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How would the companions use snapchat?

This is a request from a friends of my who doesn’t have tumblr.


Ada & Codsworth: Robots can’t really use snapchat.

Cait: NuDeS.

Curie: She is legit so amazed with the filters! Legit every snap story or not is her with a filter. She also loves the bitmojis. Too pure for the wastelands.

Danse: He either leaves them on un-open or replies with just messages instead of actually trying to start a streak. God dammit Danse people just at least want one reply that isn’t text.

Deacon: “Send nudes,” and other various memes.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat obviously doesn’t have one, but sole sends a lot of pic of dogmeat.

Gage: StReAkS aNd NuDeS.

Hancock: Everything, but the most common are videos of him getting high.

Longfellow: He has a general idea of it, but her rarely uses it. Occasional pictures of liquor.

Maccready: Low key fuck boy shit. He doesn’t do it on purpose though.

Nick: He doesn’t really use it, but he sometimes take the occasional aesthetic black and white photo.

Piper: Bomb ass stories. She always posts stories of her crazy reporter adventures. A lot of them are near death experiences.

Preston: Now Preston is a rather busy guy, so he doesn’t have much time for sending snaps. The most he send is written in the marker thing and it say “gm,” “s/r,” or “gn.”

Strong: Wtf is a “snapchat?”

X6-88: Sole made him one but he never uses it.

too much info on lis

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A) age: 27

B) biggest fears: some dark scary macabre shit happening to me ( my mind is full of high octane nightmare fuel and i. keep just putting in more dammit )

C) current time: 9:48 am ( will prolly be like 10 PM when I finish this )

D) drink I last had: diet coke *smh* 

E) every day starts with: cuddling with my fur children

F) favorite song at the moment: pork soda by glass animals 

G) gayest moment I ever had : prolly my hardcore lesbian punk rock phase in college ( i was a playa and on crew team at an all women’s school so yeah )

H) hometown: shreveport, la

I) in love with: smallville and lois lane and lex luthor ( universe send me a lex plz ) atm 

J) jealous of: @dcmarvelverse cuz he has more comics then i ever will

K) killed someone: to quote amanda palmer “im not the killing type”

L) last time I cried: ugh man, probably yesterday about stupid nothing

M) middle name: louene

N) number of siblings: 2 birth + 1 step 

O) one wish: ummm… super powers? duh. 

P) person you last called/texted: my mum ( yep im lame )

Q) question you’re always asked: why are you like this? ( generally while laughing, sometimes not ) also, do you need any help? ( always in comic stores, hardware stores, and other places breasts aren’t frequently found )

R) reason to smile: ray palmer && sara lance

S) song last sung: kissing strangers by DNCE or wtv its stuck in my head

T) time you woke up: 8:00 ish

W) worst habit: hating most people 

X) x-ray i’ve had: jaw, teeth, ankle, wrist, chest, prolly fucking everything i have no body awareness and literally wound myself daily somehow  

Y) your favourite food: im a foodie, so like all of it, but tie for LEGIT LOVELY seafood ( oysters, fish, crab, squid, eel, octopus, clams, abalone, crawfish– give me all the sea creatures i will eat them all ) and this one chef makes this spinach taglioni with prosciutto that makes me weep its so perfect 

Z) zodiac sign: cancer

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ishizuishtaru  asked:

[Text]: I'm dreading the fact that when the dominos guy arrives he'll ask me if I ordered under the name 'high as shit'. [Text] (more specific because of muse) I can't even eat pizza dammit (For Ryou)

Ryou stared at her phone for a while, thinking of a tactful reply. Finding none, she settled for another option.

[Text]: Want me to come over and eat it for you? I can get the door too if i hurry.