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Pictures taken from: @mars-avenue (found on twitter by @purplejellybean)

Translation by @dreaminginmars

          The actor, musician, director and producer, Oscar winner, and frontman/singer of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars is very clear in what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He has demonstrated this amongst his multifaceted career where he has made possible all that he has proposed, now that the word ‘impossible’ has never, and probably will never, exist for him. This is the second time I interview him. Our first encounter took place in London for the launch of the fragrance Gucci Guilty Absolute last year. This new interview takes place in his house in Los Angeles, in which Jared is found in absolute privacy. It’s a sunny morning full of expectations because he will star on the cover of Vogue Hombre, photographed by the lens of his inseparable and loyal friend, the celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. In an instance, Jared appears in one of the multiple rooms of his house wearing only a robe. It’s impossible not to be captivated by his gaze and the attractive color of his eyes, that to a certain point seem to be enchanting. In Hollywood, Leto is considered one of the biggest stars since he has the ability to be an actor with a chameleon complex, how he has demonstrated it in multiple films by grand directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Jean-Marc Valeé, and David Ayer. Jared says hello to us with a smile and he starts to take a look at the diverse wardrobe prepared for him through the works of Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, who in diverse occasions has become known for revolving his aesthetics around irreverence and retro chic which sets apart the era for the Italian firm. Leto, in his part, has not been the only one captivated by Michele’s designs, but also by the entire world of this individual talent, now that there is no one better than him to interpret the right Gucci spirit needed for this cover shoot.

          The photo session started with a group by the name of Original Sin of INXS, who set out an schedule that allowed Jared to project energy and dynamics in every take. The pairing between Leto and Richardson is a fusion that happens in an inexplicable manner that only they can decipher and on top of that, these “wild men” (Garçon sauvage) add their favorite melodies to accompany the shoot. The clicking of the shutter stops and Jared appears minutes afterwards on the set, dazzling all of those in the studio with him. He has on a three piece tuxedo accompanied by socks and slippers and they confirm that only people like him like to mix styles with the end result of the look being less lavish. At the end, Jared goes to one of the adjacent rooms, where he was waiting for me, seated and surrounded by jewels that capture his impulse and essence. I congratulated him for how he did in the photoshoot and he casually comments that just this morning, right before we met with each other, he had an accident while rock climbing and that caused a lesion in his back. The sport is one of his greatest passions. “Go scale [a mountain], spend some time surrounded by nature because it soothes the soul and it makes you feel stronger in all ways: mentally, emotionally, and physically,” [he] asserts. After seeing him in the [photo] session, I would have never imagined what happened prior to that,  what testifies to his professionalism is that in no moment during the shoot did he mention he suffered through an accident. That attitude demonstrates more about his character than words can ever say and what I can confirm is that he is a man dedicated to his work and he is respectful to all those that surround him. I was curious as to what his favorite look was this session, and he replied: “The tuxedo, without a doubt.” It’s clear that it was the most captivating attire he wore in the pictures. “Other details that fascinated me was how Terry decided to use a grey background, and that tone resulted in the smooth mixing of all the colors.” 

          As if we had called for him, Terry Richardson came into the room in that moment and joined the conversation. All three of us found ourselves together and Jared joked about how I was lucky to be accompanied by two great talents in only one interview. We continued our conversation and Leto pointed out that each picture is special when you look at it from Richardson’s point of view. “I brought out people’s souls, without hiding their true selves, its all about the artist without manipulation, simply their energy shining through,” [he] expresses. Not taking life so seriously and without prejudice is his philosophy and they confirm that when they’re both together they share their experiences in a very natural way. “Terry and I spoke a few times before the session and we discussed ideas of what we wanted to project in this cover, it was a fusion of timeless elegance,” [he] reveals. “Without a doubt its one of the best shoots in which I have participated in. Every look demonstrates a part of my personality and it was really liberating to express myself one hundred percent,” [he] adds. Terry says goodbye and Jared and I start closing in little by little on the things that are most important to him and those that he doesn’t approve of. “I hate cruelty and when someone tries to degrade other people’s work,” [he] exclaims. Something that is clear when you speak to him face to face. “Being humble is part of my day to day since life has given me many lessons in different forms and stages that have led me to where I am today,” [he] states. One of the things that he was the most emotional to talk about was his new album and the tour he has prepared with Thirty Seconds to Mars, in which he has worked on for two years. “Mexico City is a key point for me, like Guadalajara and Monterrey,” [he] mentions. Destinations in Latin America are big protagonists in this comeback to performing on stage. The Mexican public transmits their energy and strength for life,” [he] assures. At the end of the interview, I am convinced that for Jared the big things are actually simplified to freeing your mind and being open to all possibilities.

The pigeon on Miss Susan’s desk fluttered down and joined the other pigeons prospecting for scraps among the flagstones, cooing very gently to them in pidgin pigeon.

– unbelievable | Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

A look back at Adam Driver’s Terry Gross interview, April 2015

This felt like a good time to revisit this excellent interview of Adam Driver by NPR’s Terry Gross, recorded in April, 2015

The recently-released Vanity Fair article (May 2017) appears to be feeding some misconceptions about Driver in the Fandom; particularly this passage, in which Driver declines to discuss the underlying personal motivation he is bringing to the character of Kylo Ren:

“There’s big personal things that I find about every character, not just in Star Wars, that you have to make as personal as possible,” he told me. “It’s the big joke about being an actor, that you make everything you’re doing seem like it’s life or death” - including his internal process of becoming Kylo, about which he is circumspect. “The things about that character that I find painful, that I really relate to, I kind of prefer to keep to myself,” he said.—

Adam Driver about playing Kylo Ren in Vanity Fair

Combined with the notes suggesting that Driver didn’t want to eat lunch with Mark Hamill, and John Boyega’s humorous quip about hugging Driver to try to lighten the mood on set, the Vanity Fair article may intentionally be painting a picture that suggests Driver resembles his on-screen persona in dark intensity. While this might be useful in generating hype in advance of the release of The Last Jedi, if there are corners of fandom imagining that Driver is drawing on some kind of personal evil to create the character of Kyo Ren, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Part of what I enjoy about Gross’ interview of Driver is that she asks excellent questions; she and Driver talk about HBO Girls, and about the film While We’re Young (which was newly released at the time), but they also discuss Driver’s childhood in Mishawaka, Indiana, his decision to enlist in the Marines shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the devastation he felt when he was medically discharged after an injury, his education at Juilliard, Arts in the Armed Forces, and his own unusual appearance. 

Driver is funny and relaxed in this interview, and provides a glimpse into his early life and young adulthood which I think shed light on some of the “things that he relates to” which are part of the character he is creating on-screen. 

Maybe this is kind of a PSA: Of course an artist’s personal experiences may inform their creative work; this is part of what makes art strong. The fictional character on screen is not the same as the real person. Don’t jump to conclusions about what you’re seeing before the story is done.

Wen considered the nature of time and understood that the universe is, instant by instant, re-created anew. Therefore, he understood, there is, in truth, no Past, only a memory of the Past. Blink your eyes, and the world you see next did not exist when you closed them. Therefore, he said, the only appropriate state of the mind is surprise. The only appropriate state of the heart is joy. The sky you see now, you have never seen before. The perfect moment is now. Be glad of it.

– on the perfect moment | Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

The children nudged one another excitedly. The fact that their boots were over one hundred feet of fresh air didn’t seem to bother them. oddly, too, they did not seem surprised. This was just an interesting thing. They acted like connoisseurs who had seen other interesting things. You did, when you were in Miss Susan’s class.

– on being taught by Miss Susan | Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

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The problem with voting is that when you have to choose between slimy and sleazy it does not matter which way you vote.

I don’t think the voters in “Going Postal” by Terry Pratchett had this choice. In case you’re referring to the quote I reblogged today, Anon.
Btw: “Going Postal” is a wonderful book. And there is actually even a movie version that is awesome. If you ever have the possibility to get a copy of any of them, grab them.
If I have the time I might make some GIFs out of that movie one day.

If you were referring to something different, please specify.

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Cud u write something with Terry's jacket being Jason's. Maybe it turns out that his favourite jacket that he bought at a thrift shop used to belong to the red hood or maybe Jason gives it to him or let's him keep it cus he likes the kid

“It’s freezing down here!” Terry rubbed his exposed arms and tried to pull the shelves of his t-shirt down lower. “Why aren’t you cold? old people are always cold!” He whined to Bruce sitting at the Bat Computer in the cave. “Keep it up and you won’t live long enough to find out for yourself” Bruce said. “Go down there, to the locker room there might be a coat or something” Bruce pointed.

“wait there’s a locker room? and you’ve been making me get dressed behind the giant Penny?”

“you never asked”

“unbelievable” Terry stalked off. It took awhile to find, but once he knew which way to go Terry found it. It looked like the locker room at his high school, but bigger, and covered with dust. “Oh you have showers?” he said looking at the shower booths along one wall, and thinking about all the times his hair has been a sweaty matted mess headed back home. There were lockers with names on little brass signs. He avoided the one’s labeled “Stephenie” “Barbara and “Cassandra”.

He pulled open the one with “Tim” on it. There was an oversized long shelve shirt, a few t-shirts with the Superman S on them, a pair of shoes, school books. He tried “Damian” but it was all child sized suits and ties. “Dick” had a lot of open pictures, even a few of Bruce, and a pair of jeans. It was when he opened “Jason” he hit pay dirt, a leather jacket hanging on a hook. He pulled it down and tried it on, it fit, well it was a little large but still. 

He wiped down the dusty mirror on the wall and looked at himself, twisting this way and that. “oh totally retro badass”

6 months later

Terry half walked was half carried into the cave, he was fine but the suit not so much. The man with a craggy face and graying hair helping him dumped him into a chair. “Jason” Bruce said “Hey ‘dad’ sorry I don’t write, you know things were a little messy last time we talked”

“It’s been ten years Jason you could have bothered to let me know you were alive” 

“Aw B I didn’t know you cared” Jason sneered. “Of course I care” Bruce’s tone was as close to hurt as Terry had ever heard it and Jason froze in place. Terry struggled out of the suit as quickly as he could. “okay so I’m gonna go get dressed” Terry stood in his underwear desperate to escape, in part because it was freeze and in part because this was horribly awkward. He half ran to the locker room.

He spent as long as he could in there, but there’s only so slowly you can tie your shoes. He slowly edged his way back toward the main room of the cave. There wasn’t any shouting or gun shots both good signs. As he rounded the corner his eyes bugged out, Bruce and Jason were hugging. Terry stood there for a moment before clearing his throat. The two older men broke apart and Terry was sure he saw Jason wiping his eye. He turned toward Terry and looked him up and down. “That’s my jacket”

“um, yeah I guess so, sorry uh you want it back?” Jason laughed and waved at his broad chest and wide shoulders. “I don’t think I could fit into that old thing any more kiddo” He smiled a soft smile “keep it”


“hell yeah, I like you kid, you’re good for the old man” Jason clapped him on the shoulder and walked toward the exit of the cave. “see you around Terry” 

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Please, could you find for me the part in Men at Arms when Colon and Nobby talk about the new watchmen and Colon's mood can't be lightened even by the fact he is smarter than Detritus? I've read the books translated and I'd like to see how it is in the original.

Sure thing! I’ve never read any of the books translated; I’d be interested to someday to see how some of the jokes translate but I’m not good enough with any other languages yet.

“You still doing the folk dancing on your nights off, Nobby?”
“Yes, Fred. We’re practicing ‘Gathering Sweet Lilacs’ this week. There is a very complicated double-crossover step.”
“You’re definitely a man of many parts, Nobby.”
“Only if I couldn’t cut the rings off, Fred.”
“What I mean is, you presents an intriguing dichotomy.”
Nobby took a kick at a small scruffy dog.
“You been reading books again, Fred?”
“Got to improve my mind, Nobby. It’s these new recruits. Carrot’s got his nose in a book half the time, Angua knows words I has to look up, even the shortarse is brighter’n me. They keep on extracting the urine. I’m definitely a bit under-endowed in the head department.”
“You’re brighter than Detritus,” said Nobby.
“That’s what I tell myself. I say, ‘Fred, whatever happens, you’re brighter than Detritus.’ But then I say, ‘Fred – so’s yeast.’”

– Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms