the text on this is so bad tho

  • Doctor: On a scale of an infection to a heart attack, how would you rate your friend's injury?
  • Friend: Mystic Messenger - Route 707
  • Doctor: *picks up phone* Nurse, we have an emergency
  • Lance, dropping to one knee: Keith, you're my best friend, my true love. You mean the world to me and there's no one I'd rather be with out here in space. You keep me grounded, keep me stable...make me feel at home. So...will you...
  • Keith, blushing: Yes, Lance?
  • Lance: ...dab with me?

CN:  (Uh-uh-oh) Oh no, you’ll never know.
(Uh-uh-oh) My force will only grow
(Uh-uh-oh) and, when the moon is out,
you better hang around! ♫♪


(That was super awkward, wasn’t it, Marinette? xD A really long hour.

A long one after a long time without any posts! And an iCarly reference! xD. I hope you all like it °0°. I’ll try to be more regular with the updates, okay? Love ya’, guys ♥).

Chicken emoji reviews

Barely a chicken, the wattles aren’t even right and the comb is too smooth, a bad chicken 0/5

A very stout but good hen, i like their small comb and correct wattles, they look a bit scared tho with those white eyes 4/5

Strong and sharp! This hen reminds me of a dragon, could possibly be a cockatrice, so watch out! The wattles are wrong tho 3/5

The fuck is this, who gave this marshmallow a beak and two twigs for feet? Also those fake eyelashes and blush won’t fool anyone buddy -2/5

Very large and soft gal, tho her head is too small and that neck doesn’t quite look right, nor are the wattles correct 2/5 

That’s just an egg with a face drawn on it and a ribbon put on top, you didn’t even try, very bad -2/5

You tried, tho the wattles nor comb look right, combs don’t work like hair silly facebook 1/5

A better version of facebook’s attempt, this hen looks a bit confused tho, probably because it seems barely anyone can get a chicken’s wattles right 2/5

This abomination is out for blood, don’t let it stare at you for too long or it might attack you 0/5

A nicer version of twitter’s evil hen, simple and kinda cute but still incorrect, would put my trust into her tho to protect me from her more frightening cousin 3/5

Amazing, beautiful! The best looking one so far, almost perfect, has a great looking comb but their wattles and feet are a little lacking, i can look past that tho and this hen will keep you safe forever 5/5

My poor darling, what the fuck are you even?? That’s not a chicken, not in the slightest, and if it is then it has been deformed beyond repair, i feel sorry for whatever this thing is -3/5


CH 3.2 -CONFLICTING idEALs: 01-06 –> 07-13

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BuT C’MON GUYs It WAS worth it, right?!
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Keru: “i suck with backgrounds” -Not really lol i dont call this suck~

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From NCT’s extra lifestyle:

Late-night gathering with NCT family

the one where daichi and suga come out to the team

(inspired by this)

Sometime before Karasuno headed to nationals, Daichi and Suga gathered the team together after practice to make an announcement.

“Daichi and I have been dating for a few months now,” Suga said, nervous but confident. Daichi held his hand in a comforting grip. “We didn’t mean to keep it a secret for so long, but it’s important to us that you all know.”

The rest of the team was silent for a few moments, before Ennoshita offered his congratulations, which were quickly echoed by everyone else. Suga was relieved to hear the kind words, but became worried when he realized that Asahi had yet to say anything.

“Asahi?” Daichi said, with a hint of steel in his voice. “You’re being awfully quiet.”

The atmosphere in the gym became tense.

“Well, I… um…” Asahi began, looking torn between blurting something out or wanting to sink into the floor. They waited in silence for a few moments before Asahi gathered his nerves and took a deep breath.

“Noya and I are dating, too!” he shouted, blushing profusely.

Nishinoya whooped loudly. “Aww, Asahi-san! I didn’t know you were okay with telling everyone yet! Me and Ryuu had some really great ideas for how we were going to announce it!”


“Tanaka, you knew?” Suga asked, still a little shocked.

“Of course I knew, man! Noya’s my best friend!”

Tanaka and Noya exchanged high-fives.

“Well,” Daichi said, slightly flustered, “I don’t suppose anyone else is secretly in a relationship?”

No one really expected a response to Daichi’s dry remark, so it was a surprise when both Yamaguchi and Yachi raised their hands shyly.

“We’ve been having lunch together for a couple weeks now,” Yamaguchi said with a small smile, and Yachi returned it sweetly. Suga thought they made an adorable couple.

Tanaka screamed, and everyone noticed that Kiyoko had also raised her hand. When she quietly admitted that a week earlier she had gone on a lovely outing with one Michimiya Yui, Tanaka burst into tears.

“Can we go home yet?” Tsukishima said, distancing himself from where Tanaka was sobbing on the floor. “Our personal relationships aren’t really anyone’s business but our own.”

“Is this because you don’t want to tell anyone that you’ve been texting Nekoma’s captain every day?” Yamaguchi said, not missing a beat.

Tsukishima glared at Yamaguchi, and his refusal to respond was as big an admission of truth as any.

In the middle of the chaos, surrounded by their love-struck peers, both Kageyama and Hinata locked eyes with each other, looking uncharacteristically pensive.

“So the reason Daichi and Suga work so well together… is because they’re dating?”

Kageyama nodded. “And Asahi’s always been the best at spiking Noya’s tosses.”

They shared a look filled with stunned realization.

“Kageyama! Ask me out on a date! If we’re dating we’ll be even better on the court!”

“What? Idiot! You have to ask me out! I don’t know anything about dates!”

“Well, I don’t either! You can buy me ice cream? That counts, right?”

“I’m not paying for your ice cream, buy your own!”

“But if I paid for mine, it wouldn’t be a date!”

Suga could feel his headache growing. 

I Need You - Newt Scamander

Warning: None? It’s kinda sad at first. Oops. Fem!Reader tho.

ALSO, I had a different idea of how this would go like an alternate version. I could write it if someones wants me too?

Disclaimer: I could not find a scene of Newt’s trial anywhere so I got the conversation part(?) from this text. I felt bad for using it without mentioning it’s not mine. The conversation part I used is used for completely different plots. Obviously, I wouldn’t do this unless it was necessary because I couldn’t find that specific scene anywhere.

Requested by @imfuckin-gcrazy: “Could you write an imagine where Newt”s girlfriend is a veela, and he keeps her in her case most of the time in order to keep her safe but when Graves’ seizes the case he finds you and the rest is up to you 😉 thank you, I love your writing ❤

Originally posted by coffeestainedandersmythe

You’d been messing around and ticking the niffler when Newt and Jacob had come down into the case. You meet Newt when he worked together in the Beast Division in the ministry where you fought for justice for veelas like yourself. He feel in love with they way you would stand up for veelas and fight for justice just as he did with his creatures, and so did you. You met Jacob along with Tina and Queenie when they had come down into the case with Newt to explore his case and learn more about Newt’s love of work.You instantly took a liking to them because you felt like Newt only let people who he trusted or felt like they had a kind heart and an open mind into the case, much like you were.

With Newt’s feet touching solid ground, he made his way towards you as the most important thing on his mind currently was that he had to tell you to take care of his creatures and the case in case he didn’t get back to you. When he told you so, tears started to form in your eyes.

“What do you mean ‘In case you don’t get back’? Newt, what are you planning on doing? Please don’t leave them or me. They’re practically your children. They need you Newt. I need you.” By then you were crying hysterically. Your face as red as your raining red eyes. Newt seeing the state his words caused you to go into. He instinctively pulled you into his chest hugging you into him. He didn’t want to let you go but a knock called their attention which mean Newt and Jacob had to leave.

“I know. I need you too, but just please. Please.”He stuttered over his words. This could possibly be the last moment with his beautiful girlfriend. ”If I can’t come back, take care of them. And no matter what happens out there, no matter what you hear, don’t come for me. Please.”

“No. Newt, I can’t just leave you- “ You were cut off by Newt roughly placing his chapped lips upon yours. You both could taste your salty tears, but they were not a huge deal compared to the situation you were going through.

“Please.” Newt begged against your lips. You could not speak in fear of crying so you nodded in response. Newt blinked away the tears before turning away with Jacob turned to walk up the stairs that lead to the outside of the case when you ran to Newt pulling on his hand making his turn to face you where you meet him with one last kiss. Pulling away you cried out one last time, “I love you Newt.”

“I love you too Y/N.” Slowly he detached himself from your embrace and began to leave when he turned around and advised her to hide. He turned around sad hoping this truly was not their last moment together and began to climb up the wooden ladder with Jacob behind him.

The whole room was filled with auror wizards and other highly ranked wizards. All of them watching the trial of Newt Scamander, Porpentina Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski. According to what MACUSA understood, Newt Scamander’s case filled with magical creatures were let loose causing havoc around the city and Newt had help from Porpentina Goldstein, ex-auror and Jacob Kowaski, a muggle.

“You know which of your creatures was responsible, Mr. Scamander?” Auror Graves questioned Newt who was on his knees on the floor. They all looked at the soul embodiment of the dead studying it, including Newt.

“This was an obscurus.”

“You’ve gone too far, Mr. Scamander. There is no obsucurial in America. Impound that case, Graves.”,Madame Picquery ordered. With a a wave of his hand, the man Graves had Newt Scamander’s case in his possession.

MACUSA felt threatened and betrayed, mostly threatened as there was now a dead body which they believed was killed by one of Newt Scamander’s creatures and they were blaming Newt. Through out the whole trial you heard everything and it hurt your heart.

“Arrest them.”

“Please you don’t understand. Nothing in there is dangerous.” You heard Newt plead. You could hear the heartache and pain in his voice as he continued to plead.

“We’ll be the judges of that.”

“Take them to the cells.”

Everything everyone was saying was making it hard to concentrate on the promise you had made to Newt.

“Don’t hurt these creatures. There is nothing dangerous in there. Nothing. Please don’t hurt my creatures. They’re not dangerous. Please. They are not dangerous.” Newt’s voice echoed into the case where you hide. His screams and pleads slowly faded away making you want to run to his aid, but you couldn’t. Could you?

The case was given to two aurors to inspect. As soon as the shorter, chubby one of the aurors got to where you hid near the occamy babies, you quickly attacked him with a wand less spell and with a punch to the face just to be sure he was out of it. You were a half-veela which meant you could do wand less magic and you had your own magic.

“Well, looks like your not a no-maj like I had expected.”

“And why would you expect that?”

“Because a women as beautiful as yourself is not capable of doing that and touching a man like that.”

“Well, you’re wrong either way. I’m not a no-maj, but guess what I am?” The man, Graves said nothing.

”I’m a veela,” you revealed slowly stepping closer to him. Blinking you’re eyes turned black “An angry veela. You want to know why I’m angry? Because you have my boyfriend and my friends locked up, yet you don’t know the story as to why this case has all these creatures in it. Nor do you care right? As long as somebody is there to take the blame for your stupid mistakes. Well guess who’s blamed. The boyfriend of a veela. Really not a good thing for you mate. Not at all, but I believe you should run before you turn out like him.” You stopped to point at the small unconscious auror. “Or worse.” You ended with a sickly evil smile to warn the auror.

As soon as Graves, started running you were read to release you wings, but ended up not having to do so as soon as Graves disapparated.

Quickly and carefully you took the body up the stairs that lead to what you believed was the office of the auror. You let the body drop to the floor, not knowing what to do with it. You went to grab the case when the door was suddenly kicked open. Behind the door stood a proud Jacob and a smiling Queenie.

“Oh. Hello Queenie. Hello Jacob. He’s not dead just unconscious.” You turned around with the case and left running with Jacob and Queenie by your side. Panting in between your words you say,“You will not believe what I just did.”

“You did not?” Queenie laughed as she read your mind.

“Did not what? What did she do?” Jacob asked confused.

“Never mind that for now. We’ve got to find Tina and Newt.” Queenie jumped his question in order to continue their quest.

After a few more minutes of running around the MACUSA headquarter looking for your boyfriend and newly found friend, you turned around a corner to be meet with a wand in your face. Quickly it fell. Looking up you realized, you finally found them.

“Oh thank Godric you’re alive Newt.” You exclaimed happier than you should have been considering your current situation. Happily, you pulled his hand into your’s intertwining them.

“I thought i told you-I, I only did it to keep you safe. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be mad right now. I’m glad you’re okay.” Newt pulled you into his chest, placing kisses all over the top of you head as he wrapped his arms around you. “ Oh what about the babies?”

“We’ll had a bit of trouble in the case, but I was able to handle myself. And the babies are alright.”

“She’s pregnant?” asked a dumbfounded Jacob.

“She meant the creatures.” Tina stated.

“Well I’m glad they’re fine too. Thank you so much for that” He thanked you and placed a kiss to your forehead in which you closed your eyes trying to savor the gentle touch,”but we have to something else on our plate.”

“Now come on, we’ve got to save New York.” You state as you all started to walk out of MACUSA headquarters already planning you’re next move.

Thoughts on the movie (pt 1/?)

- The whole scene where Abe dies was just :// not doing it for me. Nope. Sorry. Maybe if they’d showed me more AbexJacob moments before that.
- Smol baby Jake tho! precious
- anyway
- Beautiful scenery, special effects were meh, hollows were just funny (in a bad way, although the transformation was pretty horrifying)
- A shame they didn’t keep the original origin story for the wights… But I’d seen that one coming
- Emma was a little bit like Book!Emma only made of porcelain if that makes sense
- Enoch was Book!Enoch only taller and more pissed off
- When Barron kicked the shit out of him my friend quietly whispered “He kind of deserved it”
- The scene with Victor fucked me up!! Especially the part with Enoch but also when Miss P just quietly holds him
- Horace was… so small… I want to hold him… someone make sure he’s OK
- Fiona? She wasn’t in the movie
- Bronwyn and Claire had maybe 10 lines together and that makes me sad
- Olive’s scenes with Enoch pissed me off to no end. When he sort of kissed her awake it was kind of sweet, but she was everything but a “fierce female” (something Burton was apparently going for)
- I barely remember Mill which saddens me
- Mr. Jackson… You tried. Sorry. You deserve better.
- Lmao so did the other actors but that’s not the point
- Asa was just really flat the whole movie. He had maybe a few scenes where I legit enjoyed seeing him on screen.
- Thank god for Eva Green am I right
- Please hold her
- “That Burton cameo made me think of serial killers who takes pictures with their victims” - my friend
- The skeletons vs. hollows scene cracked me tf up to be honest that was the best part ever
- Less “Jake is the Chosen One™” than I feared!
- I hated the ending… There was no romantic energy between Emma and Jake during the whole movie. It was vaguely hinted that Emma was in love with Abe, but that was all. The whole romantic subplot was unnessecary and the ending just ://
- Especially because Book!Jacob didn’t just want to leave his home behind! That was a thing in the books and they just took that away
- Also; Abe is still alive because ??
- I started singing “Wish That You Were Here” during the end credits and my friend immediately went “Isa behave yourself”
- No sequel :( But that’s maybe for the better


Hello everyone! I don’t know how many times I can apologize for not being active, haha. I feel bad for not getting to all the messages I receive. However, I do read them all when I’m able to sign from time to time. I have a lot.. but then again a lot of them are from last year as well, but I’m gonna try to answer as many as I can little by little. The very very old ones will be removed to finally start cleaning out my inbox!

I’m so horrible at keeping up w/ things tho, I know. I always feel sad when I have to leave Rex alone for weeks on end. When will I find time for my ocs or art?? I don’t know. Sucks how little time we have. Hm, but for this blog.. it is mainly for Rex, but I’m also thinking of starting to just post other artwork I do on here as well so you guys can be updated on some of the stuff I do?? I don’t know if you guys will be into that, but it’s something I suppose?

The thing is that I tend to sketch a ton, but never post it because I’m the type that wants things finished or nicely drawn out.. but I believe sketches are just as nice right? As long as I’m posting art and not neglecting my poor man. Hm, let me know what you guys think and I’ll see what I can do. I’m trying to fix my daily scheduled so I can give myself some more free time.

What I love tho is that when Deadpool came out, I didn’t hear a single concern about Deadpool reigniting scene culture or reigniting the bad boyz r kewl culture. I didn’t see any concerns about people dressing up as Deadpool more and more. When we know Deadpool cosplayers are often crass, and lewd, and go up to other cosplayers “consenting females” so they can be groped for a photo.

Even tho Deadpool, as I said before, in a male version of Harley Quinn’s jester suit, is also on every shelf in every corner of the Hot Topics stores all across the country. Hot Topics, a store that predominantly young girls (wow no coincidence there) shop at. I personally am not big on scene culture but I can see in the past as a younger teen girl how many of their things would have interested me.

I went to Hot Topic and saw all sorts of Disney merch especially Frozen, Deadpool merch (even before the movie), MARVEL merch, literally so much Loki everywhere, Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural (even a Mishapocalypse t) merch, some DC/TDK trilogy merch, some bands, and other various things including memes like the doge meme.

Hot Topics isn’t a scene store. It’s a freaking fandom store. I’ve never seen so many “We a Have a Hulk” and “Loki uwu” shirts in one place in my life. Heck, there were more LOKI shirts than there were Avengers shirts!

Shopping at Hot Topics is like logging onto tumblr. Fandoms everywhere. I was actually embarrassed to be able to recognize almost everything in Hot Topic I’ve already seen on tumblr.

So I’m not understanding the whole “Suicide Squad will bring back scene culture Hot Topic style” guess what binches, when y'all log onto tumblr to brood about how no one understands you and spend your time with others who no one understands, crying over fictional characters, y'all are emo. Y'all are scene culture. Y'all brought back scene culture with your woobification and Avengers/Sherlock/Doctor Who/Supernatural fangirling.

Anyways, the point is, when Deadpool came out, y'all were all perfectly fine. Y'all even wrote endless metas to prove how deep Deadpool goes beyond his lewd disgusting jokes about his genitalia and even past the lolz so randum jokes/scenes that saturated the movie. Even the awful advertising with the emo cartoon drawings of Deadpool and the poop emojis that specifically were meant to appeal to a particular age group (*cough*) y'all lauded and lapped it up like ice cream on a hot summer day. Y'all even contrived multiple reasons why Deadpool is great representation ( l o l with that predominantly white cast) and a super progressive movie (um) I mean where does it end???

Everyone continued to cosplay it. Females continue to get groped “in the name of in-character cosplay”. Guys got to go order their Deadpool t-shirts and their Deadpool mugs and girls got to order their Deadpool merch and everyone was happy. No one was harassed or made fun of. There wasn’t a single dent in the earth.


- How dare Suicide Squad, happens to be 55% poc with 4 main female characters, two of of which are non-white be a movie? I’ve seen fans literally rally to fund Deadpool’s movie production. But h-how dare a Suicide Squad movie exist???¿¿¿

How dare the movie potentially encourage more girls to dress like Harley Quinn? Notice how no one complained that “more dudes!” (often smelly rude and perverted dudes in my experience) would dress like Deadpool but it’s an issue that more girls will dress like Harley Quinn. Hmm 👀🤔

Notice how Suicide Squad is being branded an edgy Hot Topic movie (by MCU stans) but none of your beloved MCU movies or even Deadpool isn’t. I can find Deadpool on every single merchandise in Hot Topics- from mugs to shoelaces to erasers to freaking fragrance bottles. There’s more Loki shirts than there are Black Widow or pretty much any other character in Hot Topic.

So don’t try tell to me :-) 🔪🔪 that this :-) 🔪 isn’t bias :-) 🔪🔪🔪 from multiple aspects :-))) 🔪 disguised as something else 🔫

“Yes I know the DC movie is breaking Hollywood norm and giving minorities a chance to succeed like we’ve been asking from our own Marvel movies but it looks too edgy so no one should watch this movie!”

“No it’s not that I prefer my white favs with the one background poc who is the white fav’s prop like we get in Marvel movies. It’s just that diversity doesn’t matter in the DC movie!”

(Let’s see how long MCU stans ride the “it doesn’t matter if it has pocs, pocs don’t make a good movie” train until Spiderman Homecoming comes out 👀🕵🏾✍🏾💁🏽)

You guys are perfectly fine overlooking your whitewashed jews turned neo-naz*s and your yellow face movies and your “all blacks people look the same” CEO and your “stole the majority of my black costar’s paycheck” RDJ and your “child rape isn’t real” Scarlett Johansson, and “which female character can I bang first” Seb Stan and your “female characters are sexy lamps” movies and your various sputtering problematic aspects of the MCU, and still give them money and the time of day.

Then you should have no problem overlooking Jared Leto (who most likely will be woobified anyways) and stop bending over backwards for the “boycotting” of Suicide Squad and telling everyone that the pocs do not matter or mean anything because it’s “too Hot Topic-y”.

This post isn’t about or excusing Jared Leto’s disturbing gross antics he used to get into character. This isn’t about one line that Harley Quinn said in a 2hr+ movie that none of y'all have even seen yet. But I’m sure all of you will still persist and argue that “it’s too edgy” and “they completely screwed up Harley Quinn” as your excuse anyways won’t ya. I can foresee all the reblogs saying “but it’s too edgy 😩!” “All the GIRLS will wanna dress like Harley Quinn while it’s fine that all the GUYS wanted to be Deadpool” anyways. Prove me wrong for once. Just once.

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon who was emotionally abused by friendo, and I texted them about the issue They said I was over exaggerating But I mean, TF??? They would always make me feel bad and shit, calling me chubby and making racist jokes about Mexicans (I'm from Mexico) and they expect to get away from it cause I'm their friend???? And they blame me on everything??? They steal my books and stuff and even stole my art from class. They also act all sexual around me even tho I don't like it and moan in my ear-

that’s so fucking gross ohhhh my god????? like what the fuck is their problem

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whenever i read rwby fanfiction im often starting to picture the characters in your art style and im unsure how to take this. your art's nice tho so i don't think it's really a bad thing, just weird lol

Well I hope thats alright with you! since I’m a relatively new rwby artist that’s pretty spectacular to hear!! :D

(and if it helps i picture them in my style too c;)