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Do you know any good LONG Han/Leia fics? I love long ones (I know you get asked these questions a lot so sorry if it bothers you lmao)

Sorry this took so long! I don’t mind doing fic recs but they take some time to be done. These fics are some of my favorites ever:


The History of Middle-earth \ House of Haleth Part I

The Haladin entered Beleriand in F.A. 312. Unlike The House of Bëor before them and the House of Hador after, they did not advance to Estolad but instead dwelt without leave in the south of Caranthir’s realm of Thargelion.The Haladin had no overall leader and so settled in scattered groups in that region.This style of living though came to an end in F.A. 375 when a host of orcs assaulted their territory. In answer to this Haldad took command of the people, building a stockade between the angle of the rivers Gelion and Ascar south of Sarn Athrad. There he led the defence of his people until he and his son Haldar were slain whereupon his daughter Haleth took up the leadership of the house.

King Thingol of Doriath granted to Haleth the Forest of Brethil on condition that she defended the Crossings of Teiglin. She led then her people and they settled as woodsmen centered around the capital of Amon Obel. For the following years they guarded the northern flank of Nargothrond. Eventually Haleth died but as she had produced no heirs the title of Chieftain of the Haladin returned to her brother Haldar’s line and to his son Haldan who ruled for 31 years before dying leaving the leadership of the house to his son Halmir. After the fall of Minas Tirith, the Haladin were harassed by frequent Orc-raids in the Crossings from Tol-in-Gaurhoth. When the Union of Maedhros was formed, Halmir offered the aid of the House of Haleth and made preparations for war but a year prior to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad he died and the promise was left for his son Haldir to fulfill. Haldir took part in the battle where the Haladin covered the retreat of Fingon and suffered heavy losses on Anfauglith. Haldir was slain alongside his brother Hundar. The son of Haldir Handir took up the leadership but he himself was slain in one of the many orc raids on Brethil at that time and the position passed to his son Brandir. Their defeat allowed the forces of the enemy to access and sack Nargothrond.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. West Bank. April 4, 2013. A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to throw a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers. Unrest in the West bank city escalated following the funeral of Maysara Abu Hamdeya, a prominent member of the anti-Israeli resistance widely regarded as a national hero. The 64-year-old prisoner was serving a life term in an Israeli jail and suffering from throat cancer, for which he did not receive treatment.

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I was planning to just do something simple for the soulwood arm but I swear with every passing second my plan for it gets a little more complicated.

Merle is probably the least cosplayed of the Tres Horny Boys so it’s even more uncharted territory than it might otherwise be. I’ve only seen a couple so far that even attempted the arm but Ima do it.

Hitler entering the Sudetenland in October, 1938. His famous (and disingenuous) quote about it was, “ the Sudetenland is the last territorial claim that I have to make in Europe.”

Not exactly…

Unplanned ( part 4 smut)

She saw him cornered by some girl and trying to find a polite way to get away from her. When she touched his arm however amusement turned into irritation, Tora was hers. Ignoring the men trying to talk with her and ask for dances she made her way over to him eyes determined.

One minute he was gently scolding to woman who wasn’t (mc) for touching him and the next a small very familiar hand closed over his wrist and tugged. Her lips met his firmly before pulling away slowly not caring at the startled gapes and whispers starting to fly.

“Sorry, my cousin can get territorial when it comes to her fiancee” he heard the prince choral amused turning the attention away from the pair as Toramatsu quickly took his friends que and pulled her outside.

She was expecting a scolding or a serious talk but before she could utter an apology her back was pressed swiftly behind a pillar, hidden in the shadows and his lips crashed to hers with an almost wild abandon his body pressed firmly to hers. Only when she tugged at his coat for air did he release he lips. He hadn’t, however, let her go.

“Tora…” she whispered voice breathy only to moan slightly when he kissed her again this time tenderly before pulling back to look at her his hands moving to cover her cheeks and go in for another kiss before an amused voice cleared their throat.

“I believe that will be enough until the official arrangements and announcements have been made.” The prince said his voice tho amused was still stern. Toramatsu released her immediately blushing at his loss of self control and the sight of her rosy blush and kiss swollen lips. Lips he had dreamt of kissing for the past few weeks…

Oh how he hated formal engagements, they weren’t allowed to be alone anymore. Anytime they wanted to spend time together there had to be a chaperone involved and on more than one occasion he wanted to just take off with her and elope somewhere, when he muttered as much he was met by her beautiful laugh that would chase away his frustrations. Their engagement was a short one thankfully due to the fact that they had known each other since childhood, and their fathers didn’t believe in long engagements.

She was beautiful, all dressed in white as her father walked her down the aisle to give her away. When he sealed their vows with a kiss he had to gently wipe the happy tears that fell from her eyes. The reception passed in a blur and before he knew it he was carrying her across their room and to the bed. She was nervous when he set her down next to the bed,he could tell. He was as well, as he softly kissed her to help calm their nerves. His hands slowly reached around and started unlacing her wedding dress his lips slowly moving down her cheek and to her neck as the dress pooled at her feet and slightly trembling fingers unlaced the loose corset still covering her.

She looked away shyly as he laid her now bare hot body on the cool sheets his fingers gliding across her smooth flush skin “perfect” he murmured before his lips caressed every inch his fingers touched he wanted to leave no part of her unclaimed, she was his beautiful wife.

He memorised how she squeaked and moaned when touched and kissed certain places on her body. How she bucked her hips and writhed beneath him when his tongue and fingers caressed her entrance preparing her for him. How when he lined himself up with her to finally join as one how sweetly she looked into his eyes and kissed him with that adorable blush on her cheeks. He remembered it all, the way she called out his name as he could no longer hold back completely ravaging her. How she fell asleep against him still joined holding tightly to him only relaxing when sleep finally claimed her completely.

“I love you too (mc)” he whispered running his fingers through her hair, “ ever since the hedge maze…” he murmured to her sleeping form curled against him with a small smile on his lips.

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Thank you all for your patience with me lol

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So you've posted Dauvé quotes since an anon (me, shadowsmoke on @news) made you aware of that dude's pro-pedophilia ode - which is objectively worse than, like, a creepy reference in T.A.Z. or whatever. We're far away from the original point now, because fuck NAMBLA, an org whose purpose is child abuse promotion... Bey never made a career of the same. So, Bey is not my style, or yours, but for reasons other than this - and a more solid approach to the pedophilia issue would be good, I think.

cw- paedophilia

Yes Dauve’s short essay “Alice in Monsterland” is on distinctly dodgy theoretical territory, and I in no way endorse it (people can read it for themselves on libcom)- but it is a work of theory dealing with abstractions…Dauve isn’t saying that he’s a paedophile or championing it at all.

The idea that this is “objectively worse” than “Hakim Bey’s” active promotion and celebration of child abuse is absolutely ridiculous.

The fact you think it’s just  “A creepy reference in TAZ or whatever” shows that you must be ignorant of “Bey” -  Peter Lamborn Wilson’s long running and extensive promotion of paedophilia, his many articles in the NAMBLA bulletin spanning years, including nauseating “erotic” poetry centred on children.

There is a full list of his many pro-child abuse publications in this article, and since he makes his living from writing I’d say it is actually fair to say he “made a career out of it”

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OH MY GOD I JUST READ THE BOYFRIEND!WOOZI I AM CRYING. It'd be marvelous if u could do a Best Friend Mingyu


  • wowowowo how did you end up so lucky
  • i feel like we all this mentality that if mingyu is close to you in any way possible he’ll coddle you and treat you like royalty and cook all these delicious foods whenever he’d get the chance 
  • but it’s mingyu he’s silly clumsy sunshine and puppies personified
  • and let’s face it he secretly does a lot of work and you’re his blissful downtime when things stress him out
  • whenever he’s sick or lazy or just plain misses you, he’ll vegetate on your couch waiting for you to get up and chill with him
  • he’s wrapped the bedsheet around him like a puppy burrito and has claimed territory on your couch 
  • his head’s just popped out all cutely and his lips are jutted out subconsciously but at the same time mingyu knows he needs to be cute af in order to gain your attention and he wants your attention badly
  • “hello bestie best best friend you’re great i love you can you please keep me company im lonely and i wanna watch tv”
  • “no i have a life”
  • “but YOU’RE MY LIFE” 
  • mingyu doesn’t know it (or pretends not to know it) that he’s a killer sweetheart flirt to his own best friend to get what he wants
  • you know what that’s a-okay whatever happens happens and whatever’s meant to be you know that mingyu will always have your back, even if if he just wants to hang around your side all day

Seventeen Headcanons?