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ohh could you please write something about betty unintentionally playing with that curl of hair that peaks out of juggys beanie while sitting at lunch with the gang... like in place of the arm around shoulder moment in the episode or something similar and the gang being very confused. please if you can. :)

Aww. I love that.

She sighed softly, staring him in the eyes and smiling. He was smiling back at her, not an ounce of confusion or hesitance in his smile.
They hadn’t discussed the kiss they shared in her bedroom last week or the kiss they shared on that rainy night when she found Polly, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Maybe they didn’t know what they were to each other, but they did know what they meant to each other and that was more than enough.

He rested a hand on her knee and leaned back into the couch, shifting closer to her. She turned her attention back to her friends, resting her body slightly against his.

“So yeah, I’m pretty much down for anything, I’ve been to all the hottest clubs in riverdale, it’s time to venture out.” Kevin was practically bouncing with excitement his eyes locked on Veronicas.

She smirked “were totally taking a road trip to New York. Archiekins, would you be willing to donate your car?”

Everyone laughed , thinking about his old junker making it to New York was almost impossible.
Betty felt the low rumble of Jugheads chuckle against her back and she couldn’t help but turn to him.
He looked so tired, his dark blue eyes sleepy and his raven locks messily tucked under his beanie. Her eyes locked onto the gorgeous curl hanging in his eyes, before she knew what she was doing she was running her fingers over the silky dark lock.

He stilled under her touch for a minute, raising a brow he smiled, bringing his own hand to her cheek.
“Everything okay sunshine?”

She nodded “I like this, it’s swirly.” She giggled, twirling it around her finger.

He laughed, deep and low. His fingers went to her wrist and he delicately traced the vein.
“I’m glad you like it.”

Her heart caught in her throat at the featherlike touches he was placing to her skin. Her breathing quickened and her fingers stopped moving in his hair. He seemed to notice her reaction to his touch, and he smiled wrapping his whole hand around her tiny wrist, flexing his fingers.
She closed her eyes for a moment, two could play at this game, her hand moved behind his neck, fingers now playing with the curls touching the back of his neck.
He made an almost sexual noise, so quiet she had to strain to hear him.

Opening her eyes, she gasped when they matched the intensity of his own, Boring into her sparkling green ones with pure adoration.


Snapping out of their personal bubble at the sound of their friends voices, Betty realized she was practically sitting in Jugheads lap. She moved to sit back beside him but he simply gripped her waist tighter.

“Is there something you wanted to tell us?” Veronica questioned raising a brow with her typical cocky smile.

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, flexing his fingers on her waist, granting her instant comfort and ease. “There’s nothing to tell.” He replied.

Archie was shooting a bit of a nasty glare at the couple “you guys seem awfully cozy.”

Jughead leaned back taking Betty with him,
“I’m alright, what about you bets?” He smirked

Giggling behind her hand, she nodded
“Very comfortable.”

Kevin looked shocked but delighted at the same time. “I did not see this coming, but I have to say I totally ship it.”

Veronica nodded “even though, you didn’t inform your bff, I’m all about this pairing.”

Cheryl looked uninterested, texting on her phone “hashtag bughead.”

Betty actually laughed out loud , her eyes turning to the moody boy she was seated on top of “bughead?” She whispered.
Jughead just snorted, rolling his eyes and dropping a kiss to the top of her head
“Could be worse.”

She smiled brightly. He was right

It could be much, much worse.

late night kiss pt. 3

A/N: Wow, a third part! This is crazy! Thank you for everyone who is enjoying and continuing on with this story, as well as everyone who sent in a request for a part three! Let me know if you want another part.

Summary: You decide to seriously attempt to learn who Spider-Man really is.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

01 | 02 | 04 | 05 | 06 

You shifted in bed, wondering why it was so hot. Something stirred behind you and you furrowed your brows as you felt something move on your stomach. You blearily blinked your eyes open, looking down and seeing an arm draped across you. A little wiggling revealed that a warm body was pressed against you and your cheeks flushed when you felt something hard.

“Y/N!” a deep voice yelled from outside. Your eyes snapped wide open and you turned quickly, smacking your hand on Peter’s face by accident. He grunted and opened his eyes slowly, giving you an odd look.

“What—” he started, but you slammed your palm across his mouth, sitting up on your elbow, putting you slightly over him. He tried to say something, but his voice was muffled.

“Shh!” you whispered, your heart beating hard.

“Y/N?” your dad’s voice called again, sounding unsure. “Are you already awake?” You saw your door knob start to turn and you didn’t know what to do, looking at Peter’s wide brown eyes staring back at you in just as much panic.

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(: DRABBLEEEEEEE: "You left"

Originally posted by bangtoori

BS: Yoongi | 01

You stuffed your bags hurriedly, brushing your tears away from your cheeks with the back of your sleeve. Damn the tears. You didn’t want to seem like you were weak. You wanted to be able to leave without being affected. You wanted to be able to show him that you too could be as heartless as he was…but that was easier said than done. 

“Babe. Would you listen to me?” 

You continued packing. You felt a slight tremor in your hands and your vision turn blurry from tears but you persisted on. Your lips were trembling, making words an impossible aspect to even comprehend. You simply shook your head and continued your haste. You had to leave. You were determined not to shed a tear in his presence. You zipped up the bag and slung the strap over your shoulder. 

“Baby, listen would you?” His voice got aggressive as he clamped his hand down on your arm and forced you around to face him. You tried to pull away but he kept you in place. Your froze at the force he used on you, expecting the inevitable. “I’m telling you, you’re overreacting.” He said through clenched teeth. 

 “I saw the pictures she sent you. There’s no way you can make me believe that this is not what I think it is.” You mustered up the courage to say.

He almost rolled his eyes but his grip on you only tightened. 

“It was a mistake alright. I was drunk when I texted her and it got a little out of hand.” He shrugged it off. He actually shrugged it off as if it didn’t matter. Like your feelings didn’t matter You took a deep breath and finally pulled your hand free. 

“I’m leaving.” You whispered, brushing the stray tears away. You turned to leave but he caught your wrist once more and yanked you back so hard you collided into his chest. 

“Alright come on, babe. We both know you’re not going anywhere.” He caught your chin and pulled it up to face him. “And even if you do, you’d come right back.” He grinned. 

You looked at him in disgust but that’s when your realized, for the first time that he was right. You closed your eyes, trying to steady your breathing. In that instant you heard his words echo through your mind and suddenly you felt calm. You exhaled and opened your eyes. Just like he taught you, you placed both hands on his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. 

 “Not today…asshole.”

 In one swift motion you jerked your leg up and kneed him right where it mattered. He let out a string of curses, falling down on his knees in pain. You grabbed your bag, giving him one last glance over your shoulder. “Fuck off and have a nice life.” He watched you leave in complete shock. 

You knocked on his door, glancing at your watch nervously. You were quite aware that you looked like a mess and it was 3 a.m but you had no other option. You didn’t know anyone else in this city except him and well.. you didn’t trust anyone else, nor did you care for anyone else, but him. He seemed to always be right about everything. 

You combed your fingers through your hair one last time, trying to tame it before you pounded on the door one more time. 

“Coming” a gruff voice yelled in annoyance. A few seconds later the door opened and Min Yoongi stood there looking back at you with sleep ridden eyes. Those eyes widened when he took in your appearance. He seemed surprised at first, his eyes scanning your flustered state but when he noticed your duffle bag, an all-knowing smirk appeared on his face. He arched a brow. 

 “You left.” It wasn’t a question. It was more a statement because he knew this was coming, he only waited for when it would. You nodded your head. There was a brief pause and it seemed his smirk grew a little wider. He was going to say something else but you shook your head no. 

His smirk slowly disappeared as he realized that this was probably not the time to gloat. He opened his door wider and let you in. You entered hesitantly, looking around his cramped apartment. He locked the door before coming around and taking your bag from you to place it to the side.

You cleared your throat. “So…?” You whispered, keeping your gaze on the ground. 

“So…” he said, mimicking you. You narrowed your eyes at him but your smile still slipped through. “So, you have to let me take you out on a date tomorrow.” You looked at him in shock but he just shrugged. “Hey, that was the deal.” He reached out and took your hand. “But for now, we sleep.” 

He took your hand and led you into his room and towards the already slept in bed. You smiled wide for the first time that day, because of how comfortable this felt and of how right he felt. He brought out a pair of sweats and one to his shirts and handed them over to you to change into. You went into the washroom quickly to do so and as you came back you saw him already in bed, seeming to be asleep. You went over to the bed and gently sat down on the edge as to not stir him awake. His eyes were closed, the duvet covering him to his nose. You lay down on your side, keeping your eyes on him. You smiled to yourself. So this was really happening. You felt your own nerves take over you. How would it be, waking up next to Min Yoongi… dating Min Yoongi…having Min Yoongi be your… boyfriend? Even if he did loop you into this in his own twisted way. Even if this relationship will stem from the bud of a bet that Min Yoongi can be better for you than your trash of a boyfriend. You didn’t care. All you cared about was this moment, and all the moments to come. 

You let your eyes flutter closed. 

“Did you say it?” He whispered to you. Your eyes opened once more to see him still in his sleep like state. “What I taught you, did you say it when you left?”

“Hmm.” You whispered back. 

You watched his lips form a smile, but his eyes stayed closed. “That’s my girl.” he reached out, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into him. You let yourself fall asleep, tangled in his arms. 

This is Gonna Sound Crazy, But...

Tagging: @themissimmortal @itshaejinju @blindbae @ohgodsnowwhat @stunninglyignis @misaki-kurenai @misssarahdoll @insomniacapples @alicemoonwonderland @femmescientia

So I was in review classes earlier today, enjoying the ten minute break our instructor gave (he does that, otherwise…40 orders of fried brain, extra crispy!). I tend to let my imagination go nuts when that happens, so this time, I thought of FFXV and the playthrough I did yesterday. (Side note: Very close to 100% completion!)

…And then it hit me.

What if Ignis was actually of the royal Lucian bloodline?

Okay, before you start throwing tomatoes or hate anons, hear me out alright? I noticed some stuff in-game that can support this.

(Warning: Last chance to turn back. If you wanna hear about this, then click on ahead. If not, then thanks for making it through the first couple of lines of text and have a nice day :3)

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Originally posted by 94londonstreet

You’d seen him around. For the last three weeks, he’d been in the studio you worked at almost every day. And almost every day, he’d pass you at your post in reception. The first few days, he’d give a small smile and hello. Then he’d asked for your name and you his, even though you knew who he was, not just from his time in a wildly successful and famous boyband, but from the fact you worked reception at a recording studio and part of your job was to know the people who recorded there. Next, he began stopping by for a chat either on his way in or out. Then he always stopped for a chat on his way in and out. Your knees grew weaker every day as your interactions with him progressed.

You had a proper crush on Harry Styles.

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I just want you all to know that my friend @fireiceandpie originally wanted to hang out today- maybe play some magic or go see a movie- because he just wanted to ignore the fact he wasn’t able to get a Switch, which was alright with me because neither could we. But, it turns out that this was just a clever ploy on his part because he actually ordered the fucking Nintendo Switch and actually wanted to arrange the hangout to surprise us with the fact he had a Switch all along.

This is the same man who went out if his way to convince everyone he was in Japan one time, but really he just used green screen to Photoshop himself into random places in Tokyo and timed all his texts so that we would receive them at like 3:00 am which would make sense if he sent them from a completely different time zone.

What I’m trying to say is this man is evil but aT LITERALLY WHAT COST?????????????

Fashion Of His Love: A Solangelo Fanfiction

Here it is, the long awaited follow up to my Solangelo fic Boys Boys Boys. This fic includes, Solangelo, College AU, bad pop culture references, gas station flirting, and millennial issues a la my own college experience. So if you are interested in those things, i hope you enjoy this!

Read the whole fic here!


  “I haven’t even went on a date with him yet, let’s not jump the gun here.”

              “Look who’s talking, says the guy who wanted to jump his bones at the bar.”

              Nico sighed and buttoned up a slim black shirt and motioned to himself, as Hazel nodded in approval. Okay, yes. He had glimpsed at Will Solace from across the bar, and maybe in his slightly inebriated state had said something about “loving that boy so right that he wouldn’t leave the bed for a week”, but no one could prove anything except maybe the NSA agent who was probably looking at the snapchats that Hazel was sending to their friend Piper. And when Will had actually walked to the bar Nico had clammed up until that asshole has been annoying, so no harm no foul and Nico was pretending it didn’t happen.

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Happily Ever After (Jonathan Groff x Reader)

hey so I know groffsauce is gay and all but I sorta made him bi so that this can be more gender neutral reader insert ya know hope I don’t offend anyone


I looked up other groffsauce reader inserts to get a feel for what he’s like cause I don’t really know him that well and there’s a serious lack of them lol hope this helps out

Request: Hey! Uh, I’m kinda in love with Groffsauce, so could write lots of this: Angst–>fluff! WITH kinda the reader being uber jealous that Groffsauce is flirting and ends up madly confessing. Thanks, and I absolutely love your blog!-Chai

Summary: Jonathan and Reader decided to spend their day off together, but Jonathan tends to focus on everyone else rather than the Reader.

Warnings: Reader is slightly bitter, jealously, few swears

“Did you find everything alright today?“

“Yes we did! Thank you, darling,” Jonathan replied to the girl behind the checkout counter, much to your displeasure.

Today Jonathan had a day off and he had promised to spend it with you, his bestfriend. The plan was to go on a shopping spree at the mall, Jonathan reassuring you he’d pay for it all. You were beyond excited to spend the day with him, your secret crush, but that excitement soon turned to annoyance as he began flirting with just about everyone you came in contact with.

“That’ll be $45.64,” the cashier said after scanning the jacket Jonathan insisted on buying after seeing your eyes linger on it.

He pulled out a fifty from his wallet and handed it to her. He said, “Keep the change.“

“Thank you, sir. Have a nice day,” she said, handing him the shopping bag with a big smile and a slight blush on her face.

“You too,” he said with a wink before he exited the store, you trailing like a lost puppy behind him. You knew he had the right to flirt with whoever he so pleased, considering the fact that he wasn’t in a relationship with you or anyone else. But it seemed reasonable enough to believe that he should focus more of his attention on you during your day together, right?

“You hungry?” Jonathan asked you, snapping you out of your slightly bitter thoughts and back to reality.

“Starving,” you told him before suggesting, “Food court?”

“Food court,” he agreed, taking your hand in his as you walked through the mall. You smiled at the contact, glad that his attention was finally back on you. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

“He really seemed to like you,” you remarked as you walked away from the restaurant booth. 

“No kidding,” Jonathan said, showing you where the cashier had scribbled down his number. You internally groaned as the two of you sat down at an empty table. The employee had gotten on your nerves as you ordered your food, or at least attempted to order your food. It was a bit hard when his complete attention was focused on Jonathan.

Curiously you asked, “Are you gonna text him later?”

“I don’t know, should I?” he asked, taking a bite of his food afterwards.

“Do whatever the hell you want,” you responded, then taking a bite of your own food as well.

Jonathan raised a brow at your sudden change in tone and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah, um, actually.. can you take me home once we’re done eating? I’m not feeling too good,” you asked him, entirely fed up with being pushed to the side.

He appeared surprised by your request, but still agreed, “Yeah sure, if that’s what you want.”

“Thanks Jonny,” you said, continuing to eat your food.

“What’s the matter?” Jonathan asked, concerned for you.

You sighed, “It’s nothing.”

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” he reassured you.

With a slight smile you told him, “I know.”

Less than an hour later, Jonathan pulled up into your apartment complex. He parked in a designated visitor’s spot, then turned to you, “You sure you’re alright?”

“Fine,” you said, smiling at him. He returned the smile before being interrupted by his phone going off. Both of you glanced at his screen resting in the cup holder. You read the name of who sent the text and asked, “Who’s Zach?”

Jonathan picked up his phone and typed out a reply as he answered your question, “The guy from the food court.”

“You actually texted him?” you asked astounded.

Jonathan was very nonchalant with his response, “Yeah, I figured why not?”

“Right,” you scoffed. You unbuckled your seat belt and opened the car door. With a mumbled goodbye to Jonathan, you shut the door behind you and started heading towards your apartment.

You heard a car door shut, followed by a few beeps that signaled it had locked and Jonathan shouting, “Hey! Y/N! Wait up!”

Despite his pleas, you kept walking without daring to look back at him. You reached the door to your apartment and pulled out your keys, finding it a bit hard to work with them as you tried to hurry. Jonathan caught up to you as you frustratingly fumbled with your keys, placing a hand over yours in an attempt to steady them as he asked, “Woah, hey, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter!?” you shouted back, yanking your hands away from his. “How about the fact that someone who’s supposed to be my best friend has been ignoring me practically all day? The fact that you clearly would much rather be off flirting with some pretty girl or some cute guy instead of spending time with me?”

“Y/N, it’s not like that. I–”

You continued your rant, “And to make matters worse, I’m the complete idiot who just had to go and develop feelings for my best friend! Silly me for thinking there was even the slightest chance you’d actually feel the same way.“

“Y/N listen–”

“But of course you don’t feel the same way! That type of cliché romance bullshit only happens in the movie, doesn’t it? There’s no Happily Ever After’s after all, is there? Just–” you were cut off by Jonathan spontaneously placing his lips on yours, silencing you. You nearly kissed back, but opted to instead push him back and ask, “What the hell was that?”

“If you would have let me speak,” Jonathan calmly spoke, “I was trying to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong.”


He took a step towards you and took ahold of both your hands. He said, “There’s nothing I would rather do then spend time with you. And you’re not the only idiot here, alright? I’ve fallen for my best friend too.”

“Really?” you asked, not even trying to fight the smile that grew on your face.

“Really,” Jonathan confirmed, leaning in to close any space between the two of you. Your lips met and this time you were more than happy to kiss him back, knowing that your feelings were mutal.

You two soon parted, both smiling and blushing like crazy. You commented, “So maybe Happily Ever After’s do exist then.”

Jonathan held you close and said, “For us? Without a doubt.”

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Sam Wilson x Reader

Summary – Sam tries to use his newfound friendship with Captain America to impress you.

Warnings – Pure fluff, with a few curse words

Word Count – 1,528

Notes – I absolutely love Sam Wilson!  I try to include him in my other fics, but after writing High Steaks, I really feel like he needs more fics of his own!!  This takes place at the beginning of CA:TWS, so a lot of the dialogue comes straight from the movie.  I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to let me know what you think!


Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Sam had been enjoying his daily run around the National Mall like he did every morning.  That was until the cocky blonde started taunting him as he repeatedly lapped him.  If he heard the words “On your left!” one more time, he was going to scream!

Finally finishing his run, he collapsed by a nearby tree, the blonde coming over to chat. Unsurprisingly, he turned out to none other than Captain America!  Sam enjoyed a few minutes of easy banter with the living legend.  Sam was not shocked to find that he was actually a nice guy.

“Alright, Sam, duty calls,” Steve announced after reading a text message on his phone.  “Thanks for the run.  If that’s what you wanna call running.”

“Oh, that’s how it is?” Sam asked as he shook Steve’s hand.

“Oh, that’s how it is,” Steve teased causing Sam to chuckle.

“Okay,” Sam acknowledged. “Any time you wanna stop by the VA, make me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know.”

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I'm having a really awful day, do you have any headcanons of nurseydex with Dex having a stutter?

  • dex has a speech impediment and has since he was little
    • it used to be worse but there was this rlly awesome speech pathologist in his elementary school and she helped him a lot
  • his stutter is usually blocks and prolongations rather than repetitions
  • it usually gets worse when he tries to go too fast and it feels like his mouth/airways can’t catch up to his brain
  • dex’s number one pet peeve in life is when people finish his sentences for him
    • he tells nursey this once, before they even start dating, and nursey makes it his personal mission to always let dex finish his thought before anyone tries to finish it for him or interrupt him
  • there are certain words that dex knows will trip him up so he always tries to find ways around them
    • once he and nursey start dating, he gets comfortable enough to try the words out around nursey
  • nursey and dex have a class together and they work out a deal where if dex has a question he’ll write it down on a paper and nursey will ask the professor so dex doesn’t have to
    • nursey also rlly encourages dex to email/talk to his other profs and let them know his situation and ask if it’s alright to email them his questions instead of asking during class
      • it turns out rlly well and dex starts doing it with all of his professors
      • he starts getting even better grades bc he’s not spending every class anxious about having to ask/answer questions and can actually concentrate and focus
  • nursey typically prefers to call ppl over texting, but he has firmly switched over to the “texting” camp bc dex HATES talking on the phone
    • sometimes even when they’re together dex texts him
    • nursey thinks it’s adorable and is just happy to do whatever makes dex comfortable
    • their emoji game is weirdly strong
  • dex isn’t in most of nursey’s classes, but still nursey will FIGHT anyone who shames ppl for saying “um” or “like” too much
  • sometimes dex is rlly frustrated and upset when he can’t get through a word or has to keep restarting a sentence, but nursey is always there, squeezing his hand or pressing their thighs together in a silent show of encouragement
  • after long days of classes when dex has had to deal with people and social interaction all day he needs, like, an hour to just decompress. he used to do it alone in his room, but now he does it on nursey’s futon, with his head in nursey’s lap as nursey reads quietly and cards his fingers through his hair
  • dex used to say “sorry” a lot for his stutter, but nursey’s constant “it’s fine, you’re fine, you’re perfect,” has really helped him tamp down on the need to apologize
  • the day dex realizes that nursey has memorized dex’s order at all of dex’s favorite places so that he can order for him if dex wants him to is… a lot
    • they get kicked out of the starbucks bc dex just straight up kisses nursey right there
      • get a room, kids
      • (they do get a room)
      • (nurse gets laid)
Friday night in (hamilsquad x reader)

A/N: hey guys no one asked me to do this but I wanted to. I chose a prompt: 345. “You braided his hair?” *Fluff ahead* requests are open :)
Trigger warning: alcohol use

Friday night had been a long awaited night for you. You didn’t have to worry about getting up early the next day for your vet internship. You’ll be able to relax and have a “me night” all to yourself. You were planning on binge watching something on Netflix all weekend because all the responsibilities you had, completely vanished.

You got home at five, which was a miracle for you, and headed to the apartment you shared in New York City with your friends. All of you decided to stay in the city while you were on summer break from Columbia University.

The first thing you did when you got home was go straight into your room, and change from your scrubs to comfy clothes. Then, you plopped on to your bed and started streaming Netflix.

After about 20 minutes, you hear the guys start arriving home from their jobs/internships. Now there was noise making it harder for you to focus on your show, “Y/N, are you home yet?” you hear John Laurens yell.
“Yeah, I’m in my room,” you reply in the same screaming manner.

Just then your door bursts open, but you have no time to react before the curly haired man sprints into your room at full speed, and flings himself onto your bed, making you bounce a little. “John, what the hell was that?” you said, trying to not laugh and sound as annoyed as possible.
“We wanted to know if you would like to join us for some drinks?” He inquires.
“Thanks for the offer, guys, but I think I’ll stay here and just relax,” you replied back.
“Actually Y/N,” Alex chirped in, “if it’s okay with you, I’d like to hang out with you tonight and catch up.” That sentence made the other three men all go “oooohhhh” in harmony.
“Actually that’d be nice, it’s been awhile since I hung out with my bff,” you spoke in a sweet tone.
“Don’t you mean bf,” Hercules said making everyone laugh but you and Alex, and your cheeks turned slightly red.
“Shut up, Herc,” you playfully spoke as Alex punched him in the same playful manner.
“Alright,” Lafayette said grinning, “we’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.”

Alex was the first friend you made freshman year of college. It was kinda an accident though, because was texting someone while walking, and bumped into you. He apologized over coffee and you guys found that you had many thing in common and quickly became friends. Then you met his other friends and quickly hit it off with them, becoming an inseparable group. Since day one they had been trying to get you guys together, but it never worked.

After Alex left you got up from your bed and headed to the junk drawer to search for a menu for pizza. You ordered a medium pepperoni pizza to share with Alex. As Alex was walking out of his room you grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle.
“Wanna help pick out a movie?” You asked as you sat down with the wine in your hands.

Soon you guys decided to watch some cheesy 90’s horror movie. A little after that decision there was a knock on the door from the pizza delivery man. You basically raced Alex to the door to pay, but you expected this, so you had the money in your pocket.

Once the movie was over you two decided to watch some parks and rec. one episode in and two wine bottles later you started to feel a little tipsy. You looked over at Alex, who was focusing on the show and started giggling. “What’s so funny, Y:N?” He asked curious because nothing in the show was funny at the moment.
“Turn around Alex,” you said with laughter in your voice. You gently guided his shoulders so his back would be facing you, then you started playing with his shoulder length, dark, chocolate colored hair. The final result was a French braid going right down the middle of his head. “Tada,” you said with excitement. You couldn’t help but be proud with Alex’s new updo.
“Gee, thanks, Y/N, it what I’ve always wanted,” he said obviously lying, but you couldn’t tell. You just continues to laugh.

The others guys had come back home at 2:30ish to find you and Alex passed out on the couch with parks and Rex still playing. “Yo, Y/N, wake up,” John says, gently nudging you. Disoriented you stood up, and you’re glad you did because right after Herc body slams Alex, waking him up instantly. Alex jolted awake, releasing a little grunt, then he also stands up.
“Wait a minute, Y/n, you braided his hair?” Herc says, very surprised.
“Yeah, it’s what all bffs do and it’s a French braid, you idiot,” you said and in your voice there was a hint of sarcasm.

The guys, kinda drunk, started telling Alex about what he missed at the bar. You quickly got bored so you retreated to your room. As soon as your door closed, you heard John ask Alex, “ So did you get any action with Y/N?” Followed by John scream, “Ow, not cool dude!” You couldn’t help but smile at how dorky your friends were.

Thanks for reading guys. Remember submissions are opened

Rebound pt. 2 (M)

A/N~ Hey! So I put up part one yesterday and it got a really good response. So thank you so much to everyone that messaged me, I really appreciate it! Here is part 2!! I hope you all like it. As always, I love feedback, so please don’t be shy!

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Part1 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4

Originally posted by ki-raa

JIMIN’S ORANGE HAIR IS LIFE! Thought you ought to know.

Are you going to get in?

Well yeah of course you are. It’s Park fucking Jimin, you’re not stupid, or, are you? Who knows? But we will find out.

You get into Jimin’s car, sitting in the passenger seat. He closes the door after you and gets in the other side.

“Okay babe, I’m going to have to leave you home tonight because I have shit to… take care of. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we’ll have some fun.” Jimin says smirking at you. Fuck this boy was so beautiful, this was why he was such a fuck boy. But that’s just in his nature. If he found love, he would probably shoot it with his hand gun. Did I mention that? No.. well he does and it’s rather sexy when he get’s all badass. You’ll see…

“Okay, tomorrow then.” You smile back, you can’t help but feel excited for what tomorrow is going to bring. Jimin starts his engine! I didn’t know that you were in Fast and fucking furious, because when Jimin pulled out on to the road. Good luck to anyone that didn’t look before crossing.

It was rather fun, you started to laugh when Jimin put the windows down and the cold winter air was hitting your cheeks. Making your hair go wild, it was the most fun you’ve had.. maybe ever! 

Jimin can’t get over how adorable you are, like look at you laughing at something so simple. You were so pure, but maybe not your mind.. Just saying. Your urge to touch him was consuming you, you just wanted his lips on yours again. Jimin  pulls up in front of your house, sooner than you thought. But that’s not shocking he drove so fucking fast. he turns his engine off.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.” Jimin gives you a peck on the cheek. Yeah, no that’s not going to get you through tonight, peck on the cheek from the fuck boys of all fuck boys. What is life? You unbuckle your belt, lifting yourself to settle on Jimin’s lap. You straddle him.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing.” Jimin asks, his hands on your thighs rubbing circles into them. You cup his face, looking from his eyes to his plump lips. You bite your lip trying to be sexy. Well you are, because Jimin has a hard situation going on at the moment, if y’know what am saying. Of course you do, you can feel it against your thigh.

“I’m just giving you a proper goodbye.” You say giving him big innocent eyes. He chuckles, that eye smile is heaven. You lean in connecting both your lips. It’s soft, vanilla. That changes when Jimin swipes his tongue on your bottom lip, you part your lips for him. He sticks his tongue into your mouth, the muscle playing with yours. His hands grab your ass tight, making you moan. Jimin tries to reconnect your lips, but you pull away.

“Good night, Jimin. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You give him one last peck on the nose, getting off of him and walking up to your house. You turn around and run back to the car. Jimin has his eyes closed, leaning his head back on the head rest. You open the car door.

“Did you forget something, babe?” Jimin smirks. 

“No, I was just wondering if you had my number.” Jimin looks a little surprised, your not coming back to fuck him in front of your parents house and the neighbours. What a surprise!

“Of course I have your number.” He says like you had just asked him was grass green.

“How? I’ve never gave it to you.”

“Another storey, another time.” Jimin’s phone buzzed. “Alright, babe I actually have to go, but I’ll text you about tomorrow.” He shot you a wink.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” You flashed him a smile and closed the car door, walking up to your door.

“Hey, aren’t you going to say goodbye?” Jimin asked shouting out the window of his car. Without turning around you reply.

“Goodnight, Jimin.” You opened the door, gave him a wave and closed it. Well just know you just teased Jimin… Ahh, I don’t think that’s how it goes. He teases you, not you tease him. Well I hope you did your stretching for tomorrow *wink *wink…. 

You woke up to your phone buzzing, informing you someone had text you. You grab it off the bed side table and look to see whom it’s from. It’s an unknown number, you’re curious so you open the message.

Unknown- “Hey babe, it’s Jimin. I have some business to take car of, but I’ll pick you up at 8 and we’ll have some fun ;)”

Oh my lord, Park Jimin just text you. Well you knew he would, you left him wanting more. Which was a good thing, as you didn’t have any sexy lingerie and you’re not taking your clothes off for him to see you in your granny panties! Image…

So you get up and dressed, making your way down to your local lingerie store. There was so many beautiful sets of panties and bras. You wanted it all, like fuck Jimin your getting this for yourself. But also for Jimin, let’s be real here.

“Hey, can I help you with anything?” Blonde middle ages women approached and asked you.

“Yes, please!”

She giggles, “Is it your first time buying lingerie?” 

“Yeah, is it that obvious.” You ask, your cheeks have gone soooo red.

“Honey, don’t worry I will get you into something sexy to please your man!” She says. “Do you know what he likes?”

“Ahh, this will be our first time together, so no. But I just want something black and lacy.” You reply feeling more at ease.

Not long after she has you in the dressing room trying on a lacy black bra and pantie set. It was very see through, but it made your ass and breasts look amazing. A knock came to the dressing room door.

“Is everything alright, honey?”

“Yeah.” But before you know it she’s opening the door and closing it behind her. You pick up your jacket to try and cover your body.

“Honey, stop let me see you.” She pulls down the jacket and gasps. “Honey, wow. I didn’t know you had such a gorgeous body under those clothes. You really shouldn’t hide it, it’s beautiful!” You giggle and turn to the full length mirror, to take in your appearance. You did look go, gals been doing her squats!

“Do you think he’ll like it? He’s been with a lot of girls hotter than me.” You say looking at her through the mirror.

“Honey, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came in his pants just by the sight of you.” You giggle.

“I’ll take it!” 

You were very happy with your new purchase. You couldn’t wait to see Jimin tonight. You knew this wasn’t a date, this was never going to be a proper relationship. But you couldn’t help but get excited to be with him. Jimin for you meant trying things you never did, because you were to chicken shit to. You knew him calling you ‘babe’, ‘baby’, and ‘sweetheart’ shouldn’t effect you so much but it does. You listen here Y/N don’t let your feelings get in the way of this, it’s just fun… Yeah and that’s why you bought the expensive lingerie.

It come the time when you had to start getting ready to go out. You had a shower, you shaved and waxed… everything! You applied some make-up and put the new lingerie on. You you loved it! You did your hair and got dressed, hiding your little surprise for Jimin under the tight fabric.

You put your shoes, a ring and a choker on that you always wore. Not to much, not to little… just right. Go on you, getting your self all sexy.. You ought to be proud, it’s and effort to even get out of bed. You heard a car honk outside. You look out your window to his Jimin’s BMW.

You run so fast to get out before your parents get nosy and go out. You almost break your neck trying to get down the stairs.

“I’m leaving now, I might stay in Joy’s tonight. Don’t wait up.” You shut up to your parents. You open the door and close it swiftly. Jimin is leaning up against his car with his phone out. When he hear’s your heels against the ground he looks up and smirks. 

“Sweetheart, you are look breath taking.” He whistles, making you blush. You walk towards him, swaying your hips. When you get to him he pulls you into him, he nuzzles his nose into your neck. He inhales your scent. His scent invades your nose, It’s a mixture of cigarettes, after shave and mint.

“Did you miss me?” You ask looking up at him, his arms still tightly wrapped around you. He smirks.

“What if I bit?” He puts his bottom lip in between his teeth. This fucking bitch, why did he have to be so fucking sexy. He was making you feel all sorts of things. “Shall we go? I think your parents a watching us.”

“Of course they are. I’m sorry.” You say, dying inside. Why couldn’t they be normal? You just turned 22, they need to chill the fuck out!

“Don’t be! Now come on.” Jimin opens the car door for you, as you move to get in Jimin slaps your ass. You yelp in surprise. You kinda liked it. You had never been spanked before, it was rather arousing. Oh, you’re kinky, who knew?

Jimin takes you to this underground club. He told you a few of his friends perform there. This underground bar is also known for selling drugs and just doing illegal shit in general. You were a little nervous, but why should you be? At Jimin’s side nothing would happen to you. 

He brought you over to a group of six boys, you’ve seen most of them with Jimin before. Namjoon was a rapper, he rapped at the club along with Yoongi and Hoseok. Jungkook and Taehyung were dancers and Jin… Jin cooks, and apparently it’s ‘sex in your mouth’, you wonna try it… Sameee.

Jimin and you spent most of the night in the booth with the boys. They were amazing and had so many stories. They had all gotten down this rocky path somehow, but they didn’t seem to mind. They embraced it, it was their personality, it was them. You couldn’t deny that you loved it. Jimin must of told them not to tell you what they get up to, due to scaring you off. Not that you minded not knowing.

Throughout the night Jimin’s hands were on you, on your thighs, hips, waist and let’s not forget those ass grabs. They were nice… Your drooling sweetie. But yeah it was time to get out of here. You lean over to Jimin whispering in his ear.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more private?” You glide your hand up and down his thigh. He shifts in his seat, looking at you like he’s about to pounce he doesn’t give a fuck who’s here.

“Let’s go, baby.” Jimin pulls you up from your seat at the booth. He put’s his arm around your waist and pulls you close. “We’re leaving, I’ll see you at the same place, same time tomorrow Namjoon.”

You bid the boys goodbye, as they do so to you too. You and Jimin make your way to the exit when Jimin spots someone or something. He halts, “Baby, give me to minutes. Stay here, I’ll be back.” He goes off in the direction his gaze was glude to, disappearing into the crowd. 

You stand with your back against the wall waiting for Jimin. When you look to your left you see your ex. What’s he doing in a place like this? Is this why Jimin doesn’t like him so much, it can’t be that he just got another girl pregnant? So many questions.

“So your fucking Park Jimin now.” It’s not a question it’s a statement. He gets closer and closer. He puts his hands on the wall beside your head. You try to leave, but you can’t. You can smell the alcohol on his breath, he was always a bad drunk.

“If I am or not it’s none of your business. So could you let me leave.” You huff.

“Look at you in this dress, whoring yourself out now that i dumped you.”

“Sorry what? I’m the whore, are you not the one that fucked multiple girls when we were in a relationship. Oh, and got one of them fucking pregnant.” You spit. His hand violently grabbed your chin.

“Stop fucking around, you’re mine and no one else’s. Especially not Jimin’s-” His sentence was cut short by Jimin grabbing him by the collar and pushing him violently against the wall.

“What the fuck did I tell you, she’s not yours. Jesus fucking christ do you not have a brain or something. The next time I see you around my girl, I’m going to cut your balls off. Got it?” Jimin punched him hard in the stomach, but all that’s going on in your head is~ did he just call you’my girl’. Yasss he did! Today was very new and exciting for you, good for you. What did this mean though, like where you actual his girl or is he just saying that. Who knows, we’ll see… 

“Sweetheart did he hurt you?” Jimin walks over to you cupping your cheeks. You nod no. “Good, let’s go” He grabs your hand and takes you out to his car. He put’s you in the passenger seat and get’s in the driver’s.

“I’m sorry I left you on your own.”

“Jimin, I’m a big girl. I can handle him. Can we go somewhere private?” Jimin smirks at how forward you are. He starts his engine and drives off.

Next thing you know Jimin is opening the door to his apartment, you follow him inside. As soon as the door closes Jimin is all over you, pushing you into his room, slamming the door behind him.

“Baby girl, you don’t know how long I’ve dreamt about this.” He closes the distance between the both of you. His lips are devouring yours, you push his shirt over his head, exposing that body. It was a body fit for a god, a sex god. Yassss Y/n is getting some tonight.

“Fuck” you say looking at his amazing body. You kick off your heels, now having to step on your tip toes to kiss him. He finds the zipper to your dress, unzipping it slowly as he looks into your eyes. It finally falls to the floor, revealing your lingerie. Jimin steps back to look at your lacy black undergarments.

“Baby girl, did you buy them for me?” He asks, licking his lips.

“What if I did?” 

“Fuck, baby you’re on another level!” He pushes you on the the bed, hovering over you. He touches the thin lace gently, looking down at you. “I like that I’m the only guy to get to see you in such a magnificent outfit. If I knew this was under that dress, we wouldn’t have even when to the club.” you giggle at him.

“Are you just going to play with the bra all night?” You giggle. He looks down at you with a sinful smirk. Well aren’t you wet, he’s just smirking. Yeah nah, it’s not just smirking it like eye fucking with his mouth.

“Baby girl, I’m just savouring this moment.” His lips are on your again, his tongue slipping into your mouth and playing with yours. His hands go to unclasp your bra, you arc your back to help him out. Your sexy lingerie is on the floor now and Jimin’s mouth is on your breast. He takes your nipple in between his teeth and pulls. You can’t help the moans that escape your mouth, Jimin does the same to your other breast.

“Baby girl I’m going to make your feel so good!” He starts to make a trail of hot kisses down to the hem of your panties. He caresses your thighs with slow circles, he starts to pull the lacy black panties down until there on the floor with the rest of your clothes.

“You’re so wet for me baby. Have your ever been this wet before, you’re dripping!” Jimin smirks at you from in between your legs. Ugh, isn’t that such a nice sight. 

“No, it’s all for you.” You say feeling a little embarrassed. Jimin starts to kitten lick your juices, sticking his tongue in your centre. You moan out his name.

“You sound amazing baby. Keep making them beautiful noises.” He abruptly puts two fingers inside you, thrusting in and out. He leans in and starts to suck on your clit. It’s euphoric, your ex never went down on you, it didn’t matter if you gave him 10 blow jobs in a row.

“Jimin that… feels amazing” You pant, your hands going into his hair. You moan out more, until Jimin removes his fingers and fingers from you. You whimper at the loss contact. He gets off the bed and starts to remove the rest of his clothes.

“Don’t worry baby, I just want you to come on my dick.” The excitement you feel at the pit of your stomach, you can’t wait for him to fuck you. He gets back on the bed, completely naked. His member so hard and so big. He positions himself at your entrance, pushing in slowly. He groans in pleasure.

“ Fuck Jimin, you’re huge” You moan out closing your eyes tightly as he stretches you out. Soon the pain turns into pleasure and you moan. “Jimin you can move now.” You pant.

“Open your eyes baby.” Jimin grabs your hands and pins them above your head, he starts to move in and out of you. Your legs wrap tightly around Jimin’s waist. He holds both your hands in one hand, whilst the other one smacks your ass. “I said open your eyes!” Another slap, you moan loudly opening your eyes. 

“Do it again.” You pant, looking up at Jimin. His hand smacks your ass again and again and again. Making you moan and feel over come in pleasure.

“You really are one of a kind, baby girl.” He starts to fuck you deep and hard. You can feel your self starting to come.


“I know, baby. Come on my dick.” His pace his getting faster and harder, you loved it. You had never experienced so much pleasure as you were at this moment. You came, tightening around him. You screamed his name as you came, You were a moaning mess. Jimin came not long after you, ridding out both your highs.

He halted his movements, collapsing on top of you. One of his hands intwined with yours, as your other stroked his hair. You both tried to catch your breath. He got up after a few moments and left the room. He came back with a towel, he cleaned you up.

“Here.” He helped you sit up. He put one of his oversized t-shirts on you, it just devoured you. He put on a pair of shorts and got back into bed with you. He pulled the covers over the both of you. He pulled you into his side, kissing the top your head, he began to stroke your hair.

“You were amazing baby.” His after sex voice was the sexiest thing you have ever heard. Holy fuck man! 

“Thank you.”

“Babe, don’t thank me. It was all you, you were fucking amazing.” He kissed the top of your head again.

You and Jimin talked for hours about everything and about nothing, until you both fell asleep in each others embrace. You had never felt so alive and loved before. When you were with Jimin, he made you feel like you and him were the only people on the planet. You loved it!

Well shit, you’re falling in love with Jimin! 

A/N- So this is part two of rebound. I hope you all liked it and I didn’t disappoint! Feedback is always appreciated, so please do! Thank you to everyone that give feedback last time! If you guys want a part three let me know.

Thank you for reading!

I just edited this, but y’know I’m not that great at it. So if there still is some mistakes~ I’m so so sorry! Enjoy none the less x 

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usuk writing 10/1

thanks so much for the prompt anon!! lets do this

this has a sequel now!!! thanks for all the love guys!

This is stupid.

Alfred clutched the bag tightly in his palm, the twine starting to chafe his fingers.

This is so dumb. 

He fidgeted. He paced. He bit his lip. He worried that someone might see him out the window. 

Finally, he raised his fist and knocked on the door. 


As soon as he had done it, Alfred regretted it. He felt like running, sprinting back across the street and hiding under his covers. Just a game of ding-dong-ditch. 

The door was opening.

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Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 6

Part 5 and Part 7 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @fearlessambrose, @awesome-ambrose-world

A/N: The last part of the chapter is inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office. I will put a gif of them at the end so you can visually see what happen with Dean and Elena. Sorry for the delay!! If you have any ideas that goes with the story, let me know. Thank you so much!

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the sunlight coming through the curtains. How the hell did I get back here? Holy hell, my head hurts! I turned my head and saw a bottle of aspirin and a cup of water. I quickly took them and slowly made my way into the shower. I let the extremely hot water roll down my back.

God, I messed up. I miss Dean like crazy. I should of never slapped him. I bet he hated me so much right now. This really sucks because I’m here falling in love with him and I just ruin it all. I’m sure he is in love with Renee, even though she barely talks about him. Come to think about it, they aren’t the same anymore. They use to look at each other with so much happiness, now it’s just a nod and a smile and going their separate ways. What’s going on? The only thing I know is that I gotta apologize. I gotta tell Dean how sorry I am for what I did.

I finished up and stepped out. I grabbed my phone and texted Roman. “Hey, do you know Dean’s room number?

By the time I finished drying off and getting dressed, Roman texted back a simple “2312”. I threw my slightly damp hair in a messy bun and made my way to Dean’s door and just stared at it. Once again, I’m scared to talk to him. I’m scared that he actually hates me, I’m scared that I just want kiss him again.

I was just about to turn around and leave when Dean opened the door, in nothing but sweats I might add. “(Y/N)? Are you okay?”

“How did you know I was out here?”

“I can hear you mumbling. What’s up? Is everything alright?”

“Oh. Yeah. Wait, no. Look, I’m really really sorry for what I did on Smackdown last week.The slapping you part.” I started talking faster and faster as I looked down and played with my fingers. “I really don’t know why I slapped you and I really wish I didn’t. I’m also really sorry for ignoring you this past few weeks too. I just thought that you hated me and I really can’t stand…”


“…the thought of you hating me. I’ve really missed you this past week…”

“(Y/N)…” Dean said a little louder, but I didn’t stop babbling.

“…and it is totally understandable if you hate me. I would hate me too if I slapped myself in front of millions of people. But that’s kinda funny, you know, if I slapped myself. Adds to the whole crazy look and it would be a really-”

“(Y/N)!!” I stopped talking and looked up to see him laughing. “I don’t hate you. I thought you hated me.”

I shook my head from side to side, “I don’t hate you.”

“But I would love to see you slap yourself, that would definitely be funny.” He pointed at me. I chuckled and playfully hit him in the arm which made him smile wider that his dimples came through. “Come on in!” He pulled the door back and I walked in to an empty room.

“Where’s Renee?” I asked turning around as he pulled a shirt on.

“She’s out with Nikki getting some coffee or something. I don’t really know. Our relationship has been really weird lately. It’s like we’re just drifting apart, ya know.”

We spent the rest of the day together talking endlessly about everything and I slowly fell in love with him more by the second.

*At Smackdown*

Smackdown was over and everyone was getting ready to hit the road for our next destination, which was a five hour drive away. I was sitting at catering, catching the last of the food before it was thrown away. I looked up and saw Dean talking to Roman and smiled to myself.

“You’re drooling again.” I heard that familiar Irish accent and turned my attention as she sat on the seat by me and took a bite of my cookie.

“Hey Becky, and no I wasn’t.”

“Riiight. Are you ever gonna tell him how you feel?”

“No, I can’t do that. He’s dating Renee and I’m sure he doesn’t like me back.” I looked back at Dean and saw that he was staring at me. I gave him a small smile and he returned one with a small wink. I quickly looked away as I felt my cheeks turn red.

“That’s not what I see. I think there is something going on between you two, but you are both scared to say something about it. I think he really likes you.” Becky said as she patted my shoulder and left to her car.

*Dean’s POV*

I was talking with Roman, kinda. I kinda tuned him out as I looked across catering and saw Elena and Becky talking and laughing. After this whole weekend, it was clear to me that I was falling head over heels for her. Just seeing her makes me happier than I could ever imagine. And man was she beautiful with the way she generally laughs and smiles with so much care in her heart.

“Dude, are you even listening to me? Oh wait, no because you’re making goggly eyes at Elena!” Roman said waving his hand in front of me.

“I was not and I was so listening to you man. Every word.”

“Okay, then what was I just talking about?” He said putting his hands on his hips in a very sassy way.

“You were saying how … about your, um … you were talking about - okay I was making goggly eyes.”

“See, I knew it!! But seriously man, if you really like her that much, you should do something about it.”

“I can’t. I know for a fact she doesn’t like me back.” As I said that, Elena looked up to meet my eyes and smiled at me. I gave her one back with a wink and could of swore I saw her blush before turned back to her conversation.

“I don’t think so man. I think there is a something huge going on with you and Elena. And if I could give you a word of advice, follow your heart and say something before you lose her to someone else.”

I nodded my head at what he said as we gathered our bags and walked to the car and throwing them in the trunk. At few seconds later, Elena, Seth, and Renee came with theirs and threw them in. We all got settled into the car with Seth driving and Renee in the front, and me and Roman in the back with Elena sitting between us. The only sound in the car was Seth’s rock music softly playing as everyone started to fall asleep. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Elena’s head falling forward before she shot back up. Her eyes full closed as she laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I smiled to myself as I gave her a small kiss on her head. She smiled in her sleep and moved closer. I focused on her slow steady breathing as I rested my head on hers and fall asleep. I knew I was in love with her.

The Night Is Young - Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Originally posted by happilyenverafter

Words: 1815 (yep. This imagine helped me get over writers block XD)
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader
Featuring: Mary Jane Watson, kinda featuring an OC named Oliver Vega.
Warnings: Talk of death, talk of car accident, sad reader
Requested: no, sorreh. It was to help me get over writers block!
Author’s Note: So this is based off the song The Night Is Young by The Summer Set and you can check it out here! Basically the summary is you, Mary Jane and Peter are seniors in high school and three years ago something sad happened.

Masterlist. Request List.

What happened to the homecoming king?  She thinks about him every September.  

Don’t give up when you’re down. Don’t look back on your life like it’s over now. Sure, we’re all gonna die, the time will come. And maybe the old days are gone, but the night is young.

You sighed when you shifted through the box you kept in your closet. You didn’t want to look at it, but alas, there it was, the words staring right back at you.

What happened to the homecoming king?” The title read. Sure, it was a sad story, but the title was trying to lighten the mood. Plus, it wasn’t as if they were highlighting about where he went. They were honoring him and his life. They would have never even published it without yours and his parent’s approval.

You sat against your wall as you looked through it. You were supposed to be getting ready for the dance, but would it really be a problem if you read the article once more? You only see it every few months when you looked through the box.

“(Y/N)?” Your best friend walked into your room.

“Hey M,” You sighed and looked back down at the paper that was sitting in your hands.

“Okay, you never call me that, what’s going on?” Mary Jane set her purse on your bed then looked back to where you were sitting, “Oh, you found the article again.”

“I-I can’t go to homecoming,” You sighed.

“No, you need to!” Mary Jane told you, “He would want you to.”

“But, it always ends up making me sad.”

“Darling,” Mary Jane started as she sat down next to you, “There is nothing you can do to change the past. And as much as I miss him too, we need to remember the best parts of him. Oliver would want you to go to homecoming; Oliver would want you to see that crown again, because even if he isn’t here anymore, you will always be his queen,” She smiled and rubbed your back.

You nodded. “I just miss him.”

You started to read the article that was in your hands, your passed boyfriend’s name, Oliver Vega, at the top; directly next to the headline.

Just Saturday night, Midtown High School held their annual Homecoming Dance. The king and queen were crowned for the freshmen, Oliver Vega and (Y/N) (L/N), and being the it couple, it was adorable. Everyone was sure they would last a lifetime and have a perfect life. But that lifetime was sadly cut short. When the couple left the school, they had to cross the street to get to their car. Mr. Vega offered to get the car for his queen, but when he crossed the street, tragedy struck. He had the right of way, but a driver did not see him, and he was hit. Taken directly to the hospital, but he did not make it. Oliver Vega’s memory will live on and be honored at every homecoming, says Midtown High School principal.

“I thought you told me you weren’t going to read it,” Mary Jane chuckled.

“I can’t help it; it’s the last published thing about Oli…”

Mary Jane stood up and took the paper from you, setting it back in the box. She held her hands out to you and pulled you up, wiping your tears away when you stood in front of her. “Let’s get ready for the dance, yeah? Your dress is cute; you’ll look great. Let’s have some fun; I’m sure Oliver would want us to.”

You nodded, even though you still weren’t totally on board, Mary Jane wanted you to go. And her being your best friend, it was hard to escape.

Everyone would think every single senior would be out on the dance floor, having the time of their lives. But with you, it was the exact opposite.

You sat on the bleachers closest to the wall so you could lean against it. Your homecoming dress was nothing too surprising, but it was pretty, and the small dress allowed you to sit down in it. You watched everyone on the dance floor smiling and laughing, and all you could do was see the memories of you and Oliver just three years before.

“You don’t need to sit with me, Mary Jane, I can take care of myself,” You reassured her. You didn’t want to make her sit the dance out too; she had been waiting for this.

“Are you sure?” Mary Jane asked, “I’ll stay here with you if you want me to.”

“Every other dance we attend you always sit it out. This is senior year, have fun and let me sulk. Oli cared about you too; you were his friend, and I think he wouldn’t like seeing you not out there, ruling the school,” You grabbed her hand, “Plus, you need to go win your crown.”

Mary Jane smiled, “Okay, but if you need anything, don’t be afraid to text me. I know how hard this is for you.” She stood up and walked off to go dance.

You continued to watch, smiling when you saw your best friend shoot some looks at you as she was asked to dance by many people.

I’m really feeling some pizza from the cafeteria. You texted her, and she turned to look at you with a laugh.

I’ll go get some for us; you stay here!

Mary Jane picked up a few pieces of pizza for you and her, and when she turned to walk out, she ran into someone.

“I am so sorry!” She yelled, but quickly realized who she ran into, “Oh, Peter, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m all right,” Peter smiled, “How’s the dance going?”

“It’s fun, but I feel sorry for leaving (Y/N),” Mary Jane sighed, “That’s actually who I was grabbing the pizza for.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw her. Is she alright? What’s going on?”

“She’s just thinking about Oliver again…you know, it’s a hard time for her,” Mary Jane told him. Everyone knew what happened, but tended to be quiet about it.

“Oh, oh right!” Peter said, mentally cursing at himself for making Mary Jane bring it up, “Sorry, I forgot.”

Mary Jane patted his shoulder with a smile, “I should get back to (Y/N).”

“D-do you possibly want me to take her her food? I’m not doing anything, plus, you’re running for queen, so you should be out there trying to win it.”

“Sounds like the same conversation I had with her,” She laughed, “Sure, Peter, I bet (Y/N) would love someone else to talk to tonight,” She handed Peter the pizza, and he smiled and walked out.

You and Peter were lab partners in science, but you barely knew anything about him. Ever since homecoming three years ago, you got shy and quiet. You didn’t typically open up easily anymore.

Peter smiled when he saw you and reminded himself that he had to be careful of what he said. “Hey, (Y/N)!” Peter sat down next to you, “Here’s your pizza.”

“Thanks…” You hesitantly took the plate, “Uh, where’s Mary Jane?”

Peter smiled, “I ran into her and told her she needs to be with the people she is soon to win over, plus, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Really?” You asked as you bit into your pizza, “Why?”

“I’ve known you for over four years, but I don’t really know you,” Peter sighed, “And you aren’t dancing, neither am I, so I thought I would talk to you!”

“That’s sweet, Peter, but if you want to go dance I can look out for myself-”

“I don’t want to dance; I want to be here with you,” Peter took a bite of his own pizza as he snuck a smile at you.

“Thank you,” You nodded.

“I’m curious about you, (Y/N), let’s really get to know each other!” Peter suggested.

You laughed a bit. You had remembered Peter as one to be shy and quiet, rarely talking. But here he was, talking the night away. “Did you want to dance? I thought I had seen you dance before-”

You cut him off by shaking your head, “I haven’t danced at a school event since Oliver left.”

“O-oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring him up!” Peter apologized profusely. For some reason, that thought never left his mind and didn’t want to open up a wound.

“You’re fine, Peter, I think about him every September, sometimes it helps to talk about him. Gosh, I miss him,” You sighed.

“If you want to change subjects, we can-”

“You know, after Oli left I didn’t know what to do with my life. My best friend and my boyfriend were gone. Of course, I had Mary Jane who was an amazing and still is an amazing support, but it’s different. I didn’t want to go to school without his hand in mine, and,” You realized you were holding back tears after this point. Talking about him helped your heart calm down a little, but it still hurt.

“Hey, take a deep breath,” Peter grabbed your hand. You didn’t take a breath like he said, you just kept staring down at your lap almost in tears, “(Y/N), please look at me…”

You moved your head slowly to make eye contact with Peter. By now Peter had both of your hands in his, “Don’t give up when you’re down. Don’t look back on your life like it’s over now,” Peter told you.

“W-What?” You asked as a single tear went down your cheek.

“Sure, we’re all gonna die, the time will come,” Peter wasn’t filtering himself anymore, you didn’t know how to react to his comment about death, so you just let him talk.

“Peter..?” You whispered.

And maybe, the old days are gone, but the night is young,” Peter spoke, but then realized what he said, and covered his mouth. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking…”

“No, Peter, thank you,” You nodded, this time making him look at you, “I needed to hear that. Oliver would want me to move on; that’s how he was. Thank you,” You smiled for one of the few times that night.

“A-are you sure you don’t want to dance?” Peter pointed at the floor.

“That depends, am I stuck dancing alone or are you going to be by my side?” You raised an eyebrow and caused Peter to laugh, “Let’s go!”

Only a few songs after you went on the dancefloor, it was time for homecoming king and queen announcements. You had helped Mary Jane with this for the past few weeks, but you weren’t exactly sure why she wanted it so bad. But when she won, she made a comment about her last time to truly remember Oliver, and you couldn’t think of any other friend you would want.

After the announcements and hugging your best friend, Peter walked back over to you when a slow song started to play. “I know I will never be Oliver, and I know I can’t be, but would you like to dance with me?”

Mary Jane smiled and put your hand in Peter’s, “She would love to, and I think Oliver would approve,” She started to walk away, but before she left, she whispered in your ear, “You’re welcome.”

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Me getting AC characters cell phones.
  • Altair: what sorcery is this? *rotates the phone in his hands not actually turning it on*
  • --
  • Ezio: *figured it all out within an hour* porn timeee >:D
  • --
  • Connor: OMG...omg...what..what!? *the phone lights up* OMG I BROKE IT!
  • Haytham: *somehow figures it out* alright, now, serious business here. *searches pictures of Ziio*
  • Connor: *long hours pass, gets a hold of what texting is*. Okay...let's see....*texts Charles Lee* [You are a douche, Lee]
  • Charles Lee: what the fuck, how does Connor have my number??? *texts Connor* [Leave me alone, you shit]
  • Connor: *texts back* [Bitch, I found you through GPS, whatever that means]
  • Charles: ....oh fuck...
  • --
  • --
  • Aveline: How can I get a hold of Connor?
  • Me: try to call him.
  • Aveline: CONNOR!!!
  • Me: no no! Through the phone.
  • Aveline: huh?
  • --
  • Shay: So you are telling me, this piece of a fragile rectangle can find anything I want?
  • Me: *nods*
  • Shay: and I can literally buy anything from there?
  • Me: *nod nod*
  • Shay: *searches for rifles that fire bullets*
  • --
  • Arno: Siri, where is the nearest bakery?
  • Elise: why are you talking to your phone?
  • Arno: it can answer any question and find anything, pretty cool, yes?
  • Elise: hmmmm*gets her phone out* Hey Siri, how big is Arno's d-
  • Arno: D: Elise!
  • Elise: o.o you said it can answer anything...
Sugg Sibling Day (Part 2) Requested

A/N: I’m sorry I disappeared, but I plan on writing a lot more. I was busy with work and vacations, but I’m back! I’ll work on the requested that you all have been waiting for, sorry it took so long. xx Maddie

Part One here


Once you got off the phone with Joe, you got a text from Caspar asking you to call him. Of course you dialed his number right away; you were worried something might be wrong. “Hey girl!” You heard Caspar greet you happily.
“Hey, why’d you want me to call you? Is everything alright?” You asked, curiously.
“I actually wanted to ask you that very same question.” Caspar chuckled. “Did you get a hold of your brother?”
“Oh, yeah. He’s just hanging out with the lads today. Everything is sorted out.” You sigh, still a bit disappointed in the way the day had turned out.
“If you don’t mind me asking, what was so urgent that you needed to discuss with him?” Caspar asked you.
“We were supposed to hang out for a sibling day today, and I guess he forgot about it.” You sighed. “We rescheduled for tomorrow.”
“You’d rather do it today, though. Wouldn’t you, Y/N?” Caspar asked. He knew you so well.
“How’d you guess that?” You asked. “I mean, not that you’re wrong or anything.”
“I could hear the disappointment in your voice, plus that deep sigh that you just did.” He responded. “I know I’m not Joe, but if you want I could come over and hang out with you today? If you don’t want that, I totally understand, it was supposed to be a thing for you guys to do as siblings and-“
“Caspar, shut up.” You giggled, he just kept going. “Of course you should come over! I can just find other things to do with Joe tomorrow. You and I haven’t spent time together in quite some time now.”
“Alright then, how soon should I be there?” He asked, you could tell he was excited.
“You can come whenever you please.” You laughed. “Everything is already set up.”
“I’ll be there in 10. Just let me get dressed.” You heard him start moving around. “Peace out, girl scout.”
After hearing the usual goodbye you ended the call and got changed. No one knew this but you’ve always had a bit of a crush on Caspar. Ever since he and Joe got so close, you ended up bonding closing with him as well. You were starting to lose hope, however. You kept getting mixed signals from him, and you were starting to wonder if he actually liked you back or not.
Ten minutes later you heard your front door open. “Honey, I’m home!” You heard Caspar yell loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. You got up and ran to him giving him a big hug. He wrapped his arms around you lifting you off the floor and spinning you around. “Missed me, eh?” He teased while putting you back down.
“You have no idea. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!” You sighed. “Anyway, what do you wanna do first? We have water balloons, movies; build a fort, video games…anything you want!”
“Ooooh, let’s do water balloons!” He yelled like a child. “I haven’t done those in years.” Before you could answer, Caspar ran away towards your backyard.
As soon as you opened up the door to get outside, you got hit with a balloon. “Oh it’s on now!” You threatened. You ran over to your stash of balloons and started throwing them at him, but he just kept dodging them.
“Y/N, you gotta try a little harder if you wanna hit me.” Caspar teased. “Don’t feel bad about not hitting me, I’m pretty fast. Just like a-“
Before he got the chance to finish his sentence one of your balloons pelted him in the chest. Causing him to get soaked, he just looked up at you shocked. You held his gaze for a couple seconds, but then you burst out laughing. “You little- Come here you!” He yelled charging at you.
You ran away as fast as you could, but your legs were no match for his long ones. He finally caught you when you were near the pool. He tackled you, causing both of you to fall into the water. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Caspar said, wrapping his hands around your waist, helping you get to the edge of the pool.
“Caspar, it’s fine.” You just laughed. “We were getting wet anyway. The pool just sped up the process.”
“I suppose you’re right, so what’s next?” He said, he was like a child. He was unable to stand still.
“Well, I was going to go get changed before anything else.” You giggled. “I’m sure you can find something of Joe’s to change into if you want as well. His things are in the guest room.”
“Alright I’ll see what I can find.” Caspar laughed. With that you both went back into the house to get changed. You finished before he did so you decided that you were going to go sit in the living room while you waited for him. You sat down on the couch and pulled out your phone and just messed around on twitter when you heard a voice from the hallway.
“I hope this is okay.” You looked up and saw Caspar in Joe’s sweatpants. But that’s the problem. He was only wearing the sweatpants. He plopped down on the couch next to you, close enough so your knees were touching. “So what’s next on our list of fun?”
“Wanna just watch a movie?” You stammered. You could barely get the words out with a shirtless Caspar sitting so close to you.
“Sure why not?” He smiled. God, that smile could end a war. “Do you have popcorn?”
“I’ll go make some.” You said. You got up and went to the kitchen as fast as you could. You had to compose yourself without Caspar around. You reached up into the cabinet to grab the box of popcorn. You threw one into the microwave and rested your head in your hands on the counter.
“I can’t do this anymore.” You suddenly heard Caspar behind you. You turned around confused.
“What do you mean?” You asked, worried you had done something wrong.
“I just…I can’t… Ugh.” He tried to find the right words, but apparently came up with nothing. His eyes met yours, and you saw something change in them. “Screw it.” He said before lunging towards you, attacking your lips with his own. You were surprised, but eventually you melted into him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Eventually the both of you pulled away, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me…” Caspar said, embarrassed.
“Don’t be, I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.” You smiled, making him feel better.
“Oh, then I guess this is okay.” He pulled you in for another kiss. You were on cloud nine, you finally got a kiss from the boy you’ve been crushing on for years.
You eventually pulled away because you smelled something burning. “OH MY GOD THE POPCORN!” You ran over to the microwave and pulled out the bag. “I burned it…” You sighed.
“Ah well, we can just order a pizza.”
A few hours and an empty pizza box later, you and Caspar are cuddled on the couch watching your third movie.  “This is perfect.” Caspar sighed, happily.
“I agree wholeheartedly.” You smiled and moved closer to him. “I never thought I’d be this glad my brother forgot about me.”
“Well, he certainly missed out on a fun day, that’s for sure.” Caspar smiled, giving you a light kiss on the forehead.

Higher Up: Officer Spears, these are the new trainees right out of training. Please, show them the rigs
William: Yes, of course, sir.
Higher Up: *Leaves*
William: Oh thank fuck he’s gone. *Turns to trainees* Alright, listen up, you fucking pussies-

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Mark A story teaser!

Mark was a quiet guy.

You actually weren’t that close to him, but you knew him because you took summer courses together. Whenever he saw you outside of the lecture hall, he’d always be the first to wave and greet you. He was a nice guy, you thought.

One day, after your professor dismissed the class, Mark went straight up to you. “Hey,” he smiled as you put your notebook in your bag.

“Hey,” you said back, slinging the strap on your right shoulder. “You heading out?”

“Yeah, actually, I was wondering,” he said as you two walked together out of the building, “are you free today? I was thinking of getting a bite by the nearby noodle shop and wondering if you’d like to tag along.”

“Oh, that sounds great! I’d love to join you!” you smiled accepting his offer.

From that moment on, Mark would always asked you if you wanted to join him for lunch, and you always responded with a yes.

And it was these little lunch dates that not only let your friendship bloom, but you also drew closer to him. He didn’t act crazy or wild with you like your other friend, Jackson, did; he was still quiet and always spoke with a soft, mellow tone. It was quite lovely, actually. He was very patient, attentive, and seemed like he knew a lot when you two were talking. 

One day, however, you realized that you needed to go home as soon as possible on account that your friend was nearby and was about to deliver her first child.

As soon as your professor dismissed the class, you waved a farewell at Mark as you sprinted out the door, not explaining the current situation.

Your phone rang as you reached the outside of the building. Picking it up, your friend’s husband said that your friend was already on her way to the delivery room and that she was hoping you could make it as soon as the baby is out and cleaned. You thanked him as he mentioned that he’d call back saying when you’ll be able to come.

You sighed in relief that you had plenty of time. Now just waiting for the phone call, you figured you’d find Mark and tell him why you dashed away on such short notice. Walking back in the lecture room, you didn’t see him any. You figured that he may have gone to the cafe already and that he would wait up for you there.

Arriving at the cafe, Mark wasn’t anywhere to be seen. A bit worried, you decided that you’d call him. (You would text him, but you know he couldn’t deny a phone call.)

“Hello?” he said on the line.

“Hey, Mark! Listen— sorry I rushed out like that. I was going to rush to the hospital to see my friend but it turns out I don’t have to be there right now.”

“Is everything okay, though?” he asked. 

“Oh, yes, everything’s alright. She’s just giving birth.”

“Oh..” he coughed. “Well, sorry, I’m actually busy too.. with.. homework..”

“But Professor Kim didn’t assign us anything tonight,” you said.

“Oh.. it’s for.. another class. Sorry, gotta go now!”

Before you could say goodbye, you already heard the dial tone. You pouted as you put your phone back in your bag. Was he alright? Even on days when he said he’s busy, he always managed to make time for you. Maybe he was extra busy today? Whatever it was, you weren’t going to stick your nose into his business. Today was lunch for one.

With a satisfied stomach but an uneasy mind, you decided it would be best that you sit down on a bench in the park nearby.

You’ve lived in the area for a while now, but you never actually took the time to sit down in the park and enjoy nature.

As you sat down on a bench facing a basketball court, you noticed that someone was playing on the court. You were about to pull out your phone when you heard a skateboard come your way.

You looked up from your lap and noticed Mark wheeling onto the basketball court. He didn’t seem to notice you as he braked and sat down on his board to check his phone.

“Hey!” the guy with the basketball said. You were in no mood to talk as you kept your eyes on Mark.

“Hello,” you replied.

“Wassup? Are you here alone?” the guy asked.

You made eye contact with him and nodded. “Yes..”

“I’m bored, do you want to play basketball?”

A bit intimidated by how persistant he was, you hesitatingly shook your head as you took out your phone and pretended to check it. “No thank you,” you murmured.

“A, don’t be shy! Play with me!”

“A!” Mark interrupted as you saw him right next to you and the basketball guy. He took you by the hand, “Come with me,” he said, walking back to his skateboard, picking it up, and leaving the scene.

“Yah!” the basketball guy called out. “I thought you said you came alone! Who is that with you?”

“I’m her boyfriend!” Mark barked back as he kept on moving forward.

“Thanks for saving me there,” you smiled as you continued walking with Mark.

“You’re welcome,” Mark said as he turned to you and smiled.

“Um,” you coughed, “you can let go of my wrist now,” you giggled as you looked down to see that his hand was still around your arm.

“Oh sorry sorry sorry, my bad!” he chuckled as he ungrasped you and put his hands in his pocket. “So.. what hospital is your friend at? Do you want me to walk you there?”

“Oh, that’d be nice. I’d like the company! I think it’s the one a few blocks down from here.” You said pointing to the left as you reached the corner.

You walked and talked with him on your way there. He apologized for hanging up on you earlier. He admitted that he felt a bit sad that you left with no explanation but he also felt like a huge asshole for continuing to be upset even after you called and gave your reasoning. 

You assured him that it was okay since it was all a big misunderstanding and the important thing was that you two were together at the moment.

As you continued talking, you received a text message from your friend’s husband, saying that she would love to come see you now.

After a few more minutes, you reached the hospital. You entered through the automatic doors with Mark and asked at the front desk for your friends room.

Making you way up the elevator, through two sets of double doors, and three corridors, you finally reached your friend’s room.

Knocking on the door, you were greeted by your friend’s husband. He motioned you to the bed where your friend was laying down in. You gasped as you saw her newborn child. She smiled and greeted you as you did the same, bringing her in for a quick hug.

“Oh,” you coughed, “this is Mark,” you introduced as you let him bow.

“Hello,” Mark shyly waved. He made his way over and looked at the newborn.

Your friend motioned you to bend to be able to hold her child. As you scooped her up, you rocked her in your arms.

“So is Mark your boyfriend?” your friend asked as she propped herself up in her bed.

“Actually—” Mark said.

“Yes,” you interrupted him with a smile. 

“Oh, I’m so happy for you,” your friend smiled back at you. Mark opened his eyes widely at you as you continued to rock the baby in your arms.

“What was that?” Mark asked as you two exited the hospital.

“What was what? The infant in my arms or—”

He laughed. “No, no, when you said.. that I was your..”

“Well, I should be asking you the same thing when you said that to the guy at the basketball court..”

He stopped on the sidewalk and grabbed your arm. “Hold on now..” he sighed. “Does that mean.. we’re..”

“I mean..” you felt your cheeks redden.

He grabbed both of your hands and made direct eye contact with you. “Because.. I’ve been meaning to ask you..”

You smiled. “Then.. yes.” 

He squeezed your hand and then started to laugh. “That was probably the worst way I could ask you to be my girlfriend.. I’m so sorry. Here, I’ll do it again.” he cleared his throat. “It would be an honour if I had the privilege to call you my girlfriend.”

You couldn’t help but cover your mouth to hold in your giggling. “Well, it would be an honour for me as well to be able to call you my boyfriend.”

You both chuckled as he pulled you in for a hug. As you pulled away, your stomach began to growl.

“Well since we couldn’t have our lunch date today, why not have a dinner date? My treat!”

You nodded enthusiastically as he held your hand and smiled at you as he walked onward. “A, let’s go~”