the text looks much better like this

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

I’m overanalyzing that gif and look how much stiles looks like s1 stiles, the one who couldn’t believe lydia martin was talking to him and now she is asking him to kiss her

And look how much lydia looks like the confident, badass herself asking him to shut up and just kiss her 

I couldn’t imagine a better scene for their first (?) kiss because they are so in character and it makes me realize how much they have changed but at the same time how much deep down they are still the same after all

All Hail the Well-Crafted Romance

Honestly, if only all romance stories were such delicious, slow-burn, carefully constructed journeys! 

Most of the time we only have the faintest sense of why two characters are drawn to each other, and mostly it’s “he’s the protagonist” and “she’s the only female character in this story, shrug emoji”. They look at each other from across the room, and boom, done. 

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Love stories have a basic shorthand, and they require very little in-text justification. A conversation between a male and a female character, and maybe one minor shared interest (”oh look! They both like books!”), and you’re good to go. You don’t need to lead an audience along very much to get them to expect on a heterosexual romantic subplot. Just play the right song at the right moment and everyone gets the message.

But wouldn’t they be so much better if they didn’t rely on the shorthand? If they actually took the time to show us why these characters are drawn to each other?

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Meanwhile, Sherlock and John’s relationship is being built before our eyes brick by brick.

Eliminating a toxic person from your life is very much like going to the eye doctor for an annual checkup. You don’t notice anything wrong with your vision/current prescription until you get a new prescription and everything looks so much better and brighter all of a sudden

The parents of one of the victims spoke at Orlando Pride and it happened to be the parents of the person my best friend lost at Pulse, which just brought flashbacks of us waiting for news and me holding him and just lol the whole thing was emotional but one thing I can proudly say is that it was so SO nice to see the Orlando community looking and feeling so energized and so much better in only the span of 5 months. Like i love talking about Miami but man when they say Orlando Strong they mean it. Ain’t no shaking that community. God bless ❤️🏳️‍🌈

Lets bring some positivity in the BlackSun tag

As promised, a major post about these two dorks and their relationship. I am sick of seeing all the bashing in the BlackSun tag, so I’m trying my best to spread some positivity around. I want to post a huge sequence of scenes in which these two were featured and they obviously showed to like each other, or even just made certain expressions that pretty much hint at their feelings for each other.

Find it all under the cut.

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12 Zodiac Signs As Love Yourself Lyrics

1. Leo - You think I’m crying on my own. Well, I ain’t

2. Sagittarius - I think you should be somethin’ I don’t wanna hold back

3. Capricorn - Cause if you like the way you look that much Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself

4. Aquarius - And I didn’t wanna write a song ‘Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care. I don’t,

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Okay, but what about a vampireDark! X reader AU please!! Thank you!

Hope you don’t mind if I do a bulleted list for this one also. I can organize my thoughts on AUs better with bulleted lists

  • His skin was certainly already pale before, but it’s especially pale in this AU. Like he just looks dead. Or like someone who donated double units of blood at a blood drive and nearly passed out and is in need of medical attention.
  • He tries not to grin too terribly much. Some people don’t take kindly to seeing large fangs in someone’s mouth. But if they don’t seem to scare easily, he will give a devilishly captivating grin.
  • He still doesn’t have mind control, but he is definitely better at charming. In certain vampire lore, they have thralls.
  • That being said, I’m not entirely sure if he’d be in the business of having a ton of human servants. It might draw a bit too much attention to himself.
  • He’s the world’s smoothest talker, probably. Voice like honey, with sickly sweet words. Very comforting.
  • Unfortunately comforting, actually. If he can convince you to return to his home (and he usually can), then he’ll probably also convince you to let his teeth near your neck.
  • He doesn’t bite out of nowhere. Don’t wanna scare anyone, of course. If you scare them, they could scream, drawing unnecessary attention. So he gets the closest to permission as he can.
  • Speaking of biting, he doesn’t bite to kill. No, he just drinks enough blood to leave you dazed and disoriented. Make you question if it even happened at all.
  • He tries not to leave too visible of a mark. Actually, he doesn’t bite directly onto the side of the neck. It’s probably right where your shoulder meets your neck. Still good blood access, but easy to cover up with just a shirt.
  • He rarely turns people into vampires also. Too many people that could steal his prey.
  • He probably meets the majority of his victims in… shady venues. Or just happens upon them on a nightly stroll. Somewhere he can work his charisma to his advantage.
  • I already headcanon him as lacking body heat, but not cold. As a vampire, though, he’s as cold as a corpse. Vampires are undead, after all. No blood flowing through the veins. Because of this, he’s kinda weird about physical contact. He tries to stay in cooler areas so that it’s less noticeable and he could just say he’s a naturally cold person instead of seeming unnaturally cold.
  • Also avoids rooms with mirrors like the plague when he’s with someone who’s human. It’s hard to keep up his appearance that way, but he makes it work.

I think in Nik’s bible study classes, the topic was satan one day. And they Were learning about all the forms of the devil and how he makes man (*cough* Damianos *cough*) stray.

He flips a page. Right there is a picture of what Satan looks like.

It’s a smirking Laurent.

Nikandros makes a very unhuman sound.

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hello duke, quick question. i'm just about to read the iliad for the first time, robert fagle's edition, and i was wondering if there was anything i should read alongside it, just so i have better understanding of the text? if so, do you have any recs?

Personally I prefer the Fitzgerald translation, but Fagles is good if you’re reading it for the first time because the structure is really loose and easy. Honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about companion texts the first time around. I’d just try to read it and then start looking for secondary sources if you’re having trouble making sense of things. And when you get there, somebody like @terpsikeraunos or the rest of the classics fandom/cognoscenti might have better advice! Because I’m just going to end up suggesting basic stuff like the Cambridge Companions or Edith Hamilton, et al.

Nordic Headcannons

-Sweden can’t see anything unless it’s two inches in front of him without his glasses.

-Norway had a goth phase.

-Iceland has a very large field of interests but is too embarrassed to say anything about things he likes, even if they aren’t embarrassing.

-Finland actually spoils his dog rotten. You have never seen a more entitled dog than Hanatamango.

-Denmark quotes Hans Christian Andersen a lot.

-Sweden is completely unaware just how scary he looks.

-Both Iceland and Norway knit.

-Norway buys lady deodorant because he likes the smell much better.

-Finland will pinch every child or baby’s cheeks he comes across.

-The Anko trio are all very environmentally friendly.

-Iceland is a pescatarian.

-Norway gets stressed way to easily and too much. (Help him)

-Denmark smells very very strongly of hair gel. It’s borderline intoxicating.

-Iceland hates violence and refuses to hurt anyone or anything if he can help it. (He won’t even use a weapon for self protection and will not hunt. He’ll still fish however, though he hates doing it.)

-Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are all terrible liars.

-Finland and Norway both need at least two cups of coffee to actually get out of bed in the morning.

-Denmark has scented candles EVERYWHERE in his house.

-Sweden’s a really good driver.

-Iceland is probably into slam poetry.

-Sweden really likes little children but has problems dealing with them due to how intimidating he is. (They tend to get too scared to talk to him.)

-Denmark, Sweden and Finland are all morning people.

-Iceland snores lightly

-Norway is surprisingly sentimental.

-Iceland and Sweden are both left handed.

-Denmark and Iceland have freckles. (Denmark has them more on a his body and very few on his face, where as Iceland is the opposite.)

-Denmark and Norway are both bisexual. Denmark leans more towards guys but Norway goes either way pretty evenly.

-Sweden and Iceland are gay.

-Finland is pansexual.

[Headcanons brought to you in part by my good pal, @splatterrink]

(Add on if you’d like!)

So I’m not sure how relevant this is in the grand scheme of things,(i’m probably going nutty over this for nothing tbh) but there’s more to the email from the end of the last episode than what Ian reads out loud. 

This is about how sharp I could get it messing with a screenshot(from 25:13 in the video) in photoshop, i underlined what looks like where Ian got cut off in the episode.

I can’t really identify much text, except i’m pretty sure after as well is “For your own…” and down towards the bottom possibly “They didn’t like that you weren’t saying goodbye to us.”

EDIT: A friend of mine with better eyesight has informed me it looks like ‘For your own safety, clearly you have..”

I’m trying to update my website

and just make it look better and organized and whatnot, so I’ve been looking at other people’s to get ideas.

How do people come up with so much text?!

I’m just like yeah! One sentence! Go me!


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I love your art, but at the same time, I'm so jealous. I envy you so much, Awaari. You can ACTUALLY draw. My stuff looks like crap. I want your talents! Please share some of your magic with me... :(

It’s okay to be jealous, it happens to me with other artists too! But it’s important on how you reflect that feeling into something positive - like a motivation to improve and loving your own work regardless how good you are.

Don’t put down yourself just because someone might be better. What really matters is doing what you love and presents your creativity. 

Yooo, have you seen my old work? They definitely don’t look like the stuff l draw now, it required lots amount of years of drawing and practice. I didn’t get better at drawing until l went to college to study animation, even now I still have a lot of things to improve and learn from. So l never really did have the “talent”, but have the passion for it l guess lol?

It’s never too late for you to get better and l hope you keep doing what you do!

thirteen days post op.

I got my penis stitches out this morning!!! Such a relief. Although the process was really painful, I got through it and the nurse told me my graft looked healthy! Great stuff! I feel so calm about it all now and like I can just chill out more. 

I managed to walk around a grocery store right afterwards too for a bit, so things are getting much better. She told me not to exercise for a bit, and that I can’t shower for another week, but they’ll call back in 2 weeks, if all is healed nicely then I’ll be put on the waiting list straight away for stage 2! 

No more dressings for me! I’m just wearing some like thick maxi towels to avoid bleeding on my boxers :) 

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for the lucky prompts, could i request lee minhyuk from block b please?

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Lee Minhyuk: “B poking A in the tummy whenever A reaches up for something.”

Having your secret boyfriend as your assistant was something that she wouldn’t recommend.

Minhyuk needed a job and when she first looked at him, he was a pretty decent looking guy, as well as really quiet and he did his job without much thought, so hiring him seemed like the best idea. Three dates, various text messages and getting to know most of his friends after let he know that indeed Minhyuk was a good assistant, but he was way better as a boyfriend and sooner than later, she was dating him. Which could be easier if only he didn’t wear those pants to work –that absolutely made his legs look wonderful- and if he actually took the time to take her a figure of authority.

Maybe she’s asking too much from him.

That day had been going as usual, but as she was trying to reach up for something on one of her shelves, she felt Minhyuk’s cold finger poke her in the tummy. Note to self, she thinks; never wear a shirt that is short whenever Minhyuk is around. She lets out a breathy sigh and looks over at him, seeing the smile over his features as he pretends as if he was actually doing his job, but she rolls her eyes and smacks him across the head.

Cocky bastard.

“Lee Minhyuk, we’re at work!” Absolutely, she should’ve known that Minhyuk loves teasing her and railing her up was his main priority, hence why he puffed out his chest when he heard his full name going past her lips and the sweetest of smiles appeared over his features. “Stop smiling you idiot-”

“There’s no one here.” Minhyuk tells her quickly as he puts down her agenda, only to see her shaking her head. “And don’t give me that look, we haven’t spent time outside of work for three days and I am dying.” He wasn’t one to exaggerate, but it seemed like he was trying to go for that in this situation. She chuckles lightly before crossing her arms over her chest.

“Needy much?”

“Only for you.”

“Stop flirting, assistant.”

“Stop looking so hot, boss.”

“I’ll fire you in an instant.”

“I want to see you do it.” The wink that follows soon after has her sighing deeply as she reaches for him, whining lowly because he was always good at thinking what to say, even when he didn’t talk much. Minhyuk places one hand over her waist as he chuckles. “I think I won.”

“You really should stop poking my tummy, though.” She tells him as she places her hands over his chest. “And stop showing affection all of the sudden.  People will know that we’re dating.”

Minhyuk sighs. “Okay…” He tells her as he lifts his hands up in surrender. “But you have a reunion with the owner of the company you want to have a partnership with and let me tell you, he is flirting with you so hard and-”

“And?” She tells him in a teasing tone. “I am still dating my assistant, and that person is you, and I might add that you’re pretty cute yourself.” That has a smile appearing over his features and she knows that she has won him over. “I wasn’t joking about firing you, go back to work.” The tone of her voice lets him know that he was joking and he nods his head.

“Whatever you say, boss.

Maybe having Minhyuk as an assistant wasn’t so bad after all.

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Why do sigils have circles or shapes around them? Does it make them stronger?

I’m not 100 percent sure, actually. When looking over the texts I tend to use, it refers mostly to the magic circle used for summoning, not really the sigils and their basic construction. I’d say it is likely a form of containment or protection against the user, much like the magic circle is. but if I’m wrong or someone has a better answer/good sourcing, go for it and throw it on a reblog.

– Mod D

Being Jungkook’s best friend means
  • he’ll send you those super annoying game invitations for whatever game he’s obsessed with at the time
  • and he’ll expect you to play with him like he’ll text you like “why haven’t you accepted my invitation yet”
  • and then he’ll brag about how he’s so much better at it than you
  • he steals food off your plate all the time like you can’t look away for a second because he’s already stuffed a mouthful of your food
  • you spend a good 30% of your time wondering if he even really cares about you because you text him al the time and he only replies when he wants something
  • and the only way you get an invitation to hang out is if you ask tae or jimin if kookie’s home and they say yes come over
  • but every once in a while he’ll show up at your place and bring food and just sit and talk to you for hours
  • and you know he cares
  • he gives you the best hugs but only saves them for special occasions like when you’re crying or on a holiday
  • he’s the best person to gout with because nothing makes you feel like the sociable one than someone who’s less willing to talk to people than you
  • he’s that emo kid that whenever you pass him the aux cord he bumps indi and alternative music you’ve never heard of but he somehow knows all the lyrics
  • he does that thing where when he’s eating chips or whatever on the couch he’ll casually hold out the bag so you can grab some but if you ask him to share he’ll tell you to stop being so greedy
  • he puts his mouth on random things of yours like you could be holding up your phone in one hand and he’ll pretend to bite it
  • or he’ll ask you to hand over the remote and he’ll take it out of your hand with his mouth
  • and you’re like “?????”
  • but that’s just who he is
  • teaches you his and tae’s handshake and expands it so that it’s a three way handshake
  • and it becomes so elaborate that it lasts a minute and everyone wonders how the hell you remember it

I heard about what happened, @justaphobethings, and I hope you’re okay, death is a very difficult subject. I made you a few lesbian + ace edits to help you feel better. 

The first one’s a transparent deer icon layered over the lesbian flag (bambi lesbian), the second’s Chloe Price from Life is Strange with a purple flower crown and text (ace color), the third is my take on what the flag for ace lesbians could be/might look like, and the last one is a sapphic symbol overlay of the ace flag. 

Take as much time as you need to recover. We love you <3