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I took a walk to listen to this album and it was perfect. It’s raw, it’s open, tracks seemed to play seamlessly. #FLOWERBOY is out & you should go peep that! Tyler is the first carefree black boy I probably ever saw when I think about it. Never gave a f*ck but did at the same time. Heres to you🌼✨#sffb

IG: p.firmy


pretty simple recipe to follow! hope you enjoy :)
1. pour out clear glue
2. add a little bit of water (like a tsp)
3. mix and add glitter/dye ur you want!
4. activate (½ tsp borax into 1 cup warm water)
5. make sure you don’t add too much, as you want the slime to be somewhat sticky
6. add acrylic filler pellets — you can get these from michaels or amazon
7. remember to not add too many pellets otherwise they may fall out
*i don’t recommend scenting it as the oils will make the beads fall out
hope this helps!


As hard as it was for you to leave your boyfriend, Kol, it was something that was needed for your safety. The ancestors of New Orleans were after you for betraying them that they found a way to possess Kol into killing you. He swore he’d try his best to fight it, but there was an incident which led to him almost draining you of your blood, and luckily, Elijah arrived right on time to save you.

You made a choice to move to California, Los Angeles specifically, a state you’ve never visited but heard great things about. Of course, Kol didn’t take it easy, but he eventually understood because he wanted nothing but your safety over his any day.

Klaus noticed his little brother has been moping around these past couple of days and finally decided to speak up. “Oh brother, it’s no time to frown. You’ll find another girl.”

Kol was merely walking by, not expecting Klaus to care at all. At first, he chose to ignore his older brother until his second sentence. So he stopped in his tracks revealing a not-so-amused face. “You’ve got it all wrong, Nik. She was the only thing keeping me from being, well…me.”