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There is a very interesting debate raging at the moment about the nature of sin, for example,” said Oats.

“And what do they think? Against it, are they?” said Granny Weatherwax.

“It’s not as simple as that. It’s not a black and white issue. There are so many shades of gray.”



“There’s no grays, only white that’s got grubby. I’m surprised you don’t know that. And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.”

“It’s a lot more complicated than that …”

“No. It ain’t. When people say things are a lot more complicated than that, they means they’re getting worried that they won’t like the truth. People as things, that’s where it starts.”

“Oh, I’m sure there are worse crimes …”

“But they starts with thinking about people as things …


Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum


“I expect you wouldn’t have stolen it if you weren’t so hungry, then,” she said.
There were several hundred astonished looks.
“Oh, we would, mistress,” said the helmet twiddler.
“You would?”
Tiffany sounded so surprised that the twiddler looked around at his colleagues for support. They all nodded.
“Yes, mistress. We have tae. We are a famously stealin’ folk. Aren’t we, lads? Whut’s it we’re famous for?”
“Stealin’!” shouted the blue men.
“And what else, lads?”
“And what else?”
“And what else?”
There was a certain amount of thought about this, but they all reached the same conclusion.
“Drinkin’ and fightin’!”
“And there was summat else,” muttered the twiddler. “Ach, yes. Tell the hag, lads!”
“Stealin’ an’ drinkin’ an’ fightin’!” shouted the blue men cheerfully.
“Tell the hag who we are, lads,” said the helmet twiddler.
There was the scrape of many small swords being drawn and thrust into the air.
“Nac Mac Feegle! The Wee Free Men! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! We willna be fooled again!”

– on the wee free men | Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men


_//Voltron Legendary Defender characters as the cast of Brooklyn 99 //

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Percy Jackson AU

for absolutely no reason at all

  • Jake is a son of Poseidon (if we’re going straight-PJO Au, also I think Jake would love to talk to Dolphins) and pretty much the head of the camp; he likes to help new Demigods get their footing and has gone on more quests than almost everyone
  • By “almost”, I mean Amy, a daughter of Athena; the two of them have a rivalry to see how many completed quests/killed monsters they can get over the other.
  • One of the Camp Counselors is Holt. Nobody knows which god is his parent and tbh everyone’s a little afraid to ask. Gina claims she knows but won’t tell anyone. Holt’s there to make sure Jake and Amy don’t kill each other before the Monsters do.
  • Charles is a satyr; he brought Jake to Camp Half-Blood and the two of them are best friends. Charles is super protective of him and introduced him to Amy- another one of the kids he escorted. (Vivian is a nymph, and Nikolaj is a so-far unclaimed half-blood they decided to adopt)
  • Rosa is 100% a daughter of Ares. Amy is low-key terrified of her during Capture-the-Flag but otherwise they’re on pretty good terms. She and Jake were escorted to Camp together so they’re best friends. She goes on a lot of his quests with him.
  • Terry is a son of Apollo; he came to camp to help Holt be a Councilor. Pretty much all of the campers on his children, which does not help his stress at all. 
  • And finally, Gina freaking Linetti is a daughter of the King of the Gods himself, Zeus. I know y’all are thinking Aphrodite but consider: Gina knowing that she’s Daddy’s Little Princess and none of the other demigods can touch her, so her sass knows no bounds. She also knows the other Gods can’t hurt her when she’s within Camp boundaries (and all but Poseidon, Hera and Hades would be too scared to try) so she’ll often sit camp, summoning lightning in one hand and flipping Hera off in the other.
Brooklyn Nine Nine

I just finished marathoning B99 over like 2 weeks and now I’m all caught up and have to wait for the next episode like the rest of you common peasants. Gah. 

This show has been absolutely delightful to watch and I love how much they they made me love Amy and Jake. Jake’s proposal was so beautifully done that it legit made me tear up. The best moment was the flashback showing when Jake decided that this was the woman he wanted to marry though, and I adore that it wasn’t some magical spectacle right out of a movie but the tiniest moment of her being enraged over a fucking typo in a crossword puzzle. You can just see Jake thinking about how this is such an Amy thing and how much he loves this Amy thing and all the rest of the Amy things and god how much he fucking loves Amy Santiago when he smiles at her.

Also I love the fact that Kevin and Holt have the most adorable little corgi that Holt has trained to be his partner in crime while carrying out his ridiculous Halloween heists. Kevin and Holt make me chinhands in general and I swear if I don’t get them having their own somewhat festive second wedding I will be sorely disappointed. Some of the best gags of this entire show have come from Holt being sad/angry/frustrated/insert emotion here all while keeping the exact same face. I’m also super excited to see how his deal with Murphy is going to pan out.

And finally Rosa Diaz is the best and I hope they give her more to do this season.

Tricking the Parents - Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader

Request: Hi! Can you write a Wanda x Reader fic where they are divorced long ago and their kids (twins) plans to get them together once again with the help of some of the Avengers? (Similar to the Parent Trap Movie) 

A/n: I have not seen parent trap so I’m basing it of an idea similar to it kinda since I have no idea, i just read a summary of it - I have a plan though… I think… (sorry its a bit femxfem you can change the pronouns/names of mum to something else if you require)

You and Wanda had been together two years when you had the twins. They were the first of Tony and Bruce’s scientific research into allowing same-sex couples to have children sharing both their DNA. The twins were born a long time ago, Wanda was an avenger and you were a retired SHIELD agent due to an injury that occurred during the Battle of Sokovia. 

The problem was, Wanda’s life as an Avenger got in the way of your relationship and family. The twins were only babies when the two of you had to divorce, Wanda believing it would protect the three of you. 

One of the twins, Terri Katerina Maria Maximoff (Terri for short), had chosen to live between Wanda and you, mainly staying with Wanda and Pietro unless nobody was in the tower. Hayden Natalia Summer S/n (Hayden for short) however had chosen to stay with you full time. 

The twins saw each other during holidays but attended different schools, they weren’t entirely identical, they both had Wanda’s hair but Terri had your eyes and Hayden had Wanda’s eyes. Terri was well known by the Avengers whilst Hayden was shy and often didn’t want to go visit or stay long without you there. They both craved for their family to be brought together so Terri and Hayden devised a plan to get the two of you back together.

Terri smirked as she received the text from Hayden telling her to begin the plan. She’d asked Tony, Natasha, Clint and Steve to help to which they agreed, Pietro already knew since he went on Terri’s phone when he was bored.

“So you and Hayden are going to stage a fight where you both decide to live with the other parent, but get Wanda and Y/n together in the process?” Clint questioned, Pietro was distracting Wanda at the moment.

“Yeah so basically Hayden is going to come here with mum then we’ll fall out and decide to swap parents but mama knows Hayden doesn’t like being at the tower because she doesn’t like all the random people and I feel isolated at mum’s so…” Terri explained causing the Avengers involved to nod.

“Honestly I’m surprised Wanda hasn’t read anyone’s mind about this plan…” Tony stated before Natasha spoke. “She promised not to read anyone’s mind unless its absolutely necessary. “ Tony nodded in response before the elevator door beeped.

Everyone turned to look as Hayden walked in, her backpack in hand as you followed getting into a conversation with Clint who was serving as a distraction. Wanda sighed as she entered the floor, talking to Pietro about Sokovia and how she wished the twins could have visited it. She smiled to herself as she saw you talking with Clint. Clint was like a brother to you when you were both with SHIELD, you also knew Natasha back then as well.

The twins smirked as they began to fight, shouting at each other causing you to automatically shut it down before Wanda got the chance. 

“Whoah whoah, okay, stop, what’s going on?” You asked, looking between them. It was Terri that spoke first. “I wanna live with you.” causing you to look at her wide-eyed before looking at Wanda who came over in confusion.

“But you said you felt isolated in the apartment and prefer to be vhere the action is… and your school is a lot closer to the tower than the apartment is…” Wanda stated, trying not to offend you before Hayden spoke. “I wanna live here mum.” 

You turned to look at her, even more confused. “I thought you didn’t like being here due to all the people and because of your social anxiety.” You stated causing Wanda to look at you. 

“You didn’t tell me that…” She stated causing you to turn to look at her, crossing your arms. 

“Well judging that we don’t really talk unless Terri is staying with us when you’re all on a mission, since Hayden doesn’t like being here or its a holiday, its kinda hard to tell you everything.” You stated, almost regretful.

 Wanda tilted her head at your response, licking her lips before she spoke. “Maybe we should change that.” You glanced at the twins who were grinning demonically before looking at her, squinting. “How?” You asked, suspicious.

“Terri and Hayden haven’t had much time with each other, they can hang out with the others whilst we go to dinner.” Wanda replied. You pondered it for a moment before speaking. “Yeah okay, how’s Friday sound?” You replied causing Wanda to smile.

“Mama, mum, can we go get ice cream with Aunt Nat and Uncle Clint?” Hayden asked, you smiled and nodded in response. “Yeah, stay safe but have fun…keep an eye on them.” You requested, Clint and Nat nodded in response before Wanda linked her hand with yours, leading you to the couch to catch up.

Plan complete.

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