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10th Anniversary All-Month-Long March Event!

It’s the 10th anniversary of Meet the Robinsons on March 30th, 2017. To celebrate, I’ve put together an entire MONTH long schedule of special posts, including NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN concept art, storyboard panels, film trivia, and other miscellaneous fun!

To make things easier, I’ve set up a schedule on what you can expect from me in the upcoming weeks:

  • Sundays: Fun Facts of the Movie
  • Mondays: Fanart/Fanfic Showcase
  • Tuesdays: Heacanons from the Fandom
  • Wednesdays: Cosplay Showcase
  • Thursdays: MTR Merchandise Showcase
  • Fridays: Themed Movie Nights
  • Saturdays: Cast/Crew Interviews

In addition to the above list, I will be featuring never-before-seen storyboard panels EVERY DAY. As well as specially themed days shown below:

  • March 1st: Anniversary Kick Off!
  • March 2nd: William Joyce Showcase
  • March 3rd: MOVIE NIGHT: Trailers Addition
  • March 7th: Posters+Advertising
  • March 9th: Fandom Showcase
  • March 10th: MOVIE NIGHT: Video Game Walkthrough Addition
  • March 14th: MTR in the Disney Parks
  • March 16th: Coloring Pages!
  • March 17th: MOVIE NIGHT: Deleted Scenes Addition
  • March  21th: Music Showcase
  • March 24th: MOVIE NIGHT: Reviews Addition
  • March 28th: MTR Plush Shenanigans
  • March 30th: MOVIE NIGHT: Giveaway Addition
  • March 31st: MOVIE NIGHT: Giveaway Addition

**If you would like to submit any headcanons, fan-theories, cosplay photos, fanart, or fanfics to showcase on any of the days that I’m featuring those specific things, please send them my way! I’ll be keeping my submit box open from now until the end of March (unless specifically requested).

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Nickname: Mir

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′ 4″

Time right now: 12:12 am

Last thing you googled: How to search my google history

Favorite music artist: PAT!D

Song stuck in my head: Rick and Morty theme song

Last movie I watched: Bad Moms

Last TV show I watched: Rick and Morty

What I’m wearing right now: Sweatpants and a tank top

The kind of stuff I post: aesthetic, anything pink, fandom, and shipping

Do I get asks regularily: Since I’ve joined this fandom, yes

Why did I choose my URL: Because Prinxiety was taken lol

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Pink/rainbow

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4-12

Lucky Number: Do not have one

Favorite character: Oh gosh I cannot choose

Dream job: Author. I want to be a published author so badly

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Nickname: Abb !!!!!! !

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5'4" I think aaa it’s been awhile since I checked

Time right now: 5:47pm

Last thing you googled: Utau tutorials and minion kiss gifs…..


Song stuck in your head: Osomatsu San theme song

Last movie I watched: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE IT WAS TERRIFIC!!! best movie holy moly

What Im wearing right now: a brown t shirt and some pink and grey shorts !!

When I created this blog: summer of 2016 !! :o!

The kind of stuff I post: vocaloid, legend of Zelda, minions, aes, kagepro, danganronpa, basically any show tbh, and um I guess random shit and cool facts!!!!!

Why did I choose my URL: may shook her ass and I screamed shake that bacon idk why but worth it

Gender: female ? I guess :o

Hogwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF


Favorite color: BLUE!!!!!!! I love blue so much I also like neon green too!!!

Favorite characters: REIGEN!!!! Bokuto Kotaro, Link, Groose!!!!, Jade Harley, Kaito shion!!!!!!!, hatsune miku, Hinata Hajime, Teru Hanazawa, Shigeo Kageyama, Zelda, Robin!!!, Captain America, Batman, cyborg, Haruka Kokonose, Takane Enomoto, Yukine, Hiyori Iki, Luigi, Saihara Shuuichi!!!!!, Kibo, JJ, yuuma the horsey!!!!, Karamatsu, Jackson Stewart, Jyushimatsu, Ichimatsu, Bob the minion, Fukase, Tenya Iida, Pidge, Hunk, Guzma, Ritsu Kageyama, Crispin Petrov, Grey Nelson, Blackwing Crow, and many more!!!

Dream job: comic artist!!!!! I really want to make my own comics!! And an animator!!!

Number of blankets: one but it’s soft and big and great I love my blanket a lot

Followers: 69…..

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Nickname: Brotato Chip
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 172cm Tall enough, I guess
Last Thing You Googled: “Gems commonly found with gold ore” For a fanfiction I’m writing! In my first attempt to look this up I somehow wrote “Gems commonly found in gore ore” instead… 
Favourite music artist: Currently really digging Blind Guardian, Ghost, and Bat for Lashes
Song stuck in my head:  The Ghost in the Shell theme
Last Movie you watched: Arrival (me too!)
What are you wearing right now: pajama pants and a sweater I bought from the 33C3 in Hamburg
What do you post: sci-fi and fantasy fandom stuff. Tolkien, Dragon Age, and Star Wars are the biggest right now.  I also post my own art and writing sometimes. 
Why did you choose your URL: it was my “state alchemist” name if I lived in the FMA world. It just sounds cool so I use it for everything.
Do you have any other blogs: one side-blog I started for art stuff that I keep forgetting to use, and one other one that shall not be spoken of (and not for reasons you’d think - i put my REALLY old art like my 10 year old OCs on it for funsies)
What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: that I need a lot of space for one to work
Religious Or Spiritual: was not raised in any religion but my family does retain some beliefs from my dad’s side (he’s native american and so am I). We often discuss our dreams and what they might mean.
Favorite Color: crimson, deep violet
Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-8 depending on many factors
Lucky Number: 4
Favorite character
: Mostly complex villains or anti-heros.  Sauron, Solas, and Sergey Razumovsky to name a few.
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet but a bajillion pillows in a nest formation
Dream Job: Writing in some form.  Whether that is scientific papers or fiction doesn’t matter to me.

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Somebody I Used To Know re-imagined as an 80s hit.