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Oh, Inku . — the Ink lady that was born back in 2015 means to me more than what I can even describe . The world! My reason to stay in tumblr despite my several attempts at trying to quit, the woman who has received love and undeserved hate just for being GORGEOUS in all the glory of the word. / She, whose name is know not only in the League of legends fandom but in a several number of communities that have helped me to develop her with patience & affection. —- SHE is one of my reasons to wake up, and the one that inspires me to create content for my followers and I to enjoy every day . / / &&. For that & more, Happy birthday Inku!! And thanks to every single of my +850 followers for supporting us since I re made her blog . ♥♥

New theme, bio description and sidebar is up! You can expect several links to be added in the coming months, including a list of charities I am affiliated with/supporting and the various different stores and art/writing of friends as well.

Including my own links to recipes, projects I’m working on and some other fun things as well which I’m not inclined to divulge anything about just now :p

I’m also attempting to add a working search bar (hahahaha) but in the meantime you’ll just have to use the url function, so for example

Let me know if anything is broken. Hopefully the new link system at the side is easier to use than my old theme <3

anonymous asked:

hi queen !! I love your blog and I was wonderingg if you knew any good Tumblr themes because I'm trying to start up my own simblr and I want a nice page !! sorry if I bothered u, ily !

+ hi lol, sry to bother u but do you know where you got your Tumblr theme like the layout btw I love your blog !! *

awh !! Thanks nonny :’) it depends on your style tbh! I like minimalistic themes but mine is this one but you can a bunch more by exploring other theme blogs !! I use this one but there’s a bunch more out there !! good luck nonny + if u need any more help hmu!!

anonymous asked:

Do you know if there's a list/compilation of prompts somewhere that I can use? I'm trying to find some, but I'm not finding any good ones (or I'm just looking in the wrong places, more likely)?

In my writing tag, I’ve got a couple posts others have made of the primary themes they see people writing about.

My ask tag is also good for that, because a lot are ideas that you could use to jump off of. And of course, there’s always what a lot of others have done: adding on to another post that sparks your imagination.

You might try some of the writing prompt blogs like @writing-prompt-s, which aren’t sci-fi specific but sometimes individual prompts pop up. I don’t think I’m going to reblog prompts by themselves, but I’ve reblogged several stories following them, and I’ve seen this prompt about humans in the galaxy (haven’t looked for posts following it, though).

sovereign-chuami  asked:

Moosey I have another dumb question for you :| ... how do you take the black background off your gif sets? I'm using Hex for my other blog and I noticed it has one of your HUD graphics on it with a transparent bg. I did google this, but the only solution I can find is to manually delete the black from each gif frame, is that the only way to do it? I had a go but it's leaving ugly blocky bits of black behind in the tiny corners and stuff.

arrrgh, oooh no… that’s like, super hard work!  not a dumb question though, just a little ps trick… the hex theme gif isn’t transparent, what i did was overlay the gif onto the background image and change the overlay mode… soooo, here’s a shitty graphic and a lil tutorial to demonstrate how to use one of the ‘overlay’ gifs on your graphics (which gives an almost ‘transparent gif’ effect)!!

i’ll be making this ( in like 2 mins, so it’s not perf!! )

tutorial and links to gif overlays under the cut! :3

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anonymous asked:

hi! i'm just wondering how you get your bio to appear on the side next to the entries? i've been trying to get one to appear on my theme but can't figure it out ):

By ‘bio,’ you mean my sidebar description, I’m assuming? It’s really easy, especially if you know how to add a hover / updates tab to your blog. 

First, follow LTTLEBIRDS’ HOVER UPDATE TUTORIAL. It doesn’t have to be that specific tutorial as there are tons of other update tab tutorials out there. It’s just the one I like the best. If you don’t want to use it for one reason or the other, check out this UPDATES TAB MASTERPOST. But I’m going to use littlebirds’ tutorial, and I’m just going to copy and paste the steps here, except the very last step, which we don’t need.

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Icon I made for my blog and rough sketches of some Voltron charm designs.

I didn’t really know what theme to go with since they’re gonna be double sided and I want to do a carousel theme but I also wanted to draw the paladins doing their bad sound effects from that one episode. So idk I might combine them both ;w;

- Do no repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -

anonymous asked:

what are the most asked questions you get?

oh man I could make a compilation lmao

most asked in the past weeks

- Have you watched otgw/are you gonna draw something from it

- MS or GF x HS crossover asks (+ MS related asks)


- who’s the pink haired bara skeleton

- when are you opening commissions again

all time most asked

- “I spent the last 3 hours playing with the mouse sparkles on your blog (and sparkling all over Karkat)”

- do you ship Johndave

- which program you draw in/theme you use

- have you ever read Ava’s demon oR watched Hetalia

- most of the others in my faq

Hey everybody! It’s the first of the month. That means that the rent is due that it’s time to announce blogs of the month!  I’m anticipating being really busy with school this spring, so I’ve decided that this BOTM will be for 2 months: March & April.

Rules are:
  • Must be following queensiff
  • Reblog this post to enter, likes do not count
  • check out my current BOTM please
  • Reblog through February 28, and I’ll announce the winner March 1st
  • I’ll pick 6 blogs that are my favorites, then use a random number generator to pick a winner, and the other 5 will be runners up.
  • Even if you’ve been a runner up/winner before you can enter again!
What I'm looking for:
  • Someone who’s nice to their followers
  • Good posts, preferably in same fandoms (but doesn’t have to be)
  • A nice icon, theme, and url
What runners-up get:
  • A link in my updates tab
  • 3 promos throughout the month
  • A follow back if I’m not already following
What the winner gets:
  • A follow back if I’m not already following
  • A url/winner graphic
  • a link in my sidebar
  • as many promos as you want on request
  • help with promos/polls/whatever you need
  • My eternal love and devotion

ALSO, since I’m gonna be condensing 2 months into 1 BOTM, I’m also doing a URL graphic giveaway, keep an eye out for that post.

anonymous asked:

Let me ask you this, if Richard Armitage or Lee Pace saw all these WEIRD RichLee blogs around the TUMBLR sphere and social media and they personally asked you all to take the Blogs down would you? I'm very curious, because have the RichLee "supporters" ever thought that what you guys Blog about and harass other fans and the ACTORS THEMSELVES about is a COMPLETE invasion of privacy? You guys are disgusting and should quit hiding behind the "I don't SHIP this couple, I support it" phrase you use.

1. Erm. Hate to break it to you, but my blog isn’t a RichLee blog? A good 90% isn’t Richlee. Sorry darling. Looks like you’re wrong….again. Bit of a theme here isnt there?

2. So my blog is weird because 10% of my posts are based on information actors have given to their fans of their own free will? What bout the blogs that discuss if Richard is circumcised? How are they normal but mine isnt? How bout the people who shared his address online? How about the people who re so utterly delusional and caught up in fandom fighting that they interfere with peoples personal lives, one case got a woman fired from her job?

3. If they honestly asked people to stop - then yes I would. But they haven’t. And they wont. 

4. You are disgusting and should stop hiding behind the anonymous mask so you can abuse people who are doing nothing legally or morally wrong.