the terminal beach

The series of weapons tests had fused the sand in layers, and the pseudo-geological strata condensed the brief epochs, microseconds in duration, of thermonuclear time. Typically the islands inverted the geologist’s maxim: the key to the past lies in islands was a fossil of time future, its bunkers and blockhouses illustrating the principle that the fossil record of life was one of armour and the exoskeleton. The landscape is coded.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo nixes Port Ambrose, the proposed natural gas terminal off Jones Beach

“Governor Cuomo’s veto of Port Ambrose today is what real national leadership on climate change looks like. Following Governor Cuomo’s wise decision to listen to the science by banning fracking - keeping fossil fuels in the ground - New Yorkers and Americans across this country are heralding him for once again protecting public health and the environment. It’s time for other Governors and President Obama to follow his lead.” Read More

Next is The Delta at Sunset. Lots of familiar Ballard imagery in this short story, above all the perverse realisation of a death wish, which in this case takes the form of imaginary white snakes writhing across a parched Mexican river delta. At sunset. Hence the name.

The fact that the symbol for Delta is a triangle is a lucky accident, the white triangle is meant to represent a tent.