the text is just some random text btw

…welp. jack changed the tag on that post from earlier. looks like we’re in for more morse code puzzles. ;-;

(thank you to @tbex2468 and @heartlovelover, btw - i wouldn’t have known about this without them!! <3)

earlier, it said ‘A’. just the letter 'A’. now, it’s different. 

thankfully, i found out putting zalgo text back through the generator gives you the original text, so the tag looks like this:

there’s a random I in the middle of this for some reason.


if we remove that 'I’ and put in the entirety of the morse code as one big string…


Go Outside Radio ep 1 translation text version!

This is my translated text version of Soraru and Mafumafu’s “Hikikomoranai Radio” episode 1! Mi suggested I put it up as text in addition to the video with subtitles which you can find here, so that’s what I’m doing :) Might be good if you just want to skim it or read it quickly or something? Enjoy!

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