the terf wars

Me, looking in the distance, old and worn, smoking a cigarette, and I have a beard: It’s been a long time since TERFs weren’t in the bi tags…I still remember when you could scroll down the tags for miles, and not see one instance of them claiming bi women have het privilege…*takes a long drag from my cigarette* Ah yes…those were the days.

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Au that the red army is a shitty biker gang that hangs out in alleys and chainsmoke. They have terf wars with other gangs and eventually take over Edd's block so the boys are constantly woken up by their old friend and his fuckbois riding down their street at two in the morning. Paul n Pat sharing one bike because "we're fuckin broke" and usually argue who gets to drive and who sits in back. After Edd complains they kidnap Ringo. He has to go confront him godfather style but gets back his cat.


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Biker gang AU lying around anywhere?

Sure~ Hope you enjoy them~

  • Person A and Peron B are part of rival biker gangs that can’t stand each other so they sneak off to hang out together (bonus: they do so wearing ridiculous disguises)
  • Person A is the leader of a biker gang while Person B is the newbie that they don’t completely trust (bonus: Person C convinces Person B that the only way to gain the leader’s trust is to do a set of ridiculous initiation tests- said tests are something of Person C’s creation)
  • Person A is a part of an all girl biker gang and Person B doesn’t think they’re capable of being bikers because they’re women until Person A completely beats them up
  • Person A just got mugged and is saved by the leader of a local biker gang Person B (bonus: Person A is absolutely terrified of Person B, maybe even more so than the mugger or thinks that Person B is trying to mug them as well)
  • Person A just found Person B, the leader of a big bad biker gang, beaten up really badly in a back alley and takes them home to treat their wounds (bonus: Person C is Person A’s roommate whose totally against having Person B at their apartment/house/dorm)
  • Person A is the poor civilian who just got stuck in the middle of a terf war between two biker gangs and Person B is the one who takes them to safety
  • Person A is the owner of a biker bar whose not afraid to be physical with any rowdy drunks- Person B is said rowdy drunk (alternative: Person A thinks Person B will be a rowdy drunk and to their total surprise, Person B turns into a complete lovey-dovey, clingy, emotional mess when drunk)
  • Person A pays Person B, the leader of a local biker gang, for protection and at first it was just a job but then Person B starts getting some serious feelings for Person A (bonus: Person C is a member of the biker gang that Person B leads and tries to get Person A and Person B together; alternative: Person C is the leader of a rival biker gang whose trying to hurt Person A)

Be an angry trans woman

Angry at the right people.

Pornographers made it impossible for my body to be viewed neutrally.
Cissexuals made me hide who I am to gain employment.
Men made being alone at night dangerous.
Politicians made it impossible to get my health looked after in an affordable way.
Religious leaders made me out to be a demon.
Heterosexuals see my life as empty without procreation.

No war on TERFs will fix any of these things. Being accepted into womanhood is unimportant, I am trans and my gendered experience is only shared with trans women. My priority is being viewed humanely.

Attack government and religion and porn and men and challenge the idea that heterosexual and cissexual people are better than others. Fight the right things and force the world to be better.