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GHOST live in Stroudsburg, PA 4/14/16

A long, rambling review!  Oh boy!

– So the Manfriend, tolerant little cinnamon roll that he is, agreed to come with me to this show. This doesn’t sound like a bit deal until you consider that the show is 300 miles away, on the other side of Pennsylvania. And he has to work the next day.

– 11:30 PM, the night before sees me struggling to construct a nun’s whimple out of the weirdest goddamn fabric ever. It looks amazing, like matte ‘pleather’ but it’s soft and thick and drapey and perfect. Because if you’re going to do something like wear a nun hat you’d better do it well, otherwise you will look like a giant toolbag. In any case, it’s too thick to stitch and no glue will stick it together. I make do with hot glue and prayer (hear our Satan praaaaay-yerrrrr).

– 12 PM, day of the show. We tearfully bid goodbye to our children (cats) and start off. I’m driving. I play Infestissumam/Con Clavi Con Dio as we leave the city. Manfriend’s face: 🙄

– 12pm-6pm, we drive and contemplate just how fucking empty the middle of PA is. Like, not even cows and soybean fields, but like actually NOTHING. Forests full of sad, naked trees and power lines and mountains and clouds, occasionally punctuated by tiny towns with names like Ohr and Graniteville. Yes, really.

We stop to pee in a little town which seems to consist only of houses and a Kohl’s. Being a Tattooed Weirdo with a Non-White Guy is a little worrying at moments like this. In the past, when asked by residents what in the fuck I’m doing in their town, my answer has been that I’m in a touring band. I don’t know why, but it diffuses weird situations. I suggest that we, in this case, claim to actually be IN Ghost if anybody asks. (Chatter from central PA: “One of the dudes from Ghost is a chick! My friend met them in Kohl’s.”) Manfriend: 🙄

– 6pm, I’m driving again and we have located Stroudsburg. It is WEENSIE. What is Ghost doing here? I comment that if The Guys are out walking around we will almost certainly see them, because the town seems to have one main drag and they would NOT blend in. He says they’re probably on the bus. He is not good at playing along with my dumb fantasy scenarios.

–6pm-7pm, We check into the Budget Inn where the front desk girl is very confused by what we’re doing in Stroudsburg. The hotel’s nearest cross-street is Forge Rd. I find this hilarious. Poor Manfriend is still confused. We get prettied up and start out for the venue.

–8pm, it’s taken us 45 minutes to find a goddamn parking space, because the town has been invaded by weirdos like ourselves. The line at the venue is so big it can probably be seen from space. We finally park quite a ways away. My nun hat is popular, especially with one dudebro who declares loudly, “We HAVE a nun”, in much the same way as NASA types say “We HAVE a problem” or “The Eagle HAS landed.”

–9pm, opener (The Shrine) is ok, but I’m sad they’re not Dead Soul. Not that they can help that. Sorry, The Shrine. Manfriend is usually a complete wizard at unobtrusively getting right up to the barrier, but no luck today. We’re at stage left, maybe 12 feet out. Still not so bad.

–9:15ish, when Ghost’s Eyes Wide Shut music starts the crowd does this crazy surge toward the stage that, by the time it reaches us, is totally not intentional anymore. I end up climbing the dude in front of me like a tree. In a skirt and a nun’s whimple. It’s ok, though, because he is large and teddybear-ish and soft and cozy. He comments, “It’s ok, I’ve got your back. Uh, or your front, I guess.” Thank you teddybear man. Metal audiences are seriously the best. Adorable.

The band comes out, sans Papa, launching into Spirit. Somehow Papa manages to emerge from the center of the stage rather than the wings. I can’t see well enough to decipher how he’s done this. So I’m going with magic Satan stuff. Also, I discover that the internet has ruined me because my first thought is, “A wild Papa appears!”.

We are on the Alpha side and dude is seriously impressive. Especially when you consider that he probably can’t see in that fucking mask. I don’t understand how guitarists can play without seeing their hands, because I’m primarily a violinist and we’re allowed to see our hands.

The audience is seriously SHOUTING every lyric, which is a nice display of enthusiasm but I can barely hear the band. This becomes funny when the Latin parts happen and everybody just starts mumble-screaming lines like, “Saaah con clavi, con dio, Saaah uhh mah mah EEEEH-uh scurooooo”.

Eventually the sound guy/girl compensates. Thanks to my time in the music business 900 years ago I was aware that they had their work cut out for them the minute I saw the place. Those historic old theatres are AMAZING but they were not designed for this sorta thing. Minimal sound baffling on the walls, concrete floor. Ouch. The band seems to be struggling with their in-ear monitors a little at first as well. They’re killing it, regardless.

Papa starts out in the Pope Suit and I love it. A minute later he brings out the incense censer. For a weird moment I’m transported back to fucking four hour long Good Friday masses watching bored Catholics pretend to care about the stations of the cross. I’m happy, because I’m a big girl now and nobody can strongarm me into church. I think this sensation is about 50% of why I love Ghost so much.

The band is delightfully hammy. They know how fabulous they look and how AMAZING their lighting director is, and maximize the photo ops. The four mobile members even do some fun synchronized stuff a lá Purple Rain. I love that shit.

Papa MAYBE looks at me a few times but it’s hard to say because I’m on his left, aka the raptor eyeball side. I’m going to say we made eye-contact and he thought I was a babe. Because.

Poor Air’s keys are always either lost in the wash of sound or alternately, cutting through me like a fucking knife. Again, this is understandable. I’m not picking on you, sound engineer! They’re probably tough to mix in general, what with the backing tracks and whatnot.

Papa comments that he isn’t grabbing (scratching?) his own ass, he is adjusting his pants.

He also gets rambly about American food, mostly potatoes. Because I’m a dork, I know that this is because he loves carbs and can’t have any. I love this strange man. Just eat the carbs, Papa, we’ll love you anyway.

He also blows multiple kisses to a kid in the balcony who has Papa face-paint on. This is also adorable. Curse you and your squishy maternal instincts, Papa. You’re making half the audience ovulate in unison.

He also gives kudos to the band. A LOT. I like that. When a stage tech takes his mic stand away he directs the audience to applaud him. Nobody ever applauded me when I took mic stands off the stage. Can I work for you, Ghost?

Sadly, I don’t see much of Omega, as he’s mostly stage-right. Water bops around quite a bit, though. That guy is my hero. He does the little floaty thing where he puts his arms out and sways around. I squee. I’m easily amused.

Papa gives a speech extolling the joys of the female orgasm. For like five minutes. Somewhere, Dr Ruth is crying tears of joy.

-11pm, the show lets out. I buy a stupid quantity of merch from the two very busy merch people. Everyone else is also buying merch, which is good to see. The band makes real, actual money from merch sales! Unlike album sales, for the most part.

All in all, a lovely night. I’m thrilled I got to see these guys, even if it meant traversing the state. I’m also glad I got to experience Papa III before the new album drops and he shuffles off to the Retired Papas’ Home.

Popestar Brooklyn show

(Part Zero aka Sharpiemaggedon - here.)

Concert highlights! (with accompanying video if I could find it on YT)

-near the end of Marissa’s set I went to the merch table. Jason (Billy Vanilla) showed up, and when he had a second I said hi and got real tongue tied trying to tell him he’d commented on one of my instagram photos. But he’s such a sweetheart! he was fucking genuinely happy to talk to me. he told me I should come back and he’d give me some stuff, like stickers, and I said ‘okay!! thank you!!’ I’m 30 years old why is my voice reaching dog-hearing levels of high

-but then he caught me when I got a few steps away because he’d checked his pockets and gave me an Aether pick. (!!!)

-also he is hella fucking tall (taller than air!) and moves like a heron on a mission. 

-”So many good-looking ones here tonight. I want to eat you. Eat many of you. But. Not yet.”

Papa asking “Ladies of Flatbush, do you want to get physical with me?”

-I’m pretty sure he said ‘you call on moi’ instead, in Square Hammer. XD

-Earth balancing drumsticks on his mask in person is somehow 100x better. 

-Papa taking his sweet time picking out a mallet to hit toms (is that what they’re called?)

-Alpha guitaring aggressively in Earth’s face

-Alpha and Water leaning back to back is so freaking cute

-”But serially seriously? NO.. He is not the fucking president. God damn it.’

(I think what he says when he goes on is “It’ll be better one day, trust me. But one- yeah, four years it’s shit. But anyways, he’s such a fucking bastard that we’ve written a song about him.”)

-Papa putting a mummy dust dollar between his lips while waiting during a guitar solo. He sat there all sauce and sass and then crumpled it up and tossed it to the crowd. 

-Earth bringing his beer or whatever back out with him for Monstrance Clock. And tapping the cymbals with it to emphasize Papa’s points during The Talk.

-and then he played crouched aggressively over the drums for most of the song itself.

-only the biggest pieces of confetti made it back to us. so I didn’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. But I did manage to snag 3 bills, 2 in really good condition.

-SHIT the Sister of Sin fucking losing it. After he introduced them and had come back over to them “Nice to meet you. Enchante. Now… , one of them had dropped something. So he pauses and leans over to get it and says “Let me get that for you, baby.” ugh can you not be so sweet and pervy at the same time She completely broke and couldn’t stop laughing and the other one hit her, like ‘oh dear satan if you can’t get it together I’m gonna break too please no, we have one job

-oh also, one of the pyro things fucked up early on and kept strobing for a while. it was behind Earth so I was just glad nothing more went wrong

-just - what a beautiful fucking theatre it was too…

-if you watch enough video from that show (like during the Body and Blood intro and a couple times after) you’ll probably hear a guy yelling ‘grab her by the pussy’. It sucks because he seemed nice, offering to move or duck when my roommate wanted to take a picture and apologizing for being generally hugemongous and blocking my roomie and our friend’s view. we had seats so it’s not like anyone could move much. If you look at the instagram photo he’s right above Papa’s head. (It especially sucked because his girlfriend was really nice. And then disappeared halfway through the show. Probably because he had to be *that guy* always trying to get Papa’s attention between songs. Papa is ignoring you because you’re an idiot, idiot.) I’m just glad he seemed to let the anti-Trump remarks go quick enough because that guy could’ve been a real problem if he’d wanted. :-/ 

-so after the show we waited in the back by the buses. unfortunately the venue had a huge fenced in loading dock, so everyone had to wait beyond that. people were waiting right by the gate, and the venue staff came back and forth a lot with garbage while we hung out in the cold. all in all I’m just glad people didn’t get in their way enough to piss them off and try to make us leave.

-While we were waiting I gave Kitkats to @chrysantheous and @violaceous44 (and shit was @valiantvisionsdawnn there after too? There was someone else, I just remember we were doing the ‘hi I’m blahblah username wow usernames in RL are really silly’ thing)

-oh and @deannancricket was there and there I am going ‘holy shit I recognize her From The Internet’

-the time actually flew by. I guess it was about 1 when Alpha came out and signed stuff for folks. My roomie went before me. (she said he went ‘oh, you have the first one!’ because she’s brought the Opus CD. and then she scampered away because she didn’t want to be in the way and he called after her all ‘thank you for coming!’

-well shit I guess I’m next. he says hello and all I can say is hello. twice. why are you saying just hello self. So I just blurt out ‘So I heard that maybe you might do a show with *redacted* here. In Manhattan?’ At first he was seemed taken aback maybe? probably just processing the babblefish and said that he didn’t know, that he didn’t think so. All I could say was ‘oh’ and probably had a kicked puppy face because then he said something along the lines of ‘well, if we did it would probably just be one show.’ So. Ahhhhhh. I dunno if he hadn’t heard about that interview they did, or because plans aren’t final he’s not supposed to say? I dunno guys. I felt bad for even asking.

-Especially because then he got a call and said ‘sorry I have to take this’ and that meant I was the last to get a signature I think. D:

Shortly after this, there was a lot of people moving around, Air had appeared from somewhere and was signing folks stuff, and I saw Water’s hair and that was about it and she was calling Air’s name because they had to go.

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Is she saying “Live while you can” or “Leave while you can?” I mean, it might just be a cynical quip, but this is a wedding after all and that’s exactly what you think when you’re standing at the altar, isn’t it? Live or leave.
—  Man in Chair from The Drowsy Chaperone

This is one of the saddest quotes in all of musical theatre, The Man becomes obsessed with this moment of the show when the actress playing the Chaperone utters:

“L-ve while you can.”

A cane falling blocks out the true meaning of the line. The Man in Chair grasps at the idea that Beatrice Stockwell is either saying “leave” or “live”, but only recently have I realized (after playing Man in Chair myself over a year ago) that Dame Stockwell very well might have been saying “Love”.

This, in my opinion, is the most painful subtext in any piece of musical theatre. Even in his musical escape from reality, the dejected, heart-broken, nameless Man cannot fathom (or possibly accept) the idea of love. “Love is not always lovely in the end.”, and for some, it is not even an option.

J. Michael. R.
Technically Speaking

Tech!Killian/Misfit!Emma Fic based off of this post. Tagging @jscoutfinch @xhookswenchx and @trueromantic1 for letting me invite myself into this conversation. 

Special thanks to @snow-into-ash who beta’d for me despite having an actual life this week, I really appreciate it!!!

rated T for language

She’s zeroed in on the stinging of her knuckles when the hall monitor grabs her by the collar of her flannel.

“Seriously, Swan?” It’s Leroy. It’s always Leroy, and the idea of calling hall monitors by their first name to establish equality is the weirdest thing she’s ever heard. She doesn’t need to feel equal to a middle-aged grumpy man.

“He grabbed my ass! I don’t hear you saying ‘Seriously, nameless-jerk-who-can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself.”

“My name is August!” Mr. Nameless-jerk yells. Honestly, the anonymity was working for her. Now there’s an actual person, with a name, having a flathead screwdriver removed from his bicep. Now there’s a set of parents who are going to flip out and get her expelled from another school.

“No one asked you, August!” she shoots back and he actually flinches. He doesn’t seem so handsy now. If he starts to act like the victim here, she’ll be forced to stab him again.

“You know the deal.” Leroy shoves her like suddenly violence is okay. She brushes him off and marches out of shop class towards Principal Mills’ office.

When she gets there, there’s this boy dressed in all black, with his dark hair and a sad expression. She slumps on the bench beside him and he brings his knees together to allow for space. It’s more than the grown men on the city bus do on her way home, so she figures he’s worth a chat.

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Nameless & Musical Theatre

I decided to just do the rest of the cheritz games for my own self indulgent purposes ^^ Since Eri is the playable character (despite having her own personality) I will not be doing her. Sorry in advance for these being shorter than the mysme ones. These boys just aren’t as developed as mysme boys or dandelion boys because you don’t spend as much time w them


  • oh ha ha velma start w the music teacher
  • Yuri lives for the theatre of course
  • Especially since there’s music
  • He lives for the music from Hamilton and Heathers
  • He thinks it’s absolute genius the way Lin incorporated hip hop
  • And that guitar in Heathers
  • He could go on and on about these shows and their use of music
  • He could also go on and on about shows he doesn’t like
  • Namely Dear Evan Hanson
  • He thinks the show is too “pop-y” despite it’s sad lyrics
  • Could use a little more musical variety to him
  • While Hamilton and Heathers are his faves
  • Nothing can beat Jesus Christ Superstar in his eyes
  • That’s the pinnacle of theatre in his mind
  • The music is phenomenal and the costuming is ingenious
  • He loves it all
  • He does love older shows like Phantom of the Opera
  • He thinks their singing is impeccable
  • Wishes he could be a Broadway star some day
  • Wants to be Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar more than he wants to breathe
  • Maybe then Eri would come see his shows


  • He’s a fan of musical theatre
  • But you won’t catch him singing show tunes or listening to them outside of the theatre itself
  • Definitely not as invested as some of the others
  • Rather than just listening to the soundtrack he prefers to see it live
  • Then he gets the full experience with the lights and the acting
  • He doesn’t mind the others singing show tunes though
  • Unless, like Red, they sing it obnoxiously
  • Then it’s only a matter of time before Lance throws his slipper at him
  • Tei would definitely splurge to take Eri to see a show
  • Even if it’s just a community theatre gig
  • Then Yeonho or Red or both would make him feel bad about not taking the rest of them too
  • So before long they’re all sitting in the house of a community theatre rendition of Rent or something
  • Tei hates the guys for ruining his date with Eri


  • Much like Tei, he prefers to get the full experience
  • Maybe after a show he’ll buy the soundtrack
  • But he wants to know what he’s getting for his money first
  • Is the one person who wouldn’t mind being an ensemble character
  • Doesn’t think he can sing or dance that well
  • But when he puts his mind to something…
  • Let’s just say he’ll be rewarded with the lead in the next show
  • Will throw his slipper at anyone singing show tunes in an obnoxious manner
  • “Why’d you do that?!”
  • “Sing it right or don’t sing at all.”
  • To which Yuri says “I think I’m okay with this rule”
  • Always wants Eri to do scenes with him as if they were in the musical
  • Only sings show tunes with Eri as a duet
  • So of course In the Heights is his favorite musical to sing with Eri
  • They can be Benny and Nina or Usnavi and Vanessa
  • Also likes Bonnie and Clyde
  • Because duh she’s Bonnie and he’s Clyde
  • After his newfound love for theatre he sees every one of Red’s shows
  • But dips out before Red can see him
  • Red definitely saw him


  • He really only enjoys the musicals geared towards younger audiences
  • We’re talking Lion King, Matilda, The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee
  • He just connects more easily to these
  • Especially if they have slightly depressing undertones
  • Or really great lessons or a fantastic story line
  • That was totally describing all three of those musicals in order
  • He also really likes fun musicals though
  • Like Pippin
  • He loves that show because it’s just so fun
  • Shinbi told him Chicago was also pretty fun
  • He still hasn’t listened to it
  • He’s too busy studying every detail of Pippin
  • Yeonho loves listening to Eri sing show tunes
  • Always begs her to sing a song before he sleeps
  • Specifically Memory from Cats


  • This boy has so much energy
  • Always cast as lead because of is energy and his decent voice
  • So he loves shows with a lot of energy
  • AKA shows with lots of dance numbers
  • Loves dance numbers
  • Learns all choreography numbers in like two succ
  • His favorite show is West Side Story
  • The dances are insane and he wants to be in it so badly
  • He thinks the story is cute too
  • Loves!!! Tech!!! Crew!!!
  • He’s always awestruck by the amazing sets people build
  • “They make that?? With their own two hands?!?! Wooowww…”
  • Tries to teach Eri dance numbers
  • Especially ones where they are very close throughout
  • So numbers from Phantom and the King and I
  • Can’t take him to watch a show because he wouldn’t sit still
  • He would try to dance with them

a f r a i d. a mix for bucky, reborn the winter soldier without remorse.

i. afraid (the neighbourhood)
ii. no light, no light (florence + the machine) 
iii. hearing damage (thom yorke) 
iv. i come with knives - billyhoyle412 remix (iamx) 
v. showbiz (muse) 
vi. drums in my head (vinyl theatre)
vii. assassin (muse) 
viii. remain nameless (florence + the machine) 
ix. stockholm syndrome (muse)
x. blood (editors)
xi. the winter soldier (henry jackman)

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