the text chronicles

Lucy Golden Age Headcannon

When Lucy reigned 12 years in Narnia she met a slave from Calormen. He was not like the other calormenes who hated the Narnians.
Besides, he would hate his people for doing bad things. And then, one day when Queen Susan and Queen Lucy visited Calormen , he saw her. Her beautiful, blue eyes which had the same color as the ocean. Her beautiful pale skin, as pale as the snow. And her long, light brunette hair…
Besides her appearance he could hear her discussing with a politican. And the way she discussed, the way she stated her point and the way she defended her country was beautiful.

One time he saw how Queen Lucy was attacked by one of his landsmen. She tried to defend herself but failed.
Immediately he jumped in to save her and when he did it was the first time for Queen Lucy to notice him.

Three years later he and Lucy got closer to each other and Lucy was sure that he was the one she was looking for.
She loved him deeply so she wanted to marry him. But it took her a long time to tell her siblings due to the fact he was a calormene and a slave…

One week after the engagement, Mr Tumnus informed her and her siblings about the sight of the White Stag.
Lucy and her siblings made themselves ready to go on a hunt but then, when she saw a lamp post in the middle of the western woods she remembered something and started walking in the other direction until she and her siblings fell of the wardrobe and they noticed that they were children in England again.

Lucy wouldn’t admit it but she missed him miserably.
And he, he wondered what could have happened to her and he always went on a search for her, but without success…