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casting call (toronto)!!!

hello everyone! i’m directing a short film this semester for my class, and i’m really really hoping for a diverse cast. if you’re interested, the info is below. and if you know anyone interested, please let them know. if not, please reblog this so more toronto ppl see! @spankjonze @communistcoppola @davidbronenberg @cinemalesbian @01sentencereviews 


Production Title: Ingrid
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union (altho we can compromise)
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Short Film (8 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Monday, January 30th, 2016
Production Company: Ryerson University
Director: Weeda Azim
Producer: Julia Carrillo
Writer: Emma Moore
Audition Location: 122 Bond Street, Toronto, ON
Shooting Location: Mississauga, ON
Compensation: Transportation and footage for your demo-reel
Please email:

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He could have done it a thousand times and wouldn’t have known any better. All the time he spent sitting here, it seemed to just roll into one continuous moment.

His presence in the room was regular, frequently discussing mechanical defaults with Raven and algae statistics with Monty. But it had been at least a month since he had sat at the desk alone, bottle in hand.

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The Twentieth Event, Worth Fighting For

NEW TO CRYPTOCRACY? Don’t start here! Go back and start at the beginning!! MISSED LAST WEEK? Go catch up with Chapter 19!!

The safehouse, as it turned out, was a small row-home in the Martian city of New Moyamensing. They passed through the airlock into the city’s airtight bio-dome using one of a drawerful of fake IDs Alicia had in her glove compartment, claiming to be a cargo ship bringing a shipment of limes to a local cantina.

Most of the Martian colonial customs agents could spot even the most advanced fake IDs at a glance, but they never looked too closely unless they suspected someone of spying for Earth. In fact, if you used a Homeworld Republic wanted poster as ID, they’d probably give you a firm handshake and direct you to a bar where Enemies of the Homeworld drink for free.

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Tinha marcado de sair com Greg aquela noite, a semana estava extremamente corrida mas não poderia deixar de vê-lo. Aproveitou que estava no ateliê e terminou de fazer o presente que estava guardando para o aniversário do homem mas que jamais iria aguentar esperar até lá. Quando deu o horário ela saiu se despedindo de algumas pessoas que trabalhavam para ela e saiu em disparada ao restaurante, era um dos favoritos de Kylie e esperava que a noite fosse perfeita. Assim que chegou no restaurante se despediu animadamente do motorista e foi para a entrada, carregava consigo uma pequena caixa com duas abotoaduras feitas sob medida para o homem, o sorriso no seu rosto era iluminador e irradiava para todas as outras pessoas naquele ambiente. E com esse mesmo espírito alegre ela foi até a mesa que tinha reservado para eles conversando sobre qualquer coisa com a recepcionista.

A quiet sigh filled her lungs as the pilot stood in the entrance of her ship, watching the people in the hangar scurrying about. This planet hadn’t exactly been her first choice for a vacation but, when rare opportunities for a ‘vacation’ presented themselves, Bloo was more likely to take it then not. And this was a planet she’d heard much about.
The female hurried her way through the exit terminals, presenting the correct paperwork as she went. And then— she stood on the pavement, sun instantly warming her back as she looked around. She supposed, at this point, she looked very much like a clueless tourist. In a way, she was, but Bloo had also done her research on the culture and it hadn’t seemed much different than Corellia. Now she just needed to find a cheap place to stay.

Studying Luhan’s Contract Termination Issue from a Legal Perspective

This piece is in regards to the latest lawsuit SM has filed against Luhan for his endorsement activities after filing his lawsuit against the company. Luhan fans have been criticized for being “too biased to view the issue from an objective, legal standpoint,” so a Chinese fan that works in the Chinese legal system has written a piece about the issue.

Source: Deer家有只甜蜜蜜的猫         Translation: alwaysluvely

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