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I love the phrase “You will be found.” I just adore it. It isn’t, “Someone will find you.” It doesn’t focus on the other, it focuses on you. Because the someone could be anyone. They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, a concept (like art, writing, music), or even your own self. No matter who or what that someone or something is, you are still the focus. People will help you along the way, but ultimately, you will get better, you will live another day, you will grow and flourish and blossom. You will be found.


Aaron Tveit at TLA Philly

I love the Hawaiian shirt on him (I loved it even in that Braindead interview) it just matches his dorky personality and then of course I will never complain when he’s in a tank top!

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you know what i want to see? i want to see an alien race of scholars and warriors, sort of like athens and sparta, who travel the universe to study other civilizations and eliminate threats to universal peace
and they stumble upon earth in the middle of world war III brewing, they scan earth’s database for conflicts and almost immediately the warriors want to neutralize this violent race. so they choose a handful of human representatives from all backgrounds to testify for earth, leaders and children and criminals and scientists of all ages and the aliens ask them if and why the earth is worth saving
some make a valiant effort, but most answers are unconvincing in the face of war, and they become more and more hopeless until there’s one defendant left. everyone else seems resigned to the fate of the earth but this one– the last defendant is a young adult artist. when asked to testify, they tell a story
they are not rich, they are not acclaimed or especially talented or well liked. they feel very alone at times. but they speak with golden words, and they tell the aliens about shining cities full of life and light and the thriving, ever changing ocean, they speak of late nights holding hands staring up at the stars, dancing under the moon and loving and losing and loving again.
and they ask the aliens, if they scanned the earth’s history of violence, did they ever think to look for the art and the music and the beauty? and the scholars, they can consume digital information at light speed and they do
when they finish scanning there are the equivalent of tears in their eyes, stunning artwork and passionate dance and heart wrenching theater burned into their minds, inspired poetry and achingly beautiful music still ringing in their ears

and humanity lives on, singing and dancing under the moon

(WOW I absolutely adore this! Really well thought out and well written, you honestly don’t know how loud I pterodactyl screeched when I finished reading this.

Thanks for sending this in!)


TAURUS-ARIES: Real life incarnation of Bonnie and Clyde, overprotective and overpossesive with one another, extremely intimidating to other people, stunning matching looks, keen on various types of physical touch.

TAURUS-TAURUS: A competitive but healthy relationship, particular to their surroundings and clothes, constantly empowering one another, dazzling parties all year around for no particular occasion, secretly want to design either soap or fragrances

TAURUS-GEMINI: Always on the look out for the latest news in both politics and fashion, extremely strategic in all they do, countless sleepless nights filled with debates, houses full of scattered books and roses, respect each other immensely but will rarely tell

TAURUS-CANCER: The best pair when given huge responsibility, are probably part of an occult group that praises the Moon, melancholy and adrenaline galore, progressive in artistic endeavours, very fond of urban exploring

TAURUS-LEO: The Hollywood glam people, intricate ad lib stories that they create to entertain one another, fiercely protect one another, sugar and caffeine addicts, long night time adventures they can’t tell you about cause they probably broke the law

TAURUS-VIRGO: Cutesy and sweet bff pair, play a lot with each others hair, friendly arguments all day long, enjoy car rides with no specific destination because it relaxes them, completely done with everyone’s bullshit and lack of logic

TAURUS-LIBRA: Always answer your text late because they were getting ready for a party, obsessed with theater and poetry, everyone is at their feet but they are much more fascinated with one another, each other’s shoulder to cry on, always eating sweets 

TAURUS-SCORPIO: Flaming passion that never ends, will push each other to the limit to see what could happen, get high either of each other or on home made goodies, fans of grotesque and gothic art, want to live near water for witchcraft purposes

TAURUS-SAGITTARIUS: Always on the road somewhere in this beautiful world, sleepless nights full of film/photography/painting projects, expensive things surround them while they give away all their cash to charity, love animals and always have pets, they are never tired around one another because they charge each other with life

TAURUS-CAPRICORN: Royalty couple that will be the source of this world’s salvation, sincerity to the point of deep dark desires and fantasies, so hardworking and stubborn that they will build an empire, prone to exhaustion mostly because of the outside world, will always be by each others side

TAURUS-AQUARIUS: Always studying art/magic, will tire themselves for charity and humanitarian purposes, always playing chess/cards, glitter all over their faces and hands, unshackled by the tyranny of this world

TAURUS-PISCES: Always on the top of the game, interpret each others dreams and prophecies, exchange clothes and jewels, pray together in utter silence, constantly inspire each other              


Ljuba Prenner (1906-1977) was a Slovenian writer and lawyer. He* was baptised as Amalija Marija Uršula but started calling himself Ljuba early in childhood. In high school, he got a short men’s haircut and started wearing men’s clothes. Because of his gender (presentation) he had to work a lot harder than his peers to pass and had to transfer high schools several times all while supporting himself, but he persisted and moved to Ljubljana to study law after graduating high school in Belgrade. He got his PhD in law in 1941, and started working with the National Liberation Front, saving Slovenian prisoners from Italian prisons and concentration camps based on a fake law he made up, until Germans caught him. He fought for justice his whole career and was very passionate about saving people from death sentence and staged trials. His progressive political views often clashed with authorities and he was banned from practising law for seven years, expelled from Slovenian Writers’ Society, banned from writing, and sentenced to a working camp for two years.

Despite the problems he encountered as a writer, he published a lot of short stories, children’s stories, and had two theater plays and an opera libretto staged. He also went down in history as the author of the first proper Slovenian detective novel (allegedly written on a bet). He also wrote first person (using masculine grammatical gender) love poetry for his lover. He loved art and was friends with many important artists of the time.

Little is known about his romantic life. He lived with maths professor Slavica Rems, who also kept a lot of his unpublished manuscripts, and was later close with teacher Štefka Vrhnjak. They wanted to grow old together, but Štefka died of cancer which broke Ljuba’s heart. He met Štefka’s niece Marija Mrzel Krenker and her family at the funeral and started spending a lot of time with them, eventually moving in and living with them as a family member. Jerca Mrzel, one of the daughters, says that the kids saw Ljuba as a father figure and referred to him as “striček” (uncle).

He was known for facing prejudice with a good sense of humor. His legal assistant recounted a story of him entering the office on the first day of work in a new legal firm with a batch of kremna rezina cakes, saying, “I’m Dr. Ljuba Prenner, not a man nor a woman and I brought you cakes so that you can treat yourselves.” (“Jaz sem dr. Ljuba Prenner, ne moški ne ženska, tukaj imate torte in se posladkajte.”) There is only one known written account of him talking about his gender presentation in a letter, saying, “Wearing trousers makes living easier for me, I suffer in skirts, and God only knows why that is. I was afraid of being myself for years, but I am myself now, and people have finally stopped paying it any mind.” He also famously responded to rumours and slander saying, “Anyone who talks behind my back is talking to my ass.” (“Kdor za mojim hrbtom govori, se z mojo ritjo pogovarja.”)

He died of cancer aged 71, nursed through his final months by the Mrzel family.


*I use he/him pronouns for Ljuba, because one of his step daughters confirmed that he referred to himself in masculine grammatical gender among friends, and allegedly also in letters to them (but those have not been published yet). It is also possible that his chosen name was Ljubo (masculine) and not Ljuba (feminine) but since all sources that I have found insist on calling him Ljuba (and most a woman) it’s hard to tell.

how a libra sees the signs


aries: all aries i have ever met have been very passionate, whether it be about their lovers, their opinions or their hobbies, an aries will fight for what they love until death. aries are entertainers, performers  and storytellers. aries love to be the center of attention, more so than leos in my opinion, and are always the loudest people in the room. aries have really big egos and love to compete, but if you beat an aries they’ll be a sore loser about it. you either love an aries or hate an aries. 

taurus: a taurus is a huge flirt in my opinion, but it is very hard for them to settle down. they love to tease and lead on, and often express little emotion. they can come off as kind of cold or disconnected because they’re so laid-back & low-key, but once you get to know them a taurus is a very loyal companion. they are extremely opinionated and stuck in their ways because of how stubborn ( & bull-like ) they are. every taurus i know loves to smoke weed & sleep. a common misconception about a taurus is that they’re lazy and fat, but every taurus i know is beautiful and active. they are also airheads. 

gemini: i personally don’t think gemini is the worst sign at all. gemini’s are often under appreciated in my opinion. i’ve never had an issue with a gemini although they do tend to have “split personalities”. a gemini is very social and charming, but with that comes their gossipy qualities which many people don’t like, but geminis don’t mean any harm by their gossip they just truly love to talk and talk about literally anything. all geminis that i know are also very smart and hardworking, but know how to have a good time. geminis are a lot of fun to be around. 

cancer: cancer’s are big babies. a cancer is a constant victim and they have a complete “why me” mindset. anything that happens to a cancer is the world out to get them. i think that all cancer’s need a reality check. even though they can be whiny brats, cancers are so nice and genuinely care about everyone which is why they get taken advantage of a lot. cancer’s get attached to people very fast. they fall fast and hard.  a cancer will come off as quiet and charming at first, but they will become annoying eventually. personally, i can only take cancers in small doses.  

leo: even though leo are a lot to handle, i always will have a lot of love for leos. leos are often melodramatic and have a mindset that they “too good”, but once you get over how superficial they can be leos are great. a leo can have fun anywhere and is the life of the party. all leos that i know have great senses of humor and are very trustworthy. leos will act like they care about anything but deep down they’re insecure and try very hard to please everyone. often times, they can because of their charisma and radiating energy, but if they can’t they’re extremely hard on themselves. since i’m a libra, i get along well with leo & appreciate them a lot. 

virgo: i think everyone needs at least one virgo in their life. virgo’s give the best advice & are good listeners which makes them such good friends. when a virgo cares about someone they really care about them and will do anything for them.  virgos are all so emotional and sensitive even though they hate to admit it. virgos are obsessed with perfection and often pretend that everything’s okay even though its not just because they don’t want to come off as weak. they also overthink so much that they make themselves crazy. virgos will bottle their emotions and eventually just explode.  

libra: i love being a libra and i love every libra that’s in my life. you can usually spot a libra out of a crowd because they have the best sense of style and love the expensive pleasures of life. they can come off as airheads, but they are actually very smart they’re just so lazy. a libra will be taken advantage of very easily because they try to see the good in everyone and every situation. it takes a lot to get a libra mad, but when they do get mad there is no going back. libras love to talk and socialize, but they do get in trouble a lot because they love to gossip as well. libras have commitment issues too. 

scoprio: i love scorpios. scorpios live up to their reputation of being sex freaks. every scorpio i’ve ever met are very in tune with their sexual needs and not afraid to express their sexual desires. but, scorpios aren’t as dark and twisted as you think. most of the time they’re just sarcastic assholes on the exterior, but once a scorpio opens up they’re actually sensitive and sweet, but it is hard to meet this side of the scorpio because they’re so guarded. one tip to being around scorpios is to not piss them off because they have a hot temper and often do impulsive things without thinking about repercussions. 

sagittarius: sagittarius love to explore and try new things. the sagittarius is extremely adventurous and independent as well. they are often afraid to ask others for help and try to do everything themselves. sagittarius loves sports and  being active. sagittarius is very intimidated by intimate relationships and will often try to avoid them at all costs. a sagittarius has a very big heart and will go out of their way for anyone not just the people they love. they are very straight-forward and will speak the brutal truth which often gets them in trouble, but they don’t mean it to be malicious they do it because they would rather not lie. 

capricorn: capricorns are complete know-it-alls and tryhards. they have to be the best at everything and will die trying to be the best all the time. capricorns constantly have a stick up their asses about everything and are complete fun-suckers. capricorns are extremely work oriented and live by “all work no play” to its fullest extent. due to this capricorns are extremely smart and successful which is good because it makes up for their lack of a personality. all capricorns are extremely pessimistic and complain about everything making them extremely hard to be around. 

aquarius: anyone who is an aquarius is so artsy. aquarius are really cool, but in a detached and weird way. aquarians are so imaginative and creative which is why all of the aquarius i know are into theater and the arts because they have a knack for it. when you first meet an aquarius they’re usually painfully awkward because they’re really introverted. aquarians are super unreliable and unpredictable which is why you shouldn’t depend on them for something important. they have a hard time opening up to people because of how detached they are which is why it’s hard to have an emotional/romantic relationship with them. 

pisces: by far the worst sign in my opinion. every pisces i know is completely crazy – they are manipulative, compulsive liars, and emotionally unstable. pisces also think that the world is out to get them and they can never own up to things that they did. they will do anything to avoid taking blame in anything actually. pisces take everything too seriously and will cry at the drop of a dime. they cannot take any criticism at all because they think that they are always right and refuse to see things from any other perspective. if something isn’t exactly how a pisces wants it they want nothing to do with it. 

Mystery Scribble Theater Hiatus - Week #3: M. Waverly, a Greek Tragedy.

(…AKA “Jonaerys, Mother of Robots”)


Seriously, you shouldn’t arm me with things like this. Though everyone’s totally rocking this look.