the text is wrong

  • jin: when you've been around the other members as long as i have, you develop thick skin
  • jimin *walking past*: pastel pink is NOT your colour
  • jin *running after him*: PASTEL PINK HIGHLIGHTS MY SKIN YOU PRICK

This picture is one of a series that first appeared in the Germany high command’s publication, ‘Die Wehrmacht,’ under the heading ,'A Visit to U-Boat Training Division- They Will Be The Next to Crack Englands Convoys.’ The accompanying text declared that the photos proved how wrong Winston Churchill was when he alleged that Germany lacked replacements for lost submarine crews. This photo shows cadets at the school studying an indicator in an elctrical class in a course dealing with the theory and practice of submerged travel - 1940

My favorite part about a concert isn’t the band. It’s not finally seeing them and knowing they’re real. It’s not finally getting to hear my favorite song live. It’s not the crowd or the atmosphere.
It’s the kick drum in my chest. When that kick drum hits, you feel it in your chest. Your heart beats with it. When that kick drum hits, you became a part of the music. You are no longer just a fan. It’s no longer just blaring through your speakers or headphones. It’s finally a part of you, and I think that’s incredible.
That’s why I love concerts.