high fast enough Jungkook inserted a finger then placed another hand on my clit, still thigh riding me to my very limit.

“Baby, ahh, l can tell, your close, ahh, too!” His panting getting in the way of his speech.


Just as l said that Jungkook finished all over my hand, there was so much sperm, l felt like we wasted it just letting it spell on my hands. Shortly after Jungkook climax my came hard on me, l felt Jungkook’s hands grab my waist again and forceful riding me, it felt good rough, finishing on his lab and riding the rest of my high with quiet moans which he loved. 

“…l love you..” l panted out quietly,

“love ya too y/n”

… …

l spent the next two and a half years with Jungkook fixing his “broken” life. He ended up wanting me to marry as l did for him, but on our wedding night she showed up, Nana.

And like a flood, all of the forgotten insecurities come in at once.

Still not sure as to who invited her, Jungkook swears on his life he did, and l believe him, she must have just found her way here.

We rushed to the honeymoon hotel that was rented for this night, the “happiest” night of our lives, but now it just sad. 

“l’m sorry,” Here he goes again with the apologizes.

“Jungkook, l’ve told you before l forgive you”

“l’m sorry…” l Could hear him sniffle.

“Stop it already!” l shot at him, my anger wasn’t really at him, but her.

“l’m-” l interrupted him from saying “l’m sorry” again.

“I don’t have any ideal why that fuck she’s here for, but! Stop saying your sorry…” l broke down crying, l just wanted to forget his past, the years he abandoned me, the times l found my self crying, alone, when he was the only one l always turned too. l just wanted to forget, but here, that she took his virginity and not me, that he loved her, or was “blinded” by “love”, as he says. l just wanted to forget.

“l’m sorry…”

“Prove it, make me forget.”


“l don’t know. Do what ever, l just want to wake up and forget the name “Nana”, okay?”

“Okay” He says huskily walking towards me.

“One thing, i’ll be gentle the first round, but when l’m down, you won’t be able to walk straight.” 

With his overly muscular hands he picked me up and placed me on the bed, this was the beginning of  the “first round” or what ever he called it. First he stripped me of my cloths, then him self. l saw it again, our first meeting l wasn’t quite ready to see it, then we met a couple of times of pure accident, but now l want it, no l need it, l need it to help me forget this pain.

“Please relax, place your head on the pillow and spread your legs,” l follow his every word.

Since l was wearing no cloths l felt so exposed, Jungkook and l have seen each other naked before, but we both had a understanding of no touching, now that doesn’t exist. He placed a cold hand on my clit, earning a squeak out of me. His other hand fondling my breasts. His mouth was on my lips, kissing my tears away, placing his tongue inside of my mouth, he trailed down towards my neck, leaving marks on his way down. After a while of fondling with his hand, he started with his tongue, making me moan his name.

“Jungkook~” l whined, not getting much attention towards my aching core, which wanted him, more like “it”. Ignoring my request he placed his mouth on my breasts and started to suck violently,

“Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!” l moaned again, his mouth felt so good, my now wet core really showed it. Sucking my breast til l screamed was his cue to move lower, much lower, leaving cute wet kiss on his way down. Placing his tongue on my clit, treating the same way he treated my breasts, sucking hard, the louder sucks the high patch my voice got for him,

“Ahhh, Jungkook!” l grabbed his hair, my back arcing at his touch now.

“Hummm, babe..” He mumbled, but since was at my core his deep voice just echoed it’s way throw me, shaking me, l was coming close because of it.

He then placed his pinkie in to my core, licking up and down starting form my clit and down to where his finger was pushed into.

“Your fucking pussy is so wet!” He teased, mocking the slurp sounds that my vagina gave when he moved his finger in and out. “Aww, look your trying to come off this one itty bitty finger, aren’t you.” l nodded my head as my hips thrusts match his pinkie fingers, desperately trying to reach my climax. “Here, let me give you this,” He slipped his pinkie out, taking it towards his mouth, taking his time with the licking, “Mmmumm, so sweet, ahh” Tease me, locking eye contact with his words. He then slips in his middle finger, filling me up as he goes, reaching a dead end. “Damnnnn, your so tight, fuck I’ma really have to be gently later since your this tight on just my middle finger.”

His finger starts to pound faster, and faster, harder and harder, most of the time he’d hit my g-spot, “AAHhhh, J-jungggkoo-ok” l stuttered out, this felt too good! 

“Wow! So you can get tighter, shit, your close aren’t you.”

l nod as my response, my throat to dry for words anymore, all the panting also left my lips dry, l wanted to kiss. Like he read my mind we kissed, and l squirted on him. And he loved it, it felt like pee at first but the longer his was fingering me l just didn’t care anymore. Any bits that spill out of me he saw he drank. Panting and trembling underneath him he looked at me and said. “Round two”

He placed him self on top, placing his you-know-what at my entrances, after moving his tip around my clit, teasing me again. Moving around the inside of my labia he final finds my vagina and then with one big thrust he enters. 

“Ah! Ow..” 


“No! Don’t say that, please move, move!”

Not wanting to hear me complain he moved his massive counter part inside of me, slowly at first. Because of his size he had to be gentle other wise he’d actually break me, so l told him to move faster, in between the pants l whined for him to move, 


“A-are you sure, l haven’t been in you longer than a minute?”

“Just do it!” He was right, l started to tear up a little, but l knew that the pain wouldn’t hurt for long. 

“Ahh, ahh! So fucking TIGHT!” 

Yeah… lt’s didn’t take long before his worry of me faded to pure lust. His pace sped up so quickly, he was so hot, l he was melting my insides to my outsides, l wanted to slow down my body because l was coming too quickly. He was still growing inside of me, l could feel how he was gonna blow and quick. My wall’s were squeezing him so quickly, l knew this because every five seconds he’s say something about it, meanwhile l’m at a lose of words because l can say is, “Jungkook!”

He gripped my clit with his plump thumb and index finger, that was what made me come in the end.

“l’m COMING!” l screamed as he followed soon afterwards. He pulled out right before he exploded, then his sperm on my stomach. 

“Round three” He muttered tiredly, he wanted to sleep, we both felt like jelly but he was determent to… to.., wait what did l ask him to do this for me for again?

Oh yeah… it was to forget, and l forgot.

He placed me in the doggy position, at least that was what he called it, he then placed his face in between to my core, forcing me to forget what l had forgotten with every swallow.

“Ahhh, Jungkook, let me ride you thigh,” l requested seeing who l have done this is such a while.

l hopped on to him, we when slow, l moved on my own as he firmed parts of his thigh making me go insane with pleasure, ah! l hopped up and down not being able to carry my self, Jungkook started to bounce his leg, l was loving every second, he hopped me towards another ending, he flipped me laying on my back and whispered “Round four”

“No, l-l can’t go anymore”


“No, please l can’t even get up, no more, let sleep”

Rolling his eyes he said, “Gladly” a plopped on the bed next to me, cuddling as we both said our “l love you”s off to dream land.

Keke, like if you couldn’t tell l was really trying to make the smut good, sorry if you ended up find some unfixed errors or didn’t like something else.

As always hoped you enjoyed =))




Okay, so who would’ve guessed that a woman like you would meet and fall in love with the one and only Grant Gustin. Definitely not you. Sure, your strong dislike for spiders remained, but Grant taught you to not freak out, but to instead call him and ask him to kill it. Most couples have a few cute traditions, and sure, you two did as well, but you’ve never heard of another couple that the woman in the relationship fed her boyfriend a cookie eachtime he killed a spider.

Hateful thoughts ran through Grant’s mind as he watched you and a new addition to your movie laugh after the director yells cut. His jaw is clenched, fists as well by his side. You had finished the first movie, which made the top movie of the year, along with many awards. Everyone seemed to like the movie so much that the director announced a sequel. A spot had been opened for your characters new love interest, and although Grant would’ve auditioned in a heartbeat, he was busy filming the season finale of ‘The Flash’. So instead, the roll had gone to a new-found star, Tom Holland. (I just died inside btw) And, ironically enough, Grant wanted to squish him like one of the spiders found in your now shared home, especially watching the male getting all touchy. Lost in his hateful thoughts, he hardly noticed you walk up to him, a grin plastered on your face. Your lips where a bit swollen, the results of the last heated sex scene scene. To say the least, Grant was not happy. He watched the way Tom stayed in character, ripping off your clothes, kissing your neck and grinding against you, grabbing your ass. He silently swore that Tom enjoyed it, getting close to you, grabbing you and grinding for a scene. Grant looked up, eyes hazy as he looked you up in down. “Hey babe!” You smile, running a hand through his soft hair. He just grunts, and your smile quickly fades, forming into a frown. You squat down to come face to face with your boyfriend, hand cupping his cheek. Grant inwardly curses himself for leaning into your touch by habit, still a bit peeved. His looked turned into that of a guilty one- he wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at Tom. He brings a hand up to hold yours, squeezing it lightly. “What’s wrong, baby?” You whisper, eyes filled with worry. He shakes his head, looking slightly behind you at Tom, facial expression hard. Your eyes widen in realization, biting your lip suddenly. “Grant, honey, are you jealous?” You ask, your teasing working as pink tints across his freckled cheeks. “I- yeah, maybe a little bit.” He mutters. You smile lightly, leaning forward to connect your lips with his. Pulling away seconds later, you notice him lean forward to follow your lips. “Don’t be, darling. I’m yours. You film scenes all the time, and we’re still together and strong. Don’t worry.” You nod, kissing the corner of his mouth, moving to peck his lips several times. He nods, and you pull at his hand, guiding him off of his off-scene chair and dragging him into your trailer. He plops down onto your bed, sheets ruffling around his thin waist. You stalk up to him, lifting his chin with your index finger and connecting your lips once more as you straddle him. You roll your hips lightly as you wrap your arms around his necks, fingers finding their way to his hair, twirling the shorter strands between them. Grant muffles the small moan about to escape his lips by biting your lower one, tugging at it between his teeth. Pulling away and leaving your lips cold as the cold air in your trailer hits them, Grant begins to leave open kisses against your skin, quickly finding your sweet spot and biting down, sucking at the soft skin. Succesfully leaving a bright, purple love bite, he pulls away to admire his work. As he looks up at you, you notice the lust exploding in his beautiful green eyes, lips swollen. “Now everyone will know your mine. Especially Tom.” He growls, and you’d be lying if you said that wasn’t a turn on. “I’ll always be yours, Grant.” You moan airily at his words. “Good.” And with that, Grant picks you up, hands underneath your thighs, flipping you around so you now lay on your back. He then proceeds to take off his shirt, then yours, and before you know it, you stare up as his naked body. You let a hand reach up and trail a finger down your boyfriend’s abs, going down until you reach his stiff member, painfully pressed against his toned stomach, desperate to be touched. You wrap your hand around his base, tugging up the skin, looking up and watching Grant’s face turns into an expression of pleasure, thick eyebrows scrunched, mouth ajar. You smile, watching him pant as you stroke his length. You slide your thumb against the tip, and Grant moans, opening his eyes to look at you pleadingly. You grin, biting his lower lip as he did to you, using his dick to pull his whole body forward. You guide the tip of his cock to your slick entrance, slicking him up with your wetness. His tip brushes your throbbing clit, and you moan, letting Grant take control. He fixes his eyes on you, suddenly and unexpectedly thrusting into you, giving you no time to adjust as he starts to pull out before smashing hard against you. “Mmph, fuck Grant..” You mewl, throwing your head back as he snaps his hips forward, pounding desperately into you. He leans down to take your nipple into his mouth, sucking on it fiercly. You gasp, wrapping your legs around his waist, trying to keep your eyes open. Grant reaches a hand inbetween you, fingers finding your clit and rubbing figure-eights as you buck your hips. He pulls away with a pop, examing the several hickies spread across your chest. “F-fuck, Grant.. please.” You beg, dragging your fingers down his back. “Please what, Y/N? Tell Daddy what you want.” He snaps his hips, and you cry out, now leaving red lines on his back. “I- I want you to make me cum! Please, I’m so close..” You moan loudly, face contorted everytime his dick hits your g-spot. He realizes what he’s doing, and he hooks his arms around your legs, spreading them before pounding faster and harder than before, burying his head into your neck. “God, you feel so good, wrapped around my cock and taking it like a good girl.” He moans. At his words, you throw your head back, toes curlying as you reach your limit. Your thighs shake, and you squeeze them against Grant’s side’s as you cum, pulsing around him as you ride out your orgasm. Meanwhile, feeling you clench around him as you drench his cock in your fluids, he bites your shoulder as his thrusts begin to slow, cumming inside you, unloading himself. He thrusts a few more times, coming down from your high before pulling out, giving you a small apologetic smile when you wince, your core still extremely sensitive. You lay there, waiting for him to come back. He returns with a damp cloth, leaning down to clean up his juices that started to drip down your thigh. You jolt at the cold feeling, and he chuckles, throwing the rag into your laundry bin before crawling into bed, wrapping his arms around your waist, abruptly leaving one to stroke your sides, pulling you against his chest. You smile as he buries his head into the crook of your neck, peppering loving kisses here and there. “I love you, so so much.” He whispers against your skin. You hum happily, “I love you too, Grant. I told you I was yours.” You giggle, gasping as he pinches your nipple. “I know. I don’t know why I was jealous.” He blushes. “I don’t know.. it was kind of hot…” You whisper, pressing your ass against his crotch. He groans, tightening his grip. “I’ll definitely make sure to keep that in mind.” He winks. You smile, glad to know that Grant was yours, and you are his. And your sure everyone was gonna know that, as no concealer could cover the marks he left on you, making sure everyone knew that.

Just smth i wrote because i was bored

Rain spluttered against the windows, creating a relaxing and comforting sound in the background. My stomach was comfortably toasty with the chocolate curls nestled upon it cutely as I read my book.

Harry and I had decided that we were going to spend this Sunday in bed, since the weather limited us with things to do. However, Harry had been a little restless, getting bored easier than me, who thoroughly enjoyed being curled up all day.

It was when I removed my hand from gently running my hands through his fluffy locks to turn the page of my book and didn’t return it when he spoke.

“Babeee.” He drawled. Immediately I retuned my hand to its previous activity, and he sighed in content as I lightly scratched at his scalp. From here I could smell his shampoo, vanilla softly tickling my nostrils everytime I ran a hand through.

It wasn’t long before a soft, warm, hand started stroking my side gently. At first I ignored it, just appreciating the closeness of our bodies.

But, that hand soon moved down to the outside of my thigh under the covers and when I ignored that it made its way to the inside of my thigh, which was bare due to my limited clothing.

In response to the soft touch upon my exposed thigh, I lightly scratched his head. This earned my a light hum of satisfaction before he placed a light, feather touch of his lips against where his head lay on my tummy.

However, this didn’t stop there as more of these ghost kisses were scattered around my navel, Harry’s touch on my thigh less light and more laden, having my leg twitching in response.


“Yeah babe?” He uttered innocently against my bare skin, nose also lightly skimming against it.

“What are you doing?” My attention was dragged away from my book as I watched him place sweet kisses upon me.

“Nothing.” He hummed against me, to which I placed my book to the side of me. This caused him to finally look up at me, frosty green eyes meeting my own.

“Is it because I’m not paying attention to you?”

A smirk tilted up the left side of his mouth as he lent up on his elbows, large hands resting on my stomach, almost covering it completely.


Using my other hand to play with his hair, those eyes closed in appreciation. Dark lashes fanned against his cheeks, one’s that forever made me envious.

“Do you always have to be such a baby?” I joke, smiling softly as his eyes snap open. Frown lines appear as he speaks.

“I’m not a baby.” But his lovely, pouty lips say otherwise.

“Sure you’re not.” I hum, watching intently as he moves up my body, closer to my face.

“Come ‘ere.” He sighs before I’m closing the distance between our mouths, engaging in a sweet, soft, kiss.

redinkofshame  asked:

You mentioned that the female body-chan is too exaggerated for your tastes; what do you think of the Figma Archetype Next: She? (I know you mentioned cost, I'm just curious if you have experience with it and it's less pose-able or something.)

Hi, thanks for the ask, and for your patience!  I had a couple of crazy work weeks, so I’m behind on asks and posting new pictures, but I’m hoping to catch up next week!

As to your question – first off, some background for anyone reading:

S.H. Figuarts Body-chan (left) | Figma Archetype Next: She (right)

In general, I do think the Figma Archetype Next: She figure looks like a more useful resource for someone seeking less stylized anatomy.  I also think these look like two entirely different women, with Body-chan appearing maybe 4′ or 4′5″ based on her proportions and head size (though still lacking anatomical believability), while Next: She’s proportions are more like 5′9″ to 6ft tall.  I even overlaid Next: She’s photo over some of these athlete body comparison charts to see how the proportions line up.  She consistently matches the 6′+ female athletes, and occasionally a 5′6″ or 5′8″.  I recommend trying it out yourself too, paying close attention to head size and placement of the soles of the feet. Any drawings based on these figures would have to account for their proportional differences.

I don’t have either figure, so I can’t really vouch for quality or poseability.  I’ve found pictures of Body-kun and Body-chan together, but I don’t know how Next: She’s scale compares to Body-kun’s.

My biggest worry about Next: She from looking at pictures is flexibility in posing.  With such a long torso, it would be difficult to get a realistic bend or swivel in the spine without having an additional point of articulation at the center of the waist.  Even Body-kun with his short torso doesn’t have as much flexibility there as I would like.  I can’t get him to fully curl over his knees, for example.

The pictures on this site are some good examples of the lack of realistic bend.  She achieves some good @eschergirls​ -like snaking in the waist, but I’ve never seen a real human achieve such feats. ^_^

I also find it disappointing that none of the female figures appear to have any full swivel capability above the biceps or the upper thighs, because it’s helpful to see the rotation of the muscles and joints even if your female characters only have the slightest hint of muscle definition.  It may not be a deal-breaker if you have good anatomical knowledge or have a simplified art style, but it’s a minus for sure if you ever draw buff women.  It looks like both female figures might have *some* swivel in the thighs, but it also looks much more limited than Body-kun, who can achieve over 90 degree turnout purely from upper thigh rotation. (anyone out there who has either female figure and can confirm?)

Here’s another example of how lack of flexibility can lead to faulty posing[1].  And this is even one of the promo images used for Next: She.  Yes, if you were lifting your leg in front of you, the back of your knee and the heel of your foot would face forward[2].  But if you were lifting your leg to the side as the figure is doing, the back of your knee and heel would face outward[3].  I’m not sure if it’s just a bad pose or a reflection of this figure lacking thigh-swiveling capability.  Either way, it’s something to watch out for when making a mannequin approximate a pose that it can’t quite do.  (disclaimer: Body-kun can almost do a full side split, but he can’t lift his leg above his waist, so it’s not like he can emulate these dancers either.  But he can do pose #1 with his knee and even his thigh muscles facing the right direction.)

Of course, mannequins are only guides, to be used as supplements alongside anatomical study from life.  So if your knowledge can fill in the gaps that the figure leaves behind, it’s all good.  I think this figure could probably be helpful for artists who are looking for more basic poses, or artists who don’t draw a lot of women with visible muscle mass, or for anyone who has good anatomical knowledge and can recognize the points where the figure deviates from reality.  When using mannequins, I also like to feel out unusual poses with my own body, and look at video and photos (ones I know aren’t doctored) and real life to judge the pose’s viability and do anatomical comparisons.

Personally, I find it more helpful to have a believable pose as a base, regardless of gender, than to have a correctly gendered figure that lacks believable posing ability.  So I prefer to stick with Body-kun for now.  But that’s purely personal preference.

tl:dr I do think Figma Archetype Next: She would be a helpful reference as long as you supplement it heavily with anatomical studying from life and can recognize where the figure falls short of reality - but this is also true of most drawing aids.  I think it has better anatomy than Body-chan, but I don’t think it has the same range of believable poseability as Body-kun.

I know that was probably way more detail than you wanted, but I hope it helps!  If anyone has either female figure and wants to chime in, feel free!

Between Friends

Sam asks for a favor that only very, very good friends would agree to do.

This was a very weird idea of mine that I sort of came up with after a quirky dream. It sort of almost has Blam in it but not really like they’re not involved other than… educationally? Yeah… I’m gonna go sit in a corner.

“I need help.”

Kurt doesn’t look back from his jewellery sketches when he hears Sam say that, assuming he won’t be needed in this conversation. His husband’s best friend would be in town for the weekend only and Kurt’s more than happy to let them have their time as he is due to finish his designs in the next few days anyway.

“With what?”


But there are some things that pull Kurt’s attention even when he’s trying to focus on something else.

“Uh… okay,” Blaine says slowly, stealing a glance at Kurt who shrugs.

“Yeah, I mean. You two are pretty good at it, right?” Sam says. “At least you have a lot of it.”

“What makes you say that?” Kurt asks.

“Oh, come on.”

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You’re Cute When You Laugh

Originally posted by animegifstrash

Hey guys! This was a fanfiction that I was writing while I was working. I have been wanting to type it out when I got the chance, so yeah…I got the chance! XD Anyway, I really hope you guys like this one, and without further rambling from me, please enjoy! <3

Atsushi seriously had no idea what started it, but now…he wanted it to end at all costs. Slipping into the Agency’s office, Atsushi shut the door hard, and glanced around. The room was completely empty of the workers, but that didn’t help the weretiger’s situation. Hearing footsteps starting to come towards his location, the teen held his breath, and quickly hid himself under his desk, pressing his hand to his mouth to avoid making any sounds. Hearing the door open, and then close, Atsushi watched with wide eyes as tan shoes came into his vision. Wait…those weren’t Dazai’s shoes.

                       “K-Kunikida-san…is that you?” the weretiger whimpered, and when his chair was pushed aside, and the older blond’s face came into view, Atsushi let out a sigh of relief. Seeing his confused expression, the teen gave him a shaky, obviously nervous smile, knowing he should at least explain himself. “U-um…HELP! I’m being chased by Dazai! And I don’t know where he is, or why he’s doing it!”

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In The Morning

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Overweight Reader

Series: Soft Thighs Series

Warning: Alcohol. Know your limits, guys, don’t drink super heavy. 

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: In the morning you’ll regret drinking so much, but you’ll also be glad for his help. 

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High (Calorie) Noon

Alright, everyone! Here’s the Halloween fic starring McHanzo! If this fic is well-received I will also do a NSFW epilogue featuring more of the (much heftier) McCree. Thank you for waiting patiently for it, and Happy Halloween!

The small band of defenders gathered around the meeting table, looking at one another with concern in their eyes. Their comrade, McCree, had been captured by Dr. Junkenstein, leaving them arguing over what course of action to take. “ENOUGH!” shouted Hanzo, silencing the bickering overwhelming the table; “I will go and fetch him myself”. “Hanzo, I understand your concern, but it is dangerous to rush into an obvious trap like this. Jack will be fine on his own instead, he’ll get Jesse out of there just fine. Who is going to help you if you get hurt?” interjected Ana, who was soon interrupted by Jack throwing a biotic grenade at Hanzo who just barely caught it. “There, problem solved. Don’t get yourself hurt, kid” grunted Jack bluntly, eliciting a gobsmacked look from Ana. Wanting to keep out of the impending argument, Hanzo grabbed his equipment and swiftly left the castle, prowling the village rooftops until he found a suitable entryway into the rather conspicuous base of operations Junkenstein had set up.

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