the teselecta


Okay, Captain. Release her now, or I take down the whole Teselecta.

It’s easy to forget, in the midst of all the chaos, that Amy was looking for her baby a few hours earlier. Now the Doctor tells her that her baby is there, except, she’s not a baby anymore. “She’s your daughter,” cries the Doctor, and it’s as if Amy has heard it for the very first time. You can see the pain and the sadness, the realisation that she will never see her baby again. That part of their story is over, but her daughter is alive, she’s River, and she’s being hurt. No longer in doubt, Amy’s sorrow turns into ferocity—“Release her now, or I take down this whole Teselecta.” 

I flinch every time I see someone say River married the teselecta. You cannot marry a non-sentient robotic vehicle. I know we’ve been over this before, but it needs to be said again because i just saw this comment again.

The teselecta has no feelings, thoughts, or ability to communicate on its own and requires an operator to tell it what to say. It’s not alive. It’s not even an AI. When River got married, the Doctor was the one operating the teselecta and he was speaking for himself.

If someone rolled up to their wedding via one of these things and said their vows, would you say their spouse married the ipad? 

No, they didn’t marry the iPad and River did not marry the teselecta.

And for further proof, the teselecta is also refereed to as “Justice Department Vehicle Number 6018.”

Saying River married Justice Department Vehicle Number 6018 because the doctor was inside it at the time is like saying if someone was inside their car as they said their vows, their intended spouse just married the car instead. That’s not how marriage works. 

Saying River married the teselecta just doesn’t make sense. 


same software, different case


Four Reasons River Song is NOT Married to the Doctor.

I’m sorry to everyone who likes the whole River/Doctor relationship (or Steven Moffat’s writing). I find it very, very forced, far too convoluted and basically completely lacking in any kind of sense–even while accommodating for the reversed timelines–to take seriously or believe, among other things. Therefore, this list.

1. It happened in an alternate (and aborted) timeline. If the timeline doesn’t exist, neither does the marriage. Simple.

2. It was forced. The Doctor flat out states that he doesn’t want to marry her and she pressures him into it because it’s the only way she’ll let him touch her. If there is any kind of pressure, blackmail or abuse to get someone to marry another person, the marriage is forced. The Doctor was absolutely pressured into participating because not participating would’ve ended the universe.

3. He DIDN’T tell her his name. River admits this after things are fixed and back to normal. This assumes that marriage is the one and only time the Doctor would tell someone his name.


RIVER: Okay. I’m going to tell you what I probably shouldn’t. The Doctor’s last secret. Don’t you want to know what he whispered in my ear?
AMY: He whispered his name.
RIVER: Not his name, no.
AMY: Yes, it was. He said it was.
RIVER: Rule One?
AMY: The Doctor lies.


(This, of course, invalidates earlier canon, namely a scene in ‘Forest of the Dead’…though, it could be construed as the first instance of Moffat’s new 'Rule One’–the Doctor lies…Either way, it is, to me, typical Moffat writing and therefore very frustrating and eye-roll-inducing.)

4. It was the Teselecta who participated in the ceremony, not the Doctor himself. And yes, I know he was piloting (or at least helping to pilot) it. Still, the case can be made that while he was present at the ceremony, he wasn’t actually the one participating. River Song married a puppet of the Doctor. That’s not the same as actually marrying the Doctor. It’s just not.

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anonymous asked:

did the 11th doctor really love river? did river marry the Teselecta? did the 11th doctor marry her because he loved her or did he marry her because she didn't want him to die? thanks ^^

*cracks knuckles*

Yes, he loved her. Watch their last scene together in the Name of the Doctor. Stephen Moffat followed in RTD’s somewhat annoying footsteps (in this regard) in not wanting the Doctor to say the words, “I Love You.” I don’t like that the writers hold those words back from the Doctor, but it is what it is. River and Eleven’s entire last scene in the Name of the Doctor was clearly meant to be him saying it without saying it.

The Teselecta was controlled by the Doctor. She did not marry it; she did not marry a non-sentient robot suit. That would be like if I showed up in a full gorilla costume (mask and all) to my wedding, and someone asked me if my spouse married the gorilla costume or me. Obviously, they married me. If River has ever married robots, I assume they would be of the sentient variety

There is no reason he would have had to marry her because she didn’t want him to die. This is something that gets floated around tumblr, but I have no idea why. Go back and watch the scene. She says precisely, “I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved by so many and so much and by no one more than me.” 

First important thing to note is that she doesn’t say she can’t let him die, but that she can’t let him die without knowing that he is loved. That statement suggests that she can let him die once he knows that, so there’s no reason for him to have to marry her to convince her of this. She’s highly conflicted, obviously, and she doesn’t want to kill him, but she also seems somewhat resigned at this point. 

She tried her hardest to figure out how to save him, but she couldn’t, and so she took him to the top of the pyramid to let him know that everyone in the universe wanted to save him. Once she says her speech, she’s listening to what he has to say, and she readily lets him tie her hand to his before she even knows what he’s doing. No one is forced into anything at that point.

And he doesn’t have to marry her to tell her his secret. He could say, “I need to tell you something that I can’t tell anyone else, but i want you to tell you because I want you to know everything will be ok…,” then whisper in her ear, and tell Amy any lie he can come up with about what he just told River. Instead, he chooses to marry her, which has a level of commitment attached to it that just telling her his secret does not.

To me, the marriage is more of a promise from him to her that he will come back for her on the other side. He’s making a commitment to her, and it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. He’s doing it because he wants to, and from then on she is his wife. 

Is it a traditional marriage where they settle down and raise a couple kids in a house where they live until they die of old age? No, but neither of them wants that life. They entered into a marriage that works for them even if it isn’t a traditional 21st century earth marriage.


In The Wedding of River Song, the doctor whispers something into River’s ear, which we all know is look into my eye, so River knew he was in a teselecta and wouldn’t be dying. But what if in Forest of the Dead as well as whispering his name, River also says the same thing. Think about it, it makes sense. River already has seen the idea in action. what if she was in a teselecta and she is STILL ALIVE


Final farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes.  Number 8 - The Wedding of River Song

Leading into this episode, we and the characters have been hearing rumors about the Doctor’s death and the nature of the Doctor’s relationship with River. So which rumors are correct? Did River Song marry the Doctor or did she murder him?

After River attempts to change the fixed point in time, she and Amy begin to work to find a way to stop the universe from ending and save the doctor. Unfortunately, their efforts are ultimately unsuccessful and by the time River and the Doctor meet in this episode, she has accepted and says that there isn’t another way and Amy brings the Doctor to meet her in the pyramid where River wants to show him what she had been working on before he dies.

Fortunately, the Doctor, who has spent much time trying to avoid death while getting both angry and nostalgic (calling up the Brigadier and mentioning Rose and Jack), has a plan, but part of his plan includes faking his death and disappearing into the shadows because, like River warned him in A Good Man Goes to War, he was going down a dangerous path and he wants off of it before it gets worse.

When the Doctor meets up with River, he has a lot of built up frustration with her for keeping them in this decaying universe for so long and all of it is coming out at her in what is not the Doctor’s finest hour. He wasn’t going to tell Amy and Rory that he was planning to fake his death and certainly telling River on that pyramid wasn’t his original plan, but River’s confession of love seems to have completely thrown him off his plan and this is where the last minute marriage idea comes to play.

The Doctor cuts her off when she begins the first time, but what she says is,

I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved by so many, and so much, and by no one more than me.

The first part is a very key point that is often missed in this episode and it relates to why River let him in the pyramid in the first place. All she wanted to do was show him what she had done for him and after that, she continues to talk about how much it will hurt her to kill him, but she is no longer putting up a fight. She lets Amy uncuff him and she lets him tie her hand to his knowing full well that once they touch, it all ends. The idea of marriage on this pyramid is entirely the Doctor’s which he comes up with after she’s listening to him.

All that anger he let build up when he never could fight this out with her starts to fade the longer he watches her breaking down. He really doesn’t think he’s worth what she thinks he’s worth and he can’t stand that River, who he’s always known to be on his level, is risking the universe for him when she should know better. This woman in front of him is so young and so reckless, but she’s still River Song and there is no doubt he does care about her very deeply.

I can’t really say with certainty what his motives for marrying River in this exact moment are, but a marriage is a promise to love, trust, and stay with someone in good and bad and that’s what I see happening here.

It’s not the most romantic of weddings, but these are his last minutes in this universe and he’s trusting her with knowledge he’s hiding from everyone else and promising River that he’ll come back for her on the other side because he does love her (as proven in pretty undeniably in future episodes). He’s not going to abandon her (as he later tells to Dorium while coyly while suggesting more is going on at night that watching the stars).

He wants her to know that she is the woman who married him and not the woman who murdered him. He’s choosing a side of history now, without waiting, and he’s choosing to marry her even though he easily could have chosen to tell her his secret without marrying her.

The Teselecta stays rather serious even after he’s stopped being so angry with River and it keeps it’s composure for Amy and Rory while lying to them about what he’s telling River, but when you see into the eye at the actual Doctor piloting it, he’s his usual happy, goofy Doctor self - funny hat and all. That’s the Doctor inside the robot who we know and love and that’s the Doctor who is marrying River - not the stoic robot Doctor.

So what of the prophecy and the fixed point in time? Well it turns out two things were at play here: reality and recorded history. In the end, we find out that River really did marry him, but he used the Teseleta to create an elaborate faking of his own death (light show and all) so the world thinks she kills him.

The Teselecta. A Doctor in a Doctor suit. Time said I had to be on that beach, so I dressed for the occasion. Barely got singed in that boat.

Time said the Doctor had to be standing there on Lake Silencio as River shot him, but time never said the Doctor had to die. History said the Doctor had to die, but he lied to history in order to get the Silence to leave him and River alone and so that he could step back into the shadows. River even goes to prison to keep up the charade, but they keep on living creating rumors of a life where they are married and the Doctor lives.

The opening narration to the following episode, Asylum of the Daleks, reflects these rumors.

First, there were the Daleks. And then, there was a man who fought them. And then, in time, he died. There are a few, of course, who believe this man somehow survived, and that one day he will return.

Now all the rumors about the Doctor and River make sense. The conflicting reports that she marries him and that she murders him are all because the story doesn’t reflect the reality (and the fact that he’s a time traveler with no linear path through time who begins deleting records of himself makes it even harder to track his actions). River Song is the woman who married the Doctor and the Doctor lives.


Things I love about River and The Doctor [9/??]  Even though the Teselecta is putting on a serious show, inside its eye, the real Doctor is his usual cheerful self spinning around in a hat excited to show her his plan.

the robot behaves as the doctor tells him too


but look at the doctor in his eye


he’s super excited


look river!


it’s a robot!


I’m in here!


look at my hat!


The Tardis - it’s right there in here with me!


teselectas are cool


and they can be used to make an escape plan no one sees coming


but shhhh


don’t tell anyone


act serious


we’re faking a death!


So around the Fifth Doctor’s era, there was Kamelion; an AI robot with the ability to change it’s outside to look like any person. And it traveled with the Doctor, spent time in the TARDIS. But the Doctor had to destroy it because the Master had gotten control of it.

But what if that was just the body? What if the programming, the mind of Kamelion survived? (Which by my searching, is a yes.)

And what if (skipping over whatever may have happened after being destroyed in the show and EU) Kamelion managed to get a new body; a body with the same abilities as the old one but with a much more superior base form and a much better firewall. And went on by itself, apart from the Doctor, apart from the Master, unknown by either of them or anyone else.

And, using it’s knowledge of time travel it got from the TARDIS, Kamelion decided to start a program. A group to go through history and punish people who did crime and never historically got punished for it.

And so it created a bunch of machines with the same abilities as it; the ability to look like other people and change its size and create things it may need. But instead of making them robots (after all, Kamelion has had enough personal experience with being hacked and made to do others bidding), it made them into ships. Ships equipped with miniaturization rays, allowing them to be fully crewed by real people.

And what if one of these ships; created by Kamelion, filled with people employed by Kamelion; one day ended up in Berlin in 1938 on a mission to punish Adolf Hitler met the Doctor. And that ship met him again later and helped him fake his death.

What if it’s Kamelion who created the Teselecta?

I think the trouble is, what we see of River is River on her very best behavior because the Doctor is there. She’s a goodie when the Doctor is around and hasn’t owned up to all the other people she’s married to.

But if you watch the show, she’s always referring to all sorts of other relationships — and the Doctor, he’s not really registering, he doesn’t get that he’s one of many on the shelf. I just can’t imagine her being responsible enough; she’s just so naughty.
—  Steven Moffat, on River Song [x]

All of the regenerations from the new series, presented in timeline order:

1. Eighth Doctor to War Doctor (The Night of the Doctor)

2. War Doctor to Ninth Doctor (The Day of the Doctor)

3. Ninth Doctor to Tenth Doctor (The Parting of the Ways)

4. Professor Yana to The Master (Utopia)

5. Tenth Doctor regenerates to heal (Journey’s End)

6. Tenth Doctor to Eleventh Doctor (The End of Time)

7.  River Song’s first regeneration (Day of the Moon)

8.  River Song’s second regeneration (Let’s Kill HItler)

9.  Eleventh Doctor to Twelfth Doctor (The Time of the Doctor)

The regeneration scene from The Impossible Astronaut is not shown because it was not a canonical regeneration, it was the Teselecta imitating one.

I find the Teselecta crew rather interesting in LKH

[Series 6 spoilers up to Let’s Kill Hitler, of course.]

Consider their motive in wanting to punish Melody. As far as they know, her only crime is murdering the Doctor. They don’t know how or why she did it. They just know that she did it, and that’s enough for them to immediately cease their assault on Hitler(!) and go after her.

That’s the thing. Melody is, in the eyes of the Justice Department, a worse criminal than Hitler. Just for killing one man, the Doctor. At its core, it’s emblematic of the universal Doctor-fanaticism that Moffat made some points about in Series 6 (and it’s also part of why I like the episode; the Doctor has to work against people who in any other scenario would be his absolutely staunch allies).

It’s pretty clear why Moffat chose Nazi Germany as the setting - he wanted to make the contrast as clear as possible (also have Rory punch the Fuhrer). The Teselecta crew, and the justice system in charge of them, holds so much love and respect for the Doctor that his death alone outweighs even the most massive atrocities.
Crazy? Perhaps, although remember that were it not for the Doctor, Earth and reality would have fallen time and time again. By killing the Doctor before his time, do you doom the universe? The Doctor probably does need to stick around, and has given the cosmos ample reason to love him and want him alive, but that love (and infamy) can be damaging. That’s why the 11th Doctor ultimately wants to slip back into the shadows in order to continue his work.

In some ways, Let’s Kill Hitler is a story of a celebrity and their obsessive, over-protective, vicious fans. Strip back the time travel, technology, laser beams and legal-ese, and it’s not that massively far removed from the extreme behaviour of some modern fanbases! Amusing and fascinating stuff on Moffat’s part - I think the whole underpinning theme of the Doctor’s fame was one of S6’s strengths.