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hey did you hear? if you only like jake or draw him/write him because of richjake i will come into ur house and hit you with my shoe at least 5 times

BTS won, but beware of the negativity they’re gonna get from it...(please read)

Shit, Im so fucking pissed right now… 

I am sooooooooo happy BTS won at the Billboards you guys

…but you should see the amount of shit they’re getting from immature “latino” fans, and also some other the fandoms that didnt win…

They’re insulting them, and acting like the award was no bid deal, saying they’re irrelevant…

Please beware of this comments, which are mostly being fueled on Twitter…I’m so pissed that some people are so close minded, mostly toward the east asian culture, and they alienate them when they’re obviously part of the world

Divisions only create conflict, why are people ignoring that fact. It’s fundamental, and I invite everyone to reflect a little bit more on their words, and how you carry yourselves around the acceptance of cultures, foreign to your own.

This is extremely saddening, and tell me I’m overreacting, but there is 2 truths I want to live by:

1. I will always take responsability and own up to what I’ve said in the past, no matter how racist, or fucking ignorant whatever I said was because it’s molding me into the person I am today, the fact that I was able to overcome myself in being what I hate today is something I want to hold proudly, and be able to say “yes I WAS that, but I HAVE changed”

2. I will always be true to my own feelings, and will embrace them. No matter how crazy, and stupid, or “gay” they sound… Feelings are human, and I want to experience them to the fullest of their extent.

Having said that, this world makes it just harder to stay around really… I’ve always been the kind of person that just wants to die for things like this, I just wish the “impossible utopia” of a world, everyone has pushed away for their own benefit, was actually real…

To finish this off, I advice you



Learn that silence is a very powerful weapon, and when it comes to ignorant, and belligerent people, it’s the best way to end the problem with them

the source of me being pissed

Concept: It’s season 3, no one becomes the black paladin because the black lion is out of commission for some reason, and the BP suit disappeared with Shiro.

Instead, Team Voltron focuses their efforts on getting Shiro back, which involves several somewhat perilous missions. During these missions each paladin gets to showcase their individual leadership traits and further develop as people.

Can you guys stop being mad at fans for being… fans?? It’s normal to want the best for your idols, want them to be happy, healthy and save. It’s okay to worry about their well-being. It’s okay to hype up your faves. It’s okay to support your idols and want them to win awards and achieve more. It’s normal to be proud of them. That’s literally what a fan is for. So can some of you stop shitting on people for doing completely normal things??

people who don’t like hunk genuinely confuse me. what has hunk ever done wrong? name one time hunk has done something wrong. see? you can’t. he is perfect.