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🍭 with marcoace!!

Creepy Halloween Starters–Send a symbol (still accepting until Halloween)

🍭  = watch a scary movie late at night with the lights off

This was quite fun! Hope you enjoy! <3

Nails bite into a freckled arm a little, getting a grip to a thigh in return, and a heavy swallow could be heard as blue eyes focus sternly to the television screen, the sole focus. His heart is fluttering as the dark haired woman on the television was wading through waist deep water with a makeshift torch flaming over the murky water as the tunnel is dark. Heavy breathes are leaving her, Marco feeling as if his were doing the same and trying to find solace in his boyfriend next to him without being too obvious. Being their first time watching a scary movie since getting together a couple months ago, he didn’t want to seem chicken in front of Ace, so he tried to keep himself calm.

The water is getting deeper and the woman soon finds an area that she can climb out of. Using her torch, she peers into the room with it waving back and forth with sharp breaths coming out loudly. Marco stares with focused eyes to find anything she couldn’t see as the woman begins to climb out and scrambles for her torch to wave it around frantically before getting up. Her free hand moves to instinctively grip her waist to try and fight a chill, it seems, and works through to a doorway. In a hall, she notices the flickering lights down one direction and a door at the end that shows streetlights. A small breathy like sob leaves her in relief before their is a creak and she jerks as a giant club swings and she ducks with a scream. Marco finds himself screaming with her and startles Ace, who in turn screeches as well. They look to each other after calming and hear only as the woman is scrambling to get away down the hall.

“S-Sorry,” Marco mutters out in slight embarrassment and Ace blinks a little as he seems to take notice of his frightened state. A beaming grin shows and Ace moves to grip around Marco’s shoulders and pull him in closer to have his head to a shoulder, but can still see the screen. 

“I’ve got you,” Ace chirps happily and seems to go back to the television. Marco feels relief as he takes this a chance to wrap arms around his boyfriend’s waist and snuggle closer and gets eyes to the screen, just in time to see the woman tumble out the door.

The hands gripping to Marco made him realize it wasn’t too bad watching a horror with Ace.

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*stretches* *cracks knuckles* imagine Shane's first day as an intern. He gets assigned a seat near some dude named "Ryan, B.". His first thought is "holy shit this dude is intimidatingly good-looking, probably too cool for me". His second thought, tho, comes when "Ryan B" puts on his headphones and Shane hears the muffled sounds of the NERDIEST movie themes playing a little too loud, and that second thought is, "Jesus Christ he's a fuckin DORK™™™™"

k sorry I’m using this in my fic bye

More Zoot. Mermaid Au idea

Nick hates other predatory fish/mer-mammal like barracudas and especially sharks. 

Nick: What’s so great about sharks. Everyone thinks they’re so badass! With their dozens of sharp teeth! I have dozens of sharp teeth too and mine are more intimidating! And anglers can swallow prey whole that is twice their own size! We can eat about anything that we want! I don’t see sharks doing that! They even get their own stupid theme song, why don’t anglers have a theme song!?

He also enjoys watching shark movies when he’s at Ben’s beach house with Judy. Because he loves when the sharks get killed. Especially in Deep Blue Sea and Jaws when the shark at the end gets blown up.

Plus he loves that Skye is a shark hunter! XD and loves eating the shark meat!

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A question (if you feel like answering it will help your boredom): What is your current dream scenario for Reylo in Episode VIII?


ahahaha. Okay so, I have to say that the trailer basically almost gave me a heart attack because I set my bar of expectation really low in terms of progression from enemies to allies… The most I expected out of it was going to be them literally not killing each other, and then the trailer dropped and we have a beseeching rey asking for help and a hopeful Kylo extending his hand and while, yes, yes I know they’re two different scenes, this is a theatrical trailer. The scenes may be parsed from different places in the movie but the THEMES that they want to convey are there for the GA, which tells me that my super low bar of “look at each other without hate” may be surpassed! so my hopes have risen ever so slightly from “look at each other without hate” to “possibly begin a friendship.” 

Dream scenario though? let my shipper flag fly and have them land a big smooch on each other.


Just a few posts I collected that are nice examples of how Tony Stark is not just some self-centered jerk.

     I’ve said it before, but you can’t take everything the man does at face value. He’s a deep and very human character that you have to pay close attention to and try to understand.


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.


Somebody I Used To Know re-imagined as an 80s hit.