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You bored, or feeling artsy but don’t have any inspiration...!?

Do you need to distract yourself? Or are you simply bored? 

Well, let’s fix that shit right now~

Here are some great websites to make the time pass.

First off, here are some 100% free art programs!; 

  • Photoshop CS2 - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • FireAlpaca - (Windows and Mac)
  • Medibang Paint Pro- (windows and Mac)
  • Sketchbook Copic Edition - (Windows and Mac)
  • GIMP - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI [cracked]  - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI 2 beta - (tumblr post on said program)
  • iPaint - (Mac)
  • Paintbrush - (Mac)
  • Pencil - (Windows, Mac)
  • Paint.NET - (Windows)
  • Seashore [still in development, ver 0.5] - (Mac)
  • ChocoFlop - (Mac)
  • Inkscape - (Mac and Windows)
  • ArtRage [Demo] - (Mac and Windows)
  • OpenCanvas 1.1[must pay for 2.0] - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • MyPaint - (Windows)
  • Krita - (Windows)
  • Vectorian [Supports Animation] - (Windows)
  • Pixia[Japanese, some English versions] - (Windows)
  • Asperite - (Windows)
  • Chasys Draw IES - (Windows)
  • SmoothDraw - (Windows)
  • TwistedBrush Open Studio - (Windows)
  • BOUNS - CTRL+Paint [Great for teaching all kinds of stuff, like how to use digital programs.]

Alrighty, but maybe you don’t want to download software to draw, free or not. That’s just too much time, and let’s face it, you’re already bored. Well, I’ve got you covered peoples, here are some free browser paint/drawing programs!;

  • browser photoeditor, and can be used for drawing!
  • Psykopaint
  • QueekyPaint
  • PaintOnline- ((also has some random free browser games on site too!))

Sooo, maybe You just don’t feel like drawing…understandable, you beasts-here’s a BUNCH of other websites to calm and/or stretch those brain muscles!;

  • create pixel art
  • Awesome photo editor and art program, all free…!
  • Totally free transparent textures
  • make a cute chibi
  • draw some cool generative art
  • be a graffiti creator
  • create a picassohead (you don’t need to be a picasso to do so)
  • paint online
  • another awsome site to create pixel art on
  • and another one
  • create your own mandala
  • or color one
  • create an avatar
  • or you can try creating your own superhero
  • here you can interact with organisms in different environments to see how to music changes
  • here’s a website that translates the time into hexidecimal colours,
  • Here is a website where you can travel along a 3D line into the infinite unkown
  • here is a website where you can listen to rain with or without music
  • Need a model in a certain pose for drawing? here
  • Want to build your own planet
  • here is a website where you can create your own galaxies
  • make your own pattern (very useful if you need a new background)
  • create next hit comic
  • make a city which looks like something from 90′s games
  • draw a mandala like design
  • jig saw puzzles
  • more jig saw puzzles to solve
  • create a stunning HTML5 animation - no coding!
  • make a movie
  • create and dress up dolls
  • play a piano
  • you can also play a guitar
  • create sounds
  • another sound creator
  • create a logo
  • design your dream home
  • sketch rooms
  • explore fashion trends and create your own sets
  • build a website
  • try this app for building a website
  • Or maybe start learning how to code!
  • design your own t-shirt or a beanie or sweatpants and order them
  • design your own phone case
  • pretend to be a graphic designer with this cool online tool
  • Make your own Glitch art
  • Here’s another glitch art maker
  • And another!
  • Holy hell, here’s a third!
  • make an image look like it was created by a commodore 64
  • freaking cool text generator!
  • Easy to use word processor
  • Make up really cool patterns or run your photos through it :)
  • Write an essay on anything with no hassle
  • Wanna see how something you write would look like if it was on JacksFilms YGS((Your Grammar Sucks videos on YouTube))?
  • Make pictures out of text
  • ASCII word generator
  • Need an idea for some fanart-here :D
  • mario
  • cubefield
  • sleep calculator
    essay typer
  • rice questions
  • maths 
  • artsy-fartsy pretty thing
  • quotes
  • survive nature
  • rain
  • tumblr music
  • calming rain
  • themes
  • backgrounds [x] 
  • loads of references

Still haven’t found something that would float your  proverbial boat? 

Then try these out!:

  • watch a documentary
  • learn to code
  • do something yourself
  • workout with the help of this great youtube channels
  • learn things
  • play pokemon or zelda or other awesome old school games
  • waste your time on miniclip
  • play games at additing games
  • or try games at agame
  • calm your thoughts
  • the quiet place
  • it will be okay
  • vent or listen to someone
  • pour out your soul
  • explore the sky
  • look at art from around the world
  • virtually visit museum of iraq
  • explore world with arounder
  • create a music playlist
  • list through rare books
  • scroll useful science website
  • create sand art
  • brain games
  • try out tastekid and discover new favorite band or movie or book
  • interactive 3D anatomy
  • random street view
  • post a secret
  • create a family tree
  • find our what’s the difference between x and y
  • help scientists and become volunteer researcher
  • create your own font
  • read a classic short story
  • In the mood to read, but not sure exactly what book to go for?
  • scribble on maps
  • listen to letters
  • play with acrobots
  • listen to podcasts
  • make a bucket list
  • Ever want to see the most truly useless websites in creation?
  • Prank a friend with this blue screen of death!
  • Zone out watching the colors drip down
  • Sprite generator!
  • Face Generator/Creator!

Even More stuffs;

  • Wanna make a custom minecraft skin?
  • Well then these’ll work!
  • This one too~
  • Wanna make a custom error pop up?
  • Or a custom blue screen? 
  • WELP, what about making some ASCII art?
  • Here ya go!
  • And another one~
  • WAIT-last one…
  • OH, and here’s a HTML to image converter!..You’re gonna need that!
  • How about a pixel text bubble generator
  • Here’s a photoediting website that’s free and pretty awesome to mess with!

Ok, maybe none of these peeked your interest. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an o.c, but never really knew how to start, or you just enjoy making O.C’s.

This  part of this list is specifically for OCs and Oc building. It can also apply to developing RP characters~

Gemsona stuffs;

  • Just a straight up character gemsona creator
  • Here’s another
  • Not sure what gem to go with, or where? 
  • OR maybe your unsure about more than just that?

Credit to For the majority of links here!

 ((I added a couple of links! In the appearance, details, and the whole of item names section, and the Gemsona area-((above))! 

As well as the couple of Transformers/Southpark character builder links, and Undertale/TMNT below..

Basically every link I made bold I added, because I am complete fandom trash…

..Seriously, Go check her wonderful blog out~!!!

How to Write Better OCs:

  • basic tips on how to make your oc even better
  • tragic backstory? learn how to write one/make yours great
  • writing specific characters
  • a wordier, great guide on how to develop your character
  • kick out those vague descriptions and make them AWESOME

Character Development:

  • how to actually make an OC
  • Q&A (to develop characters)
  • more Q&As
  • giving your character a backstory
  • how to write an attractive character

Need an Appearance idea?

  • Humanoid generator? check
  • Here’s another one
  • and maybe if you didn’t like those this’ll work
  • Need Monsterpeople?
  • Well, then here ya’ go
  • Maybe you need Cats?


  • adding more racial diversity
  • avoiding tokenism, AKA, how to add diversity to your cast not just because you “need” it
  • writing sexuality and gender expression(doesnt include non binary, if you have a good ref to that, please add on!)
  • masterpost on writing more diversity into your story
  • cultures of the world
  • guides to drawing different ethnicities(not just a great art reference, but also really helpful in appearance descriptions!)

Mary Sue/Gary Stu;

  • Test to see if your character is a Sue
  • Explains subdivisions of Sues/Stus
  • Powerful Characters Don’t Have to Be Sues


  • villain generator
  • need an evil sounding name for your evil character? bam
  • villain archetypes
  • what’s your villain’s motive for being a villain?


  • character perceptions(What your character thinks of themselves and what others think of them)
  • how to write strong relationships between two characters
  • 8 ways to write better characters and develop their relationships with others
  • OCxLove Interest Handbook
  • develop your couple with good ol’ Q&A!
  • how to write realistic relationships
  • how to write relatives for your characters(this is more OC related to a canon character, but will help in writing family members in general)


  • 12 common archetypes
  • 8 archetypes for male/female characters
  • female archetypes (goes pretty indepth from two main categories)
  • a list of archetypes


  • how to name your character
  • random name generator
  • most common surnames
  • surnames by ethnicity


  • tips for better design
  • basic appearance generator
  • pinterest board for character design (includes NSFW and images of skeletons/exposed muscle (?) so tread carefully!)
  • clothing ref masterpost
  • Clothing generator
  • Another clothing generator
  • More clothing generator
  • Aaaand even more
  • Steam punk clothing
  • Char Style preference
  • Dress Generator


  • give your character better powers
  • a list of professions
  • proactive vs reactive characters
  • positive and negative traits
  • interest generator
  • skills generator
  • motivation generator
  • 123 ideas for character flaws
  • list of phobias
  • Oh shit someone died
  • Backgrounds and stuff? yep
  • Quirks
  • Personality. you need that shit
  • Need something fandom related?
  • City generator hell yeah
  • location? got ya
  • World-building?
  • make your own god damn laws
  • Landscape.

Need Item names?;

  • Fantasy/sci-fi/etc. medicine names
  • Stuff to make things more interesting.Weapons, clothes, treasures… whatever your characters need.
  • Item & Artifact Generators

Other story stuffs!

  • Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators
  • How did your characters meet?
  • Fanfic plots. you bet your ass!

WAIT!…if none of that worked, then maybe you want to make a SouthPark style character?

  • Here!
  • Well, this one’s nice too~
  • And another..
  • Aaaand another!

What about Transformers Characters?;

  • Here’s a Transformers name generator~
  • And a Character builder!


  • Undertale character speech box creator!
  • Want inspiration for an Undertale Oc?
  • OR a super Edgy Undertale Theory generator?
  • Maybe you just want to read some funny Sans Puns!


  • How about a TMNT creator?
  • Or a TMNT meme generator..

If any of the links have any issues for whatever reason, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SAME LIST I COPIED TO MY DA ACCOUNT JUST IN CASE;

darkangelonthemoon  asked:

Hello! First, you're awesome. Second, how about some Lance and Coran bonding texts, please and thank you?

thanks so much dude :) i hope this fits your request sufficiently!! 

i absolutely need 150% more coran/lance bonding in future episodes ok thanks bye

There are so many things I love about running a simblr

but my favourite?? Is how I’m able to watch other blogs progress and grow. I follow so many talented simmers and it’s so amazing for me to see their styles change, their cc improve, their characters grow; it’s honestly mind-blowing.

I try my best to support, encourage and promote blogs of all sizes that I love, and am honestly proud of, but recently I’ve just been overwhelmed with all the amazing content on my dash 😍

basically, you guys are awesome ❤️

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What I've learnt from making a studyblr

- SO. MANY. ORGANISATIONAL. TECHNIQUES. SO MANY. Like bullet journals, checklists, planners, timetables etc.

- How motivated and inspirational studyblrs are. These are people who enjoy studying and want to succeed. That’s motivational AF.

- Determined people!! WILLING TO TAKE TIME OUT TO STUDY. That’s motivational AF!!!!

- That I’m a freaking slut for stationery. Seriously, how can you not be, with all the pretty aesthetic photos of school supplies that circle around tumblr. IT’S SO PRETTY. don’t deny it. Freaking Muji and Kikki K and Mildliners and everything!!!! @#$*/(^((@“

- HOW TO CODE AND EDIT TUMBLR THEMES LOL bc you need da aesthetic duh I’ve learnt how to bold and italicise text!!

- How important education is. Not everyone has access to it!! Don’t take it for granted !!!! ! ! ! !!! ! !!!!!!!!!

- HOW AWESOME STUDYBLRS ARE? THEY’RE POOLS OF KNOWLEDGE, WEALTH and freaking study tips. pages and pages upon pages of study tips, how to study effectively, etc etc etc its honestly amazing how smart these studyblrs are and how willing they are to teach other people what they’ve spent tons of time learning

- AND STUDYBLRS ARE SO NICE TOO OK its such a nice community. like um there are no mean people. if tumblr was a high school, studyblrs would be the kind peeps who help others do homework and provide free tutoring lessons every friday in the library ??? ? @*$*$*÷£


Thursday 8.06.17 at 9.25pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Olafia clinic” (Sana, Chris, Eva, Vilde, Noora)


Chris: How many people will come to your party Eva?

Eva: Really?

Chris: I’m not kidding

Eva: Awesome
Eva: Now I’m really fucking happy

Sana: Same here

Chris: But how many?

Eva: I want to celebrate with just you ❤️

Chris: Stop being such a nerd

Eva: ahahah
Eva: Ok. Who should we invite?

Vilde: Can we please invite the balloon guys?
Vilde: It would be really good for Magnus and me

Eva: Are you still working it out? With the trust tests and all?

Vilde: I guess. It’s still in progress. I think that if Magnus could meet Elias f2f and see with his own eyes that there is nothing, it would be good

Eva: But isn’t it bad taste to invite them when they beat up Isak?
Eva: I don’t want more drama to happen

Vilde: They didn’t beat up Isak

Sana: How do you know that?

Vilde: I saw it
Vilde: He was drunk and hit Mikael, because Even and Mikael were talking. Jealous much? Yes I think so

Eva: I forgot you know all the gossips

Vilde: 😄😄😄

Chris: Whattevah
Chris: Do you think it’s ok sana? Or do you still have this *no I don’t party with my brother* rule

Sana: Lol
Sana: Good for me

Chris: Okay now the guest list starts to look like something
Chris: More info coming

Text conversation between yousef and Sana

saturday 17/6 1:02am

Sana: Thanks for the evening Yousef. Hope Turkey becomes awesome and that no swans eat you up.

Yousef: haha soul idiot

Are there even swans in Turkey?

Fuck I can’t sleep

Gotta be up in 3 hours

Just thinking that you’re going to be with Stephen Curry this summer

Maybe don’t do that just yet…

Sana: Ok promise <3

Yousef: <3

OK - Real Talk

I rarely post text posts or even share anything about myself because I always considered this blog to be solely about art, art history and historical info. And of course, it’s going to stay this way BUT it’s time to make some changes.

I’ve spent 6 years with this blog, 8 years abroad and countless years “hoping” something would spring up  from my love and passion for art and present itself. Ok so yeah, that isn’t going to happen. I am going to have to find it myself.

I started with a call for artists and blogs to share - I got one response, which is awesome. But out of the ¼ million followers I really expected more people to come forward and want to share their stuff. 

So, I am just going to take it upon myself to go out there and find you and share your awesomeness. I am sure people didn’t respond out of embarassment or thinking they’re stuff isn’t good about to be blasted across the universe for being great. Yeah, I don’t care. I’m coming for you.

I’m not an artist but I love art. And funnily enough after years of writing 15+ page papers on art pieces, I learned to translate that into a job in marketing. I can make anything sound exciting and flashy. (You can test me if you don’t believe this). It’s amazing how staring at a painting and extrapolating information can make you good at marketing some useless product or idea and getting people pumped about it.

I see so many great artists and really interesting blogs that people NEED to know about. No more having this be a hobby. We’re going to do something about it.

Now I know about 1% of you will take the time to read this but hey that’s way better than 0%.

It’s go time.

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“You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

Relationship: Friends

Fandom: Voltron

Character: Keith

When you got home from your lunch date with Lance you noticed that Keith was in the same you left him pouting. Now you wouldn’t think twice about it but this was the second time Keith pouted after one of your dates. Setting your keys on the table beside the door you kicked off your shoes and walked over towards Keith. Flopping down on the couch the beside him you pointed out your cheeks.

“Why you no show love when your amazing roommate is back?” You heard Keith let out a huff as he looked over to you.

“Welcome back.” You would be straight up lying if you said Keith wasn’t cute when he pouted. He had always had a cute pout ever since you were children.

“You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date with Lance.” As soon as you said Lance’s name he looked away. “Keith, what’s up? Talk to me.” He didn’t say anything as he stood up and walked to the kitchen getting a bottle of water. You turned your body on the couch to follow him.

“Do you like Lance? Are you mad at me for going out with him?” All the water that Keith had in his mouth was now all over the front of the fridge. He turned around quickly looked at you with disbelieve at the fact that you just said that.

“I don’t like Lance. The guy is a womanizer.” Keith looked at you. “Which is why I can’t believe you gave him two dates. What’s up with that?” You shrugged as you pushed yourself off the couch and walked past the kitchen to the bathroom.

“He can be sweet.” You heard Keith mumble something as you let out a sigh. “I’m going to take a shower and get some sleep. I have the graveyard shift at work.” You heard Keith say ok before you closed the bathroom door.

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If you are awesome but single - don't worry!
  • friend: damn why do all straight girls who have a boyfriend hug me all the fuckin time when I tell them I like girls? :/
  • friend: thats not good for my heart you know
  • me: I know...
  • friend: I am guessing cause I am small and they think I am cute
  • friend: but I don't wanna look cute
  • friend: I wanna be cool :(
  • me: You are cool for me :D but cute too :3
  • friend: NO!
  • me: Ok you are awesome. Not cute.
  • friend: if I am awesome why can't I get a girlfriend? :(
  • me: Well I dont know. People tell me that I'm awesome too. And I'm also single
  • friend: maybe because we are awesome we are single? xD
  • friend: I can live with that :P

i bet no one has even watched leverage but FUCK IT 

bmc leverage au

jeremy - hacker (as a twink he has to be the computer nerd)
michael - grifter/hitter
rich - hitter
jake - theif
chloe - mastermind
brooke - theif/grifter
jenna - hacker
christine - grifter

listen ok

they’re very much like the leverage team where they do the robin hood thing and help people in need, but the overarching plot goes into taking down the company that introduced squips to the market. however, it takes place when they’re in late high school/college so they have to balance everything out still (school, homework, family, and their criminal alter egos)

-it all starts with jeremy having the squip and dispelling it and then michael wanting revenge+they want to help people
-jeremy has always been good with computers and michael is a hella good actor so they start scamming bad people
-soon they get in too deep and they have to find other criminals 
-notorious in their city are rich, jake, chloe, brooke, and christine, and an anonymous hacker who goes by J (their first names aren’t well known, they probs have alter egos or smth)
-jeremy ends up contacting all of them and they do one job where they scam a guy out of like ten million dollars and give some of it to a family who needs to treat their son’s ptsd
-so after that first job they all have a Shit Ton of money, and decide maybe working together is good?
-michael buys them an apartment with an office each and a living room, christine ends up living there. 
-the work dynamic is fucking hilarious because they all have such different perspectives on EVERYTHING. of course chloe is the mastermind of the group, she comes up with the plan, but everyone else executes said plan Howevermst  The Fuck They Want
-most jobs are like:
chloe: ok rich then you beat them up
rich: can i seduce them first?
christine: no thats my job
jake: wait can i
michael: you said i could this time
chloe: oh my god you guys make me want to die, brooke, you seduce them and then get them with a taser or something i don’t know.
-chloe is So Tired but she loves these nerds
-jeremy tends not to work in the field, but he’s Hella Good At Getting Them Paid, 
-also one time he ended up having to play a stripper for some reason and he was ?????/surprisingly good at it????????
-they all basically live together (most of the offices get beds lets be real everyone was living couch to couch before) and jeremy makes them all like 10 aliases
-one of rich’s alias’s is in the FBI and he flaunts it so m uc h like omg rich you’re not actually in the fbi
-jeremy and jenna become besties during the first job after Doing Some Teamwork Hacking
-also christine is The Best Grifter in the world
-she used to be an art thief (yes, like sophie) but she turned to acting and she’s Fucking Amazing at it
-brooke was a gymnastics champion which is why she’s so good at being a thief (air vent/window crawling is easy for her) and she can also hold up her own weight in a fight
-plus she can easily seduce Dumb Fuckboys so that her beautiful mastermind wife can get the rest of the group in position to fuck them up
-jake!! my boy!! he did ballet or smth and his foosteps r hella light so he can easily sneak around 
-however he is tol so Not That Sneaky
-everyone loves him tho and also his room has a tv and a couch so sometimes ppl go in there to have movie nights even tho there’s a living room just bc Jake Is Awesome
-also uhhhh michael is gay and jeremy is Flustered Always

bmc leverage au ok

Mistress Ep.1

Ep. 1: That one time you reunited with old friends.

Some spoilers below the cut.
Written By: Lady Sci & @sweetstrawberrycandy
Banner image credit to: @emerentis
A/N: This story is a spin-off from Tempus Vernum and contains some spoilers.

 The auditorium is packed from wall to wall between the press and the ticket-holders. The air is a little stuffy.  The pounding bass from the speakers makes your body slightly vibrate. You push through a small crowd of backstage workers, poke your head out from behind the curtain, and scan the hundreds of faces for one in particular. Hundreds of faces … you feel a little queasy.  

“Come on. Please show up … You can’t do this to me. Where are you?” You search the pocket of your robe for your cell phone. You whip it out and dial his number, shouting at him through the speaker before he can even greet you.

“Prompto! Where the hell are you?”

“Ugh. I’m SORRY I’m late… We’re almost there,” he replies apologetically.

“WE!?” Your heart starts racing. “Who else is coming!?

As you try to listen to Promoto’s response over the clamor of the auditorium, a staff member from backstage take you by the shoulder. “(Y/N,) you need to get ready. We’re about to start.”

You nod absentmindedly to the staff member and yell into your phone, “GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW! I have to go! …” You soften your voice. Prompto is used to your dramatics, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling a little guilty. “…I miss you, Freckles… See you after the show.”

* * *

 Two blondes and a massive brunette enter the auditorium not too long after the phone call. The group consists of Luna, Prompto and Gladio. The usher at the door gives them a hypercritical glare for arriving just as the show is about to begin.

Prompto requests with a nervous chuckle, “d’ya think we could get some seats close to the runway?”

The usher sighs audibly and after rolling his eyes, leads them down a low-lit aisle way. He adds with snark; “you’re lucky the Queen is with you…”

The three, Gladio especially, shuffle awkwardly infront of a row of seated people to the only seats left close enough to the runway. As they sit down, Luna addresses the two boys.

“Thank you for letting me come along, Prompto. When I heard you were coming to see your friend, I asked Noctis if it was alright for me to come along too. So I owe you BOTH thanks. Without Gladio as our formal escort, I wouldn’t have been able to come. It’s been such a long time since anything exciting like this happened in Insomnia.”

Gladio squeezes into one of the tiny, fold down auditorium seats. He grunts. “It’s ok, Lady Luna. I’m just not used to all this noise and the …er… cramped space. Anyways, I didn’t know you were into this sort of thing.”

“I always loved fashion,” Luna smiles. “And this is event is to raise money for the children left homeless after the Starscourge. I thought it fitting to attend.”

Prompto sighs with relief. “I’m just glad we were able to get close to the runway. If she doesn’t see me here, I’ll get in real trouble.”

Luna laughs. “Sounds like a darling girl.”

“She’s the only girl that Prompto can be around besides you that doesn’t give him a nosebleed,” teases Gladio.

“Heh … well. We haven’t seen eachother in a while.”

All of the lights cave in on the runway and after a brief introduction on the spirit of the event, models one after another drift out onto the stage. Their attire fills the auditorium with eccentric colors from artful designs. Sleeves like wings lift behind them. Skirts like water flow around them. A frequency of life oscillates with each swift turn. Harmonics with the essence of Eos herself swell from plumes in their hair and the dazzle of lights that splash in reflection off sequined corsets. The crowd sits in silence, soaking in the rays of the artful display like the vegetation of the earth after the first dawn. Insomnia craves what the show is giving off.

The imaginative spectacle continues for 25 minutes or so and a casual after party is prepared for everyone who attended and all who were a part of the show.

* * *

You arrive at the afterparty in a long black dress with gold details. You feel sleek but comfortable, and the details of gold running along the seams lay a dramatic effect to your silhouette. You’ve gotten there a little bit late. Too much work on your hair, probably. You shoulder through the people and once you find an oasis of space you’re able to spot Gladio as if by a mile away towering over the crowd. You make that your focus point. People are trying to compliment you on your performance as you continue on. You say thank you here and there but you have ONE mission: find the Chocobo butt.

“There you are, sunshine!” you spring out from a cluster of people and wrap your arms around Prompto from behind. He’s holding a drink of something and almost flings it across the hall in surprise.

He turns and embraces you. “Hey there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes! Because you traded me for the King, you traitor!” you mess with his hair.

“Ohh, come on!” he laments, pulling you out at arms length. “You know it wasn’t like that. You will always be like a big sister to me. You’re one of my best friends.”

Prompto lays one arm casually across the tops of your shoulders and adds, “So let me introduce you. This is the Queen, Lady Luna Nox Caelum. She and Noct got hitched, ya know? And I’m sure you remember Gladio. ”

You attempt to bow while in Prompto’s hold. “Your majesty. I’m (y/n) Valentine. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Luna lets a gentle smile spread. “Thank you. It’s a pleasure, Miss Valentine. Any friend of Prompto’s is a friend of mine.”

Your eyes jump to Gladio. “Hey there. You’re looking as large and in charge as ever.”

Gladio’s holding a beer. He brings the froth to his lips, takes a swig and grins. “The large got larger and the charge got bigger.”

“If you guys will excuse us, I’d like to kidnap Prompt for a bit. We have so much to catch up on!”

You guide Prompto to a corner where a couple of nice chairs are unaccompanied. The two of you laugh, talk and drink for over an hour, sharing the stories of how life brought you both to where you are now. His friendship with you is the epitome of a TRUE friendship; even with time and distance between you, when you’re together, it’s as if none of the ever existed. You’re able to pick right back up where you left off.

You’ve known Prompto since you were very young. You both grew up in Insomnia foster homes and went to the same school. Your young brain took note on how badly Prompto wanted to know the Prince and curiosity brought you close to him. He turned into your best friend with ease. As you grew into a young woman, he was the only one who saw you for more than just a pretty face. Prompto knew all your fears and all of your dreams. He saw you at your worst and at your best. To see him leave with Noctis all those years ago was more painful than any cliché heartbreak could offer. You were torn. He was the brother you never had.

One of the younger models struts past you and Prompto and gives him a little wink. Prompt turns bright red from the tip of both of his ears.

“So…” you giggle, slightly inebriated. “I see you still freak out with girls. How come? You need to get it together, Argentum! Or I will steal you and take you to one of my practice sessions. You’ll be surrounded by all the pretty girls and HAVE to teach yourself to talk properly to them!”

“What!? No! heh heh! N-no! That won’t be necessary,” he chokes a little.

“I’m just joking!” You laugh and then become very serious. “I really missed you. Please don’t go again. … Or I will KILL that King of yours!”

“Aye!” he covers your mouth so no one catches the slander. “OK! Too much to drink I think!”

You shrug innocently. “Yeah… probably better get back to the hotel.”

“Hotel?” Prompto looks confused. “Why are you staying at a hotel? I’d assume you had a nice penthouse or something uptown.”

“Uh …” you let out a sad little exhale. “I was staying with my parents. But they kicked me out.” You swirl around the cocktail you’ve been sipping. The olive has dropped in and it whirls round and round.

“Oh.My.Gods!” Prompto says excitedly out of the blue. “You should TOTALLY come stay with ME!I have an extra room! It’ll be awesome!”

You feel light swim back into your eyes. You move from the chair and tackle him with another hug. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you!? Really? You’d let me stay with you!? Yes! Ok! Ok.” You step back with a massive grin. “How about tomorrow? Is that too soon? Tomorrow? Because I’d really love to move in like … TOMORROW.”

Prompto laughs and says with a nod of his head, “Of course. I’ll text you the address. But I’d better go find Luna and Gladio. It was really great seeing you. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Prompt. You really are my sunshine.” You kiss his cheek and watch as he saunters away.

* * * 

 The following day, you show up at Prompto’s apartment a little bit earlier than scheduled. …just a little bit. You stand in the early morning sunshine and knock gently. After no response, you knock a little harder. You listen closely for footsteps to approach the other side of the door. Nothing. The only sounds are the birds chittering in the trees and the odd car here and there passing behind you on the street.

You pull out your phone and dial Prompto’s number. You coo out happily as soon as he answers the phone; “Good MORNING, Sunshine! I’m HE-ERE! Wake up and open the door, will you? I’m dying for a cup of coffee!”

Prompto responds a little groggily, “Ah? Wha … what time is it?”

“It’s 8am, sunshine! Let’s go!”

You hear a long groan and the sound of the phone’s speaker brushing up against the pillows. “It’s too early! … Just let me get some pants on.”

You wait with your arms crossed until he opens the door and gives you a huge, somewhat sleepy hug. After stepping away, he gawks at the amount of luggage that’s been sitting like the leaning tower of suitcases in the sun behind you.

“That’s – that’s all YOURS?”

“Hehehe. Yes. Why?” You say coyly

“I don’t know where we’re going to put all that.”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it right now!” You reply and grab a couple of suit cases, letting yourself inside. “We will figure it out. But for now; COFFEE.”

After you and Prompto reposition the tower of your things to an unaccompanied corner of the living room, he sets off to the kitchen to start brewing coffee.

“Oh! I forgot!” He calls out to you from the other room. “There’s a party tonight at the palace and you’re coming with me! No excuses, young lady! It’ll be a blast!”

“Ehh …ok. I guess it will be good to see Luna again. Aish! I mean the Queen! I’m really bad with protocol.” You grit your teeth a little and settle into the living room couch. You sweep away some chip crumbs from the cushion. There’s an opened bag of some kind of colorful snack on the coffee table.

“It’s fine!” He reenters the room with a cup of coffee for you. “Just do what you do best; look pretty.”

Prompto’s smile always gave you such comfort. And right now as you sink back into the bachelor’s leather couch, imaging being infront of a bunch of people at a royal party, you need some comfort.

Prompto picks up on your thoughts right away as he hands you your coffee. “Are you still worried about being around a bunch of people? I figured after all the modeling, you’d be good to go!”

You take a little sip. “Every time I go to walk out from backstage, it’s confronting that fear. But I know it’s only for a second. Like I walk out, stare at the furthest thing over all those heads, and turn around. At a party though … totally different story.”

“What about the party yesterday after the show?” he sits down next to you. You hear some mystery wrapper crinkling way down underneath the couch.

“Too many people in a small hall to notice me really,” was the only thing you could say. There was more to it though…

Prompto stretched and kicked his feet up on the table, knocking over an empty soda can. “You’re gonna be fine! You’ll be with me!”

For the rest of the day, you unpack in the spare room, help clean up the place, and talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. You relish in the nostalgia. Your cheeks hurt a little after a while of so much laughing. This is going to be good. A good change. Right?

* * *

 For the evening party, you decide to wear a black and silver tulle ballgown with one shoulder strap. The fabric gathers at the waist in jewels. You slip on some pretty but practical heels, they’re hidden under the skirt anyways, and curl your hair until it bounces like springs. When you exit the spare room after hours of meticulous prepping, Prompto is waiting for you in the living room. He’s got a decent suit on, but you notice a few things; the buttons are buttoned unevenly like he missed one, his dress shirt isn’t tucked in, he doesn’t have a tie on, and his hair is a MESS.

He reaches his arms out to you and examines you head to toe, “WOW! Just WOW! I will have the best date of the night!”

He’s so sweet it makes you consider not telling him what you’re about to.

…You do anyways.

“Prompto!” You reach your arms out to him too with a forced smile. “Sunshine. You need to tuck in your shirt, grab a tie, fix your buttons and brush your hair. I’m sorry.”

“Ehh … you really think so?” he scratched his head bashfully.

“Yes.” You say simply and tend to all of those things until he’s all shined up. “MUCH better.”

A royal taxi transports you both to the palace in no time. Prompto escorts you proudly inside with your arm in his. You pass through the corridors and come into a ballroom that is not nearly as crowded as you thought it would be. This was an intimate event.

You squeeze Prompto’s hand. He looks at you with a tender laugh. “You’re going to be FINE. This isn’t your first rodeo. You got this champ!” He lets go of your hand and gives you a little push right through the entrance.

The ballroom expands before your eyes, appearing larger than it looked from the outside. So huge. And yet so few people. They’re all looking at YOU. Your chest tightens. Or maybe the dress needs a little adjusting. You look for the nearest exit since Prompto is blocking the way behind you and find a nearby balcony. You escape quickly with no explanation.

1 2 3 BREATHE… 1 2 3 BREATHE…

“Why am I so frickin nervous?” You ask yourself outloud, pacing on the balcony behind the shelter of a heavy, drawn curtain. “Why!?”

You peek your head out from the curtain and examine the faces quickly. UGH. You retract back to pacing. It doesn’t take long before the taunting negative thoughts that you’ve shoved to the back of your head seep forward.

They’re judging me. Just like mom and dad.

“But I get judged on the walkway for a LIVING!” you fight with yourself, holding onto the railing of the balcony.

These royals aren’t like the audience. These royals are just like mom and dad. I’m not good enough for them.

“ – Are you ok, miss?” A cultured voice interrupts from behind you. You gasp a little and turn on your heels. You recognize the person vaguely. You know him from somewhere. He’s tall, dressed fine as hell, has tidy dark blonde hair and some nasty -looking scars plaguing the side of his face.

“Oh… yes. I’m fine … I guess.” You stutter out.

“I believe you accompanied Prompto, if I’m not mistaken,” the gentleman remarks, looking in no particular direction. Upon further examination, you discover that he’s blind. “I’m sorry to intrude. It sounded like you were in distress. Shall I fetch Promp for you?”

“No …” You say a little embarrassed. Your heart begins pounding and the anxiety thrusts itself forward in the form of a verbal explosion. “No. You know what!? I don’t need Prompto right now. I don’t need ANYONE. What I need right now is for people to stop judging me for what I do for a living! What’s wrong with being a model? Hm? Tell me.”

The gentleman’s mouth is gaping a little. He nods his head slightly and says, “I didn’t even know you were a model. But I suppose – “

“You suppose NOTHING. What makes me sooo different from someone like … like LUNA! I mean the Queen! Just because she’s a royal means she not superficial? But I am because I’m in the fashion industry?! I’m just as smart as the people out there!” You point to the curtain even though he can’t see you point. “I have a freaking degree in Ancient History! And! And! I know THREE different languages! AND! I know how to cook my own food! GOOD food because I took TWO years of culinary school!”

“That’s – that’s quite impressive miss …?”

“Valentine!” You shout at him. “It’s VALENTINE! And you won’t forget it!” You exhale angrily, pull back the curtain and start walking fast across the ball room floor.

Your heels clap madly beneath you as you go, tears pooling in your eyes. You feel a little insane. You pass through tiny clusters of people as they share drinks. You keep your stare to the floor. It looks like there’s a small corridor up ahead to run too. Run. Run. Run. Always running.

Oof! You run right into the arms of the unexpected.

“Is it really you? No way! Are you ok?”

You fix your hair and lift your gaze from beneath your eye lashes. The person helping you up is Noctis – KING Noctis Lucis Caelum.

“I am SO sorry!” You say, suddenly aware of the tears rolling down your cheeks.

“It’s ok!” He says, helping you to your feet. “I’m just shocked to see you here. I never would’ve expected it. It’s been so long!”

He smiles pleasantly at the small group of people that he was entertaining in discussion. “Please excuse me. We’ll continue this conversation later.”

Noctis takes soft hold of your hand and leads you to the small corridor that you were heading to in the first place. Beyond the noise of the hall, he pulls out a handkerchief for you. Abashedly, you wipe your eyes and see him fully for the first time in over ten years; a mature, sculpted face freshly shaved and looking as smooth as just-whipped butter, crisp blue eyes and hair that LOOKS like it wants to be touched. Whoa.

“Thank you … your Highness …” you say, wishing you could force the blood from rising in your face.

“Ahh, geez,” he scratches the back of his head the same way Prompto does. “That’s too formal coming from you. Just call me Noctis or Noct or whatever. We’re friends, right?”

“Sure … Noct – Noctis,” a smile finds its way to your lips.

“That’s better,” he sets a hand on your bare shoulder. You shiver unintentionally. “Do you want to go back to the party? Or do you need a little more time?”

Noctis smiles gently at you and you feel both relaxed and nervous at the same time. There’s a little fire rumbling eagerly in the pit of your stomach – a tiny new flame that wants you to feed it.

Go. Go with him.

You nod your head and hand him his handkerchief. “Yeah. …Thank you so much. I could really use a drink right now.”

The King offers you his arm and he accompanies you for the rest of the evening. You limit yourself to just a couple of drinks. Prompto sticks close by, taking pictures and prompting (for no better word) old memories of the three of you in high school. The entire ordeal feels like an out of body experience. Is this real life? And … where’s Luna?


To read the story that this one is a spin-off to and other pieces of my works, check out my masterlist. <—

abi-bomb  asked:

Hey there. I heard ya have a need to write fluff. So could you maybe do a bayverse Raph x Chubby reader (and not the big tits and ass kinda chubby. Like kinda big tummy and average bewbs and not the best booty)? Maybe she's rather insecure and her crushing on Raph doesn't help. Maybe she thinks he likes April and that'd he'd only ever like a gal with her body type so she feels even worse. Where this goes is up to you. If you could do this, that'd be awesome. Thanks!


You’d been avoiding Raphael for a week. You didn’t want to text him, you didn’t want to see those beautiful amber eyes, you just wanted to forget that the two of you could possibly ever exist, together. You sat on your bed, bringing your knees up to your face. Burying your face in them, you hoped this could all be over with soon. You pinched your gut, the source of my problems, you thought. You flung yourself back onto your bed when our phone buzzed. Surprisingly, it was Mikey. He wanted to know when pizza fridays would be back on. You wrapped your hair around your face and groaned. You didn’t want to disappoint Michelangelo, but you REALLY didn’t want to see Raphael or April. You texted him back. BE THERE TONIGHT! It was Friday after all and Mikey always made you feel better.
You stood in front of the door to the lair. Water was falling from everywhere, but nowhere in particular. Taking deep breaths, you attempted to hype yourself up. You can do this, you thought. You pushed the door open, Raphael standing directly in your sight, next to none other then April. She was so beautiful. Her gorgeous glossy brown hair tumbled onto her shoulders effortlessly, her eyes as stunning as any of the turtles. You held back a whimper as you ran into Mikey’s room.
“Who was that?” Asked Raphael, only seeing a blur of your hair as you ran by.
“Hey angelcakes!” Said Mikey as you entered. “I haven’t seen you in like a week.” He dipped his hand into his popcorn bowl, shoving a handful into his mouth.
“Yeah,” you smiled weakly. “Sorry about that.” You wanted to explain yourself to Mikey. You wanted to him that you felt too self conscious to even be around Raphael. You were short and chubby with no stunning attributes, you were just you, and that was never good enough for anyone. You simply sat down next to Mikey, not revealing yourself to him. “Topside, you know how it is.” Michelangelo nodded in agreement, stopping himself.
“Actually I can’t really say that I do.” Just then, an angry turtle in red walked in.
“Mikey did someone run in-” he stopped. “Oh.” He looked at you in shock. You felt like you were under a microscope, you wanted to run out so he could never look at you like that again. “Mikey get out.” He growled.
“But what about pizza Friday?” He whined.
“Out.” Raphael roared as Mikey walked out of the room mumbling to himself. “So what’s your issue?” He asked, angrily once the room was quiet.
“I don’t have an issue.” You muttered. He sat next to you.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell,” he got quiet. “I just don’t understand what happened.” She realized from the look in his eyes he was blaming himself. She neatly folded her hands in her lap, and took a deep breath.
“You don’t have to pretend to like me anymore Raphael.” You stated confidently. “You won’t hurt my feelings if you walk away from me right now.” Tears welled up in your eyes at the thought.
“What’re you talking about?” He asked.
“I know I’m too fat ok?” You whimpered. “I know that I’ll never be as pretty as April,” you wiped a tear off of your cheek. “Or as skinny.” You turned away from him, not wanting to see him walk out of the door. Instead he placed a finger underneath your chin and guided your face towards his.
“You’re perfect,” he smiled. “If you were any prettier, I’d have to start goin’ topside and deckin’ every guy who looked at you.” You chuckled as he wiped another tear off of your face. You looked into his eyes for the first time in a week, and you finally felt sure of yourself.
“I will never stop loving you.” He whispered. Your eyes widened in surprise, mouth slightly open.
“You love me?” You asked. Raphael looked confused all of a sudden, before clearing his throat.
“Yeah,” he said smugly. “Well you loved me first.”

Jay is high (texting stupidness)

Kai has joined the chat
Jay has joined the chat
Zane has joined the chat
Cole has been added to the chat
Lloyd has been added to the chat
Kai: I am trolling you all 😎
Cole: WUT
Zane: according to my processor you have 5 years to live, Kai
Kai: nope
Kai: someone gave him caffein… didn’t you?
Zane: pardon me if I did not bother to put the soda up
Cole: ZANE
Zane: they see me rollin’ they hatin’
Cole: oh pleeeezzzz don’t start that song again
Zane: patrolin the area tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Kai: seriously stop XXXDDDD
Nya has joined the chat
Nya: what are you doing?
Nya: ok
Kai: wait who added Lloyd in here
Nya: idk
Zane: I did. one should always add their friends
Cole: he’s too cranky
Nya: you are rude
Cole: sorry😋👍🏻 deal with it
Nya: ok sheesh
Zane: spam? Spam is a dish commonly served in-
Cole: go bang him on the head
Kai: who?
Cole: Lloyd Garmadon
Kai: okaaaaayyyy but
Nya: just leave the kid alone
Lloyd: why are u spamming my phone
Kai: we want u here
Lloyd: why?
Kai: because you’re awesome and we love u
Lloyd: thanks…??
Lloyd: oh no not that song…
Nya: you can leave
Lloyd: excuse me but that’s offensive
Nya: no I mean if you wanna
Lloyd: someone gave him caffein didn’t they
Kai: it was Zane it was Zane
Nya: ok seriously be quiet XD
Zane: it was meeeee and Pixal
Pixal has been imputed into the chat
Pixal: hi. Yes I can text too
Kai: you’re in his head though
Pixal: that doesn’t matter I can still communicate
Kai: shucks
Pixal: ok
Lloyd: *~^
Jay has left the chat

ok but a lotor and keith rivalry would be so interesting??? keith being half galra and “fighting like a galra” as zarkon said might catch lotor’s attention and maybe he’d try getting him on his side or using that to his advantage?? which would obviously fail but still and on top of that we know keith’s preferred weapon is a sword and in the trailer we see lotor using one too!! (insert awesome dramatic sword fight) anyway i’m just really excited to see how lotor interacts with everyone

i have too much free time, uhh

tinteresting stuff to read~

  • gods, spirits, demons
  • common misconceptions
  • things you’ve never thought about
  • crack pop culture theories
  • thought catalogue
  • learn fictional languages
  • CATS????????????????????
  • DOGS????????????????????
  • myths & urban legends
  • mysterious disappearences
  • free books
  • loads of college resources

paranormal blogs~

  • idream-ofghosts
  • spiritworldblogextra
  • iseeaghost
  • fuckyeahparanormalphenomena
  • fuckyeahnightmares
  • creepylittleworld
  • creepypastafactory
  • veryoddthings
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  • supernaturalhappenings
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  • make your own video game sounds
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  • paint your own friggin nebula


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  • covering up tattoos using makeup
  • keeping your shit together when you’re depressed

gender/sexuality/personality/etc. stuff~

  • gender-neutral Facebook
  • chest binder tutorial
  • personality test
  • the asexual spectrum
  • deepening your voice for pre-T trans dudes
  • ya friendly books about/written by trans* ppl
  • atheism vs theism vs agnosticism vs gnosticism

text effects~

  • Full  width.
  • Za̢͞ĺ̷go͢͏ ҉̴͝t̡̛͘ȩx̢t҉̵͞
  • uʍop əpısdn
  • unicode text
  • drawn letter recognition


  • ultimate fictional world/people designer thing


  • emoticons
  • and some more
  • more!!!
  • and cat ones omf


  • this page is strange
  • another weird page ok
  • ANONYMOUS search engine; no hacking/saving/etc.
  • it plays animal crossing music according to the time!??!
  • loads of cosplay help stuff!!!
  • list of paraphilias
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making gifs~

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  • How to make a 500px x 500px gif
  • Two gifs on one canvas
  • Multiple animations with continuous effect in one image


  • make a cool eyeball shirt
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reaction gifs~

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  • reddit is the best
  • reactiongifsarchive
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online photo editors~ 

  • fotoflexer
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themes (ones I like, anyway)~

  • tyronepines
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tumblr stuff~

  • note eraser
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tumblr theme help~

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  • creating a colour palette using MS paint

art/crafts tutorials~

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  • 8-bit heart popup card

drawing refs~

  • nude bodz
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  • body diversity
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  • an entire friggin blog for refs


  • fractured-sanity
  • brushlovers
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  • designfruit
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  • at0mica


  • abstractfonts
  • dafont
  • fontfreak
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films/tv shows~

  • p much every film ever
  • these are all fab films I have watched yes
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Supernatural
  • Hannibal
  • Disney
  • Disney Pixar
  • Game of Thrones
  • Doctor Who
  • Teen Wolf
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  • The US President’s Secret Book
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  • Archimedes’ Secret
  • Galileo: Genius
  • OBEs, Other Dimensions and Astral Travel
  • Automatic Brain: The Power of the Unconscious
  • Theory of Everything
  • Body-Soul and the Subconscious Mind
  • The Awakening
  • The Genius Sperm Bank
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Consciousness
  • God’s Existence
  • How Does Memory Work
  • Holographic Universe
  • The Signs of God’s Existence
  • Mind Science Kept Hidden
  • LSD, Magic Mushrooms and CIA Mind Control Experiments
  • Kim Peek: The Real Rainman
  • The Secret Life of Chaos
  • The Unknown Genius of Nikola Tesla
  • Conspiracy of Silence
  • The Dark Ages
  • The Life of the Buddha
  • Dark Fellowships: The Nazi Cult
  • The Da Vinci Code: The True Story
  • Atlantis: Lost World (History Channel)
  • Abraham Lincoln Biography (History Channel)
  • Genocide: Worse Than War
  • Atlantis: The Lost Continent
  • Physics: 100 Greatest Discoveries
  • Inside LSD
  • Mermaids: The Body Found
  • The Truth of Troy (BBC)
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  • To Infinity and Beyond
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  • Biography: Albert Einstein
  • Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”
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  • Serial Killers: The Real Silence of the Lambs
  • Mein Kampf: The Story of Adolf Hitler
  • Secrets of Egypt: Cleopatra
  • Lord of the Rings: Facts Behind the Fiction
  • Book of Secrets: Freemasons
  • Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole?
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  • FILMS: 500 Days of Summer, Alice In Wonderland, Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, Avatar, A Walk To Remember, Batman, Black Swan, Clueless, Easy A, Grease, Harry Potter, Hercules, High School Musical, Iron Man, Mean Girls, Mulan, Pirates of The Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Tangled, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, The Lord Of The Rings, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Titanic, Twilight Saga, UP, X-Men.
  • TV SHOWS:American Horror Story, Arrow, Awkward, Bones, Dexter, Doctor Who, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, My Mad Fat Diary, Nashville, New Girl, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Wizards Of  Waverly Place.

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Idiot - Natasha Romanoff x (f)Reader

Originally posted by loveholic198

Words: 1012
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x (f)Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: a lil bit of swearing
Requested by @myfandomsarecooler
Heyo kiddo. I have a request. Something with Natasha would be pretty awesome. You can write about whatever your mind decides to😂. LET YOUR CREATIVITY RUN FREE👍🏼”
Authors Note: ok so she kinda said that it was up to me but since this little shoot is my best friend I texted her and made her help me


“Clint, shut the flippity flap up.” You said, an annoyed, quiet tone. You were getting tired of him already.

“When did you start saying flippity flap?” Clint asked you, still sidetracked.

“Since Steve and Natasha told me to stop swearing.” You grumbled, and rolled your eyes. “Now, can we focus on the plan?”

Clint smiled. “Natasha, hmm?”

“The plan?” You asked.

“Yes, fine.” Clint rolled his eyes. “I’ve got the camera.”

“It’ll be so funny.” You smiled to yourself, waiting for the perfect moment to run into the lab.

“What are you two doing?” Natasha’s voice was heard from behind.

“Uh, we’re, pranking Tony.” You stuttered out.

She smiled. “How exactly are you pranking him?”

“You’ll have to watch.” Clint said. “It’s going to be perfect.”

“He’s off the phone.” You told Clint. “Are you ready?”

“I’m always ready.” Clint smiled, shaking the camera.

You jumped up and ran into Tony’s lab. “Tony, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” You started to freak out.

“(Y/N)? What’s going on?” Tony set down everything he was working on and walked over to you.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Ok so I love this comic and apparently it's gonna spam over several years(which is awesome), but please tell me you guys aren't gonna randomly stop the comic or go on an extremely long hiatus without telling us. But if you guys do span this comic over several years successfully and periodically, I'm so excited to see how it turns out and how the characters grow :)

Hey there! Thanks for the ask!

So, as it stands, we’ve been running a little under two years without missing a single update. We really hope to keep up that pace, particularly because this is a project we want to see actually finished! No matter what, though, if some disaster befalls one of us, we’ll be communicative and tell you. Hopefully that’s not the case, though–Capp and I are both motivated to see this project through to the end.


Ok, Facebook… I get it, you all have awesome fathers and husbands. I have an ok father and I’m single AF. So today, like every family oriented holiday, I’m a little sad. 

I’ve come to realize over the last few years I have my parents’ relationship at least partially to blame for the fact that I’m crap at being in one. The fact they were unhappy together pretty much my whole life (my mom told me a few years ago that she knew when she was pregnant with me that she didn’t want to stay married with my dad… they didn’t get separate until I was 17 and officially divorce when I was 18 [yeah, I don’t know why she told me this either]). Where were my positive role models for a healthy relationship? Not at home, that’s for sure. So instead of falling into the same crappy relationship, I suppose I’ve subconsciously been super picky about dating. I guess I figure that it’s better to be miserable and alone, rather than miserable with another person, even if I desperately want love and a family. 

Originally posted by dogiplier

The Signs Texting Their Crush

Aries: “we’re going out tonight & you’re paying. you already have plans? no you dont. you will love me. ok? ok.”

Taurus: “hehe…” “aw, I could give you a hug!” “don’t worry, you’re awesome.” “aah, the weather is nice today. I wish I had someone to take a walk with.” -is internally freaking out-

Gemini: -makes ridiculous jokes (that are hilarious, actually), talks about themselves a lot, and is kinda indifferent about the situation, but is freaking out deep, deep down- “LMAO!!! Did you know that I once flung a rubber-band at a fly and shot it down on the first try?” -sends memes & screenshots whole convo and sends it to 25 people- they can also get v deep.

Cancer: laughs at like EVERYTHING their crush says, forgets english and makes hilarious jokes that may or may not make the situation awkward (they struggle with conversation starters), AND THEY OVER-THINK LITERALLY EVERYTHING BEFORE SENDING IT. they’re internally screaming- “Hahaha x’D you’re funny” -sends memes because they don’t know what else to say; they’re too busy getting caught up in the situation & thinking they’re gonna get married-

Leo: talks about themselves & awkwardly laughs at things their crush says, then screenshots the whole convo and sends it to their friends “LOL wow, that’s cool. But did you know that I….” “Do I look cute today?” -sends 10 different selfies of them on DIFFERENT days-

Virgo: -tries to sound mature and smart, but also forgets english and ends up getting super embarrassed bc they sound like an idiot & occasionally tries to correct their crush, but their crush is actually right, so they make excuses. also starts intelligent conversations & would rather hear their crush’s voice. “Hi! Have you done the math homework, yet? I don’t get why people don’t understand that 9+10 is NOT 21.”

Libra: -is a cool lil bean and acts cute, but kinda sarcastic, also normal, & they keep their cool. they’ll go on with some funny story- “HAhaHahAaa…so this one time, this lame-o was like: 9+10 is not actually 21. I was like: no shart, sherlock. hehe.”

Scorpio:  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)… sarcastic af & tries to put too much sexual humor into the convo. NOT ALL SCORPS DO THAT, THOUGH. Some get all nervous and cute. “hahaha….i can be your 68 and you can be my + 1 lol”

Sagittarius: -is incredibly awkward and doesn’t realize it at all.- they try too hard, sometimes. they WILL exaggerate on things. “Yesterday, my friend was telling me how I’m SOOO pretty and should go out with more people…hahah isnt that dumb?”

Capricorn: omg they have so much skill and they don’t even realize it. They can just talk to the person they like and be casual about it. some caps are incredibly awkward, tho. they do NOT know when it’s ok to laugh. other times, they’ll freak out to themselves, but they’re actually doing great just by being who they are. “Haha. I really love doing _________. it would be awesome if i had a pal to do it with me! hey, we’re friends, so why don’t we hang??”

Aquarius: omg, they’re lil goofballs and will get you into deep convos, but can manage to keep you entertained the entire time. they want to know about you, so they’ll ask questions. “LOL, WOW. but, hey…I wonder if we’re all really awake right now, you know? what if this is all a dream? if I woke up right now, would I still be white, or am I actually asian? I could be an ALIEN. What do you think? xD”

Pisces: adorable, but trying too hard. they can get kinda obnoxious, but it’s still cute. They’ll want to know about you, but they’ll try to tell you stories with their friends. usually, they’ll talk to you through their friends. they will get their information about you through their friends. they’ll try to be funny. “LOLOLOL That’s hilarious >w<” “Have you ever dreamed of _____”