the text doesn't match the picture

The Signs As Texts I Have Sent People In The Past Week Or So
  • Aries: I hate this book so yes
  • Taurus: i should name a Pokemon after you
  • Gemini: The neutral facial expression doesn't match the expressive disco
  • Leo: I wasted my last 3 pokeballs on a weak eevee so this is what I named it [picture of eevee named "you lil shit"]
  • Virgo: "widowmaker you just killed torbjorn"
  • Libra: I've McFreakin lost it
  • Scorpio: >:3
  • Sagittarius: 🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋
  • Capricorn: moon moon but cat cat
  • Aquarius: aaaaa
  • Pisces: 🍤highly detailed shrimp

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend treats me right like a lady, but I'm being tempted by a boy that's telling me things my boyfriend doesn't sending me and picture that my boyfriend doesn't, he's a temptation and I can't stop. What can I do??

Look, if you really love your boyfriend then you would cut ties with the other guy and eliminate the temptation. Cheating isn’t just physical, you can cheat through text and pictures and if you know what you’re doing is wrong, break up with your boyfriend so he can find a better match for him, because its wrong and selfish for you to want a committed one way relationship AND cheat with another guy