the thigh's the limit

iKON as things I’ve said to my husband

Bobby: If you keep talking shit about my mom I’m gunna beat your ass and then tell my mom and she’ll beat your ass too. 

Jinhwan: Calling me short is not a compliment, I know I’m short. There are so many more interesting things about me to compliment. Like my ass. 

Donghyuk: Okay I love your thunder thighs but you really have to limit yourself to one ruined pair of jeans a month. How does this keep happening? 

Yunyeong: It was funny! Look tell me again and I’ll laugh this time. I promise.

Hanbin: Babe I love you but you’re as dumb as you are cute, and you’re really really cute. 

Junhoe: I like to think I’m not an emotional person but I cried during Frozen sooo…..

Chanwoo: If I buy you this game you have to do the dishes before you start playing cause I know you’ll get obsessed and forget the world exists 

Shit. Delicate thighs burned with the sensation of running beyond their limits. Not even 100 feet from the Country Club and Rhiannon had seen them–a small pack of raiders offing walkers like they were playing paintball. Blocking her path back to the suites, she was forced to turn back, only the direct line back to the country club offered no cover. With the cold steel of a yet unfired desert eagle in her palm, Rhiannon can into the wooded area on the country club grounds hoping against hope that they hadn’t seen her.

Disappearing behind the treeline, she was startled to discover she wasn’t alone. “Shh–” Her hushes were harsh and desperate as she plastered herself against the safety of a thick tree trunk–nails digging into the bark as if clawing into the wood like a cat would grant her their nine lives. “Raiders.” Eyes wide and pleading, Rhiannon hoped she hadn’t found herself out of the frying pan only to walk straight into the fire.


Palette Commissions!!

So I’ve gotten some interest in these and I figured I would offer up commissions for them! Really simple rules here:

-1 character limit (Sorry folks, canvas space limited!)
-Pick 1 palette only.
-$20 for waist/thigh up
-$10 for busts
-Message me on Tumblr, or email me at AnimalWildcard (at) gmail (dot) com
-Payment through Paypal or Square, I will invoice you for payment!
The Truth About Femmephobia
"I’ve come to realize something: there is intense femmephobia within queer communities.."

July Westhale, femme lesbian,  argues eloquently for the right of anyone to express their “femme” side:

“Fierce femme identity, to me, is a purposefully blurry entity unto itself, and I think there is something gorgeously radical in that ambiguity. I can tell you what femme does not mean with a bit more ease: femme identity is not especially rooted in physical appearance—to qualify as a glorious femme, you do not need to wear heels, glittery eye shadow, garters, or stockings, nor do you need to date butches or masculine-of-center folks, or any other such limiting nonsense. Though glitter, dresses, makeup, bowties, and thigh-high cheetah print boots are my current fierce femme M.O., one of the wonderful aspects of femme identity is that it is inclusive and embracing of femmes with all kinds of styles, abilities, desires, tastes, backgrounds, and preferences.”

I would add that you will find femmes among straight cis women as well, among cis men, and – of course – among trans women. I have even been in touch with femme trans men.  It is time for us all to open our minds to the diversity of gender expressions.

Seeing as your boyfriend Calum was out with the guys, you were feeling particularly needy. Letting Calum know by sending him various naughty texts, one specifically of you in your kitty ears, collar and only the tiniest piece of fabric covering your body. Reading the texts of Calum demanding you to be a good girl and not to touch yourself until he was back, you would just completely disregard it as you laid back on your shared mattress and allowed your hands to wander. Being too deep into your actions, you wouldn’t realize that Calum was home and only just in his boxers. “Oh kitten, I guess you don’t seem to listen.” He said a slight growl in his tone. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he’d mutter out. “Now come on daddy’s lap, get yourself off.” Knowing better than to continue pushing your limits, you’d straddle his thigh. “I want to hear you begging and pleading.” He growled into your ear, a smirk coming upon his face as you slowly rocked against his thigh. Hearing all these dirty words and the slight pressure against your core, you’d unravel and become a complete mess under Calum’s touch.
Karlie Kloss shows off all her best assets and gets leggy in Milan

Thighs the limit! Karlie Kloss shows off lean legs in short mini skirt at Vogue China 10th anniversary party

By Sarah Jones For

Published:  28 September 2015

Supermodel Karlie Kloss never disappoints - and she showed off why she is a catwalk queen when she made an appearance in Milan on Monday.

The 23-year-old dazzled in a short, silky black dress as she hit the carpet to celebrate Vogue China’s 10th anniversary.

The statuesque model donned a flirty strapless gown and carried a matching black clutch to keep her look together.

Statuesque supermodel: Karlie Kloss dazzled as she hit the carpet to celebrate Vogue China’s 10th anniversary in Milan on Monday

Beauty in black: The Victoria’s Secret Angel wore a short, strapless silky black dress with matching clutch and delicate scarf tied to the side of her neck

Some delicate ruffles with thin white trim added a touch of romance to her look and she finished off the ensemble with a matching black scarf tied to the side of her neck.

The blonde beauty swept her back to highlight her flawless complexion and added a few light strands around her face for a softer look.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel paired her look with white strappy, peep toe heels to coordinate with the ruffled dress.

Fashion icons: Kloss with Vogue China editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung and photographer Mario Testino at a party to celebrate Vogue China 10th anniversary in Milan on Monday

Karlie went with minimal accessories aside from a green and black watch and a few dainty rings.

The tall stunner went with a smokey matte eye to highlight her green eyes and added a pop of color with a bold red lip.

She attended the event solo as her boyfriend of three years, Joshua Kushner was not at her side.

Leggy lady: Kloss showed off all her best assets and revealed some leg in a flirty black strapless dress

Model behavior: Kloss, Cheung and Testino shared a laugh during the Vogue China’s 10th anniversary party