the text actually turned out alright

Did you know the text in Dance With Devils is actually readable?

Yeah, this sort of text:

isn’t just some fancy gibberish and is actually perfectly readable!

I discovered this while rewatching the songs during the weekend and I completely flipped out and felt the need to share.

Now, what aided me in my discovery was a certain conveniently spelled amor.

Looks pretty readable now, doesn’t it? Turns out, the whole thing is just an awkwardly modified version of the latin alphabet. Check under the cut for my deeper analysis of the DWD ‘language’.

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Worry griped your throat as 2 in the morning came and went. Normally he would tell you before hand if the fight was going to last long. And if it was taking longer than expected he would have one of the boys text you, telling you everything was alright. But tonight you got nothing.

Calum first got into fighting when him and Luke would box as a work out, and soon he was hooked. One night a week turned into two which turned into three, which turned into every chance he got he was in the ring. The first fight he ad signed up for was awful for you.

You actually went to the fight which had around a thousand people packed into a space only big enough for 500 people and a ring dead center. Being his girlfriend you had be right in the very front. You got to watch every time he got punched and every time he punched a random man. At the end of the day Calum won but at the cost of many bruises and cuts.

That night, after the boys had gone home, you made it very clear to Calum that you didn’t like his fighting. You could handle him and Luke getting into fights for practice but seeing him in the ring during an actual fight was another story entirely. After a long fight, nothing was resolved. He continued to fight but now you refused to watch him fight.

“Just open the damn door Irwin!” were the words that pulled you out of your thoughts. If fights ran late the boys would just go to their houses so it confused you when you heard multiple voices.

“Y/N! Put a towel over your couch!” Ashton’s voice called through your apartment and you heard footsteps coming towards where you were sitting in the living room. Quickly without questioning him you took the large beach towel out of your junk closet and spread it out over the couch just as three boys came into the room carrying a limp body.

“He had a rough one tonight, y/n, we had him checked out by the people there and they said he would be fine. He just needs to wake up on his own.” Ashton said as they laid him down. “Alright well that’s all from us. Take him to the hospital in the morning if he hasn’t woken up.” They all smile at me before leaving. And just like that you have been left alone with your unconscious boyfriend.

After watching them leave you got the courage to look at your beautiful boyfriend. He was a mess, and you could tell why they wanted you to put a towel down. There was blood smeared on his exposed body. No wounds below his neck so you knew he had caused a mess on the other guy. His torso was already adorned with purple bruises that would be sore in the morning.

The bruises though, were not the worst part. His face, which was normally so soft was now covered in blood. You retrieved the first aid kit and a bag of peas to lay over his ribs.Once you entered the room again you pulled over a chair and placed the peas on his ribs. For a few moments his muscles involuntarily flexed before calming down once it was clear he wasn’t getting another jab to the ribs.

Then the worse part started. Cleaning his face.

Tonight he had collected two busted eyebrows with matching black eyes, a busted nose that looked like it had quickly been cracked into place during one of the rounds, and a busted lip. You started cleaning the blood from his cheeks and chest not actually wanting to touch his wounds.

But soon enough you were cleaning his wounds with an antiseptic wipe, watching his features contort in pain as he remained knocked out.

Eventually you were finished and his body felt more comfortable. You sit back in the chair looking at the mess of a boyfriend.

Him looking like this was the most painful thing to witness. Him always ending up like this was taking a toll on you. Maybe you should just leave. You are never happy anymore and never get to see your boyfriend anymore. Maybe that was what you needed to do.

Yes this would be the easiest thing for your heart.

Leaving Calum alone on the couch you went to your shared bedroom and packed a bag full of clothes to last a few days. You decided that you weren’t going to leave him unconscious but once he had woken up and you had him in bed you were leaving. As you placed your toothbrush in your bag you heard your name being called. Quickly you shove your bag in the cabinet and leave the bathroom.

“Y/n?” he called to you again just as you were entering the room.“There you are baby.” He smile and you sat back down in the chair.

“I had to go to the bathroom, sorry.” You smiled taking his hand in yours. “Lets move you to the bed and go to bed.” He nods and sets up. It takes him quite some time but soon you two are in bed him pulling you close to his side.

After an hour-ish you you move out of his grip and slip into the bathroom where your bag is hidden, then slipping on your shoes.

Leaving your boyfriend of almost four years asleep in his bed.


Ugh I accidentally posted this on my personal…. I hate that they saw my horrible writing.

Boxer Calum part two