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More default replacement plates: detailed edition

Yuss, more plates! One should not search for “cool plate designs” on Google Images, that’s for sure! The preview above shows how the plates look in-game; there are six versions to choose from, you can only have one at a time so choose wisely! The textures are on the darker side to account for in-game lighting and bloom effects.

Replaced textures: regular plate, group meal plate, the little plate that kids use when cooking on the kid oven, regular bowl, cooking bowls for human and pet food (the ones used in the cooking animations), pet food bowl. Due to how the bowls’ texture is made, the bowls are just solid colors (body + rim) and don’t have patterns.


Country Charm | Harvest | Mosaic
Solar Stylized | Stained Glass | Traditional
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So many secrets by Sharon
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© 2017 Sharon Boswall | Please no reblogs to NSFW/18+ blogs.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

Allium studies from the garden and yes, I’ve tarted it up with texture again because… well, I can and besides how else would I be able to add it to the Hi, my name is __ and I’m a texture addict group pool over at Flickr if the aforesaid tarting had not occurred?  Happy Labour Day Weekend N.A.!! xox

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hey red ! i figured you're probably the best person to ask about this. but how do i add like a sparkles to a graphic on photoshop and where can i find the sparkles to download them ?

i’m sorry this is so late! i was actually out on a mission trip and wasn’t able to get to my laptop until now. anyways, i don’t quite know what you mean by “sparkle” (twinkling sparkles or falling sparkles) but ( here ) is a master post of awesome gif textures and you can use ( this ) one to hopefully make the graphics i think you’re imagining in your head! if anyone does have different sorts of sparkles, please link me. but, for now, under the cut I’ll show you how to quickly make a graphic like this:

regardless if this is the kind of sparkles you need or not, this tutorial will help you add a gif texture onto any sort of graphic! for this tutorial, i am using CS6.

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Wip - Mel’s Cruddy Amusement Park Ride

Okay…..Talked with DouglasVeiga at MTS. Conclusion is the placement of everything is sorta hard-coded in the mod and tied to the animation. Tweaked everything after I came up with a new game plan. Thought I would give it one more go and if it didn’t work I would just file it in the ‘might look at this again like never’ folder. But it does work. At the moment the poly count is well under what the original mesh had so I’m going to duplicate the other seats to fill in the gaps. It should still be well within a good polycount range. 

Now I can’t wait to experiment with light shader groups and texture it. 

hey all long time no see

i’m trying to work out a bird wing model/rig that’s fully operable in both flying and rest poses, and one that i’ll be able to use textured planes for each group of feathers of instead of hand-modeling every feather, which seems unnecessarily complex to me for the purposes i’d need it for. but i haven’t seen anyone do a model/rig like this. i’m not sure how it’s going to look yet, i’ll know better once i start putting alpha feather textures in. 

i’m hoping i’ll be able to tweak this for use on non-avian maniraptorans too.

should i like … make a dev blog? or something? i feel like i shouldn’t post every update on WIP projects on this blog but i don’t really have any other place for it. i’ve been putting WIP shots on my personal but that’s probably not the place either. but i don’t know how i’d update a dev blog if i’m not actually working on any big projects. maybe i should find some big projects to work on!


Lockwood and Co.: The Hollow Boy

A massive outbreak of supernatural Visitors baffles Scotland Yard and causes protests throughout London. There are reports of many new hauntings, including a house where bloody footprints are appearing, and a department store full of strange sounds and shadowy figures. But ghosts seem to be the least of Lockwood & Co.’s concerns when an assassin attacks during a carnival in the centre of the city…. 


These are five sets of default replacement plates for your Sims! Sometimes I feel that urge to have mine eat off kitschy china, but most plate sets are either too minimalist or too hipster-ish. So I looked for some pics on Google and found these! I think I’ll be doing more in the future, in different styles; it’s fun!

Replaced textures: regular plate, group meal plate, the little plate that kids use when cooking on the kid oven, regular bowl, cooking bowls for human and pet food (the ones used in the cooking animations), pet food bowl

Use only one default replacement at a time!


Antique | Insect | Marigold | Playful | Rural | All


Hey, I wanna get better!

I feel like ppl underrate normani vocally like yes she isn’t the technical best but people act like she contributes nothing to the group texture when she has this gorgeous smokiness that doesnt always come across until they do midtempo-to-slow songs & lauren’s voice complements hers so well. I love it


After previously working back into some of my sublimation designs with machine embroidery, i realised i wanted the hand made quality to be more evident in my work, so i decided to try some hand embroidery. Our group work seems to have come to an end, but i felt there was gaps in what i had done, and i didn’t quite feel ready to move on from the project. 

I was really struck by the variations in texture my group was using, particularly the woven aspect, i wanted that to translate in my own person work. Although extremely simple i really loved making these, working quite spontaneously and in these mini collection just seems to be work for me at the minute. 

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I like to think abt after Clexa establishes peace and Lexa likes to show Clarke all the things on Earth she never got to experience. Like maybe fresh raspberries. And Lexa feeds them to her cause she's sappy gay like that and they're so ripe that Clarke is licking the streams of juice trailing down Lexas arm and sucking every last bit off her fingers.

this k i l l s me because like,,,

okay so let’s say at this point, clarke has already been on the ground for a while–she’d been there for, what, 5-6 months by the time her and lexa reunited in s3, right? and then of course, establishing peace takes a little longer but anyway, by the time that happens, she’s been on the ground for a while and she’s experienced more in her brief, brief time on the ground than she ever had in the almost-eighteen years before it

but there’s honestly still so much that she hasn’t experienced on the ground, things she hadn’t even really ever thought of? and clarke starts to like having new experiences again, when these new experiences take a turn from, you know, the violent.

and lexa loves to watch her having them. the way that something that’s mostly so mundane (like, say, eating fresh raspberries) to lexa is something completely new to clarke–how clarke eyes the berries at first with curiosity and then outright interest 

(”Do you know what they are?” 


“Have you had one before?” 

“No. I recognize them from my earth skills class. What do they taste like?” 

“Would you like to try one?”)

and then clarke is leaning over to to wrap her tongue around the berry between lexa’s fingers, and all lexa can do is watch her expressions–surprise, at first, at the burst of tartness, and then pleasure at the taste– before she wordlessly offers clarke another from the little basket in her lap. and another. and another.

(but also like, when they’re done, and lexa leaning over to wipe away a bit of juice at the corner of clarke’s mouth with the pad of her thumb before pressing her mouth against clarke’s berry-stained lips–)