the theme song has been stuck in my head all day


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Screenshots from ONE PUNCH YANDERE | Yandere Simulator #3! :D

THIS VIDEO WAS AWESOME! SO MANY ONE PUNCH MAN REFERENCES I LOVE IT! :D I love One Punch Man I just finished watching all the episodes a few days ago it’s such a great show. :) But I’m getting off topic back to the video! I just loved watching Jack punch people into the walls or into the air over the buildings it’s hilarious! xD I didn’t even know how much this game had changed and updated I just haven’t seen this game in a while even though I’m subscribed to Yandere-chan’s voice actor. A lot has been added in the game and I think it’s coming out great. :) I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS VIDEO! :D

But… Now because of this video I have the One Punch Man theme song AND Mad World stuck in my head. THANKS JACK! >_>