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Here’s my fic for DOQ Week - PDA.  Rated M (very M, but it’s me, you expected that, right?).  This can be enjoyed as a one shot, but is part of my Swingers verse fics, that you can find here.


It’s been a few months since they’d visited Mal in LA, and an unusually long time since they engaged in their activities.  

It had been merely a case of poor timing.  First Robin got a promotion at work, one that came with a steep learning curve, and he was pulling long hours before everything clicked into place.  By the time he did, Regina had come down with an awful case of strep throat.  Then Regina’s parents were in town, and they had that out of state wedding to attend…

So it’s been awhile, and in addition to missing Mal, they miss the wilder aspects of their love life that she always seems to bring out.

As luck would have it, Mal had to unexpectedly work a benefit on the night they arrived.  “It’s fine, the event won’t take all night. Meet me at Angels & Demons afterwards. I’ll duck out as soon as I can,” she had promised, while speaking to both of them on the phone.  She’d added a tiny quick little Miss you that hit Regina in the gut, and seems to have affected Robin in the same way.

There’s never any discussion as to whether or not they will all end up in bed together.  Mal’s never been much for pre-planned evenings. But Regina never considered finding a lifestyle club for the occasion, or trying to pick up a couple.  She misses Mal terribly, all of her, and would wager Robin does as well, if the way he keeps glancing around the club looking for her is any indication.  

“She could be late,” Regina says, when she sees him peruse around the room again.  Mal had told them that she may have trouble getting out of this event, after all.

“Right,” Robin agrees. “Sorry I just… it’s been awhile.”

“Excited?” Regina asks with a teasing smile.  “What do you expect to happen tonight, Mr. Locksley?”

“Oh, don’t play innocent, Mrs. Lockley.” He draws her in closer, ducking his head against the crook of her neck and breathing in deeply.  “You’re wearing her favorite perfume.”

Regina chuckles lightly. She’s caught, and might as well admit it. “I hope she doesn’t bring anyone else.”

“Want her all to yourself then?” Robin asks.  They are swaying lightly to the music now, hands looped around one another as they get closer.  

“I don’t mind sharing,” she replies softly, leaning in to press a soft, open mouth kissed to his neck. He moans.  “I just want to,” she scrapes her teeth lightly against the skin left damp from her kiss, “fuck her really hard.”  She hears his sharp intake of breath, and she grins triumphantly. She loves how she can get him riled up. “And I don’t want to suffer through boring introductions.”

Both their phones buzz then. Regina raises an eyebrow.  Robin laughs.  He checks his phone and sure enough, it’s a text from Mal.

She’s sent a picture of herself.  She’s in a gorgeous black dress with a deep vee that extends to her sternum, breasts lifted and separated and looking gorgeous.  Her hair’s in curly tendrils framing her face, her mouth is open, with a finger on her lips and she looks… incredibly sensual, ravenous, and… aroused.

A text follows.  

Stuck here a bit longer.  Don’t have too much fun without me.

Regina traces a finger around the image on Robin’s phone.  Mal’s tempting them, the picture is absolutely designed for that purpose. And it’s working.  It already has her imagining dipping a hand underneath the low neckline, freeing her gorgeous tits, and devouring her whole.  God, she can hardly wait.  And of course, that was what Mal had wanted with that picture.

“She wants to tease us, fine, lets tease her back,” Regina says with a smile.  She’s wearing a little silver dress, low cut and short.

She turns around and presses her back to Robin’s front.

“Touch me,” she begs, her phone out and camera on.

He does, one hand venturing underneath the hem of her dress just high enough to feel her panties, the other cupping a breast.  Despite it just being a show, he really does go for it, his hands massaging her curves, nimble fingers making her pulse with need.

Regina snaps a picture.

It’s a very… attractive looking picture.  A bit grainy and over developed, as is to be expected from the darkness of the club and shotty flash of the camera, but it’s flattering to her form, and Robin’s hands truly do look like they are in the middle of cupping and groping her.

She texts it to Mal with a message Had to start without you, hope you don’t mind.

That picture didn’t capture their faces, and she can tease Mal a bit more with one of those, so she spins in his arms, prepared to take a picture of them kissing or looking seductively into the camera.  

She sees that look in Robin’s eyes, and it throws everything off.  He’s biting that lower lip, eyes half-open and dark.  She knows that look.

“I think your plan has backfired,” he rasps into her ear.  “Now I won’t be able to wait.”

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