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war veteran!reader specific. Starts out very serious and ends on a somewhat silly note because we’ve been too angsty here lately. This is a little sloppy because I wrote it in about ten minutes, but I was in the mood for speed-writing so this is what you get.

If the Doctor had ever asked you, you would have proudly told him that, yes, you had served. You were a soldier. You were one of those people who he sneered at because they held guns and took orders. You would have shoved your service record in his smug face when he acted like not using a gun or disliking salutes made him so morally superior. But he didn’t ask, so you didn’t say anything. You just waited for him to notice, and you knew the look on his face when he found out was going to be worth however long your silence lasted.

That said, the fact that the Doctor didn’t know about your military background was the only thing keeping you from slapping him. Both of him.

Well, there were three of him, at the moment. A future him and a past him. The future him, Eleven, was actually being less irksome than the present him, but they were both being rather difficult. And that was all because of the past him.

His past self, the Warrior, was achingly familiar to you. You liked him, too, as much as you liked every other version of him. And, as brusque as he acted, you had caught him shyly staring at you when he seemed to think you weren’t looking. They called him the Warrior, but all you saw was a man who just wanted the fighting to end.

And the Doctors were acting like it was all his fault. Their behavior wasn’t as surprising as it would have been if you didn’t already have the gist of their dynamic as different versions of the same man, but, oh, the anger you felt blindsided you. You hadn’t expected to feel like this, like there was fire in your chest, just because one Doctor sneered so derisively at another. But the anger was there, and you had to focus mainly on breathing evenly and not slapping either of the Doctors.

That got a little more difficult when you were all confined within a small space.

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Imagine the Doctor needing someone to risk their life to save the day. You fit all of the requirements and as his companion, you’re completely prepared to take the risk. When you try to point this out to him, he immediately shuts you out.

“No. Not you.”
“What? Why not? I can fit through that hole and I’m the only person here who-”
“I said NO! Stop it, someone else can go.”


Jack Harkness in every episode 

(torchwood included)

Image one:

  1. The Empty Child
  2. The Doctor Dances
  3. Boom town
  4. Bad Wolf
  5. The Parting of Was
  6. Everything Changes
  7. Day One
  8. Ghost Machine
  9. Cyberwoman

Image Two:

  1. Small Worlds
  2. Countrycide
  3. Greeks Bearing Gifts
  4. They Keep Killing Suzie
  5. Random Shoes
  6. Out of time
  7. Combat
  8. Captin Jack Harkness
  9. End of Days

Image three:

  1. Utopia 
  2. The Sound of Drums
  3. Last of The Time Lords
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  5. Sleeper
  6. To The Last Man
  7. Meat
  8. Adam
  9. Reset

Image Four:

  1. Dead Man Walking
  2. A day in death
  3. Something Borrowed
  4. From Out of The Rain
  5. Adrift
  6. Fragments
  7. Exit wounds
  8. The Stolen Earth
  9. Journey’s End

Image Five:

  1. Children of Earth: Day One
  2. Children of Earth: Day Two
  3. Children of Earth: Day Three
  4. Children of Earth: Day Four
  5. Children of Earth: Day Five
  6. The End of Time
  7. The New World
  8. Rendition
  9. Dead of Night

Image Six:

  1. Escape to LA
  2. The Catagories of Life
  3. The Middle Men
  4. Immortal Sins
  5. End of The Road
  6. The Gathering
  7. The Bloood Line

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Why it is unfair that only River Song got to know the Doctor's name:

Just the facts about the Doctor’s companions:

  • Rose Tyler: Was a great friend to the post-Time war Ninth Doctor, fell in love with him, swallowed the Time Vortex to save him and risked her own life, set the timeline straight so the Doctor won’t die in the parallel world where Donna didn’t meet the Doctor, jumped through dimensions to reunite with the Doctor and save the universe.
  • Martha Jones: Was a true friend and a support to the Doctor after he lost Rose, took great care of the fob-watched Doctor, travelled through the world to save everyone from the Master’s tyranny.
  • Donna Noble:Arguably the Doctor’s best friend, was there to make him stop when he was endangering himself and to coax him into saving someone, played a key-role in defeating Davros and the Daleks and saving the universe.
  • Amy and Rory:True friends to the Doctor, travelled with him for years and stood by his side through everything, including the Pandorica and the Silence.
  • Clara Oswald: Was the voice of humanity for the somewhat cold Twelfth Doctor, was responsible for talking the Time Lords into granting the Doctor a new regeneration cycle and thus saving his life, had jumped into the Doctor’s timeline to defeat the Great Intelligence and save his life.
  • River Song: Was kidnapped by the Silence as a child and brainwashed into killing the Doctor, actually poisoned the Doctor during her early days, is a self-confessed psychopath and has been shown conducting businesses with dubious ethics.

So why is it that River Song deserved to know the Doctor’s real name and none of the other extremely loyal companions? If the Doctor’s name is a great secret and is potentially dangerous, why would he give it to someone who had attempted to murder him once? I know she is reformed. I can support the Doctor trusting her and loving her. But telling her his name seems reckless and unfair to me.

Russell explains:  "I wanted the Master to retain the basics really - his charm, his wit, even his sexuality, which we saw as far back as The Time Monster.  I wanted to stress that he’s the opposite of the tenth Doctor, with his own Tardis, albeit stolen, his own companion, who’s also his wife - blonde, like an evil Rose - and his own screwdriver, and even his own suit, to mirror David’s.  A black costume always seemed to  work; he’d just look odd in beige. We took some photos of him in an ordinary suit, for Saxon’s pre-election days of the Saxon website, and he looked so  un-Masterly.

The beard was discussed at infinite length,“ remembers Russell,"It was on, it was off, John wanted it, then didn’t, I didn’t, then did - but in the end we decided that in stripping everything down to basics, it just wasn't needed.  Also I always loved the Master’s power of hypnosis, and took that up a notch with Archangel.  What else? Sadly, we never got in the words "I am the Master, and you will obey me” - but you can kind of assume that that was happening on a global scale.“

—  Russell T. Davies on The Master’s modern-Who development

Behind the Scenes of The Day of the Doctor (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report from DWM #467

Had you driven past Cardiff’s Roath Lock Studios at 4:27pm on Wednesday 24 April 2013, you’d have met with one hell of a spectacle: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, several UNIT personnel, two Doctors (one in a bow tie and waistcoat, the other in a brown pinstripe suit and trainers), three extraterrestrials from CBBC’s Wizards vs. Aliens, and a dozen or so doctors (small ’d’) and nurses from BBC medical drama Casualty, all traipsing out into the car park like naughty schoolchildren, while a fire alarm sounds from within.

“It wasn’t us,” insists one of Doctor Who’s sparks.  “Last time this happened, it was that Wizards vs. Aliens lot”

“It’ll have been a blown fuse on the TARDIS,” teases David Tennant, who’s back in the Tenth Doctor’s pinstripes and plimsoles for the first time since 2009, shooting 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor.

“Or a Dalek,” offers his co-star Matt Smith.  “They’ve been known to start fires.”

“True,” David nods.  “A few of them explode in this episode.  Why do we keep blowing them up?”

Next week, David’s wife, actress Georgia Moffett, is expecting her third child.  David is about to become a dad again…and he is holed up 150 miles away in Cardiff.  Will the baby wait for him to get home?  (Yes.  Georgia gives birth a week later, to a baby boy.)  “We’re cutting it fine,” David admits.  “Right up to the wire.  But I finish tomorrow, then I’m taking six weeks off.”

On a set that DWM can’t tell you too much about (spoilers!), the two Doctors are standing in front of a large UNIT noticeboard covered in photos of former companions.

Matt:  “Tegan was with Pertwee, right?”

David glances at his co-star.  “No.  Davison."  He smiles.  "We haven’t had another Aussie, have we?”

Matt laughs.  “Showing your Doctor Who credentials, David”

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April 19, 2016 – BBC Worldwide North America and Titan Comics are thrilled to reveal that this summer’s special Doctor Who event comic will feature the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors from Titan’s four ongoing Doctor Who series. This comic will be a spectacular five-part, bi-weekly adventure featuring one of the Doctor’s most iconic foes – the Cybermen!  

Penned by best-selling authors George Mann (Eighth Doctor, Dark Souls) & Cavan Scott (Ninth Doctor, Vikings) with art by Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors, Captain America & Hawkeye), this highly anticipated event comic kicks-off in stores and on digital platforms Wednesday, July 6th 2016, supported by Titan’s third annual Doctor Who Comics Day event on Saturday, July 9th 2016.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the show’s iconic cyborgs, the Cybermen. The Cybermen first appeared in the serial ‘The Tenth Planet’ in 1966, and have been featured in Doctor Who numerous times since, including the 2006 two-part modern origin story, ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ and ‘The Age of Steel.’

This special crossover event comic entitled ‘Supremacy of the Cybermen’ stars the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), and Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and their comic companions – Gabby, Cindy, Alice, Rose (Billie Piper) and Captain Jack (John Barrowman)!

Exiled from Gallifrey at the very end of time, Rassilon, fallen leader of the Time Lords, has been captured by the last of the Cybermen. Now, the Cybermen have access to time travel. With it, every defeat becomes a victory. Every foe is now dead – or Cyberized.

The debut issue comes with five variant covers to collect: an art cover by series artist Alessandro Vitti, a photo cover by Will Brooks, a cool Cybermen variant by Fabio Listrani, a blank sketch variant, and a fun coloring variant – perfect to color in at home or in stores on Doctor Who Comics Day.

This year’s global Doctor Who Comics Day event on Saturday, July 9th, is set to be even bigger than previous years with new comics and collections, merchandise, variant covers, signings, and events across the globe at comic shops, bookstores, retail chains, libraries, and on digital platforms. New to this year’s event, Doctor Who comics fans can register for an event kit to hold their own reading group parties.  Doctor Who comics fans, retailers, and librarians should visit for details to sign-up.

Retailers can order both issue #1 and issue #2 of Doctor Who Event 2016: Supremacy of the Cybermen from the May edition of PREVIEWS. Doctor Who fans will not want to miss out on this spectacular crossover event series! Fans can find their nearest comic store at

Writing the Doctor: Things to Know
  • Their blood is tinged orange. Orange-red. Blood orange. 
  • Two hearts, obviously
  • Gets about 1/5 as much sleep as humans. Most timelords can get by on about a decade for every century. 
  • Can survive a fall of about 30ft
  • Can hold their breath for a few days in an absolute emergency 
  • can detox (see: The Unicorn and the Wasp) from most liquid poisons
  • The limit on how many times you can regenerate is not a biological law, it’s a written one. Time Lords ascribe you a number of regenerations / limit them otherwise. That’s it. 
  • Time Lords/Ladies are just Gallifreyans who have graduated from The Academy. 
  • The Doctor originally stole the TARDIS and ran away because his granddaughter, Susan, couldn’t get into the Academy and her entire family shamed her for it / were like ‘nooooo you’re not a part of our family anymore ew’ and he thought that was rubbish, so whatever. 
  • It takes 7 Time Lords to fly a TARDIS. Typically. The Doctor was crazy enough to fly one, anyway. 
  • Time Lords are traditionally loomed on a thing called a Time Loom, not born. This means they’re made fully grown, and have to develop emotional intelligence as they go. Contemporary canon directly contradicts this, so it’s up for debate. 
  • The Doctor’s participation in the Time War involved using something called The Moment to put both Gallifrey, its entire population (with one or two exceptions: the Doctor and the Master, e.g.) and (supposedly) all of the daleks into something called a Time Lock. 
  • There are certain points in time that are called “fixed”. It’s a plot device used for whenever the Doctor can’t change something that’s happened, because it’s too important that it did. A good example would be – if you’ve watched Les Mis – the initial part of the French revolution; without those kids’ deaths, there would never have been the more proper Revolution. Important events also include Hitler’s whole Hitler thing, the death of Rose Tyler’s father, the deaths of the first people on Mars… and Gallifrey. 
  • ALSO when under the effects of anaesthetic, Time Lords cannot regenerate. That one’s important because I think 7 died by way of being taken to a hospital and they decided to operate on him and remove one of his hearts because “He’s human!!!” and then they dumped him in the morgue and only once the anaesthetic wore off was he able to regenerate
  • also notably I don’t think his wife was ever introduced or mentioned, people just pretend she existed
  • his first companions were Ian and Barbara – two teachers at Coal Hill Highschool (which, incidentally, Clara works at, as a bit of a nod to them); they tailed Susan home (to a junkyard with a 1960s police box in it, though this was set in the 1960s so it was normal to them) after realising that she knew more about their subjects than they did and wondering what was going on. The Doctor took them aboard by way of kidnapping, tbh. One was a grump. 
  • ALSO a particular time of Time Lord cuisine is Food Bars. Think Willy Wonka’s bubblegum, that’s really what they are, but they’re more rectangular and… kind of like a longer type of matchbox.
  • The universal sign for hospitals/medical attention is a green crescent moon, just in case you ever want to use it, but that’s more contemporary canon than old
  • and the name of the planet is New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Earth. that’s 15 News.
  • Adric I believe was the first companion to die. He died for no reason trying to do something to save the day that eventually had no effect on the final outcome at all
  • also if you ever talk to an old!who fan they’ll mention Ace. Ace is apparently the “model” for the current-day companions. She liked blowing things up, I’m told.

today i wish the happiest birthday on earth to the incredible woman, who played my absolutely favorite Doctor’s companion ever, Donna Noble, and Beatrice, who made me fall in love with Much Ado About Nothing and passionately wish to ever play Benedick. the woman who is a part of the most hilarious, talented and generally awesome duo ever, who is an amazing comedian, who is i’m happy to be a fan of. hope, she’s having a great day today. Happy Birthday, Catherine Tate!

Here you are, living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.

I very much needed something warm to stop stressing by, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that led to me becoming kinda fond of a certain Doctor with a certain companion. So here’s a messy sketch.


David Tennant is returning as the Tenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate as his companion Donna Noble in three Doctor Who Audio Dramas!

David Tennant portrayed the Doctor on screen from 2005 until 1 January 2010, returning to play alongside Matt Smith and John Hurt in the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor in 2013. Catherine Tate made her debut as Donna in December 2006, and after a series and two festive specials she made her last appearance alongside David on 1 January 2010. Their on-screen partnership is generally regarded as one of the great high-points of the enduring science fiction phenomenon.

The series opens with Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia by Matt Fitton, which is set in a London slightly in the future, where mankind is gradually losing its ability to use everyday technology. Could there be an evil force at work?

In Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Time Reaver by Jenny T Colgan the Doctor and Donna arrive on Calibris - ‘An entirely mechanical planet. Catch, hitch, fuel, fix, buy, pretty much any kind of transportation in existence.’ It’s also a world full of scoundrels, where a deadly black market has opened up in a device known only as the Time Reaver.

Finally, in Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen by James Goss, Donna is swept along in a fairytale romance and meets the man of her dreams in the beautiful land of Goritania. What can possibly go wrong? And why has the Doctor never heard of Goritania?

Great news for any Tenth Doctor or Donna Noble fans out there! For more information and to find out where to pre-order, head on over to the Big Finish website


Day 7 of Black History of awesome Black female characters!

Martha Jones was the companion to the tenth doctor from Dr. Who. A doctor herself, after being thrown into the world of scifi oddity, became a faithful friend to the Doctor. She was known for her kindness in befriending non-humans and was understanding when the Doctor didn’t return her feelings. This never stopped her from saving the universe. She took everything in stride and came out a stronger, better person. Shakespeare flirted with her so, she’s is pretty cool.

Keep juggling kicking ass, taking exams, and traveling through space and time with ease Martha!

Something was on the Doctor’s mind and he asks Clara if they could pay a little stop in London, on a recent past.
The Doctor walks side by side with his companion but she stops on a Book Store to check on the Culinary books. Clara’s been wanting to improve her soufflé abilities for a while.
But he knows where to go… He (kind of) remembers a conversation a couple regenerations earlier…
“What’s like… The weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you when you were younger?” Asked his tenth regeneration.
Rose hiccuped. They’d been on a planet where the population drank alcohol instead of water and… Well sometime during the day they got thirsty and… “Jeeeeeeeeee…. zzzzzz… Do I remember? Do I? Do I have to? Remember, I mean?” she laughed. His younger self smiled at the drunkness of his companion. His Time-Lordy system prevented him from getting drunk (no it didn’t actually, it just gave him a lot more of alcohol resistance before he got in the “drunk status”).
“ ‘Cmon, Rose… You came up with the game. Now play it!! ”
“ Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, banana-enthusiastic-pinstriped-little-genius.” She drank more of the glass that laid on the floor of the TARDIS, that he filled with water when he put her there after carrying her to the time machine. “Maybe that… There was this old man… I mean… Nooooooooot thaaaaaaat oooooold… But ya know… older than younger…. Just… old because….”
“Got it.”
“Well… I was a mess… After school… I was just a teen… Sat on the street crying because… I had a fight… With my best friend… Sha… Shareen…” She started to laugh randomly.
“That old pal knew me… He knew my name…. He hugged me… I meeeean… That’s weird right…? ” She started to snore.
“Yeah… That’s quite weird. But now it’s time for bed, lady… Up! Up!”
His twelfth self smiled at the memory and kept walking until he spotted a pink and yellow mess.
A teenage girl was sitting on the edge of the street, with her face buried in her hands.
He walked to her.
Twelve: “Oh… Hello.”
Rose: “Hello Sir.”
Twelve: “Are you all right?”
Rose: “Yeah… I’m fine…” She wipes the tears away from her face
Twelve: “Do you want to talk about what happened?”
Rose: “I shouldn’t be talking with you.”
Twelve: “Yeah? Why’s that?”
Rose: “Mum said to not talk with strangers.”
Twelve: “I’m not a stranger Rose Tyler.”
Rose blinked. He knew her name but… How? She didn’t remember his face. “I’m sorry… Do I know you?”
Twelve: “Yes.”
Rose: “But I don’t remember you.”
Twelve: “That’s because you haven’t met me yet.” He hugged her (while she was taken by surprise), taking a minute to smell the same scent he would always remember. The smell only she had…
And then he walked away, back to the Book Store to find his friend.
—  Memories about the Future by Laís Queiroz (Liz)