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thoughts on Dan's liveshow? as always, soooo many phil mentions lmao.

I loved it! I feel like there were so many things I wanted to hear him talk about that the hour went by too quickly. There were some lovely reiterations of things we already knew about. Some of the highlights for me: 

- Telling the story about someone catching Phil out jogging and asking for a picture, and how Phil was too nice of a person to say no even though he looked like a “sweaty rat.” 
- The whiny impression of himself asking Phil for help while filming, trying to downplay how they do videos together but also at the same time not pretending they don’t. 
- Talking about the “reasonable” anxiety Phil gets when it comes to neighbors and being judged as weird. 
- Dan’s reaction to the sexy text from Marcus Butler, and realizing it must be a video: “For about thirty seconds, really got my hopes up.” 
- Phil and his week long birthday celebration: “Smol bean deserves all the treats.” I think he meant for that tone to be more sarcastic than it was, but it didn’t really come off as sarcastic at all.  
- They got Hamilton tickets! 
- He talked about two other birthday presents he got Phil, including one that I guess we don’t get to know about? 
- Referring to Phil as family. 
- Clarifying that he didn’t talk to anyone has a kid, which is why his parents didn’t know how much he hated the piano teacher. I’ve seen so many people assuming Dan’s parents should have known he was that miserable, but he was twelve - a twelve year old has the ability to withhold emotion if they choose to, and he clearly did. 
- Yet another mention of how he watches depressing movies when Phil is away. (Interesting addition of ‘or political things’ too - though it doesn’t surprise me to hear Phil isn’t super into political stuff.) 

Something just like this

I LOVE this song and I wanted to write about it for a long time so here it is.

LogicxPrince (tagged as Logince)


“I want something just like this”

Sometimes, Logic found himself laying on his bedroom, reading a book about champions and knights and princes and super heroes. At the same time, he liked to listen to a song that talked exactly about that, about risks that would be taken if one fell in love with any of those categories of people. And honestly, being a person that hates taking risks almost as much as Anxiety, he found it hard to let go and just imagine what his life would be like if he had a lover with all those attributes.

But one day, he had been tired, working on a project for at least two days straight with less than five hours of sleep, so when he got to his room, all he could do was put on the song ‘Something just like this’ and close his eyes, trying and failing to get some well deserved sleep.

Because of his failed attempt, he decided to open his eyes and stare at the starry sky over his bed, smiling at the brightness of the galaxies, the mystery of the nebulas. He loved that their rooms could be anything inside Thomas’ mind, because sometimes it was the only place where he could truly relax.

And that day, thinking he was alone, he imagined in the end of the sky a castle. A space castle. And from there, a constellation prince came closer, reaching out for him, trying to take him by the hand and failing because he was sky and Logic was earth. They could never unite.

And then, someone opened the door, and both the prince and Logic looked down to see the actual Prince staring at them, confused and obviously admired.

Logic had forgotten the door open. Shit.

“R-Roman!” Logic said, his room suddenly losing all its beautiful attributes and becoming, well, his usual room with grey walls and white ceiling and wood floor. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know how to knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer” he said, walking inside and smiling at Logic. “That was beautiful. Who was he?”

“He? He who?” Logic asked, looking away, but Prince chuckled, closing the door before rushing to sit next to Logic.

“The prince in the skies” the royal said, smiling. “Is he your lover? The one person that you love?” He asked, excited, and Logic frowned, laying down and curling up with his back to Prince.

“I don’t love anyone. I don’t know what you’re talking about Roman” he mumbled, closing his eyes. He was tired, and he didn’t want to discuss the subject. He really didn’t. But Prince was different from the others. He had no sense of personal space.

“Come on Logan” he said, taking the teacher’s hand. “I know that’s not true! Tell me who it was! Is it someone or is it just an imaginary lover?”

“More latter” Logic mumbled, and then slowly turned back around, staring at their joined hands. “Stop touching me”

“Alright” Prince said, letting go from him and grinning. “Now tell me. Tell me everything”

“Ugh…” Logic groaned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. “Do you know the song 'Something just like this’?” Prince nodded. “Well, it really speaks to me… For some reason. You know, I read so many fiction books, from Aristoteles’ scholar texts to Fifty Shades of Grey, and yet nothing, nothing comes close to my passion for Princes and Knights, like the ones from King Arthur and those tales from the Dark Ages, or even Robin Hood. It’s so weird that someone like me has such… Interest in people like them, driven only by their courage and beliefs” he said, sighing and looking at Prince. “I don’t know…”

“I understand” Prince said, smiling softly at Logic. “I honestly never thought I would have a crush in such a strict and smart teacher” he continued, smile becoming a smirk, and Logic’s tired mind took at least a minute to understand what those words meant. And when he did, he blushed lightly and looked up at Prince again.

“That’s not what I meant” he said, weakly, but Prince shrugged, holding his hand again.

“Well, I’m the closest you will get” he said, tangling their fingers and making the teacher blush deeper. “I can be your knight, if you want”

“Roman, what are you d-” Logic tried, but soon the royal was leaning in and pressing their lips together and Logic took two seconds to melt, his free hand going up to Prince’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing back in the most excited way.

And even though Roman was no real knight, Logan had to admit:

It was better than any of his dreams.

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Could you do Hanzo and Genji (separate) comforting a really depressed s/o? (I am mcfreaking struggling rn, like, a ball of anxiety that is having trouble finding reasons to get up in the morning and participate in life. This will pass soon, it never lasts long. But I could use a bit of comfort, if you are willing to do this) if not, then just something fluffy with them? Please and thank you!

I understand how depression gets sometimes I hope you feel better really soon, but if you need someone to talk to you can direct message me.

(For some reason I couldn’t really get the feel of Hanzo so I had to make it headcannons.)
•He got a really weird text from you and came over as fast as he could.
•Hanzo raced through your house trying to find you.
•Relief filled him as he found you in your room, unharmed.
•His relief left when he saw your face you looked dead like mentally you weren’t alive.
•He climbed into your bed and took you in his arms.
•Hanzo has never be good with emotions but he wanted to help.
•He began to slowly rock you and stroke your hair.
•While he tells you that these feelings will pass and that it will be better.
•Hell kiss you if you want it if not he’ll settle on kissing your head.


Genji hadn’t heard from you in a while so he decided to bring you your favorite meal. When he got to your home he searched most of the house to find nothing no one was here. Until he found you in your bedroom in a pile of blankets. He knew immediately what was going on.

“I brought you your favorite if you want to try eating. It might help you koibito.”

You looked at him though red tear filled eyes. You were happy he was here, but something in the back of your mind said you were a burden.

“Come on, I can think of a really good movie we can lay around to. It’s a comedy so no sad parts.”

You made a half attempt at reaching for him, which he took as a yes. Genji picked you up in his arms and carried you to your living room. After he set the movie up he climbed on the couch, moving you onto his lap. So he could hold you and place kisses all over your face. While the movie played in the background.


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Hi! I know I send a lot of asks I'm sorry it's just you're one of my favorite 2p hetalia blogs! Anywho, I was wondering how the 2ps would react to accidentally physically hurting their s/o in an argument? If it's not too much to ask... Xoxo

I’m one of your favorites????


Mmmmm thank you darling!

2P Italy: *he’d probably keep yelling at them unless they started crying. If they cried, he would glomp them and apologize 87913 times, assuring them that it really was an accident and he would never purposely hurt them…..for about a week after that, he’d be the sweetest boyfriend imaginable…he would legit compliment them every thirty seconds and would do lots of little things to show he really is sorry (opening doors for them, pulling out chairs for them, etc)*

2P Germany: …………………………..HOLY FUCKING SHIT BABE I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOU OH MY FUCKING GOD ARE YOU OKAY COME HERE BABY I’M SO SORRY *picks them up off the floor and holds them in his arms while he screams about how sorry he is for like half an hour…..for the next several weeks, he would be overly gentle with his s/o. He’d also constantly ask if he can do something for them. Some of these offers are sweet, and some are downright ridiculous (“yo babe, you hungry? I’ll walk for 3 hours to get some takeout from that Chinese place you like”)*

2P Japan: *stares at them for a moment, then gently reaches out and touches where he hit them* I, uh, I didn’t mean, well I, uh, ohgodwhathaveIdone—— *distances himself from his s/o for the next few weeks because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt them again….even though he’s avoiding them, he still texts or calls them every day to make sure they’re doing okay and offering to do little things for them (“I made sushi, do you want me to just, uh, pop some in a container and leave it on your doorstep? Or something?”)

2P Romano: *makes some kind of weird squeaking noise, then looks from his hand to where he hit his s/o several times* uh uh uh UH BABE ARE YOU OKAY???!?!?!?!! *cups his s/o’s cheeks and apologizes for ten minutes, then starts listing 95 reasons why he loves them* IF I EVER HIT YOU AGAIN I’M GIVING YOU FULL PERMISSION TO BURN ALL MY CLOTHES….even…*sniff*…..even my favorite pink shirt with the bell sleeves and the gold glitter………

2P Prussia: *it’s extremely unlikely that he would ever argue with or hurt his s/o, so his s/o already knows that it was an accident. Gilen is the one who ends up crying and blubbering about how sorry he is and how much he loves them, and the s/o is the one who ends up comforting him and assuring him that they’re okay and that they knew he didn’t mean it*

2P France: *stares, blinks, stares, blinks* ……..oh shit. *stares at them for an inordinate amount of time while he silently regrets every choice he’s ever made in his entire life…..then he gives them a hundred bucks as he tells them he didn’t mean to hit them*

2P America: AND IF YOU EV—- if you—- if—- oh fuck oh fuck oH FUCK *continues to yell at them for a few seconds, then realizes what he’s done and starts panicking. He gets down on the floor and hugs their legs, begging them not to leave him*

2P Canada: ……….babe? I, uh, are you alright? *his voice immediately dies down into the quietest whisper…..he gently reaches out to touch where he hit them, then quickly yanks his arm away* uh, listen, you know I didn’t mean to do that….right? *lowkey turns away to wipe a teardrop off his face….his s/o means the world to him and after he hit them he was terrified that they would leave him*

2P England: *again, it’s unlikely that this guy would argue with or hit his s/o, but if he did, he’d immediately start crying and run away from wherever his s/o is. He runs nonstop for like an hour until he finally stops and sits down on a random curb or bench…..after crying for a while longer, he manages to find a way back home, where he prepares to make 28309 batches of apology cupcakes*

2P China: ……..aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KITTEN HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO HIT YOU OH GOD OH SHIT COME HERE BABY PLEASE DON’T HATE ME OKAY I’M SO SORRY *collapses onto the ground while screaming about how much he loves them and how sorry he is…..basically he becomes a pathetic mess and begs his s/o to not break up with him*

2P Russia: *woah. Woah. Okay. This must have been quite the argument, because Viktor is a die-hard pacifist who constantly preaches against violence—– he would have had to be extremely angry, so after he hits his s/o, he continues to argue for like 10 minutes before he just storms away……he returns about 5 minutes later as he realizes what he had done…. If his s/o is still where he left them, he’d inspect the injury and apologize profusely…. If his s/o left, he’ll go lock himself in his house and listen to Russian breakup songs because he’s convinced that his s/o will never want to see him again*

Have another shitty comic based on true events :D

Damn, so this was something that happened to me like years ago, maybe like 5-7 something, was going to get something from the fridge and as soon as I opened it something fell out, a carton of milk I think, and I immediately shouted out “ARGHH WHORE!!” in surprise for some frikking reason, felt like drawing it today so here ya go <:

also the text that I wrote says “Papy watch your fucking language” if ya guys can’t read it~


I keep seeing people make statements like “the LGBT community came together to fight homophobia and transphobia only!” So I made these, use them freely. If you want to make more (e.g. for aces/aros, or whatever) inbox me and I’ll send you the original to edit. 

If these look weird for you… they look weird for me too because Tumblr likes to force them to fit the screen. What you do is stick one in your post; click the little gear at the top right and change it from “rich text” to “HTML”; look for the bit that says “tmblr-full” and change it to just “tmblr”, and it should fix it. (I couldn’t do that because for some reason, it wouldn’t upload them if I put them inside a text post. SIGH) 

Descriptions/uses for these cards:

If what you are saying about community politics excludes intersex people:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “Your argument leaves out intersex people. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not include intersex people by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you think intersex people are (by definition) some kind of trans people, OR if you think that intersex people only “count” if they were assigned the wrong gender at birth:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You are confusing intersex with trans. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn what intersex means by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you think intersex people are only part of the community if they “are trans or experience same-gender attraction”:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You are misinformed about intersex people. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn what intersex means by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you don’t believe in biphobia:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You don’t believe biphobia exists. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn what biphobia means by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you think bisexuals are only affected by homophobia, OR if you think bisexuals are “only oppressed if people think we’re gay”:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You are confusing bi with gay/lesbian. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn about bi people by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you think trans people are only oppressed because people think we’re gay:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You are confusing trans with gay/lesbian. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn about trans people by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

If you think nonbinary people are not really trans, or that it’s super hetero to be into nonbinary people or something:

[Worn vintage “go directly to jail” Monopoly card, edited to say “You are misinformed about what trans means. Go directly to Google, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Fine print at bottom warns, “If you do not learn about trans people by your third turn, you must pay the $50 fine.”]

The Adorable Stranger: Peter Parker One Shot

The Adorable Stranger: Peter Parker One Shot

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this for my creative writing class so I hope you guys like it too. Let me know if you ever have any requests! Thanks for reading! As always I made it gender neutral so let me know if I accidentally let it slip because I always have to edit it from my class version to a tumblr version :) Let me know if you want to be tagged in my writing.

Warnings: embarrassment (cute though), baseball, extreme fluff

Originally posted by jlbwedding

(not my gif and also this is what the setting looks like in the story)

As you began to leave, your foot was tapped, causing you to briskly turn around. Laying in the grass beside your shoe you found a well-worn baseball, its red stitching loose along the lines of thread. Bending down, you picked up the quizzical object, examining it as if you could determine the purpose it held. You were awaken from your thoughtful daze by the sound of footsteps running frantically in your direction. When you turned your head, you were met with the sight of a disheveled, slightly panicked boy who appeared to be around your age running your way. Even from this far you could already tell he was pretty cute. Blushing, you turned to face him, but looked back down at the ball in your hands. You didn’t have to be looking up to see the boy come to a stop in front of you, oddly not out of breath from the long run. The person in front of you cleared his throat, drawing your attention, your eyes coming to meet his. They were a soft, dark brown that reminded you of the hot cocoa you had that morning. Breaking your gaze into his melting orbs, you took the time to memorize his face. His skin was a beautiful pale, not sickly, but natural with the occasional freckle on the white plains that were his cheeks. You continued to admire the boy in front of you until you observed a pink pigment overtake his cheeks, making you realize that you had been staring. Quickly looking down as if to erase the embarrassing act that already occurred, but you knew it was too late.

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He's Shy

Feeling all sweaty and gross, I was about to leave the gym. I had now finished my really intense workout and I couldn’t wait until I was home so I could shower. I just wasn’t one of these people that would use a public shower.

I said bye to my personal trainer, not that I worked out a lot, I just liked to have a personal trainer and it happened he was my friend’s brother. I only went to the gym one or two times per week.

After I had picked up my training bag on the floor, I looked up and saw an attractive guy with weird colored hair. But it was different. I liked it.

Sweat was on his neck and his hair managed to look fine, but I was probably looking ten times worse. I gave him a small smile.

“Uh,” he said as he rubbed his neck,“ I’m Michael.”

I nodded,“ Y/N.”

He gave a quick glance at the back of the gym and I saw two other guys looking at us. Both had blond hair and they looked quite tall, just like Michael.

“These guys paid me 20 box so I could come talk to you,” he explained.

My cheeks, already red from how hot I felt, became ever hotter. “Oh really?” I laughed awkwardly.

“For some weird reason, we often come here at the same time and I kind of talk about you a lot…” He said, his face bright red. “You look really nice,” he added quickly.

I laughed,“ I can’t look nice, I’m all sweaty and gross.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“Well,” I said, “I gotta run, but I can give you my number…”

He stared at me and replied nothing for a good ten seconds.

“Oh! Eh, yeah…” He took my phone and texted himself.

I smiled at him, “Well, it was nice meeting you Michael.”

“Yeah,” he smiled as we heard his friends clapping their hands.

Michael texted me later in the day and we went out at 7pm at a really good restaurant. Michael, who seemed quite shy at first, turned out to be a really cool and funny guy.


It’s been a huge year for me already, considering I reached 2,000 back around February and to see that I’ve climbed so far in a couple of months is just astounding. I’m not going to take any credit for that at all because I owe it all to you guys, so this is a little something to say thank you and to just acknowledge the awesome that is my dashboard. I’m not going to do any “bolded” names or anything because I have no favourites. You all are, to me, absolutely fantastic and incredible and I appreciate you all as individuals and as a whole. Thank you so, so much guys.


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I’m really, really sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone - this has taken me hours to do and my brain is now mush so there is a possibility that I’ve forgotten heaps of people. I’ll try to acknowledge you guys in some other way if I ever remember. Have a great time with whatever you’re doing today and as always, stay classy. <3

Underwear - The Door To Opportunities

Alternate meeting between Oliver and Felicity. Texting and Tommy and swooping through women’s underwear involved.

Two long ideas popped upon seeing this. This is the first one. Let’s hope you like it. Also, shout out to ellefraser17​ because she wanted this. 

Oliver looked down at the text on his phone, completely confounded, for the third time in a row. And every time he did, it did not become any less amusing. And it was surprising because amusement was something he had stopped feeling a long time ago, along with a lot of other things. But he was amused now. He looked at the text again. 

UNKNOWN : So, my friend’s bet me to send you this text because I have had the crush on you for the longest time and I think I might be a bit tipsy  because I am actually doing this, and OMG! I cannot believe I am actually   doing this. And I did it. Yup. Pressing send in 3, 2, 1. 

As the owner of Verdant, he was used to having women send him all sorts of messages at all times of the day and night. Hell, as Oliver Queen, he was used to having women send him all types of messages. But never, ever, on his personal number. And how this woman had gotten his private number, he didn’t know. 

He hesitated for a second, looking at Tommy making his rounds downstairs. Though they worked in the club together, and the entire city still believed them to be nothing but playboys they had been a few years ago, the truth was far, far from it. They had both changed, both grown up into men. Tommy had committed himself to his relationship with Laurel and to Verdant since his father had cut him off. And Oliver had done a complete 180 since he came back a few weeks ago from the ‘dead’. No one knew the extent of that 180. 

He reread the text again, feeling the words amuse him for some reason and quickly typed back a reply. 

ME : You won the bet?

He hit send and waited, looking down at the full club, at the throngs of people grinding against each other when his phone buzzed again. 

UNKNOWN : Oh yes! Tonight is on her. Plus she’s gifting me a pair of heels I have been dying to buy. So, it’s a win win. I hope I didn’t weird you out. Well, of course I did. Sending what i send you would be weird. Maybe a little creepy too. 

His lips twitched slightly at the tone of the message and he settled weight in his elbows on the railing, and replied for some reason. 

ME : It didn’t weird me out. How did you get my number?

The phone buzzed instantly. 

UNKNOWN : I borrowed some information off some servers. But I won’t distribute it or anything, don’t worry. Well, not unless you want me to. But if you wanted to, wouldn’t you do it on your own? Anyways, I’ll keep it to myself. Not like stalker- keep, just you know ‘I-have-a-crush-on-this-guy-and-his-number-is-lying-in-my-contacts-innocently keep. Oh boy, that got long.  

A chuckle left him the moment he read it and curiosity about a stranger assailed him for the first time. 

ME : Are you in the club?

UNKNOWN : Are you going to throw me out? *biting nails*

“Who are you texting with such a goofy smile, dude?” Tommy’s voice made Oliver look up at his best friend. Oliver shrugged, not wanting to share it for some reason. Tommy raised his eyebrows. 

His phone buzzed. 

UNKNOWN : So, either you are thinking of a polite way of telling me you are throwing me out of the club or well…..I don’t know. Anyways, I’ll get out of your hair. Which is really sexy, btw. But I meant it not literally of course. Not that you are no sexy, which you are. That I meant literally. Fuck, I am shutting up.

Oliver chuckled out loud, pushing Tommy’s face away as he tried to peek. 

He replied quickly, making a decision. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

The loud music pumped through the club as he waited for her reply, with bated breath, his heart slowly pounding. He knew in his gut something was different here. He just didn’t know what. 

Her reply came. 

UNKNOWN : I broke your glass. From the shock. I just thought you should know. You can totally bill it to me, btw. Not that you would because you are a billionaire and I don’t think a broken glass is going to make a big dent in your account anyways. Hell, it wouldn’t make a big dent in mine. 

She had totally gone in a completely different tangent, and for some reason, he found himself even more curious. 

ME : I want to meet you. 

UNKNOWN : Look, crush or not, I don’t really meet strange men like that. If you want to just get in my pants, I’ve already left them in your lost and found section and don’t ask why. Actually, it was another bet, the one before sending you the text one. Anyways, there are quite a lot of collection of underwear you have there. You can totally open a store of underwear. Although, why would you. Anyways. Ciao! 

Oliver’s heart raced as he read the text, blood rushing through him. He had to meet her, just once. And rereading her message, knowing how much she loved bets apparently, he felt the rush of a challenge seep through his veins. This was going to be good. 

ME : I want to make a bet with you. 

He waited, hoping she would reply, and she did. 

UNKNOWN: Okayyyyyy

Oliver grinned, ignoring Tommy who was giving him looks. 

ME : If I successfully find your underwear in the lost and found, you meet me. Is it on? 

“Ollie, who is this girl? You are smiling way too wide for this to be normal.”

“You’ll know in a second,” Oliver said, willing his phone to buzz again. It did. 

UNKNOWN: It is on. 

Oliver grinned and started to walk towards the lost and found area downstairs. How many underwear could be there for him to chooses from? Not much, hopefully. 

“Where are you going?” Tommy followed him, nodding to people here and there as they made their way down. 

Oliver kept looking around, trying to see the women, trying to put a face to the tone in the messages. Women and girls of all ages stared unabashedly at him and he sighed, his blood still high from the challenge. 

The moment he reached the lost and found, he stopped. 

There were stacks and stacks of only bras and panties of all shapes, sizes and colors. How the fuck had he never seen this place before? In his club?

Baffled, he looked at Tommy. “What sort of a business has a lost and found that is just full of women’s underwear?”

Tommy furrowed his brow. “Um. The best kind?” 

Oliver sighed. “How the hell am I supposed to find one of a women I don’t even know in this?”

“Oh, so that’s what that was about?” Tommy asked, grinning devilishly. He punched Oliver in the shoulder. “Quit getting your broody face and just ask her for a hint. It’s only fair.”

It was. 

ME : A hint? Please?

He added the please for good measure, thinking it’d improve his chances. She replied back. 

UNKNOWN: It’s only fair given how many you have there. Hmm. Hint. It’s not black. 

Not black. Oliver looked at the pile and nodded. Okay. He could work with that. 

He looked up at Tommy, raising a brow at his friend’s expectant face. 

“What’s the hint?” 

“It’s not black.”

Tommy nodded and dived into the pile, removing the black ones to a side and all the others to another. Oliver just raised his eyebrows but joined him. He figured a little help wouldn’t hurt anyways. 

“So who is this girl?” Tommy started, still sorting one side while Oliver did the other. 

“I don’t know. But I want to find out,” Oliver replied, focused on the task. God, how many typed of underwear did women even have? Silk and net and cotton and thongs and things he didn’t even know the names of. 

“And you got interested because?” Tommy persisted and Oliver glared at him, before seeing his grin and sighing. 

“She sounds different.”

“Different how?”

Oliver threw a pair at his friend and heard his chuckle before straightening and taking measure. Okay. So there were almost two dozen non-black panties in front of him. Fuck. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: Done sorting, big boy?

Was she watching him? Oliver narrowed his eyes, looking around the club and trying to place her. But there were just too many people. She could have been seeing him from anywhere. 

He replied again. 

ME : Done. But still too many. Another clue?

UNKNOWN: You do realize that I am literally laying a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the fabric that covered my lady parts this evening, right? 

She was going commando. Fuck. Oliver closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, his senses inflamed like they hadn’t been in a long, long time and he hadn’t even seen her. 

ME : Yes. Next breadcrumb?

UNKNOWN: It’s not satin.

“It’s not satin,” Oliver muttered to Tommy before going back to the sorting. Tommy cleared his throat. Oliver looked up. 

“You know, I can tell a lot about women’s underwear from the way they talk,” Tommy began, extending his hand. “Maybe I should take a look and I’d be able to help you better.”

Tommy’s eyes were glinting with amusement and Oliver sighed. He did not want Tommy to read the messages for some reason. 

His phone buzzed and he looked down. 

UNKNOWN: FYI, if Mr. Merlyn reads the messages the bet is off. I’ll be too embarrassed to come face to face, and technically, if he helps you now, he is the winner, anyways. :P

Oliver didn’t know whether to grin or be impatient at her for delaying it. But he was enjoying it.  

“Nope,” Oliver replied to Tommy, waving his phone to make sure she knew if she was watching that he was declining it. “Can;t do. You just stand there or go away. I’ll have to sift on my own now.”

Tommy scrunched his face. “Damn it. I wish i could have gotten my hands on her underwear before you.” 

Chuckling at Oliver’s narrowed eyes, Tommy waved at the bar and left Oliver to his own devices. 

Taking a deep breath, Oliver got through sorting the non-satin and satin and finally had a tiny pile of ten panties. Ten. Six of them were bright but solid colors. Two of them had patterns and dots. One was embroidered and one had multi colored swirls on it. 

He quickly typed another text. 

ME : Down to 10.

UNKNOWN: Three guesses? 

Oliver looked down at the ten options and thought for a moment before replying. 

ME : Pink and white stripes?



He removed the pink and white one aside and looked closely at the rest. 

ME : Polka dots? 


His pulse spiked and he felt adrenaline hit his system. Last guess. If he got this wrong, she’d walk out and he’d never know who she was. He needed to know who she was.  

Taking a deep breath, he typed, his hand hovering over the send button before pressing on it. 

ME : Embroidered?

He waited, tapping his finger against his phone, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he waited. 


His heart sank and chest tightened. It shouldn’t have, but it did. He barely even knew the woman and yet the thought of not being able to meet her, of knowing he had lost his chance after trying so hard, was burning like acid through him. He exhaled loudly, hanging his head and closed his eyes, a life time of wasted opportunities, of wasted chances, weighing down on him, settling upon him again now that the momentary buoyancy she had provided was gone. 

Maybe it was better like this. What the hell could he have given her anyways?

Maybe it was not. Maybe, he could have given her something. Maybe. 

A life time of maybes. 

“It’s this one.”

His eyes flew open to see a small hand with pink nails holding the panties with the colorful swirls on them. The heat he felt rising in his chest was unlike anything he had known before. The hope the rose after being squashed was something he very rarely felt. 

Taking a deep breath, he turned around to see her, finally, and faced her as she stood a little behind him. And he blinked. She fit perfectly with those messages. Perfectly. Her blonde hair was tied back in a high ponytail and she wore big, rectangular glasses framing such beautiful, blue eyes. Her mouth was lush and painted bright red and she wore a red dress that fell to just above her knees with tall heels. And even with the heels, she was tiny and shuffling awkwardly as she faced him. 

“You never asked me what I would get if I won the bet,” she began in a soft, feminine voice that somehow fit her, waving the hand not holding the underwear. “I got to meet you. Plus you tried so I figured you deserved to at least see me. And just stare. Which you are doing and it’s kind of freaking me out because you are just staring. Why are you staring?”

Oliver stared a little more, unable to help himself, and extended his hand to her. “Oliver Queen.”

She raised her eyebrows, looking down at his hand. “This is surreal. After sifting through gazillion panties to look for mine, you’re actually offering me your hand?”

Chuckling, she placed her small, soft hand into his, and blinked up big, blue eyes at him, reeling him in harder. “Felicity Smoak.”

Felicity. Her name fit too. 

And following instincts like he always did, Oliver dropped a soft kiss on the hand he held, smiling at the flush that covered her face. 

Oliver, for the first time in a long time, felt good.

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rethy  asked:

Your recent ask about words that are difficult to pronounce made me remember that I was batting back and forth over whether when I inevitably become a 20-something confused hermit if I want to be an ESL teacher... And as a bonus I get to listen small children stumble over my mess of a name (Kathleen [Ka-su-rin?]). "Mary" is pretty innocuous in most languages, but was trying to express "Cagle" [Kei-ga-ru?] a massive pain?

Haha yeah…

Mary (rendered either Meari or Merii, though the second usually refers to Merry Christmas) is easy enough. Everyone knows the Japanese version of Mary had a Little Lamb.

Elizabeth (my middle named, rendered Erizabessu) is another one that people are generally aware of. Adults know it as a queenly name, kids… I can never get them to tell me how they know it, but they always think it’s badass for some reason? Not sure what cultural reference they’re pulling from XD

Cagle (keeguru), meanwhile, is complete nonsense and I just get weird prolonged stares any time I mention it ;) I have to explain that it’s based on German (even though it’s been modified over the years to look french, le sigh~)

In any case, very few people actually know my middle/last name. Everyone calls me Mary at all times.

And hmm! Now that I think about it, your name would be very similar to Catherine in katakana. KAAASSAAARIIIIN!